The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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In her past life, Jun MuYan had a hard life and died miserably. Her unborn child was ripped from her to be refined as an elixir, and even her own flesh was used as someone else’s stepping stone.

In this arduous life, she has an outwardly cold, adorable Bao (treasure/baby) beside her.

“Xiao Bao, that woman who wants to form a contract with the sacred beast is Mommy’s enemy.”

Thus, the top sacred beast becomes Xiao Bao’s pet.

“Xiao Bao, this God Musician’s inheritance is too powerful!”

Tiny hands move, and the place of inheritance opens. Jun MuYan becomes the only successor of the God Musician.

“Xiao Bao, this man is always pestering Mommy and doesn’t let go!”

Xiao Bao immediately strikes to drive said man away… hey, you can’t be driven away!?

You’re my father? What father? Can you even eat that?

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chrissy987 rated it
May 3, 2018
Status: c1
I am already loving this novel because (1) it is family-OTP and that makes it all the more satisfying to watch and see them conquer the world (2) black-belly characters + naive characteristics = humorous situations (3) the baby is called endearingly Xiao Bao - and that's just my bias- those kind of names just tickles my moe-meter!

I m so looking forward to this! ≪3333
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
whatdoyoumeanihavehpv rated it
June 13, 2018
Status: c60
So far, the story is quite good. It's only the first 60 chapter but it has a good vibe going. The baby is really cute. The summary is quite misleading though. It's not the baby that's OP, it's his mother (the MC). I will have to read more to decide whether or not it's worth reading.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ava07 rated it
June 6, 2018
Status: c51
Absolutely loving this book so far! I mean... just imagine.... a talented, beautiful woman on a mission+ funny situations + handsome powerful (yet sometimes shy) Tsundere father + the most adorable moe steamed bun tsundere son= what's not to love?!

The great quality of translations as well as the regular releases are an absolute bonus!

I'm so looking forward to reading the rest of the novel. I hope and pray the translators don't drop this one mid-way *closes eyes and prays fervently*
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
yango rated it
June 26, 2018
Status: --
Perfect family consisting of Big bun, mommy bun and little bun. The story has your usaul OTP but lots of fluff from little bun.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
wisteriag25 rated it
June 11, 2018
Status: c58
It's so cute. A fluffy yet brute story :)
Quite refreshing actually.

Of course, it's your typically chinese wuxia novel but then again with some tsun tsun and dere dere there :)
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Coper rated it
May 22, 2018
Status: c35
I liked the novel, there are few family novels and I think the story is good as well as the pace at which it progresses and personally unlike other novels of reincarnation the story does not feel tedious.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
timma rated it
July 13, 2018
Status: c315
Decent amount of face slapping. Op cast. Fun read, with some mystery (like baby daddies) that we probably won't see for a long time.

Sometimes MC Mom's motivation seems off.

I'd say wait until it has a few hundred chapters to bing.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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