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After he was reborn in a sci-fi ABO world, Xi Wei became the newly born son of the king of the empire. He thought that as the king’s son he could live a grand, carefree life, but unexpectedly the he, the eldest prince, was actually an omega? What the hell was an omega?

There was an alpha who was born on the same day as the eldest prince Xi Wei, and the two children grew up together. When Xi Wei looked at the blond child next door, he always felt that the boy wasn’t pleasing to the eye, so Xi Wei bullied him as a child.

Until many years later…

Looking at the man standing in front of him who was a head taller than him, Xi Wei was dumbfounded.

—He tried to escape, but he eventually still fell into the clutches of his childhood sweetheart.

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TáoHūn ZhǐNán
Đào Hôn Chỉ Nam
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New aovel rated it
September 14, 2022
Status: Completed
this was a surprise. Although there were schemes afoot it wasn't nasty or overbearing. It did sort of give off a vibe of 'i like you so maybe in time you will like me back' and with the MC sticking to his 'straight mentality' for a period of time and showed to be somehow grossed out of the possibility, it was a bit uncomfortable to see. The sudden appearance of 'when I thought I lost you that's when I knew I liked you' was a bit undermining. There was no... more>> hint at all that the MC liked the ML and suddenly he was in love. No matter how slow the romance is, it had to bloom from somewhere. But that's just me talking.

all in all, this was a good read. Those I stated above are just some points I found a bit out of tune.",) <<less
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Bloodline rated it
December 30, 2017
Status: Completed
I also read this through google translate.

It's a rather cute novel about the (transmigrated) eldest prince (omega) and his childhood friend (also transmigrated) and how the childhood friend thrives to win the princes heart.

The story begins before ABO Cadets and lasts until the end of ABO Cadets - so you cannot read this as a prequel, as everything that happens in ABO Cadets will be mentioned in the last 10 chapters of Runaway Guide in a shortend version.

The characters are nice and have personality.. But somehow the story never really... more>> showed any purpose other than the ML wanting to capture the MC. In this aspect ABO is better, because the MC and ML have both goals and there is a neat storyline with a satisfying ending.

All in all, this is purely shonen ai and there will be no s*x scenes, so you have been warned. <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
May 30, 2019
Status: c46
boy this was boring.

it feels that the author spent so much time hard-boiling the alpha-omega school system, that they forgot to spend some time on the story plot and conflicts. Not to mention they contradict themselves at times and periodically shared some utter bullshit.

  1. physics. If you don't know physics better not touch it, otherwise why saying s*upid stuff like - it crossed two galaxies in 15 minutes - gurl, r u sure. Let's pretend it happened. If they were capable of creating a fleet like that why would they need be at conflict with someone if their technology advanced so much. Just a number of trained humanoid mecha could cause a serious damage with specs like that and subdue the enemy. Not to mention the whole conflict passed through me and I couldn't grasp the beef, but whatever.
  2. military. Author insists that their regime is very militarized, while also poor writing decisions making this planet look s*upid. I don't believe that an unidentified mecha could fly around without being detected on a radar right away, don't tell me they don't have an advanced aerial defence system, while their enemies are somewhere up in the sky. I don't want to eat this bs. If you want to read about militarazed planet better find a vorkosigan saga by lois mcmaster bujold.
  3. conflict. When the novel doesn't convey you through things happening but rather tells you how you should feel, I think of it as kind of lazy writing. It gets better closer to the middle at least sharing a story through a character that makes you sympathize with them (randy's story). But here's my thing. The setting is that there's a little number of omegas and they're treated as treasures, the population depends on them, yet for some reason alphas act disrespectfully, which made a number of omegas to create their own underground organization. This is a contradction which defies logic. Why would those who depend on omegas on whom relies the future of the nation act disrespectfully? And also the whole - omegas want to be free. I see it as a truly selfish action on their part. It's not about forcing stuff, but it's about nation's safety and future. Author wants to convey the idea that they're treated as birth machines. But I see it as citizens of a nation that don't want to do their duty. Remember the law due to over-population that a family is allowed to have only one child in china? These were drastic measures, it sounds inhuman, but future of the nation depended on that decision. If you don't follow the thorny but right course the society can easily collapse. While all these conflicts could be solved through civilized negotiations. I would believe in conflict if for example the history did have a moment in time when omegas were fighting for their rights and threatened to become infertile, which could lead to a conflict with casualties. And as a result it would lead to them being controlled with a facade of being pampared. Then it would be heart-wrenching. Yet it doesn't happen. Weak health doesn't mean you can't embrace some brainy profession that will actually help the future, yet many decided to conceal their talents, even MC did the same at some point.
  4. one-dimensional characters. Many character made an impression of being robots that are capable of only one command or one train of thought. And often times there is no distiction between adult and young, they all act the same. And often adults don't act like adults. More like morons.
all in all I don't plan to finish this one, because this novel is just too obvious and for a short one it feels like I read 1000 chapters of it. But 2 for the effort.
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dona rated it
April 25, 2019
Status: c40
Typically ABO stories tend to be a hit or a miss. I´ll keep it short, this was boring to read, I skipped over a lot of chapters. MC is an adult man but boy did he get "into" his new character very quickly! For an adult man you´d expect it to be very difficult for him to pretend to be a child and keep appearances up but nope, he acted like a proper baby, going to school with a bunch of 5 year olds for classmates, making friends with a... more>> bunch of kids etc.. yeah wow that´s an adult man. His past life in the first chapter was totally unnecessarily. He´s such a positive, energetic, kind, gentle, clever kid, it´s really boring to read. All the characters were equally boring. I like rational characters with a mind of their own. This one? He´s a type thats easily taken advantage of.

