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Lu Chen had a dream, an incredibly long dream.. The dream world was familiar yet at the same time unfamiliar. Singer, actor, freelance writer, he actually went through three sections of different lives in a dream world! When he woke up, Lu Chen thus embarked on a bright road of becoming a perfect superstar!

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Wan Mei Da Ming Xing
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MisheruBookish rated it
September 24, 2016
Status: c807
I really love this novel along with IRAS! There are some similarities, but the MC here don't really fight or cuss others unlike Zhang Ye.

... more>>

I love this novel because the couple here are so sweet and has a cute love story and moments. MC here is also a mature guy and multi-talented. There is also an update or chapter release everyday around 9 PM and 11 PM in GMT +8. And according to the author, the book is also already close to its ending.

The MC here is a handsome guy who have the memories of three people who died from a different world. These three guys were a singer, an actor and a freelance writer who did not really attained the success they dreamed until they died in the same accident.

For some reason, Lu Chen dreamed these three lives and acquired their abilities and knowledge. And so, Lu Chen used those abilities along with his good looks and maturity to make his way to showbiz.


Love Interest:


Chen Feier: A famous singer and judge of a contest that Lu Chen joined. She is 6 years older than LC and became his girlfriend. At first their relationship is a secret due to some reasons and after the TV series and some works they have done together, they decided to make their relationship in public. They are an OP Couple that I cant help but love them.

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OddJobs rated it
April 5, 2018
Status: Completed
If you're fed up with all those xianxia, xuanhuan, level/game system, isekai novels.

Read this 10/10

    • No wimpy MC
    • MC have a cheat but not too OP
    • Likeable characters
    • No Harem
    • Good Plot
    • Enjoyable 919 chapters
    • No arrogant youngmasters
    • Good slow romance
    • Even though the focus is mainly about chinese music if you try to skip those parts it is still entertaining and fun to read.
    • I read 919 chaps in mtl and its far more better than most novels I've read before.
  • Shame that the novel ended to early

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toumatoes rated it
October 16, 2018
Status: c600
In the beginning, I really liked the story and had high expectations for it. Even though the protagonist plagiarizes 100% of the time (don't do this at home, everyone), I allowed it because the story was interesting. I mean, I gritted my teeth and mtled the first ~600 chapters, y'know? But, in the end, I got disappointed.

Beware of minor spoilers and major spoilers will be under the spoilers tag! Here I go.

The story in general at the start I would rate 3-4 stars but then it slid down to 1-2... more>> at around 400-600 chapters in. Why? It got irritatingly predictable and the protagonist is the epitome of absurd perfection. He's honestly so overwhelmingly perfect it disgusts me. I mean, sure, he has the memories and abilities of 3 people (and that's really already OP enough) so he can act, compose, sing, play the guitar and piano, write, fight, even cook very well, is handsome and he's always calm. The obstacles he faces seem major but then he steps over it so simply that there's a severe lack of tension. The protagonist doesn't face difficulties with managing his time at all too. Like sure it gets mentioned that he's busy but there isn't really a struggle that it gets harder and harder to connect with him.


For example:

Protagonist wrote the script (acted as the main lead and composed the music too, whoo boy) for a series and everyone expected it to do worse than another series with a bigger budget, famous actors/actresses, more advertising, etc. At first, the rating showed that the other series was doing much better but then his series soon overtook the other and shocked the world. For the next drama series and movie, rinse and repeat this process. The reason for the rival series/drama/movie failing is similar too: boring plot (foreshadowing lol). Yeah, it got this predictable and bland.

On the topic of acting, the author barely mentions his acting at all. I mean, composing and acting are completely separate from each other but author basically just said: "he got no NGs" and went with it. Like, uh? Sure, he got that one actor's soul in him (that he could practically do martial arts and parkour no problem) but there must be more he could learn from others and explain about (camera angles, techniques or even portrayal of emotions in his acting) but I can hardly remember any mention of it. It's like acting is just a side note to the protagonist's perfection. Author: "I don't describe it but guess what, he's perfect in this too!"

In the end, the plagiarism got to me because of how fast the protagonist whips out new (plagiarized) songs. It's like he can compose 10 songs in a week no problem, with lyrics and being classics and charting and all. And not to mention the nationalism in the author's writing. Good god. (Reminds me he can speak an entirely different dialect fluently and nobody really questions his flimsy excuse either.) At chapter 600, it's basically the author telling the readers to lick the protagonist's feet aka story went to the obviously self-fulfilling direction.

