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Well-known Composer Fang Zhao was in the most glorious stage of his career, when the Apocalypse arrived; After finally experiencing the bitter difficulties of a thousand dangers, when the Apocalypse was simmering down to an end, he collapsed; When he opened his eyes, he was reborn in a New World, 500 years after the end of the apocalypse, in the body of a student who had been dumped barely after graduation, who had been cheated of his hardwork barely after he started working…

The World of the Future, Virtual Idols PK Real Idols

“Every time background music plays in my head, I feel like there is nothing to be afraid of.” —Fang Zhao

Toward the end of the apocalyptic period, Fang Zhao lost his life. However, instead of dying, he found himself 500 years later in the body of a young and aspiring composer who shared the same name. Having received a second chance at life, Fang Zhao sets out to achieve the previous owner’s dreams.

Armed with the experience of living through an apocalyptic age and his profession as a composer before that period, Fang Zhao uses his talent, wits, and knowledge to make his mark in the entertainment industry of the future.

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Emperor of Tomorrow
Wèi Lái Tiān Wáng
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New Viltis rated it
February 2, 2024
Status: c321
so imma write this "review" to spit on triggerk, the man knows how to write a lot of tr*sh and nothing of substance, would make a great CN author here on NU.
dude wrote how he expected everything-be-music, yet the dumbass couldn't imagine music that the protagonist makes, lmao it can't get better than that can it. Dude writes how MC starts being military and all and stops music, f*ck off moron, none of that happened, MC literally left the military, the only reason MC even was in military was... more>> because it is COMPULSORY due to the world setting. I agree that the entire dog arc is tr*sh though, the novel would be so much better without the tr*sh dog pet, but the author loves adding tr*sh pets in their novels so nothing to be done about it. Now numbskull calls protagonist a composer and not a 5-star general, well damn how did you know? MC was a composer before the CALAMITY started, then he spent a f*cking HUNDRED years waging war, you expect him to still be a composer and not a super good soldier-general? Have you seen anyone spent a hundred years practicing a craft day and night and not be good at it? In truth MC should be a super general, and just a mediocre composer, cause he spent his entire life waging war, not composing. Next this dumbf*ck calls MC acting like MC is 1000years and all, that is until MC actually meets people that are older than him, then you see how MC does not act like an immortal sage, but who cares, everyone knows how to hyperbolize anything and everything, it's not like a person who lived through endless war for a hundred years and saw countless friends die wouldn't attain a zen-like state that helps him persevere through fire and ice or something. Then this total racist ret*rd gets surprised and excited about how everyone speaks chinese and there are no other languages, all the while forgetting how he just wrote that there are 12 continents in the world and that the world is obviously not OUR world but a different world with humans on it. F*cking moron take a look at all those sci-fi alien movies in which everyone and their flerken speak english. But hey I can't just erase all the other cultures now the way this f*cker did can i? So from what i've read, there are other cultures or at least they existed at some point, other languages, you can see them in the names sometimes, but ofcourse chinese is predominant.

anyway enough ranting, I just saw that review and it pissed me off so much cause it's filled with blatant lies and bs.

for an actual review, well I wanted to finish reading before writing a review, but eh life works in mysterious ways. It's pretty good is all I can say. If we can ignore that piece of sh*t tr*sh fortune stealing dogass, there is a reason why chinese like to write "dogs and blacks ain't welcome" it's cause it's derogatory, the dog feels like sh*t that MC just has to deal with. But that's just my opinion, in truth the dogsh*t is not so blatant, I just dislike the entire idea behind its existence.

The one thing that is of some importance is that the name is "superstarS of TOMORROW" but at least up to 320ch there are no actual superstars of tomorrow in the novel, MC is like a shinning supernova and there are no other stars around, maybe they'll get introduced later but idk. The ones that are supposedly stars are just side-characters, there is yet to appear someone who can be anywhere close to mc <<less
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triggerk rated it
March 23, 2018
Status: c170
Fang Zhao was a composer in his previous life. But when the Apocalypse occurred, he took up arms, fought, and died. And mysteriously, he awakens once more in the body of a man aptly named Fang Zhao.

With the basics out of the way, I'm going to work through this piece by piece. There will be minor spoilers. None will affect your experience were you to read the story.

On the music end, the dude was a well-known composer at a glorious stage of his career. Pre-apocalypse, Fang Zhao had it made.... more>> How relevant is this post-apocalypse? Pretty relevant. His first foray into the music scene draws upon his composing and his experience as a soldier. Here is where questions arise.

Problem one is an occupational hazard.

Fang Zhao deals with music. No matter what, readers cannot experience his exploits through the medium, only text. At best, we imagine the music videos that accompany his creations, and in those, he draws upon the violence of his life as inspiration.

