Marry a Rich Old Man


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An Wuyang, who had gone out to play, had his wine drugged. At the time, he chose a pleasing man to address the problem and slept with him. One month later, dizziness, nausea, and sleepiness occurred; and he became pregnant. Between the child and college, An Wuyang chose… to have the baby.

A wealthy 30-year-old Huo Yunchuan was ordered by his family to marry by the end of the year. Okay, just find someone with a hand to piss them off. What, pregnancy check!?

Huo Yunchuan landed on both knees: QAQ mother asked me why I was kneeling and putting on shoes for my wife…

An Wuyang: I thought I was just giving birth to a baby so that I didn’t have to attend school, but now I am doing my homework.

Huo Yunchuan: Oh. (People who helped with homework all year round dared not speak)

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Gả Cho Lão Công Nhà Giàu
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New Fisukisuki rated it
March 31, 2024
Status: c73
If we are using metaphor of Taste, at the first 20 chapters was like drinking a Sour slightly Sweet but nice Lemon Tea.

It wasn't a Sudden Romance, because they don't immediately fall in love whatsoever. There's even one moment where ML actually want to put wall when MC had reject his 'help'. If not for MC need to talk to ML about the pregnancy, maybe their connection with each other won't be this easy.

After the Pregnancy reveal, ML was fully insert in MC's life. You can call him Super Protective,... more>> but he's The Best Hardworking Husband even before being a Husband.

Maybe he seems controlling to some people, but he's Not! They have this situation to hide the pregnancy until MC's condition stable. And ML was NEVER burden or bother MC with things. He try his best to protect MCCs physical and emotional state. Sure he has his own flaws, but he's still the best for someone new, and even more outstanding compared to many Experienced Father-to-be in Real Life.

Anyway ML fall for MC much faster when they spend much time together in just weeks, while MC didn't until the confession, BUT he himself can feel the Genuine Gentle Protection and Care from ML. It's just Natural how they fall for each other really.

But seriously, ML's Rating is Sky Rocket as both Loving Caring Husband and Loving Caring Father! He's in Top 5 if not maybe a Top 3 from many other BL MPREG novel I have ever read as the Best Husband and a Daddy.

Now put aside the Main Couple, let's talk about the other people. Mostly the Family members.

ML's Family Members are the best, and I don't think anyone think otherwise. While MC's... That's where people have many opinions.

To me in General, I get the Dislike, but I don't get the Hate. People quick to hate something that doesn't match their expectations. But when I see MC's family, I get it. They're Full of Flaws but they're Far from Evil nor Manipulative Family. They don't deserve the disgust, they just flawed people who realised their mistakes and accept the situation in the end. Both MC and ML don't hate them for it. Anyway The Parents are Realistic, and the Sister was Understandable. The lil Bro is everyone's beloved when compared to them. It portrayed Nicely. The author did another splendid characteristics.

Overall I Love this Novel SOOO MUCH and I pray sooo hard the rest of the story is as Good and Satisfying till the end!!! 🙏🙏🙏 <<less
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Rain in the sunny morning
New Rain in the sunny morning
March 29, 2024
Status: c68
Spoilers !! (Haven't completed the novel) (Meant for shits and giggles !!- not to be taken seriously)

Initially had no idea what the synopsis really meant but tried this anyways. There's only 120 chapters? That's pretty short- nvm it dragged on after like chapter 40. Anyways the chapters are pretty long BUT the translation was sooooo questionable after chapter 20. Definitely gives mtling then claiming it's translation. (Pronoun mixed up, Chinese phrases being directly translated so extremely awkward without initial knowledge (I am Chinese), names and things like MC being... more>> called daughter-in-law then son-in-law)


