Transmigrated as the Villain’s Cat


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The Great God of Book Transmigration: “Transmigrate over, and you can sit on a mountain of gold and silver, and become an existence only surpassed by one person in the entire world.”

Not a bad deal! Su Zening happily agreed to transmigrate!

As a result——

Su Zening successfully transmigrated into the big world-shaking villain of the book, Fu Xiao’s… most important treasured… cat.

Cat Su Zening got to eat the top Italian blue lobster airlifted in that morning. Laying in the comfortable arms of a maid, he flipped himself over and sneered in his heart: “Why would I ever have believed that devious old man!”

After many trials and hardships, Su Zening was finally able to transform into a human. But thanks to a freak accident, he now became Fu Xiao’s newest lackey.

Every day, he had no choice but to transform back and forth, switching between useless flunkey and the Fu family’s tiny overlord.

As a result, in the company:

All the other subordinates looked at the newbie Su Zening: “If you mess up our business, the big boss will make you into a concrete pillar and send you sinking to the bottom of the sea.”

Su Zening: !!!

The big villain coldly looked over this clueless new lackey: “Useless tr*sh, if you can’t handle the next task properly, then never show your face in front of me ever again.”

Su Zening sobbed: “I, I, I won’t mess up ever again. I don’t want to be turned into a concrete pillar!”

Big villain: …..

After rebuking this lackey, the big villain went home.

As soon as he opened the door, the cat, Su Zening fell from the sky and used his cold and noble butt to sit on the big villain’s face. He expressionlessly stomped on this face with his paws: That’s what you get for being mean to me, that’s what you get for scolding me!

The big villain was gentle and helpless: “O great one, lighten your stomps, don’t hurt your paws.”

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Shimozuki Yue
New Shimozuki Yue rated it
June 26, 2022
Status: --
Because this doesn't have a trend, I just came him to rant about the villains, especially the main villain.

... more>>

You fvkng old fossils and old hags, why da fvk do you keep targeting ML???!!! Wtf if you are so great, go face the real culprits!

Who force the marriage? Who calculated the song family? Isn't it grandpa Fu?! Then fvkng find grandpa song to settle account!

As for that great villain! Who looked down on your daughter? Isn't it grandpa Fu?! Who fvkng made her a mistress then also cheat on her and left? Isn't it the fvkng two timer scumbag Father Fu?! Why aren't you plotting on father Fu? And instead use him and his third wife as a chess piece? Dude this fvkng guy is the one that supposed to be the main target! Not just some piece! He's the main culprit you know? Wtf is wrong with this guy.

Where is the brains of these people?! They keep coming to ML when the one the made all the problems is the older generation. And it's not like the older generation is dead! Wtf makes me fvkng mad.

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New ylial rated it
June 15, 2022
Status: c107, 110
Best animal transmigration I've read so far! Well written in cat interactions! Every chapter is very engaging and it is honestly hilarious! I keep laughing throughout the novel XD the convo among cats is really funny! The novel also describes well how the cats fool their owner everytime hahaha I can even imagine my cat and the stray cats I feed doing the same thing 🤣

I also love that the ML has a bottom line and conservative. It's very hard to imagine that the ML doesn't become too twisted -... more>> there are bits of scenes (scattered) explaining the reason for this.

I want more chapters of MC as a cat doing something stoop!d again and MC in entertainment. Since the author really focused in cat interactions, chara's love development and plot <<less
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Nyarisa rated it
May 2, 2022
Status: Completed
TOO PRECIOUS!!!! MC in his cat form is so silly and cute!!!!!!!!! Oh man I feel so sorry for ML who had to go through so much abuse in childhood, and would have to continue suffering in adulthood in the novel. But because he meets MC, his terrible fate was changed 🙏🙏

... more>>

I'm a little confused near the ending tho, I thought MC died???? But apparently he only thought he died and he just went missing because he reunited with his family in this world, when the progress bar reached 100%. But how come his parents didn't question why MC, a very ill patient, just disappeared and reappeared elsewhere all healthy???? There was no cure to his illness yet.

Also, the one alternate world what-if, where a recovering-from-illness-MC met a wheelchair-bound ML was so heartbreaking and yet hopeful at the same time. My heart bleeds for the ML who suffered through everything bad that happened to him in the novel, without MC by his side. But I'm so happy that in the end, the broken ML finally met the MC and would start having his heart healed.


Snippet of MTL of chapter 111 alternate world what-if:


An adult man has a wheelchair, and the weight is not light. Su Zening still struggled to push the wheelchair to the park path before releasing it. Su Zening hesitated, but turned and left.

After all, they were just passersby who met by chance. It's just that they have passed by on the lake for several months, not to mention that men don't like to pay attention to him.

Their fate probably ends here.