Here comes problem two; Fang Zhao was a composer, not a five-star general. Let me reiterate. Fang Zhao. Was. A. Composer. I can believe a forced draft, but I can't ignore his accomplishments in the war. He makes the history books as a badass.

Hello, bait-and-switch. If you pick up a novel, read chapter one, and like it because of swords and magic, you'd be pissed if, by chapter twenty, it becomes science fiction about space exploration and lasers. The same occurs here. If composing sat in the driver's seat for the first hundred chapters, it then shares shotgun with something else. If you're like me, you thought this focused on music and idols and such. But he does more than music, and thus we enter the realms of a Gary Stu once again.

To the uninitiated, a Gary Stu is the male equivalent of a Mary Sue, meaning they are the author's darling. The character can do no wrong, is perfect, and is king or queen of the world. Fang Zhao is a god. Although I liked his composing background, I did not like his other set of skills. He's the band class dweeb who transforms into Jet Li. Possible? Sure. Would it happen? No. What will he bust out in the future? Hopefully nothing else. If anything, the biggest twist is the lack of fangirls wanting him to imp**gnate them. Romance lovers beware. You won't find any here.

Does the militaristic background add to the story other than bloodlust? It's certainly used for plot purposes, but whether it's good or not is up in the air. I'm on the side thinking it's s*upid, and that's because of how it shapes his personality.

In this world, lifespans have increased. If a century is the max age pre-apocalypse, then 200 years is the new 100. Fang Zhao is basically a grandpa of the past, not the future, and how annoying it is. He considers everyone babies, citing his age. Yet the world has evolved. Fang Zhao is the equivalent of a middle-aged man, but acts as if he's an elder of a thousand years. His only claim to wise sage status are his years in a war-torn period that's barely talked about. Perhaps it's for the better. The less we know the better, for the setting is abysmal.

The protagonist is thrust into a world unknown to both Fang Zhao and us. You'd expect to learn about this strange new land alongside him. You don't. He gets a shortcut due to his rebirth inside another's body, and that cheats everyone, Fang Zhao and reader alike, out of an experience akin to Harry Potter and the wizardry world. In essence, we got the bootlegged SparkNotes version of world building. We don't get to learn new things the fun way. Fang Zhao just knows because MEMORIES! Things are the way they are because it just is.

To build on that, the author rarely explores his setting. For the most part, we are in an urban, technologically advanced area. What does that look like? Hell if I know, Lazy Cliche is lazy as hell. Then the next chapter, we're in the middle of nowhere with hillbillies and farms. Maybe it's a good thing he didn't go into detail, because nothing of interest happens when things veer off the rails. If I start skimming, it means the content has dulled, and I skimmed a lot outside of the music (basically dozens of chapters).

Don't get me started about the dog arc. I refuse to relive that, so suffer on your own. Remember when this was about music? I don't. I think he's shooting people these days. In fact, you might like the content outside of the composing. I can enjoy other genres. But returning to the bait-and-switch, I feel cheated when what I expect is different from what I get. Note that his composing never fully vanishes. It instead shares the spotlight. I'm no fan when it takes a backseat, however.

The author makes a seemingly complicated world and stripped it down to its most simplistic form. This is not a compliment. This is like changing the names of the month for no reason other than to be different. If normal parents name their daughter Christina, Lazy Cliche would name her Krysteenuh.

Speaking of oddities, the world is made up of twelve continents. Eight are normal and four are special. What does that mean? I haven't a clue. The guy doesn't explain. Worse, Lazy Cliche does nothing with this unique makeup, complicating for the sake of complexity. Krysteenuh, we meet again. And can I mention how practically everyone's Chinese? The author erased the existence of every other culture, which is weird for modern/futuristic novels.

As far as translation quality, how did Qidian do? Some of their novels are edited like garbage, while others are serviceable. In this case, they did a fine job, and I don't have any particular complaints. There's neither exclamation abuse nor amateur interrobang usage, so I'll give them a mark of approval.

Bringing my review to a close, Superstars of Tomorrow is like popcorn. Like most webnovels, it's easy to consume junk food, and there are so many flavors. At the same time, some people don't like popcorn. I don't like popcorn.

But whether Lazy Cliche caramelizes or butters, Fang Zhao remains stale for my taste buds. Unsurprisingly, the character remains unchanged since chapter one. But when you start at the top, of course the protagonist is as flat as a can of soda. There's no room to improve, and I see the story the same way. It's about the protagonist being awesome and nothing more. Likewise, the side characters are as lukewarm as he is.

The novel peaks at the start. In all likelihood, you'll enjoy the story, then lose interest as it levels off. And in the end, it dips into the darkest of pits. <<less
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rexzshadow rated it
October 25, 2017
Status: Completed
Personally really enjoyed the story. There isn't so much an over arcing story or any goal the MC is aiming toward (at least now until chapter 277 which is the most recent update as of this review)

This is really just a slice of life of the MC who is getting a chance to live again. Here is the general story so far until chapter 277 if anyone want spoiler.