I am Chinese and the An family's relationship with each other is extremely realistic for a Chinese family- or at least mine. Things would happen and I'd go: "Something my parent's would do!" Doesn't mean they're a bad family, Chinese parents want the best life for their children and they believe the best way they'd achieve it is through education. So in turn they want to give the best opportunities for their talented children so they don't 'waste' that talent and regret it later on. This is the case for MC's eldest sister and younger brother who both are naturally talented and clever whereas the MC lacks in the academic department. He's not a bad student, just average, and that sticks out next to his high achieving siblings. As a result, the parent's don't have any expectations for him and only wish he can earn a proper living. Either intentionally or accidentally they neglect the MC causing him to grow up with an inferiority complex that he grows accustomed to as he grows up. I believe that the ML can see this and doesn't want the MC to be around his parents. The Parent's are hardworking people who want to give the best to their children- including MC- and are super disappointed when they found out he dropped out of school and was cheated into marrying some guy (Defo thought ML was a predator lol- which is reasonable)

After maybe 50 chapters (?) when it's revealed to MC's parents he's pregnant, I developed a genuinely dislike towards his parents- especially his mother. It's always 'wealthy family' this, 'wealthy family' this. I'm sick of it. They're a wealthy family, yes, but they're also your son's in-law. They're much more than just your boss or an aristocratic family you'd admire online. I can imagine what the Parent's feel- their son who they worry about over getting a job, being financially stable, had received an 'easy way out' handed to him on a silver plate. There's genuine happiness for him, but it's not truly from the heart- MC's mother even wonder how it'd be if their eldest daughter (Whom they're extremely proud of even to the point they send her to an American uni for her masters (?) or holiday while their second son has to do odd part-time jobs to earn money and not put a strain on their tight finances.) married the ML. Spoilers they'd be extremely proud and over the money.

I'll finish this when I remember too :P <<less
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Lea168 rated it
August 10, 2021
Status: Completed

I found this story on another platform. It was the most viewed and voted Mpreg story there. Once I started I was hooked! So, I couldn't believe the bad rating here on NU (3.2 at the time of writing this review). Seriously, 3.2???

This is a modern Mpreg story (non-ABO), 100% focus on romance, super doting + rich ML and 12y age gap. Sure it might not your cup of tea, but for readers who usually like this type of story and 'formula'... this story is super satisfying! Stories with a similar concept can be found on NU that has up to 4.5 rating, and I don't get it why this one is only a 3.2?? Personally, I think this story is more well written than those similar type stories that has a 4+ or even 4.5 rating on NU.


    • MC: Such a sweet character. He is simple minded, kind and honest with the sweetest smile. He is 2nd son of a normal middle class family in Beijing. His parents are hard working and honest people, but because MC is not so smart as his older sister and younger brother, his parents favour him the least. But his parents love him also. His parents are really not bad, but just invest most of their savings in education of the other siblings, whilst MC always earned his own pocket money. As a result MC has a bit of inferiority complex. But after getting together with ML, who spoils him terribly, MC blossoms into a bright, shining person. He has a unique body, not further explained, but he can get pregnant after a one-night stand. During pregnancy he is easily emotional due to hormones, and also he wasn't certain and scared of his feelings towards ML.
    • ML: super rich, handsome, cold CEO of big conglomerate. He is very domineering and rebellious too. So, his parents and grandpa don't dare to interfere with him too much. He didn't fall head over heels in love with MC, but after finding out about the pregnancy and living together, ML can no longer let MC go. ML is super protective. And also (---> maybe why the rating here is so bad??) very controlling. He is super afraid that MC gets hurts/deceived, looses the fetus (MC was too thin and lacked nutrition), very jealous. So, he 'manages' MC strictly. Whilst his friends and family all thinks he is terrible to get along with and too controlling of MC, MC always knows how ML thinks. ML is super smart and is always very aware of the generation gap between him and MC, he even repeats 'generation gap' several times as a mantra in his head LOL when MC does silly things, like crawling around on the floor to teach their 1y old bun how to crawl. ML is same towards the bun. Deserves father of the year award, changes diapers and night feedings. Self sufficient dad instead of throwing the kid to the nanny or grand parents!!
    • Relationship: Super fluffy, doting. ML is totally yandere and therefore very protective and controlling too. Because MC is so young and simple minded, he protects him like a child. MC is his biggest treasure. MC doesn't think it is a problem that ML is controlling. He sees why ML wants to protect him, sees his love and just enjoys being doted. Their relationship is super harmonious. In the end their friends and family envy them a lot, because they see why their love is so strong --> Because MC is totally different than ML, they complement each other. And because MC is so sweet and kind, the total opposite of ML, they fit so well. There is quite some smut, but nothing explicit.
    • Side characters: Many side characters with a decent role and sufficiently fleshed out. Not very special, but they are all realistic. Like MC and MLs parents. MC parents has slight favouritism towards other kids. MLs parents weren't that satisfied with MC in beginning but loves him over time etc. None of the side characters are exaggerated or really mean, but quite realistic people but with flaws. Like MCs older sister that gets somewhat jealous for a short time when she founds out about MCs marriage. And this is a big plus in this story!!!!! (and why I really don't understand the bad rating). It is refreshing and so more touching to read about a solid, fluffy romance without all exaggerated dog blood and evil, dumb characters!!
    • The story line self is very addicting and wholesome. No real misunderstandings. The bun is born halfway through and from there you follow their everyday married life. There are some netizens comments, a few jealousy moments, surprised friends, family, fellow students, media etc. All the elements that you usually see in these type of story to create sensation are there, but in balanced moderation.

