The Antelope and Night Wolf


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LingYang spent 500RMB to buy a ladyboy account, and it came with a husband?

Just after logging into the game he was informed that the account was in debt, and he had no choice but to sell himself and act as a couple with his ‘husband’.

LingYang: I only bought an account, why must you force a husband on me?

YeLang: You can also choose not to take the husband but the debt instead.

LingYang: Dear, can I not have the free gift?

YeLang: Sorry, it’s a bundle, no returns allowed.

At first glance, it’s a story about how a little antelope accidentally entered the embrace of a big-tailed wolf after escaping from a tiger’s den.

But it’s actually an inspirational story about how an innocent straight man was actively turned gay by a little bottom with a boots fetish, then went through a series of complex mentality changes, finally becoming a cold-blooded, black-bellied S top!

Associated Names
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Cảm Ơn Em Vẫn Cười
Online Game: I'm Not Worthy
Võng du chi Ngã Bất Phối
เกมรักนี้ราคา 500 หยวน
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90 Reviews

Feb 04, 2019
Status: Completed
(First reviewed at ch 56, edited on completion.)

So, this story is a delightful read, except for two fairly significant flaws. I found it worth reading despite the flaws.


    • The MC: The MC in this is lively, naughty, clever, silly, whimsical, vulnerable, kind and so, so enjoyable to read. He's one of those vibrant characters who carry the story. At first, I thought the story would be about the reader gradually learning about the ML as the MC does. In fact, much of the story is about discovering more and more about the MC, which reveals more depth and backstory than I'd anticipated.
    • The supporting characters: There is quite a rich supporting cast for the MC to bounce off and to keep things lively. (In fact, my favourite character after the MC is one who has all the charisma, cunning, intelligence, influence and loyalty of a true ML, but instead is a friend and has his own side-relationship.)
    • The writing: This writing style is very easy to read, entertaining and fairly polished. The translation is also good.
    • The complicated plot? I'm not sure if this is a pro! The plot purposely becomes more and more complicated with different characters and lies, which I usually dislike, but this story has managed so far to just steer itself clear of annoying.

    • The ML: I didn't like him at all at the start, it wasn't that he was awful, he just was not very likeable. He's a stoic and rigid young man full of fairly fragile but significant pride. After a while, he improved to the level of... innocuous. That is the best I could say about him. It was a bit fun to see the MC start to use his wit and experience to wrap the ML around his finger without the ML always realising. However, as a love interest... at best, he's horribly BLAND. Several supporting characters have more personality and are more likeable than the MC. (To be fair, I do at least appreciate that he's not the same old perfect and flawless ML we often get. I just wish I liked him enough to get excited about pairing him with such a likeable MC.)
    • EDIT: After reading to the end, I liked the eventual sincerity, thoughtfulness and acceptance with which he treated the MC, so I became mostly reconciled to him as the ML.
    • The BD*M: Although flagged from the the start, this aspect doesn't really come into play until sometime after chapter 50. Initially, it fells incongruous, unnecessary and quite badly done. The tone of the rest of the novel is like a lively romcom, and the BD*M just seems thrown in for the sake of it, making it feel clunky and badly-transitioned. What's worse, though, is that the ML's dominance doesn't feel charming or seductive - instead, he just feels like a petty, chauvinistic man who has to exert his dominance regardless of the feelings of his partner or else he'll feel emasculated; not romantic or erot*c at all. Luckily for him, the MC goes along with it because the author has decided he likes it.
    • EDIT: It turned out to be acceptable, so don't be put off by its bad introduction. The ML improves a lot and the BD*M, without taking over the story, gradually becomes a way that they develop a deeper connection. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this became a vehicle for the ML to actually become a more considerate partner, so I was glad I persisted with the story over the less likeable parts.
All in all, this is a lively and enjoyable story, written with a little more sophistication than many BL stories around. The author did a fairly good job of tying up all of the various complicated threads and I found the ending mostly satisfying.
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Feb 27, 2019
Status: Completed
Dang, this was a heck of a ride. The beginning is adorable, funny, and ligh-hearted. But it gets emotional real fast. I didn’t expect to feel the way I do now. To be honest, regarding the ending, I feel bittersweet. Don’t take it the wrong way — the main CP is (at least I believe) very happy. But as an outsider who knows the whole story from the different POVs now, I can’t help but feel “what if?” If you look past the comedy, if you look past the smut,... more>> the story really touches upon a lot of things to think about. I don’t want to spoil it because I felt like I experienced a touching and painful journey and I absolutely recommend others to set forth on it for themselves.

