The Villain Becomes The White Moonlight


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Wu! Eat your dreams!

Shao Lingheng is the most perfect dish for Du Yan.

Here is the perfect recipe for cooking nightmares, also known as “How to be a qualified villain boss.”

[Youth Tragedy Movie Nightmare – the male lead cheated while drunk, which led to the pregnant female lead’s abortion and breakup. ] Du Yan: I want to give the male lead physical health education, refuse pre-marital x behavior, educate the male lead to exploit others and finally wait to be killed.

Male lead: I will follow your thoughts and take away your power, just to keep you with me.

[Historical Power Conspiracy Nightmare – The Male Lead takes advantage of the heroine and destroys the country and her family.] Du Yan: I want to become the heroine, then later lift up my skirt and scare the male lead to death, finally wait to be killed by the tricked male lead.

Male lead: You hate this dynasty, then as you wish, I will ruin it for you.

[Netherworld Ghost Movie Nightmare – The Male Lead ended up killing all his teammates] Du Yan: I want to kill the male lead and make him a ghost, and finally wait to be killed by the bullied male lead.

Male lead: If I can always haunt you after becoming a ghost, then I am willing.


It’s so much trouble to fill one’s stomach!

As the only bloodline left by the Beast Boqi in a low-level energy plane, Du Yan, after awakening, fell into the tragic situation of not having enough to eat every day. Until he met Shao Lingheng, the movie emperor who was too deep into his roles and was troubled by nightmares every night.

But you never know, the things happened were unexpected.

Shao Lingheng: That man is the cinnabar mole in my heart, white moonlight in the sky. He has paid a lot for me.

Du Yan: Wait, are we not on the same channel?

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Fǎnpài Biàn Chéng Bái Yuèguāng [Kuài Chuān]
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rhianirory rated it
April 28, 2020
Status: Completed
this was actually a 4.5 because there were a few parts that really dragged on but overall its one of the more original quick wear out there, thus I rated it up instead of down. the MC eats nightmares and the ML has them; a perfect match. the MC might seem a little dull at times because due to his bloodline waking he has a harder time feeling strong emotions and has the typical low EQ when it comes to the ML, which can be really frustrating.

these are my notes... more>> when I read it a few months ago. there are spoilers.


the villain becomes white moonlight [qw] 4.5/5 1/23/2020

Same author How to Die as Heavy as Mt Tai.

MC eats nightmares has blood of a god. He found an actor (ML) whose nightmares are based on the movies he's acted in and each one is a complete world, which will fill him up for a month or more. MC applies to be his assistant so he can eat those nightmares. 1. Youth film MC is uncle (bad guy) ML is protag 2. Court conspiracy. MC is prince raised as a girl ML is prince/king of a neighboring kingdom being raised in MC country 3. Horror (but boring). MC is a ghost cultivator and ML is protag with yinyang body. 4. Gay BE. MC is rival ML is scum gong. MC still hasn't realized ML is gay and will change the script even 100ch and 4 movies/nightmares into the story (rolls eyes). I'm ok with him not noticing once or twice but every single time... it's getting annoying. 5. EoW. MC is a clone who can purify himself of radiation and ML is strongest infected (power). No zombies 6. Interstellar. ML is alien uncle of the king and MC is human kid (MC tried to back out of the dream and got sucked into it). 6. MC goes into ML subconscious and remeets some of the chars and then sees ML past as various nonhumans (cat, painting ghost, zombie king). Turns out ML has a nightmare bloodline and the two are a natural pair. They get together, the end. Loses.5 because there were parts in a couple of the stories that dragged on forever and I lost patience with it and the MC eq is so low I'm not sure how he functions normally.

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ylial rated it
March 15, 2020
Status: c31
The story started well and I even liked the author's idea of MC as dream eater, However, the first arc/dream greatly disappointed me. In the first dream, the story seemed like running in circles (for more than 8yrs), with MC getting away fr ML, and MC doing illogical things (looked like that the MC was enjoying in playing with d ML's feeling for d sake of food, ?). I also feel bad, the author made the chara to have low IQ. If u like a dog blood story (but not... more>> hilarious) then this one is for you

What made me like the story is the ML's patient for MC. Hope that story will get better. Will rerate <<less
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nnshii rated it
August 11, 2020
Status: Completed
confession, I admit I skip a few chapters while mtl-ing this novel. This is going to be somewhat long review (im rambling ik).

imo, story are ok, the transmigration part and the world arcs differents from normal QT novels. Relationship are super slow, so expect a very very slow burn romance. Now let's talk the cons, why this is not my type of books at all.

