Renegade Immortal


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Wang Lin is a very smart boy with loving parents. Although he and his parents are shunned by the rest of their relatives, his parents always held high hopes that he will one day become someone great. One day, Wang Lin suddenly gained the chance to walk the path of an immortal, but found that he only had mediocre talent at best. Watch Wang Lin as he breaks through his lack of talent and walks the path towards becoming a real immortal!

Associated Names
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Immortal Rebel
Tiên Nghịch
Xian Ni
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April 29, 2019
Status: c451
I've heard many people praising this novel to high heavens so I decided to give it a go. I got to chapter 451 and I just can't take it anymore. Multiple times the MC becomes a complete retard even though he is supposed to be this "ruthless and cunning old monster." There is also the absurd and plain wrong use of measurements and the size of things, regarding moving around and teleporting. I just can't deal with the fact that at some points of the story the MC can move... more>> thousands of times faster than earlier without any sort of power up or magic treasure etc.

I really like most of the story, like 9/10 like, but there are way too many minor things that are plain stupid and I just can't deal with it anymore. When I'm reading a novel I really immerse myself in to the story and focus heavily on what I'm reading so too many stupid mistakes can ruin it for me.

It feels to me that the author forgets way too many things about his own novel and that leads to all of these minor mistakes in the story. If you can forgive these small mistakes or don't notice them then you probably enjoy this novel a lot, but I wouldn't recommend this novel to any HC fantasy fans.

