Until I, Who Reincarnated to a Game World, Become—


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I was 29 years old when I died in my previous life. The cause of my death was the cliche “hit by a truck”. And the world I reincarnated into was very similar to the MMORPG I played in the previous life.

I left the remote mountain I was born and raised in, thinking I’d travel the fantasy world leisurely, but I had unknowingly been dragged into the cogwheels of fate that had began to turn.

——–This is the story of how I, who reincarnated to another world, became———

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Game no Sekai ni Tenseishita Ore wa ○○ninaru made ni
Until I Become a _____ in the Game World I Reincarnated Into
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New listlessreader rated it
March 27, 2021
Status: c26
It's a lot earlier than when I would usually leave a review, but I feel like all those 1 stars are really unfair so I'll put what I think so far. I might come back later once I finish reading.

This seems to focus more on the isekai aspect of the novel; there's a lot of world-building. It's pretty interesting because (at least from what I've read so far) novels usually dive right into the plot and romance/introduce the love interest quickly, and generally we see the MC and ML interact... more>> pretty early on. But in this novel, I've yet to see hide nor hair of the ML--which isn't necessarily bad. I think it's good that we can immerse ourselves into the story and world, and understand the underlying plot/tensions more.

The MC is probably considered OP in that world, but not as OP as other reincarnators. Perhaps you'll like this kind of setting.

There seems to be some kind of halo on the MC haha. A lot of the people he meets (at least cannon fodder side characters) become infatuated with him pretty quickly.

Overall, fairly interesting so far. Am waiting for plot to develop more and for the ML to show up. <<less
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New Alta
March 24, 2021
Status: --
As an SE Asian, big plus for having a strong dark-skinned MC. For once, it's not "pale as the moon", "milky skin", or whatever, and still be a cool character I can respect. It's sort of a nominal detail but still appreciated.

It follows light novel standards with its simple and easy to consume plot and writing. I appreciate that MC is just OP in a one-eyed man kind of way and the story leaves a lot of room for other people to be greater than him.

Romance is slow paced and... more>> still a mystery at this point which I appreciate since most Japanese BL light novels tend to jump in quickly.

Reserving rating but 4 stars for now. <<less
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snylo rated it
December 23, 2020
Status: c188
I really love this story, as the protagonist has a really likeable personality, and quite funny when narrating the story. I could read more than 100ch of the raws in just a few days and patiently waiting for each new update.

This story is set in a world that is based on a MMORPG, and apparently all young people who played this game and died prematurely reincarnate here. So our 29yr old protagonist is one of them and he was a skillful craftsman in that game, but unfortunately he’s reborn in... more>> deep mountain so he’s not aware of that fact until he turned adult in this world. The story starts when he was about to go on a journey to leave his village and enjoy crafting with his skills inherited from the game.

it’s fun to follow his adventure (?) as he try to simply survive, and discovering about other reincarnators who apparently have chuunibyou mentality, yeah they were all mostly adolescents when they died. So our protagonist is calm-headed, unlike emotional teenagers. The world building is great too, the explanation for the world setting is smooth, well some chapters might feel like info dumps at times. While the bl part is quite subtle and serves as side desserts when reading this (still sweet~~).

rough story flow under spoiler

well, overall there are 3 arcs, the first is the Tisia war that our protagonist got involved in as soon as he left his village. Here he starts to learn more about this world (he was kinda a recluse in his own remote village), and about other reincarnators and their positions in this world. And yes, he met the ML here, but with a twist.

I would call the 2nd arc, the fugitive arc, where our protagonist is on the run with the ML trying to return to their country while avoiding enemies, there they’ll actually make connections with spirit horses and the closed-off elves! And starting in this arc our protagonist starts to be open to his feeling as the ML already fell for him. They’re quite sweet too, but this is just a minor element compared to the whole adventure plots. And we can see the character growth in this period as they have to depend on each other to survive.

and the supposedly last arc (the novel still ongoing and the end still not in sight), is after they finally reach their country after more than a year and have to deal with the mess left by the war and make their relationship official. There is also a major mission of dragon slaying! And properly confronting the so-suspicious Empire and the Adventurers Guild where all the other reincarnators are. Some surprises awaiting them.


I’m not sure how the novel will end, well, surely the protagonist will become _____ ! <<less
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KawaiiPanda rated it
January 20, 2021
Status: c15
I like this type of novel. And the translator did a great job in translating. Will keep reading it.
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Kazekun rated it
March 1, 2020
Status: c1
Somehow I feel the MC is like kuudere, perhaps. He is not kind of ambitious in another reincarnated-to-a game world MC. Well, just 8 chapters out, still long way to go. Uhh, can't wait for more chapters.
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Rednightlights rated it
February 7, 2021
Status: c19
Seems pretty good so far! I love the MC! He is very dense when it comes to the "normal" of the world.

My biggest question right now -

What does the ribbon mean? Is it like a normal gift or does it show a kind of loyalty? Are the other reincarnations from earlier in the game's life and could not know the best ways to do things?

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