Su Zening didn't know why his heart was a little sad, he took a few steps and couldn't help but turn around, while the man sat there quietly, not moving, looking at him alone.

The two looked at each other.

The man's body is terrifyingly thin, and the whole person is like a walking corpse.


He shouldn't be like this!

Su Zening couldn't help but pursed his lips. He didn't know why, but he always felt that there should be light in a man's eyes. He should be a star in the sky, born to be watched by everyone.

It shouldn't be so silent.

What happened to him? What about the people around him who take care of him?

For some reason, the softest part of his heart seemed to be touched, and Su Zening couldn't help but wet his eyes with tears.

Feeling the coolness in the corner of his eyes, Su Zening was stunned for a moment——

what happened to him?

Obviously should leave.

But Su Zening was stunned, and trot back. He squatted in front of the man and looked into his eyes for a while. There seemed to be countless words in his heart, but when he opened his mouth, he was speechless and couldn't say anything.

Yes, what can be said?

They are just strangers.

He was silent for a while, and finally, frustrated, took out the apple from his pocket, put it in the man's palm and said dryly, "It's delicious, you can try it."

The man did not speak.

Su Zening thought to himself that men would definitely think he was a lunatic.

He turned around and prepared to leave, silently making up his mind that he would never run on this road again, he couldn't afford to lose that person!

However, he didn't take a few steps.

A hoarse voice came from behind him, like someone who hadn't spoken for a long time, the voice was terrifyingly difficult.

The man said-

"My name is Fu Xiao."

The trajectories of fate finally meet again at this moment.

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Sisithatlikestoread rated it
March 15, 2022
Status: c5
Now, I know this novel ('s translation) just started, but I really really enjoy it so far! I love the premise and I love how it started. It makes me super interested in how it'll turn out!!

So basically, Su Zening (our MC) was super ill in his last life. He couldn't go outside or it would kill him, was always in the hospital and with doctors etc. He did have loving parents who cared for him though, so at least something? Poor bby tho : (Anyways, after he dies... more>> at 19 yo, a whitebearded old dude comes and gives him a deal: If MC agrees to go to his (the old dude's) world and does *certain things* to prevent it from collapsing, he can live free and in luxury (just like the summary said) !!!

Then we have Fu Xiao, our villain and ML! So, Fu Xiao has a tragic past (as every villain does : (), go ahead and read the details yourself~ But basically he was the one who made the world collapse in the first place, that's why the owner of the world (the old dude) had to get MC for help. They really messed this bby up too smh...

Anyways, MC transmifrated into a white little kitty and is right away given to ML by his (ML's) grandpa (not the maternal ass one) for safekeeping. ML takes him home and the story starts!

As for what's MC's mission... he basically needs to get his and ML's "intimacy/affection meter" up as much as he can, and change ML's fate (that he really didn't deserve... : ()

Oh also there are the "original protagonists"... We met the "female protagonist" already, she's annoying already lmao- I mean to be fair she doesn't seem THAT bad yet but it's only 5 chapters at the moment so yeah... And as for the "male protagonist", we haven't met him yet, all we know of him is that he's ML's half brother and a gentle happy sunshine guy ig.

That's it! I have only read these 5 chapters and I might update the review once it's over!

Thank you for the translation/editing etc! Chrysanthemum Garden never disappoints uwu~ <<less
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Simsim rated it
April 3, 2022
Status: c112
It's a great slice of life novel. Idk why the rating is so low.

The characters are amazing and unique. There was almost nothing to nit pick. I really loved the ML and MC dynamic. Their love felt so pure and paced. There were no surprises. Everything was step by step and it didn't feel out of place. I usually like to write a few spoilers in my review. But this was such a healing novel. I want you all to read it and understand it's beauty.

The ml's family was the... more>> absolute worst. I mean wow! Their was no one who was nice.

It made me think that people say, 'you are not an angel'

And another would reply, 'angels only reside in heaven not hell. You need to create a heaven for an angel to live in'

But I truly felt ML was an angel. He was so kind hearted and strong person. Only he persevered in the hell of hypocrites.

I even loved one line where ML's secretary says to mL's brother (Original protagonist). - "It is true that you are kind hearted but your kindness is like a paper. White and fragile"

There are many kind hearted people in the world who never felt the world was cruel so they were never cruel. It is those who live in darkness and still maintain their kindness are the one's who are truly kind.

It was really this one sentence that clearly emphasized my feelings for ml. It gave such a justice to his character.

And of course ours truly, MC. He was such an angel. Kind, gentle, naive, cunning and adorbs baby. He was a scene stealer. Yes Naive and cunning!

Usually it was the plot convenience. But I was so grateful for MC to come in mL's life. He deserves all of the love our MC showers him with. They both truly match each other. I loved them from beginning till the end. There was really no scene or act that I didn't like about them. I loved them so unconditionally.

