The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven


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Yao Mo Xin, the empress of Da Chu died in a cruel way a day after she gave birth at the hands of her husband the emperor, Ye Hong Yi, and her legitimate second sister, Yao Shu Ran. Ye Hong Yi got the throne because of the smartness of Yao Mo Xin, but he hated her because she made him feel like a useless person who needed a woman to become the emperor.

Her soul got in the body of her illegitimate third sister from the same mother Yao Mo Wan. Yao Mo Wan has the mentality of a child because the legitimate wife of her father fed poison to her mother while she was carrying Yao Mo Wan. Yao Mo Xin wants revenge for everything that happened to her, so she seduced the emperor and began her plan of taking everything away from him. She did that while pretending to still have the mentality of a child. She also wants to repay Ye Jun Qing back for everything he did for her while she was Yao Mo Xin. In the process of revenge, she met many people who will fall in love with her wit and intelligence.

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Renascence (Drama)
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28 Reviews

Feb 23, 2017
Status: c665
The novel starts out really cruelly and you will hate the villains with a real passion. They're beyond cruel to the point they make Tamerlane/Timur the sword of Islam who killed 5% of the world's populations of his time look nice. The male lead will make you will feel grieved for his pain. Because of the typical s*upidity of wearing a dumbass mask and never clearing up a misunderstanding he lost her the first time. She also never took the pains to confirm if it was him or the bastard... more>> emperor. After her rebirth, she does many things to take revenge but the one thing I can't accept [maybe because I am a man] is her sleeping with the emperor again. It really took my interest away from the novel. I am an equalist and believe in equality. If the male lead also had someone on the side before then it wouldn't be jarring. But he maintained his will clearly so it makes him look more of a cuck especially when he has given her everything in both of her lives. This cuckholding of the male lead is why I gave this novel a 1 star. Maybe to some readers especially feminist readers, they would feel it's great but it's not. Comparatively put, it's like these feminists reading a harem novel with a male lead. That's how disgusting it was. <<less
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Aug 30, 2016
Status: c1
So far this first chapter made me think of Princess Wei Yang. Except that the guy who scorns the MC is even worse of a bastard. Like, he is beyond a bastard. No, at this point, the word bastard isn't even enough to describe him. He is the scum of the Earth. I condemn him and his family all the way down to nine generations and three generations of dogs and chickens to death. Hope to see him tortured badly by the protagonist and then abandoned to go die in... more>> a ditch somewhere. I anticipate what the female protagonist will do next. <<less
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Sep 12, 2016
Status: c375
The premise of the novel is interesting, but the main differentiating factor behind it and other 'revenge' novels is that usually, the revenge portion tends to resolve itself by the first portion of the novel, and then the rest is usually politics etc.

This novel is slightly different in that the entire novel is about the MC's revenge against the emperor. While there are some wuxia tropes (internal energy etc.) these are generally minor and limited to side characters; the MC is basically a normal human. She also, unlike many novels,... more>> continues acting like she's still dumb throughout the majority of the novel.

The plot is interesting, and characters are rarely discarded after a particular miniarc. I've rated it 4 because it is generally written in a cogent and diverting manner, but the story is, honestly speaking, too long. The general length of such novels is roughly 300+ chapters (?) and this one is double that; there is only so much you can go about before you feel the author is just trying to artificially prolong the novel. <<less
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Nov 08, 2018
Status: c27
This is the one of the dumbest novels I've ever read. I kinda feel the author just insulted his/her reader's intelligence with this grade 1 level of writing. Here's why:

  • When Mo Wan (Mo Xin inside) was seducing the emperor, she told him that she was only acting a fool when her sister was alive. Kinda telling the emperor that she is not mentally ill. And then the emperor was implied to hate Mo Xin because she was too smart which makes him look incompetent so he likes fool women like Mo Wan. Then they had s*x after contradicting each other. Didn't get the logic in that. Maybe it's the translation.
  • Next Mo Wan slept with the emperor, the same guy who caused her death (as Mo Xin) just so she can gain his favor and take her back to the Palace. Like there are no other option, even though it kept saying she is smart and is the reason the country is prosperous, how can she not think of other ways.
  • She actually revealed to her father's Main wife the existence of his third wife (concubine) just so the Main wife will take action that will incur the hatred of her father. I get this is part of her revenge, but why implicate other innocent people like the 3rd wife and her child? This is just really s*upid.
  • As Mo Wan (original) was sold to the brothel, she (now Mo Xin) came back to the same brothel to pretend as prostitute and enter the fu of ML. I don't have to say how it doesn't make sense. Anyway, she met the ML and met him again when Mo Wan is taken as concubine of the Emperor. He recognize her but didn't think they are the same person. He just thought they are look alike but didn't find it suspicious. He is a prince and involved in military, come on. There are plenty reasons to be suspicious of her character
  • The Emperor put Mo Wan and Prince in the same courtyard. And if ML had an affair with Mo Wan, it will give him reason to punish the ML. How s*upid can that be ? It is said that the setting is set in ancient China, so such a thing where a woman and another man (except her husband) are in the same room is a taboo. Yet the Emperor put them in the same courtyard and then later on accuse them of having an affair. That is so funny. This is the last straw that actually made me drop this novel.
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Oct 20, 2016
Status: c4
A revenge novel that starts in a similar vein to The Princess Wei Yang. The empress who had sacrificed and worked hard to elevate her husband found herself fallen from grace in favor of her younger sister from the legitimate branch.

But instead of time-travel to redo her like as in The Princess Wei Yang, the MC immediately transmigrated to her mentally deficient youngest sister. With the help of some faithful servants, the MC sets out on taking revenge on all those who had wronged her and her family...

The translator had... more>> taken great care in the translation, putting in notes and explanations where necessary. Hopefully the releases will continue to be steady in order stand out from all the other similarly-themed female MC revenge novels. <<less
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Oct 06, 2017
Status: c47
This is good novel similar to princess wei yang but I kinda like this better than wei yang because it's has comedy and love the MC foolishness acting. I like MC she is smart talent like MC from princess wei yang. Male lead is kinda average or normal man with averagei brain because he is s*upid of not telling MC his feeling and not realize his bro kill MC.

Everyone should stop hating about MC sleeping with her husband or ex and accept it because it's revenges and in order to... more>> reduced ex hubby power she act fool and revenges everyone.

why should male lead allow sleep with his concubine and s*ave. Why can't MC sleep with her ex husband for revenge. <<less
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Oct 26, 2017
Status: Completed
For the first several hundred chapters (350 or so?), I'd give this novel 5 stars. Yes, the lineup of amazing men who all happened to be in love with her got tiring after a while, and the male lead's constant back and forth behavior was irritating, but it still told a common story in a new and interesting way.

Unlike other novels of this genre, the male lead isn't some super god who's just great at everything and the absolute best and the female lead has to fall in love with... more>> him because he's too amazing not to love. Instead, the male lead is kind of... pathetic lol. He spends the first 100+ chapters wallowing in self-pity and not thinking ANYTHING through, leading to the female lead protecting him time and time again. That sort of relationship dynamic is a first for me in this kind of light novel, so it's actually rather endearing.

The female lead is the kick-ass "I can move mountains" character while the male lead is simple to the point of adorable-ness. Granted, even though he improves over time, he's still much more simple-minded than a lot of the 2nd male leads, so it can get frustrating.

In comparison, each of the 2nd male leads is your traditional "male lead" character; they're good looking or super powerful or rich or brilliantly scheming and on and on. Compared to them, the real male lead is rather... mediocre. But the female lead loves him anyway and does everything for him. And that's what I love the most about this novel; it doesn't take much to fall in love with Mr. Perfect. The real work comes in when you're surrounded by Mr. Perfects and pick Average Joe (male lead isn't really average; just not as outlandishly amazing as the others).

Now for the bad: it dragged on soooo much longer than necessary.