Regarding the BD*M aspect, some may find it uncomfortable, and I respect that. I personally did not quite “get it”, but I tried to understand it, at least a bit. I don’t know how accurately it describes the BD*M community but it sure as heck is better than some other ones I’ve seen. At least this stresses the importance of tolerance, respect, trust, and boundaries.

Lastly, thank you Blackbox for translating it! <<less
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May 28, 2020
Status: Completed
When saw the tag "unreliable narrator" I thought to myself, how bad could it be? Then I realized... it's real bad.

This novel should be renamed How to Confuse Everyone Including the Reader. Honestly, you need to make a character tree to keep things straight and the author introduces new characters right up until the end of the novel!

... more>>

Actually, it's easy. This is a story about MC (LingYan) wanted to move to a new server so he bought an account that was previously owned by a male gold digger and is married to ML (YeLang). He is forced into pretending to be the original owner of the account because ML wants to keep his reputation. Meanwhile MC wants to play with his friend from a different school (QiFeng) who happens to be the server god. But MC's friend is in an enemy guild when the server finds out that MC is talking to the friend, everyone thinks that he's cheating on ML. However, QiFeng actually has a boytoy/roommate (He Jiawei) who is in MC's guild.

At the same time, ML has another friend who happens to live at MC's university (XuXian) who is in the same guild as him and turns out to be MC's roommate. Roommate hooks up with someone from yet another university (BaiLong) who happens to be MC's childhood friend and also the guild master/server god of MC's old guild on his previous server.

Additionally, MC invites his disciple from the old server (Tang Xiuwen) to his new guild as his disciple is hiding from his old husband (Weishi). Tang Xiuwen happens to be a university professor and Weishi is a student.

In the beginning QiFeng knows MC's identity, but He Jiawei doesn't, so commence jealousy and accusations of cheating because why would you communicate with your partner. MC and ML don't know each other's identity, but ML knows MC is XuXian's roommate even though MC doesn't know XuXian plays the game. Later, MC takes QiFeng's low alt and tells MC that's his IGN instead of the one that's married to ML and then he marries his two accounts together in a fit of anger, causing everyone to wonder if MC is cheating on ML with himself. BaiLong knows MC's old identity but not his new one and is in touch with Weishi and MengHu, both of whom MC are hiding from. Tang Xiuwen knows Weishi's identity but Weishi doesn't know Tang Xiuwen's. Meanwhile, MC knows Tang Xiuwen's new IGN but not his identity.

There's so many lies, lies, lies, MC just can't stop lying. Join along with as he weaves a tangled web of 100 white lies that gets more and more confusing, creating a love pentagram, having people impersonate him, and making it so that not only is he confused, the other characters are confused, and the reader is confused. Some characters only know half the story, while others know more of it, and MC himself knows ??

Throw in elements like the leader of MC's current guild (Murong Feitian) who is some omnipotent god whose investigative skills could rival the FBI, MC's other childhood friend and first love (MengHu), and other random conspiracies to have yourself thoroughly perplexed.

Clear as mud, right? Also at some point MC and ML fall into the BD*M scene which is super random.


Everything in this novel is so terribly convenient. For instance, MC makes up a lie that he is the original owner, a girl, and has lost her memory after hitting her head due to a car crash and also breaking her hand at the same time. He claims to be a member of the sports university and is enrolled in the women's judo course. Lo and behold, that character actually appears!

Not only that, but everyone in the novel seems to play this MMORPG they're playing. I would really like to know if this is a small indie game because it seems like all the events are centered around their city. In-person meet and greet? It's 10 minutes away from school. Random villain? Obviously someone MC knows in the game. The top guilds on both servers? Duh, they're all MC's friends. Even the local master/dom/celebrity plays the game! Does the player base consist of only 100 players? Because if so, the characters in the novel already make up 1/4th of them.

It's was a real painful 90 or so chapters, and I'll be glad to never read this again. <<less
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Mar 12, 2018
Status: c5
EDIT: The story's been picked up again! And im literally over the moon lmao I cant believe id forgotten how much I love this ?

So far it's really great! In passing, I've heard loads of great things about this which made me decide to pick it up and I definitely don't regret it!

