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Jung Sunwoo was an average man. He had just taken his first job at W&U, a celebrity management company, as a manager. He could finally achieve his dream of being the manager of a world-famous actor or actress. On his way to work, he fell into what appeared to be a lucid dream about his future. As he went on with his day, he realized it may not have simply been a lucid dream.

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탑 매니지먼트
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New Gsichtselfmeter rated it
October 26, 2018
Status: c142
Really awesome story about the show-biz that includes the dark sides of society and a super-cool MC. Also it made me watch a kpop-performance on youtube :)
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New Meihua rated it
October 22, 2018
Status: c142
Honestly really well written. The MC tries not to rely solely on his ability, and understands that he isn’t invincible. His ability is unreliable, which allows him to actually develop as a real manager, and keeps him from getting overconfident. When he goes through ‘dry periods’ without visions, his nervousness and anxiety about his own choices are clearly transmitted to the reader, and he does make mistakes. However, as he learns and gets better at his job and better at reading others, you can’t help but cheer for him and... more>> jump when he succeeds (it’s actually so exciting, I’m so freaking INVESTED).


he’s so chill sometimes, it’s great watching him blacken lol

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Trent rated it
May 6, 2017
Status: c48
I feel like the story could go down any path and I'd enjoy it regardless; it's that well-written.

Every character, encounter, and problem is realistic. Some people are really petty, but that might be a thing in show business for all I know. I get why some reviewers feel that the MC's premonitions occur too conveniently. But if he didn't have them, then we would have complained that his decisions were stupid, and that luck or plot armor was the reason for his success. Moreover, his premonitions are actually quite rare, and from what I can see, they're not so much answers to his problems as hints, and the MC has to decide how to interpret and react to them, and then actually try to work towards a better future. His ability is much less overpowered or cheaty than... really any other novel's cheat ability, actually. Huh.

I also really like how the MC responds to his visions: uncertainly, viscerally, yet carefully. He doesn't put his future at their mercy, but doesn't stupidly ignore them either. He never gets the full picture, and often worries that he's making the wrong decision off of what he's seen. Despite that, the novel's feel isn't one of angst, but of hope and tension as the MC steadily progresses and grows along with those whom he manages. His trials and successes are very well-balanced, so the MC never seems to have a too easy time or gain too great a reward, while it also doesn't seem as if the author hates the MC; instead, every step presents challenge and opportunity, and requires hard work, consideration, and risk-taking to overcome. Even then, everything isn't inside of the MC's control, since he lives in such an organic, realistic world that other characters are very much a part of.
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mousepad rated it
June 1, 2017
Status: c203
Gonna use "I'm Really a Superstar" for an easy comparison

IRAS: it's okay really. But I could never really root for the MC, mostly cause of the whole game element inserted into the story, what with the super convenient memory recalling pills, skill books and save point bs, plus all that face smacking business gets tiring pretty quick too.

you just know nothing's ever gonna go wrong for the MC cause, again, the game element is there to save the day. Though I admit there are some funny moments

... more>> and

all hail chenchen, the real MC in disguise.

Top Management: game element is missing in this one, instead you get future sight and a whole lotta social maneuvering. Future sight is definitely an ability to die for and it does work wonders for the MC. But just wait one moment. You'd think a guy with future sight would know the future like the back of his hand, no? Hoho well not this guy.

The MC's ability to look into the future is uncontrollable and unpredictable. (As of chapter 203 anyhow)

How. Deliciously. Ironic.

While there is a certain amount of plot armor, it's at a very acceptable level. The MC is also a very likable persona, kudos to that. There's a surprising amount of suspense and excitement by the way.

I also really liked how the characters and their interactions were so alive. Figuratively.

Well. Simply put, I really enjoyed reading TM. Yup. <<less
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rdawv rated it
July 17, 2016
Status: c16
Decent. Instead of time-travel, the MC has precognition: the ability to see into the future. It manifests like a daydream without his control. Using this information, he begins to influence events of his present self while constantly questioning his ability as well as doubting the people around him.

