The Girls Who Traumatized Me Keep Glancing at Me, but Alas, It’s Too Late (WN)


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I’m Yukito Kokonoe, and I’m the one who had the worst luck with women. My mother abandoned me, my sister hated me, and my childhood friend, who I thought she had feelings for me, rejected me before I could tell her, and then lied to me when I was heartbroken. As a result, I found myself completely emotionally broken, and it was too late to do anything about it. But that was strange. For some reason, I feel like the women who traumatized me are glancing at me. Yeah, I must be imagining it!

This is a love comedy about a boy who has been hurt too much and too late, and the women who have hurt him, in a misunderstanding that starts too late and never starts at all. “Love? What’s that, can I eat it?”

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Ore ni Trauma wo Ataeta Joshi-tachi ga Chirachira Mite Kuru kedo, Zannen desu ga Teokure desu
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Tobi rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: c63
It's a very... sad JP novel, it's not romance or anything like that. It's basically a journey of a broken whimsical man who lost his emotion from tragic past. The people around him love him, but the things they did to him in the past was so tragic that I couldn't help but go f*ck these guys.

The Main Character, the character who I respect deeply. Even when growing up in that kind of environment, he still manages to have a kind spirit. Even when heartbroken he knows when to take... more>> a step back and let it be. He is definitely not a typical Japanese MC I have to say. Out of all the characters in this novel, he's someone who I just want to be happy.

To be honest, most of the characters in this novel I despise, because I am seeing this from a 3rd person perspective, the sh*t they did to Yukito infuriates me, even more the fact most of them actually love the MC. BUT MAN, I just wanted Yukito to just never let them get their redemption arc, but this is Yukito's journey to finding himself, finding his emotions back, f*cking the characters over by just ignoring them will never happen. <<less
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Grerutin rated it
April 15, 2021
Status: --
it's bad.

i knew that this was going to be cheesy wish fulfilment + misundertandings, eg "please go out with me", "whaaaat!!?! You want to out out with ME!?! I WIL-" "oh, your huge reaction means you dont want to go out with me..... bye".

An example like above is already pushing it, but the MC is even weirder. He just says random things out of the blue, and then goes "i know... im too weird, arent i....". the 'pick me' boy is JUMPING out. I know that this is fiction,... more>> but there is NO ONE who, if someone introduces themselves to the class yells "f*ck YOU DEMON", would be intrigued.

they'd be the weird kid trying to be quirky to be interesting. <<less
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Villoge rated it
April 25, 2021
Status: c26
Edit: No

Story is about a boy dealing with the trauma of dealing with women who have hurt him in the past.

Started fine, very interesting with speculating how he could deal with all of this but most of the action came from the women who hurt him.

Then it started veering off to weird areas.


Sister kissing him, aunt lusting over him, childhood friend striping infront of him, the list goes on.


Now those themselves aren't things that will immediately turn me off from this novel (Although I have a slightly lower opinion because of it ngl) but without those weird interactions, what are we left with?

An MC trying to cope with an unknown feeling of loneliness and worthlessness by doing what? Acting like a clown?

Currently he's on the path of self discovery which just leads to more girls being the fault.

Its hard for me to empathize with the MC because he acts so erratically. And then he forgives most of them after a simple apology? Is this trauma? Or is this just a small thing that he was hurt by that just needed a quick apology for?

Overall, just feels like he is a sociopath that I cannot understand but I guess that was also the point of No longer human (novel). But unlike the complete self destruction of the MC due to his inability to understand other people like in No longer human, his "recovery" from the "trauma" he is inflicted from a handful of girls doesn't sit right with me. It may be because he has barely done anything that is worth me mentioning. I can't think of one stand out thing he did that was relevant to his growth as a character. It was mostly in response to what the girls did.

Also its hard to call it trauma if he keeps going back for more.

Also whats with the amount of kissing and weirdly s*xual things he subjected to? I feel that's more traumatizing than anything the girls did. This is probably the most off putting thing in the novel. If the s*xual stuff isn't meaningful, why is it even there?

I have mixed feelings about the girls.

Childhood friend


Her role is to be pain inducer number 1.

Her case is fine but shallow.

She rejected him by saying there is someone else she like which was a ploy to get him to be jealous.