The premise is quite natural. I had initially thought that it would seem a bit forced - having to become someone's fake wife just because you owe debt? I admit I was a liiiittle sceptic but no... more>> haha, I was so hooked onto reading the incredibley witty banter (and I mean absolutely top notch wit AHAHAHA) that it all seemed v v natural haha

Our MC is, from what I can tell so far, pretty shameless in the best way possible. His interactions with our ML had me swearing with how funny they were. Our ML takes no shit, and is super loyal and makes me wanna have someone like him in my life AHAHAHA jk jk (...1/2)

LBM does a great job translating too - cause it's p modern, there's loads of slang that they patiently explain haha Everything is A+ superb ♡

The writing style is quite casual and humourous: from narrating like in the first chapter, to interactions between the guild in the latest chapter, chapter 5.

Some examples of a few of my favourite lines:


Then the two began living together. Of course, it's a pure male-male cohabitation relationship.

Are you asking these two why they didn't make a pair? The reason is simple.

Two gong gathering together can still have one of them be the receiver, but two shou can only rent a house together.
【Nearby】 Little Bell: Hi, handsome.

The man did not reply.

Guys always like to play cool, Ling Yang understood.
Ling Yang knocked his head angrily on his keyboard: how am I so unlucky.

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: h6ug6uy5g h6t6ugt6gbh

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: It doesn't matter even if you cracked open your head; remember the keyboard is not cheap.

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: >皿<凸 (emoticon)
【Guild】 Great Grandpa Hr: Little Bell, you get out!

【Guild】 Night Wolf: Be polite with my wife a little.

【Guild】Jiandie: Yes, Little Bell, don't you think you need to say something to everyone?

【Guild】 Little Bell: Hello everyone. I am Little Bell.

【Guild】 Meng Egg:...

【Guild】Quan Little Grandson:...

【Guild】Lu Xiaobu:...

【Guild】 Little Bell: Thank you for taking care of my husband during my absence.


Lol it's my first time feeling strongly enough about a work to leave a review here in NU so I'll just finish by saying that so far its suuuuper cute and funny, and that if you're even somewhat entertaining the idea of reading it, do!

From me, it's ☆☆☆☆☆ <<less
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Apr 24, 2019
Status: Completed
I'd like to say that this story, probably had one the most fleshed out protagonist ever. The story itself describes what he does, how he met the ML, and how their relationship progressed and how he let go of his past.

It was a silent cry for help, as you read on, even though the chapters are happy and bubbly from one perspective, you can actually perceive how it's affecting and how the MC is doing it due to his past, and how he doesn't have hope for himself anymore.

It's like... more>> this: The MC puts on a cover of being superficial, overly-bubbly, happy-go-lucky when actually he did several things which made him lose the "him" he wanted.

And he grew to hate himself, very hidden, and that's where the ML comes in, though you might have not noticed if you just skimmed and scanned and not really understand it and read, he redeemed the MC.

But during the process of redeeming him, the ML turned from a chauvinistic purely dominating ML to an understanding, loving, yet still kinda dominating (angel in the streets, a demon in the sheets) and... you can see him struggling to "repair" the MC towards the end.


The MC had many fears, many things which he was afraid to show as he thought would be judged, but the ML accepted him and even protected him later on.


One thing you should keep in mind is that the whole chapter will go happy or sometimes rowdy lol, but in the end, just the MC saying one line will expose a huge amount of vulnerability he possesses.

Like in the later chapters, he just says, "Don't worry, I can't fly anymore" which is so meaningful, I cried for quite a while because of that, even though it was just used in a paragraph where he climbed to the top of a tree and behaved like a cranky bird. But the ML realized, that he wasn't referring it as a joke, and understood him.

Its an amazing novel for hidden notation, it's quite the slow-burn but though it's not as realistic as it should be, the feelings are real. What the MC felt, we all can feel it too. And the ML is there to understand. <<less
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May 04, 2020
Status: Completed
This is the second gaming novel I read and I wished I hadn't read it. I'm the type of person who finishes what I have started... it was such a pain to even read a few chapters, it took me days to read it. I was DECEIVED by those 4 stars and I'm regretting it too much.

The MC as everyone was gloating about, saying that he's lively, whimsical, energetic, I found him hella ANNOYING. He's the dumbest character ever, like I know that everyone isn't perfect, but he is s*upid... more>> on another level. He just keeps on lying so much that I got headache reading them all. His lies could circle the whole universe tens of times. And, his lies don't even make any sense. His personality is so overbearing, he's too unlikable for me.

