Rebirth of the Little Military Wife


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After Tang Huai’s white lotus cousin and husband betrayed and caused her death she wakes up to find out she has been reborn to the 80’s when she was 14. This starts her journey to change her life around and protect her mother and two sisters. She resolves to stay away from the husband in her first life and strives to better herself. Her paternal family is horrid, shameless and constantly scheming against her and her family. Tang Huai’s mother is weak and spineless, so she has to become the family head and support the family. The villagers look down on her family and have bad opinions of them, especially of her mother. Tang Huai, little by little, changes their minds and earns their admiration. She gives many villagers ideas on how to earn money and teaches many of the women how to cook delicious food to sell. With the knowledge and skills of her first life she starts businesses, earns money and meets new friends and allies. Throughout her journey she falls in love and raises from poverty, all the while face slapping bullies, schemers and white lotuses.

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tatiavivi rated it
May 17, 2020
Status: c18
Story is very engaging. Like you'll get hooked when reading.

For the plot, its very new to me since its rural like compared to usual modern romance.

I love how FL improve and uses all advantage brought by her rebirth.
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September 9, 2020
Status: c77
k let me start with the summary. This story setting is not situated in 80's. Author mentions laws only for story progression. Forget about 80's its not even 90's. Its a mixture of 80's - 2000's.

... more>>

take the example of cycle. Everyone in the village have cycle.i mean in 80's it was still difficult to buy cycles. Also school, points. 🙄🙄🙄


then there's our OP MC. I mean what to say before rebirth she was naive little girl but after rebirth she does something new, oh she learnt it in last life.

Then, the timeline. I think this is the least messed up as its mentioned less.

If you really want to read this please turn off your brain and just read whatever every chapter offers.

its a mind numbing novel. Enjy ~~~ <<less
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May 29, 2020
Status: --
It's more on slice of like kinda romance with a lot of family drama plus... MC's journey from a timid little abused and harrased village girl to a brave strong rich and influential person... which I loved a lot❤❤

Side characters and their love stories r good as well... do give theis one a chance...

Btw there's some supernatural thing in the plot too... it's constant.. it's not like the supernatural element will appear out of nowhere...

Basically she owns a SCORPION which is connected to her by soul... if it dies she... more>> dies and if she dies it dies as well... it helps MC a lot in the novel too <<less
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