Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor


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She, a modern hidden ghost leader of an organization which gathered insane prodigies proficient in the various differing skill-sets. Highly skilled in medicine and poison, executes covert assassinations, viewed as insane and demonic in the eyes of people of the world. Killed in an accident, and reborn into the body of a disfigured young girl.

What? Face disfigured, identity stolen? A return to the family dim and hopeless? Her identity can be given up, her family can be forgone, but as for the one who harmed her predecessor who inhabited this same body, if she didn’t at least make them scream in unimaginable agony and throw them into a state of wretchedness, how could she live up to her demonic reputation? Endless turmoil ensues and it’s a battle to dominate over all! See how she shook the world dressed in a suit of red, her sword up against the dominant powers that rocked the Heavens! Her name spread across the seas, shocking the earth!

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Gui Yi Feng Jiu
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Lily Noir
Lily Noir rated it
June 6, 2017
Status: c55
As of Chapter 55:

This looks promising. A novel about a person from modern times dying and transmigrating into the body of a young girl in ancient times (with a fantasy setting). At the start it's already different from the vast majority of the novels with the same premise:

  • The original owner of the body, though kind, is neither tr*sh nor a coward, and is indeed loved and cherished by her family, and has a fiancee that actually really likes her (for herself). She's present in only three chapters, but the Author has written her so well, in my opinion, that I was sad to see her go.

    And before she leaves for the afterlife, she meets the MC and requests for her to take revenge in her stead.

  • The Main Character, that transmigrated from modern times of a world without 'cultivation', has a consistent characterisation and is rather likable. Ruthless to those that cross her, but still in line with the amount of provocation - so far, I haven't felt that her reactions are excessive or too bloodthirsty (or bipolar) - as some novels have their MC's come across. Her 'main setting' is rather laidback and somewhat mischievous, but when pushed too far we get to see the competent assassin she is - and it's well executed in writing.
  • In the beginning, the MC has no cultivation, and is much weaker than the people she meets that have it - but instead of an immediate power-up the story instead shows us her (assassin) skills from her past life and how she uses them to keep up with the people of her new world. And while she does get 'cheats' - we are actually 'shown' (and not 'told') how she gets them - in my opinion it was rather well executed.
  • The secondary characters surrounding her are also quite well developed.
All in all, it's still very early in, but it is promising and I would totally recommend giving it a go.
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hawlol rated it
September 3, 2018
Status: c272
Edit: Misty Cloud Translations is dead. Webnovel took this over and the speed is now quite better, so everything bellow doesn't apply to the new translators. Story is still 'meh', but at least now you have a chance to finish it.

Don't be s*upid like me. I've read 3 novels from this translators before realizing something crucial.

4814 chapters (ongoing) and one chapter per 2-3 days (lets round it for 2) equals 9084 days until it catches up or 24, 88 years. Even if they decide to release 1 per day, it's... more>> 12, 44 years we're talking about.

Keep in mind that this novel is being translated since 04/2017 and has less than 280 chapters released at 09/2018, more than 500 days have gone by.

They ask for about 18 bucks for extra releases, so don't wait for something like 2k sponsored chapters because it would cost 36k usd in donations.

This means that we'll never finish these stories, so think about that before you start reading.

To make things worse, each chapter is always really small. The guy must be charging a dolar for each line translated. All novels I've read from them follow the same procedure.

Also, instead of focusing on one novel, they keep adding new novels to their site and keep the release pace so they can hook more fools that didn't like the previous novels, while milking the current ones.

As for the story of this one, it's nothing special, not good and not too bad. There are several plot holes, childish romance and simplistic battles. The MC is some peerless and agile killer when facing enemies but clumsy kid when close to the ML for sake of constantly tripping and having excuses to have physical contact with him. Her medical abilities makes no sense and came from nowhere. There are also abundant cliches that you have seen so many times in other novels.

The story is just meh, but at least this opened my eyes to the scam-like atitude of this translators. My advice is to keep away from anything released from Misty Cloud Translations. <<less
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Parpaing rated it
September 16, 2018
Status: c78
This novel is garbage, everything exists to emotionally validate the MC.