Okay why does this even phase him?

At that point in time, his sister tried to kill him already. I find it hard to believe someone who can steel his way through an attempted mu*der and his sister stating her wishes for him to disappear would be phased by a simple rejection.

Now how does this small plot line get resolved? After trying to tell him it was a lie, the only way she got through to him was to strip down.... Naked... And kissed him... And started crying while begging for forgiveness...

Why did she have to be naked? Her crying and breaking down in front of him would have sufficed.

Did I miss something? Or does the MC need some sort of s*xual arousal to feel anything?


Basketball girl


All she did was reject him.

Why does she even exist? You can take her out and it wouldn't affect anything.




This one is juicy

She actually tried to kill him.

She then stated to the young boy that she wanted him to disappear.

Now this was exciting and was worth the wait.

This seemed like a major point that could actually screw someone up.

She frequently appears in the novel to defend her brother and their strained relationship is interesting.

It goes too far after she decided to kiss him though, that was weird.

I feel like this should have been the first 3 volumes, the other girls were boring and could be done later.


Student council president


Falsely accused him of r*pe and pinned him down after he tried to help her friend that was being mol*sted by some old man on the train.

Okay fine, how is this resolved?

She tries to make up for it by telling him infront of the student body to have s*x with her... What does this even accomplish?

The shock factor is there but huh? How does someone even come to this conclusion?

Then one of her crazed fans gets him suspended because of another misunderstanding.

(Well I get a kick out of thinking that the fan's dad actually got him suspended and he ain't a girl. :^])

Then the fan offered to leave the school to atone?

In the end he forgave her and wanted them to be friends? How the... What? The MC thought process through this made no sense to me.

Where did she earn his trust?




To busy to take care of him.

She feels bad because she wasn't there when he needed her the most.

Pretty vanilla I think.


I wonder whats the point of throwing in a handful of girls that hurt him without giving them a volume of story to back up their role in traumatizing the MC. Feels shallow to go through the girls so quickly.

If the author is just going to introduce girl, hurt him, and somehow get forgiven while offering something s*xual to him, who am I suppose to be interested in? I know the MCs MO, but introducing minor characters that act as some sort of raisin for popeye to get stronger is going to get stale fast. In fact, I feel like its already getting to that point.

Now because it is early on I won't be dropping it. I want to read to at least chapter 50 before coming to a decision.

Current rating: 2.5/5
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Rampaging Dragon
Rampaging Dragon rated it
April 26, 2021
Status: c63
In terms of literature that I have read, I can say without a doubt that this story is barely above average when it comes to the language used.

However, the author honestly is a genius when it comes to putting his main character through the blender just for the heck of it. The MC being broken is played out as nothing more than a joke but once we sit back and think about the situations that made him that way, we can just how bad things are. On its own, one... more>> or two of these events won't be that troubling but the way they stack on each other rips apart any hope that our poor MC might have had.

Edit: I didn't think the Mc's life could get any more f*cked up than it already was and boy was I wrong. I have a legit doubt whether the author hates the MC or not at this point. It's almost as if the author is taking out his hatred for the traditional harem MC on the poor lad. <<less
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SeventhTale rated it
April 23, 2021
Status: c50
This novel is not just simply about romance or "guilt trip". This is about how the MC will heal the relationships that was broken by others either by accident or unintentionally.

First, lemme warn you that the MC has a quirky way of monologue and dialogue. There's a reason for that. That one is like one of his defense mechanism.

Someone made him like that so he won't kill himself

The MC is already broken, he's pessimist when it comes to relationship with other people. Because of misunderstanding and the past, he unconsciously don't give a chance to everyone who want to correct their relationship.

Now, about the 4 girls who hurt him. This is a minor spoiler but here's the reason why. The childhood friend hurt the MC because of her pride, the other girl classmate because of her mistake and bad coincidence, the sister because of her childishness, and the mother because of cowardliness.


Also, it's not only those 4 girls who hurt him.


The first 10 chapters are about the background, the next 10 are about the past accidents which will make you hate some of the characters, and the next ones are about how the MC will slowly heal and the storm (in a good way) that will happen after that. When I was reading how the MC slowly change himself, I don't care anymore who he ends up with, because he realized that he have so many ally around him. I'm glad for him and others that everything become what it should be.

