The Little Deaf Man Decided to be Spoiled


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Ji Ruan transmigrated into an old-fashioned dog-blood abusive story and became a pitiful little shou who was ab*sed both physically and emotionally after marrying the gong through an agreement.

After checking himself, he found out that he had hearing loss, was physically weak and had nowhere to go.

Very Good. Ji Ruan leaned back against the hospital bed. Since he was uncomfortable, he was going to lie down for a while.

At first, the gong was cold and indifferent, saying, “The agreement will expire in three years. I hope you will leave quietly.”

Ji Ruan turned on his cochlear implant and looked tired, asking, “Sorry, I didn’t hear clearly. Could you say it again?”

Gong: “…Or maybe you should just rest.”

Later, the white moonlight revealed the truth angrily: “Do you think he married you because he loves you? You just look like me. He only loves me!”

Ji Ruan fumbled around and mumbled to himself, “Where’s my cochlear implant…”

He accidentally fell off the hospital bed, and the monitor alarm rang throughout the hospital.

The next second, the gong rushed into the ward with doctors and guards, picked him up and scolded him, “Didn’t I tell you not to get out of bed?!”

Ji Ruan blinked his big eyes and stared at his lips blankly.

Gu Xiuyi took a deep breath, and his anger disappeared.

He leaned down and kissed Ji Ruan’s ear, with lingering fear, “It’s okay, don’t be afraid. I’ll cure you for sure.”

Ji Ruan: What are they talking about? Are they done abusing me? When can I go to sleep?

Before getting married, Gu Xiuyi thought he was marrying a big troublemaker.

It wasn’t until after they got married that he found out what it meant to be a priceless little bundle of joy for generations.

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New Am_Lua2 rated it
July 21, 2024
Status: c3
i was so excited with the deaf plot, I love the joke in the sinopses. I mean imagine u going have a beef with someone and turn that u were completely ignored not intentionally but for accident. For me was a really funny situation; remember me a grandpa of a friend that simply turn off the device when someone is arguing with him.

but unfortunately (or fortunately) seems like the MC can hear even without the cochlear device, I read until the hospital where MC, ml, the secretary, the doctor and the nurse was having a chat and MC was without the cochlear device??? And answered to whats the doctor was saying??? I mean how?? Thats ruined the funny for me

another thing thats bored me was the ML starting to be attracted to MC by his pale skin or how skinny he is or innocent or so troublesome that he cant eve dry his hair alone he is so small so little what a pity, ML seems to treat MC just like a child even his room is infant- I cant take MCs being childishi anymoree they are adults !! Act like that for once!!

AND MC had a terminal illiness in his previously life and in the new one his new body is kind of sick/weak and the firts thing he do is to be lazy ?? I mean boy go do a walk eat some natural food do a exercise u live now in a manor of a rich man, even if is hot outside u can do some exercises in the house or be more active in some way
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New Espurrpkm
July 20, 2024
Status: --
Sadly, another story destroyed by 'translators' that put no effort while using chatgpt. I cannot speak for the other translators of this story, but it's clearly the case of Jade Petals.

Since chatgpt refuses to translate anything 'violent' or romantic, a lot of parts dissapear in the translation. And the translator clearly doesn't care for people to know it's chatgpt, proof of it not being edited being how there are extra messages of chatgpt saying 'okay I will rewrite' or 'okay as you asked..'

Such a shame.
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Kisaki_Tsubasa rated it
September 2, 2023
Status: c55
I'm writing this review right now because I just can't stand it anymore. I was trying to just roll with it and finish reading it for the fluff, because I live for the fluff, but I'm getting really frustrated at this point. This will be a long rant, so... read at your own discretion.

First thing that I noticed was... why does ML not seem like an actual rich guy? He has a contract marriage with MC, so rich guy marries poor guy to serve a purpose or accomplish a... more>> goal. One of the conditions of the contract is that the marriage will be public and MC has to accompany ML to some functions and events as his partner. But if ML is so "meticulous" and has such an "efficient" and "brilliant" assistant, why did they not prepare everything for the MC when they took him to ML's house? No new clothes, no new cellphone, no allowance. So he would still look like a poor guy and wouldn't be able to afford anything if he goes out.