He´s supposed to be somewhat of a rebel and against omega discrimination but what´s the point when he doesn´t even try to change his situation? Worst part is you know he´s gonna end up obediently marrying a man when looking at the description above... but seriously this novel is like reading a slice of life about the daily life of a privileged prince who wants to break from stereotype but still dutifully acts like a proper and diligent teenage child, living happy merry with his friend and family.

Are all ABO stories created by the same author or something? Is it so hard to be a little more creative? At least Zhou Yun Sheng from QWTFOTD removed his omega gland but this one? I can already envision him with 3 toddlers in 10 chapters from here. <<less
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kleepart rated it
December 29, 2017
Status: c28
So, as you can see, I have only read one chapter. I really enjoyed it! I'm mostly here to offset the random troll who gave a two star rating for no apparent reason (BL hater?).

Editing to add: I love it. No changes here.

The intro was well done, the story set up is intriguing, and the description sounds great. Once we get further along with the translation I will be back to amend this.

Looking forward to where it goes!
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idkvan rated it
February 3, 2020
Status: c56
Oh my god the reviews that state this novel is bland are 10000% correct. I almost wish I could go back in time and smack myself in order to stop myself from reading this. Only giving it a 3 for the amazing work of the translator. My actual score would be a 1.5/5

This story is bogged down with so many unneeded details on side couples that it weighs down the story. The whole time I am reading about couple xx or couple xyz all I am thinking is "WHERE ARE... more>> THE MAIN COUPLE??" It honestly got to the point where it felt like the actual main character became as one reviewer wrote a supporting character in his own f**king book!!!!

This is worse than a slow burn romance ! 85 chapters total in the book with 7 extras and currently at chapter 56 the MC and ML haven't even made progress! The MC is still straight as ever and the ML is still hiding in the shadows making heart eyes at the MC secretly. Plus I wanna say about half of these 56 chapters I read through ARENT EVEN ABOUT THE MAIN COUPLE. I swear this book is about everyone BUT the ML and MC. *Flips table* <<less
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TigerCub rated it
March 4, 2018
Status: c23
To be honest, the moment I saw this was an ABO novel, I was instantly hooked. And man, did I not regret it.

If you like concepts like ABO/Omegaverse, this is the story for you. Especially if you've read part of ABO Cadets.

This story is basically the prequel to ABO Cadets (as you gradually find out why by the time it's chapter 20 or so) towards the beginnings, however, it's likely to move towards the same timeline as in ABO Cadets.

Aside from that, this story is already particularly interesting and amusing... more>> as the characters come to life. Rather than having a weak Omega character, we have a strong-willed and Omega (similar to the one in ABO Cadets, except in his case, he already knew he was an Omega).

