The General’s Genius Daughter


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In her previous life, the woman that her husband cheated on dug out her beautiful eyes, told her that her child was not her husband’s and then tortured her to death. Her six year old son, Tiantian, was harmed by the adulterer while her parents were brutally murdered…

Hua Qiyue woke up again and found out that she was now in the body of a famous general’s daughter, who shared the same first name as her. However, she discovered that the body was a useless one as her Qi veins were blocked! Since the heaven did give her another chance of life, she promised herself to destroy the life of her cheating husband, torture the home wrecker, seek revenge and save her son!

By accident, she discovered a handsome devil inside her jade gourd and was forced to acknowledge him as her master. What troubled her more was that her first appearance in the public caused her to be surrounded by numerous handsome men such as the cool and mysterious Prince Nan, her cruel but strong master Tianpi, and the kind and graceful Medical Saint…

Tianyuan continent was the continent of Qi Art and Spirit Summoning Art… Watch how Hua Qiyue master the two Arts, defeat her rivals and solve one mystery after another…

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New Cherry_sakiera rated it
August 7, 2019
Status: c143
I like this story because there's a child (female lead's child from first life) that sooooo cute and mischievous (◍•ᴗ•◍) ❤..... and it quite mystery the origin of father of the child.

The author make a good job as there's a sense of humor along the story, and it not boring at all!! (I read it in 3 days without stop)

Although it has tragedy tag (which I hate except wait, xiaoqi ) it is good!! I hope the ending is good with happy ending

⁽⁽ଘ (ˊᵕˋ) ଓ⁾⁾
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March 20, 2019
Status: --
No reviews yet? Seems to be a pretty typical reincarnation/transmigration story with the obligatory concubines and half-sisters, inability to cultivate and main-lead-secret-power. One thing that is different is that the main lead goes back to get her son from her previous life, and by the looks of things, is dead set on exacting revenge on the people who ruined life before. Because this is a reincarnation where the main character is reincarnated into a different body without travelling in time or through worlds, this is a slightly different spin on... more>> the usual reincarnation-into-the-past trope. The chapters are also longer than would be expected for this genre.

Having said that, the translations seem to be a bit dodgy - jumping around in time in the chapters, and from what I can deduce there seem to have been parts that have been left out entirely, whether by accident or choice I don't know. For example, after returning home from a doctor, the MCs maids are worried about her slapping the third young miss, but this entire scene - slapping the third young miss - is missing from the translations. Not sure what's going on there. <<less
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Random.poet rated it
May 29, 2019
Status: c75
Interesting at first.

She was smart... but you cant be smart outwit your enemy over and over but still cant understand guys at all!

Author always gives "reasons" why shes that willing to fall into a guys "love" trap.

No seriously...

... more>>

prince nan: I will make your son forget, just be my deciple. Like wtf.. go find someone else.

Alo prince nan: make her as hate-bait for another woman (who tried ti frame her cuz of him)... you had hudreds of chances to say NO or leave the room.

I dont know who the ML is yet.. maybe reverse harem? but nah... prince Nan is a jerk.

I think hes trying to be a "yandere" character minus the cute, it isnt he doesnt come off as cool.


I feel like this novels romance is all over the place.

Author had a decent plot, but the writing is a bit off. Explaining things after the fact with so few details, and unnatural reactions.

The translation is 6/10 :missing words/inconcide translation of a word in 1 chapter/ gender pronoun/ wrong character/ scene change not seperated/etc..

I cant... I just cant... <<less
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Newbookeveryday rated it
May 20, 2019
Status: c80
Great book overall. Filled with revenge, family reunion, and some good ol' fashion face slapping. MC is someone whos died but awoken in anothers body. her first thoughts were of her son and revenge, lovely start

But there were a few things causing me to smh around chapter 70

... more>>

When MC finally can heal her son she also wants to wipe his past memories. Which I think its a bit extream; choosing to erace all that little TianCi learned and experienced through life, because of bad memories (he even forgot his birth mom[ogmc]). Basically a whole new kid who has no fear, attachments or memories. Kinda sad actually, especially when he would rather be with others hes just met rather than his mom.


Also about one of the mls...


DOKnt know if PrinceNan (Yun Shimo) is the ML but this boy is way to clingy... First he wants to accept MCs son as a disciple, then her (to train her heart...?wth), then after the lil boy is healed but looses his memories YS immediatly blurts that hes the father (hes not)......... He obviously likes her so its kinda Meh using disciple as a excuse for everything

And MC goes along with all this because hes treating her son... and she feels greatful. Even lying to her son about him being her sons dad... Idk how I feel with this guy, I feel that their relationship basically stems of the fact that he healed her son...

But theres also the mysterious biological father whos a mystery unsolved. Kinda hoping on him


Other than that this novels areal page turner

I had actually thought about dropping but just couldn't lol

Great novel totally recommend!

If anyones read further whos the ml? Or TianCi's father? I need spoilers lol <<less
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Xylia125 rated it
May 19, 2019
Status: c70
Story 3.5

Translation 1.5 (Read review to understand why)

The plot is your typical OP protagonist seeking revenge on those who wronged her in her past life. As of chapter 70, I'm still not sure who the ML is, so far the MC has lots of guys who are attracted to her. ... more>>

She gets rid of the princess and ex husband, reclaims her son and status. Cultivated real quick in her magical world. You don't cross be you'll live, you cross me you die. It's the same usual revenge story.


The translation writing itself isn't bad. But I think they have been cutting off parts so when you read the next chapter mentioning bits that have been removed it's annoying because you have no idea what you have missed. AND! There is a constant mix up of pronouns. She and He should not easily be interchangeable. It's frustrating when a character is introduced and they mention "she...." a few chapters later she becomes a He??!! For example Yun shimo's servant Bingyi was first introduced as a She but then there was a saying that he doesn't like to bring out maidservant which was confusing as it clearly said the guard was female. Then a few chapters later she became a He??

So yea I'm dropping this, I wouldn't mind reading if parts aren't missing but let's be real, I was only hanging in there for the face slapping. <<less
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Lilzz rated it
April 28, 2019
Status: c1
This is interesting, same kind of plot and premise as the other novels but it's less of the main character solving problems by going super OP and killing everyone (for now anyways).
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