Why did the emperor keep coming back after they dealt with him the 1st time? I got so annoyed that the author just refused to kill him off! And the entire last arc (from her disappearance) seemed somewhat pointless. I'm glad they finally got to the bottom of who the people calling all the shots were but there was so much back and forth of x betraying y who betrays z who betrays x and so on that I damn near rolled my eyes every chapter after 600.


What probably makes me angriest, though, was the fact that the 2nd male lead from the final arc was amazing. Not his perfection- his feelings for the FL seemed stronger than the ML at times, and he was way more astute. Even though I kept telling myself not to like him because he wouldn't win in the end, I still fell in love with his character so much more than the real ML. So it was torture reading about this downright angel pouring all his love into the FL while dealing with the heartbreak of knowing he wouldn't end up alone. It just gave the already unnecessary arc an even more sour tone when reading.

tl;dr:, all in all, it was a refreshing take on the reborn/reincarnation revenge plots we all love but occasionally tire of. Even if you don't finish the story, the 1st several hundred chapters are certainly worth reading. It has well done scheming, likeable characters, and some funny moments to keep things from being 100% serious, especially during the initial interactions between the 2 leads. <<less
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Aug 31, 2016
Status: c1
Ugh seriously? Who in their right mind will rate 1☆ when there is only one chapter?

Personally I like it though the 1st chapter is the most intense and cruel chapter I have ever read. It made me anticipating how the MC gonna take revenge~

(To be edited when more chapters are out)
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Jan 22, 2017
Status: c14
This is a wonderful revenge themed novel. The author is bold and managed to surprise me, which got my admiration. I liked that the MC sacrificed a few things in order to place herself in the perfect position to scheme against her enemies. It perfectly shows that you can't get what you want unless you commit, and she does so resolutely. I really was in awe when the story reached that part, because I never imagined that it would go there. I can really sing praises for this MC all... more>> day long. She's smart, determined, kind of an S. Exactly my type of heroine. The male lead is adorable, and I love their interactions, and the way the MC teases him. It only gets better with each chapter. I had to read the raws further on, because the story grabbed me so much. Highly enjoyable read. <<less
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Mar 08, 2019
Status: Completed
I was initially skeptical about starting this novel because of some of the plot points mentioned by the reviewers (e.g mediocre male lead, sleeping with ex, etc). However I'm so glad I gave this a try! Honestly please don't let those details turn you off - give it a try first. I was trying to find a novel just as entertaining as "Malicious Empress" (set a heck of a bar as the first cnovel I read) and this has been the closest one I've found. At times I daresay even... more>> surpassing it.


- Strong, smart, sassy female lead. Love her comebacks and slap downs (seriously, so much of the dialogue made me laugh out loud, not something that happens often!)

- An array of swoon worthy 2nd male leads you'll love (hello 2nd lead syndrome several times over)

- the romance with the male lead is pretty angst free

- the plot is twisty, schemey and oh such fun. Since the female lead doesn't reincarnate back in time, but continues in time, she isn't all knowing and arcs are filled with page turning cliff hangers (and often a sense of genuine crisis for our gal)

- villains you love to hate and can hold their own against the good guys (sometimes a little too well...)

(Slight) Cons and why they don't really matter

- it's true that the male lead is kind of so so and often pales in comparison to the other 2nd male leads. There's other characters who are more handsome, smarter, powerful etc etc... but, the male lead's redeeming factors are that he is the most devoted to the main lead, and perhaps the most courageous of the bunch. I thought this would really suck but as a huge romantic, it ended up being just fine. The romance is at times funny, at times sad, at times touching. Many times, you will feel your heart move

- Want to address the "sleeping with the ex" part which some people seem to take extreme issue with. Its less scandalous than it sounds - she's not in a relationship with anyone else so it's not "cheating", also it's just a minor detail really and easy to ignore if it bothers you. It's just a side effect of her needing to take revenge from within the palace right under her ex's nose

- last 50-100 chapters or so get a little fantastical but still 5/5 in entertainment value

Kudos and a huge thanks to the translator for the high quality translation! Fell in such love that I braved the chinese version for remaining 500+ untranslated chapters and it was absolutely worth it. <<less
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Dec 02, 2018
Status: c668
This is one of the rebirth novel that I managed to complete. I liked it so much that I listened through 600 chapters in audiobook because the translations weren't done. Unlike other stories where the female lead time-travels or transmigrated, the story is going to continue after YMX's death. YMX reincarnates into her sister's body after her death.

