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On the desolate barren planet of Rennes, an Asian teenager named Lin Yuan receives an admission notice for the Empire’s best military academy San Romia. So begins his life changing military school career.

Lin Yuan: Wow! This school’s really great! Everyone even has a separate bedroom! But…why does my next door roommate always knock on my door? And all day long he keeps bothering me, God! So annoying!

Lin Yuan: I’m a Beta, my biggest wish is to meet a nice Beta girl, get married, have children and live in peace! Wait a minute… Why does my body suddenly feel strange? Why does this medicine look like drugs to prevent Omega from entering estrus?

Trembling in his roommate’s arms Lin Yuan blushes and tries to push off his chest: “Wait…wait a minute…I’ve always thought of you as a friend. Don’t do this…..ah….”

At that moment, Lin Yuan seems to feel that the universe has malicious plans for him. The world is collapsing, who will tell him why the script is so wrong?

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Quân Giáo Sinh
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August 14, 2017
Status: --
*deep breath*

Okay, I almost gave up right in the beginning if it wasn't for the fact that I'm in desperate need to read something.

... more>>

Why did no one tell him his actual biological gender???

"Oh I didn't want to destroy his world view"

Bullshit! Where is he going? A MILITARY SCHOOL. What does he plan to become? A F***ING SOLDIER!!! He will be faced with death all the time, whether it's a threat to his own life or the possibility of seeing his friends/comrades die. Most likely, he will also have to take a life. He isn't going to become some office worker; he's becoming a freaking soldier. If he can't stand the truth of his gender, how can he ever stand the side effects of being a soldier?

Second, the fact that his school is full of alphas means that if he by any chance forget or loss his meds and then goes into mating season, he'll be faced with the possibility of being r*ped. Unless he understands the severity, he won't care as much. There's also the fact that he can cause others (alphas) to go crazy, and then go group fight each other to death in order to gain the right to mate with him. This leads us to the third reason why he should be told.

It's very likely he's going to have training outside, training that can last days and in dangerous areas. If he were to go into mating season during a dangerous battle, he can cause the death of himself and of his teammates.

The trope of not telling a character for their own good is an overuse and s*upid concept. He has every right to know about his body makeup, and he SHOULD know. The guy isn't truly going to understand why he HAS to take meds everyday unless he understands the possibility of not taking them. This trope only shows the author's weakness in imagination. There are several ways for him to know the truth and still have something happen to his meds.

In the beginning the mother thought, "Despite his guarantee, there still uneasiness that unhinged her."

No f***ing s**t.

I have to take meds everyday, and when I don't, I get really scared, because my parents told me what would happen if I didn't. They told me when I was 7. The guy is 18.

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TropeTrash rated it
March 23, 2018
Status: Completed
If explicit and unmanipulated consent is important for you, I don't recommend reading this story. Reading the story took my mind to dark places and I struggled really hard to finish it.

For an omegaverse story, the omega characters are very well rounded. All major omega characters are trying to break free from their restraints and doing their best to live for themselves. Lin Yuan is a great character, and he has dreams and ambitions he wouldn't give up, which I love about him.

Romance, however, feels manipulative at best. It's ironic,... more>> since the narrative is supposed to be about omega characters breaking free from inequality, but at the end of the day, you realize that the romance they have are really just shackles, save for Snow and Brian, and Snow's parents who have loved each other even before their respective marking. The plot and trope try to justify dubious consent and r*pe, but it is what it is. Even the main pairing. In the end, Lin Yuan had to give up his military career even though he had great potential, because Caesar and Brian made him feel like he owed Caesare a marriage because he was being such a good alpha allowing him to live his own life for five years and waiting for him (As if living his own life wasn't his right) and he was just too kind and goodnatured to do otherwise. He had to be a shackled queen.

Even the romance is dubious, since (like most pairings here) it seems only the alphas had feelings in the beginning and the omegas had no choice and are already being influenced by the mark and pheromones. Alphas treat their omegas like pets and treat them like fragile porcelain when they're anything but. It's really sad. Lin Yuan felt he was indebted to Caesar, and Caesar (the spoiled bastard) really felt free to manipulate Lin Yuan and the people he cared about, most of his romantic gestures border emotional blackmail, and it freakin hurts to see such a great likable character be reduced to a breeding mare who's value is the adorable twins Caesar is so smug about. Goodness, even Lin Yuan's parents and Brian's parents are the same. The author killed the characterization of the omegas just so romance could be imposed. The plot took away the characters' pride, ambition, sorrow and loss, just so a "happy ending" can be concluded.