No translation available (10 aug 21), except for MTL. I will definitely reread if there is a real translation

If you read MTL, be aware of:

1. Pronouns are all mixed up. In Chinese often pronouns are left out in sentences as context provides sufficient info which pronoun it should be. However, due to missing pronouns in Chinese, the English translation just (arbitrarily?) picks/assumes the wrong pronouns. So he should be she, I should be you etc.

2. The meaning of MCs name is 'safe and sound/unharmed'. Sometimes MTL uses this instead of MCs name. If you know this fact, the translation immediately feels less awkward.

3. In Chinese 'hurt' and 'to dote on' is written with same character. But MTL always and only translates it into 'hurt'. So, every time you read 'will you hurt me more' means 'will you dote on me more/will you spoil me more'.

4. 12y age gap. But MC was 18y old and about to go to college when meeting ML. But ML dotes on him like a child.

5. Possessive and controlling ML, which some readers may view as unhealthy.
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Aanudari1997 rated it
June 24, 2021
Status: c35
OMG, it started pretty good but all of sudden auther started to describe MC as a child. He is 18 but he cried bcs he made ML and nanny worried. He played video game with the MLs friend at his house /ML and his friend are neighbors/ and they forgot to tell ML, disappearing half a day. And he just cried even when no one blamed him. Felt too p**sy, even girl would not do that. It was too much for me. I am good with innocent and white lotus... more>> MC but not with this type. <<less
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Gumamela rated it
June 12, 2021
Status: Completed
I read this before on mtl. It really got me hooked especially the first chapter. It got boring in the middle but it still a good read.

The MC and ML are very sweet with each other. No dog blood plot.

Looking forward for the full translation.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 9, 2023
Status: c1
I dunno what to think about this one. Read mtl until ch 82, their wedding and things are still odd in my opinion. ML is overbearing, controlling (which I don’y particularly dislike usually) and treats MC as a child that he always wants to ‘defile’. MC is interesting at first, but becomes an enabler and pushover, accepting everything the ML does. And ‘everything’ still hurts and it’s done because MC wants their marriage to work, and he still doesn’t realize that he has power too in that relationship. There... more>> is sugar sprinkled everywhere but it’s less sweet as usual because their relationship dynamic seems highly unhealthy and unbalanced. ML doesn’t communicate properly, MC is randomly scared and intimidated by ML, most of the time avoids all physical intimacy and although some improvements are made in their getting along, I dunno. Doesn’t work for me. So- dropped. <<less
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Roxasfleur rated it
August 25, 2021
Status: c82
Could've been better. At first it all seems okay, MC looks more mature than his age. However, it all started to change. ML started to view MC as just a child and yeah, the MC did act like a child. It continue until this chapter and I found it kinda annoying.