So story starts with the MC Fang Zhao dies at the last few years of the apocalypse. He walk up finding he was inside the body of university student who was doing his internship in his last year of university. This was 500 years after he had died. He has memory from the Fang Zhao he took over and found that a friend of the body's previous owner stole the 3 songs the body's original owner worked on for the internship. Due to lack of time to write more he killed himself. (Also took in a dog and feed the dog the pill he used to su*cide too but the dog lived and was kept as a pet)

The MC finishes up a song the origin body's owner had in the note book and it was very popular thus landing him a job at the company he was interning at. Right at the start of his new job he get unlucky and was made to lead the virtual idol department in their company. Their company is one of the 3 major entertainment company but their virtual reality had always failed. He went a created an virtual reality idol based on a tree from the apocalypse and composed a song and music video for it (and yes the music video was described full in words) This was very successful getting him funding and support from the company where he finishes 3 more songs completing a this 4 part epic. There is a very famous game dev company that makes a new game every 10 years and next year will be t heir new game launch based on the apocalypse. They will take 1 virtual idol form each continent as like mascots for the game. Fang Zhao's virtual idol wins. He was also asked to compose music for the opening movie and his song got picked.

Around time for song 3 and 4 he went to other continents to get ideas and in one continent make friends with a farm owner and this kid who was a descendant from the general hero of that continent. Later the kid call him for help coz he brought a farm and got tricked. Fang Zhao went with his dog and help the kid set up a team of dogs to compete in sheep herding competition. Fang Zhao's dog end up coming the leader of the dogs and became very famous after winning the competition.
Then the new game is released and Fang Zhao played it to release all the pent up aggression he had built up due to coming directly from the apocalypse. He is basically a super soldier and god in the game single handedly held the single score ranking world wide by a wide margin. He helps the company he works up build up a game division by recruiting people.
After than he went off to serve the military for 1 year as it is the law that everyone has to serve 1 year in the military. He applies to serve on a few space ship but was rejected as they didn't take stars (He was kinda a star due to his status as god in game) So he end up picking a really far away planet with the highest difficulty to mine. There was this whole plan to send stars to the poor planets and basically film about situation there for a year in hope of getting people to donate. Fang Zhao was chosen as one of the five stars. He arrives on the planet and on the first day of mining finds A ranked energy ore due to his good hearing. This cause a big wave as it immediately made planet become extremely important. Soon the planet was getting all the resource it needed to develop. Fang Zhao moved to one of the outpost to help with one of the research team working there. They get attacked by terrorist who created the monsters from the apocalypse as fodder. Fang Zhao was hiding in underground bunker with the scientist but when he saw the monsters he was extremely angry. He went out and killed a lot of them along with some of the terrorist earning him lot of military merit and he was promoted. This was extremely rare for people just serving their 1 year to get promoted but the upper brass ok the promote due to the program he is in and used him as example to urge the young to join the military.
He does his service at the outpost and then get lent to some of the other poor planets hoping to use his ear to find A ranked energy ore too. On the first planet he visit he meets another star that's part of the program who urge him to buy some land on the planet with him. The whole thing end up becoming really big as they pulled a lot of people and built a film city. Later a big organization buys a big area on the planet and the rumor secret project on a big movie about the apocalypse that had been on hold is about to start up again. Fang Zhao wish to basically play himself and start planning on getting himself well known enough to get the role.
Fang Zhao finishes his 1 year service and return back to Earth where he prepared for his first concert. The concert contained 10 song he worked on during his 1 year of service. It went well with all rights to the song sold soon after the concert ends.
Chapter 277 ends with him attending award ceremony held by the big game company with him handing out an award.
And if you feel that this is really random it is. Its really a slice of life story so far about what he is doing. Personally enjoy it as it is very relaxing read.

Edit: I completed it and I still enjoy it. The ending feel out of no where but given how disjointed the whole story kinda is I guess doesn't matter too much. A bit disappointed because I really like the world and wanted to see more but I can also see author really had no where to go for a slice of life story. Only way for it to last longer was to drag him back into military but I think that kinda defeat purpose of the story. Was fun while it lasted.
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Reindeer rated it
December 25, 2017
Status: Completed
It's a novel about a guy from an apocalyptic age time traveling to the future. Although the MC is probably some combat monster, the novel is more focused on the MC's preapocalypse profession of being a composer. His experience helps in paving his path in the music industry, but I like how it's not a super cheat that blows away competition. He doesn't go "oh Imma use music style 500 years ago to be first in this newcomer competition thing!", and I'm happy that he doesn't really get close to... more>> first place but still has a placing that is befitting of an MC. It's not an MC can do everything (and by everything I mean plagiarizing works from others and act all mighty) and provoke countless people because he's too good novel, I'm talking about you IRAS. MC gets his placing because he has talent and experience, not because the works from his time was better or whatnot.

