Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day


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Big changes and even bigger twists. A drama within another drama. He’ll find his way to become prettier and sexier.

Shen Jintai gained access to a book-saving system that allowed him to transmigrate inside a book he was reading. By completing tasks assigned to him, he’ll become more beautiful and sexier on his path to stardom.

His first task: Stop being the male protagonist’s suitor (stalker). Instead, be his rival in love and steal the person he was meant to be with.

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Tình địch mỗi ngày đều trở nên đẹp hơn
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idlehands rated it
January 24, 2022
Status: c102
I'm halfway through the novel and finally decided to give up.

Like other reviewers already said, MC is extremely selfish and unlikeable, he's toying with the feelings of those around him, tries every dirty trick in the book to make the original "Shou" fall in love with him while he himself has zero feelings for that person.
He doesn't even have to do this, he could complete the task in other ways but because they seem harder, he rather tricks him into falling in love.

I could have accepted that if it's... more>> the only way, people are selfish by nature, but he has options, they just aren't as easy.

ML isn't any better, he refused the original MC, for good reasons, but as soon as he falls in love with whom he believes is the very same guy he rejected, he does his damn best to sabotage MC's efforts to woo the target.

It doesn't help that the story is hyper focused on MC's ass and how good he looks, the shallowness and stereotyping is disgusting, she tries very hard to categorise all characters into body shapes she thinks of as "clearly Shou" and "clearly Gong".

This fits into my biggest complain, this novel is a prime example of a fujoshi with zero real-life experience writing for fujoshi, the author has to remind us every chapter that one has to be the Shou and one the Gong, otherwise a relationship is impossible.

It was fine, even a bit funny, as a gag, now at chapter 100 it's clear that she's serious about this, the way she objectifies, fetishises, gay men is unacceptable.

To me, a gay guy, it's just sickening, I'm at a point where I simply can't continue to read this vile view of gay men she's pushing on the readers.

Would an author do the same with women, everyone would be outraged, it's extremely sad that so many people see nothing wrong with it when it's done to gay men.

Edit: Lol, the amount of people here proving me right by justifying this sh*t and even trying to talk over a gay man calling out the fetishisation of gay romance is astonishing.
I hope none of these people have a problem with the objectification of women and fetishisation of lesbian romance, with novels from certain countries that show women as objects you can use and abuse however you want, or which show paedophilia as normal. Because it's just a cultural difference, right?
I might not live in China but I AM Chinese, and no, gay Chinese man do not debate about ones and zeros, whoever uses social media as a source of information about real life, especially about a community that has to hide in their own country, needs to sit down when people from that community talk.

WTF is wrong with you kids. <<less
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Ennuye rated it
December 14, 2021
Status: --
I don't usually write reviews, but seeing so much praise sung for this novel, I wanted to add my own, seemingly against the current, opinion.

The amount of 5 stars for this story is surprising, because it seems pretty generic and lacklustre to me. Honestly speaking, I've only read the few chapters posted on NU, but if the story's so great, and even if it gets better later on, some of these amazing traits should be showing through already, right? But so far the only thing I see that sets this... more>> story apart from the many others' in its genre, is the "get sexier and beautiful at every chance" golden finger. Which is kind of funny, but not enough to keep my attention to the story, because everything else seems ordinary and a few things are already irritating me.

For example, the MC isn't smooth at all. He doesn't make a single effort to disguise the fact that he isn't the original host, shocking the souls out of everybody who sees him, but at the same time, nobody ever thinks too deeply about this matter and they just marvel at the MC's incredible and seemingly for the better change. You could argue that "people change, so it's not that strange...", but less than a day before, the original body was still trying to desperately seduce the ML. This just seems very artificial to me and gives me an impression of laziness from the author's part, like they just couldn't bother to make the MC transition slowly and smoothly into his new life. Instead the MC goes bang into his new life, like the inhabitants of this world aren't beings capable of suspicion. The fact that they aren't is just worrying.

And this is a very common thing in these stories and I understand it. People aren't here to read something realistic or think too deeply about the plot, but if this story is so great, I expect something more.