Different from ABO Cadets though is that (spoiler) :


the two main characters, have reincarnated into this universe and weren't originally part of it like in ABO Cadets. Basically, the famous Xi Wei was reborn as a strong-willed Omega, and his manager housing an intense and passionate one-sided crush on Xi Wei was also reincarnated after the car accident, into an Alpha.


Although I haven't finished reading the story yet, and am only around 1/4 of the way through, based off the fact that I've finished reading ABO Cadets (via raws), this story should be just as good ^_^

Besides, who doesn't like reading stories where the MC who is underestimated by all and looked down upon, comes around to slap all those around them in the face with their prowess? <<less
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CoCiaLia rated it
February 3, 2021
Status: c43
Really, you have to have to be in a certain mood to enjoy this.

The novel is suppose to be a fluff piece, and it is just for justice loving feminist. (PS I’m a feminist, pro-choice, blah blah blah) just, I expected a fluffy love story where men get to be together with men and have children. I didn’t expect the novel to dive deep into the gender dynamics.

On the gender dynamics, I don’t like how MC fervently rejected the omega status and wanted other omegas (Aiden). He just fits into... more>> the stereotype of a man who thinks women should be a certain way because they are designed that way and yet when they are to play any sub role they freak out. It says a lot about the MC’s ego, one think to not like it, another to think it’s below you. (The low-key drooling on Aiden and the other omegas makes me think he’s straight, which I’m not okay with. BZ if your straight you don’t just turn into a shou. Ugh, I hate that troupe)

ML, he’s really a Barbie doll for MC. He’s a handsome, strong, wife (husband) s*ave. Yet he doesn’t do anything worthwhile. He’s just there. The author really took the character out of this one. He was worried about losing MC, yet after he found MC, he didn’t confess. That’s just a lack of logic. And what about his parents? What dose he want besides MC? Of course he’s also low-key looking down on MC and drooling over him, which is weird at best. But that’s kinda ML BL typical and I don’t think the Alphas in this novel are suppose to have real personalities anyways, so it’s all good.

The alpha vs omega thing is really not done well. First of all, why didn’t the omegas just talk with the alphas, their leader is the prince, they have husbands who listen to them everywhere. Since this is sci-fi, why didn’t they work together for something instead of seeking around. It’s a bit much, the plot doesn’t fit the dramatic writing. Also the Alphas from what I see aren’t that bad, their just kids who have been told that the omegas are to be treated differently. It’s low-key looking down on, it’s not, you can’t go to school, can’t fight, can’t dress that way, can’t speak. It’s not the same as what women have gone through in history. It’s just bad world building. It actually makes me feel the omegas are annoying and the alphas are s*upid.

Personal thoughts on world: I don’t see anything wrong with one party playing the dependent role and the other party the giver role. Do as you like. (DONT ATTACK THE WEAK ONES!!!) really noting wrong with just wanting to be a mother. Really sexist how the author always exaggerates the accomplishments of the characters. Why can’t the charters just be themselves, is it so rare to be a omega and smart? (This low-key acceptance of the idea that women are naturally weak and that to be feminist you have to be strong is really toxic) be a feminist means you want society to recognize that women are important no matter what they do, whether they give birth or make a scientific achievement or just sit at home and read BL novels!

Romance is dead. I didn’t like the MC, for me the MC really treated everyone like they were dumber than he was. It was really, at the end of the day he’s the game maker. I can’t relate to that, at the end of the day, I’m just a potato. Sad: (ML is Friendzone by a straight man again and again, at some point I wanted to scream. So sad, literary no romance development from MC, only ML being Mr. Wife s*ave. Romance in side cp, basically arrogant shou x s*ave husband. Not a fan. (I get some people can like that, but I prefer if the cp develops together.

conclusion. A novel to read when you want to rant about men. Personally I’m not in the mood for this. <<less
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mariusk rated it
November 25, 2019
Status: c40
It’s start off quiet good but then it became boring and most part seems unnecessary. This story contains Clever MC, childhood friend ML (which is actually really cute), ABO, sci-fi but.... none of them really meet my expectation, everything feel so bland and shallow???