The ML is very s*upid in the beginning, the author did say that men in love are s*upid. He does think with his d***. He was so close to finding out the truth but gets deceived again and again, which is very unsatisfying. The ML's character is pretty much bland, his personality is suffocating, he's just there for venting out his anger and lust.

The main CP is compatible, but just sexually. I can't see them being more than f*ck buddies, they fell in love at first sight, but their emotions seem so forced. The side characters have more personality than the main cp combined.

The MC's first love is just there for the plot only, and making the ML jealous. I liked Meng Hu more than the actual ML. He has more personality than the annoying MC and bland ML. I felt like the MC running away from his first love and then being chased by him, passing several hurdles to achieve their love would have been more interesting than the annoying shouts and just passable chemistry.

The BD*M part is just abrupt and the transition is weird. It just came out of nowhere. It seemed like the author just wrote it for the sake of tag only. I couldn't find any strong emotions and it was just like I seduced you, you f*ck me and I am jealous, you are getting f*cked feeling.

Plot: 1 star

Characters: 3 stars (basically for Meng Hu)

CP: 1 star for the main and 4 stars for Sakka and Azure Buckle (they intrigued me more...)

Translation: 5 stars.

My BP must have increased, my mom would be happy knowing that. I'm mostly lenient on reviews and rating, but this one was the worst. It takes the cake on the worst thing I have ever read. If you want to read it, read it on your own risk. You might like it, who knows~ <<less
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Aug 05, 2018
Status: Completed
Hmmm. I would say I both love and hate this story. Conflicting feelings are rampant.

Honestly, I really like the MC's personality. He's pretty damn strong mentally, considering what he's been through in his past, and almost always cheerful and happy and determined. Plus his shamelessness is pretty damn amusing, and the interactions with the other people online are absolutely hilarious. I literally couldn't stop myself from laughing multiple times while reading. To my surprise, I wasn't as big a fan of the ML as I usually am, likely due to... more>> what I'm gonna discuss.

While I really do enjoy the romance and the humor and shamelessness here, I guess I'm just not as comfortable/as big a fan of fetishes or BD*M, so when I kept reading about the MC literally falling over and drooling over boots, I was pretty creeped out most of the time. Plus with the S&M relationship, idk, seeing the ML "torturing" and "controlling" the MC for their pleasure wasn't exactly the most romantic or enjoyable for me. But that's only because I don't understand the draw of it at all, and likely also bc I can't imagine being as unguarded or helpless as the MC during those times. But these aspects are written quite well, so people who are fans of these two areas would likely enjoy it.

Lots of angst in certain parts. The MC has really suffered, both mentally and physically, and when they were going over his past, I definitely started tearing up pretty intensely over what happened. Though I guess based on what happened, the MC is happier with the ML than he would have been if they hadn't been designed. My last annoyance is that both of them never really confessed to each other, and the bad gaming equipment trope is used a couple times to foil the very rare attempts to do so. Overall, a short and pretty enjoyable read. <<less
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Jul 27, 2020
Status: Completed
A decent rom-com style novel. Admittedly, I got annoyed because MC and ML got crushes on each other but didn't make progress at all even halfway into the the story. The BD*M part is done nicely, since it's about ML accepting things step-by-step (less chauvinistic as the time~ goes~ by~) is nice. I swear, after this, I've started liking boots too, though things weren't always explained well. I think most of us know that the brainless fujoshi/fudanshis cannot fathom how s*x works, and they need to know about safety, man,... more>> which is one of the worst issues in danmei. Author, dear, please do your research.

MC is a very contradictory character. A compulsive liar because he's scared of hurting his loved-ones. A slightly black-belly, lying bottom who suddenly becomes the typical wife-sub-useless-idiot-virg*n-mary-but-not-virg*n-also-mary-sue type. A dark history but a waaaaaay too positive outlook in life and people. Scared of some things but also nonchalant. Yo? Can we get a solid 3D character?

Meanwhile, ML starts a chauvinistic rich lad and becomes a sadistic top. Sir, please have more personality. You're as bland as plain rice congee without even ginger. Speaking of, I gave an immense issue with ML digging for MC's past without letting MC know or tell ML himself. No, darling, that's not what being in a relationship is about.