Secondly, the author themselves describes the ML and original protagonist as a couple "meant to be", so the fact that the MC is here to break them apart and later on even embarks on a romance with one of these two, makes it feel as though the MC is the homewrecker here and his presence is unnecessary, especially because he's there to turn the ML into a man single-mindedly concentrated on his career, instead of love, because of some government law and some craziness the ML supposedly got up to. It's very vague and barely mentioned again, and kind of just feels like the author was trying to be original about the MC's purpose in a book, but it falls flat.

All in all, I'm unimpressed and underwhelmed. I didn't have any expectations for this novel, just read the summary, thought it was interesting and went ahead. When I felt this was lacking in quite a few aspects I went to the review sections here, expecting to see a few people sharing my thoughts, but everyone seems to be so positive about this novel *bewildered shrug*. <<less
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HanNweNyein rated it
May 17, 2020
Status: c19
Unlike the other reviewers, I think it's overrated. Both ML and MC are not very likable.

... more>>

MC should have just drawn a clear line between him and ML looking at how ML treated him saying mean and hurtful things when they first met. Doesn't he have a pride? I know those words were directed to the original but still he's the one who got yelled at. Yet he kept ML's coat and moved to his house making everyone believe that he still like ML even the ML himself. And the author kept mentioning the original pointing out how s*upid he was. It's repetitive and becomes annoying like we already got it why are you saying it over and over again.


So 3 stars from me. <<less
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Rurella rated it
February 28, 2022
Status: --
This is one of the least satisfying novels I've read in a long time. While there is nothing extremely wrong, it also has absolutely nothing right. MC is flat and inconsistent. Side characters make zero sense and are disconnected to the story. Faceslap is weak, practically nonexistent. Plot, lol what's that? Adding up the complete lack of positive points, this novel rates a zero.

MC is selfish, which in itself is nothing wrong, but he also wants to come off as a good guy and keeps talking about "wow ML deserves... more>> better than original body owner" and "I want to be/do better than ever" and "I just want to be career focused, not insinuate drama". Hypocritical, but ultimately kind of a minor issue since this is supposed to be an idol/celebrity drama.

He's extremely inconsistent. His origins were that he's not a well known actor who wants to be extremely famous and loves acting. Which is fine in itself. But then every other chapter is entire thousands of words of how people envy his acting abilities and skills and how nobody except movie kings and queens can match his temperment. But omg wow he's never ever experienced having this many followers in his life!!! Hot damn, the body he went into who is tr*shy scandalous vase who hasn't worked for 2 years has so many fans in his super dead fanbase!!!!! /S Wtf where were your "godly" acting talents in your original world then? How come you had no capabilities and no fans back then?

He wants beauty>sexiness, which are the things his system offers him. Which is also fine. But literally he only joins things where he needs to show off his body all the time. And most of the ten page essays worth of praising commentary is about his sexy ass, with a few mentions of how absolutely average his face is but WOW his temperament makes his boring face still hot. Especially paired with that ass and figure he keeps getting naked to show off!!! /S The "Jacob takes off his shirt every scene" Twilight meme is literally MC. Except MC is obnoxious about it and you have to skip through a ton of paragraphs of people swooning and getting h**ny every time.

There's more inconsistencies and essentially multiple personality disorder hypocrisies, but I don't want to list it all.


Moving on, the side characters.

They all live in their own individual genres completely separate from MC. The writing is shoddy and doesn't connect the characters and honestly it just feels like I'm reading 3 different novels that were poorly spliced together. ML lives in some weird R18 h**ny tyrant CEO sub-dimention, white moonlight lives in an somewhat interesting slice-of-life self-growth genre that's extremely crapily executed because apparently his emotion trauma and character arc is healed by leaps and bounds every time MC looks at him. ML's mom and brother lives in some fluffy family fantasy with no stakes or purpose.

Nobody's actions effects anyone else's. Not even MC's.