All in all, an average read and it got kinda dragging after their son full-moon banquet
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Xiu_er rated it
September 25, 2022
Status: Completed
I took a break and read other novels after reading about three quarters of this novel so my memory is a bit hazy when it comes to the plot. It doesn't help that one of the other novels I read on the side or during the break has a similar plot. Therefore I will only comment on the things I still remember.

I felt conflicted about the MC. Most of the time I wondered how he could grow up to be so silly and naive when he didn't grow up sheltered... more>> but borderline neglected and constantly put down and compared with his siblings by his family. His independent and quiet/introverted nature is the product of his upbringing and so are his self-esteem issues. It's a miracle that his overall outlook is as positive as it is.

The thing I am conflicted about when it comes to him is how naive he is at times. It's almost like he regressed in age acting like a child. At times I even likened him to a pure white lotus, not to be mistaken with the white lotus bit*h kind that causes drama by being a self-righteous and self-centered holy mother who collects admirers like pokémon cards. He is more harmless, bit still a bit annoying at times since I never met or saw an 18-year-old as silly and naive as him. His independent image was also thrown out the window fast with the ML spoiling him to high heavens. It only returned a bit in the extras where he had already passed the age of thirty something. But he still retained his pure and sweet nature that his fans can't stop themselves from calling a grown-a** man "cub".

The ML was a good guy throughout the whole novel. He is a great husband and a great father who actually shows his love for his son openly which is rare in Chinese novels. I felt a bit sorry for him at times as it sometimes felt like he was raising an additional child (MC). But maybe that's just how Chinese authors prefer the men to treat them and thus project that onto their story characters... Being babied and pampered...

Either way, the plot was fine. I will also give plus points for making the MC's family not totally hopeless. They may have been a bit neglectful and played favorites. But they did end up acknowledging their faults and tried to amend their behavior and attitude towards their child. This made them more realistic and human in my eyes.

Then there was the main CP's child. One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to Chinese novels are kids that don't act their age and are basically little adults. He was fine as a baby. But when he was a toddler he was suddenly such a genius who disdained playing with children his age because they were too s*upid for him. A bit ironic when his father used to question his IQ when he was still a baby.

So yeah, the plot was okay, not too exciting, not a lot of drama, a bit more realistic when it comes to interpersonal familial behavior and full of dog food. You don't need to think a lot unless you MTL and have to decipher how many names the MC suddenly has. <<less
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Novel Crazy
Novel Crazy rated it
April 8, 2022
Status: Completed
I like it very much.. There is no schemes or fighting but it's cute, Fluffy and heartwarming novel in a realistic way..I was kinda sad when MC's parents didn't take care of him or love him as his siblings..I appreciate MC's personality even in this condition and his acceptance of his pregnancy and wants to give birth is very appreciative.. ML is also responsible, cool and loving.. Their child is so cute..I wish if there was more chapters or extras.. The ending was sudden for me because the ending is... more>> with the news of second pregnancy..I really liked this novel.. <<less
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Ywmikki rated it
October 11, 2021
Status: Completed
I mtled it to the end. I liked how the MC recognized that he was drugged, sought help and didn't make it a big deal the morning after; his reaction after discovering his pregnancy was the most realistic I ever read; he know that he won't be keeping the baby bc he wasn't financially stable and his parent won't support the idea to keep it and decide to call the ml, explain the situation and tell him his idea of abortion and after the ML told him he want the... more>> baby he (mc) also happyly agreed to the idea. He wasn't really silly at the start of the novel, the actions that you can call immature and s*upid are within the acceptable range for a 18 old boy who just finished high school and didn't enter the society but after the ML started to "take care" of him it gave the sensation that his IQ started to go down (?). Another thing I didn't like was the fact that everybody thought that he was cute, ok that girls on internet call him cute but a supposed strict senior thought "he look cute with this serious look"? That just doesn't make sense