This is what a self-wank novel written by a woman looks like. Everything she does is absolutely perfect and everything she possesses is the best. She constantly pulls stuff out of her ass without any explanation about it.

Like the numerous times she set formation or how she knows how to make potions that regenerate Qi. She comes from the modern world without any magic. SO HOW does she know all these things ?

You could make the argument that the previous... more>> owner of the body knew how to set these formations, but that's wrong. Formations are apparently rare, since she never ran into one when she broke into houses and we haven't seen anyone else place them, so why should some two-bit female nobody that's got some very tr*shy cultivation know them?

As for potions, a recipe to make Qi-regenerating potions is apparently super-rare and worth a ton, and it doesn't look like the previous girl knew how to make potions. So it has to come from the MC, which knows about potions somehow, coming from the modern world. But that doesn't make sense since her world has no Qi.

There's also her martial art "Tai Chi" She teaches it to some random kid that's extremely malnourished and after 6 days of coaching, he somehow manages to be equal to some guy who trained martial arts for 20+ years. Sorry, I don't buy it.

This is such a stereotypical female MC in a cultivation world, when there are much better ones out there. No thought was put into the world, this is such a lazy novel, it only takes inspirations without ever trying to do something of its own.

The only interesting part is that she's disfigured, and it's done pretty badly. No one ever reacts badly to her scars, and when she wears a mask, everyone somehow finds that she's the prettiest girl in the world, because everyone's gotta emotionally validate her. She somehow knows how to cure her scars but never actively pursues it, moving the plot forward, making it her primary objective. No, she knows a way to cure it, gets some plant to create a potion, then it's never heard from again, and she stays disfigured. As for the vengeance plot ? Good luck with that. She encounters the girl who stole her identity and what does she do ? Play some mildly annoying prank on her to make her lose face. How f*cking petty.
There's no plot, she's just dragged along by her companions while acting like an edgy goody-two-shoes, waiting for some girl to offer up her virginity before curing her brother and finally revealing the girl she was one as well all along. <<less
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Kimchi759 rated it
July 26, 2018
Status: 259
I really struggled with this rating. I do like this novel, overall, but the usual flaws of cnovels came out in full force.

My main issues being:

    1. the use of sexual violence/r*pe (r*pe is used as a punishment multiple times)
    2. the h*mophobia, esp as it intersects with noncon/dubcon (eg. it's okay or funny when it's men being assaulted; gay men are predatory & gross)
    3. the reinforcement of gender roles & power dynamics in romance (eg. males must be stronger & women must be saved/Damsels in Distress, at least in front of their love interest)

1. Mainly "bad guys" getting r*ped as just desserts, but characters that aren't necessarily "bad" are also punished through forced prostitution.

2. The main character has a male persona which leads to predictable h*mophobia. Main character plays along sometimes, but mainly to see others squirm, and recoils in disgust other times.

3. The female lead is very strong, and very blessed. This is fine - it's actually enjoyable since she does have weak spots and people she knows to avoid challenging. What sucks is that the male lead, as per usual in these novels, is leagues stronger. Like, leagues. Enough to turn her into a Damsel in Distress needing to be rescued by him, despite her OP fantasy protag status. Y'know, as the male leads always have to be in these novels to reinforce the gender power dynamics in romanic pairs. (He also has her captured and put to work at his castle, which is a gross trope.)


These issues made it really, really hard to enjoy the novel.

Some of the positives include the female lead knowing her own limits; the female lead continuing to train and grow; the kind, caring family members; the ML not being a complete a**hole; and the existence of friendly, non-romantic characters (especially Leng Shuang as a friendly female character, even if servile). These were great aspects.

But the issues made me want to give the novel a 3* review.

I did so enjoy it when I numbed my brain cells to the flaws, stopped reading critically, and pretended I didn't know or care about the harmful effects this kinda media has... but yeah. It was painful reconciling the positives with the glaring negatives.
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LeeEzekiel rated it
August 25, 2017
Status: c100
Far too lacking in focus. It quickly becomes a half-baked xianxia with an inconsistent protagonist and side characters that don't really matter, while the main revenge plot is set aside for no good reason. Our MC is powerful enough that she can literally bring hell upon her "rival" whenever she wants (hell, even the original love interest would believe her in a heart beat) but she's too busy fighting off unrelated cultivators.

