I Cut off the Exes That Ridiculed Me, Deciding To Live as I Please, but It Seems They All Liked Me for Some Reason


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“You’re just like a s*ave, Yuta-kun!”

Those abusive words made me rethink myself in a new light. My model ex-girlfriend, my junior, and the best maid of the café all constantly abused me.

I don’t need these kinds of people in my life, nor do I need to force myself to be nice to everyone. From now on, I’ll be honest about what I think and do only what I want to.

With this decision, my previously dull life was filled with color.

—However, apparently, there’s a reason for their behavior?

This is a story that starts with forgiveness.

Associated Names
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Itsumo Baka ni Shite Kuru Bishoujo-tachi to Zetsuen Shitara, Jitsu wa Ore no Koto ga Daisuki Datta You da. (LN)
Itsumo Baka ni Shite Kuru Model no Motokano mo Kouhai mo Oshi no Maid mo Zenbu Zetsuenshite Sukihoudai Ikiru Kotonishitara, Nazeka Minna Ore no Koto ga Suki Datta You da. (WN)
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RyukoX rated it
August 18, 2022
Status: v1c20 part1
This is my second comment on NU. So please correct me if I'm wrong.

This novel is similar to your typical "Betrayed, then become OP or Handsome" troupe.

Although I like how the MC of these similar novels, behaved to their betrayer, this novel is kinda different.

... more>> The author give the MC a powerful determination to change after getting abused and betrayed, he cut off all connections from these girls. All the girls later on realised they're wrong, therefore asking for forgiveness from the MC.

Other novel author usually make their MC to avoid or ignore these heroine, then giving these heroine an act to redeem themselves.

Meanwhile this novel MC is just "Okay, you know what wrong with your behaviours, so let's hang out like there is no fight/misunderstanding between us".

This stuffs make me feel short about this novel. <<less
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