I don't want to go into details, I really liked how YMX/ML loved each other. YMX loved the ML but mistakenly marries YHY (ex-hubby). She tries to move on and support and love... more>> YHY but was backstabbed in the end. After rebirth, YMX's goal was to get revenge and repay the ML. The ML actually hates YMX after rebirth and they go through a lot. But eventually he falls in love with two completely different personalities of YMX, he came to love both aspects of the YMX regardless of who she was and I really liked that.

I also liked how the story shows that YMX and the ML isn't always perfect. YMX likes to hide things from the ML, and the ML is a stubborn bull. There's a lot of comedy-relief but there's times where I got sad too.

There is reverse harem, but the author also gave YMX a lot of love rivals too. There is also martial arts in this novel, but our YMX only has the brains. I just want to note that there are some unrealistic aspects in the novel as it continues, but I didn't mind that part. I must mention that the plot does not move very fast. This is also one of the reasons why I took a while to finish the book but my perseverance paid off in the end.

For people that don't want to read the book because she slept with the emperor after being reborn:

Some people may avoid this story because she slept with YHY after rebirth, but I hope you will reconsider this novel if that's the only reason. In that period, females did not hold a lot of authority. If we think about it, she started off with no money, no power, and no family. She's smart but she's not talented in healing, poison, or martial arts like other books so there were many options. But because of her decision to enter the palace, it made it a lot easier to manipulate the emperor, gather power and money, collect information from the emperor, protect the ML, and sabotage the emperor's plans. To compare that to a harem novel and for wanting the ML to have a side girl... it wasn't as though she enjoyed sleeping with her arch enemy.

Hopefully someone else enjoyed this novel as much as me... even if they don't write a review this long ^^;; <<less
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Sep 11, 2018
Status: c93
This novel is the best one out of all the reincarnates story you can find in Novel upadates. The female protagonist is cruel, clever and cunning. Nothing can stop her to get revenge and she doesn´t stray from her goal.

The author really knows how to get the readers blood boiling by the first chapters because of the ex-husband and now I´m just really looking forward to how she will destroy him.

All the characters have personalities, and not one- dimensional. They´re either really likable or dislikable. And the author seriously knows... more>> how to draw out a readers emotions towards each character.

The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage seems to be more popular but in my opinion that novel tends to get a bit repetitive when the protagonist constantly seeks revenge without real progress. And this novel is a little more realistic.

All in all, I really recommend this story! <<less
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May 05, 2020
Status: v3c57
The story of this novel too awesome as it is something unique than other stories of rebirth and revenge. I liked it a lot and I have read the latest chapter too and I want to know what will happen next since Ye Junqing is on the verge of knowing complete truth of Ye Moxin death and what is the fate of Ye Mowan now. So I request the publishers to please update more chapters quickly if it is possible..
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Sep 29, 2019
Status: v1c85
I love the plot. I can comprehend everything the author did with the MC so far but I really disappointed with how she manage ML character. She always described him as a person who has great intelligent in both politics and war that deserve to be the king instead of current emperor but so far, he looks like an immature kid that lacks IQ to the point MC needs to explain everything to him, even that sh*tty emperor looks smarter than him with all the schemes. He can’t analyse the... more>> situations and people’s character properly and doesn’t harbour suspicion to anyone. ANYONE except for MC (and this is for the sake of plot). The author is trying to highlight MC intelligence too much that she “unconsciously?” makes ML s*upid. I can already see how the country will be ruined when he ascend the throne or he will be one of the legendary puppet kings with MC as the manipulator. Maybe i’m still too early to give opinion. Will change again when I think ML is less s*upid. <<less
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May 02, 2019
Status: v2c34
Author shamelessly paving way for main duo without care for logic. The story's interesting so far, but this particular matter is disappointing.