the last extra about the MC being pregnant was just so "useless" for the novel, he was 37 not 27 even for a woman being pregnant at 37 is an extremely dangerous thing add the fact that the ML was supposed to be opposed about having a second child bc he didn't want the MC to be in danger and now is strangely happy!?!? Did the author write this extra just to let people know the ML still "Has IT in him" even thought he's near 50??

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 25, 2023
Status: c27
I feel that MC was a sweet person, having a bit inferiority and slow to things but as you read longer, you would find that he was very sweet, hardworking, and lovable. While ML, coming from a rich family, is sometimes childish for me as he constantly chat with MC which I found funny. But ML was also sweet and caring to MC as he even get 'controlling' MC as he finds him to be careless in taking care of himself. At this chapter, they are still in the process... more>> of moving.

One of things that bother me the most was MC's parents, especially his mom. I get it that as MC wasn't that smart it was a bit normal to favour others, but their attitude to it was somehow irritating me. MC didn't need to spend money as he earns his own, helping them in their expense while the younger brother needed to pay his tuition and the sister even got abroad, they still complain about MC not being smart or something. They also repeat it many times about how disappointed they were. Because of their attitude, MC have inferiority complex and when he learned that he was pregnant, his first reaction was he can't tell cause they going to beat him and MC was afraid that they get 'DISAPPOINTED' again. It didn't even cross his mind that they would need to know as he already know what will they think or how will they react. It irritates ME so much.

They is also when he was saying about moving, the mom immediately agreed after knowing that MC's friend was rich, without asking why he was he needed to stay there when he was okay home, is his friend reliable, or something a normal parent would want to know, excuse me!!! MC hadn't left his home, it was the first time and this was their reaction. His mom first reaction was that he needed connection. Idunno if its just me but it irritates me anyway. Superr!!!

Will edit this after reading more chapters. I'm only halfway so maybe it's my tinted glasses that is workingg. <<less
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NotSoProud rated it
December 1, 2023
Status: ---
I want to slap the ML.

He sure is "super rich, handsome, cold CEO of big conglomerate, very domineering and rebellious, as well as controlling". But he is also petty, childish and narrow minded.

I don't know if he is delusional but that probably too. Thinking he and MC should be close after sleeping together once?


Literally on their second meeting, basically strangers, he tells MC he's going to open a room for both of them.

And then he's upset when he gets rejected? Hello? I thought you were supposed to be smart? Not everybody is constantly h**ny like you, and just because u did him when he was drugged and barely conscious doesn't mean he wants to keep getting involved with you. Especially since the experience wasn't very pleasant.

Which is another thing. Having a normal conversation with MC he get's aroused out of nowhere and then he blames MC for talking and making him get hard. What is wrong with you?

Basically buys MC's phone number, which is fine; I guess he was half smooth trying to flirt. The problem is that when he calls MC, it's fine. But when MC calls because he needs to talk he just lets the phone ring. Are you 10? If you don't want to have contact with him anymore tell him that. Say you're even after you recommended him the job and you shouldn't get involved anymore. Instead you just hang him. And when he messages you saying it's important and needs to talk to you face to face, you're still unhappy with a stinky face? Is that supposed to be your "Mature behavior" compared to MC's "Very childish" one???? The last time I saw something like that was in 1st year of high school. It's not that people in their 30s aren't allowed to act childishly, but don't bring up how mature you are constantly.