After MC got to the house, he was still wearing his old clothes of which he didn't have many to begin with and were all faded because of how old they were. ML only got MC a dress shirt once right before they went to get the marriage certificate because they would have to take a photo. Later, MC was somehow wearing light colored fluffy sweaters that made him look even softer, but there was no mention of where MC got those cute clothes.



MC was so poor that he only had an old cellphone that had broken several times, but still worked. ML never got him a new phone. I'm reading chapter 55 and there was never a mention of a new phone, even when ML would completely freak out if there was ever a time he couldn't contact MC.


ML kept mentioning that they have to make the marriage look real, but apparently a rich guy's spouse wearing faded clothes, owning old things and not being able to afford stuff looks like a real marriage. The only thing ML prepared for MC was a room that turned out to be a failure.


The room they prepared for MC was a child's room, with childish colors, toys, plushies and cartoon bedsheets. ML told the designer that the owner of the room is someone young and asked to not make the room too serious and this was the result. Because "young" equals "child" I guess; give me a break. Later, an outrageous room resulting from the ML's thoughtful instructions seems to turn into a running joke that isn't funny at all.


Second thing that rubbed me the wrong way was MC's attitude about his health and body. Don't get me wrong, he's happy to be alive even if his new body is deaf, but his new body is actually really weak but he does nothing to change that. He was even described as lazy. But shouldn't a person who got a new lease on life be ecstatic and do everything in their power to be able to live a happier and longer life? The narrator says he wants to live a happier and easier life, but has he done anything to make that come true? The only thing he's done to live better is to let himself be spoiled, but nothing to get healthier.


MC died in his past life from a terminal illness and it seems he suffered greatly from the disease. Now his new body is REALLY weak. He has a weakened immune system, has anemia, his blood clotting function is really low because he has a low platelets count, he suffers from low blood sugar, he has a rare blood type, his muscle mass is almost none existent and he has a sensitive digestive system. From the way it's told, it seems like he has all these conditions just because of malnutrition. But does he do anything about it? No. The first time MC heard about it, he even had the audacity to think that being like this wasn't any different from being terminally ill, like all of his conditions wouldn't be fixed with a bit of effort and care. Later he is still happy to be alive, but he doesn't do anything to improve his health.


MC could literally die from a paper cut.


Anemia + low blood clotting function + rare blood type + paper cut = bleed to death



Does the ML do anything about MC's health? No. You'd think that as a guy who's filthy rich, ML would hire professionals to design a special diet and exercise regimen to nurture MC back to health, but does he? No. ML does things to avoid MC getting hurt, like child proofing his hospital room and home and doesn't let MC eat too much of certain foods, but that's it.


The MC is constantly described as a child and ML also treats and sees MC as a child and babies him. MC is so weak and so spoiled that MC can't do anything on his own. ML also likes how dependent MC is on him. The way ML treats the MC makes me feel like he only likes MC because he's pretty and pitiful and would be helpless without ML. It almost seems like ML likes MC because ML wants someone who is completely dependent of him and would be helpless without him. And the fact that MC doesn't even have an incurable disease, but conveniently doesn't seem to be able to get better is like a plot device to make MC deadly dependent on ML. It gives me the creeps.

No, really, the novel keeps describing how cute, pretty, small and weak the MC is, NONSTOP. Soft fluffy hair, light rosy complexion, big round watery eyes, fleshy pink pouty lips. He uses both small hands to grab onto his cup and uses his small mouth to take small sips of his milk. YOU'D THINK THIS IS A BABY OR A TODDLER.


All this and remember the childish room? And he likes to wear fluffy sweaters and loves hugging plushies. Oh ML also has to carry MC everywhere, because MC is too weak to walk far. And he child proofed MC's hospital room when MC was hospitalized and child proofed his house after MC was released from the hospital. If this is not creepy, I don't know what is.


And another thing is that MC conveniently knows that he's in the world of a novel, but doesn't know anything specific. Only that there's a white moonlight, MC's gonna be tortured if he falls in love with ML and ML won't care until MC's almost dead. So there's no progress in their relationship because MC is resistant to falling in love.


Because MC has no idea if things are still going according to the plot or not but he's making assumptions in that little head of his that ML will most probably still let MC be tortured and won't care.


Just stop. I'm just gonna drop this.

