The Only Thing That Reached Out to Me, Who Was Broken, Was Your Hand


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I believe in you. I’m on your side no matter what.
Even though I hear those words, they don’t resonate in my heart.

Ever since the false accusations of being called a thief in elementary school and a pervert in junior high school, the protagonist, Kanata Hanasaki, is an alexithymia sufferer who has been ostracized by his family and lacks emotion.

No one believed in me, no one tried to protect me, and no one tried to help me.

Then let’s lose all emotions.

This is the story of a man who has lost his emotions and trusts no one.

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Kowareta Ore ni Sashinobeta no wa, Kimi no Te dake datta.
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9 Reviews

New Aknazer
Jan 04, 2022
Status: v5c10
The basic premise isn't bad and the translation is well done with only minor errors. The issue comes from contrived harem drama. Oh and the title is a straight up lie given that one girl went to amazing steps to reach out to him only for him to go neutron star on her and accept the "hand" of another girl who effectively reached out on a whim. At which point queue the harem drama. Oh and there's another two girls basically waiting in the wings, plus the sister and two... more>> childhood friends that caused all the trauma but still have feelings for the MC.

So if you don't mind harems and can suspend some of the "wtf" situations then it is an alright read. Also, it makes zero sense for why any of the girls love the MC. Have immense gratitude and wanting to help him, sure, but romantic love? None of the FMCs have shown a reason to feel/act in such a manner towards the MC. <<less
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Aug 01, 2021
Status: v3c10

The shift in tone from the first to second volume was too abrupt, and they introduce to many characters while giving them minimal amounts of development in the first two volumes.

The first volume is just the MC recalling his past and how he deals with the people who hurt him in the past. Hearing the reason for him calling his parents by their first name instead of call them mom and dad was heart breaking. Seeing how his classmate treat him because of his attitude towards the girl who accused... more>> him of a crime was pitiful, in a good sense. You really start to think that this character is just broken.

What happens in the second volume? Girl comes out of no where and somehow all the pain from the first volume seems so forgettable. It was foreshadowed in the first volume that he had one person in the world that he could confide in but her showing up out of no where did not feel good to read. I wish the author played this more subtle like if the character he could confide in was more of a background character giving him advice from afar or something along those lines. It is heartwarming to see his supposed mask come off but jesus christ...

Now the girls... Suffering from the fate of being rings for sonic the hedgehog, each girl temporarily gives a interest boost to the MC's character, only to be thrown away. The girls themselves could have been more interesting. So far the girl who accused him of mol*station had the most background but his refusal to interact with her makes it really hard for me to find any interest outside of her backstory.

The girl with the most potential is the MC's confidant but she has nothing right now. If she is going to be the most pivotal character that interacts with the MC, shouldn't the main focus be with her and the MC? Instead the PoV shifts around like an Agatha Christie novel where its hard to focus on certain characters. I would get it if there was a plot that tied all the character together like a mystery novel but this novel deals with just human interactions, how am I suppose to care about any of these characters when they only get 1-2 chapters per volume that gives minimal amounts of anything.

I'll wait until chapter 50 as always but if it doesn't pick up ill drop it.

Edit: Why is it that the girl that seems the least likely to interact with the MC (Airi, the girl who is best friends with the girl responsible for the mol*station accusation.) the most interesting because she actually interacts with the MC. I'm not saying the bullying and confrontation makes her a saint, its quite the opposite. But her being a sh*thead is better than being a no one in the background.

Edit: and with v3c10 I'm done.

You can't just now throw in a random fact like the MC has a split personality / schizophrenia that shows he has a tendency to r*pe. Not only is it off putting, it betrays the original tone of the first volume. You can't write a story about healing and forgiveness then throw in something that makes you want to punch the MC in the f**king throat so abruptly.


What in God's name is the author thinking with randomly throwing sh*t like this into the story. Including my absolute hatred for sexual assault, I am completely done.

1/5 and that is because I can't give zero <<less
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Jul 11, 2021
Status: c9
I read a bit, but MTL so not sure I got everything. Not enough to review, but enough to comment on the MC (as there are plenty who will not understand his perspective/situation).

The MC is emotionally damaged, very damaged. You have to remember that Japan has a VERY bad track record with school bullying, and the MC was bullied through Elementary and Junior High for crimes he did not commit.