People have saying IRAS this IRAS that, but no, it's not like that obnoxious novel. Or at least so far, we haven't yet seen s*upid fan service, and although you can kinda see that horrendous cycle of "ppl underestimate MC, MC proceeds to face smack them, " I like to think that the author is well aware of what he's doing and only skims through it, not spending 5 f*cking chapters filled with people ridiculing MC while some people go "bla bla bla, MC is good, but I don't think he can make it out of this one." (I think I just spoiled the entirety of I Really Am a Superstar for you, sorry if you haven't read it yet). Author spends more time on other relevant things, which I appreciate a lot. A lot of the chapters are spent on the MC's work rather than others' reactions. But don't worry about the whole crowd reaction thing, it's not absent in this novel. Author has been innovative in showing the reactions so far, a far cry from just random people screaming with !!! At how good the MC is.

I like how things are more believable in the industry part, you see a a lot of the insider stuff in play. I like to think that the author knows what he's doing, compared to just having a character with some sort of position but not really acting the part. I'm super glad we haven't yet seen the horror of a narrow minded upper management that plagued IRAS. In fact, the upper management so far in this novel have that kind of comical feel of what's it like to have a high position, but is actually plagued by all the work and responsibilities that they have.

So far, we haven't yet had a hateable character. There's that guy who betrayed the MC's body's previous owner, but you can't really hate the guy since he's as good as dead meat, just waiting to die (even he himself knows that he's dead meat).

I like the scifi part of it. I usually hate scifi since it's mostly filled with plotholes and inconsistencies, but I like how the author had the scifi in a manageable level. We haven't actually really seen much of the scifi part apart from flying cars and virtual idols yet, but nothing overboard so far has happened. I actually really like the whole virtual idol thing, which has a big part in the novel. I'm a Vocaloid pseudo-fan, and it's cool seeing the concept in a novel. But don't worry if you hate Vocaloid, since the idols are actually based more on actual idols, and there's this virtual idol vs human idol thing going on in the novel. I guess you can only really call it a subplot at this point since the focus isn't really on them because the virtual idol the MC is making is really unique in the novel's context.

The chapters have either been short, or that it was really enjoyable I didn't notice I was already at ch 23. Not much has happened, but you can really see the progress. The translation speed is good, so I think it'll be all good on the pacing part.

It has been really enjoyable so far, and I hope it stays this way. I have high hopes for this novel.

Update: It's hard to believe that it's been 3 and a half years since I made this review and it fills me with melancholy now that I've finally completed it. There's not much to say, it was an amazing novel that did not disappoint. If you're worried that the quality will fall off, depending on what you're looking for in this novel, that may or may not be the case. For me though, this novel has been one of those novels that have accompanied me throughout the years and now that I've finished it, I am only left with fond feelings. I am happy to have read this novel and if you too are interested in seeing a journey to the future, through the stars, perhaps you'll find something meaningful by reading this novel. <<less
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Crea rated it
May 30, 2018
Status: c100
I read and I regret.

Hoping for at least a little character development but all this story tells me is how he become famous from composing music in a post-apocalypse world, literally.

No real musical knowledge involve, only MC keeps making epic music one after another like pulling a rabbit (s) from a magic hat. Halfway through, the story changes suddenly from music to sheep herding dogs.

Yes, dogs and sheep farm. All sheep, all dog, all the time until I drop it at chapter 100 because after an arc about sheep herding... more>> competition, now it's about dog buying/selling. I'm surprised I made it to the 100th chapter.

Well if you like baseless music making and sheep herding, this is it for you. <<less
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BillionJellyfish rated it
October 26, 2018
Status: c373
This novel is a hidden gem! It deserves more readers!


Fang Zhao, a veteran fighter/leader in the apocalypse, die and is transmigrated into another person's body a few hundred years after the apocalypse. With the advancement/development of new technology, Fang Zhao begins his journey to shake the world with his musical notes and all-rounded talents!

Our MC, Fang Zhao, is basically an overpowered protagonist who acts and thinks beyond his years (his new body is in his 20s, but his mind is like that of a 50-60 year old that has been... more>> hardened through war back in the apocalypse). Because of this, our MC comes off as a cold, aloof character, but because of the disparity between his actions and his age, there are several hilarious moments throughout the story. For example, in one scene when the MC is talking to a wealthy second generation youngster, the MC acts more like a grandpa and gives advise/spoils the youngster, which is very awkward/funny since they are both physically around the same age.