In other words, the revenge has become a trivial, hilariously easy side quest that the player can't get around... more>> to doing. <<less
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porkbuns rated it
June 21, 2017
Status: c68
Your typical female transmigration story:

    • Where a modern day assassin, of sort, (whose extremely proficient in medicine/poison) is transmigrated into the "tr*sh body of a general's daughter in a small and weak country
    • Where the original owner of the body is killed (suicide in this case) off by a love rival (an orphan that the original owner took off the streets)
    • Where we soon find out the body isn't actually tr*sh, but is in actuality a peerless talent
    • Where our MC is able to easily contracts a mythical beast (a newly born phoenix, which ends up taking on the shape of a little cubby child, due to the MC's imagination while the phoenix was being born)
but with some slight twists, that I found slightly refreshing:

    • The love rival takes on the appearance of the MC and steals her identity
    • The MC has a disfigured face (however, she'll probably heal that pretty early on)
    • The love rival is possibly another transmigrator from modern day (the MC think this is a possibility, since the love rival is able to perfectly take on the physical appearance of the MC)
    • The prince, that the MC is engaged to, actually likes (not just for her beauty, but also for her personality) the original MC (before she committed suicide) and has suspicions that the love rival (who now has the MC's appearance) is a fake
    • The original soul of the body actually talks to the MC for a little awhile (asks her to take revenge) before passing on

Main character: The main character is pretty interesting and is a likeable character so far. She is smart, resourceful, bold, and ruthless (the author also doesn't hammer in the fact that she's a former assassin over and over in order to explain all her skills).


I love how she shamelessly attached herself to that uncle/brother-in-law character she meets in the beginning, in order to get what she needs. The speed at which her power progresses seems to be pretty fast; 67 chapters in and she already has:

    • contracted a mythical beast (a phoenix)
    • a strong weapon (a sword used by her master)
    • a strong master (although he dies shortly after taking her as a disciple, since his physical body died a long time ago)
    • a peerless bodily physique that's all ready for some cultivation

Romance: Not sure if the love interest has shown up yet, but the possible love interests so far:

    • the prince that she's originally engaged to (chances are low, since he like the original person for her personality
    • the uncle/brother-in-law character (chances are higher since, they keep meeting up and she even saved his life once already; he also groped and kissed her by accident :P)
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sumii rated it
November 19, 2018
Status: c279
I started out really liking this novel because the MC was so strong, smart and very independent. However, as the story continues I begin to like it less and less. I find the MC to be too heartless. Her way of solving problems go against my morals. The whole killing everybody off (the whole clan) just because she can and the whole cage r*pe thing was just too much. As the MC, great power should mean great responsibility but it feels like she is abusing those power instead. Not the... more>> kind of MC that I respect and enjoy reading about.

Considering that it's over 5000 chapters long and still ongoing, I decide to drop it. I don't think I can take over 5000 chapters of her torturing people like this. I do however, really like the slow paced romance between her and the ML, but he too is crazy. Kidnapping doctors to help find a cure for him. Again, that whole abusing power thing. Just not my cup of tea. <<less
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obsessed-reader rated it
November 21, 2017
Status: c148
Don't let the bad reviews scare you. I did and didn't read this for a month and decided to read it on a whim the other day. Boy am I happy I read this. To be honest I don't want to say anything because this is a novel where going in blind is so much better. All you need to know is, is that the MC is a badass, cares for people she is close with, and likes to be evil to her enemies, slowly torturing them to death. I... more>> love it. Can't wait for more chapters <<less
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enklaires rated it
December 29, 2019
Status: c670
The first 500 chapters were okay. But after that... Sighs. The plot and characters are so s*upid, especially the main character. She's a reborn assassin from 21th century but act like a 5 years old kid. She's always picking fights and somehow she's always win and the enemies will suffer so much even though they did nothing wrong. The academy arc was so weird like, ... more>>

the main character supposed to hide her strength but she bought a super treasure in public, bring a big and strong black bear back to the academy, made rare pills that alarmed the heavenly tribulation thunders, stole the teacher's meals, shoved a pill that turn men to women into a master's mouth in public... etc etc.

