God of Music


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A minus’ hand that fails every singer he put his hands on, Kang Yoon.

After being chased by loan sharks, he meets his death, losing his beloved sister and his everyday life.

However, with those 10 years earned through coincidence…

In his new life, he will walk the path to the best planner.

3rd rate or 1st rate, through his hands, they will become legends!!

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음악의 신
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Draeghe rated it
July 12, 2016
Status: c44
It's a 'time travel to the past' type of novel.

A guy who utterly failed as a music planner goes back in time 10 years. The introduction/premise of the story is rather simple and merely used as a quick set up to start the real story. A 'planner' is the person in charge of leading a 'singer'/'idol' to succes, by various means. It's basically a manager.

Aside from having pre-knowledge, which he uses to his advantage succesfully right from the start, the Main Character (KangYoon) also gained a useful ability to judge... more>> a persons singing in the form of a 'halo' above the singer, that is either showing grey (for bad singing) or white (for good singing).

This cheat-like ability sounds simple, but it puts him ahead into the game by a large margin. Under the spoiler tag is a further explanation of his ability, but not necessary to read.


It seems like the white/grey light will also show up during other types of performances, such as dancing. It helps KangYoon judge whether a performance is good or not. This helps during recording, dance practice etc. And it helps him show the part where it goes wrong, cause it turns grey then assisting him in noticing what to do or say.

KangYoon's ability further 'evolves' later on during the novel. He can see more types of lights and other difference makers that weren't initially shown.


The story so far is very promising. I personally always enjoy any type of 'music story'. It feels similar to other reincarnation/time lapse story's, as the MC is obviously building towards an epic standing in society. (It's a little bit similar to "I’m Really a Superstar" in that aspect)

The main difference is that the Main Character is the 'behind the scenes' man. He 'lifts up' others and slowly gets well-known due to this ability. He maintains a hardworking attitude and is not strolling through life just because he has a 'cheat' ability.

As an added aspect in the story, the MC also dotes on his sister, who's ill (she requires dialysis). The parts with his sister feel a bit like an interlude, a way to pass time, but also as a way to give the MC an added goal on what to do in life (cure his sister/improve her health).

So far I'm enjoying the read, so I'm just giving it a solid 5 for starters. The writing isn't bad and the story is easy to follow. There's no overly complicated parts anywhere. And it appears to be translated well. My rating is partly influenced due to the music link, I admit.

I want to know where the story will lead to and if it'll stay an interesting read. <<less
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kkgoh rated it
September 7, 2018
Status: c70
A poorer version of "Top Management", both written in 2015. Could have been so much better, especially since the translator is doing a decent job. Filled with author's writing inconsistencies.
If you rated 5 stars for Top Management, you CANNOT possibly rate 5 stars for God of Music.

A down-and-out manager/planner time-travels 10 yrs into the past to relive his life and try to succeed as being a top manager/planner. He has both complete knowledge of future (who succeeds and who doesn't), along with a synesthesia-like skill that enables... more>> him to detect "talent/good performances".


The synesthesia skill is GREAT. It's a very clever power for the MC to have, since it evokes both beautiful imagery (blending sounds/sight) and dramatic visualization, while fitting his role as a talent scout/manager to bring out the best of the stars he works with. A perfect example of magical realism.

The time-travel backstory is POINTLESS, creates multiple plot holes, and ruined the story.
-- MC is middle-aged (mental age of 40s) despite his present age of 30. His stars are all in the teens (high school) or early 20s. That age gap of almost 20 yrs is a serious problem in having any meaningful relationship with his stars.
-- MC can already detect talent with his skill, why would he need knowledge of the future? It's just a weak tie-in with his life full of regrets, so he can work hard to live a better life now. Which is s*upid, since the guy has worked hard even in his past life. He doesn't need more motivation.
-- If MC knows the future clearly, then shouldn't it be easy to find ways to get rich (stocks/real estate investments, etc) ? This is going from 2017 back to 2007. That's the time of the financial crisis, and crazy global stock market recovery thereafter. Even a ret*rded hermit living under a rock would have known how to make money in this situation. But he continues working like a s*ave in his company and complains about how poor he is?

Age 40, works and acts like a robot, is a sis-con. How is any of this relatable to most readers?
Apparently he's an amazingly productive and professional manager, yet a complete loser in his past life because he has bad luck. That's not how professional corporate life works. If MC was that talented, he could easily have still survived in a mid-level mgmt position. I doubt author ever worked in a corporation before.

MC's relationships with his stars are short and episodic. He goes in, turns their life/career around, and then disappears after 5 chapters. Yet it's made clear that these side characters all fall for him. Yes, it's a HAREM novel, whether you deny it or not. There's nothing wrong with a harem novel. It just doesn't work here when the only purpose is to puff-up the MC, especially with the age-gap.