Smut scenes... censored. They're rather short and not much to get into, even the BD*M parts.

There's also the backstory issue: author kept adding new ingredients into it, which got me so darn confused. It could've been foreshadowed a lot simpler (each time we got foreshadowing, the little truth came with it. Could it not have happened, like, earlier than the unveilling?), and literally every (conveniently-gay for the fujoshi/fudanshis) side-couple was meaningless. The antagonists were was too 2D, and they literally had the dullest motives. Darling, we want to understand this, not be told about it in every other character's inner monologue. Oh, yes, there are also waaaaayyyyyyy to many coincidences. It disturbs me how all characters are related to each other, since it makes it seem like there's no way out... which there probably isn't.

Not only that, there were also some disturbing imbalances in the relationships. I'll list the (cliche) tropes below:
    • MC's best friend x ML's best friend (very dull ship),
    • Childhood friends, brute bottom x black-belied top (shipped with manipulation),
    • Duo-persona teacher x duo-persona student (incessant schizophrenia jokes and they disappear later),
    • Lazy OP gamer guy x strong black-bellied youth (ah, creativity. Except it wasn't really declared a ship, and the youth might be underaged. Oops),
    • Ladyboy heater guy x amnesiac judo strong girl (wow, heteros exist in danmei?),
There seemed to be an overuse of pampering guy x (2D) individual with special quirk. Author, if you can't handle it, please don't bombard us with random, messy ships. We don't need nor want it, thank you, especially since they were all so 2D and, frankly, dumb.

The gaming part... let's not mention it. None of the characters had a meaning in life, man. Dreams? Career goals? Nah, lowkey toxic romance conquers all. That is all.

Aside from that, I have no complaints. Translator-san did great, especially since there were so many double-meanings with human names and animals.

TL;DR: Good for masochists wanting a very slowburn romance with a bombardment ion BD*M later. Bad for readers looking for a nice plot, 3D characters, and a meaning in life. Please go to a career councillor or even a donkey (chances are higher with an animal than this story) for life-plans. They don't exist here. Don't invest in the side-characters, because they all seem to be tangled up in toxic relationships.

I have spoken my fill. Thank you. <<less
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Mar 01, 2019
Status: c87
- unreliable narrator; you basically don't know what's going on in his head and hence in the overarching story and it is rather glorious and mystifying

- BD*M element may seem weird but like everything else in this novel, it is cleverly explored and integrated through the use of forum dialogue between netizens and with humour and taste. And also f*kn hot if you like bd*m so *shrug*

- incredibly flawed and colourful characters; memorable, well-fleshed out and honestly portayed e.g. The author has no issues roasting the ML's personality, and the... more>> MC is unashamedly a compulsive liar and darling simultaneously

summary: dead ass funny, interesting narration and medium choices, really strong characters, wonderfully clear and reliable translations, very light and breezy to read. <<less
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Feb 26, 2019
Status: Completed
To be honest, I almost abandoned this story after reading the author's preface before Chapter 1 (I recommend BlackBoxTL Chapter 1 because it has the author's trigger warnings translated) because I didn't think that the novel would do a good job with expressing a BD*M relationship or fetishes in a respectful manner.

I'm not part of the scene myself, so I don't know how 'accurate' the author wrote it, but I do think that everything was described with sensitivity/research/awareness on the author's part. I've read some BD*M stuff in the past,... more>> but very few give the feeling of being safe/sane/consensual. This story actually approaches it. The dominant is not just there for a power trip to oppress the sub (which is what many many awful D/S relationships come across as).


The ML comes across as a 'chauvinist' several times, but he does have character development and by the end of the story it's clear that he's getting past his youthful immaturity.


Anyway, the BD*M part is not a huge part of the story. This is a well-written gaming romance, the relationship progression is very cute, and I love the MC's outgoing, sunny character. The humor, side-characters, are all pretty great. The MC is also extremely good at his game (better than the ML) which is the best part. There is also a lot of mystery, drama (some melodrama) with fake amnesia, misunderstandings, hospitalizations, etc. so buckle up!


Why can't childhood friends ever win??!?! Whyyyyy.....


I started the story with a lot of trepidation, and it negatively influenced my enjoyment of the earlier chapters because I was waiting for the interactions to go wrong... so I hope that this review can encourage some of you open-minded people to give the book a shot! <<less
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Jan 22, 2021
Status: Completed
Hm that wasn't half bad. I didn't start to read this for a long time because of the different reviews. In the end, I have to say that I don't get some of the negative ones.