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Meowkitsky rated it
August 7, 2018
Status: --
I'm actually impressed by how this novel could change from something I really liked into something I utterly dislike and have seen too many times before. You have this great, calm MC who lives up to the role as the heroine of this story turning into some clumsy damsel in distress. Before reaching chapter 180 and something, she was someone strong who had a goal in mind. She would take revenge for the original owner of her body and grow stronger, but now I don't know anymore.

I haven't read anything... more>> past 200 yet, but I hope for the story to not end up like ones I have read before. The stories where the typical "strong girl meets a stronger man and instead of growing stronger she just becomes some clumsy damsel in distress" formula. I don't think I need to worry about this to happen because of the MC's calm composure.

Sorry for bad grammar. I'm working on it -, - <<less
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Nuinui rated it
June 23, 2018
Status: c247
A decent revenge transmigration story with a very likable MC. I'd say the story is better than most Xuanhuan novels I've read, though Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss is still the best. Overall, if you're looking for a quick-read to binge through, it's ideal. The MC is so badass it's awesome.


  • Romance looks to be rather slow-paced, as the story is focused on the MC gaining strength and improving cultivation right now. MC didn't fall in love at first sight with the ML.
  • The MC actually has allies and kind family members, unlike the "lone wolves" of other stories whose entire family hates them.
  • The MC has a mischievous, playful, and lazy personality. She actually shows emotions to people she cares about. Also, she's really shameless when it comes to hot guys (looking at you, ML!).
  • Surprisingly hilarious moments because the MC is so shameless. She gets a lot of other people in trouble or catches them off-guard with her attitude.
  • ML is not the typical black-bellied jerk that seems to be common in Chinese novels. He actually has an agenda, which has yet to be revealed. Also, so far he's not creepy when it comes to the MC. It's honestly hilarious, seeing how the MC is always messing with him.


  • MC is really OP. Some may think of this as a good thing, but sometimes too much of a good thing is a bad thing. I love OP characters, but holy cow, this girl defines OP. So far any trouble she's faced is obliterated under her powers. Don't expect her to deal with enemies with underhand scheming or planning, because she just flat out murders them.
  • Don't expect an intricate, complex plot here. As mentioned above, the MC pretty much has the "kill first, ask questions later" attitude. I've been too used to reading about MCs who methodically plan out their enemies' destruction, so it's kind of a shock to see the MC just slaughtering people who threaten her. I get why she does that, but it still makes me cringe a little bit because the consequences of her actions become plot fodder. (And we know she'll just kill her way out of any trouble anyway.)
  • Cultivation part of the story sucks. Don't read this if you're here for the cultivation, because the MC just skips through each stage like it's water. I didn't even bother with memorizing the titles of the stages.
  • Story feels rushed at times. I know the story is of the Xuanhuan genre, but damn, things are always happening and trouble is always brewing because of some idiot (s) always pissing the MC off. At first it wasn't so annoying, but now I feel the MC is getting a bit sidetracked from her original goal. This can be reasoned with by her whimsical, "devil-may-care" attitude, but the MC actually has people she cares about now, so it's kind of weird how she's not in a rush or anything to get back to them.
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Thelastmelody rated it
September 9, 2019
Status: c500
I am sad.

I really liked this early on, and wanted to keep liking it, but the male lead is just so, off-putting. And the romance is shoddy at best. Not to mention how coincidences just keep happening to force the poor romance, and how the main character just, somehow, loses all her wits around the male lead. It's far beyond being "starstruck", it's at the level of proximal lobotomization (as in, the character acts like she's been lobotomized whenever he's around). It's just painful, especially because we've been shown that... more>> she is smart.

I am sad. <<less
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LacusClyne rated it
December 3, 2017
Status: c3735
Interesting read. It's a transmitigation story but there are different twists in how the heroine gets her powers. She has to work hard at cultivation and there are times when she loses to a more powerful force. Both the MC and ML have likable personalities and when they get together, it's super sweet. The ML's subordinates are hilarious in the way they interact with everyone.
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Sufran rated it
May 27, 2017
Status: c43
It’s too soon to be sure, but so far looks good.