The current state of the MC in the latest chapter is he's starting to change, but just because he's changing, doesn't mean everything will become all right. The current arc which is named "Love or Sin" is about their current relationship.


Yea, you might think at a glance that everything is already all right, but nope. The over affection that the girls give to the MC is like their way of atonement. The MC said that he liked his childhood friend back then because they're equal. But now, they're not, same with the other girls. As they still seeking for redemption so the MC is on the higher standing currently. The MC already forgives them (or maybe he thought he did), so the step those girls need to do is to forgive themselves. Though I don't think it's all applied to them. For example the mother, she's pouring a lot of affection, that she don't care no matter what type of love it is, to pay for all the years she didn't show her love to the MC.

That's why the current chapters are like harem but maybe not. Every girl who is affectionate to the MC has a reason, but not really an ulterior motive.

Even though the MC currently understand the he's not hated. He still thought that he was hated back then. Misunderstandings are not completely solved. He went back from negative to zero, so he's just starting again. To gain his emotions and to correct the broken relationships.


If you read Pure Love x Insult complex, the feeling that I get on the MC here is kinda the same with the MC there, though not completely. They are both broken for a bit different reason but they have people around them that is their ally that can support or heal them.

This is not perfect, and this is a kinda depressing but heartwarming novel, but I will still give it 5/5 because it managed to make an impact to me. My only complain here is that the balance of bad things is greater than the good things.

Edit: As of now, I'm dropping this, not because it's bad but because it's depressing. Even though there are heartwarming moments the author will give a flashback of another trauma which makes this story like "unable to move-on".
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SolarSunrise rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: c26
What kind of f*cking insane crackhead wrote this shit? I really enjoyed this story up until chapter 26 where everything went to dogshit. There were already some signs of the author's insanity earlier in the story, but I just ignored it and moved on. Moving on to chapter 26.

WTF??? His aunt casted a "little spell" on him to restrict his emotions??? I don't remember this being a fantasy novel. Then they took a bath together afterwards. With his aunt. Then chapter 26 ends with the aunt saying she's fallen in love with him? Like WTF?? The only reason I didn't give this 1 star is because everything before chapter 26 was good. IDK WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS STORY HOLY SHIT


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oatesi rated it
June 3, 2021
Status: c30
Meh is just meh. The MC is is a whitney bit*h and all of his issues wouldnt exist if he just bloody listened or faced them head on they arent even that bad.

He does change at the end of v2 but its just too sudden for someone who's truly traumatized.

the worst imo was the basket ball girls but that was only due to timing, it really wasnt that bad, just typical embarrassed teenager things.


All the characters are way to forlorn it's like reading the monologue of some over written thespian.

Did I mention that the MC is litterally the center of the universe? Deputed his imagined problems the whole world is obsessed with him and his depression, if you can call it that.
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Vandille rated it
May 16, 2021
Status: c22
This is shallow drama and a whole lot of guilt trips, it's fine in that aspect because I'm sure that's what the author intended it to be.

But this is overrated, it isn't depressing, not to that point of gripping your heart, it just makes you frown slightly, yet people describe this as the next gen drama, (maybe a slight overstatement but you know what I mean)

The MC is nonsense, his so called personality is a wet sock, he barely feels like someone who actually went through a trauma... more>> because of his dumb one liners like "F●●k you demons!" Like ??, I don't exactly know what it's like to have a traumatic experience but, I'm sure none are as ret*rded as this guy, he jumps from A to E, he becomes the biggest edgelord when around a woman and just a huge turnoff when everything directed to the protagonist are heart eyes and tits.