Also, this is just me being nitpicky but he romances a woman several years older than himself (which is not a problem, I personally think it's sweet and one of the good points of this novel, especially the fact that she's successful and can stand on her own two feet... though debatable on her acting career and comeback album because it's the protagonist that pushed her through fame with his works... but her insecurities about her relationship and age actually makes her more real than the protagonist) and there's really no bumps in their relationship at all. I mean, it's just straightforward pining then being together, etc. that it's kind of... superficial? A romance that has no negatives and only positives. Not saying the relationship should be continuous drama or anything but it feels like it's just there for the kicks and convenience.

I got more to say but the point is that the author made the protagonist so in-your-face perfect, it's scary (nobody really suspects of his sudden, huge changes too haha).


Huh, what did you say? Character development? What's that? Lol.

A good point is probably the way he cares about his family (minor spoilers: and his misunderstanding with his older sister). Also, I personally like online reactions/interactions because they're funny. The protagonist doesn't ditch his fans (minor spoilers: from his streaming platform) so he takes his time to interact with them, which I admit is a nice detail. He's nice to his fans but well, being overly nice is a problem too with stalkers and all. Reminds me that it kinda lacks the complications and darkness of the entertainment world but oh well.

TL;DR final rating is 1.5, rounded down to 1 star. It's enjoyable the first, say, 300 chapters but imo, not worth continuing after that. <<less
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May 19, 2017
Status: c9
Well, the title is accurate from the get-go. There's no need for the MC to embark on a road to become a perfect superstar, since he's more than two-thirds down it already; all he's missing is to be recognized as one, because he's gotten the skills overnight. He also has impossibly fast songwriting skills... *grumble* It doesn't matter how well you know a song, it should take more than fifteen minutes to type out just its lyrics and melody *end grumble*.

The novel quickly presents beautiful women, mean and feeble-minded antagonists... more>> whose primary reason for existence is to get their faces slapped, and always-wowed audiences. On the other hand, though lucky breaks seem to keep popping up, they're not necessarily the best choices for the MC to take, which is more authentic. The story has a soft charm to it at times, which hopefully won't disappear after the MC leaves the low levels. It's got humor, too.

So, yea, although its MC is a nice guy, this novel is more akin to I'm Really a Superstar and I'm in Hollywood, rather than Top Management, God of Music, or God of Cooking, whose protagonists live in more realistic worlds with realistic characters and actually have to grow their skills. I've come to find this novel's kind of automatic winning to be pretty boring, as its MC's successes lack value instead of being rewarding as real triumphs or accomplishments would have been. But if you prefer wish-fulfillment and more-or-less unrivaled MCs, I think you'll enjoy this story. And you might end up enjoying it even if you dislike such things, because it's got a gentleness that most such stories lack. <<less
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OtongSlayer rated it
May 25, 2017
Status: c320
Read my review for a quick judgement.

This is actually my first review after reading countless KR, CN, and JP novels in NU. But this series really deserve it.

MC is eternally grateful for FMX's memories, he know he's no better than others without it, so his ambition is to let the world hear his name and his teacher FMX, while helping the people around him. The story is good, the author has done a good job explaining the complexity of entertainment world. No c*ckroaches enemies and fast conflict.

The pacing is quite... more>> fast, author clearly has a plan for the story.


Yet, I am dismayed to see how the author didn't explore deep enough FMX's memories other than skills and their work experience. They have seen through the bitter life of entertainment, but the author didn't mention any of their experience other than in early chapter and failed to integrated it to Lu Chen. E.g:

    • Lu Chen didn't even confirm his memories by searching through net of important figures in FMX's memories.
    • Their other life memories should be mentioned often, not just their work experience, to explain how it makes Lu Chen personallity as of now.

Here, Lu Chen is a polar opposite of Zhang Ye, which is a good and..., a bad thing. A good thing is that he is likeable, polite, and kind. The other is

how he doesn't have any negative and show a little of author self - insertment, yet this can be fixed by fixing the aforementioned points. I know he lived 3 lifes, but come on.


The other supporting characters, I can say that the author has successfully fleshed out. Character development and romance enough to make me got a diabetes for the gentle and fluffiness.

