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On the distant Tianxiu Planet, there exists a group of unusual and intelligent beings. They consist of neither children nor elders. They have neither birth nor real death. They are born into the world through an extremely special process and have managed to keep their fundamental memories of survival through their endless reincarnations.

They are the Tianxiu people.

For every Tianxiu person, if they find someone they like and want to bind as partners with each other — then they would have to go through a life or death Adult Ceremony. The winner of the ceremony will become the absolute dominant in this spousal relationship.

While the defeated one will be referred to as — Qizi.

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Khế Tử
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New ria.green rated it
January 25, 2020
Status: c35
Damn, I've been waiting like ten years for a new update, so hopefully someone picks this up soon.

Side characters are interesting, and MC and ML are both real people with faults. I like the dynamic between the MC and ML, which goes from one-sided antagonism to rivalry to friendship to something new. I'm usually uncomfortable with lopsided power dynamics where one party seeks to control and dominate the other. (Cough - looking at you, ABO universe where omegas are treated like 2nd class citizens. Hello, if you wanted brutal realism... more>> about sexism and misogyny in society, you could just go read Handmaid's Tale. Or like, just look at real life.) It strikes me as depressing rather than sexy.

However, this novel seeks to tackle that issue in a nuanced, mature way. It explores the question of - is it really possible for love and genuine trust to bloom when one person is given the "keys to the kingdom" and the other person can only trust that they won't abuse this power? If you want to read a lighthearted fluffy story, look elsewhere. If you're open to more of a rollercoaster journey and a dark undertone, give this a try. <<less
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Sinsey rated it
March 11, 2018
Status: --
Hm? I see there's no review yet! Well then let me tell you, This is one great BL and it's a plus with the sci fi genre which I absolutely love! I'm not great with words but I definitely recommend this. The only thing I regret is that I wish I would've found this much later maybe then I wouldn't need to painfully wait for the updates everyday 💔
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Reitian rated it
September 22, 2018
Status: Completed
First of all, I can say that I do understand that the subject matter may be too heavy or offensive to some people. The main characters do start off as annoying teenagers after all. However, I strongly feel that this novel is the wonderful result of great world building. It constantly challenged the reader's perspective so that in the end, even the novel's premise was over turned.

... more>>

From the very beginning, as the title; in the introduction to the novel; and as a central idea, the novel is set up for the reader to question, "What exactly does Qizi mean?" In order to find the answer to this question, we must first understand the setting.

Thankfully, the novel does a superb job of pulling you into its world. As I was reading, every time I questioned the setting, the author would find a way to answer. Whether it was by giving a lecture, going on a field trip, or whispered rumors, the author finds interesting ways to give us information.

The pacing of the novel is superb, yet feels a little too structured. Whenever something bad happens, you know that there will be something sweet and fluffy to soften the blow, yet when it becomes so sweet that you can feel your teeth rot, you know that a bitter segment is coming up.

Within this somewhat rigid formula, the author is able to tie up any and all loose ends. In fact, the last segment starts over from 4000 years before the main characters meet. That doesn't mean this novel is perfect. I did have some questions regarding the choices some characters made, their logic, and a few tiny OOC moments.

I was also disappointed when I got to the end because it felt rather flat. I felt like there was quite a bit of build up for it to end in a way that didn't get to display how the main characters grew to love and accept each other.

After all, growth of the major characters was also a huge part of the novel and it does a good job of transitioning the main couple from rivals to friends to lovers. I really liked how the side characters influenced them. They took other people's experiences as life lessons and used it to grow as people, adding a touch of reality to this somewhat fantasy sci-fi setting. Again, I did feel that some parts were kind of anti climatic since they were written off as "this is coded into our genes and we can't fight it."

Personally, I feel like some of the central themes in this novel include the questions "What is love?" and "What does it mean to be human?" Once you find the answers to these questions, the main question, "What is a Qizi?" can finally be answered.

Armed with this knowledge, Ling Xiao and Ying Feng were able to overcome the unfair relationship between Qizhu and Qizi and develop a love that could surpassed the system and overcame all obstacles. It set an example for an entire planet, if not the universe, and they overcame space and time to come together in the end. Their love lasted 4000 years, and may continue another 4000.