The side characters are poorly developed, and there are A LOT of them. Literally a new one every 3-4 chapters. They come and go, interact with the MC for 1 paragraph and either disappear or reappear a few chapters later for a paragraph. It's gotten so bad that the author doesn't even remember the background stories of side characters and author consistently makes mistakes that the translators have picked up on. Ridiculous.

-- The girl group that he was in-charge of had little to no improvement while MC keeps getting distracted with other side projects that are immediately successful. We keep losing sight of the girl group and the characters. Author realizes that and tries to reinsert them into the story via pointless interactions.
-- MC's sister keeps popping back up into the story despite being the blandest and most boring character, as if to remind us that she exists. She has zero purpose other than to serve as a handicap for the MC and play a useless damsel-in-distress role. Author eventually realizes this and tries to make her more useful, like learning from a music book (of which she doesn't understand at all), which makes her even more useless.
-- The names of several one-off characters actually change. One of the main characters was supposed to be an orphan, then had parents. WTF.


Why do most readers prefer "Top Management" instead?

Because it's more believable, and the author took the time to develop both the side characters and their relationship with the MC Jung Sunwoo. And the author made a very distinct attempt to identify that potential love interests were 20ish and MC Jung was 27/28, since he clearly knew this would be an issue.


The author has a good grasp of the industry, adds in a lot of lexicon and technical detail that makes it sound pretty professional. It also highlights the importance of technical detail in producing stars (rather than just raw talent of a singer/actor). But it's written poorly since author ends up in situations where he uses this technical knowledge to manufacture MEDIOCRE stars, and his skills enables them to sound/appear better than they really are. He is constantly telling his proteges to develop a "hook" to draw in crowds, even though that's not part of their original personality. E.g. An aloof and reticent female idol needs to become more engaging to the public audience, some others need to dress more provocatively, etc.
WTF?? Pushing mediocre stars to the top with cheap tricks like these spoils the novel and forces celebrities to live up to unreasonable/inappropriate expectations. E.g. You want a sexy star, but she can't have sex/be in a relationship. You expect the MC with his talents to be able to rise above this crap.

In a world of Facebook, ridiculous false celebrity avatars, and all the sh*t that Kpop celebrities go through, including the recent spate of scandals and su*cides, you cannot possibly approve of MC's methods.

Why is it called "God of Music"? His power enables him to identify actors too, pretty much any type of performance.

The problem with a music-only theme in a novel is the difficulty in translating to audio for readers to follow. We have no tunes to reference, just random (and incomplete) lyrics used to fill in word count. You could substitute the lyrics for ANYTHING ELSE and it wouldn't matter.
Why was "I Really Am a Superstar" so popular despite the controversies? Because all the songs were pulled/pirated from real world songs so at least you could watch on YouTube and know the emotions of the song even if you didn't know the language.

@Tomah said it best. Too many useless shenanigans/irrelevant elements that ruin the story. Classic case of when an author doesn't understand Chekhov's gun, trying to do too many things with too many characters at the same time and fails at most of them. <<less
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Tomah rated it
June 9, 2018
Status: c98
God of Music is one of those stories that make me hate the conventions and expectations surrounding web novels. To be perfectly clear, it's an okay novel that I would recommend if you enjoy stories where the main character blasts through everyday life thanks to time traveling, transmigration, reincarnation and/or supernatural aid. But at the same time... it's just okay, when it could have been much better with fewer web novel shenanigans.

Let's start from the beginning. The novel follows Kang Yoon, a failed and unlucky planner in the music industry... more>> who ends up traveling ten years into the past after his accidental death. Armed with experience, foresight and a mysterious ability to "see" and evaluate music, his goals are to produce superstars and give a better life to his sick younger sister.

The highlight of God of Music is its portrayal of the Korean entertainment industry. The author clearly has a passion for the subject and uses many characters and arcs to show the readers different aspects of the industry: the behind-the-scenes work, the struggles of newbies hoping to debut, the problems faced by veterans, etc. This is the difference between an author with a story to tell and an author writing for the sake of writing (or money), and it's also why I'm disappointed. After all, I can enjoy a mediocre story for what it is, but it pains me to see a potentially good story ruined by poor decisions.

One of the main problems here is the pacing. Web novel readers are used to neck-breaking speeds where arcs quickly come and go, each featuring brand new characters and places, but this might not work too well for character-driven stories. How are we supposed to care about the people the main character meets if they only get the bare minimum backstory and development before the story moves on to something completely different? Time skips and random dialogue scenes don't replace proper character development, no matter how much you tell us about their progress; you have to show it throughout the narrative.