The MC is more or less a modern super-agent (with medical, fighting, poison skills), but suddenly she wake up in the worse situation, she doesn’t how she die, she has transmigrated to the past, and is in the poisoned body of a teenager girl who have been abducted, disfigured, sold to a brothel, and is the verge of being r*ped.

There the adventures beggingShe have to survive, find her place in this new word, and fulfill a promise to the former... more>> owner of the body.

There is some: fighting, trying to cure herself, trying to cultivate power, meeting weirdoes, traveling, making contracts, and more.

Writing and translation are good enough. Some mystery, some funny moments, more than the average getting insanity strong in one day and fight to the top.

But seriously it’s too soon to be sure, but so far it’s promising. <<less
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hastingsj rated it
March 23, 2020
Status: c1239
There are a lot of transmigration novels about a female badass super spy and/or crime lord who goes back in time to become an overpowered genius of medicine/posion. They also always seem to be refeered to as the "ghost doctor" and run around disguised as men. Its basically a trope at this point.

When it comes to the above^^ you can pretty much take your pick of which novel is THE ONE you are gonna champion as the best version of this story line.

For me it is THIS ONE. Mesmerizing Ghost... more>> Doctor is my favorite of the wuxia adventure genre. The main character is witty and fun in a way that reminds me of a female Wei Wuxian (from The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation). Her petty revenges are so entertaining you just cant wait for people to cross her. And while the Dragon Ball Z style level ups might be infinite (it IS a cultivation novel), she does start out much weaker than all the other characters and has to work her way up which is super gratifying to see.

The romance aspect is also really fun & cute

as it starts out with a kidnapping and ends with the protagonist trolling her captor so bad he starts to question his sanity/sexuality. Our girl is not about to get stockholm syndrome (cant say the same for her captors)


Its been a long time since ive started on this novel and newly translated chapters still get me super excited (the tranlastion listed on Novelupdates is not up to date. A quick google search will lead you to it). I have consitered reading further with MTL, but the translation is good and the update speed is well paced for this kind of long term adventure. Im well past a thousand chapters and I am still HOOKED

One thing you should be aware of before starting: This novel is first and foremost an ADVENTURE EPIC, not a ROMANCE. The chapters with the male lead are 100% THE most hilarious and entertaining parts, but our girl does not need a man to make a story (dont expect him to be super prominant. He shows up for an arc or two, but comes and goes after). While he is a fully fleshed character, hes not the focus of the story. The MC has a life/family/an empire to look after. She makes some very clear rules that the ML needs to respect her and give her space. There are a lot of other interesting characters to meet besides the romance partner. <<less
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August 16, 2019
Status: c83
RECOMMENDED? : YES... I think so???

As of Chapter 83:

Not gonna drop this... yet.

Although I find it rather lacking in many areas, I'm still willing to tolerate it because I feel like it's not that bad, compared to other CN novels of the same type I've read before. The circumstances she was in and her reactions to it is still tolerable to me as it isn't as illogical and unreasonable as the others. Although I find it disappointing when a lot of details about HOW she gets stronger were omitted. Like,... more>> we aren't really given much, at all. 83 chaps in and I don't know her strength relative to the people of the world she transmigrated to.


She can kill strong opponents, I mean she killed that young guy from the get go then another 3 strong martial warriors, but she says she's still weak, which is confusing. Maybe she's weak by her standards? But if so, author should've given that distinction. If she's so great in the 21st century, she would def be able to tell her level of strength relative to everyone.

Also, she was given a lot of treasures by her master to help her cultivate but bit*h still hasn't checked them out? If she had, why aren't the readers made aware of it? It would be awesome to know how great those many treasures are and how they could help her in her cultivation.

I mean I appreciate the fast pace of the timeline, at least I wasn't made to read hundreds of chapters that only encompass days or weeks in their time. But I do need to know DETAILS regarding the MC's road to power.


The secondary characters are very briefly introduced to the point that I don't know how they really look like i.e Uncle is bearded and Big Bro is.. uh.. big? Burly? Then Leng Shuang is beautiful? That's about it. The description of the character, even including the MC, is SEVERELY LACKING, that it makes me miss the nauseously & overly repetitive description of other novels of how the MC has face to topple a country or how a ML is soooo handsome females just drop dead with one look.