The other, this novel is not a harem (ThankGod), MC attracted plenty of girls, but didn't make a deeper move towards them, but instead more to his career. But, as of my reading chapter the heroine has been pointed out, but I will not spoiler it.

As of chapter 320, I can relate at some aspects that this series is similar to I Am the Monarch. That is, career climbing, fast conflict, and MC personallity. So if you like I am the Monarch and other kinds, you might try this.

So far the story is still solid, despite the negative points I pointed earlier, I really can't lower the rating below 5. I might edit this review again soon enough. <<less
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Eclat123 rated it
August 22, 2020
Status: Completed
Reading this novel is like reading a fanfiction with a garbage scum typical OP ML with harem route. Sure, he doesn't 'cheat' per se, but he kept his spare tires everywhere, went on dates with them, and groped them intimately. Disgusting. This novel is written with such heavy male-centered perspective that I, as a woman, couldn't help but find the ML extremely hateful. This really should be tagged as a shounen.

Let's talk about the plot first. The author picked up popular songs, movies, books in real life and broke it... more>> down scene by scene in description combined with his/her fantasy. Sometimes the description alone could take up to half a chapter. Basically what the author did was pick up those ready made creative works and sew it up into a plot. It's smart, because he/she didn't have to work hard to build a chapter, but I don't feel comfortable reading it since half of the novel is basically cut up clips of others' works, and uncredited at that. Some of the most notable works rewritten in this story were Autumn in My Heart and Full House. I guess the author is a fan of Song Hye Kyo. It's definitely not a quality work, it could even be considered as a lazy and unethical work since it used unauthorized clips of others' works without mentioning the credits and just stitched the plot through it.

I cannot stress this enough, this work is on the same level as general fanfictions.

The only strength of this novel is the ML, for the male readers that is. His personality is too realistic---a proud, self-willed, arrogant guy with lots of peach blossoms scattered away everywhere he goes. It just happened that he has a golden finger. If he'd lived in the real world, he'd be dead alone in a small alley somewhere in no time.

The saddest part is that ML's most realistic trait is his his jerk-like attitude. He really loves women, never failed to check out girls' racks, always treats pretty girls excessively nice, dedicated songs for women who he knew are in love with him, never rejected any advances, gives hugs and let his hands touch other girls' breasts for fansevice, goes out for dinner and drinks with girls who are obsessed with him, gifts branded bags to other women without his girlfriend knowing, casually wipes other women's lips and hold hands intimately even though he knew they're in love with him, has regular meetings with a pretty girl to spar which involves excessive amount of intimate contacts and biting (I'm not even kidding, the girl even joked she'd let ML get her pregnant so she wouldn't have to go on blind dates yet he kept his relationship close with her), and practically keeping every attractive girl who's head over heels for him close by in his workplace. He doesn't 'cheat', sure, but in real life he'd be dumped in no time. He always said that those women are his 'friends', but how far will the 'friendship' go? If touching waist, lips, thighs, and constantly checking out their breasts are what friends do, maybe he'll say that he's building up friendships when he's in bed with them. Scum.

It's ironic how he kept saying the FL's the only one he loved when he behaved like that. Such a hypocrite. Everyone, including FL, kept reminding him to behave himself and keep a distance with those women, but he just played s*upid and kept accepting other women's advances behind FL and his sister's backs. Disgusting. Scum man. Sure he's rich af and romantic, but he's romantic to ALL women. This is the kind of guy who'd have mistresses outside a few years into his marriage, too bad the story didn't go that far. The FL is literally a saint for putting up with him. Even when she found out from the news that her boyfriend wiped the lips of another girl who so happened to be in love with him on a secret lunch date, she never blamed ML and the girl, even going so far as to clearing up their scandal. Even when she constantly reminded him to be mindful of his interactions with said women and ML just kept silent, FL never had a temper. Even when she knew her best friend is in love with ML, kept wanting to get close to him by staying at their house, forcing them to stay in hers, and inviting him to lunch dates alone when FL's not around with ML being so accepting, she just smiled. Even when she found out there are bite marks on ML, she never questioned him. She honestly deserves waaaaaaaaaay better. That guy is tr*sh.