Another thing that ruins the characters is the juvenile "romance" that feels completely out of place. Now, romance in the entertainment industry, specially in countries such as South Korea and Japan, can definitely lead to interesting and complicated stories... but only if the author doesn't handle it in the laziest way possible, with a dense main character who can't understand or deal with these things in a mature way (despite mentally being a middle-aged man who should be very experienced in dealing with people and issues in the industry) and female characters that become defined by their attraction and lose all of their personality and likability.

Speaking of characters, Kang Yoon himself is a wasted opportunity. With ten years of failure, the man should have many stories to tell, mistakes to learn from, inner demons to deal with. Instead, his experiences are rendered meaningless as soon as he steps into the past as your typical Mr. Perfect, solving every problem, seeing through everyone (except for girls half his age who are attracted to him) and being fazed by nothing. To be fair, he's not particularly bad; it's just that, once again, the author chose the lazy way when he had a much more interesting character than Generic Web Novel Protagonist #184270.

Despite all of its problems, God of Music does its job as an entertaining story with interesting depictions of the South Korean entertainment industry in different points of time. Fans of K-Pop might have a particularly good time with this. Still, it's clear there's a much better story buried underneath, and I think it's a shame that we instead got a dumbed-down version that fits web novel clichés. <<less
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nightcoredux rated it
July 18, 2016
Status: v1c11
So far this story is amazing the MC is a music genius who knows how to use his powers easily and perfectly. He gots that past failure experience which knows what not to do, and he's a good judge of character, and I think it's sweet how he treats his sister :). I can't wait for the romance to kick in. Ugh I want more !!
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icecream rated it
August 7, 2016
Status: c21
It's really interesting. The MC has the cheat of knowledge for the future. However he doesn't just easily choose to manage people who were assured success based on the future, he actually takes some risk and select to manage different people if that means they are better than the originals. So It's really refreshing to the story and adds unpredictability for the future!
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rdawv rated it
October 1, 2016
Status: c46
I'm a sucker for rebirth/time-travel/2nd chance type story, and I like this one. It's a cursory exploration about the Korean pop industry and if you're familiar with their culture and drama, you'll see bits and pieces of the typical in here: a sick sister, jealous rivals, star-struck trainees, troublesome talents, the difficult training process etc...

Each arc throws a situation that involves a problematic talent (usually rookies) at the MC and he solves it with his ability to visually see a talent's output and thus making them popular by tweaking them... more>> accordingly. The MC is almost vanilla, a blank slate with little or no outward personality and seemingly tries his best to get along with everyone. Then he moves on, leaving those new stars in his debt and in awe of his judgment.

Each chapter has the feel of a 15 minute web drama. It decent and almost slice-of-life like as there isn't a main plot as yet. Characters are developed but not really fleshed out enough for a reader to care too much about, a problem that is compounded by the author's own inconsistent naming.

It's ok, can be better. It's still something that I would read. <<less
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MondoX rated it
August 30, 2017
Status: c52
God of Music (GoM) is like Top Management (TM), but better. I enjoy TM, but GoM is a little bit funnier than TM, with more interesting characters. From all the Korean novels that I have read, I did not think that GoM would be my favorite, this includes a lot that are in the top rankings in this site. There are many characters that I like in the story and I hope that they succeed because of the mc's help. Also, I like how the author does not completely forget... more>> about the side characters, especially the little sister. If you enjoy slice-of-life (not my favorite genre), this story is definitely for those people. This web-novel is making me want to learn how to read Korean. <<less
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NaM rated it
September 20, 2016
Status: c43
A more serious "im really a superstar" type of novel. And more likeable than "coder Lee Yongho"..

A very slice of life Rebirth type story. Where a MC really! REALLY is trying to redo his life, without him being stray/distracted away from his goal. While in his way, correcting not only his past life mistakes but also others, while not inflicting major bad stuffs to his enemies. In short his very humane. And just like those story characters I also look up to him and find the guy really cool.

I like... more>> how the world is like setting his life into higher difficulty every next mission but I cant help but think that if he continue how he does things. He might collapse from overworking and im already anticipating that and im not liking it..

4.5 rounded up so 5/5 <<less
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apsisodia rated it
February 7, 2022
Status: c220
I'm honestly surprised that it got 4.5 ratings.

It's a 'meh'. It's like I'm reading a story about a robot. In short, it is so forgettable and boring.

Romance in it is probably the worst I've ever read. It's second only to those Chinese novels of jade beauty. I mean he doesn't even meet or talk with his gf for months as she is working in china. If they talk after months then it's all about work. Is this even consider a romance?