... more>>

i know that the MC is straight but the way his expression toward ML is make me feel uncomfortable to the point that I decided to stop reading, at first it’s kind of cute but then it’s annoyed me very much. I’m not fond of this kind of slow burn, maybe it’s just because the MC characteristic? idk — and the fact that in the past life he was an actor, the story somehow still dance around that fact and I see nothing special in that point, like, okay he’s an actor, so he will be really good at how to act like a 5 y/o kid and then???? what’s next????


And I think the author should focus more with the MC and ml. Of course, the other characters and their interactions is cute but when i’m reading I feel like ‘okay maybe this is too much???’ <<less
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Ease rated it
April 1, 2018
Status: Completed
It's ABO, people. My fav!!!

So this story is about the MC reborn into ABO world as an omega prince. And he was adamant about never being dominated by anyone, including alphas.

I love this story. It revolves around the struggle of the omegas in fighting for equality right. It's not right there in your face, more like a subtle undercurrent among the power struggle between the royalty and military, along with the romance between MC and ML.

TBH all through out the story, I care more about the equality right for omega... more>> instead of the power struggle. The omegas have this underground organisation supplying banned inhibitors for omegas who refuse to be married and become birthing machine.

I am fixated with the idea, you know. Delay the estrus as long as you want until you found the alpha you want to be with; like what Prince Berg done with Drew.

There're some plot holes though.

  • Jon, the villain, at one time discovered the existence of the underground organisation. It might be lost in MTL but I never know how he come to know. Because he's only a Major General in his family's legion. Even Drew, Prince Berg's alpha, is not in the know.
  • MC insisted that he didn't want to carry child (because his mentality is like that of men from current Earth) but he gave birth to two children at the end of the novel. The first time it was accidental, because he's not in estrus so both MC and ML thought it was safe. It was understandable. But why the second pregnancy happened??? Because he got used to it? He was the president of the underground organisation for fs. And he still didn't want children even after he married ML. I wish he can stick to his character who kept on insisting from his childhood that he will never carry children in his body. I think the second child is redundant if I were to based it on his character.
The character I love the most is actually Randy.


He's an omega and a very proactive one. The first time his inhibitor failed, he pushed down the nearest alpha. Later when he need to have another omega child to save the first, he again actively proposed to the alpha to roll him in the sheet and impregnate him.

He was very determined with his goal. He didn't want to marry, so he faked his death and fled with new identity. When he fell in love with his alpha and discussed marriage with him, Randy straight forwardly met his real brother to restore his identity and said;

'Do you remember your dead brother? I'm actually him.'

'You think I'm young? I'm already a father of three children.'

'Meet my alpha, your colleague.'

TBH, Randy is the best at dropping the bomb at the most unexpected time.


All in all it's a good a read for me. There's a dose of angst in the middle of it but it does not last long. I enjoy this novel until the end. <<less
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xtruthxliex rated it
April 26, 2020
Status: c1
Wow. That Hy-D-Ra dude. Their mind seems kinda skewed. An omega that chooses not to give birth is going against their nation. Wowzer. They have obviously never heard of women before it seems. Because um.. Women.

Why do men treat women like sh*t and oppress them even though they need them? Why did white people ens*ave African Americans when they needed them? I don't understand why alphas would mistreat omegas either. Nor do I understand why men do so or why those white people did so... Wait I do understand. Because... more>> they have a skewed mind. How can OP say "it isn't logical to mistreat omegas" and yet also believe "omegas have a duty to give birth." Yeahhh. Okay.

It doesn't matter if there is a small population of omegas. There's a weird plot hole in abos - test tube babies. Scientists can grow omegas only and get rid of alphas and betas... A super advanced world could probably do better than us, right?

But I agree that if you don't know physics, don't mention it. As an author you shouldn't make your novel about something out of your realm of knowledge. It's hard trying to write about a MC that has high iq.

There's a lot of plot holes. But do you want that conflict you desire or for the author to not "contradict" themselves? I saw the mecha moment as a conflict moment.