Another issue I have with the writing is that is has too much s*x. Every time a pairing has s*x, it gets told in several chapters we can all do without. It really just distracts from the plot. The story also lacks conflict, the writer focused too much on s*x and romance to actually build the story, it's sad. I honestly think that so much of the story was sacrificed just so there could be a "happy ending". A piece of advise to aspiring writers, a "happy ending" isn't necessarily a good ending. This story definitely isn't. <<less
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Ease rated it
June 25, 2017
Status: v1c12
I love this story! Omegaverse is written very heavily here, with the omega regarded as precious rare species, but lack the most basic human right. Their births are recorded and their Alpha will be chosen, they can only give birth over and over again. But it seems like the ML is very sensible so I won't worry much.

... more>>

The MC, Lin Yuan, is registered as a male Beta but actually is a extremely rare male Omega. He undergone s*x change program and has been taking injection to suppress his instinct as Omega. If the injection is taken continuously until 20 years old, he will become true Beta. But Lin Yuan entered a military academy and his mother can only provide pills for him to consume.

It was hinted that Lin Yuan is the son of the Marshal, Rosen, and fell-out-of-grace Major General, Lin Yu. Lin Yu had been using Omega Inhibitor and entered the same military academy as Beta, raked in various achievements and became a Major General with an independent corp. In an operation, the inhibitor failed and he entered omega estrus, became hot and bothered. His friend, Rosen, who is crushing hard on Lin Yu, helped him go through the estrus.

Unfortunately, the military took offense in Lin Yu's lies and striped him off his achievements and sentenced him to life imprisonment. Our lovely Rosen managed to get him out because Lin Yu was pregnant, and the punishment became house arrest instead, in Rosen's apartment. But...... Lin Yu didn't want to tie himself to an Alpha. So he drugged Rosen and escaped. The spacecraft he used was later found in a wreckage caught in some kind of space storm with his blood on the debris. Rosen created a tombstone for Lin Yu right at his back garden and became a cold person ever since. I truly wish for Lin Yu to still be alive though. Poor Rosen.


Anyway, back to the MC.


Lin Yuan truly think he is a Beta, no clue whatsoever from his mother. But his roommate, Prince Caesar, have nose better than a dog and can detect his Omega scent, though the prince doubted himself.


Since the story looks light-hearted, no tragedy or anything, I'm looking forward to it.

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oliverthms rated it
June 26, 2017
Status: v1c19
I like this series very much. BUT the Autor throws around with scientific words, especially physics, where he has no god damn idea about. LIKE how long a lightyear is and so on. I get aggressive from this!

Example: In one of the chapters it was said that a support ship was stationed around 10 Lightyears away from them to surprise the enemy. But the damn thing is they would need to wait 10 years to see the ship they needed to protect.

Example 2: The author tosses around with speed above light speed. Let's start with lightspeed. If you want to accelerate something with mass to light speed you need to pour infinite energy into it. Yes. Infinite. Even if you pour all the energy of all the suns (stars) that we see in our night sky into a single proton it wouldn't reach the exact speed of light. It would be very very close but still a bit away. As for a speed above light speed, there is a theory from Einstein about it. It isn't proven I think, but it says that if you move above the speed of light you travel into the past. And how do you even reach the speed of light? Forget about moving above the speed of light.
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
October 9, 2018
Status: v1c9
I honestly do not understand the positive reviews. Perhaps I dropped the series too early to see how it improves. Both Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil and How to Die as Heavy as Mount Tai are good series that include alpha-beta-omega dynamics, so I thought I should give this series a chance.

In the beginning the setting is weak, and the characters are flat and uninteresting. The action scene was weak and the battles don't make a whole lotta sense. Although this is supposed to be a sci-fi, it's... more>> not using that element to its fullest, and the science is weak. R*pe, sexism, and boys flirting with each other is not enough to make series good. The smut itself is weak, and it looks like that is supposed to be one of the highlights of this series. It needs to have a good plot and character development as well.

First of all, the science is weak.