For those who are looking for face slapping scenes, rejoice! There are plenty of face slapping moments throughout the novel, but the author doesn't exaggerate them, instead the author make these moments more realistic/detailed with a hint of a comedic undertone unlike in some cultivation novels where the face slapping scenes are full of "disbelief written on their face, speechless, don't know how to react, even if you beat them to death they won't believe it, etc." The face slapping moments in this novel are more down to Earth if that makes sense (this is the best way I can explain it lolz).

In terms of character development, the MC's character doesn't really change throughout the novel as it's not the point. The point I think is for the MC to learn about the new world he is in after the apocalypse, to reminisce about the apocalypse and remind the new generation not to take things for granted, and to enjoy life as the MC dabbles in multiple fields like entertainment, music, military, gaming, etc. The story is more of a slice of life genre as the readers follow along in the MC's journey as Fang Zhao try out different hobbies/activities, and here comes the plot armor, the MC manages to become successful and famous in every field he dabbles in. To some people, this story may seem boring, too much information/filler chapters, no character development, etc. But I think this story is very calming and entertaining to read about, especially when Fang Zhao surprises the world with another successful accomplishment in a field.

Lastly, there is no romance or harem! It is hard to come across a good novel without romance/harem/ecchi content, so I am very satisfied with this novel and am eagerly waiting for new chapters to come out! I highly recommend this novel for those who are looking for a break from those high-strung cultivation, action, thriller, or romance/harem novels! One more pro to this story is that the MC have pets, a very smart (transmigrated?) doggo and an adorably poisonous sea bunny! Give this novel a chance! <<less
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wonyoung rated it
April 3, 2021
Status: Completed
THIS, this has been the best LN I've read in a while, maybe it's because it's still fresh on my mind since I read it last week. Sure, the MC is a bit of a Gary Stu, and I hate OP men, but he's really likable. I can't remember the last MC I liked, but this characters morals were great. Man, I'm so excited I could go on and on about this, the only thing that bothered me is the author talking about Rock & Roll as if it were... more>> Rock (not that it mattered much, it's just that by the context they probably weren't referring to Rock N roll, but the author is clearly a writer, they did their research but I don't think rock & roll has ever been popular in china and it was just briefly mentioned when describing songs/musicians, plus I wasn't particularly interested in the music aspect of this LN, it's just a novel, I'm not here to read about actual composing). Ohhh and another weird thing was that he was in his 20s and people there lived double, people looked half their age, but I guess that only applied to people +40 idk, that was weird... or did Fang Zhao look like someone in their early 10s? I don't think so. Also the first arc might've been a bittt weird but I was expecting tr*sh and it somehow turned into gold.

Besides that, this story is just perfect for me, I was very very very addicted to it, I couldn't put it down and I totally neglected my real life, that s**ked, but I still want more. Anyway, the comedy was great, I was still laughing till the end. I get some people might not like it, just look at some critical reviews, but I still find some of those reviews flawed, it's just a bunch of people dropping it in the Muzhou (dog farming) arc. I can't say it was my favorite arc but it was funny and that's the main reason why I read this, plus it wasn't even that long, but maybe it's because I binge read all of this in a few days. For some this might not be what they were looking for and I get it, and some might think that the MC felt alien but it's not as if he could perfectly blend in with his peers. The only weird part was how he perfectly took over the original Fang Zhao's life without his friends being weirded out, but again, remember this is slice of life and you shouldn't take this too seriously. He had been avoiding his friends for some time too tho so he just seemed originally distant to everyone, . Plus it was weird how none of his old teachers were weirded out by the quality of his music improving so much, he was already talented tho. Either way this was just satisfying, I acknowledge some parts were a bit flawed but I still absolutely loved reading this and I think this is my favorite LN even though I've read hundreds of LNs, I even logged into this account after ages just to praise it. A novel doesn't have to be loophole free for it to be enjoyable, the comedy here was just great and the action was fun, I think this is the only LN I'd consider re reading. I'm now a Lazy Cliché fan.

The MC used his power for the greater good but it didn't come across as fake philanthropy just to make him perfect, his personality of caring about humanity came from the war I guess, so it didn't feel forced. He was quite the refreshing MC, I liked most of the characters tbh (especially Zaro and Barbara haha, they were endearing), they had me grinning, they had flaws, but they also had their good qualities. There really isn't much conflict or face slapping, there are indeed some people that try to set him up but it gets solved easily, I liked that, just call the authorities and let other people handle it like a normal member of society, not taking justice to your own hands,

except of course for the terrorists, they are bad bad, but MC never does anything illegal or morally wrong. Oh well, he also did hit some people but it was solely self defense and not vengeance.


If you're here expecting a novel about composing then look elsewhere, the MC never neglects it and he's always composing, wherever he is, but don't expect the novel to only be about it, there's quite some action, and it is really fun!