I really couldn't bring myself to like this ML. He's such a typical OP shounen protagonist with harem route. The author is most probably a guy since this is written with such strong male perspective. For me, as a woman, that ML is a definite jerk. <<less
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Dixi82 rated it
September 30, 2020
Status: c300
Imagine Situation 1. From an early age, you study music, singing, and composing music. Finally, at the age of 18, you enter a music competition. You reach the final. You decide to sing a song that you have worked hard to create. You get 38 out of 40 points because your song is very good. But then some guy comes out and sings a song that gets 40 out of 40. Your future is ruined. You do not know that some guy is the protagonist who takes the songs of... more>> great artists from other world and crushes the competitors who work hard to make their way to the top of the entertainment world.

Imagine Situation 2. You are a wonderful actress who has worked for 10 years to achieve top rankings in the entertainment world. Suddenly you meet a young singer who sings like Orpheus, composes songs like Paul McCartney, handsome like Apollo, fights like Jet Li and shows interest in you. You fall in love with such a nice person and everything is wonderful. What would you think if you find out that he stole songs, he stole the art of singing, he did not learn to fight, but "got" the skill as an inheritance, etc.?Everything about his talent is false...

In reality, the top of the protagonist's achievements is working in KFC... After 300+ chapters, I did not notice anything that the hero created himself.

I wouldn't mind if he used his cheats to get money, but he ruins the success of those who deserve it.

The funniest thing is that he (or the author) thinks he is making his way to success by his own efforts. <<less
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CloudDaoist rated it
July 27, 2019
Status: Completed
Real rating : 4.5 (CN Web novel standard)

Well it's not perfect.. But it's definitely a light and enjoyable slice of life read..

Good part :

... more>>
  1. Loyal MC (No Harem)
  2. No Arrogant youngmaster
  3. No almost got r*ped shit
  4. MC is not a pussy
  5. Enjoyable side character
  6. Light to read
Lacking part :

  1. No major conflict
  2. MC keep plagiarism work from other world
  3. Lack of tension
  4. Lack of drama between character
  5. Female lead being with MC too early
  6. MC can do anything & never fail
  7. MC have super rich influential buddy as plot armor
  8. Repetitive
  9. No major antagonist
  10. Predictable
  11. Lack of detail about his project
  12. Lot of plot hole
Q : Wait.. The lacking part is more than the good part.. Why you rated it so high ?

A : Because a lot of CN WN have this kind of issue but still get high rating and this one despite having that much of cons was manage to keep me entertained, so basically in CN Webnovel standard, it's really good compared with others. This novel audience is for people who love light slice of life story read. <<less
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SunderHero rated it
February 8, 2021
Status: c300
okay, it's good, compared to I'm really a superstar, face smacking is softer but much more and better represented, currently not so much repetition but real-life adaptation scenarios. I'm reading MTL and having no problem understanding the story. I'll add later reviews when I'm done reading this.
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BlackSpring rated it
May 30, 2018
Status: c31
I love this story. Especially the fact that he doesn't go around insulting and being super aggressive to other people like the other characters with powers/ knowledge usually do. And it also shows that despite knowing everything he needs to be a star, he still has to go through the system and meet obstacles that normal people have to.
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Faye rated it
April 3, 2017
Status: Completed
So glad that finally somebody pick this up

Plot story is almost the same as IRAS, however this one revolves around entertainment industry

MC inherit memories of 3 different ppl with different talents. The abundant of knowledge just like Zhang Ye with the original literature, this MC got almost the same thing

... more>>

the way he goes about his business on entertainment industry is actually logical and provides more immersive story telling than IRAS. Too bad that the story doesn't go until he film the IP-man series, the author ended the story right when he feels it's okay to end. Not fulfilling at all, but an acceptable ending

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March 2, 2020
Status: Completed
slightly below mediocre or maybe a average at best. If you're going to read this then prepare for countless of useless face slapping random mobs and characters. It's your typical tr*sh tier CN novel where face slapping is a must in every arcs, plots, settings. Also even the plot are always repeating. MC newbie offends sum Bigshots, people tr*shtalk and downgraded, MC performs and boom face slapped. Then rinse and repeat. Next, he sold his classic song (that made it to #1 song in their countries music chart and can... more>> rival song writers who sell theirs for millions) to some bigshot for hundred thousands and the said bigshot earned hundred millions then the bigshot came to MC again to buy his music again, you'd expect the MC will sell his song for millions but no. He wants 200, 000. He's family is in deep shìt of millions of debt so he wants to earn money but author dumb af. The numbers (online views, moneys, audience, populations etc.) in this novel doesn't make sense at all. I'm guessing author doesn't know how to count numbers. And yes, you will hate chinese people here in this novel because they were portrayed as backstabb*ng bastards, always scheming useless things, dumbass*s who gets easily swayed and a bunch of thieves. Always finding ways to steal peoples songs and no originality. They even copy foreign music in other countries (japan, europe, korea and america) then slightly change some bits of it and declare it is their own song. They are even proud as hell.

