Right on Target


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“Welcome to the Punishment Zone, scums.”

“Please tear the masks of pseudo-gods into pieces here.”

“However, you must remember—the time for slaughter takes place only after sunset.”

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Zhundian Juji
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Dec 04, 2022
Status: Completed
So good! I started reading this straight away after finishing the previous book, Time Limited Hunt. Loved both books, Time-Limited Hunt feels like a delicious appetizer, and Right on Target is like a whole 10-course meal.

I love the characters, especially the MC catboi and the unrivaled tiny tree!!! That is how catboi actually refers to her and I think it is adorable. She is adorable, I love her.

(In case you’re wondering, ML is fine and also a good character, just not as quirky and fun as MC and tiny... more>> tree.)

Just like Time Limited Hunt, this book is action-packed, thoughtful, and surreal. Lots of futuristic/cyberpunk elements. I haven’t read much in this kind of genre so don’t have a ton of comparison, but this book seemed to tackle the futuristic/sci-fi elements pretty well.

It wraps up a bit better than Time Limited Hunt (or anyway, that’s how I felt, but according to comments apparently a lot of readers thought it ended too suddenly haha), in that there are fewer open questions. Throughout the book you also get answers to a lot of the open questions from Time Limited Hunt, so highly recommend reading both books.

Couple of minor points—no real spoilers, but I’ll put them under a spoiler tag to save space:


Main couple go from strangers to lovers a bit too quickly. Only a couple of weeks after meeting each other, they are already willing to sacrifice their own lives to save each other. Which I guess can be believable in some cases, but it was just not quite there in this case. But not a big deal because the later relationship elements are solid.

There are a couple of pretty long flashback sections which were a bit slow for me. I felt like they could have been compacted quite a bit and more of a telling rather than showing every tiny detail. Which seems counterintuitive to crafting a good book, but I think there was just SO MUCH shown other than the crux of what we NEEDED to know in order to progress the story.

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