This isn't the perfect sad drama, yet people say so, it's a story that cannot decide wether it wants to be light hearted or a heavy story, but right now, it's just cheap wish fulfillment, the protagonist takes no action to fix himself and acts like he can't do anything about it. It's a harem in where the male is the perfect description of erectyle disfunction <<less
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dearyabai rated it
July 30, 2021
Status: c28
Really cringe and weird. The MC has like no personality and he always says things that are out of context and super unfunny. Like what does "f*ck you demons!" even mean??? And his personality changes when he's next to a girl, he's a carbon copy of a pick me boy I see on IG fishing for compliments every day.
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Renjuuichi rated it
April 9, 2021
Status: --
I already read the raw (ongoing) and boy, its really good.


the MC himself didn't realize that he's already broken inside, while people around him always woried about him


this novel have good development of character.
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Ayane rated it
March 12, 2022
Status: c21
It's pretty apparent some high schooler wrote this to deal with heartbreak. I guess the author got rejected by some girl, and this is his "revenge" and "redemption" where he rewrites everything. This would explain the all consuming focus on how every girl is so regretful of every hurtful thing they did to MC.

The way every women can't keep their hands off MC feels slimy. You can just feel how big an ego the author has, with him giving MC corny lines the author clearly thinks is witty ("I'm an... more>> electronic s*ave"), and with how MC becomes the center of attention at school. And, naturally, he's stroking his ego in this story because reality won't do it for him. It's gross how the author is blatantly self-inserting himself, especially when you consider scenes like the one where MC was sleeping with his mom (she forcefully cuddled him into bed), who is so beautiful MC can't even look her in the eye. At this point the disgust I feel at the pathetic author has turned into disappointment at how society has failed to cater to boys' emotional needs. I don't think a plethora of these sorts of WNs would exist if schools taught boys to man up and how to work towards their own goals. I digress.

Having a self-indulgent premise isn't bad necessarily; for example other works like KonoSuba are both wish fulfillment and entertaining. I like the overall premise of how both MC and the girls could not communicate with each other through various coincidences. But it's just garbage writing. Anyone who is starved for affection like the author may find some healing solace in this series, but otherwise anyone who unironically thinks this story is good is a pitifully delusional. <<less
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Reindeer rated it
May 7, 2022
Status: c24
This novel is like a train wreck with wings.

Japanese webnovels have always had that amateur aura whenever I read them. Of course that applies to all webnovels, but in CN and KR the translation usually helps hide that fact. JP is the exact opposite, it feels like translated Japanese webnovels feel more amateurish than they probably are in the original.

Anyway, my point of this is that this is the reason why I usually find it hard to read JP novels anymore. But this one is a little special. Is it... more>> different, is it not amateurish like other webnovels? Hell no, this novel feels completely amateur as f*ck. But actually yes, it is different from other webnovels. It is amateur to an amazing degree, to the point that it actually brings out a charm of its own.

I'll just go straight to the point. This novel is unregulated as f*ck. The plot is a complete mess. The story would go just about anywhere at the complete whims of the author. You will be asking yourself wtf is happening 50% of the time. And this is the exact reason why it manages to distinguish itself from the generic tr*sh.

Still though, even if it's unique, honestly it's still also tr*sh. The characters have worms in their brains. That's an exaggeration of course, but I honestly don't know if the truth is that much different. These characters are soooooo dumb. Like holy shit. Like honestly I wouldn't have minded if they were s*upid, but like it's way too hard to take the novel seriously when that's the excuse the author has to move the plot. One particular s*upid plot line I just can't deal with anymore,

a girl was being mol*sted at a train and MC stepped in to save her but the friend of the girl mistook the MC as the mol*ster. They got into an ugly argument but eventually the MC was proven innocent by someone else who was in the train. The friend, who is actually the student council president, felt guilty so she wanted to apologize to the MC, by..... going to the front of his classroom, saying sorry and handing him a cond*m and telling him to f*ck her.... She did all that in front of the crowd. And I forgot to mention she did all that while kneeling down as well. Like what??? What is this? Anyway because of this rumors spread around that the MC had some dirt on the student council president and was blackmailing her. One of the president's admirer took the rumor as fact and asked her politician father to pressure the school into suspending the MC. I'm too tired to write the rest of this train wreck, anyhow in the end MC managed to get some help from someone else affiliated with a higher ranked politician and managed to resolve things just fine.


That's just one example, almost everyone in this novel have missing gaps in their brains, especially the romantic interests. It's no surprise the most decent heroine in this novel is the one with the least amount of screen time.