I have absolutely no idea how this got 4.2 stars <<less
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Suisui rated it
March 24, 2023
Status: Completed
It was good enough read to pass the time but not worth reading it again. The story flows smoothly and is full of fluff, antagonists aren't really smart enough to make any waves. I can deal with sickly mcs, I actually like the trope as long as it is written well enough, but what I can't stand is comparing shou to a child and describing him constantly in that way. Constant mention of small hands, small head and the dialogue between MC and ML and ml's thoughts of MC makes... more>> me convinced ML thinks of MC as a child. I know small head is actually a beauty standard and a compliment in East Asian countries, so that's passable but ML babying MC to an extent MC can't do anything by himself is usually what makes me drop the novel. Mc's indifferent personality in some cases but very rarely is what made me continue until I finished the story but I definitely won't read it again.

And what's with the constant comparison of shou to an elf in the forest in these kinds of novels? I really can't understant it. I have to say I was very surprised that I didn't see ML being described as a dragon who finally found his treasure which is usually paired with the 'elf in the forest' description.

This review is more like a rant. It might be just a personal preference, and for people who like weak MC and op ML who is also an overbearing president whose subordinates' pay/bonus is directly linked to his relationship development with the MC (another point I really wish wasn't so common in these novels 🙄) this might be a great read but for me it wasn't that enjoyable. The MC was sick 99% of the time, which was another huge disparity in the power balance of their relationship and it makes me think the only reason ML fell for MC was pity and sense of satisfaction of taking care of someone and having someone completely dependent on him. The characters aren't well-described, even MC and ML feel blank and the only chracteristic they have is ml-overbearing president who conveniently has almost no work every time MC is hospitalized (makes me really doubt his setting of an owner of a huge company, I fell bad for his subordinates) and sickly MC who is incapable of doing anything by himself and can die from a paper cut. Side characters are left somewhere in the background and could honestly not even be there and it would make almost no difference. What's the point of mentioning ml's family and making them seem important when they just fade away? And they're supposed to play a role of antagonists? As if. The antagonists have lower iq than toddlers and their so called schemes and mentality took me out of the story by how unbelievably s*upid they were.

The whole novel feels like it could be a great read with the premise but the execution was so disappointing that the more I remember the story and write this review the lower rating I want to give to it. I really don't understand how this novel has such a high rating (4.3 at the time of writing this) when there are so many much better novels that have a much lower rating than this. <<less
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Lucy666 rated it
May 12, 2023
Status: Completed
Couldn't find the extras for now so I can only speak for the main story now.

It's so cute. Adorable. Adorably adorable. At no point does it ever feel like the MC or the ML wronged the other person. They are just so sweet with each other. The fluff is off the charts, but not in a way that would make it boring or uncomfortable. The MC is disabled here, and I'm so happy with the way the author portrayed the care the ML has for MC and vice versa. The... more>> MC is very weak, he spends half his life in a hospital, but tbh it's not something completely impossible irl either. All his conditions make sense, his weakness makes sense, what doesn't make sense is the fact that he's still alive.


Really, his living conditions before he met the ML were not something that a healthy human being could've survived, but MC managed to survive or...


maybe the Ji Ruan in the story actually didn't survive these living conditions and that's how MC transmigrated here.


It's a soft and silly novel, with a plot that makes sense but isn't something that will need braincells to understand. It's a healing story, and even with some cliches, it manages to make you feel good.

It's a bit ironic, considering that the MC originally transmigrated to a dog blood shou abusing novel, but

there's absolutely no dog blood. All misunderstandings get solved within 5 chapters max. Nothing drags on long enough to make you consider bashing your head into an iron wall with spikes (I have a very short fuse and a shorter yet patience for misunderstandings and over the top dog blood)

It's also kinda ironic that the villains in the og story who were supposed to be people who kidnapped MC and tortured him mentally and physically, jumping on the borders of what's lawful and crossing it many times, actually get nerfed so quickly. They didn't do anything that's too illegal, more like they didn't get the chance to do it before ML came and bashed their plans with the giant pink fist powered by his love for his baobao.


The side characters are pretty cute and I really loved their interactions with the MC. There's not much conflict tbh, the biggest problem in the entire story, the ordeal MC and ML have to face together for their relationship to be strong enough for the story, is actually mc's poor health.