This one has a good and complex story. The MC an ML are, all in all likeable. They have their quirks but these are parts of them, as they are human. Also the side characters are likeable and not 2D.

The explicit juicy scenes were a big plus for me. I was kind of irritated by... more>> how the handling of the society of some SM tendecies was displayed in this book. Are kinks viewed so different in China? Also, just like it's said in the book, the SM isn't that heavy for these two. I once read an american book that showcased one kind of SM-relationship very well (no it's definetly not "Shades of grey") and although I was often thinking WTF? And it destroyed a few worldviews you could really get a grip on how these things work even if you're not as deep into it. So the boot thing even bordered on "normal" for me. On the contrast, everyone thinks that being gay is totally Ok and cool even. I may think that too, but for all I know this is not the case in China? But well, whatever, that aspect was still hot. I like how the author displayed the influence of this on the relationship. Also, I have to disagree with people saying you can't detect their feelings and there are too little explicit scenes, this was crafted very well as that's both totally not the case.

I didn't get some actions of the characters but I guess that's normal, as it is not that realistical. It started off with a lot of In-game-action bit in the latter half, this got more and more out of focus and it shifted to deep relationship stuff. It was written very good but also kind of gave of the feeling of reading an entirely different book. Still, I had no problem of following the plot, it's not that hard to understand and I also had no problems in differntiating the characters, as others stated. I mean, I've read Wuxia, in comparison this one is childs play. Everyone that read Mo Daizushi and got away alive won't have a problem here and the translation is really good.

So why is it still 4 Stars? I guess it's because it's not entirely my cup of tea. All in all, too much "foreplay" inGame for me and then discarding it completely in the latter half. Plus it's not my favorite Genre and generally not one of my absolute favorites. So it's only 4 Stars but recommended, because it's still really good even if subjectially not my favorite thing. <<less
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Jun 19, 2020
Status: c67
This book gave me a headache. Like I thought the MC was this big shot (e-sport) that when into hiding. Got a new account as he is lazy and found a Wolf. Wolf/ML was a decent player but they guild was in the top ten of this serve. As the MC was in the old server. It took ages and I do mean ages to get to any points. [Why he left, his scar, his ex-friend, confessing, family, Kink for BOOTS, etc]

Boot Kink: I hate how it took 68... more>> chapters and the author still trying to build it up. Clearly MC gets off and it not a surprise as his family and 2 childhood friends are military brats. &Lt;-- Ch 68 things heat up and you won't miss a THING either. I just skipped around after CP finally got together.

Yang is MC and he a pathological liar. C73 the truth comes out with new people. 80-81 is the whole freaking PLOT. Thank me later than 83 you get the crush pov.

Too much useless information added. Like the author introduces new characters every 5 chapters.

Around 50 chapters the plot began to unfold a little more.

They all in school but we only hear about Yelang/ML who actually the only one it seems to go. MC just sleeps in his one class with his Minion

Author over-explaining thing with all the footnotes. Honestly, they tried to make the story "mysterious" so they left a lot of stuff out but then had to give us clues and explanations. Thus making the story boring as the drama was not good.


why did Yang have so many? It was actually pointless that every guy blamed him for their shortcomings. They all were just azzh@les


Another note as the author didn't paint the world better is these men go to military school and not just a regular college. They not really describe that good either until the mid-ending and it too late as you painted the image in your mind. So think military men or that Chinese BL called Advance Bravely.


(real Bell) part was not needed. Then to make her life have the same lives as MC told everyone. I under to bring her back because he can tell his side but then don't make it like 30 chapters later so we can understand the fULL reason.


The one smut scene it the most realistic I'd say for a top/bottom. ML be like "blow me" & "suck me" and not beating around the bush.

Yelang is portrayed to be an aggressive, rich, and silent type. While Yang is loud, outgoing, positive. As if he an only child and was forced to make friends as his Father in the military (compound).

Like Yelang sits on LingYang's chest and f!ck his mouth.

The BD*M scenes I skipped because the rest of the smut scene was boring. Also, we get they play games but adding things like cool down or things related mess the scene up. These boys do not play E-sports just video games and many others so why is it only fit the main game they play? Everyone playing this game is orbiting around him is weird. ML is boring and no depth either. Like I've seen better doms.