However, the side characters can't be forgotten either. Each couple had a different form of love that progressed very logically. One way or another, every single character was motivated by the word "love". Every action, no matter how atrocious or benevolent, was done in the name of "love". I like how the author explored the different kinds of relationships that can be formed between two people.


The translator does wonderful work and their taste in novels is good. I look forward to their future works. <<less
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mrews rated it
August 2, 2018
Status: Completed
Another review in this page says that based on the narration from the 1st chapter, that it would be hard for the characters to have a healthy and loving relationship. Well, let me assure you, that at the end of the novel, the characters will have a healthy and loving relationship developed slowly over the course of the story.

The story of Qizi consist on three parts/books; the first part introduces you to the world and characters of Tianxiu and how the two main lead become Qizi/Qizhu pair, the second book... more>> is about how this two unlikely pair tolerates and then fall in love with each other, and the third book is about

the whole myth of Tianxu and how the system of Qizi/Qizhu come to be

. The story is HE but there's a lot of angst, so prepare a lot of tissue.

The main character may seem annoying at first but after many doormat shou/uke protagonist is refreshing to see a protagonist who is willing to stand up for himself while the ML is the typical low EQ gong (but he gets better in the end), despite this the characters are complex and the relationship between the two are probably the highlight on my reading of this story. The supporting cast is colorful and memorable on some parts, but unfortunately the main villain seems shallow but still functional.

The world of Tianxu is very interesting and the story goes in-depth about it. The system of sub/dom will get explained later in a reasonable way. Overall, this is a very good and engaging story. If you like sci-fy, good world building, complex and memorable characters, you'll love this story. <<less
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Violet Grace
Violet Grace rated it
July 14, 2018
Status: Completed
This is the first novel I completed through MTL and I absolutely love it. I like how the MC and ML relationship develops. Some people may be afraid of this novel bc of the summary but their relationship is really harmonious and they respect and love each other. There may be some controlling in the beginning because of the setting of this novel but it doesn't take that long. After MC has gone through the disorder period after adult ceremony, their relationship slowly develops. Thr ML doesn't control MC with... more>> his qizhu rights. He does this only if it is really necessary. You will like this couple more reading through the novel. The world setting is mystery after mystery but they got solved one after another. Oh MC and ML are lovers through many reincarnations and they will get the happy ending (sort of. You will know this when you reach the end. Remember they love each other regardless of time and era) After all, this is not a fluffy story but the main couple interaction are really cute. I will follow the translation bc I want to read this again and again. <<less
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April 18, 2018
Status: c74
Interesting novel

The characters are all complex and well developed.

It's kinda like runaway guide. Omega = birth machine, while qizi = more or less like a death sentence.

I love the main characters growths especially their relationship.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
puffiness123 rated it
June 29, 2018
Status: Complete
I love this story. There's a lot of world building and I like the concept of the created world despite its inequality concepts.


I also love the two main characters and their romance. This story has a lot of surprising elements. But I don't want to spoil it.

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kikiji rated it
April 24, 2018
Status: c1
I only read the first chapter before stopping because of the premonition I had from the teacher's explanation of their world and social structure as well as from the characters introduced. I can't foresee a good relationship coming out of this novel- in fact I would be very surprised and if the main pairing do develop a healthy, loving relationship with great chemistry. I would love for someone to pm me and let me know it actually turned out alright despite all odds. (But beware that if you do pm... more>> me about them I'm free to message you back with everything I find poorly done about them should the reading experience indeed prove as torturous as I predict it to be. Yes, as you can see I'm very skeptical about this one.)

Other than the fact that the relationship won't be able to keep me reading (and how I've already started disliking the characters introduced) the world building isn't anything great either. Despite how desperate it is to point out how different their society is from others (aka ours) the author is unable to pull away from our world. It feels like this society, which has an interesting initial concept, is stuck halfway between establishing it's own unique itself and clinging to the concepts, ideas, and standards from our world. Perhaps I was expecting too much.

Not much can be said about the writing either but then again it's already been established that most novels here shouldn't be held up to too high of a standard. (1. Because there're a lot of trashy novels translated. Some are incredibly lovable but you can't deny they are trashy at the same time. Of course there are a few exceptions. 2. Translations and culture barriers can sometimes really hinder us from appreciating them at their best even if they are considered "great" writing.) But this writing is low even by these standards.