I love that while MC is very ill and lying in bed rest most of the time, he's actually a cute and sassy person who could've held his own (if the ML hadn't been glaring at anybody who tried to fight with MC despite his porcelain constitution). The ML on the other hand is one of those people you'd wish you had as your family member because he is just so adorably protective and while he gets angry and mad, not once has he ever hurt the MC. Even as a person, he gets jealous, but he's never hurt anybody unprovoked, neither has he done anything illegal. He is indifferent, but he's not evil and acts like a normal human being. He feels jealous and angry but those are not his default settings. He feels genuinely happy seeing the MC having friends and enjoying his life, and tries hard to make the MC consider leaving out a space for him in his life and memories. He tries to fit in with "young people", doing things outside his comfort zone and learning new ways of life because he wants to be with MC as an equal who can understand him. He feels powerless and helpless in the face of calamities and fate. He's just a really well rounded person according to me even if his past is very sad.

A lot of people who come looking for dog blood or mind games will be disappointed, this is just a sweet little story about a 30 year old ceo pampering his younger and very much weaker lover in all ways possible. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
October 15, 2023
Status: Completed
It was okay.

Overall the story dragged a little. It's fluffy and cute, but the pacing is a bit off.

It got pretty boring at times, or maybe I just don't really enjoy extremely sickly protagonists? All the "drama" and tension came from MC being extremely ill due to every little cough, cold, heart condition, whatever and needing to be hospitalized like every other day (I'm not exaggerating). The MC is so delicate he can die from just getting up from the bed.

... more>> The translation was edited MTL passed thru ChatGPT.

There's like really shoddy editing (lots of "she/her" mistaken pronouns), some places with double-negatives translated incorrectly, and some areas where the characters literally sounded like parodies of Jane Austin and started using dialogue like "shall" "how utterly atrocious" or what-have-you language like they began starring in Pirates of the Carribean.

So nope, not sure how I feel about something of this quality...? <<less
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October 4, 2023
Status: Completed
I wasn't going to review this book because I felt like most of the reviews accurately reflected my thoughts. Still, some of the more negative reviews complained about things I enjoyed so I wanted to offer an alternate perspective.

For context, MC was not born into a novel he had personally read. In his past life, MC had terminal cancer and his cousin was complaining about a novel he read before MC went into surgery. So he was reasonably disturbed when he died during surgery and woke up in said novel... more>> as the MC. He knows very little about the plot beyond who the MC and ML are, that they had a tragic relationship where the ML never admitted he loved the MC until it was too late, and that a white moonlight was a defining factor in this.

Additionally, the last few years of MC's original life were so agonizing that even in this life where he is extremely chronically ill and deaf, he sees this as an improvement. He also believes there won't be any issues as long as he doesn't fall in love with ML.

With all of that background, here are the negative complaints I feel were partially fair:

    • MC is deaf with a cochlear implant. He is also anemic, hypoglycemic, has a rare blood type, and a blood clotting issue. I can not overstate how often the MC gets sick or injured. Whatever number you are thinking of, double it. Personally, it never bothered me because MC never purposely got hurt or was careless. It was also mostly a tool to show the caring nature of the ML and provide fluffiness.
    • Someone complained that ML wasn't like a true rich person which I found humorous. I believe what they were trying to address was how the initial reason that MC and ML entered an arranged marriage was to avoid gossip from his wealthy peers by having him bring a partner to social events. That is a valid complaint as it wasn't brought up again. I think it could have been handled in a different way by the author because, with ML's personality, there were plenty of other reasons he could have wanted to be married.
    • It is a bit unclear what the MC and ML's initial marriage contract entails. All author tells us is she expects it to end in three years but it isn't stated if this is due to the contract or novel events. This was easy to forget in the grand scheme of things.
What I loved that some people seemed to not enjoy:

    • Due to MC constantly falling ill, we get a few benefits. One is obviously a pathway for deepening the relationship between MC and ML. Another is that it shows the characterization of MC while incorporating his trauma from his past life. To him, being hospitalized almost monthly for colds and upset stomachs is a million times better than being trapped having countless agonizing surgeries with little hope for success. MC does his best to avoid falling sick but he isn't concerned with "getting better" because to him this is already such an improvement and as anyone with chronic illness knows, it's rare to "get better". He is more focused on experiencing the college life he missed out on in his past life.

      One of the more subtle ways the author showed the transition between lives was that the MC bought a bed that was clearly reminiscent of the hospital bed in his past life. Since we see this from ML POV, it's unsure if this as intentional but the realization as ML was describing it broke my heart.