Hormones are secreted by glands. In that case, the easiest thing to do to prevent a person from becoming an omega would be to remove those glands and then supply the person with supplemental hormones to make up for what the body is lacking. Since it's sci-fi, there might not even be any scars left behind. Instead, these characters go through the trouble of using medication. Even then, the MC is not aware that he's supposed to be an omega, which is a significant failure of the mother. Kids often don't take their medications, even more so than adults. How are you going to convince someone to take a pill every day at the same time without fail without explaining what its purpose is? Even then, this medication is just something the so-called doctor brewed up on his own. It hasn't undergone any clinical trials and doesn't appear to have been monitored for side-effects or interactions with other things. For all we know, this medication could cause his hormonal or immune system to fail or make him develop cancer. Even then, no one informed this kid that he was a guinea pig.

The mother has failed in her duties to explain the true situation to her son. We know that she is "sickly" but don't know what from and don't know her true reasons for doing what she is doing. She has no character depth.

For some reason, they are allowed to have pets out and in the open. Did someone manage to cure allergies? It really doesn't make sense for this to be allowed. Pets are often not obedient. Even if they are, they could send someone into anaphylaxis by just being near them.

This "dog" then sneaks his way through a scanner while pretending to be part of a white sweater. Since when does a scanner care what color you are? As long as you have bones, you should definitely show up, even with our modern-day technology.


Even with the key detail of the plot not making sense, I was willing to try blowing it off as "magic medicine" or something like that. The battles were what really bothered me.


When the enemy general shows up and takes control of the MC's ship, no one dies. No one is killed off as an example. Then, the "good guy" General Rosen shows up and saves the day without losing a single soldier, completely making the scene lose any and all suspense. For the enemy general, he seriously wasted all his time and fuel to come up here and say hello. Isn't that a waste? Shouldn't he have at least predicted that his opponents would try to fight it out with him? Shouldn't he have at least put a high explosive on board just in case this situation occurred? Better yet, if negotiations failed, he could blow up the ship and then flee. If they didn't chase them, then he got to kill some of the enemy anyway. If they did chase him, then he could use that opportunity to lure them into an ambush. Instead of planning things out, he is immediately taken by surprise and skiddadles away like a startled spider without doing hardly anything at all. All he does is poke Rosen about his former crush and hurt his feelings a bit. He gets very smug about this, too. What the hell? Is this guy really a general? Was it really worth coming all this way just to annoy this guy? Wasting all the time, money, and soldiers doesn't make sense for such a simple hello.


Even then, the battle isn't described in detail. If the plot is nonsensical, at least give me some exciting action scenes! How can you have a story in the military without any action scenes?!

Then, there is the flashback from nineteen years ago.


Ling Yu abruptly goes into estrus. He's one of the few characters in this series so far who has demonstrated any sign of intelligence, so props to him. He actually anticipated that his medicine would fail and took some preventative measures. He had someone else command the battle for him and locked himself in an isolated cell. If it were handled a bit better, then no one would necessarily have to know he was an omega. Even though he isolates himself, Rosen goes out of his way to enter the cell and r*pe Ling Yu, taking extra care to mark and imp**gnate him against his will. Rosen claims he is doing this for Ling Yu's own good since he would otherwise be an omega in a prison. Even so, taking these risks and avoiding bonding with an alpha or doing any of this was what Ling Yu decided. Ling Yu preferred to go to prison and do his time rather than becoming a birthing machine, and this is entirely his choice to make. If Rosen had handled this properly and covered it up well from the beginning, all this would be unnecessary, and no one would know the wiser. Ling Yu could flee without going to prison or hiding his gender. Instead, Rosen took advantage of Ling Yu's time of weakness to essentially ens*ave Ling Yu to him, completely destroying all their years of trust and friendship. He treats Ling Yu as an object rather than a person. Did Rosen honestly expect Ling Yu to still like him after he violated him to such an extent?

Naturally, Ling Yu could trust him no longer and knocked Rosen out before fleeing and presumably faking his death, which is quite sensible. Rosen is broken-hearted? It wouldn't have turned out this way if he weren't a rapist. He deserves all the suffering.

During all of this, Rosen is completely neglecting his duties as a general and irresponsibly leaving it to others. Ling Yu already told you "no, " dude.