To sum it up, I couldn't stay for the characters, the interactions, the relationships, the world building, or the writing. Of course I only got as far as the first chapter before I made these assumptions so you can take it with a grain of salt. (But honestly I've spent my entire life reading- I can see the signs. PM me if I'm proven wrong and this turned out to be a wonderful novel. I'd be delighted.) <<less
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KimiKazoo rated it
September 21, 2018
Status: Completed
Lets see. This book is really good, but really requires a lot of patience. Therefore, best read when there are a lot of chapters out.

The story is so bleak and hopeless in the beginning. It is hard to imagine that any positive relationship and happy ending can result. And I guarantee you will be CRYING like no tomorrow in the first 1/3 of the story. The tears will be of sadness, frustration, and anger. I remember reading and crying at 4am in the morning and cursing at the ill fate... more>> and unfairness that the MC and various other characters have faced. But when you think about it, a story that can cause THAT much emotions must be a good story in a way. Right?

But I promise, the feelings fade as the story goes on. I cannot promise a PERFECT ending, where everything is alright, but I promise that the ending is one that is POSITIVE and HOPEFUL for the future. It's like a women rights movement, things aren't perfect right now but it seems like we will get there someday (weird comparison).

In addition, all the negative feelings begin to slowly and magically fade away as the story goes on. You won't even notice it happening. It's like the story is so full of negative aspects, that you really start appreciating the positive ones. It's very bitter sweet. And I think it is this feeling that makes this book SO HIGHLY rated in Chinese sites. It's like being born in an extremely poor family, but your parents saved up and bought you a cake for your birthday and you cry at how fortunate you are (another weird comparison).

Yea, but read at your own discretion. Definitely not for everyone. But highly recommended from me. <<less
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SocialJusticeWarrior rated it
June 24, 2019
Status: Completed
This book is good on so many levels.

I love how the author portraits a whole new world in this novel - this world is unlike any other world I've seen before, like, really really original.

Regarding characters, I think the author has done a great job. You can see the character development pretty clearly as the story goes along the growth of MC and ML. Also, every character, no matter main or side, heroic or villainous, has their own background story carefully narrated. This sprinkles the characters with some drops... more>> of reality and complexity, which is definitely a pleasant thing to read.

The plot is like, deliciously complicated. This is also the reason why people would hardly grasp the plot if they read only the summary of Qizi. Yet, the author's somehow superb writing skill makes it easy to follow. I can guarantee you, when you read the novel yourself, you won't feel clueless!

On looking at some of the comments from above, I can see that some readers have found this novel with abusive relationships or something equally unhealthy. However, I personally think that these seemingly abusive relationships portrayed in Qizi are perfectly acceptable. Why, you ask? It's because the Tianxiu's Qizhu and Qizi would disregard that difference in their status and treat their better half with mutual respect whatsoever. As a result of the contract, there would certainly be a disparity regarding power between the couples, however, the author, via the speech of a character in the story, makes it clear that "As long as they regard each other as equal, their souls are equal". The author doesn't try to justify the Qizh-Qizi system as wholesome or moral at all. The Qizhu-Qizi system is definitely not to the Tianxiu's people wishes. Yet it exists no matter what, and is virtually unbreakable. So the Tianxiu's people have no option but to compromise. During the story, you can find many parts where the author/characters themselves criticise the system's cruelty. And the novel is also partly about how people on Tianxiu Planet struggle to create for themselves healthy and balanced relationships, the nature of which has been tremendously unhealthy right from the start. So the story is more like a fight between people and their instincts/nature rather than that between some owners and their slaves.

I would love to write more, but considering the current lengthiness, I'll just state these main points. Don't be hesitant to dive into this world of Qizi, it's gorgeous. Enjoy your reading!

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thisworldofmine1 rated it
May 7, 2019
Status: c51
Character development: ☆☆☆☆☆

Plot development: ☆☆☆☆☆

Confusing moments: (>×<;)

This novel is absolutely beautiful. It describes of a completely different world from ours with everything thought out meticulously. Every character mentioned has their use and you will come to cheer for the MC and ML as they become training buddies from rivals, to friends from training buddies, and Qizhun & Qizi from friends. It's impactful how the roles in a couple are expressed and you can't help feel that it's painful but yet still beautiful. All in all, I recommend it... more>> to you highly! It had not much angst as you'd expect from the summary although there are some moments you'd wanna peddle some characters. ^O^ <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nyxx rated it
January 30, 2019
Status: c40
This is one great novel the mystery (or is it conspiracy?) is there, world building, and character development! Honestly I love it especially the MC & ML's interactions. I just wish I also saw this a little later or after it was translated because I can't take MTL anymore!!! The waiting patiently thing is killing me~~~