I'm guessing part of the reason that I'm dropping this novel is that I read everything in one go. So in these five days I spent reading this novel I just got irritated too many times by the mistakes in the story. I probably wouldn't have noticed this if I read less each day, but I blazed through the chapters reading twelve hours a day.

~~~TLDR: If you can look past the large amount of small mistakes in the story you will probably love this novel, because the story itself is top notch. <<less
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Varno rated it
September 10, 2018
Status: --
Poorly written and not successfully fleshed out.

I don't get the hype for this, it is boring. He does nothing exciting, it is slow, and really depressing to read. Originally, I read the mahwa, some years ago. The art played a part in drawing me in, without it, this story is boring.

He flies around, in places that aren't properly described, killing people we have no emotional bearings to, and insofar; that's it.

This may change in coming chapters, but I've had enough.

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MaceTheDon rated it
August 23, 2018
Status: c1010
MC is forever the type of guy to have cold eyes, a gloomy expression & nothing able to affect his mind cos of his sheer will power... A really grating type of MC, solely focusing on Cultivation & having no fun whatsoever outside of that = boring af MC.

On the romance side of things which are usually good for adding a light hearted sort of tone to the story, this is pretty much non-existent here with MC ... more>>

only giving 2 sh*ts about his bird when she's literally on her death bed, talk about frustrating to say the least.

Poor characterisation as well (at least none that stand out for me anyway).

The only good points is the Action/Face smacking & even then that gets tiresome after a while.

*Now I wish I rated it 2 stars, but can't seem to change it... <<less
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Fish Aristicrat
Fish Aristicrat rated it
August 7, 2018
Status: c1039
An interesting novel with excellent world building, a decent premise, and some of my favorite characters from any novel (Situ is the best). Another solid work from Er Gen, with swift and quality translations to boot. And though some parts may seem to drag the way I see it they're always setting up for interesting payoffs which make the waits quite worth it. All and all if your looking for something to read that you could just sink into this might be the novel for you.
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chrispatrickuy rated it
August 6, 2018
Status: c1037
Renegade Immortal is an awesome novel. I have been following it for about a year now. The twists and turns during the adventures of Wang Lin have been quite enjoyable. I am particularly fond of the approach to his cultivation and his journey of seeking the Dao. Definitely would recommend this!
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spalk rated it
August 4, 2018
Status: --
ISSTH and AWE are two of my favourite novels but this is really bad.I pushed myself to read till 160. There is no mystery, no suspence, no interesting techniques. The MC is really boring. He used to be a good guy who wanted to cultivate to please his parents but after their death he becomes a ruthless killer.I don't have a problem with him killing but it is just that. He has no personality and no special traits. All the story is the same. He meets useless people who want... more>> to kill him, he kills them and then other people come for revenge.

In ISSTH the MC likes to earn money and cheat people which makes him interesting. He also has a goal, he wants to be strong to find out about his parents.

In AWE the MC is presented as pure but he ruins everything around him in a very funny way which makes him very likeable. He also has a goal, to be immortal.

In this the MC doesnt have a trait. He just kills people. He doesnt practice techniques he just cultivates. He isnt even clever. He doesnt have an extra skill like for example potions. He doesnt have friends or romantic interests. He doesnt even speak much.

I can't understand why people rate this so high. The only way that I pushed myself ro read till 160 is because this is Er Gen's work but really it was a waste of time. <<less
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HSmo rated it
August 1, 2018
Status: --
Renegade Immortal or Xian Ni as we used to call it back when I started on it, is another one of Er Gen’s masterpieces. One that will take the reader through a roller coaster of emotions.

Marked as a tragedy the reader will go through all the plights of loss that Wang Lin experiences. But it is satisfying none the less with the scaling and friends he makes across his journey. The romance is unique in how it thaws his heart over time and then hits your where it hurts, I... more>> suppose you can say that even I got emotionally attached. All of this takes place in a vast world consisting of various realms and levels with a great history behind each one. Did I mention he also collects various beasts and such for battle.

Coming to read RI is like being by the side of an ancient master it humbles you. Truly one of my best reads yet. 10/10 <<less
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oli0202 rated it
May 28, 2018
Status: c206
This story was fairly interesting for some time but MC is just too unlikable for me. He is pretty likeable at the start and then becomes worse and worse. Zero friends or love interests or any sort of friendly face really. World seems interesting but characters are extremely bland and 2 dimensional. Anyone who thinks humans would become like this is insane in the head

His mother and father are both strong points of motivation for him and yet his mother doesn't have a name and is introduced as mom of... more>> MC

I really want to like this novel but there isn't much to like <<less
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sakura_0625 rated it
May 23, 2018
Status: --

I really like the MC of this one. It is one of those novels that really attached me to the character. For those saying that he has a horrible character because he walks the path of slaughter, you are just all wrong. He became a mass murderer because the first time he spared someone, it costs the lives of everyone from his clan. Then he knows that if you have a kind heart in their world, you will be the one that will be killed. Then sh*t happens.


One of the greatest!!
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VvvV1225 rated it
May 14, 2018
Status: c650
One of best character growth I have seen in a novel, the transition from a naive/foolish young boy into an adult man is well done.

... more>>

The MC transition from a naive boy into a mass murderer sociopath.


The world building, story development and plot transition are nearly perfect.

The only downside are:


The world is just too dark for me, and MC is just a psychopath. (ATG's MC can be considered a saint compared to Wang Lin)



I haven't finished the novel, but the romance is......... might as well consider the novel doesn't contain romance

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Adyanthaya rated it
April 23, 2018
Status: c821
It's a very unique story... but one of the finest!! Non-stop thrills and chills in this one. The character, story development, pacing is just perfect. None of those copy paste scenarios unlike other novels where you go through the same plot & dialogues again and again. Er Gen is simply the best! You've basically an MC who's brought up into a cruel ruthless world where he's just trying to survive and live in peace. His character's more like an assasin cold, dark n gloomy yet with a warm heart.

No... more>> it's not a harem story. Just a simply love story.

The only downside is despite the translator doing a good job it has UNSTABLE releases.... someone else needs to pick this novel or help him out to translate before more readers start dropping it out of frustration.

P.S- Worth it

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DarkD rated it
June 14, 2016
Status: --