Anyway, Ling Yu was a tough person in the military and was fairly high-ranking. Yet, he got out of prison and put on house-arrest. In spite of all that, he escapes extremely easily. Do criminals in this world not even have ankle bracelets to track their position like the ones in our world on house arrest do? If you tamper with those things, they go off. Since this is a sci-fi world, I would expect these devices to be even more advanced and possibly located under the skin to monitor the convict's vitals and status of this pregnancy.


The plot holes are strong in this one. Everyone needs an upgrade to their IQ and some enhanced character depth. I need more plot, more sensibility, more logic. This kind of plot has been done many times before and doesn't bring anything new to the table. I don't see any strong points that other people mentioned. It could just be that this is a series people either love or hate, but I can't see any reason to like it thus far. <<less
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lumiere rated it
June 25, 2017
Status: v1c12
This story is amazing!!

First, the concept is new and very addictive (alpha-omega relationship). And the plot as of now is well built.

Second, the translation is really good, making it even more enjoyable to read!

Lastly, the characters are very promising: I love how the main character is very independant and self reliable:

... more>>

He's working very hard to get his family a better place to live in


Not to forget there is a comedy undertone in the novel like you can see in description up above!

All in all BL lover get ready for this very hot novel ♥ ♥ and for the others give it a chance I am sure there is a BL lover inside of you too ♥ <<less
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psychobee rated it
August 6, 2017
Status: Completed
I just finished the raw (with google translate) and I loved this novel.

The story about the main couple and the side couple (their parents) is deep written. The independence and conflicted (mainly their emotional about their partner and family) uke. Then the loving and understanding seme. It's funny how the seme feel depresed because the uke seems so independent and want to do everything without the seme helps when the seme wants to do everything to help and protect their uke.

It's well written except the science and war is not... more>> too good. But if you just ignored it and just enjoy the story (like me because I don't like science) then everything will be alright and you'll love this novel too.

So please read this novel because their romance rather than the world setting. Just accept that all of it just the fantasy novel and the importance is the story between character. <<less
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Lovelies rated it
November 30, 2019
Status: v4c81
Well, I read it because it's not too long and because I'm cheering for... the side characters/couples (mainly Ling Yu and Rosen, I think I'm actually reading for them- I practically skim over a lot of the other stuff)

Many characters are a bit one-dimensional, predictable, and shallow. I can not bring myself to really root for the main characters.

Idk, it's overun with cliches and it's not really special or memorable. But it's a decent read, if you don't have anything else to do.
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iWulf rated it
September 16, 2017
Status: Completed
This is a fantastic novel! It is extremely well written. I caused me to I cried, cringe and laughed my way through the story. It has intrigue, romance, heartbreak and heart warming moments. You can not help but fall in love with the characters.

... more>>

The only slight issue is the lack of villains, there are maybe 2 plot driven antagonist which moves the story along. I never hated the villains may merely found them to be dislikable. However, surprisingly it never detracted my experience as the MC's are so well crafted.

Set in a technologically advance society with the combination of young love and old flames wrapping in political plots and mecha war... and I suppose intergalactic travel - Though the galactic aspect is more a plot vehicle then the focal point of the story.


This story is a HEF! Due to sheer desperation I even Google translated the remaining chapter (fortunately it seems to auto translator over very well), though I also be happily following the English releases. To find the raws simply search on the translators website as he provides the raws as well. <<less
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ShanShan rated it
August 21, 2017
Status: Completed
Phew, I finished using MTL to read this and I can say it was worth the trouble!

I love the friendships, the family relationships are awesome in a way that throughout the whole story each and every family member surely have each other's back. I love the romance, it's not too fast or too slow and the characters actually give it a good thought before giving love a chance. The cute alphas are all wrapped up in their wifey's fingers though lmao and the *ehem ehem* adult scenes were pretty good... more>> too, they have enough details to make you blush hehehe >///<

It's quite an emotional rollercoaster reading this as it's fluffy and happy then sad but also have its cutesy moments too that will unconciously make you smile. All I can say is do give this novel a try just like I did and you surely won't regret it! <<less
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MofuMofu rated it
August 13, 2017
Status: Completed
Finally!! Done to read this novel! I google translete this novel from 3 days ago!! (My eyes hurt soo much T^T)

Aahhh... This is soo nice. I really dont think someday can find an Omegaverse story with military theme!!! But of course, it is not that kind of military story (SM Play, Gang r*pe etc...) but just... A job of military!!!!