Also it's a romance novel about abo... This is not innately unique. If you wanted better in depth characters, this ain't it. It's just fluff. A lot of yaoi is just fluff. A lot of tropes are used. Honestly I agree that it's SUPER boring. I couldn't get past 5 chapters and then skipped some to get to the "interesting middle" eh... Not one of the best yaois I've read.

The author played on the childhood sweetheart thing and it wasn't really interesting because... Well... It's sweet in theory but they only like each other because their comfortable. <<less
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My current rating is 3/5. I usually refrain from writing reviews before I reach the end of the story, but when I do it means that I've found quite a few disturbing things :)

The first and foremost would be the main character, Xi Wei.

... more>>

MC was a film emperor who died in a car accident along with his manager and both of them were reborn as babies in an ABO world. MC kept his memories, while ML awakened his when he was five y.o. Okay, so far so good right? Nothing weird. But keep in mind that the first thing ML did after he got his memories back was that he desperately searched for MC, even going as far as meeting a potential person he thought was MC. But MC? When he realized that he had died and was reborn as a baby, the first thing he thought of wasn't the ML who had shielded him during the crash. He didn't even consider his wellbeing or had he possibly transmigrated together, nope, he was like "I need to understand what the hell omega is". I mean of course it's good that he was willing to learn, but come on... He was still a friend who had been through thick and thin with him in the previous world, how could the ML just be disregarded? He wasn't even mentioned until around chapter 10ish.


Second, the MC is just so...??? I can't even find the right word to describe my feelings toward him.


Although the first thing he thought of was about learning the ABO system, it didn't seem to be useful, 14 years later he was still disgusted by it. By all means, I respect his sexual orientation (MC was straight) and he was unwilling to be subdued by an alpha, in which I found it as very noble because who would be willing to be controlled by pheromones? When he talked about the ABO system to ML, he was just so... rude?? He expressed his disgust without even asking ML about his opinion. He went on and on about not wanting to be marked by an alpha or a man, in which the ML was both :) So inconsiderate?


Yet although he was adamant about fighting against the ABO system, he was unresolved.


There was this academy that was used to 'train' omegas. They would go through four years of omega education and when they were 18, they would be married off. MC didn't want to be an omega nor did he want to marked by an alpha, so why did he go? Why did he brushed it off with 'because I'm an omega prince, I can't just break the rules' kind of bullshit? Why, when he knew that he could remove his glands (although illegally) and be freed of his omega identity, he didn't grab the chance? Yes it's illegal, yes the Omega Alliance was under the Empire's persecution, yet with a thousand omegas who were hidden so deep in every part of the galaxy, why didn't they try to revolt? Why did they choose to take suppressants and live as betas? In my most honest opinion, the MC and every other omega in this alliance are just half-assed brats in denial. Even the Royal Uncle who was "a wasted talent" and was even the head of the alliance, still married "an alpha he liked" in the end. Possibly because I've already read FOD and Perfect Destiny's ABO arc, this kind of plot is just so frustrating for me.

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Ginko Biloba
Ginko Biloba rated it
July 18, 2020
Status: extra 6
I give it a 3 because of the side pairings. I actually like the side pairing more than the main one because.....

... more>>

I feel like Xi Wei was taking Klaire for granted and he didn't really like him that much he just got too used to Klaire's existence and accepted him for that reason.

While Klaire was willing to do anything and everything for Xi Wei, I couldn't feel the same enthusiasm from him. Xi Wei didn't want to have a kid because he couldn't come to terms with a male being pregnant that easily but when he got pregnant he accepted it and his reasoning was because his conscience couldn't take it. I know that is normal but I didn't like that he didn't even thought about how Klaire felt at that moment. When Klaire told him that he would agree if Xi Wei wanted to abort the kid he didn't even notice that Klaire didn't want to abort the kid. Xi Wei kept the kid because his conscience couldn't take aborting the kid and not because that was his and Klaire's kid and would feel happy if it was born or because he wanted to make Klaire happy.

Aside from that when Klaire first confessed and he rejected him, although it was resolved later on, I didn't like that Xi Wei kept on rejecting Klaire but he didn't try to extricate himself from Klaire...I kept on asking just what the hell does Xi Wei want.... if he really didn't like Klaire then just go far away from him he would just keep on giving Klaire false hope and the guy already invested too many years of his 2 lives for him. It was good that Klaire didn't get discouraged....