Also, he acts his age and he behaves according to his past life, as someone that died in the war and woke up seeing a beautiful future, he was happy. Whatever he did wasn't for fame, although he also helped his company.

Like acting, it's not that he was a film emperor and good at everything, but he wanted to represent his old self the most realistic way, and that series would bring awareness. He wasn't a particularly good actor, but that role was perfect as him since it was about his old self and there wasn't much known about him as a reference for others to act.

Whenever he accomplished something, although it'd bring him more popularity and better reputation, it'd change people's lives. He never bullied anyone that came at him, he wasn't a petty guy, although there was indeed some sort of face slapping it wasn't tasteless, I wasn't expecting much since it started a bit generic and his best friend was a brainless villain and I thought all of the LN would be like that, but luckily it wasn't. Anyway I'm just in love with this. I just cl**ked on it randomly because I wanted to read something funny, and it was indeed very funny, but the plot was also lovely and I loved the characters too!

Also, here's a playlist to get you in the mood of what he composes haha.


I don't listen to orchestral music so it really isn't that similar to what he was composing, but the concept itself is similar. It's all Stevie Wonder, he's also a musical genius so I guess the quality would be similar, honestly I picture Fang Zhao as someone somewhat similar to Stevie... minus some obvious things, it's hard to explain.

An Ke (the song he did for that baby) : Stevie Wonder's Isn't she Lovely

Those songs he did in the space: Stevie Wonder's Saturn.

The song he composed about those plants: The songs Stevie Wonder composed for The Secret Life of Plants (Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants), maybe The First Garden, or Tree, or idk.


Anyway, I don't think Feng Zhao was that omnipotent, he's a musical genius, that's his main thing, and he was in the war and was a great general, but we know that since like the beginning, the rest are consequences of that, you can't expect a +100 y/o with lots of war and near death experience to get no skills from it, maybe they were a bit exaggerated tho, but that's their world. Although of course, he did have a "cheat"

and that's his body that got improved after transmigrating, the reason is revealed later on. And yes, his dog was also OP, OF COURSE, ah but that was funny and I love a powerful pet, he was adorable, scary but adorable. Those scenes were my favorite, it was funny, who can complain about that? it's fantasy, come on

. They were powerful but they weren't arrogant or selfish and acted for the greater good so it was really enjoyable, I loved it so much I'm just gonna say this is my favorite LN, and I don't even like showbiz novels, but this one is different. I feel like a crazy fangirl but this is just, , too good, in my opinion, mayhaps not a work of art but it's just something really, really enjoyable. <<less
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Anecdotey rated it
November 15, 2020
Status: Completed
I... Feel empty. The ending left me craving to know more but, there is no more.

The story per se is a slice of life, with the twist that our MC is OP since the start.

I loved reading it, I loved even more when I found out there was absolutely no love, harem, romantic interests etc.

... more>> For some, this would be a turn off, but who tf cares about these people?

This for me is a romance, a tale of a hero.

And regarding the reviews that said this was some political thingy about China, whelp, I did not even see the name, sure, there could be Chinese itens, Chinese names, but can you really blame the author? He is from China after all, the story is his, this isn't even a realistic story, the world building is entirely his and the language being unified is a very possible outcome if you were to take a look at English right now.

So, with all that said, if you were in his place, wouldn't you rather write about your own homeland, your own history? <<less
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Queen_FLEA rated it
May 18, 2019
Status: c410
Best web novel, maybe best novel, I have ever read, while the pace is slow it's enjoyable and interesting, the world building is amazingly done and quality hasn't decreased whatsoever from the first chapter to the latest. I enjoy how calm it is, it makes me feel relaxed and light while still excited to see what comes even when rereading it for the third time. Sometimes it even feels like I'm reading a real-life story, all characters are well-developed their interactions surprisingly realistic.

It is 100% worth paying for in order... more>> to read. <<less
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OfficePony rated it
March 10, 2018
Status: c151
One of the few series I check daily (and nightly) for updates. It's good stuff if you're looking for a good face-smacking reincarnation story. I rate it 5-stars simply for the wonderful translator: Master Barker. His translations are nearly perfect, or at least as close to perfect as I've seen in regards to grammar, word choice, and word flow.

Favorite thing about this story? Definitely the music portions. They are described so well I can almost hear them.
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ajhearne rated it
January 15, 2021
Status: Completed
Honestly a good novel he is an old man and he acts like it even though he's in a young body. He doesn't go desperately trying to get girls, nor does he doesn't try and act like a kid who will repay everything with vengeance. He's an old man whose emotions have been worn down by war and he's just trying to find peace even if he fights or competes he doesn't look down on anyone nor does he get angry the limit of what he does is seem like... more>> a miffed grandfather. How many stories have people who actually act their mental age after reincarnation instead of their physical one. <<less
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Darkzeta rated it
December 30, 2017
Status: c40

Glad I saw the blurb and decided to give it a try. Loved it!

