How A Queen Was Made


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As a man who had lived for 20 something years and had always considered himself as a straight man, he woke up one day and found himself possessed by a stupid and cute system. Moreover, it was a gong-shou cultivating system?! Let’s see how a shou with raised hackles evolves into a (pseudo) queen shou, incidentally with a story of a hidden loyal dog gong.

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GoldenTiger0 rated it
February 10, 2020
Status: Completed
A little piece of info for all the readers if you think that the current parallel world is referred to as transmigration, It's not!

Although the MC has to complete the main task of being a Queen shou, he can go to different worlds for branch tasks.

The worlds are:-

... more>>

1. Modern Campus Romance

MC - Senior to the Three Princes (of Major Familes) in an Aristocratic School [Identity Specially Created by System as Newbie Benefit]

ML (not actually) - One of the Three Princes, Future CEO

Task Item - 2nd Button of School Uniform of ML + Favourable Value of ML

2. Xianxia World

MC - Younger brother (not blood-related) of the Head, a cold genius in swordsmanship [Identity Not Prepared]

ML (not actually) - Transmigrated Protag, Disciple of MC (later)

Task Item - Blood (?) Tear of ML + Favourable Value of ML

3. Interstellar Romance

MC - General on Wheelchair [Identity saved by System from death]

ML (not actually) - Aide (?) of General, Leader, Amnesiac Man (later)

Task Item - Oriental (?) Medal representing 1st General + Favourable Value of ML

4. Ancient

MC - Sickly Younger Brother of the Emperor [Prepared (?) by System with added Heartattack condition]

ML (not actually, kind of.. bro) - Emperor, a pure doting brother [Given Brother complex attribute by system]

Task Item - Hate value of Adopted (?) Princess + Hate value of Third Prince + Hate Value of Hui Fei + Hate Value of Ling (?)

5. Rebirth Snatching

MC - Game Male God and Ice Beauty Teacher, cheated by White Lotus in 1st life [Identity not prepared but exchanged for helping orig host]

ML (not actually) - Fellow Teacher and n-generation rich guy, another male God in game, snatched by white Lotus in 1st life

Task Item - Favourable value of ML

6. Apocalypse

MC - Ex-CEO, ex-lover of protag

ML (actually) - Brother of protag

Task Item - Hate value of protag and his lover [to be collected by ML]


The story is fun. Especially seeing queen shou's mental changes. Yet it seemed that ending was a little rushed. By the end, MC didn't go to meet Sister Zhang for whom he started this all. Nor did he go to meet or called his roommates. After the hospital incident, Lu (?) Qi was never mentioned. The ending seemed rushed and bland as if done just for the sake of it. That's the only disappointing thing for me...

If you people want to know the ending of branch worlds, I suggest you to read my next spoiler but with CAUTION as all of them are big spoilers...



1. Modern Campus Romance - The jealous or self-centered heroine burns the senior alive ending his life. Time Skip. ML has become a CEO and is married even just because of some words from his senior of 'not giving up responsibility' yet every year on a particular day, he goes to cemetery. There he meets his senior at his tomb. As the rain drenched him, a tear slips from his eye mixing with the rain. He goes to his senior's office where he meets his friend who suggest him not to be like this and the senior won't like it. ML says that it's because of his senior that he's like this. ML heeded senior's words. He became CEO, married a wife and his taking all his responsibilities seriously.

2. Xianxia - Master died saving disciple. Disciple avenges after becoming very powerful. Creates the sect again. He's about to ascend. He tells all the women, whom he kept because they looked a little like his master, to go away. He accepts a girl disciple who has no feelings for him. The girl dressed as a man along with her master are in a tea shop and hear a storyteller telling about her master's master, her ancestor. The storyteller says the ancestor had a secret method. The girl gets angry insisting that he did not have and was about to hit the storyteller. Her master stops her saying that his master indeed had a secret method but it only worked for him.

3. Interstellar Romance - After the general sacrifices himself, the leader/aide's memories come back and he's immensely regretful. Ten years later. Leader has become extremely cold. Goes to the basement of General and talks to frozen sleeping body of the General. Then self-deprecating himself he sees a video where he laughs at the general's disability. Then he found general's diary after which he comes to know that the general liked him too but because of his body he didn't say and later due to the Amnesiac state he only wished him well with the partner he found. Leader got sad. 5 years later. The general woke up (due to MC's pill in order to give the orig host a happy ending). The leader marries the General.

4. Ancient - Emperor brother punishes all the bad men. Then one day, his brother says he's gonna sleep. Emperor says to sleep well and he will guard him. The emperor often reminisces the scene again and again when he remembers his brother.

5. Rebirth Snatching - When the fellow teacher proves that he really loves him and won't betray, the MC gives the body back to orig host. The orig host accepts the proposal of getting married.

6. Apocalypse - The lover because of jealousy tries to get zombies to attack MC. MC defends himself but because of the lover he's stuck. ML comes to save him but gets bitten instead. The lover and ML die. (ML only does in this world just like how MC had in others.) MC then goes and stabs the protag. Both MC and ML are back in orig world.

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Pavetta rated it
January 18, 2020
Status: c1
There's only one chapter, but it's enough to impress me. There are no mistakes in the writing, and I quite like the personality of the MC, who doesn't feel as bland as many MCs. I'm not sure if I like the system yet, but since the MC is the more important aspect, I'm glad he's an interesting character.

I hope to see more soon.
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Kazekun rated it
February 15, 2020
Status: c5
In my opinion, this is a promising story. Quite different of Quick-Transmigration, MC can come back to reality after clearing every mission in paralel world. The 'queen shou' thing with his 2 systems is also funny. Really craving for more release ahrggghhhh.
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