Also, I dislike how hey made the crush at the end to be less than ML. Let's be honesty Crush is way above ML in many things. MC + Crush was in the dark about lot of things. ML Just learned MC more as everyone is older at this stage.

BTW my spoilers are not. I just thought it was easier to hide more text lol. <<less
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Mar 01, 2020
Status: Completed
one word: hilarious

It had me laugh out loud numerous times, and for that alone it deserves high praise.

The characters are so well fleshed out, and not neither the ML nor the MC are the usual perfect/flawless character type. In fact, both have their misgivings, but they truly care for each other and trust each other. I really love how their relationship developed, and (surprisingly) I do not mind the numerous misunderstandings they had to go through before getting together!

... more>>

For the most part, the misunderstandings make sense, although of course MC went overboard with hiding the truth from the ML. But given his own backstory, I can understand why MC was so reluctant (once bitten, twice shy)


What's more is that the side characters are all pretty amazing and distinctive too (oh and funny, did I mention funny?)

The novel has the perfect blend of romance, gaming and a little bit of smut here and there.

Totally recommend it ! <<less
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Feb 15, 2019
Status: c56
Very fluffy. In the beginning, that is.

I really like how the story goes in the beginning. MC is really funny, tho not as innocent as he looks (more info in the spoiler). ML is..... idk what to say about him, feels a bit flat compared to the other side characters.

I stopped reading at the chapter stated above in which they already met and got together (in a way)

... more>>

Excuse me if you don't agree with me but the switch is kinda too fast for me. They just somehow settle their feelings and ML is angry cos he feeling betrayed the MC lied to him. And MC nonchalantly gave me a BJ (CMIIMW) to ease his anger ? His friend wondering what he did to make ML's anger go down so quickly while I was just feeling like a balloon out of air... I don't feel anything towards this anymore right after that chapter. I tried to read a bit more but I can't get into it as before ?

Then I heard people been saying there is gonna be BD*M in this so I know I have to show myself the way out. ?

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind smut etc but I felt like the transition is a bit too abrupt. The author brushed away their fight stems from the revelation so easily. And then the ML suddenly madly in love with MC after that encounter. (I meant, sure he indicated his interest for a while already but except for giving hammer and accompanying his swimming, I feel he is a bit flat in expressing his love)

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Jan 20, 2019
Status: Completed
I just wanted to say that...

... more>>

Everything in the story is not a coincidence but also kind of a coincidence, everything is linkedd. Everyone somehow knows everyone and I was so confused by the relationship between all the different people because one after another kept appearing to know each other. We eventually find out what happened to little antelope's hand which is also somewhat related to why he left the old server and bought the bell character


I would super recommend this although the spoiler part might be quite incomprehensible bcos of all the rambling but this story is really good. I wished I hadn't read the raws tho, because I skipped alot of portions of text and the little dialouge that happens before the start of the story. Kudos to the translator for working through that, so much slangs orz.


The ML really grows into a beautiful S and the xx scenes are not censored for the most part I think

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Oct 27, 2019
Status: Completed
One of the best modern-setting BL novels I've read. It's got comedy and heartache; mostly fluff, but enough melancholy to ground this story in reality. The gaming aspect can be overbearing, but the novel shifts halfway and becomes more relationship focused. There are mature themes; nothing hardcore imo, but you've been warned. The relationships are complex; nothing's straightforward, but it makes it all the more real/worth it.


I'm 100% for MC + ML, but my heart hurts for Tiger. It's realistic though I guess, as real life is not always fair

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Mar 18, 2019
Status: Completed
I waited a long time to read this, but I'm glad I finally got to it. I actually finished reading this within a few hours because I wanted to find out what the big misunderstanding was! I thought the BD*M was actually rather mild, so, don't let that stop you from reading this!

I really like MC's personality. He's strong, optimistic, kind, witty but also vulnerable. It's very easy to connect with such a character because he feels very real. I wasn't completely sold on ML, it's probably a personal preference... more>> but I felt that I liked MH (childhood crush) more. But, MC and ML are definitely made for each other, with MC's tendency to be a flaming M and ML's need for control.

The story is written in a way that keeps you in suspense over the events that led MC to the point when the novel starts. As different characters are introduced, we get to see how each character is connected to the other and the role that they play in MC's life. There aren't any unnecessary misunderstandings or complicated plot twists although MC does lie a lot and hides a lot of secrets.

