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When the eldest prince Luo Fei reached 18 years old, the database automatically screened the genes of omegas across the entire empire for matching. The only son of a wealthy businessman, Mo Lin, had a gene match of more than 90% with the eldest prince. However, the moment he saw Mo Lin, Luo Fei learned that this omega is a sick child with paralyzed legs, hemiplegia, and severe mental illness???

After school started, Luo Fei met a familiar opponent in a mecha competition. He looks exactly like a certain omega, with a slender figure and a handsome smile, and almost scrapped his mecha.

— Where’s the hemiplegic patient???

Notes from the author:

1. Pretending to be sick and weak, but is sharp shou x Gentle and loyal prince gong;

2. AO pairing. This is a story where the Gong and Shou pick off each other’s vests. Easy and sweet read, no ab*se;

3. The start is described from the perspective of Gong (Luo Fei), but the story revolves more around the shou (Mo Lin/Han), and his POV is shown a lot later. In fact, the Gong and Shou scenes are divided about half and half.

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Klimintina rated it
November 21, 2023
Status: Completed
It isn't perfect but it suits for readers wo wants to read fluff, seme protagonist, chasing, secret identity, ABO, MPREG. There's not overstiulating plots that makes your head hurt.

MC [seme]- He's like a golden retriever towards the Shou. Green flag. Kinda innocent, loyal, and devoted lover.

ML [shou]- Not a weakling but still not strong enough to fight off enemies. He's strong hearted. Didn't fall in love with the MC right away, in fact, he didn't lik the MC at first in the first place but our MC is very persistent,... more>> lmao.

In conclusion, this is still a good novel to read. It's not bad since the author has written quite a lot of novels with good reviews. I can just say it's not perfect.


For example, the ML got kidnapped twice and they are so careless for that. I kanda hate that part coz they didn't even fought or something, it's just like *poof* you're kidnap now. Lol.


But anyway, I'll still give this a 5s coz it entertained me, I'm not that stingy. ;]] <<less
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heartlessbambi rated it
June 8, 2024
Status: Completed
Recommended to read!!!

Actually this book is sweet. The MC (Alpha/seme) is like a puppy wagging his tail running after ML (Omega/Uke). The Omega was unmoved at first thinking the Alpha was silly and still immature. But when he came into contact with the Alpha more, he got to know he was not just silly, but trustworthy, loyal... just a combination of green flag qualities. The Omega ML could not help but fall in love.

In the story both enjoyed the other foolishly playing a role blindly, not knowing their cover had... more>> already blown away. It was amusing to read those humorous interactions. This novel did not have the expected political conflicts, war even though the MC was a prince. Instead it was focused on the ML's background. There was not much suspense either. It was a very light read.

There were a few loopholes in the novel which made me doubt the IQ of several characters including the MC himself. The book actually started off well, but showed several mistakes here and there. But regardless, it was cute and fun to read.

If anyone is looking for a fun light plot omegaverse, this will be an okay pick. <<less
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