Reading the chapters made me realize why many such stories prefer straightforward time-travel or being gifted with an item instead of this MC's limited viewing of the future. The precognition ability in this story seems very awkward and unwieldy and I can't help... more>> but wonder if the author would have an easier time if the MC had just returned from the future or received a future diary of sorts; instead of experiencing a random dream out of nowhere whenever it is convenient. So far, it seems to trigger whenever he meets someone new (except the first one which paved the underlying premise).

What kept me interested is the dilemma the MC faces: he is aware of possible multiple timelines due to his actions and cautious about his co-worker. It's unlike the story The Princess Wei Yang whose MC returned to the past and had no qualms in immediately taking pre-emptive revenge even though technically some of them haven't wronged her yet in her new life.

Whereas the MC of this one realizes that the changes he had caused might affect people differently than those in his future memory. He is doubtful but still alert against the potential enemies of the future. The writing is easy reading, nothing strenuous. As with other stories that deal with popular culture in Korea and Japan, I keep wondering if the characters within are parodies of real-world persons. I suspect a native Korean reader might enjoy such trivia, though it shouldn't detract fans of the genre from giving this a try. <<less
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Fanya rated it
December 31, 2016
Status: c75
I'm liking this, alot. I would say I love it but I need to read more chapters before that.

The glimpse into the future are fuzzy sometimes and does provide opportune moments for the MC. But MC is still a normal person that has to struggle, think and make decisions. He's not OP and not one of those that is confident everything will go his way since he knows everything, so it actually make you curious how the information will be used and how everything connects together. I'm also happy that... more>> the novel actually focuses on the plot with no excessively flowery description of the idol members or attempt at harem/relationship lines. I'm tired of novels where all female characters have jade like skin, starry obsidian eyes and are secretly in love with a clueless (or perverted) MC. He's just an office worker who's sincere about his work and doesn't sneer then ruin/embarrass every person he dislikes. It's not AMAZING but somehow you end up not only caring about the MC but also the people he cares about as well. <<less
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lordenglish rated it
July 19, 2017
Status: c53
Brilliant. I don't have any interest in idols, K-pop, acting, or the entertainment industry, but you don't need to like that sort of thing to enjoy this gem of a story. The author manages the pace flawlessly, keeps exactly the right amount of tension to leave you breathless and eager for another chapter, and uses the MC's visions of the future with subtlety.

There are plenty of stories where the protagonist never faces any tension and the plot becomes a joke, where there's no narrative tension and no real sense of... more>> drama. This is not one of them. <<less
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naknuknik rated it
June 22, 2016
Status: c6
I'll try to describe the story since there are no other reviews:

First of all, It's in no way unique and is clearly inspired by some Japanese works describing a manager of a group idol. There are a few differences [at least I think they are, only got to chapter 6]: the main character does not seem like the typical dense Japanese MC or justice-defending ima go throw punches and be angry and do things that would usually ruin any chance to promote the idol group but hey, Japanese justice!

The MC... more>> seems like a person who just wants to work as a manager for actors, he is a big fan of actors, especially supporting roles and he always dream of supporting an actor himself. However on the first day he gets assigned to an idol group [not before like 2-3 chapters of lucid dreams and whatnot]. You would think:"Hey why did u rate it 4 if it's just another novel just with a better MC? I mean it's clear hell get his benefits only out of dreaming the future right?"Well. Wrong. [At least up until chapter 6]. You see, the main reason I didn't give it a 3 instead was the fact that he only dreamt it once and the so-called benefit of dreaming the future only got him more friendly with his surroundings [his senior manager, to be specific].

So lets go a bit further into the future:If in future chapters the MC turns out to have a naive side and acts quite ignorant or it turns out he will have to rely on his lucid dreams to pave the way to success then its definitely not my type of novel. If it does go onto that way and still try to present itself as a serious novel about the hardships of a manager and his way to success then it would probably fit right into the OP-MC category, similar to serious heroes trying to save the world whatnot.