    • If you are familiar with the arranged marriage trope, you will understand how this book is both fastburn and slow-burn. The MC & ML are already behaving like they are in a relationship for 90% of this book despite not really being together. ML very quickly becomes a good husband to MC even before he realizes his feelings. Once he does, there is no hesitation to make the relationship real which I appreciate. MC is slower to accept the change in the relationship only because he still has unresolved fears about the novel.
    • On the same note with the MC's hold-up, I greatly enjoyed how the novel aspect panned out. It is never explicitly stated if the changes were because MC didn't really understand the novel or because his soul was different.

      As soon as the "white moonlight" appears, MC brings up his concerns about this past love. ML quickly calms his fears by sharing they never even had a relationship and it was a series of misunderstandings orchestrated by this "white moonlight". From that point on, even when he tries to stir up trouble, it is pointless because the leads have a solid relationship and anyone who sees the two of them together realizes "white moonlight" is being shady. With this revelation, the reader can assume it is a combination of the two possibilities. ML does confess sooner than in the novel which means that MC does have an impact on the story but the complete lack of emotion towards the "white moonlight' is something that probably was misunderstood because MC didn't read the novel himself.

      I really appreciated the character's trust in each other. It is totally understandable that what was likely a 10-minute biased synopsis of the novel from his cousin right before he died wouldn't hold as much weight to MC as a man who spends 18 hours a day waiting on him hand and foot saying he loves him.
Things I loved in general:

    • MC is physically delicate and mentally lazy, but also has a very strong, sassy personality and this shows in a lot of humorous ways. My personal favorite is his way of handling drama. He has a lot of "I'm just going to subtly make you look s*upid and wait for my husband to send you away because it's not worth my time".
    • This story made me want to start embroidery and also crave a sports-style novel with Chinese embroidery. It was fascinating to me!
    • ML was an idiot for love. Just an absolute prime example of "my husband is the cutest." He was constantly getting up to get MC water or milk without asking or making sure that he had the best of whatever he was interested in.
All that being said, I would give this novel 4.5 stars. If you want something fluffy with a very doting ML and a very needy but also independent MC, this is a good choice. <<less
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lazulisong rated it
September 14, 2023
Status: c73
this jumped the shark ten words in and then proceeded to do the sickest possible ollies and flips, winding up triumphantly in the best possible tradition of Harlequin Romances with justice served out with a lavish hand in the form of a deus ex machina villain that has no coherent motive as far as I can tell besides the author needing an idiot to be obsessed with the ML to drive the plot forward.

perfect execution, no notes.

translation was pretty obviously unedited MTL by the way the pronouns switched around (MC... more>> gets "she" a lot) but still readable. <<less
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Pooshira rated it
May 21, 2023
Status: Completed
It's a nice story though without using any brain cells


MC is very very sick I mean real sick !

ML doesn't even have a white Lotus it was just a misinterpreted rumor


Anyway loved the story with lots of fluff and no misunderstanding


especially at last where ML told I LOVE YOU to MC beside his left ears awwwww

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Hirose88 rated it
October 5, 2023
Status: Completed
What a sweet dog food I have eaten. Very steady-paced old cows eating tender grass love story. Gems for me
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September 20, 2023
Status: c30
First of all, I would like to thank the translator for trying your best to translate this novel.


I'm so sorry. The translation really don't make sense most of the time. I can understand some of the mistranslation etc but it's so often it's jarring. I've lost my interest in this novel. However, for anyone who don't mind these disconnected phrases that sometimes don't make sense but you'll get to it if you read two to three time and truly enjoy fluff like these, it is a great novel to read!!... more>> MC and ML are so cute 🥺 <<less
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Sadie Woods
Sadie Woods rated it
September 16, 2023
Status: Completed
This really deserves a 4 star, 1 being knocked off for persistent pronoun mix ups common in these types of translations, but I'm honestly not the picky type! The 2nd translator (thank you for picking this up) updated quite quickly and the site isn't filled with intrusive ads so on that other hand that extra star still seems fitting.

