Perfect Superstar


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Lu Chen had a dream, an incredibly long dream.. The dream world was familiar yet at the same time unfamiliar. Singer, actor, freelance writer, he actually went through three sections of different lives in a dream world! When he woke up, Lu Chen thus embarked on a bright road of becoming a perfect superstar!

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Wan Mei Da Ming Xing
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MisheruBookish rated it
September 24, 2016
Status: c807
I really love this novel along with IRAS! There are some similarities, but the MC here don't really fight or cuss others unlike Zhang Ye.

... more>>

I love this novel because the couple here are so sweet and has a cute love story and moments. MC here is also a mature guy and multi-talented. There is also an update or chapter release everyday around 9 PM and 11 PM in GMT +8. And according to the author, the book is also already close to its ending.

The MC here is a handsome guy who have the memories of three people who died from a different world. These three guys were a singer, an actor and a freelance writer who did not really attained the success they dreamed until they died in the same accident.

For some reason, Lu Chen dreamed these three lives and acquired their abilities and knowledge. And so, Lu Chen used those abilities along with his good looks and maturity to make his way to showbiz.


Love Interest:


Chen Feier: A famous singer and judge of a contest that Lu Chen joined. She is 6 years older than LC and became his girlfriend. At first their relationship is a secret due to some reasons and after the TV series and some works they have done together, they decided to make their relationship in public. They are an OP Couple that I cant help but love them.

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OtongSlayer rated it
May 25, 2017
Status: c320
Read my review for a quick judgement.

This is actually my first review after reading countless KR, CN, and JP novels in NU. But this series really deserve it.

MC is eternally grateful for FMX's memories, he know he's no better than others without it, so his ambition is to let the world hear his name and his teacher FMX, while helping the people around him. The story is good, the author has done a good job explaining the complexity of entertainment world. No cockroaches enemies and fast conflict.

The pacing is quite... more>> fast, author clearly has a plan for the story.


Yet, I am dismayed to see how the author didn't explore deep enough FMX's memories other than skills and their work experience. They have seen through the bitter life of entertainment, but the author didn't mention any of their experience other than in early chapter and failed to integrated it to Lu Chen. E.g:

    • Lu Chen didn't even confirm his memories by searching through net of important figures in FMX's memories.
    • Their other life memories should be mentioned often, not just their work experience, to explain how it makes Lu Chen personallity as of now.

Here, Lu Chen is a polar opposite of Zhang Ye, which is a good and..., a bad thing. A good thing is that he is likeable, polite, and kind. The other is

how he doesn't have any negative and show a little of author self - insertment, yet this can be fixed by fixing the aforementioned points. I know he lived 3 lifes, but come on.


The other supporting characters, I can say that the author has successfully fleshed out. Character development and romance enough to make me got a diabetes for the gentle and fluffiness.

The other, this novel is not a harem (ThankGod), MC attracted plenty of girls, but didn't make a deeper move towards them, but instead more to his career. But, as of my reading chapter the heroine has been pointed out, but I will not spoiler it.

As of chapter 320, I can relate at some aspects that this series is similar to I Am the Monarch. That is, career climbing, fast conflict, and MC personallity. So if you like I am the Monarch and other kinds, you might try this.

So far the story is still solid, despite the negative points I pointed earlier, I really can't lower the rating below 5. I might edit this review again soon enough. <<less
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May 19, 2017
Status: c9
Well, the title is accurate from the get-go. There's no need for the MC to embark on a road to become a perfect superstar, since he's more than two-thirds down it already; all he's missing is to be recognized as one, because he's gotten the skills overnight. He also has impossibly fast songwriting skills... *grumble* It doesn't matter how well you know a song, it should take more than fifteen minutes to type out just its lyrics and melody *end grumble*.

The novel quickly presents beautiful women, mean and feeble-minded antagonists... more>> whose primary reason for existence is to get their faces slapped, and always-wowed audiences. On the other hand, though lucky breaks seem to keep popping up, they're not necessarily the best choices for the MC to take, which is more authentic. The story has a soft charm to it at times, which hopefully won't disappear after the MC leaves the low levels. It's got humor, too.

So, yea, although its MC is a nice guy, this novel is more akin to I'm Really a Superstar and I'm in Hollywood, rather than Top Management, God of Music, or God of Cooking, whose protagonists live in more realistic worlds with realistic characters and actually have to grow their skills. I've come to find this novel's kind of automatic winning to be pretty boring, as its MC's successes lack value instead of being rewarding as real triumphs or accomplishments would have been. But if you prefer wish-fulfillment and more-or-less unrivaled MCs, I think you'll enjoy this story. And you might end up enjoying it even if you dislike such things, because it's got a gentleness that most such stories lack. <<less
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Faye rated it
April 3, 2017
Status: c4
So glad that finally somebody pick this up

Plot story is almost the same as IRAS, however this one revolves around entertainment industry


MC inherit memories of 3 different ppl with different talents. The abundant of knowledge just like Zhang Ye with the original literature, this MC got almost the same thing

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Supremo rated it
February 5, 2018
Status: c26
This novel is like IRAS but for me this novel is more interesting because it revolves around the entertainment industry and I really like how the MC use his memories he got.
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