TL;DR not unique, 4 stars if I'm not wrong about MC and he wont be Jap-MC-type or pave success through lucid dreaming. <<less
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kkgoh rated it
September 6, 2018
Status: c134
Probably one of the best modern-day slice-of-life Korean translated novels out there (the other being "Chemistry").
Perfect light-hearted novel filled with comedic elements and believable heart-warming interactions.
Highly recommended for fans of the Korean entertainment industry (kdrama/kvariety, "Running Man" etc), you'll absolutely appreciate all the subtle references in this story.

MC is a passionate cinephile who just joined the entertainment industry as a manager. He gains the power of precognition (glimpses of the future) that he has to interpret to aid his career (and his cast of stars).

The writing, pacing, subtlety is top notch. The world building is very well done, you totally believe the constructed reality of the Korean entertainment industry. It acknowledges the shadiness of the industry, the legacy of s*xual favors/scandals, which is a great... more>> nod towards the recent #MeToo movement and Harvey Weinstein problems. That alone is worth 1 additional star.
There's NEVER excessive exposition, dialogue is kept to the minimum, characters don't just narrate out their feelings (which seems to be a shounen thing). It's just the right amount of subtext for you to empathize while filling in the blanks with your imagination, something seriously missing in most asian novels.

This is where the novel really shines.
MC is a genuinely likable movie fan with a passion for his work and wants to develop his own team of stars, so that presents a realistic goal which moves the story along. He struggles with the reality of his shady environment, and tries to make the best of his situation without compromising all his values.
It's great that MC's not just a damn boy-scout like other generic novels.

Most of the side-characters personalities are also incredibly well fleshed out, from their mannerisms to speech patterns. They have their own believable ambitions and motivations. There are some odd turns with villain characters, but I'm ok with turning a blind eye when the rest of the cast is fantastic.

A bitch villain who suddenly turns tsundere makes zero sense. But I guess author had to introduce a love rival just to spice things up.


Because the emphasis is on the characters' struggles and not on the MC's precognition skill (which rarely appears), the focus is sharpened. We're emotionally connected to the day-to-day life of all the characters, whether it's the mundane training and work they endure, or star studded events and performances. It reminds me of a great (and award winning) Korean drama called "Misaeng", where the story was entirely about employees struggling through a corporate environment.

That said the plot isn't iron-clad with too much deus-ex-machina. But if you accept that it's slice-of-life then that's fine. It does correct itself midway with the introduction of MC's other protege.

Nam Joyoon, a 30+ down-and-out actor who struggled his whole career because of unfortunate circumstances despite having the talent. MC doesn't rely on his precognition to help out Joyoon, but genuinely hones his own ability to scout and develop Joyoon. The bromance is REAL.


Overall kudos to the author (and translator) who are obviously avid fans of the entertainment industry. I'd give it 4.5 stars out of 5 but since that isn't possible, I'd rather round it upwards.

Someone commented that MC Jung lacked a purpose/goal, I'd point out that MC's goal was presented at the beginning by his first Chief/mentor Hyunjo, who stated that they all continue to work hard despite the griminess of the industry, because the feeling of breaking through obstacles and nurturing a successful celebrity was "addictive". The MC repeated that line afterwards when one of his proteges made it. For reference it's in Chapter 10 and repeated at Chapter 62 and Chapter 99. Basically it's like watching your kid grow up. It's a simple goal, yet you realize it comes with many side goals that have to be achieved. Note that the novel is on hiatus at chapter 200+ and has been for a long time. As such, translations only go up to c130 for now and releases are somewhat slow.