Meaning that it makes this entire genre exceedingly pointless and boring. Because faceslapping is just some really uncreative generic social media commentary where the insults are copypaste "whatever, he sucks" and "no he doesn't". Not even anything riveting or remotely interestingly insulting.

No rivals, no haters, no character development, not even Mary Sue/Gary Stu (which I'm not a fan of personally, but I can see why others might like).

By the time I'm 30chapters in, I was already so f*cking tired of MC and wish that the story can just focus on white moonlight and his slice of life. And I don't even like slice of life stories for the most part.

I rarely write reviews but jfc the high rating for the novel completely baffles me and I need to point out how underwhelming and just plain not good this novel actually is. <<less
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Kazekun rated it
May 7, 2020
Status: c120
I'm not into 'slow burn romance actually' since I like to see MC and ML lovey dovey as soon as possible, but this novel is kind of 'slow burn romance' worth to read for me. The process for them to be in love is logical for me start from their acts toward each other, their feeling, everything. This novel not put 'love rival' intensely like there is no real dog fight in it, more like tacit understanding between love rival, perhaps hahaha, overall this is quite worth to read whether... more>> you like slow burn romance or not.

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IndusEla rated it
May 5, 2020
Status: Completed
Why is this novel so underrated?! This novel deserves to be rated above 4.5!

This is the story about how Shen Jintai tackles all the problems that come his way and becomes a winner at life. He was a really nice character - hard-working, empathetic, kind, and had a lot of good qualities. The ML as well; he might appear standard and one-dimensional at first but as the story progresses, several layers are added to him.

All the side characters were well-developed and fun, I loved reading about them. I loved each... more>> and every character in this novel. This novel doesn't have any useless drama, it had realistic events.

The system made the MC prettier as rewards and I was expecting him to be an annoying Gary Sue, but he totally wasn't. I loved both the leads and I'm going to miss them.

The author did a great job developing the romance between the leads. For a while, even I got confused who the ML was supposed to be despite being sure at the start. I highly recommend this! <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
April 11, 2022
Status: c143
I do appreciate the translator's immense efforts for this translation, but they are quite new and the translation's state truly isn't there at the moment. Many many many (countless) meanings are completely off or incorrectly and literally interpreted by the translator that I wonder if MTL would be better.

... more>>

The footnotes actually muddle up the novel, not make it better, for example, sao sao (骚骚) means sexy/lustful, not riotous. And another example: (我还真服他) does not in any situation mean "I will really convince him" as written by the translator, it's more like "I would kneel down/be impressed."

Also the translation misses a lot contextually.

For example, "Bai Qingquan and Shen Jintai were very envious when they heard it. The two of them were scumbags. Despite being big stars, they still envy the literate."

Just from context I can 100% tell you the correct word is not "scumbag" but likely "learning scum" aka, "bad at school" or similar. Anything from "I'm terrible at school" "I'm a slow learner" would be better in the context than "scumbag."

To call someone a scumbag in English does not mean they're someone who didn't like to learn, or dropped out of school early, but someone who has a terrible character or personality. Obviously the main character and the White Moonlight wouldn't be called "scumbags" in this situation.


And this happens innumerable times throughout the novel (seriously, like 5x per chapter) so I really can't in good conscience recommend it. Also the grammar is a big weak point as well.

Furthermore, there's a lot of confusion - repeatedly the translation states that SJT retired for 2 years from the entertainment industry, that he was 20 years old when he made his comeback, but then the translation would also state that he "debuted" at 18 years old and was a veteran in the industry. How could he debut at 18, retire at 18, come back at 20, and still have been in the entertainment industry for a long time? Obviously something was misinterpreted at such a big repeated plot point. Who knows what else could have been missed?

Overall, the story is pretty interesting, but the author also writes a ton of filler. For example, most chapters have 30-40% of just social media reaction filler that did absolutely nothing to advance the plot.

I ended up skipping the majority of those netizen comments because they were both redundant and written in very very painfully distorted English.

And finally, the novel is annoyingly obsessed with tops/bottoms. X character has top/bottom energy every other sentence, and repeated ad nauseum that two bottoms can't get together. Way to seriously take a heteronormative stance on gay romance. Guess author thinks all gay people fall in love based on a position in bed.