Yes, I dropped the series quickly. Although it wasn't because of any realism problems or anything like that. It's because every page of the book was depressing. I thought the writing seemed pretty good for an Asian novel. I seriously couldn't stand how drawn out and depressing the opening was. Chapter after chapter of this horrible downward spiral where the protagonist gets his dreams trampled on over and over. For the first fifteen chapters at least, EVERYTHING turns out as depressing as it can possibly be. The fact that telling... more>> you that spoils the first half of the first book should make you reconsider reading this. When the answer to every question is the same, you can't help but blame the author. <<less
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Doropyan rated it
May 7, 2016
Status: c154
Rating: 3
Reviewed at Chapter 154

What attracted me to this webnovel initially was the dark MC. At the start he was genuinely untalented, someone who uses his brain
... more>>

at the start anyway. Gotta say his morals go screwed up we got past the 70s.

Even when he first gets that mystical bead he doesn't immediately power up like many MCs of other webnovels. His hard work still puts him at the bottom of the hierarchy.

So the first 70 chapters or so were great. I quite liked the writing style and pace. I tried not to think too much about the whole

'you killed my talented great great grandson even though he was going against the town rules enforced by his own family, so I'll just go and massacre your family.'

revenge logic. I liked how MC is not an evil-only-because-I'm-misunderstood character but his morals really do get skewed. It's refreshing.

What I didn't like was that even though MC was powering up, cultivating, going on adventures and seemingly working towards revenge which honestly is only present when we're reminded through a specific sentence or two after tens of chapters, the goals felt so insignificant. Is his long-term goal really long term? I didn't feel or understand how badly he wanted to achieve some things. I think that's mainly due to the lack of emotional description. There's more explanation than description for sure. Romance is basically non-existent.

I'll push through with this novel since I'm still slightly curious of where the MC is headed but it's probably something I'll also read on and off. I just need to remind myself not to question motives and reasons. It's survival of the fittest in the world of Xian Ni. <<less
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Redmi rated it
April 8, 2019
Status: c1546
This novel is only the second Er Gen novel I have read. The first one, ISSTH, has been kinda dropped by me after the drastic drop of quality after the point where Meng Hao's cultivation went past Spirit Severing. This one instead has its ups and downs, but generally the story-line quality has been kept consistently decent even after more than a thousand chapters.

This novel has the longest prologue period I have ever seen though. This novel only properly begins after

... more>>

Li Muwan dies, some time after 300 chapters or so. Wang Lin's quest to revive her is basically the overarching plot of this novel.


And his adventures when doing exactly that, where he participates in auctions, slapping the faces of arrogant young masters, become an alchemist, a carver, a mortal, a 'rapist' et al. Those adventures are far more interesting than Meng Hao's, which makes me wonder what happened to Er Gen between those two novels. Probably too much peyote. <<less
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Seven Nights
Seven Nights rated it
August 29, 2018
Status: c35
All of all the novels, I have read, this one is possibly one of my favourites. You know, I usually like stories with op mcs, this however, was kind of a different tatse. The protagonist isn't op from the very start, from what I have heard, he slowly gets op instead. This usually bothered me, but somehow, this novel managed to avoid that feeling. It slowly builds up the story, it even took quite a while for him to reach the first level of cultivation, somehow, I didn't stop reading... more>> and continued on. I like it, so far. <<less
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Hanoman93 rated it
July 30, 2018
Status: --
Hesy There...

I am new here as a novel reader, so I dont have so much understanding about novel I only had read a few novel like MGA, PMG and of course all novel from Er Gen (RI, ISSTH, PotT, and AWE)..

Actually Renegade Immortal is the First novel I read, it started when I over-curiosity about the story of the its Manhua (arc. when Wang Lin got Killed by that old Teng Hua), so I search in google and found that it actually adopted from Novel...

so, since then I keep update... more>> reading RI until I meet last chapter. so, I also began to read one of Er Gen novel (ISSTH) wich was complete on wuxia..

So, about RI I cant really determine its the best novel ever.. but as a beginner of novel reader I really love RI (include all Er Gen Novel).. its just amazing on how PLOT and SCHEME are brilliant, how we never get boring on the Story-Line, and how from beginning til now we keep our heart skip a bit of how our MC keep struggle on his path of cultivation.. its really wonderful and great story to keep us reader curios of what would happen next.... But sometime I rather pity for our MC. He keep fight and struggle for his safety and his path for cultivation.. but there is almost never he feel how wondrous its feeling for have a piece day with his beloved Wan'er.. once he reunite with Wan'er she already dying.. I even cant hold my tear drop-down on that arc...

Hope he will meet his happiness later on.

(sorry for bad ENGLISH) :) <<less
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daoistfengmeng rated it
July 27, 2018
Status: v8c1009
Renegade Immortal is in its essence a true cultivation story. It is unlike your typical xianxia where the MC is just an idiot who becomes the strongest through some dumb luck. Everyone in this world is cunning, brutal, and cruel in their own way that displays what would indeed be a realistic cultivation world. And the growth of the MC who is thrown into this world, as he changes and adapts so he can become strong, taking risks to defy the heavens, can be really exciting and sometimes almost heart-wrenching.... more>> All in all, great novel, I really recommend this to anyone whether they are a veteran or a person who never read xianxia novels before.

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LyfesLife rated it
July 27, 2018
Status: c1007
As always, Er Gen's novel always keep me intrigued and help me get up in the morning or stay up at night waiting for releases no matter which of his novels, including Renegade Immortal! Although it is much more serious compared to his other novels being translated at WuxiaWorld, it does a fantastic job at bringing in readers, keeping them in suspense during fights and plot developments, and has some of the best cultivator to mortal arcs I've ever read... period.
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Demonsheart rated it
July 26, 2018
Status: c1006
Like every Er Gen novel RI takes time to build up story, character and pace, however once everything is set and ready to go, you are in for a ride. The momentum keeps on building and it only gets better and better. Wang Lin (MC) ’s character is the best out of like 50+ webnovels I have read so far-cold, calculating, decisive and scheming. Every new chapter just makes the story better and I was never once disappointed. The only thought after everytime I read renegade immortal is, “ MORE,... more>> MORE, MORE!!!” <<less
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dreamhaven rated it
July 25, 2018
Status: c1000
Whew, it really has been a Long run, since reading this novel years back, those whom still remember, in the pass Renegade only posts twice per week on Saturday and Sunday, Luke and Rex both tackle the novel themselves, time files! But let’s get on with it! So far the at the point where I read, the world is so huge, there is so many things that could occur that leaves my imagination to run wild! I really recommend anyone who is reading this now, to give it a try... more>> and don’t give up early in the story, sometimes it might confuse or frustrate you, but just continue and you will be amazed. One of my best takeaway I love regarding this novel is how the author doesn’t forget the past issues that have been left hanging, it give me a feeling that the author kept in mind the whole picture, and doesn’t leave holes in the story. Well, it is my most favourite story I follow nowadays! Good job Rex!

[Disclaimer: This is just a personal opinion] <<less
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