The Villain that Reincarnated into the World of a BL Game goes Astray


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I, a duke’s eldest son, was made the second prince’s playmate, but due to the shock from being pushed into a pond by the prince, I remembered my previous life. It was then that I realized that this world is the world of a BL game.

In that game, like every villain, I get convicted and sent to a labor camp in the north… As if I’d let that happen to me! I will live my life the way I want to!

I don’t give a damn about the game! Not even a bit. Not in the slightest. I’m serious, ok!? Hey, Prince, you’re being weird, go to where the MC is.

Don’t touch me! Don’t hug me! Don’t kiss meee!

This is a story where the protagonist gets gobbled up by the black-hearted prince.

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BL Game no Sekai ni Tensei shita Akuyaku Reisoku wa Gureteshimaimashita
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New shairoisreading rated it
February 27, 2021
Status: c21
If you want soft BL harem, this is the story for you! This novel is a light read, nothing too serious, really enjoyable with all the fluff ♡♡ There is still plot, a good plot at that, but the main focus are all the flirty really cute scenes.

BONUS: The author seems really nice and the translator did a great job!! They also update frequently ♡♡
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ylial rated it
November 21, 2020
Status: c25
Only the first 2 chapters are good.

The MC is indecisive and s*upid. The typical white lotus. He is a guy yet he acts like a girl, and always cry 😅. Upon remembering his past he fully knew his ending. His father is cruel to him thinking of only power. If I were him, I would rather be disowned and work to fend myself. To make matter worse, at only c7 (12 y/o) he got feelings to ML. He was a university student so his thoughts to ML should be like... more>> a litte brother. He is also asking why the story didn't change??? He couldn't even refuse the ML. What happened to his will is the first 2 chapters? Is he a masochist??

The ML,.. He forced the king to be engaged to MC. The king wanted to give MC a title and land but was opposed by the selfish ML. MC and ML really suits each other, one is s*upid and masochist, while the other is selfish and arrogant <<less
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kuro_stubaki rated it
January 28, 2021
Status: Completed
The fluffy moment is only at the beginning when everyone still enjoying their childhood life. No harem.

Throughout the novel is about the journey of our MC daily life of crying in pain lovesickness of not knowing anything but hiddenly protected by others. Everyone love MC airheadness because he's cute delicate slim guy who can't grow much due to poison,
even the Female Heroine felt that the pampered MC, a guy, is much more of Mary-sue heroine than her. The Male Heroine who's force to accept the secret contract between... more>> the ML and his friends so they can keep en eye on him due to MC keep being paranoid whenever seeing him since it remind the MC of the BL plot.


The ML and his friends try swapping his position with MC, like exchanging their identity since they both have almost the same delicate appearance, so they can protect MC from danger. The Male heroine can't leave the ML and his friends side he too know its not good to be with them.


Poor Male heroine have to join in their daily conversation about how cute the MC is when he too don't know who's MC is yet.

The plot is about a BL game X Otome Shoujo game mix up. There's two heroine; the Male

(just normal no transmigrate or anything)


and the Female


(reincarnated like MC)

Since it mix game the capture targets more like bisexuals.

I was wondering why the author like to try feminisation the MC, he a college guy who reincarnated! Dressing him up, princess carry and all. I know it's for the fluff but it getting weird when he keep accepting to be female role... He more suited to be reborn than reincarnated so it doesn't emphasize the White lotus vibe.

Since He doesn't know what to do with his life other than worrying breaking up with ML, so he ask the Queen to give him a PRINCESS ETIQUETTE EDUCATION since he's the fiance?!? I'm like why can't you ask for prince course or something? Every adult try to break their relationship so they can have a heir, or consult him by saying he should married as concubine/second wife. Even the Queen ask him to join her to go travel abroad to avoid this mess and then come back.

There's no greedy harem or stealing other lovers. More about scheming of adults rather than between teenagers love. All the characters in the game is like a cannon fodder/ puppet use by their parents and adults *faceplam*.

The MC still married the ML.

MC and Male Lead have children (adopted from Majesty and concubine children) basically the Prince younger brother, being kept as a son which then helpful to keep the royal bloodline flowing.


The heroine doesn't want to mix with the game so she quit the school early then...


goes travelling like an adventurer with one Otome game capture target (the student counsel president) who's a merchant.


The Male heroine

who sell himself to male aristocratic with power for benefit

quit school after tragic event with MC, then...


focusly in love with his step brother (hidden BL capture target).


This whole drama from their parents to their children, political marriages and all which ruined everyone mentally and life was cause by the Majesty.

Majesty like to treat women like some toy pet, like to pamper them, married them or force them to married others (his Aides) for benefit.

And our MC a fudanshi know the truth, ask the Majesty paid his sin by asking him to sleep with his father for 17 times only since he's been abused for 17 years ?!?


he know that his father is actually crazily-loyally in love with Majesty since a teenagers but was forced by the Majesty to marry his cute cousin?!?,


That's one of the reasons why the father abuse and want to kill the MC (like really kill MC). Yoo~ that's a crime I was hoping a face slapping/retribution/revenge but our MC busy being a matchmaker giving others happy ending. Just gloss it off the issues.

Our MC still crazily in love with the prince and can't accept everyone ask him to break the engagement due to the prince selected to be a king and need a heir.

he's about to calm down since the Male Heroine left school


Then, come in another princess from foreign country forcing to married a king for benefit.


But in the end the princess 16 years old married the Male Lead Father (that damn Majesty) who's 40 years old so that the Male Lead can be with the MC.


Then his Majesty still kept the agreement to sleep with the MC father while both of them try to marry new wife since they need a new sons for heir.

The author doesn't explain much about the Male Lead (Alfred the second prince) and his Aides (childhood friends - also capture targets) what they're doing behind the scenes whether dirty or not and their progress journey. More explain about their innocence friendship when they were a child, maybe so it could be more favourable for the readers towards the capture targets. <<less
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Pavetta rated it
August 14, 2020
Status: c1
Looks good so far. The translator has done a good job, and the premise itself is interesting.

The only negative aspect would be how short the first chapter is. I'm not sure if every chapter is this short or just the first one, but for those who prefer having more material to read, they might want to wait until a few more chapters have been translated so that they aren't frustrated when they run out of reading material.
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Mayasha3 rated it
November 1, 2020
Status: --
liking the story so far... can't wait for more.

Can't say anything too concrete for the plot since it is a very reincarnation-villain/villainess-otome type setting. But, loving the MC right off the bat~

Love the translation too since it is so smooth and easy to read! Great work!!!

Can't wait for the next chapter!
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lizabernal96 rated it
August 14, 2020
Status: c12
Is not bad, and I like the romance interaction of the MC and ML but the story is kind of dark for a otome game (is not too dark but the MC father hit the MC and there is even potion and asecination) to be honest I was hopping for a sweet story, since is a otome game.
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