This novel is excellent for the genre and a perfect example of it. I'm not sure if this is a cross-cultural specific term, but those of you in fandom spaces might recognize... more>> it- this is a whump fic. Do you crave something with some drama, some angst, some illness and misery for a main character so you can see the male lead spoil them to high heavens to make up for it? This is the story for you! Like any good whump fic, the stakes might be high but the stress level is low because ultimately it's pretty obvious the main character will be loved to death and actual danger to that protagonist halo is low. It's what differentiates this type of genre from a proper angst story. If this seems way too ridiculous of a concept, this isn't the story for you. No shame in it, this is not the genre for everyone for a reason. But, if you like indulging in some hurt/comfort written in a self indulgent kind of way without needing it to be too serious, you won't find a better danmei example. <<less
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KatarinaCitcat rated it
September 6, 2023
Status: c8
I’m so glad a new translator picked this story up. I remember waiting months for the next chapter and it finally came out (thank you so much!!)

So far the story has been very sweet. I picked this up because the synopsis sounded very fluffy and cute, and I hope I get what I came for.

It’s not made to be an overly complicated plot, so please forgive the author’s plot holes. We’re here to see sickly MC get pampered by ML!
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Pink Rabbit
Pink Rabbit rated it
June 20, 2023
Status: c1
When is the next update? I'm about to die from curiosity (ुŏ̥̥ŏ̥̥)

From the first eight chapters I can tell it's gonna be good. (Plus after seeing the spoiler, I think the ML is not the type of those tr*sh ML who "regret what he did")

I hope someone will pick this up soon because I'm dying _ (:³_/ ∠) __
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Dianille rated it
April 3, 2023
Status: Completed
Very easy read. Not amazing but certainly not bad, still enjoyable though. Normally I don't read story with weak protagonist (especially mentally weak protag) but I don't think the MC is that weak aside from his illness. His reactions to most things were normal and he is not too timid. The ML is considerate and dote on him a lot since the beginning. There's some misunderstanding but they're solved early.
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Gumamela rated it
March 11, 2023
Status: Completed
This is novel is good enough for me as I am currently taking a break from reading BG. It is just the right amount of story - meaning the characters, the plot, the intrigue, the sweetness, etc.
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WallEyeKnee rated it
December 30, 2023
Status: Completed
There's fluff and easy going relationship

Buts its boring.. ML seduce himself to like MC. MC didn't do anything.

Deaf thing wasn't a big issue.

I just find myself bored that's all with the monotone
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Soloreader rated it
November 15, 2023
Status: --
A really fluffy and heart warming story. I really like the way ML care for MC even though he’s not falling in love with MC yet. And there is no misunderstanding between them. ML explain very clearly when that damn so called white moonlight come back.
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aml.1908 rated it
November 4, 2023
Status: Completed
Very sweet and heartwarming story full of fluff.

This Story is pure fluff and not mutch else but I think that is the charm Here.
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Yumeru rated it
September 28, 2023
Status: Completed
They deserved each other🥹 MC already suffered on his past life, though he have disability in his new life he still thinks positive way. There are times that his pain fr the past comes back and Good that ML is there for him 😭 so Let our MC be spoiled!! There's more of a twist to that so calledd White moonlight ehe anyways our Ml's only love is MC^^ truly fr other review, ML is such a walking green flag!! He treasures MC the most
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Fisukisuki rated it
September 8, 2023
Status: c50-65
Another it's not a Dog Blood Novel but there's lots of Blood Sheds...! 😭

Our MC's body was Truly Weak. God I pray soooo hard he could live so Long with ML!!!

He had gone through so much in the past life, and now also in this life. Don't be cruel, please, Author!!! 😭

... more>> ML was representative of us when he was Anxious and Worried. ML is truly So Good!!!

Pray so hard the rest of the Story is a Happily Ever After Ending!!! 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

Updated at 13 September 2023:

The Bai Yue finally make his appearance. He's Annoying. But thank goodness no unnecessary drama so far.

Though now I can't help but wonder what happen to the 'Original Novel'. Hmmm 🤔 <<less
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Meroo rated it
August 31, 2023
Status: c25
It started good but at 30± chapters in I am kinda disappointed, maybe because I was looking for a interesting plot and this is just easy to digest, a bit boring fluf but not much more. I do not like dog blood novels so that's good but the plot in this one is pretty repetitive. The MC is sick almost every second chapter and ML takes care of him so we get fluff, around 15 chapters in ML starts to like MC because he is pretty. That's it, no emotional... more>> development, just pretty and charming MC so obviously ML pity him and falls in love (the MC is also often portraied as childish so it gave me weird vibes). Otherwise the characters are pretty likeable, and respectful to each other so I will keep reading and may update my opinion.

The translation work is wery good by the way 👌 <<less
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