Many plot about military, sci-fi, monarch, and a bit mind break (?). I love this story. Not only have tell about the MC and ML love story (Lin Yuan and... more>> Chessar), but the author write very detail story about MC's father love story (Ling Yun and Rossen) , about the MC and ML roomates love story (snow and brian), about snow's father love story (ling feng and Udir <?> [i google translete it, so the name of udir is... I am not sure if this is a right name]), about brian's father love story (Berg and Drew, even MC's future brother (Lingan and Briant) is available!!!! #hoshosh.... Omigosh!! ? soo many! I even tired for remember it and write in this comment!! the story I love the most is.. Of course, the MC and ML pair, the mc's father couple andd.... Mc's future brother!!! Hehheheheh I just love that family story ?.

Anyway, even though the story is predictable, but the author is smart enough to explain the romance event detail, soo it keep make this story sweeter and sweeter... (Too sweet in fact XP) andd I assure you, this is have a good ending, and each character have a good ending, soo just read it to your heart ?

You have to read this if you want to read some omegaverse sweet story, with a little, liiiiiiitle dark past.

Hosh hosh.... I am tired for typing this many... ? <<less
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Kumo723 rated it
January 22, 2020
Status: c40
Honesty, this novel isn't actually that good. What's interesting about this story is ALL IN THE SYNOPSIS. Just read that. Plus the protagonist is soooo naive and to top it off they don't tell him about being an omega. Maybe he'll be less naive if he knew the severity of the situation!! And so far I still didn't get to see what I came for, the main couple's ROMANCE!!
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TigerCub rated it
August 16, 2017
Status: Completed
I. Freaking. Love THIS! All the elements are there!! Love the bl and the alpha x omega couples... so cute!!

... more>>

so they're actually related!! Lin Yuan and Snow.... :o omfg and when Lin Yuan get's completely tagged chapters 92-4... so hawt the couple's are really just so cute together!!


This is just a really cute and lovely story with a good amount of vinegar eating ;) hahaha... those jealous alphas... so adorable.

The fact that there's epilogue chapters near the end is also a great bonus


side story of how the couples in the novel get together (aka married) and also about some of the little kids that are born ;) if only they said what gender their daughter was!! (is it possible for them to be alpha? cause that'd be pretty funny. she'd be really intense)


Reading the raws since I need to know more... though reading the translation would still be better... since it actually makes sense. <<less
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KAM1994 rated it
March 5, 2021
Status: v5c109
I love this author. I have read both ABO Cadet and Runaway Guide (Same universe different time and perspective). This author creates just the right amount of action and romance to keep me hooked. I am so excited to read the ending of this amazing novel. Please continue to work hard for all your fans.
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Letsplayhavoc rated it
February 11, 2021
Status: c28
This is a rough one to read. I love ABO/Omegaverse but I just can’t continue reading any further.

The characters are very flat, and the ML pretty much has a crush on the MC in less than a couple of days after they first met for absolutely no reason.

All the mysteries surrounding the MC are revealed within the first few chapters, leaving nothing for me to be interested in finding out.


... more>>

The entire bit about the identity and past of MC’s parents are revealed solely for the reader’s knowledge and it’s not revealed slowly as the MC finds out about his origin and his parents. It just didn’t make sense for the author to just put out the entire backstory right in the first few chapters just so that readers know. It has no suspense, no mystery, no guessing for the reader. The explanation of the past relationship (or lack thereof) between MC’s parents is just pathetic and rushed. The MC’s omega father just suddenly enter his heat during an important mission and the Alpha father just suddenly has to get to the omega father despite the omega father’s orders to not let anyone near him. And there goes the predictable route of omega in heat and alpha having s*x with the omega blah blah pheromones and secret crush. Author could’ve build the entire thing a little more, but nooo. BAM omega father is pregnant and he ran away and “died”. And the alpha is like omg surprised pikachu face I had a crush on you but I never told you.


I just can’t go on reading. This feels like some badly written fan fiction catered towards young teenagers. Everything feels rushed, secrets/plot points get revealed so quickly for no apparent reason. Plus, the internal monologue of these characters are cringe worthy. <<less
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GoldenTiger0 rated it
March 3, 2022
Status: Completed
Tbh, only after reading the 3rd book of Interstellar ABO quartet did I come to know of this one, the 1st book of the quartet. And I read this wanting to know the story of MC's parents (i.e. Lin Yuan & Xi Zhe / Caesar).