But what really annoyed me was him saying "Well, simple people wouldn't engage in a one-night stand like he did, he had to admit it. After all, it was An Wuyang who had taken initiative that night." - Are you crazy? He was hardly conscious and drugged. He even told you in a moment of semi-clarity to find somebody clean because he can't take it anymore. You decided to sleep with him. It was your choice. You're saying the person who could hardly think took initiative. He asked for help, it's not like he wanted to do the deed with you on a whim. And you also could've called your doctor friend and ask if there is another solution if you really wanted to. You didn't even try. If it isn't complete victim blaming then at least it's half of one.

I don't mind him being overly controlling even if it is slightly annoying it's not that bad. It's all the other things that I have a problem with.

Saying he is a mature man; No way. Age wise, maybe. Mentally, not at all. Doesn't even try to talk to MC to understand his thoughts, only judges him based on surface level behavior as well as his own biased perception of MC being a child.

Now to give the man some credit. At least he cares about MC. There. That's it. >_> I believe he'll be more attentive but that doesn't fix his issues.

I'll keep reading as the translator keeps updating, if it improves by the end I might change my rating. Right now I don't think this book deserves 4 or above. 3.7/ 3.8 maybe, but not quite 4.

*update* I am still reading, yes; It still hasn't improved, but I did grow slightly numb towards ML and his friends, idk if that's an improvement or not...
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Common_people rated it
January 19, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a good novel, cute, fluff and sweet. But the MC isn't my favorite. He is good, awkward person at first, a cunning little bunny who can play emotion, but also coward and childish. I feel like I look at my self. Applaus for ML who can handle MC well. Maybe i'll at someone like him.

Next, the plot is quite good. Mainly it's about how MC and ML relationship development, because of gap year, family condition, and also their personality, they need to understand each other so both of them... more>> can stay side by side without any disagreement or change their own way.

The mc's family actually not bad, just the parent make a priority but they can't handle to lean side, and the MC distance him self without he knows it.

Overall, the story quite realistic for me (in term relationship), there's no drama, like a real life. <<less
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qeesa rated it
August 29, 2021
Status: Completed
A nice fluffy novel. It’s sweet and cute, not a lot of drama, it’s basically a slice of live type that gives you a lot of dog food along the way. I enjoyed it a lot.
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nctzen rated it
August 17, 2021
Status: Completed
This story deserve a 4 stars. There's not much to not like about the story tbh. As the other users has mentioned, the MC is very childish. But for me I like that part because ... more>>

It let's the MC enjoys things that he did not feel as a child.


I personally do not hate the MC's family, but I do has some bad feelings towards them. The reality is there's a lot of family that go through this too. The only bad comment that I truly has is how it kinda drags at the middle part almost to the end. It was at a point where I ask myself where this story is going bcs it seems like everything is already done and well. Regardless I still enjoy the story. <<less
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May 3, 2022
Status: Completed
I like this novel very much, I just MTL it, its okay to read, im used to MTL-ing so I dont mind, might have some confusing words but you can understand it still.

I love them, true indeed because of the age gap, the way ML spoil MC everywhere ahha.

The story is pretty much nothing to get headache (?) for. Smooth journey. The last extra chapter, jeez I wish there is more than that. Haha.

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MofuMofu rated it
January 4, 2022
Status: Completed
This is such a cute novel obviously 💁

I love it, the story' written more or less realiticly, especially the MC family. They are written as your-ordinary-family, with both warm and difficulty.


The MC parents prefer both of MC sister's and brother's more because they are smart. MC is kinda neglected because he is not as smart as his siblings. Its sad cause I can a little relate to MC life, thou fortunately not this brutal. its sad because I think I Will see this on reality one, though I really not supporting this kind of thing, I think I understand the parents difficulty.

After that, ITS full of fluffy. And this story' is definitely deserve more recognition. I agree thou, ML is too controlling that it frustated me like, can u give a bit of freedom pls?

But ITS not like' ML forbid MC to be happy, but he really did too much controlling MC movement, and THIS IS WHAT THE DOWNSIDE OF THIS NOVEL.

But, still I love this novel soooo much. 💯👌
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