The overall scarcity of descriptive and imaginative words renders the characters and the world they're living in one-dimensional, boring, really, which makes it hard to get attached to.

I am still willing to give this a chance since I like the freshness of the MC who is mostly easy-going and indolently lazy, she only turns ice-cold and murderous when on the hunt. I'm also waiting to see how she'd go about her villain face-slapping. If it's to my satisfaction, I'd continue reading and ignore all that I find lacking. If not, there's always other novels to check out. <<less
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Sam7 rated it
March 2, 2019
Status: c3507
This novel is pretty ok. You can count on a faithful romance between the 2 leads. I've MTL-ed this novel and theres a lot of fights of magical powers, leveling up and face-slapping, that I feel account for 90% of the novel so far that I've read, which is actually not interesting to me. But for some reason I'm still reading. It must be because the heroine is a strong female lead. Shes pretty cool and levelheaded, smart, kind, strong when the situation calls for it. The ML is pretty... more>> okay too, he's supportive and sweet.


3490'ish is when they get married.


Its a good novel but, I feel its lacking something, its not making me 'feel' enough. Like I don't feel anticipation, or worry or sadness, cuz the FL's got this in the bag and you know everythings gonna be ok. On another note I feel bad for the supporting male character. He's so sweet, and faithful and loyal. So far the story is okay, but nothing really impactful or profound so 3.5 stars. <<less
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Danmei_Empress rated it
June 20, 2018
Status: --
Finally a novel with an assassin as the female lead that really has the air of an assassin. She doesn't need to rely on the Male lead and lives her own life, building her own forces of brothers and sisters. She can take her revenge without needing the status of her future husband.

She can be ruthless when someone tries to take advantage of her and maybe it sometimes could be counted as to much. But you need to know that when someone who has been the leader of an assassination... more>> squad/organization, she has to have the skills and the ruthlessness to let their subordinates obey.

Well, I will put this female lead in my top three. Together with the one from Genius doctor: black belly miss and King of Hell.

It has a lot of comedy, a light touch of romance and some action to make the perfect mix.

I am so happy that I found this one.

Definitely recommending this one! <<less
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calypsoxin rated it
April 22, 2021
Status: c580
This story makes no sense.

We aren't told about the MC's previous life, and normally that'd be okay but she somehow excels at both assassination and medicine, things all female xianxia protagonists need to have that makes them overpowered and different from others. Her "medical skills" only amount to herb-finding, and there's nothing else written about her medical skills, only the potion-making skills of the world she transmigrated into that she knows for some reason and is apparently a goddess at it without any guidance or formal teaching despite being from... more>> a modern world.

If I had a dollar for every time the author describes and emphasises on the appearance of the MC and ML, I'd probably have enough to binge-read chapters on other translators' sites.

The author mentions the cultivation system once and doesn't go into it after that. We know there's two cultivation types, but the author likes to drop the rankings (?) of cultivators (e.g. "Golden Core" and "Martial Emperor") and we're just supposed to know how strong each one is? We only know the MC currently isn't a match for them cultivation-wise, but is able to match up to them because of her Tai Chi skills, something that every fighter in the novel goes "oooh wow I wanna learn" at.

I don't think this novel was thought through since the scenes that are meant to be awe-inspiring when the MC deals with the enemies are just... meh. She exchanges boring banter with them before killing them at the speed of light, but it's always done in front of a crowd... for that ego boost, I presume.


The author also casually adds in a r*pe scene and uses it as relationship development between the MC's grandpa and his old flame (she forced herself into his room when he was under the influence of alcohol, because "he was taking too long to face his feelings and make a move"), but brushes it off because both parties have affectionate feelings for each other. The three people who know about this (grandfather included) all find no problem with this, which I guess says a lot about the author who would even use r*pe as a plot device.

Dropped it because of this, but I should've seen the signs and dropped it earlier. <<less
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November 5, 2020
Status: c1615
I got tired in reading this novel because it was really long. I ended up reading it up to 1615. The rest I read the spoilers.

For me... Well, the novel was okey. The only problem was it was too long and had alot of twist so I think it was fine.

Maybe in future I'll continue to read it, but now, I got tired so I'll stop for now.
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