But I have to say:


This story has made it clearer than ever, how one tiny misstep/ misunderstanding can change your whole life and how easy it can be to lose somebody because of that. Whether it is for the better or worse in this story, I guess that's up to each person's interpretation. At first, I felt like I wanted MH to be with MC but upon thinking it over, I realized that the kind of trust and tacit understanding MC and ML have is something that is very rare. ML may not be perfect but he is perfect for MC. Sure, MH is very devoted to MC and it's not MH's fault that they fell out BUT I think when it comes to loving someone, ML has the upper hand. It's too easy to argue that MH couldn't reach MC and there was "nothing" much he could do. If his feelings were stronger, he wouldn't have waited six months to find him. What, you're telling me he can't ask his parents where MC lives and crash into his dorm and clear the misunderstanding? If you love someone, you'll try harder. ML may have only known MC for a short while but he is very clear about his feelings and what he has to do (even with all the lies between MC and ML)

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Feb 25, 2019
Status: Completed
An interesting novel that made me laugh out loud at more than one point. I needed that after the last few stories that were full of sadistic yandere MLs who do horrible things to the ones they claim to love without anything as nice as a safe word to stop them. I really liked that game time and real life both got plenty of exposure, it seems like most stories with games either show very little of the real world or vice versa. I also liked that there were no... more>> disapproving parents trying to separate them (no one's parents show up, even in flashbacks). The MC and most of his friends are all gay from the beginning and there's no horrified "OMG you're gay!" moments from anyone he knows. There are a few token evil/clueless females though, and a bit of dogsblood melodrama and angst. The MCs charm and easy going personality hides a lot of pain and damage due to past experiences.

the one thing I think is utterly s*upid though is him not being able to be a pilot just because he has a scar. What kind of bullsh*t reason is that? What do scars have to do with flying?


On the relationship side, this story was less about strait up BD*M and more about a deeper D/s interdependent relationship. Yes, there is overlap, but there are also differences. I like that the ML works hard to become a good top for the MC and make sure he always feels safe with him. If you want to know more about the difference then google-san is your friend.

Also, a big thank you to the translators!! <<less
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Feb 13, 2019
Status: c78
I enjoy reading this and continue to wait in anticipation for translated chapters. Being a gamer myself, I was really excited over the prospect of an MMO being included in the novel. The interaction with online friends and guild mates have me in stitches. MC is so shameless but also endearingly so. The side CPs that got together are cute.

The BD*M aspect doesn't bother me. (It's actually pretty tame.) I take that back. LOL. The scenes do get really.. Wowow. Later on. NSFW. But yes, it still doesn't bother me.... more>> Within my own standard it's still not that extreme. To me. Of course, I understand everyone has their own bracket of what they find acceptable and what is too much for them. The ML isn't prince charming, at least not at first. But idk, overall I think I like him. He's clearly a flawed human being. But that's not exactly a bad thing. He may seem dominant but he's the one being led by the nose by the Antelope and he takes care of people who are important to him. <<less
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Apr 06, 2021
Status: Completed
I was annoyed the entire time reading this, and I don't even know why. I personally found both MC and ML not very likeable. I thought it would improve overtime but I just got more and more annoyed, and at the end of the novel, I felt very unsatisfied.

... more>>

I also feel very annoyed by this "Tiger" dude. Like, my god, this ex-girlfriend of yours spread so much rumors about you and her and you didn't plan to fix it, creating misunderstandings like this, and you claimed that it's because you like MC..... sir, your brain lmao? You have romantic feelings for MC and because of it you let the rumors about you having a girlfriend spread out and never try to clear it up because you like the MC.... okay.... make it makes sense.


Another thing that really made me annoyed about the ending was that,

this "ex-girlfriend" of Tiger didn't even get any punishment in the end. Only HuLi was punished, while the other people walked free. And ML's justification for not bringing these people to court is because he doesn't want MC to feel the pain again but in the end it's because he doesn't want MC to learn about the fact that Tiger didn't hear any of his confession......... like wow. It's just so st*pid I really just sat there in front of my screen blinking at how surreal it felt lmao.


Honestly this is the first time I feel so annoyed after reading a novel. I was attracted by the BD*M and gaming genre, but this novel doesn't deliver anything on those fronts. <<less
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