Honesty this novel is an insult to the readers' intelligence. The only logical conclusion I have why anyone would ever write something like this was to laugh at people and see what amount of absurdity they can stomach. The only driving force I had of even reading this was the preexisting plot lines of all the girls who wronged him, but anyhow all of that is resolved by chapter 24 where I'm stopping at so there's no more reason for me to read this.

It was a promising novel, had a relatable MC who ended up becoming a tool to portray whatever message the author was trying to convey. In the end, ironically by finding himself, the character itself has lost its identity. <<less
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BaldTortoise596 rated it
April 14, 2021
Status: c42
A story on top-classed women using bottom-of-the-barrel pick-up techniques, and the unlucky guy, who had been targeted by these non-outstanding moves, thus being entirely emotionally broken by it.

... more>>

Everything was completely the women's fault. I mean, who, in the world, uses the "oh, sorry. I'm already going out with S-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-sempai"? Why not just whip out your c*ck and say, "sorry, I'm actually a vegan" or something?

And then there's basket-b*tch. Yeah, she a b*tch. The end.


Don't be alarmed, however. As there is one saving grace. And it is, drum roll, please:


The mother!!!


Jk, it's the sister!!!



Jk for the previous jk, it's Aphro-Senpai (forgot her name, lol) !!!

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Rampage Debut
Rampage Debut rated it
June 15, 2022
Status: c75
f*cking hell. I can't believe I have to start a review with these words but what the f*ck did I just read? I tried to shift to a different genre to change my taste but I never expected to come across a taste so bitter that would burn my entire tongue.

Somehow every single person in the world (except one), whether it's friends, family, relatives, teacher, classmates, acquaintances and even complete strangers has wronged MC in one way or the other. For some reason, every single one would accuse MC wrongly... more>> of some crime without even listening to him. This just looks like product of hyperactive imagination of a chunni middle schooler who believe everyone in the world is their enemy just because things don't swing the way they like.

Worse, how everyone bends over backwards when they realize their mistake is sickening. Some would offer to be his s*ave, his mother would get into his bed with only wearing her underwear, his sister seduces him to have s*x, his aunt would place a cond*m box, his neighbor wants his seed, a random girl invites him home to do the deed and the list goes on. They behave like by wronging the MC, they've become guilty of killing half the world's population, the knowledge of which have turned them into lunatics.

The only sane person in this novel, Hinagi's sister, who was the only one who didn't believe in the rumors, is only talked about once or twice, never to be mentioned again. There goes the only saving grace of this novel in the form of an actually sane person. And the girl who was most responsible for breaking him apart, the childhood friend Hinagi herself, is turned into main heroine in light novel. This confirms that the author is a certified Masochist and a lunatic who decided to cast the worst girl as main heroine.

I have to agree with Ayane's review; this novel looks like the author created to cope when he was rejected. To be more specific: he confessed to his childhood friend, got rejected, went crying back home and then in his chunnibyou phase dreamt where somehow everyone feels guilty of condemning him, with his childhood friend regretting and everyone bending themselves to his will, embellished to highest degree to satisfy his own ego, and wrote this down. In short, a delusional story spun by author to cope with his own rejection made into a novel. To all readers, stay the F away from this lest you should cease to function as a normal human being with brains. Now if you would excuse me, I need to go and read some fluffy romance novels to get rid of this poison. <<less
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Delirious rated it
August 15, 2021
Status: c60
Let's get this out of the way first: This is NOT a novel that is based on common logic and a normal mentality. Also, for those that aren't into certain themes, like s*xual interactions - ... more>>

I don't know how this will end up, since it isn't tagged, (it's tagged now, but I'll leave this part up anyway) but this is very heavily centered around in*est. His Aunt straight-up admits to loving him as a man and has monologued she wants raw s*x. His sister doesn't even try and hide it and kisses him, stays in his room almost naked, and tries to seduce him. His mother has gone so far off the deep end in regret, she takes baths with him, goes on dates, sleeps with him in her underwear, and has decided that if he ever wanted to, she would let him f*ck her, etc.


With that out of the way, as someone who hates angst and edgy material, I'm somehow drawn to this novel. So much so that I stayed up all night reading 60 chapters in one go. Something that I haven't done in a LONG time for a Japanese novel. It's not exactly good writing, but the author does, IMO, very well in capturing your attention and get you wanting to read what happens next.