If you want to read a face slapping novel where author always find useless things to tr*shtalk MC about so the MC is somehow weak and downgraded but then tada he face slapped all people whoever tr*shtalked to him on every single arcs. <<less
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hkmilktea rated it
May 26, 2021
Status: c919
An enjoyable enough read, but it just felt a bit shallow. None of the MC’s achievements really felt like his own, and there seems to be minimal character development or progression of his own skills - his fame is entirely built up upon works plagiarized from the memories of his dream world, so his achievements feel a bit fake.

Asides from that piece of criticism, I liked the other aspects of this novel, including the characters, the romance, the pacing of the plot, and even the referenced songs. This is still... more>> a solid read in my opinion. <<less
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September 23, 2019
Status: --
I enjoyed reading this story a lot. I finished reading the novel using mtl. I might have fried my brains a little but it was totally worth it. I got hooked into reading this novel since I like reading showbiz oriented novels. I am still hoping that this novel will be fully translated in the future.


this novel is not harem. There are no face slapping or I your father moments which made reading this more enjoyable. The ending is a happy one, well for the ML and fl.

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apsisodia rated it
July 7, 2019
Status: Completed
Update-: 3 stars

So I reread it, and found it too boring. So the story is like this, "a youngster who is struggling to pay his family debt, got memories of 3 individuals from alternate world in dream. Now he plagiariz songs, movies, novels, games, basically entertainment stuff from that world to get famous and make money"

Plus point of novel is romance, which is honestly a little dull but sweet. Dull is because there's no ups and down in his relationship. Also it was somewhat satisfying to watch him getting sucess.

Now... more>> the negative part of novel is silent Chinese propaganda in the novel, which was quite funny and ironic for me. See the author looks down on Korea, Japan, America, when infact our MC is plagiarising original Korean shows from dreamworld. Tbh these shows like "the man from stars" aren't even good. When these shows got success in Korean market, MC feel Chinese superiority, which was quite funny for me. Also MC's road to success is quite easy. So sometimes it becomes boring.

Besides all this, I wouldn't call it a tr*sh novel. Atleast it's sometimes fun to read. So if you are looking to read something plain and simple, also fulfilling story, go ahead and read it. Just don't have much expectations. <<less
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Keisotsuna rated it
December 16, 2018
Status: Completed
It was a wonderful journey!! I really love celebrity stories, but its hard to find one that can actually satisfy me and encourage me to read till the last chapter. And this is one of them! I can't believe I read the MTL (which is surprisingly much better than all the other MTLs I've ever read combined) of 919 chapters! I have never been so patient with MTLs that long.

This is, as many other reviews stated, similar to IRAS (I'm Really A Superstar) in a way that the MC,

Lu Chen, uses classic songs, films, and novels from the real world (or in his case, the 'dream world') to his own world to rise to fame. But don't judge, the more you read the more you'll find it endearing and... more>> different from IRAS.

The differences?

    • Lu Chen is a very loyal man and doesn't have ambiguous or intimate contacts and relationships with other women. He draws a clear line between friendship and romance. He remains loyal to his lover all throughout the story.
    • Lu Chen isn't as thick-skinned and shameless as Zhang Ye of IRAS (though I do like Zhang Ye's amusing character). He is kind, honest, and generous. He is mature and rational, yet upholds his own ideals and principles. He doesn't holds grudges because in business, he knows there is only eternal interests.
    • Rather than literary works, Lu Chen's career revolves on singing and films. He also became the pioneer of contemporary martial arts works in the country, reviving the declining state of martial arts films and novels.
    • Lu Chen tries his best to give credits to the three people in his dream world by spreading their name as his teachers, as his respect for them.

Edit: Since the novel is over 900 chapters, I guess it's inevitable that the plot becomes repetitive and bland. For readers who like thrilling plots that does zooom like a rollercoaster, they'll most likely get tired of this in the long run. Personally, I'm used to reading long CN that went like this, so I don't have much issues for as long as I enjoyed the series. <<less
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Kemori rated it
January 21, 2021
Status: --
This is HIGHLY over rated.