... more>>

YMW kills her di mother and exposes herself in process. Then imperial bodyguards appears from thin air to protect her. If they were by her side all the time, why they've not reacted previously?

YNS after his first appear is used like a convinient tool to shower YMW with power and riches and also magic pills. He's a comic relief hero too.

Her bodyguard is just OP-weapon with no personality or history to say.

Her widower is so enraptured in her new appearance that he disregards his own personality. Hello, he's cruel and paranoid! There are already not one but two people who said him face-on about YMW not being a fool and he what? Just disregarded it, not even giving the matter a second thought. Not even thinking about check her for his own peace of mind. Come on! It's not believable at all!

Everything depends so heavily on the trust of YHY, it's laughable.

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Sep 29, 2018
Status: v2c15
What I like about this novel is that the MC is not reborn back into her past with knowledge of the future like a lot of other born again stories, but is unique in the way that MC transmigrate into the body of her mentally handicapped sister a few years after her original death. For me, what use is revenge if the people you're sabotaging have no knowledge of the wrongs they've done to you. So far there isn't a lot of revenging going on which bumps the rating down... more>> to 4 stars, and I'm not really all that impressed with who I'm guessing is the ML but I like the guts of the MC. Even if she had to sleep with that scum ex-husband emperor (abit in a different body) she does so, anything to stay close enough for her plans. For this novel I'm looking forward more to the revenge than I am to the romantic developments. I hope she brings them down and I hope they know who it is that brought them down. <<less
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Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan
Sep 06, 2017
Status: c47
best revenges with comedy I like MC unlike other MC she act fool to gain her ex husband love. She act fool to revenge them. I actually like her. At first I was angry that she sleep her ex husband but I think it's normal because in order to revenges them she act fool and use her body.

there is funny interact with MC and ml. I don't like ML because he is like normal man has average talent or mind you can find ML like him in c Novel.

Worth to... more>> read <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 16, 2020
Status: v3c57
I like it. It's more realistic that those virgin MC or something that only the ML was their first time. Hello? She's no longer a virgin in mind because on her first life, they already did it and have a child. The only thing I am giving this 4 stars is because the ML is super s*upid. He was like a war God and a genius of strategy... But he was being tricked here and there and then being saved by the MC in the end! Ggrrrr.

Ps. Please provide the... more>> original name in Chinese character so that I can search for it on the web and read it in MTL. I seriously cant wait to read more. The Chinese name on the story page is the Chinese name of the drama. <<less
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Jan 07, 2020
Status: v3c30
I like this novel, it was different than any others. You might feel that FL is so s*upid, why the heck she slept with her enemy again? But what can she do? She doesn't have anything anymore whom she can depend to. All her trusted family all died, she's alone, so it's okay for her to live for revenge. Therefore, the only thing she can do is destroy the palace from the inside, toying the enemies slowly.

I just hope after she's done with the revenge, she's freeing herself far from... more>> the conflict and just enjoying herself without ML company, cause I feel she's too good for the ML.

The ML is adorably s*upid and naive, but I can't bear to hate him. He's like a righteous naive hero, irritating but cute. His impulsive and immature personality only surface because he loves FL so much.

The translation is good, but I hope there's some glossary for the characters. Cause sometimes I get bit confused about some character (who's this and who's that). But afterall, thank you translator for all the free chapters. <<less
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Mar 29, 2018
Status: v1c64
Awesome revenge novel, it is more interesting than the typical 'revenge' 'ancient china' novels as MC has a legitimate reason for revenge, and doesn't have any miraculous help coming from random male character that likes her.

I like how MC is really smart and her bullying of potential male lead is quite funny too!

It is quite gory at the start and she is rather ruthless when it comes to her revenge but the other characters definitely deserve it.

Quite rare to see a rebirth into another character (continuation of storylin) fic, usually... more>> it's just a reborn (travel back to past) type ^__^ <<less
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