Now I will have to suffer with the other readers as we all wait for the next chapters to come out.

... more>> So if you loved the ideas of blending music with futuristic settings, like Macross, then you will LOVE this story.

I always liked the idea that an MC doesn't have to "win". He could in fact just Live, and grow and become more than just a trope.

So if you like the idea that music can be fun and interesting and yet even cooler if mixed with a futuristic setting similar to Macross. Give this a read. You may be surprised. <<less
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XiaoLing rated it
October 9, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm usually too lazy to leave reviews, but this novel left me with that emotional impact that I had to write it down somewhere. This is more a reaction than a review.

The visual storytelling of the music is exquisite. And the world building is even more.

And the story progression. It started with the past, then living in the present, promising the future.

... more>> The translators did a good job with this.

The characters all have their fun gimmicks. And I always like reading the reactions of the masses whenever Fang Zhao steals another headline. poor Wang Tie LMAO

The comedy is hilarious, I actually lost my breath laughing in multiple parts. But I also got affected by the sentiments and cried a lot of times.


the first time was on the Third Movement when he said "Farewell, my old friends" I Ffing bawled my eyes out.

I absolutely loved "This Life of Mine". Had to stop for 10 minutes to calm down and wipe my tears. The hilarity of the following audience reaction at the end of the chapter reversed my mood though hahahah.


I'm actually glad that there is no romance involved, because I feel that that would ruin Fang Zhao's character.


he's a more than a century-old grandpa, he sees his "peers" as little kids. And his generation's seniors as "youths" because he is a man from more than 500 years ago. But at the same time, he's conscious of his 20 year-old identity.

He's lived an arduous life in his struggle to survive. At the moment of his rebirth, he decided to finally chase his lost dream. That was his focus.

In his end days, in his weary life, he still kept the embers of his passion's flames in creating music deep in his heart, despite how tired and aged he was, fighting for another day for an uncertain future.

His greatest fortune was truly seeing how far mankind has gone in his rebirth. He's lived three eras. And now he may shed his burdens and live his life to the fullest, seeing the new world and doing what he loves.


I have mixed feelings at how it ended.

It feels like I just fell off the cliff because I can totally read more, but there's nothing left of the road.

At the same time I feel like it should end like this, because it is perfectly in line with the sentiment of the series.


It feels abrupt because we know there's more the story. But we also know that it belongs to the far future.

The story may end there, but the future is arriving. We, the readers are left with our imaginations.

I liked how on the day humanity took that giant stride into the future, he revisited the past (the gravestones) and left it behind.

The past may be long gone. But the future is here.


Overall, this was an unexpected treasure in the ocean. Thank you Curly hair. ;) <<less
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swarine rated it
August 7, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is very different from normal transmigration novels, the MC transmigrates 500 years into the future after living a 100 years in the apocalypse, unlike other novels where the MC is supposedly mature and lived hundreds of years but acts immaturely, this MC was an old man and acts as such, he seeks not glory, fame, or fortune, he doesn't try to prove himself, but simply appreciates living in a peaceful world. The MC is a genius composer, not because he plagiarises lost music nor because this era forgot... more>> real music, but because he is a genius. The novel doesn't have much face slapping or 2D villains, as the MC doesn't try to show off nor offend people, he deals with problems maturely and doesn't respond to provocation. There are some parts of the novel that are boring, as it is slice of life, the life of an old genius veteran in a new peaceful era, the MC also doesn't have much of a sense of presence, he is silent and taciturn but not cold and domineering, he is humble and mature. There is also no end goal the MC is striving for nor any specific plot, so if you're looking for typical showbiz success or face slapping, this novel is not for you. This novel could have been so much better had some plot points been expanded on, but the author only glossed over important things somehow, the ending also felt rushed and could even be said to be an open ending. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
aShinyVaporeon rated it
November 5, 2020
Status: c472
I saw someone complain about chinese nationalism - bro, there isn't even a China in this story. The reason why everyone's names are chinese is 'cuz it was written for chinese people, so it could be easier to understand for them. It's a future where humanity is united, you [censored].

Some warnings for those who go into this novel expecting something they maybe shouldn't:

... more>>

If you're looking for anything other than a light, simple novel to read, this is not the place for you. If you read the synopsis and you thought 'ridiculous, there's no way an MC from 500 years ago could adapt to current standards', unfortunately, it's not meant to be that deep.

Obviously, the novel's depiction of the future, science, composing, and showbiz is not very accurate. I didn't mind that though - it's not like I would come to a slice-of-life sci-fi novel looking for realism XD

The novel relies on the MC to carry it through - it's indeed a Mary Sue novel since the MC being awesome is pretty much the entire story. If you really can't like the MC, the novel will not be something you'll like. Do try a few chapters to see if you like him.