I'm at chapter 32 and I've been wanting to stop reading for six chapters already.

The MC so far has a consistent pattern on repeat, go to bar, sing, talk to people there, go home, wake up, livestream, maybe go to bar again to sing, or go to sleep. It's really repetitive and boring and I'm really trying to stick with this to get to something interesting but honestly if the start is this boring I can't have much hope, it's unreasonable for me to continue having... more>> such high hopes.

When you compare this to any of the other novels in this genre, "I'm really a superstar" or "God of Music" for example, it just falls completely flat.

Another point I want to bring up; why do all these novels keep ripping off the same songs etc? I'm wondering if maybe these novels aren't put together by Chinese government agents as a subversive way to spread nationalism and government narratives or desired views/morality/ethics. It's like the novels are all following a static template where the patterns just change slightly or the order of the events/patterns are rearranged. Starting to lose the light I had for this genre that was lit after I read "A Valiant Life" and "I'm Really A Superstar" (IRAS made me cry when he went to jail btw, the characters felt like they had depth and individual personalities, it's just a shame it got shuttered, plagiarism aside the plot and character interactions were interesting, unlike this novel.)

So yeah- if the novel can't keep me interested and makes me want to drop it, as this novel does, that's worth an instant 1 star, what's the point of writing a novel that bores people? <<less
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leoff rated it
October 16, 2020
Status: c911
There below there is a comment for 2 stars, a person read 300 chapters and wrote very interesting examples of why he put them.
The first time I read this novel, I decided to stop at chapter 750, it was 2 years ago and I did it for the same reasons. But a week ago I decided to reread it and today, just a few minutes ago, I finished reading this work. And perhaps I will give 5 stars. After all, from the very beginning I decided to look at... more>> it from a different angle. If you suddenly came up with your own world in a dream, if it so happened that you yourself created such a world and it exists only in your memory. Is it shameful to use what you have received for its intended purpose? Somewhere in the middle of the work, answering one of a thousand questions, where did you get such a great idea, the main character says: "From my head". And you know what, he is not cunning and does not lie. All that he has came to him in a dream and except his head does not exist anywhere. So is it so scary that he takes advantage of it? And those people from the examples of the commentator, would they have acted differently?
If you think in this way, then the work reads easily and naturally. The characters are alive, almost all people are taken into account and do not disappear instantly and forever. Each song is unique and for me, as a Russian person, it was very pleasant to plunge into high-quality Chinese music, now I have a separate playlist on YouTube) I really liked this work and I will recommend it to my friends to read it. <<less
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Macho rated it
June 12, 2020
Status: Completed
I'll have to say it out, straight at the start of the review.

Perfect Super star is not anything special, nor is it written in a way that would make you immersed in it. But, it's not written badly and the main character won't make you cringe and tear out your hair. It's a wish fulfillment story; slightly above the rest.

If you're looking for a novel to read to pass time, this is it. I enjoyed it greatly, managing to ignore the s*upid things in the novel. There aren't too many... more>> politics nor is there nationalism common from the author's peers.

Perhaps the meat of the story is the feeling of achievement and it's impact's exploration in the entertainment industry, and--as much as I hate to say it even now; martial art world. Yes there are minimal amounts of martial arts and associated exercising from the get go, yet it's main plot application is the safety harness associated with a main character that can beat up people and is in good shape without any extravagant attention paid in it.

The plot is consistent; author doesn't have dementia, yet the plot is unarguably predictable for the most parts.

The main character is pretty alright, I guess. Quite a bland dude at first with the typical Han virtues and jadda-jadda. I can't really remember much of his own actions since my brain was half-way sleeping whenever I read the novel, the fact that I read the MTLs didn't help either.

Yeah just go on; read it. It's alright. Better than most of the excrement that keep popping up on novelupdates. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 16, 2020
Status: c180
I really like this novel, unlike IRAS the MC isn't a racist. Also he knew that without FMX he wouldn't be where he is now, he stayed humble, but not timid. And I really like Lu Chen because he was gifted with the memories of FMX he still try his best to learn new skills with his own effort unlike the MC of IRAS, that would just wait for the system to give him different skills. Lu Chen also knows how to respect woman.
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