The MC, ML and the Relationship :

first, both MC and ML have super low EQ. I tend to stray away from novels that contains this type... more>> of personality. Only read this because most of the reviews said it has a good plotline. The relationship is super frustating to read due to super low EQ from both of the main characters. Slow burn romance are not my favourite but not completely hated it. C-novels authors seems to likes main characters with low EQ very much but only few of them able to write a good story with these characters excellently.

The relationship only developed at the end of the last arcs. MC is a very dull person with super low EQ, unable to caring for others and never accept emotional reason. He is calm, cold, cunning (hey the triple C personality that c-novels ML tends to have !). MC also very manipulative and overconfident. I personally hate a character that overconfident and somewhat refused to listen to others. This is what I think how MC acts in the 1st arc. I already want to just stop reading but forced myself since the arcs are differents from normal QT.

ML, idk. He kinda typical ML but not overly yandere. Always the first person to love MC. Also super low EQ. Not much about him since I basically skipped the last arc to read what exactly is he and how their relationship end. Other reviewer told his identity in spoiler, go read if u want.

like reviewer ylial said, I also feel bad when MC just playing with ML feelings just for the sake of food. He's a scumbag imo. Kinda suprised me how they can have a relationship and fell in love with each other. I 100% agree with what ylial said. ML's patient for MC is a godsend. ML and MC are rational people who doesn't go ahead f each other. But I just not fond of them especially the MC.

other review from rhianirory, completely summarised all the arcs. Go read if you curious but don't want to torture youself like I did.

The story started really well but was dragged a lot especially the last arc. So if you interested in this dog blood story with super low EQ main characters and a very very slow burn romance. Go ahead.

3 stars because I think this novel has potential due to the author's ideas and writing. But this novel totally not my type at all. That's all, good luck reading this ~ <<less
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GoldenTiger0 rated it
February 28, 2020
Status: Completed
The novel plot is different from ordinary world hopping novels. Each arc is connected and between each arc is the existence of their real world. Both MC and ML are extremely apathetic in real world. ML's wonderful internal aspects are expressed in those dream arcs as he slowly affects MC who starts to have emotional bonds extremely slowly.. If it was only real world, MC probably would never have chosen emotion instead of reason. The existence of dreams made their lifespan longer.. eventually affecting MC.

The arcs are interesting too... I... more>> liked Ancient, Wasteland, Re: 1st Modern and Re: Ancient arcs. <<less
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Xiu_er rated it
May 14, 2021
Status: Completed
Whoever is searching for a unique storyline might get their fill here. The author did well in taking common settings and giving them their own twist/flavor. Each arc is memorable and worked out really well with good world building. It's especially praiseworthy considering how many world hopping novels tend to neglect the world building.

The most important characters are, of course, the MC, Du Yan, and ML, Shao Lingheng. Both are interesting and unique enough.

I don't know whether the MC is a psychopath or a sociopath. ... more>>

Afterall, he did mention that he learned not to care as he grew up, but also mentioned that his bloodline weakens his emotions.


Either way, the MC is a c*cktail of low EQ, high IQ and weirdly wired brain circuit that follows a different set of common sense.

The ML in turn also seems to lack common sense in some way. It's more like the MC is his bible. Whatever the MC says and wants counts. Shao Lingheng is basically a huge dog that has found its owner. Visually, he seems to lack emotions outwardly. But inside it's pretty colorful whenever Du Yan is involved. Ah... and he is a big vinegar jar and likes to give himself a green hat.

The biggest advantage of this novel is still the world building of each arc, in my opinion. The characters are fine, but it's still the different arcs that did it for me, especially because the arcs get revisited and add new layers later on.

I would happily recommend this novel to world hopping enthusiasts. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Eliestra rated it
April 9, 2020
Status: Completed
This is one of the best transmigrations I've read! I’m already used to the fact that the authors follow the pattern and have similar worlds and ideas. But not this author! The main story itself is already something new, but all the worlds are unique. It was very interesting to read. The world of ghosts even scared me. The stories themselves are furry and funny, I really like it. The character ML is also my favorite, with the element yandere. The character of MC is also not at all annoying.... more>> I read it with pleasure, I could not tear myself away. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dragon_Reader rated it
August 24, 2020
Status: Completed
The rating is actually 3.5.

I liked the QT arcs. They are quite different from what we are typically used to reading. MC is superbly manipulative and scarily accurate when it comes to predicting ML's actions until ML falls for him lol. Even then, the actions of those around MC and ML definitely follow what MC predicts. The arcs are long and imo dragged out. I would usually skip many chaps within the arc and still completely understand what is going on. The only arcs I read completely are first arc,... more>> second arc, last arc and the extras.