Another thing is Xi Wei needed Klaire to go missing for a long time before he told himself that he liked him.... and the way he realized his feelings kind of felt like hypnotism... with all honesty I feel that even though it was mentioned in the story multiple times that Xi Wei and Kalire understood each other the most, Klaire was actually only the one who understood Xi Wei, cause if Xi Wei really understood Klaire then he would understand from the start what Klaire feels for him and know what Klaire's plans are...

The side pairings was a lot better although it also felt a bit like the two other pairings were also taking the semes for granted the ukes still managed to do something for their partners. Randy who kept his identity hidden for a long time revealed himself so he can marry Craig, although it took a really long time and it even came to the point that Craig wanted to give up, still Randy was able to do something for his partner and show that he really love Craig. As for the other pairing, Aiden only seemed to be taking Carlo for granted half-way thru the story but still what he did is a bit understandable if you considered Carlo's attitude when they were young, and Aiden was still able to show that he loves Carlo in his own way as shown in the extra chapters.


Other than that there were parts that could have been removed or shortened and then replaced with arcs that can be used to focus on more important parts of the story....


The author could have shortened the part Xi Wei spent as a baby and the details about his first life that took a chapter.... The author also used too much chapters for the Randy X Craig arc. Even though I like them better than the main pair I still felt that their arc was too long and reading it I almost forgot who the main characters are...


And there was also a plot point that I couldn't help but be bothered about it...


There was this slag alpha named Joen who drugged Xi Wei too do some bad things to him as Klaire was being sent away for a mission to a faraway place....I didn't understand the reason why even though Xi Wei said he remembers clearly what happened when Joen drugged him, he failed to remember that Joen said something about the enemies planning on ambushing Klaire and killing him while on his mission. And when they tortured the guy they didn't even bother on interrogating him where he got his blackmail material against Xi Wei nor the reason why he knows that the enemies were planning an ambush.... If Xi Wei just bothered on remembering this then they would have been prepared for the ambush, Klaire wouldn't have gone missing and the whole rebellion thing could be dealt a lot easier.....I mean guys.... you could have gotten the slag alpha Joen's testament as evidence to put him and his whole family in prison..... they were on cahoots with the goddamned enemies!!! THAT IS TREASON FOR f*ck'S SAKE!!!!!

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otpsfloat rated it
January 12, 2020
Status: c67
Translations 10/10. The story has a good concept and started off well in the beginning. MC & ML are pretty OP.

... more>>

ML also eventually remembers MC and recognizes MC. MC finds out ML's past identity. A+ for no dragged out miscommunication/angst here. MC's uncle is an Omega but is very supportive of MC. In fact, pretty much MC + ML's families are caring (not always nice, but they do care and are sincere).


Like a commentator above, I too got annoyed when the side CP was introduced. Annoying side CP, fine. But then the author brought them into it so much that it turned into almost a main CP at one point with dog blood drama.


Side CP was a white lotus (pure & defenseless & s*upid) x bully reformed kind of s*upid/egoistic ML.


It got really frustrating and long to read because the main plot and CP weren't developing anywhere because of all the drama that the side CP brought in. <<less
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Aqualicht rated it
December 29, 2017
Status: Completed
Great book, good continuation of ABO Cadets story but with the eldest omega prince of the kingdom and his lovestory. Worth reading, binge read the raw with google translate, recommended to those that loved ABO Cadets
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Lumie101 rated it
January 25, 2022
Status: c37
Every novel has its bad reviews due to beliefs, contradictions, and whatnot, and I do not let it deter me for I rather be the judge of the novel that I have deemed interesting from reading the synopsis and because I have read another novel written by the same author. However, this novel is a major flop and it simply comes down to one thing:

The MC is a supporting character in his own novel.