And hated every one of his (ml's) family as much. Except the bro and his grandpa. I didn't like them but they felt a little justifiable. I wouldn't hate them but since I stand behind ml, I wouldn't like them either.

The last plot twist was amazing. I won't reveal it. But another star to ML's awesomeness. I mean I fell in love with him again and again after that.


Our MC adorably says he'll earn enough for both of them to be fed. Not knowing ML is a boss of another hidden company which is way too successful than the Fus and Songs. Lol! I wonder if he ever clarified


Special mention to all the stray cats and their superb gang. I love you babies so so much. I want an adorable cat like MC Or I'll settle for any one of them. I finally want to say that when you read this novel, keep and open mind. There might be plot holes or plot armours Or conveniences. But you'll never feel it not to happen. Coz you love our couple and characters so much that you wish they would get everything good in the world.

I fell in love with almost all the characters, who were well fleshed out. They even made me hate the villains who barely came in the novel.

I felt what goes around comes around. There were many times I had to catch a breath coz I just wanted to jump in and hit these pig headed fools who kept disturbing our ml's life. Leave it to our MC to turn into a cat in shining armor and scratch the daylights out of them. Really thank you MC for existing and loving our ml.


If the ml's grandpa song didn't abuse him and kept him in the dark closet. ML would definitely have saved him. But he abused ml. ML was almost unconscious and couldn't do anything to save him. As for the grandfather, he died in a heart attack unable to take his medications painfully. I do feel that death was too easy on him. I wish he would have suffered more. But wahh! I feel bad for feeling This way. This is just me trying to get justice for our ml.


Give it a try, It's a slice of life novel. There is a lot of filler with actual plot moving here and there.

Well you won't be bored for one coz every chap has a cute fluff with many fluffy cats in it <<less
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AnuBis28 rated it
May 12, 2022
Status: Completed
It's sweet, fluffy and also has some angst.. ML's families from both his mom and dad's sides are inhumane af.. Kudos to ML for still being able to keep his sanity..

MC is cute, interesting and strong.. He transmigrated in a novel as the villain ML's cat with the mission of changing ML's fate.. Romance development is also slow and natural..

... more>>

But somehow the storyline is in MC's real world.. He even met his parents again..

At the beginning, it was said that MC had black eyes.. After becoming a cat he possessed blue eyes.. But his parents didn'teven mention it after they found him !!! Don't know what happened..


The original protagonists of the story are just meh !!! One of them was ML's stepbrother who was a pushover.. And another one was ML's so rumored beau, who was just a gold digger b*tch.. She was taken out of the picture quite soon.. Good riddance !!!

One thing that is quite common in Shounen Ai / Yaoi stories is that many characters close to the protagonists always turn out to be homosexual, which most of the times seem very forced..

There was also another vague side couple, but it seemed that only one of them had an unrequited crush, and the other, MC's male god actor, didn't reciprocate it.. And there was no mention about it later either..


Here the cats are gay, not the humans.. Lol.. It's like the cats have filled in the blanks..


Anyway, ending is alright.. It was fun reading it.. <<less
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stellar_soul rated it
March 20, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a good read! MC and ML interaction is so cute!! The fluff isn't boring at all and is really adorable. Also, the drama among the cats are very entertaining and very adorable, especially how MC interacts with these cats. The faceslap at the end is pretty satisfying, the twist is actually surprising, but not really unexpected. The other characters are also pretty interesting, but are still a little flat.... more>>

In addition, that MC wasn't actually transmigrated to other world, but instead is in his original world but in different place, is quite interesting. Now ML can actually has a family


Su Zening (our MC) is a pretty naive and adorable kid because his illness caused him to have to be isolated. Although he is naive, he is not soft tempered, he is determined and isn't afraid to take actions to make sure Fu Xiao's fate will not follow the original path. Also, he genuinely wish for FX to be happy from the start.

Fu Xiao (our ML) has the "ice berg" CEO persona. His reputation is really bad and he was known to be a ruthless character, but he is in fact have a kind heart even before meeting our MC. I really wish he could be happy, even in the original timeline.

Next, let's talk about the OG!FL (Feng Jiaming) and OG!MC (Fu Wei, ML's younger brother).

FJM is a very slappable villaines, but with unique flavor. Unlike the usual villains/cannon fodders who act knowingly under the name of their personal interest, FJM is a very hypocritical and delusional character who thinks she is in the right and others (FX) are evil/bad. I would say she is a social justice warrior wannabe with inner karen energy who likes to put herself on the moral high ground. Her holier-than-thou attitude towards FX really made me grits my teeth. She is in fact a greedy, arrogant person who thinks she is special and doesn't want any hardships.