A lot of comparisons have been made to God of Music, a novel also written in 2015 around the same time as Top Management. I posted a review on the other site. Basically TM avoids a lot of the pitfalls that GoM made.
https://www. Novelupdates. Com/series/god-of-music/ <<less
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MondoX rated it
August 30, 2017
Status: c74
This web-novel did not catch my attention, but I wanted to read something different for a bit. As I was reading, I felt like dropping it, but before I knew it, I was immersed with some of the characters, especially the MC. Top Management (TM) could slightly be compared to I'm Really A Superstar (IRAS), because both deal with the entertainment business, but that is about it. TM has several characters that I care for, outside the MC, which I cannot say the same fore IRAS. TM is... more>> a slice-of-life story with some supernaturals aspects because of the mc's cheat. The MC is able to see the future, but it is usually several years into the future. Meaning, he knows of the final outcome, but not the steps involved for the final outcome. Hence, he needs to find ways to me the final outcome true and there is a possibility that it may turnout as a different outcome. The MC has taught about messing with the present may have negative outcomes, similar to a butterfly effect. So far, it has not being the case so he has been a little bit more daring. My regret now regarding TM, is that I caught up to the translated chapters and there are not many out. Also, it seems like the story is on a hiatus, so I hope the author does not drop the story. <<less
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Fourthaid rated it
April 22, 2017
Status: c46
I'm really enjoying this novel. It feels like a combination of I'm Really a Superstar and God of Music. But without the former's repetitious nature (so far)

While the MC has a cheat, it doesn't feel like it alone means that he is unable to fail. He puts in a ton of effort, and would become successful even without it, as is displayed several times. Most of the time, the foresight is very vague and the MC (not being aware that he is the protagonist in a novel) can't plan... more>> ahead too far or be too sure of what is really the cause for what he's seeing in the potential-alternate future.


I also enjoy that so far, 46 chapters in, there's still not been any of the stereotypical haughty characters showing up to block the MC's path at every single turn just because he happened to breath in someone's general direction. And while they are certainly building towards at least two of them with the Team 2 Leader and Son Chaeyoung, it's so far not gone over-the-top&jumped-the-shark like in IRAS or any number of other wuxia/xianxia.

And the author has left plenty of room for a redemption for both of them, at least if we're to believe Son Chaeyoung 's words in chapter 44.


I hope that the MC sticks with managing Neptune throughout the novel, and he doesn't end up being in a more high-level job like in God of Music, because it feels nice getting to know a bit more about the talent he is working with rather than the conveyor belt of trainees in GoM. <<less
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yamikage rated it
July 25, 2016
Status: c24
This is really good, his foresight is helpful but not that much of a cheat compared to other 'supernatural' mcs.

Definitely a must read for people who are bored with repetitive plots on a novel and boring villains.
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oblueknighto rated it
July 8, 2018
Status: c120
A very entertaining novel which has interesting characters interacting with each other to produce drama, humour and intrigue. The main character also has the power to see the future, hat premise sets the foundation for all the interesting interactions.
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Stinx rated it
June 25, 2018
Status: c13
The story is good, but there is one thing that bothers me a lot: A lack of purpose.

I mean, it aims to create a celebrity management company but.... He in the future already has such a company. That is, the very idea of ​​"seeing the future" does not make sense in history. Usually, this idea comes from "going back in time and turning your mistakes into successes"... TM flies magnificently to this precept, but in the end, it has the same dynamism... And, in those other stories, the MC generally... more>> made mistakes and he f**ked his own life... In MMORPG: Legendary Guardian, MC did not have time to grow up and have money, and so the rich girlfriend was stolen by another man, they got married, and in the end, by confronting the guy, he ended up dying... That is, the goal is to change your life from a bad end to a good ending... But in TM, MC already has an incredible life having a super international company... So why the author would you give the predictive ability? For me, that does not make sense... It would make a lot more sense if he saw himself in the future as a skinhead with no perspective of the future and, remembering the past, seek that future by preventing his mistakes that led him to that end..

So for me, this novel lacking purpose. <<less
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ploufi2 rated it
August 18, 2017
Status: c117
Chapter 72 : A very good novel, the original idea is not very innovative, but the novel is very well written and it makes you think.

If you see your future, and in that your dream of carier are realized, will you risk this future hoping to have a better one? Or live your life normally?

Chapter 117 : I am now in chapter 117. And I thank all the actors who participated / participant / or future participant of this translation. I also thank the author of this novel. The story... more>> is very well written, everything is explained clearly.