You're drawn into this sense of curiosity. There is this weird, almost morbid curiosity about how a person could be THAT broken mentally. So much so that he is incapable of understanding affection, love, trust, fear, friendship, familial bonds, etc. You can't help but root for him once he understands how unnatural he is and is taking steps to fix it.

He isn't dumb, he is borderline emotionless because of his trauma (and other factors) and that IS something he understands. His random outbursts, like when he is introduced in class yelling "f*ck you demon" is a prime example of how he DOESN'T care how people view him. He is so used to being hurt and broken, that it's almost a blessing to him as he sees people look at him as a freak.

Yes, it isn't a fluffy novel. Yes, the decisions and interactions of people in this novel are off-putting and don't make sense. The writing is all over the place, etc. Still, you can't help but want to see what happens next and want to see him improve. I do think it's better than a lot of similar Japanese novels on here, and it appeals to me in a weird way. Understandably, it bothers a lot of people and they can't get into it. There is a lot of nonsense involved and from a normal person's pov, makes no sense how he keeps hurting himself. <<less
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RDProduction rated it
May 22, 2021
Status: c24
Well it is unique, that is for sure.

I am currently enjoying it because I love the theme of being "misunderstood" as a premise for the story.

Now the MC is a little dumb, but he is likable because deep down he just wants the best from his trope.

... more>> ... now if only his love for his mom and sister won't turn into in*est, I will keep this review 5 star.

Update 6/26. Dang it really happened. Nah, still 5 stars though. Look, you'll either really like the story with the dark slice-of-life theme or really really hate it. If you think it is a typical romcom, then be prepared. The story gets intense. <<less
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enkiros rated it
April 25, 2021
Status: c12
Edgy MC, shallow drama, convoluted plot, and "convenient" misunderstandings. Still, good for what it is.

The drama is ok, I guess? At face value, there's nothing too bad about it, though you might call it cringe because it's pretty much high school angst but turned up to 100. Anyway, I'd say it's satisfying.

The "misunderstandings" is what lowers my enjoyment of this novel; you never know when the MC is being genuine or is just acting like a sociopath like his usual self. I'm confused as to whether I'm supposed to laugh... more>> at those moments — because sometimes they're presented as a manzai act (like when he brings up the whole cellphone thing to his mom but she cries and conveniently causes a convenient misunderstanding with other characters) —, or feel bad about him.

I don't think this is as deep as others believe it is. Yes, the MC acts like he don't care but he a soft boi inside, but it doesn't go deeper than that. The novel is not awful, but it only works as a silly teen drama. <<less
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thingswebeenthrough rated it
April 12, 2021
Status: v1c4
This novel has good potential

I'm enjoying the story so far and this is one of the few novels that I'm excited for its updates

I think I know where this novel is heading towards, and I'm pretty excited for that

The main character is pretty interesting, but since I'm like 4 chapters in I can't really say anything but this shouldn't be your typical rom-com simp MC. (I think, idk)
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redarcher548 rated it
November 26, 2022
Status: c83
Just binged this story and am currently caught up on it. It's nice that it seems like the WN is still being updated despite there being an official LN being released. That being said, there's a good amount to unpack with this story.

To start off, you really have to be able to suspend your disbelief at some of the absurdities that happen in this story. Somehow every girl that MC has ever interacted with has done something to harm him, and they all start reappearing in his life as soon... more>> as high school begins for him. The more you read, the more you can see just how utterly devastating some of the events in MC's life were, and even as crazy as his personality is, you can kind of make sense of it. There is a combination of misunderstandings, accidents, and just children being children that all combine to turn MC into a person with a warped personality who cares for nothing and wants nothing.

The first couple volumes we just see MC as he has been, a loner who rejects the words and feelings of everyone else around him. Despite him wanting to lay low, that was never in the cards and the exact opposite happens from the get go. Whether that's him attempting to stop a girl from being mol*sted on a train, or being roped into the basketball team, he's pulled in every which way that forces him to interact with all the people that he wants to reject.