ML is very possessive and very loving. Both are very slow when it comes to romance.

Romance. This is kinda my pet peeve in this novel. I honestly didn't feel for MC and ML. MC coz remains so detached even after going through a couple of arcs and in reality. This is attributed to his bloodline that allows his emotions to kinda fade away (or else it will become very easy to get trapped inside a nightmare/ go crazy/ die so this is like a defence mechanism) but this in turn made me feel as if there is no romance between the two. ML is typically falls for MC very quickly and as a reader I didn't really understand why. As such, ML is crazy-in-love type so I persisted lol.

Overall, not a bad read. I would recommend a one-time reading at least. <<less
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Reichie rated it
September 22, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is fresh and sweet. The characters are lovable. The plot is straightforward and although the romance was established quickly on ML's side, it didn't feel too abrupt due to MC's character and the setting that they meet in dreams.

The MC eats nightmares and explores ML's different world. The worlds are amazing. Although not something that has never been done before, the way author developed the plot and drove the story forward was so creative. My favorite dream was the Wasteland Nightmare one. It's like I read a whole... more>> complete novel despite it being less than 50 chapters

but that arc's ML was probably the most frustrating one for me cause his set-up was a hero which is my least favorite character trope (?) ever


The ending is *chef's kiss*. It's one of the most satisfying ending as no plots were left hanging. Just make sure to read the extra chapters.


There is a pet peeve of mine here in the second to last nightmare which is stripping a characters memory to make them more susceptible to be romanced but, it's okay since there were no OOC and MC at that time needed that wake up call


Will deffo read the author's other works. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Xenody rated it
August 14, 2020
Status: Completed
I really liked this novel. It's a solid 4.7

Yes, I do agree that they have low EQ, but I personally like the ambiguousness, the slow grind, the chase, and the acceptance/realization of their relationship. Yes, there was an arc that I skipped around (which is the reason why I give it a 4.7 instead of a 5). That arc was just too long, but the ending was still nice.

Very interesting concept of eating dreams. I'm also happy that they don't go directly to f*cking, and like I've said before, I... more>> like the slow grind in this novel.

I did like the last arc and how they wrapped up the endings of the previous arcs. The vinegar pot ML was cute, and I liked their real world interactions a lot. <<less
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Jhunajane rated it
July 24, 2020
Status: Completed
The story is really good and it was not that extreme in many ways. It was just right. No excessive drama and I enjoyed reading it. The vinegar jar is the one thing that excites me everytime. And their complex and uprecedent mind amuses me more than anything. One of the most that did not upset me at all.

Furthermore, their intimacy grows per dream and they did not go straight into falling crazily in love with each other while f*cking bunnies. They grew into that and they both learned from all of their experience. If the reader do not get that then this is not your book.


I was NOT disappointed at all. I recommend! ?❤️
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Dianille rated it
August 27, 2021
Status: Completed
The MC's name was Du Yan, and the ML's name was shao Lingheng. SLH was an actor, he has a bloodline in which he always has nightmares. While DY has a bloodline which requires him to eat other people's nightmares. So in the end, DY became an assistant for SLH to devour his nightmares. The worldbuilding in each arc was quite meticulous. Fulfilling enough for them to not be too short or too lengthy. You can see spoiler for each arc below:

... more>>

1st arc:

I love MC professionalism here, he was really motivated to deceive the ML (don't worry, nobody's hurt). MC's setting here was an aloof, emotionless president with OCD, while the ML was a tsundere bad teenager. Over time, his tsundere characteristic was replaced by his obsession regarding his uncle (MC). Don't worry, he never force him. But this love was the restrained-but-if-you-cross-my-bottom-line-I'll-lock-you-up- type. He didn't dare to directly force his uncle to stay with him in case of breaking the current peaceful cohabitation. He's quite pitiful though, unconditional love for someone with little to no emotions. I don't think they even had s*x with each other, ever. For years of living together, I think this shows ML's characters, obsession, and conscience.

I'll repeat again, the MC's excuse for his scheme was quite confusing for the ML to process. I'll quote...

“I just feel that this world is quite boring. The things I want, those things that are difficult for others to get, can be easily obtained if I want to. It is too simple whether it is money, power or fame. So I thought of raising an opponent by myself, an opponent stronger than myself, would What it feels like. “

Then, the ML use this to settle his own heart my rationalizing that in the end he was the most important person in MC's heart. Well, he's not wrong even though MC saw him as his greatest creation.

2nd arc:

The MC was a prince masquerading as a princess because of the emperor suspicion towards his maternal (empress) family. The ML was a hostage prince. I think the previous arc was better because you can see some crumbs of romance. But here? You won't find it at all. Not even a kiss 🙂. The MC still forever dense, that's quite frustrating. I hope there will be more fluffy or skinship huhu. I hope the ML will remember his dreams in reality.