Actual Review:


Anyway, it's meant to be a simple and light novel about a guy accomplishing his goals of being famous in the music industry, although he gets involved with other parts of the entertainment circle for personal- and company-related reasons. The novel is indeed a bit of a Gary Stu type where the MC is obviously meant to be the favorite, but it's not overdone to the point where the MC is annoying (unless you have a problem with his personality being too static).

MC is a very calm, mature person (in the sense of being a stoic war veteran). He has an old person attitude of tolerance most of the time, but does whip out his OP combat maneuvers in the story, although not much. The entirety of his talents is related either to his godlike composing ability, his equally godlike physique and fighting skill, or his old-war-vet personality/BG.

Side characters are nothing amazing but still make interesting interactions sometimes, and are pretty memorable.

The biggest problem with this novel is probably that it jumps around so much with what the MC does for 'inspiration'. A lot of people don't like the transitions between sheepherding, gaming, military, etc. I didn't mind this as much (personal rating being 5-stars), but other reviewers definitely hated it, and I can see why.


TLDR: 5-star novel for something light to pass the time that you won't look too deep into, not so much if you're realism nitpicker or hate multitalented MCs/Gary Stus with a passion. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MewYi rated it
January 15, 2017
Status: c3
Premise seems intresting as of chapter 3. Gives off vibes of I am really a Superstar (no comedy yet) with more serious undertones. Feels likely some action/martial arts will be incoporated given MCs background.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Naufal88 rated it
July 20, 2018
Status: c298
I'm so happy to read a novel with Cool-Headed MC the most, there'll be more thing to learn than some inferior MC that hot-headed.

This novels is rational, calm, and decisive because of his mental age, he care for his family even if it's just half-hearted, because he just care them as an elder toward later generation after Period of Destruction.

He really have the passion toward music because of his regret from his previous life, so that's why there's no romance in this novel, everyone is just a kid in the... more>> eyes of Fang Zhao, can 150 old-plus man have fancy toward 20 or more kids? I don't think so, he don't have any fetish toward that so far, dunno after he turn 30 or more, maybe his Great Grandpa/Grandma will introduce him to some offemale relative or he fall in love for some female later on. I hope Fang Zhao can fall in love. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
BL-lover rated it
May 10, 2018
Status: c258
Its a very good story!!!

Its relaxing and entertaining to read especially when Fang Zhao is too OP!! That talent and Good luck of his is too amazing (。’▽’。) ♡

" The Golden finger "

Every arc has different focus: entertainment, gaming, "dog-sheep herding", military and others.

It appear to be too random but it suits the story because it keeps the reader entertained ??

Good novel! ! I love it!!
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sakatakin rated it
March 18, 2018
Status: c164
This novel is just really, really good, and also thanks to the translator for the hard work!

Well this novel is really refreshing. No romance, just badass-ness. The MC, Fang Zhao, because of his past life living in an apocalyptic world hundreds of years before the present story, basically can handle everything that people throw to him. And he doesn't flaunt it, he just gave a poker face and a smile or two.

Most people underestimate him, and he doesn't go ballistic or anything, he just does his best and ends up... more>> shocking everyone else. He also can defend himself due to his past experiences so he ain't just talk. Fang Zhao is calm, and seems like an average guy.

Side characters are fun, and most would show up again. So far, most are very likable. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kcao1199 rated it
March 12, 2018
Status: c156
It's a nice story about an old man reborn five hundred years after his death into the body of a young college student. Throughout the story, we learn tidbits of his former life in the apocalyptic age he lived through. It's quite nice to see him gain success through not only his composition but other valuable skills. He has the personality of an old man and is quite down to earth, so there isn't any true face-slapping of arrogant foes, which makes it quite different from stories like I'm really... more>> a superstar. It's very enjoyable, and I would recommend it to people who enjoyed novels like God of Cooking or Big Life.

From what I've read so far, there doesn't seem to be the slightest signs of romance. This can be due to his advance age when he died. The story focuses on his career and the awe people feel when they see him. He is consistently compared to someone with an old man's personality later on. He is also recognized as an eccentric artist type.

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Monomololo rated it
January 14, 2018
Status: c100
Good story that's worth reading. The writer has a unique and creative take on the issue of apocalypse and reincarnation.

Update as of Chapter 100: Still pretty good, branching into other arcs pretty well.

... more>>

Gaming is a hobby of the main character and he does compositions specifically to get involved in the newest VR game that is based on his lifetime in the past. He'll gave to join the military since there's mandatory service. The only thing that seem a bit, (ok a lot), forced is his tiny mutt that he randomly found wandering the streets somehow being intimidating to sheep the size of cows and able to keep up with massive war-bred dogs that are ten times him size in sheep herding.

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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