FYI - fan (fen si) and powder (fen) are actually identical words. The correct translation for "powder" (fen) is actually "fan" (fen si) because it's literally the abbreviation of the same identical word. There's no such thing as powder used in the entertainment industry (even in Chinese), it's just fan. Seriously.

The equivalent in English is essentially: "fan" being the short form of "fanatical." Chinese- "fen" is the shortened form of "fen si" which is literally a loan word from English "fans" in the first place. Lol.

Also AWSL - means "omg I'm dead, " aka similar to what someone would say when they received a big shock and subsequently became excited about it, not what the translator put in the notes.

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plainbricks rated it
October 2, 2021
Status: Completed
I can understand why this is one of the top novel of its genre on JJ. This is the best entertainment scene novel I have read so far (and I have read a lot of them!). The writer is extremely great at writing the plot of the filmed drama/movie (especially the first drama!) and tying it nicely back into the filming process. Kudos to him! I usually skim though the drama/movie plot (because meh.) but I do not for this novel. He also wrote the implied s*x scenes very... more>> satisfactory. Hen Ke Yi!

Although it does have the standard format and tropes of this genre, I never felt bored reading it. This is due to the fact that the author crafted the story competently and reduced the repetitiveness feeling. And in spite of the slow burn romance, it's paced very well and the relationship is very natural. For characters, I especially love the white moonlight, followed by the main character. The ML is the weakest of all the characters (I like his mum more than him lol), mostly because he's the typical h**ny top CEO. Worth mentioning, the MC is not feminine in appearance at all (if you are concerned due to the title)

The weakest part of the story is the beginning and the random system (although it's funny that the system talks like Taobao customer service and also finally douyin being mentioned not just Weibo) but apart from that, this novel is impressively good. Also props to the author again, there are very few typos in the raws which is more than I can say about certain authors. <<less
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Melange rated it
December 8, 2020
Status: Completed
While the premise seems a little strange, this is a very well written novel and the summary doesn't do it justice. While MC is under the constraints of the system, he is extremely dedicated to his career and mostly puts the missions in the off to the side. At first, he is concerned about the rewards, but over time they come to him naturally.

There is a lot of comedy in the beginning of the novel, but this tapers off as the novel progresses and becomes more serious.

... more>>

Dat ASS tho. Really hilarious how his never-saggy-booty was the first reward that catapulted him to fame, hahah. Everyone who saw it was befuddled by his perky bubble butt.


There are a total of three couples in this novel, although the side couples only come out in the extras. The main couple are actually quite restrained in their romance and the period of ambiguity and courtship is rather long. Some readers might feel annoyed at this because there was a potential love triangle for a prolonged period of time.


MC initially chooses the protagonist shou as his target because he believes the protagonist shou is his ideal, and because MC wants to be a gong. But in reality, his ideal is ML, the protagonist gong. He ends up being great sisters/bffs with the protagonist shou instead.


This is mainly due to the fact that MC wishes to maintain a semblance of control in the relationship because he knows ML's book personality. In reality, ML is more or less acquiescent... except for in bed. Together, they are very sweet although pretty low key and not overtly romantic.

The other two couples more unrestrained and more like your typical hot-blooded passionate couple. MC's best friend and his high school senior are the wild shot-gun couple, while the ML's brother and his school mate have the love-hate semi-abusive playboy x yandere type couple.

I really appreciate the amount of effort the author used to detail the works that MC played in. They were actually very well thought out and could be standalone BE novels. The author is truly talented at writing heart-wrenching stories, and I'm glad that this was not a tragedy.

This is executed and great novel with developed characters, a good mix of comedy, and a touch of drama. <<less
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ylial rated it
January 6, 2022
Status: c124
A little disappointed because the start of the story is really good but around midway, the ML is very forceful and MC's iq and EQ deteriorated 😅 Also, when a person u didn't have a feelings with suddenly kissed you, ur instinct was to push or slap that person but the MC didn't do it. Will drop
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thypsychotic rated it
July 7, 2020
Status: Completed
Rotted my teeth eating through the sweet fluff in this novel.