3rd arc:

The MC was a ghost cultivator and the ML was a ghost king that refined by him after the ML died to save the MC. At the beginning, the ghost king couldn't remember who he was then his personality and behavior was amalgamation between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd arc ML. As a ghost, his inhibition naturally collapse. As the 1st ML, he want to lock the MC up with him. The 1st ML manifestation was quite strong. As for the 2nd ML, he was quite gentle so maybe his obsession was not manifested so severely. As he said “You are mine, you cannot look at others, you cannot leave me.” The ML even made everyone forget MC's identity and change his friends memory regarding MC's to replace his himself so his friends still think that he's alive but never meet DY (MC's name).

4th arc:

This arc was rather boring but I still like it because they finally did it here haha. The ML really gave himself a green hat. I hope after this, there will be no more denial from the MC. After all, they finally have a proper and normal working relationship.

5th arc:

Here, the ML was very cute. He's the most powerful person around but he's such a softie. The MC was a clone and finally he didn't play a villain! Hands down the mildest ML from this entire novel.

6th arc:

The MC's memory was messed up because of a problem when transferring into ML's dream. He lose his inhibition (previously he plays according to his character role), directly threatening his roomate with knife. This arc was a romcom movie.

7th arc:

Here, the MC meet all of the MLs from previous nightmares. I don't particularly like this arc, so... This one was quite underwhelming.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Falconzoro rated it
December 13, 2020
Status: c203
In my opinion, this novel is nice to read. I just feel sometimes the MC is quite s*upid.

In one arc, he become corpse and was controlled by someone, means he cannot moves without instruction. Then, before meeting with male lead, he keep on monologue about how it was so easy to break from the control spell n he did not do so because he want to use the controller person to meet ML. Surprise! He then need to protect the controller and fighting one-sided with ML because he cannot break the spell!! S*upid MC.


Sometimes MC strategy as a villain in many arc is quite boring to me. But overall the novel is nice to read as I did not skip on any arc.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
The Sliveren
The Sliveren rated it
November 5, 2020
Status: Completed
I will give this a four.

The plot on each arc is quite unique compare to the QT novels that I read.

Everything is good. It's just that I don't get the feelings between the main couple. The squealing, awes, and some kind of shenanigans of being a fujoshi. I recommend this for a quick read.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fisukisuki rated it
January 31, 2022
Status: c39
This novel is really interesting so far! The idea is Unique. Going inside the Dreams, Changing the Dream so MC could eat the Dream. The idea itself may not be as Unique, the other things; the Interaction in the Real World, MC's power and identity, the ML's status and feelings and hints of Mystery, those are interesting.

MC is rather smart and well planning at things. He has good Instinct, but his Denial is even Greater. Lol. It repeatedly mentioned his EQ is not High. So he was rather oblivious with... more>> ML's feelings.

Seriously hope the Translation would continue!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Realvnv rated it
November 20, 2021
Status: c46
Misunderstandings are kinda killing me lol. I could give this novel 5 stars if not for MC's negative EQ.

He just keeps pushing ML away and trying to hurt him. Like, wasn't he there to eliminate the nightmare? All I see is him trying to leave ML with psychological shadows just for the sake of fulfilling his chuuni childhood dream, becoming a badass villain.

Ngl, he's clever and cunning, I like that. Hell, just why is he emotionally crippled?

ML is... Well, typical-yandere-watered-down. His personality isn't unique per se, but I don't necessarily... more>> dislike this type either. He's just there, gazing at MC obsessively, trying to survive through pits emotionally challenged MC dig for him.

I am this close to feeling sympathetic lol.

Anyways, in conclusion, plots aren't bad but MC drags them down; translation is excellent; worth reading if you have free time.

Adios. <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
October 12, 2021
Status: c32
Pretty fun. He tries to take on a villain role, but the protagonist finds out (or more like insists via his persistence as the dreamer) that he is being secretly supported by said villain. So MC can forge their enemy relationship as much as he wants, ML will still fall in love and overturn the storyline.

Tbh, I have the strong feeling that the ML is a facecon. The more MC tries to hide, the more ML wants to chase. There is also a chance that strong desire of the... more>> ML to keep the MC close is because the MC is a sort of safe harbour. The ML is haunted by nightmares and looking for a solution before he collapses. The MC who can eat nightmares is perhaps his only hope and that could be causing strong feelings of attraction/attachment. This story is Shounen Ai rather than yaoi, so the latter has a strangely high probability... <<less
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