The MC has to deal with unexpected situations, which will not revolve all alone. Only his relentlessness and his willingness to do things right have led him to what he is becoming.

He does not think of his own merit, he thinks of his family, of the people who rely on him. And he is there for them, with or without power.

He is there, and I myself rely on him to transport me to his world.... <<less
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keima rated it
April 21, 2017
Status: --
I really like reading novels with a cheat ability user MC but most of those novels includes transmigration, other world and rpg elements which I'm getting fed up with and I was glad I found this novel and decided to start reading! The modern setting is really refreshing for me since most novels I found is wuxia or xianxia i.e.

So far my evaluation of the novel is that it's great, the part where the cheat wasn't that super OP and appears with no definite time is, for me, a... more>> great thing! And how the MC is really hardworking made the novel better! <<less
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burning_ice19 rated it
April 14, 2017
Status: c44
I want to rate it 5 star... but may change in the future if the M.C turn out to be some Jap. Char. Dense to the point of wishing they drop the novel.

His ability is not O.P as he is aware that the future is something bendable. Hard work, talent and luck is a variable

In the present, the story keep the readers curious. Creating anticipation on what results have been change on his foresight (for example the change of the Protagonist On the t.v program)

Wish that the translation... more>> can keep up with the heat of anticipation that it built up within me.

P.S In case romance is interjected I hope that the bitchy Harem thingy and the cutesy pansy thing not to happen. In case it happen I wish they don't over do it. I may drop the novel if thats the case.

Overall keep up the good work. <<less
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BlancFrost rated it
April 8, 2017
Status: c43
It is safe to say that I enjoy this novel. Having premonitions of the future does guide his actions and the choices the MC makes. But it doesn't make him OP as he needs still needs to work hard for that future to happen. His actions and the decisions of others affected by the premonition, could potentially change depending on how hard they have worked. It isn't set in stone just because he saw snippets of the future, he is pretty much like a lucky charm that has a nose... more>> for business. I recommend this novel for those who want a fairly easy to read story with characters that have personality that grows as the story goes along.

Looking forward to reading the rest of the novel! <<less
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Elawn rated it
February 27, 2017
Status: c38
Really, such a refreshing novel.

I'd say it's quite similar to God of Music, without the romantic aspect (for now at least). I really enjoyed the read, it's a shame the translation is so slow.

My rating might change in the future as there just isn't enough chapters to clearly gouge it, but as of now, I can only recommend.
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sordahon12 rated it
July 22, 2016
Status: c21
Quite good novel, MC isn't that OP due to his foresight, he gets some hints but must solve the puzzle alone, he is quite good guy and likes his work. Compared to I'm really a superstar I think this one is better, less cheat, and he prevents those sh*tty people from doing him bad things, unlike in IRAS where MC takes revenge on everyone (face smacking).
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faerro rated it
March 19, 2017
Status: c40
This WN is really great. The only major problem I can see at this point is the handeling of the premonitions. Every time the MC has a premonition he stares into space like a zombie for seconds to minutes, and almost every time a premonition ends he finds himself face to face with some character or another being asked if he is drunk/asleep/daydreaming/dizzy/sick or whatever. I start to cringe every time a premonition pops up, wondering how far we will make it into the story before one of the other... more>> characters finally asks him if he has a brain disease as he stares at walls so often.

I also hope the TL speed will pick up as I really want to know what happens next. Will there be romance with Songhua? What happens with Neptune I the future? Eh, so many things I want to know! <<less
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frankenfood rated it
May 30, 2018
Status: c114
This story is a perfect blend of humor, wit, and suspense. The translation is very well done and it is not needlessly complicated. There is no difficult-to-understand jargon and any new terms are explained clearly and concisely by the translators (or editors, I don't know who's in charge of the footnotes). To conclude, this novel is a gem, nay a treasure, nay it is a gift from god. To put it in simple terms. This is AMAZING!!!!!!
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