You can really savor in the slow burn by seeing their relationship and interactions change step by step. I enjoyed seeing an MC so decisive and proactive once he's set on his goals. Also, super duper kudos to ML for not going dub-con and having self-control even when he has a big s*xual appetite, which isn't the case for a lot of novels. This couple just really like each other and are so supportive in the other's stuffs, just adorable.... more>> Another good point is that there's really no two dimensional villainizing being done to the other characters.

Do spare some time to read this!! <<less
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calledout rated it
May 12, 2020
Status: Completed
wow. the best slowburn on novelupdates. I personally LOVE slowburn and I love it even more when its this well executed... usually when I read slowburn I end up liking the chase more than the actual romance and drop a novel once the main cp gets together, but not with this novel!! the author is masterful at knowing how to write relationships. their relationship is very sweet and satisfying, and most of all believable what with the animosity at the beginning. I ended up liking all the characters a lot... more>> more than I expected. can't wait to read this alongside novellike's translations. probably failed my midterm because I stayed up reading this novel instead of studying LOL <<less
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NovelenthusiastIDK rated it
June 4, 2022
Status: c55
Some reviewers don't understand the task MC has and seemingly didn't read the description, If you don't like the genre then why read it and later complain about it when MC does what he was promised to do in the description??? I also don't think this should be expected to be some kind of deep story, It's entertaining and that's what it is supposed to be. Btw why are the movies MC acts in so good, the 1st one made me cry. They could be novels on their own.
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kislanyk rated it
September 3, 2021
Status: --
Sometimes I'm amazed at how differently international readers on NU rate books compared to Chinese readers on jjwxc. This novel is one of the top-rated rebirth/transmigration entertainment novels on the site, and here on NU it has a rating of...4.4?

Although it might have to do something with people MTLing and not getting the full meaning, since the NU translation stopped months ago after 1 chapter only.

This novel is seriously underrated here, it's pretty awesome. Give it a try.
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Raven Tan
Raven Tan rated it
May 12, 2020
Status: Completed
This is fresh, beautiful and funny, with a little bit tear jerking stories, mainly mc's roles in movie. Each character was well developed. I had finished the mtl. But I would be happier if the author write more about ML's brother. This is one of my favorite, besides Very Happy.
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Quail_birb rated it
December 21, 2021
Status: 40-50
Let's take a little step back lol. I read this one a long time ago when it got translated by a different scans dude (I believe it was just one person) and I really liked the freshness of how the MC can't really choose what he gets to have from the system and has to work with whatever random beauty gift he gets.

Compared with alot of other novels that have recently been updated in NU, the MC here doesn't ease in to the host's body so I understand why I... more>> saw a review bringing this up. But really, this was pretty old lol and I believe it got re-translated. The story itself is pretty fun and goofy, although the author likes to bring up the past host of the body alot.

Slow burn type of romance where the ML is slowly and with alot of confusion, falling in love with the MC. It turned from you're a menace to society to you are actually quite nice. An existing and overused troupe in transmigration series but euy, I like it and alot if people do too. BUT, the reason I love this one is because the protagonist shou's dynamic with our MC is so cute and funny to read! Although Shou is not ML, it's like a fun sibling fight and uncle ML has to supervise.

I suggest you wait a little to stockpile the chapters, because it takes awhile for this story to really shine, or take it as a time killer lol. <<less
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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: Completed
Rating this 4.5

This one has a slow romance, because our MC and ML started off in a very awkward situation. I actually dont like the ML till the later chapters. I think he deserves a little bit of suffering from the hurtful words he spouted to the MC.

Their romance wasnt actually the ideal one in the beginning. If Bai fell in love with the MC, I think the MC wouldnt be with the ml.

The last part of the story made me like the ML though, it wash white his... more>> presence from the earlier chapters. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
glitteryjoon rated it
September 30, 2022
Status: --
I’ve been contemplating dropping this novel since chapter 80/85 and now, at chapter 96, I‘ eve decided I just can’t do this anymore.