... more>>

I feel the major reason why this novel failed for me is that when the author attempted to build a world for the MC and give the MC some build up, the author would shift over to the supporting characters or should I say supporting character. *Cough* Aiden *cough*. As if the MC had turned into a supporting character for the supporting characters. I was practically pulling at my hair every time MC and ML's storyline is about to progress freaking Aiden would be there. I don't care about this soft white lotus who can't even truss a chicken. I don't care that he has a chronic illness. I don't care that the omega father hid the secret of when he was younger he had ran away from home to avoid marrying some guy ten years older than him and went into estrus and had a one night stand with the alpha father and knocked him out then ran away after faking his death and creating a new identity then birthing Aiden. I don't care that the class president is constantly saying omegas are annoying yet has a crush on him. I don't care that Aiden is so sick that he studied hard in order to not repeat a year. I don't care that Aiden's parents had a one night stand and after fourteen years Aiden's omega dad says to alpha father, 'let's have s*x and have a child in order to save our child who is supposed to be a supporting character but has suddenly turned into the MC' and became duck buddies in order to save Aiden's life. Where is the MC, the ML, and their character build up? At this rate why bother mentioning the MC or ML at all? Why not just scrap the original plot and start over with Aiden as the MC instead?


I made it almost halfway through the novel and I don't think I will go on. I have picked up and dropped this novel over and over since last year. Once again I decided that I will drop this novel and push it to the back of my mind. I have decided that in the process of doing so I will leave a review so that one day when I come upon this novel again to give it another shot, I would look upon this review and remind me of why I had dropped it in the first place. <<less
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Melange rated it
July 14, 2020
Status: Completed
This is pretty cute, but the plot is somewhat forgettable. I had to go through my history to remember the name of this novel in order to leave a review since I'd already forgotten the name of the novel.

The premise of this novel is that ML and MC were previously actor and agent, but both of them perished to the infamous Truck-kun while going on vacation. They proceed to reincarnate together into an ABO world. Or at least, they say it's an ABO world.

I don't believe for a second that... more>> this is an ABO world because where the hell are the B's?! Omegas are supposed to be the rarest gender, yet everyone seems to be popping out little omega siblings left and right. Seems like the rarest gender are actually female betas?? There are quite literally 0 betas in this ABO world where betas are the most populous. Maybe it's because everyone that ML and MC know have "superior genes". Maybe it's novel magic. Maybe it's Maybelline.

Anyways, the romance between the side couples is cute. The romance of the main CP? Eeeeh. I guess. They were great friends at first because of their shared history, but this became basically negligible once they became adults in their second lives. The entire purpose of transmigration seems to purely serve as a plot point so that MC and ML would have something in common. <<less
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kyn rated it
September 9, 2018
Status: Completed
An entertaining ABO (Omegaverse) novel with super slow burn romance. The premise is pretty interesting where the MC transmigrated along with his previous life memories intact into an infant in another universe where he is considered as rare breed important for the continuity of his species. As an omega he has to live with oppression as his freewill and freedom was taken away due to his unique status in society and even had to conform to arranged marriage. What is worst is that he is essentially a straight male, the... more>> very idea of marrying another male and giving births makes his skin crawl and turns his stomach. Basically the story is focused on how the seme who has transmigrated along with the uke (the MC) tries his very best to wins over the uke whom he has loved long before their reincarnation into this ABO universe. To the seme, it's like he is given a second chance to capture the love of his life which he was not able to in their previous lifetime. This new and unique environment has given the seme new hope as he could now freely pursue the MC without suffering society's condemnation.

I really like that the MC is not a pushover and could totally takes care of himself even though his breed is supposed to be the weaker s*x. He is headstrong and defies the very definition of an omega. He is strong, feisty and highly spirited. Even all those alphas around him are wary of his presence. At times I did pity his devoted and loyal wannabe-seme for having to cater to his willfulness. But that guy is a super resilient and patience even though he knew his chances are rather slim since his target is a highly prideful heterosexual male. The slow burn romance is frustratingly slow but I have enjoyed the seme's undying devotion and passion towards the uke.

Besides the main couple's lengthy courtship, the story is adequately peppered with some action scenes such as mech and airspace battle plus political conspiracies. It also has interesting side characters with their own set of romances to keep us readers entertained.

I gave this novel a 4 stars because there are some questionable plotlines and I find that the wrap up of the main couple's difficult courtship was too abrupt and hastily done hence a little killjoy there.

