The Antelope and Night Wolf


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LingYang spent 500 dollars to buy a ladyboy account, and it came with a husband?

Just logged into the game he was informed that the account was in debt, and had no choice but to sell himself and act as a couple with his ‘husband’.

LingYang: I only bought an account, why must you force a husband on me?

YeLang: You can also choose not to take the husband but the debt instead.

LingYang: Dear, can I don’t want the free gift?

YeLang: Sorry, it’s a bundle, no returns are allowed.

At first glance, it’s a story about how a little antelope accidentally entered the embrace of a big-tailed wolf after escaping from a tiger’s den.

But it’s actually a inspirational story about how an innocent straight man was actively turned gay by a little bottom with a boots fetish, then went through a series of complex mentality changes, finally becoming a cold-blooded, black-bellied S top!

Associated Names
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Cám Ơn Em Vẫn Cười
Online Game: I'm Not Worthy
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Hals rated it
March 12, 2018
Status: c5
EDIT: The story's been picked up again! And im literally over the moon lmao I cant believe id forgotten how much I love this 😍

So far it's really great! In passing, I've heard loads of great things about this which made me decide to pick it up and I definitely don't regret it!

The premise is quite natural. I had initially thought that it would seem a bit forced - having to become someone's fake wife just because you owe debt? I admit I was a liiiittle sceptic but no... more>> haha, I was so hooked onto reading the incredibley witty banter (and I mean absolutely top notch wit AHAHAHA) that it all seemed v v natural haha

Our MC is, from what I can tell so far, pretty shameless in the best way possible. His interactions with our ML had me swearing with how funny they were. Our ML takes no sh*t, and is super loyal and makes me wanna have someone like him in my life AHAHAHA jk jk (...1/2)

LBM does a great job translating too - cause it's p modern, there's loads of slang that they patiently explain haha Everything is A+ superb ♡

The writing style is quite casual and humourous: from narrating like in the first chapter, to interactions between the guild in the latest chapter, chapter 5.

Some examples of a few of my favourite lines:


Then the two began living together. Of course, it's a pure male-male cohabitation relationship.

Are you asking these two why they didn't make a pair? The reason is simple.

Two gong gathering together can still have one of them be the receiver, but two shou can only rent a house together.
【Nearby】 Little Bell: Hi, handsome.

The man did not reply.

Guys always like to play cool, Ling Yang understood.
Ling Yang knocked his head angrily on his keyboard: how am I so unlucky.

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: h6ug6uy5g h6t6ugt6gbh

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: It doesn't matter even if you cracked open your head; remember the keyboard is not cheap.

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: >皿<凸 (emoticon)
【Guild】 Great Grandpa Hr: Little Bell, you get out!

【Guild】 Night Wolf: Be polite with my wife a little.

【Guild】Jiandie: Yes, Little Bell, don't you think you need to say something to everyone?

【Guild】 Little Bell: Hello everyone. I am Little Bell.

【Guild】 Meng Egg:...

【Guild】Quan Little Grandson:...

【Guild】Lu Xiaobu:...

【Guild】 Little Bell: Thank you for taking care of my husband during my absence.


Lol it's my first time feeling strongly enough about a work to leave a review here in NU so I'll just finish by saying that so far its suuuuper cute and funny, and that if you're even somewhat entertaining the idea of reading it, do!

From me, it's ☆☆☆☆☆ <<less
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PiCrazy31415 rated it
August 5, 2018
Status: Completed
Hmmm. I would say I both love and hate this story. Conflicting feelings are rampant.

Honestly, I really like the MC's personality. He's pretty damn strong mentally, considering what he's been through in his past, and almost always cheerful and happy and determined. Plus his shamelessness is pretty damn amusing, and the interactions with the other people online are absolutely hilarious. I literally couldn't stop myself from laughing multiple times while reading. To my surprise, I wasn't as big a fan of the ML as I usually am, likely due to... more>> what I'm gonna discuss.

While I really do enjoy the romance and the humor and shamelessness here, I guess I'm just not as comfortable/as big a fan of fetishes or BDSM, so when I kept reading about the MC literally falling over and drooling over boots, I was pretty creeped out most of the time. Plus with the S&M relationship, idk, seeing the ML "torturing" and "controlling" the MC for their pleasure wasn't exactly the most romantic or enjoyable for me. But that's only because I don't understand the draw of it at all, and likely also bc I can't imagine being as unguarded or helpless as the MC during those times. But these aspects are written quite well, so people who are fans of these two areas would likely enjoy it.

Lots of angst in certain parts. The MC has really suffered, both mentally and physically, and when they were going over his past, I definitely started tearing up pretty intensely over what happened. Though I guess based on what happened, the MC is happier with the ML than he would have been if they hadn't been designed. My last annoyance is that both of them never really confessed to each other, and the bad gaming equipment trope is used a couple times to foil the very rare attempts to do so. Overall, a short and pretty enjoyable read. <<less
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