I, much like many other low rating reviews, cannot stand the amount of shallow ass bullsh*t that this MC keeps spewing.

Initially, it was fine, like one comment said, when it was said once or twice I was still able to laugh. Three or four, I giggled a bit, but it was more diluted. By the 5th I was completely over it and any time after that I skipped... more>> over it because it was blood boiling having to read how serious, a gay man decided to fall in love with another gay man based off of “top” and “bottoms.”

It’s honestly so disgusting. I don’t even want to really go into any other complaint I had, as my main problem was seriously how selfish and shallow the MC was. I tried to give this novel the benefit of the doubt because the movie scenes really s**ked me in, but even down to what was “fixed” on the MC the entire novel just reads like a bad build bit*h workshop. Where they customize a person based off the stereotypical views of what a “bottom” should look like.

Really unfortunate that I wasted half a week to get to this. <<less
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paperballoon rated it
March 4, 2022
Status: c160
After his death, MC transmigrates into a cannon fodder in a novel. His mission is for the novel's gong to not end up with the novel's shou. In order to that, the system gives him missions to conquer the shou, giving him beauty rewards whenever the shou's affection increases. If he fails the mission, he dies.

So I think that some of the reviews about MC being selfish is a bit unfair. They probably forgot that MC will die if he doesn't do it. It's true that he doesn't like the... more>> shou in a romantic way, but his options were either the gong or the shou. And he thinks he's a gong (until the system gaslighted him later to think otherwise). He did think about matching the protagonists with other people but the system disapproved of this (I forgot the reason why). And it's not like he has no affection for the shou. Some even found out that he likes the shou because his affection couldn't be faked. He finds the shou beautiful with a gentle personality and he probably really thought that he was going to fall in love with him later on.


That is, until the gong falls in love with MC and the system convinces him that his mission would be easier if he just accepts the gong's love instead of pursuing the shou. After MC asks the shou about his feelings of love (shou wants to focus on his career), MC realizes that he doesn't really love the shou and decides to give the gong a chance.


The story is really entertaining and funny at first. It's satisfying to see MC rise up on his career. It's was nice seeing the gong and the shou slowly warming up to MC. But I got bored of the story when MC and ML got together. I actually liked how ML pursued MC at first. He was thoughtful of MC's career and was even willing to ruin his image for MC's fans to accept him. But after that he became the stereotypical domineering CEO who forces a kiss on MC (multiple times). And I didn't like that MC just accepted it.

I tried to endure to continue reading this at first. But when I saw that it had 200+ chapters, I quit. Dropping this at chapter 160-ish. I feel that MC accepted ML too easily and the story got boring when they got together.

Other issues I had with this novel is the focus on the characters' appearances. I felt it's a bit superficial but I guess it makes sense since the setting is the entertainment industry. Another issue is the obsession of the characters being a 1 or a 0 (gong or shou). I guess being a switch isn't a thing in these novels? And finally, the manipulative system. Like leave MC alone if he wants to be a gong. But I guess it was meant to be funny? It was just a turn-off for me. <<less
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listlessreader rated it
October 21, 2020
Status: Completed
I finished the main story, but not the side stories, unfortunately.

I really liked this one. I have a soft spot for transmigration stories where the MC has to or wants to change his reputation, like in Scum Villain or Number One Zombie Wife, so this was right up my alley!

The story focuses on the MC's work as an actor and his personal relationships, as well as how the public perceives him. It seemed pretty balanced to me, which I liked.

I also like the pairing! MC's cool and interesting, and the... more>> ML isn't boring (at least imo). I enjoyed the ML's slowly shifting opinion of Shen Jintai as he realizes

SJT is seriously pursuing acting instead of him. It was satisfying to see YQC earnestly pursuing SJT, and SJT wanting to top the ML's intended love interest was funny af to me bc the system kept giving him the "sexy" rewards that made him more like a shou than a gong.


Overall, satisfying and funny. Wish I could read the side stories but I couldn't find them. <<less
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