Her inner monologue keep saying that she stays with FX out of pity while you can observe her actions that she was staying for FX's power and resources. She thinks it is a god-given that XingChen (the company FX manages) accomodates and pave the way for her and convinces herself that Fu Xiao likes her, WHILE STILL KEEP LABELING FX "BAD/EVIL, LOOKED DOWN ON HER" (biting the hand that fed, gave her resources, pull her family from whatever crisis they were having, the *audacity* of this woman).

But surprise Fu Xiao seems to help her because he owed her mother. But this point isn't really elaborated on what kind of grace has her mother given him that he was willing to put up TEN YEARS of FJM leaching off him. This is one of the plot holes in the story.

Also, apparently she specifically orders her assistant that her water must be at temp 25 C


As for FW, he isn't exactly evil. He is just an ignorant naive s*upid kid, one that can hurt people especially if he believes the wrong person. Now, the so called villains. In this story, ALL elders of the family (except MC's family) are problematic or abusive that them breathing would be an insult to the trees producing the oxygen they inhaled. The innocent ones here are only MC and ML (and arguably Fu Wei). I can say that they are the real villains instead of the original main characters. The elders in the main story:

  • Song Mingwei (ML's mom)
    • She is an abusive mom who had thrown chinaware, poured boiling water, etc. Onto ML until ML was 10 (he was then brought to Fu's house). She doesn't deserve to be called a mother. What happened to her marriage and what the Fus had done to her is despicable, but unleashing her anger to ML was even more despicable. That she can even plot to kill her own son while pretending to "repent" by citing she was schizophrenic is downright chilling. 1000/10 rotting in hell.
  • Grandpa Song
    • He is an enabler, accomplice, and also take part himself in SMW's abuse to ML. Sure they have been cheated by the Fus, but lord have mercy, was ML also not his own grandson? Thankfully he died early, but I don't think he suffers enough for what he had done to ML.
  • Grandma Song
    • Personally, I hate her. She had known that both her husband and daughter were abusing FX, she had "sheltered" him, but she never took him away. And dear God, her words to FX in her first appearance just made me unable to have any good impression of her. She was saying "your mom wouldn't have beaten you if she wasn't schizophrenic" and God, that was like taking a knife and reopen every single wounds that had healed, rubbed salt on them, and forced one to forgive. If I was FX I would be absolutely *LIVID*.
  • Fu Yunxi (ML's dad) (+ FW's mom)
    • He is a slag man. Incompetent, irresponsible, s*upid, slag man. Nothing this man do can be justified. Nothing. He and Grandpa Fu are the root cause of everything.
    • FW's mom wasn't exactly described in the text, just mentioned. But we can see that from the fact that she had kept the relationship even after knowing he had gotten married, we can see that she was also not a person of good character.
  • President Kong
    • He is in fact FW's maternal grandpa, his mother was apparently lost and president Kong had been searching for her endlessly only to end up with the news that she was dead. Honestly, he isn't the worse villain here. He was just trying to avenge his lost daughter and try to elevate his grandson, though his actions are unjustifyable.
  • Grandpa Fu
    • This wrinkly sausage is actually the root cause of all of this mess. He hides his despicable nature with smiles and amiable appearance but once I learnt what he had done I was immediately disgusted (Not that I haven't felt iffy from the start where he urges FX to meet his parents). Basically, he is a bastard who can use anyone as a chip for his interest and the very root cause of FX suffering and is largely responsible for it. And honestly, although it wasn't elaborated in the novel, I doubt he doesn't know how FX was abused in the Song's since the beginning.

The plot is pretty solid and is fluffy without causing boredom. The side characters are likeable, especially the cats. Overall, 11/10 would recommend. My personal comments about this novel:

    • How exactly the Su recognize SZN as their dead son isn't explained, they just suddenly able to accept that their dead son suddenly appeared out of nowhere with a stranger? The author also seemed to have forgotten SZN have a younger sister in the extras. But all of those can be overlooked.
    • Also, I am very dissatisfied that ML's rumors about him killing grandpa song and that he was abused have never been clarified. No one, not even the proclaimed guilty grandma song had ever clarified the rumors about it to Nanny Liu (SMW' s childhood nanny) or the lawyer or to anyone. He just kept the pot and only said some words while letting them badmouth FX. I can feel that they are trying to save their faces even when the victim has to carry the pot
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Pomee rated it
March 19, 2022
Status: Completed
The book is amazing! So cute and fluffy.

The main reason that I wanted to review this was because this novel has one of the most satisfying endings. The last faceslap by the ML was so freaking satisfying!
The storyline flowed smoothly and the ending was well done. I am not sure if more side stories will be written. But i’ll look forward to it💘
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
patch rated it
April 23, 2022
Status: Completed
Really good one. Light, fluffy and heartwarming. There are good character settings and plot, plus very well written. Everything is likable, as well as every cats😺.

Reading this is lifting my mood so much.
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