The past abuse it covered from the abusers perspective in ch 5-8

... more>>

C5 : In Elementary school, one day a girls recorder disappeared, and fearing he would be blamed the Mc's best friend decided to throw the MC under the bus and blamed him. Knowing full well that both were innocent. When resulted in the MC being bullied and ostracized for the rest of Elementary school, as well as starting a rift between the MC and his parents.

C6 : Then in Junior High, his new best friend gets mol*sted in public and accuses him of being the culprit (she pointed out who she thought did it and did not know it was MC at the time, but the police ended up getting involved)

C7 : After this MC's sister starts hating and verbally abusing him, to the point he stops eating with them and his parents never do anything to stop it, defend the MC, or punish the sister.

c8 : in fact scolded over the theft accusation him because perception mattered more to them then uncovering the truth, and did not try anything to help the MC until it was to late.


Basically the MC has gone through hell twice, and both times the people who should have had his back only made it worse. So not he is unable to believe in them. <<less
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Aug 13, 2021
Status: v4c8
It's like "The Girls Who Traumatized Me Are Glancing at Me" but somehow less than that. MC being acquainted with characters who have power and loves him gives him access to many asspulls in the story. While Yukito from Girls Who Traumatized Me gets sh*t done on his own, this MC conveniently has the girls that do everything for him and are the ones who's usually moving the story forward. At some point it feels like the author is projecting with how cartoonishly bad the characters are and how the MC gets his way

a highschool girl that likes you coincidentally manages an apartment and can give you a free scholarship? Just so he can throw a middle finger, stick it to his parents and leave them?

like, how convenient is that??

But still fun read tho. I'm a sucker for this regret-fantasy type of stories
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Aug 08, 2021
Status: v3c10
I like the series in general but it just didn't leave much of a heavy impression on me. To be honest I can't help but compare the series to "Girls Who Traumatized Me are Glancing At me..." because of the obvious similarities like Mc's bad luck with women. However comparing this guy's past traumas that MC Yukito would say "It's just a scratch" lol (actually Yukito experienced both false accusations of this MC but was cleared of them somehow but you know it's the emotional impact is that it counts)... more>>

Compared to that series I just couldn't feel his pain too much eventhough it's there. I feel like the best way to describe the series is a harem drama with an MC who has emotional trauma rather than psychological drama.

There's a huge problem bothered me though:


The title is "The only thing reached out to me, who's broken, was your hand" and there's a perfect girl who is the only person supported and believed in MC in his worst times and meets MC in volume 2. So you assume that she's the FMC right? Right?!... Nope! Author pulls a complete 180 and introduces MC to another girl who is really cute and similar to MC. Well the cute thing is not the appearance but her dialogues. (Thanks to some spoiling guy in the comments) I learned that she's the actual fMC. Well I felt conflicted about that. Because the first girl who I thought to be the fMC kinda deserved to be with the MC and I feel sorry for her now. You know it's because she's the one who reached to the broken MC first. But I liked the actual fMC too. So that's a harem drama for you.


In the end I expected more of a psychological drama but found harem drama instead. But in conclusion this was a good read so far. Eventhough I feel like emotional delivery on his trauma and psychology wasn't that good I don't think my time was wasted. <<less
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Yash Allen
Yash Allen
Jul 31, 2021
Status: v3c1
This novel is better than "the girls who traumatized me" translation quality is good and Story about MC keeps crtisis as criminal, danger from past keep lurking near MC there are many enemies but all are girls lol. Story is quite interesting. MC is sandwiched between intentions of people around him whether childhood friend who wants save herself or whether girl of cowardice or whether girl who MC save by saying some lines, now she thinks MC is the only one who save her now she is the only who... more>> save him. MCs little sister is pure bit*h nonchalantly kisses her brother in sleep and swore love. From these types of characters this story becomes much for interesting to read... worth a time.. <<less
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Jul 26, 2021
Status: c30
Started off good, kind of lost its focus and started introducing a billion harem candidates. First ~20-25 or so chapters I recommend, I’d say to base your decision to keep going or not off of that.
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Nov 08, 2021
Status: v5c2
This novel is beautiful. It beautifully depicts the depair of the protagonist. A must read.
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Jul 31, 2021
Status: v1c10
First of all the story was kinda forcing sad stuff in your throat and it tends to overreact stuff where things can get confusing for example


In a chapter in order to find the mol*ster they did a DNA test in which makes no sense for me since a fingerprint scan is much more realistic

And in one chapter a principal was it? And a father of a "abuser" resigned because of a screw-up which can be excused properly they just skimmed through the life of the characters in a nutshell
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