How dissappointed do I feel now I simply can't tell. And I know I brought this on myself on my own, cause I read this even after reading the reviews.

Though I like the relationship b/w Brian and Snow & Snow's parents. And Lin Yuan's parents are... more>> ok too. But I can't with this pair.


Lin Yuan's identity was hidden cause... don't want to upset the guy and break his worldview?! Why haven't you people thought of the situation he would face without inhibitors, having awareness that he could be taken advantage of (which did happen by Caesar) & developing resistance alpha pheromone in which's presence he will spend time in military. Lin Yuan didn't even hid his identity actively. He simply didn't knew. How did the military accepted him then when no omegas were allowed?! (There's a reason alright? It maybe that some omega went into oestrus during war!!)

I don't like the relationship b/w Lin Yuan and Caesar now. I simply dont.


Even the 3rd book is so much better than this. Luo Fei (the MC of 3rd book & this book's pair's 1st son) is a very good alpha albeit a bit careless at times. Mo Han (ML of 3rd book) was much more active in that book too. And the way they married was so good (I mean the law) !


Luo Fei & Mo Han also encountered the same situation as Caesar & Lin Yuan. But, Luo Fei had been chasing Mo Han for nearly half a year & Mo Han was too in love with Luo Fei after a month or so. So, they were in mutual love relationship. The only thing that was missing was a confession from Mo Han that he did like Luo Fei.

Mo Han was in oestrus & they were in a no-man's land. Even so, Luo Fei didn't want to mark him and had Mo Han drink cool water, but Mo Han insisted. Luo Fei still denied thinking of buying inhibitor from pharmacy nearby, unfortunately none. After Mo Han asked him to mark again soberly & telling that it's his consent, only then Luo Fei proceeded.

Luo Fei & Mo Han's relationship is simply another level than this pair's. Even Mo Han's parents relationship I don't consider it that good.



Ooh, Lin Yuan's brother - Ling An is in relationship with Brian's younger brother in the future.


I sincerely suggest you all to start reading this Interstellar ABO franchise quartet from the 3rd book, considering that the 2nd book is of Caesar's elder brother (and the world view is pretty much same).

The 3rd book "Interstellar Marriage Guide" (not translated yet; go find on MTL sites) is about the first child of Lin Yuan & Caesar - Luo Fei (a milk dog Prince) & his lover Mo Han (a queen Alpha (Omega)) and then the 4th book "Film Emperor's Secret Marriage" (I haven't read it yet but I will after writing this review; translated) which is about Luo Ning (the 2nd prince who's an omega, but super smart) & the film emperor. <<less
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Justaddsalt rated it
April 19, 2020
Status: Completed
5 Stars for the plot only and the translations. I MTLd it because I was so desperate. I liked how it all linked together.

I hope chrysanthemum or rainbow or exiled rebels can translate this. I'd be forever grateful.
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Comeheretocommentonly rated it
May 10, 2019
Status: v1c13
Well, as people already know, there's prequel for this book and I want to read their journey in this book but... who knows that


There are rapist looks like a god

And s*upid law omega who enlist to the MC's school= death

And his family doesn't tell him


2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tsundoku rated it
January 30, 2019
Status: v1c32
Very much enjoying this. I like the different personality and romantic relationship types. It's all m/m but they're not all the same.

The translation is well done as far as I can tell. Thanks for all your hard work!

I'm just hoping the translator is going to be able to come back and finish the novel!
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AnunDa rated it
October 1, 2018
Status: Completed
Finally! I've google translated for 4-5 days. (My eyes hurt and I have a horrible headche because I didn't have enough sleep ????????)

Even if my head hurts and didn't get enough sleep it was worth it. It's soooo cute and I LOVED it. The story is great and it's not the kind of I'm an overbearing general/president so your mine kind of story. But a totally different I love you so I will wait for you kind of novel.

The MC is very talented but a bit too slow on... more>> emotions and a very straightforward person. The ML is handsome, gentle, patient, caring...... etc he is SOOOOOOOO AWESOME.

My head is dizzy so I can't expresd what I want to express so sorry.


I LOVED IT!!!!!?????? <<less
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