* Reviewed on 9th September 2018 (read the original Chinese version via TTS) <<less
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Iloveprettyfacedontwanttomarry rated it
December 31, 2021
Status: --
Honestly, this is boring.

... more>>

i get that MC is trying to not be sus, avoid being suspicious or something. But, the setting on this novel is 'omega needs to breed, most alpha don't respect omega, omega needs to learn how to be a perfect housewife' troupe.

And what MC did is frustrating. Instead of being passive from the beginning and hiding the fact that he's better than most alpha in this kind of troupe, you should shows them what you capable of! To make sure they understand that no matter what gender you're, you can do it.

And I kind understand that MC is straight male but seriously, you feel disgusted by you being omega but treat others omega like a gem?. Bro, I know you just an older bro, but I definitely think that one should not thought those. Kinda rude tho.

And I still feels unsatisfied with MC hiding his true abilities. Come on bro! Straighten up your chest and shine! I believe that, by doing this, the impression of him will be more heroic and fresh.


And that's why I'm so frustrated.

I think this is the second time I'm reading this and I still can't finish it.

And the ml


idk if it's just me or what but, the ML kinda bland? No taste. Usually, I can feel strong emotion from a possessive and cunning ml, but this... I just don't? I felt like he's a... Yk. I can't pin point it. And when he's finding the MC, isn't supposed to be obvious that MC is the one. And author wrote that he's supposed to be good at social, but I didn't see much. I mostly remember he's staying silent, like when James (?) Idr, the talking non stop mouth, talking and he didn't reject it although he's feeling annoying. I'm sure that most ML that cold would straight up and said f off. He's just bland.


Another things


idm the characters being to passive like the MC parents, but instead of writing about what they are feeling, should wrote more about the surrounding because I just can't imagine it! Like the palace or the surrounding, I just imagine a blank white space with the characters on! Idk, I felt like the author kinda lazy for it. But still, engaging more with those things, probably made this Novel more interesting. And some characters does annoyed me. But whatever I usually skip it cause it's boring and unnecessary drama. Ik that's MC friend, but I honestly think it was not a variable for mc's drama. It's just annoying. It made me wonder what's going on because it's feels like I'm reading diff book. So don't focused so much on side characters that's boring.


Ugh, it's just my views and doesn't represent anyone views. It's diff from others people and we all have different taste anyway. If you like it, you like then. <<less
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Annshanina rated it
July 8, 2021
Status: Completed
Tbh, the story was not really exciting. It may sound like it doesn't make sense, but in this story rather than the characters approaching the plot, it was the plot that was chasing the characters. Because for example, the shou is straight so he doesn't like the idea of omega man who marries another man and then got pregnant, but since the beginning the shou doesn't have this mentality of "Yeah, I'm the prince and I'm omega, I don't want to follow the norm so I'm gonna turn this world... more>> upside down so that I won't marry another man and have babies with them". But then all of the sudden, he was presented with the opportunity to become the head of omega secret association and at the end, his brother who became King suddenly turned the world upside down, UNPROMPTED. Another example is when suddenly there was a coup in his empire, and the king was like "It's okay, I already have planned a lot of things since the beginning of the story" but like... there were no foreshadowing and etc. And some characters are too wishy-washy, like there was this uncle of the omega who at first was like "Hey, I'm gonna give you some suppressant so that you can avoid marriage as long as you like" but the very next day he was like "You have to marry today okay? because you are omega". Like sir, are you a fan or a hater??? So yeah.... I don't really think this is my cup of tea honestly. <<less
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ooreeee rated it
December 17, 2019
Status: c47
it started out nice enough, the premise of transmigration + rebirth of the CP was interesting, totally made me wanna watch how their story unfolds in this new sci-fi-esque world

did I got that? U thought. First few chapts were fine, not big bow-wow but ok, then the story introduced us to side CPs

... more>>

NOW THAT TOTALLY DERAILS THE FOCUS OF THIS STORY, the romance of that one particular parental drama is a level of bland and boring worse than the first congee I cooked


like sure it was needed to push the plot but that took away enjoyment in watching the main CP and slap me with daytime soap opera content so I got bored and bail away, sticking with it till the 40 sumtin' chp was quite a valiant try for me <<less
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