Just like a Qizi without their Qizhu I'm having sleeping problems just to wait for the translated chapters.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 1, 2019
Status: --
This hierarchy in this novel is pretty much that of an ABO world but without betas, and which one you end up becoming is determined by how you do in this "adult ceremony"... more>>

where you fight to the death against the one you love.

The qizhu (the dominant one in the relationship/contract) has absolute control over the qizi (the "omega"/submissive). But I trusted that the author would not corrupt it into the usual omegaverse story, and instead, improve upon the concept. But no, what I got instead were information dumps at every opportunity to explain this twisted world that makes absolutely no sense and none of the promised chemistry between the leads.


They mention things like reincarnation and how when people in this world die, their spirit goes to the lighthouse or something, but it feels less like an integrated part of the story, but more like the author put it there for fun when they remember, and as a ploy to make it so that the MC and ML are actually soulmates in their past lives.


The way that they found out was so unrealistic.

They snuck into the highly protected facility that all of their people go when the die and get reborn, and hacked into the computer there in a sealed off room that wasn't locked or anything


(even though it belonged to this totally psycho yandere head researcher who almost destroyed the whole world, who was also a total scum and mistreated his qizi by forcing him (his reincarnated qizi) to be with him after the former had died and forgot about him).



To check if they were soulmates, they dripped their blood together on the windowsill of the laboratory. AND THEN THEY LEFT THEIR BLOOD THERE. They really aren't scared about getting caught huh. But nothing happens, and only when they leave, does the blood move. Seriously author, so clique. Again, ploy for the "soulmates" thing.


But the saddest thing is that it actually showed promise at first, but quickly fades into something lackluster.


We have this strong MC, who, upon witnessing the death of his best friend sacrificing his own life to save his qizi who is also the mc's friend (trigger warning: attempted suicide) after their adult ceremony going terribly wrong, commits to being strong so he will never have to submit to anyone. But his wishes are never realized as he becomes the qizi of his main rival at the school they go to. WHY??? (눈_ლ)


(ノಠ益ಠ) ノ彡 ┻━┻

BUT, I'm not done yet, turns out EVERYONE WERE ROBOTS ALL ALONG. And what do you know? The main leads were soulmates in their past lives. Wow what a shock, a completely unexpected outcome, my eyes are burning from the originality.


What a shame, this was my first sci-fi danmei, and it did not meet my expectations.

Sorry (not sorry) if this was like the ramblings of someone utterly derranged, and you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Oh well ¯_ (シ) _/¯ <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
AoArashi rated it
April 3, 2019
Status: --
It's one of the most original and amazing BL for me...
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
DiamondGreen rated it
March 3, 2019
Status: c31
I have actually MTLed this and though I somethings weren't really clear to me, I understood it for the most part and I definitely loved it. I put chapter 31 since, the story is even more understandable (being in English) and I look forward for the chapters to be translated. :) Thank you to the translators.

What I really loved about it is the development of both the romance and the characters. Overall, including the rest of the chapters I MTLd is an exciting and interesting story.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Wolvelyn rated it
July 21, 2018
Status: --
Really? 4 stars for this kind of novel?

Honestly I can't see what's good from this novel.

This novel has a really dark undertone, overcomplicated characters, not so interesting world, info-dumping chapters. Even the MC and ML are not likeable. At all.

... more>> Maybe you guys can just brush it off, but I can't. This type of relationship is f*cking abusive. I wish I can unread this novel. I'm not a masochistic bastard that will accept whatever the author writes. Maybe the author wants to write something different, but this...

This just..... so f*cking not for me.

That's it. I'm done. <<less
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blues86 rated it
October 14, 2019
Status: c35
Not what I expected, but that's a bad thing.

From the summary, I thought it would be good. But only after a few chapters, I lost interest. I found myself skip a few paragraphs because some of them felt repetitive. The chararcthers and the plot are not my liking. I feel some of it just meaningless.

I give 3 stars for the hard word of author but this novel is just not for me.
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