We see how he feels about all of these people, his childhood friend, family, middle school friend, etc. And the awkward state that they are in, where MC just wants to be invisible and not cause trouble whereas all those people want him to open up and have a normal relationship with them again. He ignores most of their attempts at reconciliation, or misinterprets them, and sees no reason to change how he is. Eventually, there is a catalyst that causes him to have some self reflection (which, grossly enough, I believe was his sister kissing him), and then he starts to move forward. He starts realizing that some of the things that happened may have been misunderstandings, and that it may be worth talking things out with some of these people to try and reconcile.

I do feel that it happened a bit too quickly, but it was nice to see MC grow and evolve and actually want to try and understand those around him. The only downside is that after this happens, the story more or less turns into an anthology of harem antics and unreasonable women who only care about imposing their feelings and wants onto him. And I think it's worth noting here that nearly every woman in this story is batsh*t insane.

Like genuinely. I know some of this is just meant to work as wish fulfillment for the readers, but jesus it can be so bad. Seemingly every girl he interacts with wants a piece of him, which includes pretty messed up scenes from his mother, sister, and aunt. Also, I'm never a fan of these types of comparisons, but if you flipped the script, where several adult men were all hitting on and trying to seduce a 16 yo girl, it'd be unthinkable to be like "hmm yeah that's cool". As much as I'm sure many young teens would love to have college girls or adult women fawning over them, it's still pretty messed up when you think about it (and one of these women is even a lawyer! She even cites the laws she'd be breaking!).

And the harem antics means that MC just puts up with these things for the most part, and the one time he tells one of the girls he isn't interested in returning her feelings, she just rejects the rejection, and MC is just all "she's so strong for not letting me decide her happiness", even when said happiness hinges on something MC isn't willing to reciprocate. The antics include: mother/sister more or less taking over his room and sleeping with him, preventing him from locking it, scolding him every time he's seen with another girl, bathing with him, sister climbing onto him in an onsen, both mother/sister having him massage them without clothes on, a teacher telling him to take a picture of her underwear to save, childhood friend stripping down completely in front of him, and multiple, multiple attempts by nearly every girl to try and sleep with him. Every girl who wronged him talks about how much they want things to return to normal, but that can never happen because they're all so obsessed with MC and getting in his pants that there's no way for there to be a normal.

Some of the girls you do feel genuinely bad for, even if their problems are of their own making. For example, middle school friend was being teased by her friends for asking MC out, and she was denying it but MC happened to hear her. Or the childhood friend (aside, but why do Authors feel the need to use this term so frequently, especially when it's a 10 yo referring to someone like that. They're still children!) who mistakenly thought telling MC that another boy had asked her out would spur him into action, when it had the opposite effect. Granted, many of these things could have been solved by simple conversations and apologies, but given everything MC had gone through, he was never interesting in hearing them and just wanted to move on from those that hurt him.

This has turned into word vomit, but essentially I think this story starts out well, has good progression with MC, and is bogged down by the insane women who are written that way due to wish fulfillment (my guess at least). There's a lot of in*estuous innuendos/incidents that really feel unnecessary and should have been addressed much sooner. Regardless, it's overall still a fun read and I hope the author continues posting updates for it. <<less
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May 3, 2021
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So the thing about this story is, if you only read the first few chapters, you only see an edgy teen who doesn't like people that much, and acts in a rather toxic or apathetic manner towards those of the opposite gender most of the time, there are a few people who he wouldn't do that too but they are few and far between.
Now the spoiler
... more>>

The heart wrenching thing for this story is, once you see his flashbacks and trauma memories, you suddenly realize the poor boy is just constantly getting hurt, whether it's trying to help people, or losing trust in those who he loved and trusted. His sister nearly kills him, his childhood friend who he had feelings for tried to make him jealous and ended up hurting him more, a girl who confessed to him yet screwed that up by saying she's only worried for him and is annoyed by him, and being called a mol*ster without even getting a defense and was nearly sent to prison and/or expelled from the school.

I really like this series cause the events feel real in a sense. As hurtful as what happens to the protagonist is, you can sort of relate to one of his problems, but the difference being he has no one to trust anymore. He bottles it up, tries to hide it, ignore it, even trying to forget it through different actions. And all you can do is pity the boy... This series becomes a lot more serious around chapter 10ish and you understand why he acts the way he does now. And all you can do is hope for that boy to get some remorse, some sort of clarity or help. <<less
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