After I Transmigrated As A Fake Young Master, I Became Popular


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“After Marriage With Your Ex, After Falling In Love”,
Lin Yanran transmigrated into the book as poor and beautiful cannon fodder. The cannon fodder was not only brainless but also a wealthy fake young master.

Because he bullied the protagonist, the real young master, he was kicked out of the house by the wealthy adoptive parents and suffered all kinds of slaps in the face, and finally died tragically. The whole entertainment circle regarded him as a laughing stock.

When Lin Yanran died and transmigrated into. He was so poor that he could hardly have money to eat not only that he was abhorred by the audience. Looking at the severe abuse and the balance on the bank card, Lin Yanran smiled lightly.

The audience of the variety show called him a waste. The concept stage was immediately revamped, and the video went out of the circle and became a hot search.

The audience of the variety show believes that his IQ is low.

The director was frightened and cried begging him not to give the correct answer again.

Travel variety viewers don’t want to see him. A piece of guzheng was fresh and refined, the white clothes fluttering like an exiled immortal, crying for international friends.

Audience: Thank you, slap in the face was delicious!

Lin Yanran, who has been turning against the wind and determined not to let himself die tragically, never thought that one day, a lady would gently embrace him in her arms.

The other party was excited and burst into tears:

“Son! Mom finally found you!”

Lin Yanran: ??

It was not until he was taken home by his biological mother that he realized that his true identity was the young master from a very wealthy family!

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4 Reviews

Sep 22, 2022
Status: Completed

VERY similar to another novel titled 'Cannon Fodder Fake Master Was Stunned After Being Reborn' in terms of story foundation and MC's back story but still differ in how the story progress and the quality.

It is much more light hearted without much drama so the antagonist are very meh. It's good for the heart but because of this, it created a lot of boring moments. Plus the MC's character sometimes is not consistent, tho I still love him. The extras are really boring that I didn't have anymore... more>> energy to read...

I just hate that author keeps throwing in new characters but failed to keep their presence. Like Yingying, that girl is always their at the beginning and I thought I'll always see her but ended up disappearing in the story like the manager aside from some mentions of the name. Even Ultraman, his precious dog that didn't even appear in their wedding. Also MC's family, they rarely appear in the story as if they are not separated with their child for a long time. Author didn't show much of their bond, I want them to interact more especially with his brother.

The showbiz part of the story is very meh aside from the beginning with the super idol. It's all good honestly but author messed up hard when MC finally released his album. Everyone is clamoring about his singing but the release of his album didn't even made a splash, author just mentioned it briefly then proceeded to another stuff. Its also as if his team like assistant didn't exist during his shoots when mostly in other showbiz novel, always by the artist's side.

The thing that just makes me like this novel is the romance of MC and ML plus the secret of MC's "transmigration"...

... which is actually not. The world that he thought the real world is actually just a fan fiction story written by a fan in the actual real world. He just returned to the actual real world but with the memories from the book. And this is also their 3rd life.

The first life actually is how their lives should be until for some reason they've got brought into the book with the villains retaining their memory. Then f*cked up their lives too inside the book because they still didn't get what they wanted, ended up killing ML in a 'accident' just to go back into the real world then try to do their plan again. But outside their calculation that MC got his memory back then their plan got wasted again. They've gone crazy and desperate then plan to kill both but ended up killing themselves lmao. They are just boring haha I didn't even get pissed with them, I just feel funny.

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Jun 01, 2023
Status: Completed
It's a good read to pass time, the couple are sweet and some scenes are heartwarming.

The cons for me are;

    1. The restarting the world wasn't explained, it only made it more confusing and not well thought through. And how can those two antagonists know about that kind of voodoo/technology? It's simply incomprehensible.
    2. Too much variety shows scenes in the novel that there's no detailed and long chapters about acting/singing/advertis**ents. The author is biased to variety shows. If variety shows can be eaten, it would probably be the only thing he will eat.
    3. The protagonist, Lin Yanran, feel kind of jack sue and holy mary. Those who insulted him, have schemes against him, he's just "okay, I know." He knows about it but does nothing about it. Those who insulted him, he even helped them.
    4. As for the jack sue, how he knows many things is not right. Human energy have limitations and you can't be good at everything. He can be good at some things but not at everything. His background, and reason why he also knows those things is vague, and some they didn't even bothered to explain where the protagonist learned the skill.
    5. Plot holes, why don't they just add scene where they're suddenly attacked by aliens and they all died? That's more reasonable for me. Fiction doesn't mean you can just write nonsense and justify it. It has to have a reason behind it, and a sense of realism.
I still have many complaints but I'll stop there. Overall, the novel is good if you're best at ignoring minor things like what I listed.
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Apr 06, 2023
Status: Completed
I see what the other reviewer meant by this story being similar to “Cannon Fodder Fake Master Was Stunned After Being Reborn”. This was enjoyable to read. My only complaint is that sometimes the story felt a bit choppy and I felt like I was missing meg points or that the author just skipped over an important plot point.
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Jan 30, 2023
Status: Completed
ML is really manifestation of green flag boyfriend, and MC is truly a kind person, and not a person who needs to be saved/helped everytime troubles came (really op tho).
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