Moreover, author decided to change plotline after 60-70 chapters. In... more>> the beginning, MC use his knowledge of future (the cliche like future popular singers, actress, scandals, popular shows). But then author dropped this plot and focused only on business management. Its like you're going into a gun fight but does not pick up gun.

Edit: I can't read this sh*t anymore. Author is desperately trying to create love triangle drama. MC already has a gf. An ideal singer in his company also has a crush on him. She kissed him on cheek, drunk confessed her love to him, media already spread rumours about them. But he does absolutely nothing. <<less
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kublikhan rated it
April 12, 2020
Status: c27
IMHO this novel is overrated. I feel Top Management did this concept much better: more tension, more character growth, more 'meat' per chapter, etc. God of music moves very fast and doesn't give the reader time to get absorbed in whats going on before the project gets wrapped up and the MC moves onto the next project. It also seems like the entire world goes out of it's way to give the MC everything he could possibly want with no chance for failure. MC just started working at a company... more>> and he is practically running the place with his pick of staff, resources, etc. And any project he works on is handled so flawlessly that it seems shallow and unbelievable. Overall I would rate this novel 'ok', but read Top Management first if you haven't already. <<less
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Scaethys rated it
December 24, 2018
Status: c111
There's been a lot of comparisons between God of Music and Top Management, so here's my take on this.

God of Music is nice to read, but it's much less "personal" compared to Top Management. In TM, the MC has a heavy hand in bringing up his original group, plus he sticks with them for a very very long time. In comparison, GoM swaps the people the MC is in charge of extremely quickly. While that isn't a bad thing necessarily, it was only interesting for the first 70-80 chapters. After... more>> a short time skip, things become confusing due to certain events, and it isn't as easy to follow or read anymore. It sort of loses its unique spin on managing groups. The author completely forgets about the MCs rebirth after 40 chapters or so, and disregards it for the MC's almost cheat-like ability. It's completely frustrating to see how he breezes through situations without any difficulty. There's almost no tension, since readers all know that it would be resolved because of his skill.

So it's not a bad read, but I didn't really enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Top Management. <<less
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Krazyguy75 rated it
May 4, 2018
Status: --
I didn't read much of this, but it was a disappointing start. I read this after Top Management, and this just pales in comparison to that. The main character breezed through all the obstacles so far, is never stressed, and everyone magically agrees with him. There just isn't a feeling of resistance.

Everything goes too perfectly for him. Moreover, it just doesn't feel like an industry.

Overall, I recommend Top Management and not this.
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ziki rated it
December 20, 2020
Status: c179
It's a good story but reaching chapter 180, I can't help but feel how it's very repetitive.

MC picks up new artist... lot of preparation for debut... successful debut... the artist put into back pocket to appear occasionally afterwards... REPEAT.

MC is really someone who takes the backseat in this story and similarly even though he is the main character he has a lot of traits that would usually belong to side characters.

The worst part however is that there is very little personal grow and development for MC. MC pretty much always... more>> stays the same. It's also very difficult to see him becoming "Better at his work" since from the very get go he is already "God of music" that never fails and always achieves ultimate success.

Seeing how side characters have more development be it in their character and ability is really making MC just look weak as a character in comparison.

It's still a good read but it gets repetitive and tiring with time. <<less
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killjase rated it
April 17, 2018
Status: c40
Honestly horrified about 4.6-star rating this novel has. Is the trend to vote any novel that is not tr*sh and at least mediocre to 5 stars?

I will start with what I liked about this novel and that part is the MC's interaction with his sister. These are the only moments when the characters feel like real people and without this part, I would drop the score to 2 stars.

As you see, I didn't include concept about time travel to past to fix mistakes in what I liked because, honestly, such... more>> a thing has been done plenty of time, and in this case is executed poorly. The problem isn't the concept itself, but that the character instead of only gaining future prediction and halo of "is this singer sh*t or not", but also has made him 1000 year old sage that has the ability to turn people's hearts with few sentences, basically reworking whole personality traits in a few day. I can deal with it if it's one or two instances, but, honestly, the character seems omnipotent and the un-surety about future can be solved by spouting some nonsense that any real person wouldn't even consider, but for novel's characters are revelations from a greater deity. The suspense is driven out by chapter 15, not to mention that there is no reason for the character who according to novel went on 10-year bad luck and decisions streak to become this good, even at parts that has nothing to do with future or performance.

This obviously leads to 2-dimensional characters, as the character growth is to a ridiculous level for ridiculous reasons.

I think that this all stems from how short this novel is and how fast paced it is. There are plenty of monthly time-skips where nothing major has happened and where the author should have included character development, but instead is left empty and thus this all feel like in rush.

Example: MC's gets a singer, the singer has a problem, MC fixes the problem in 1-2 chapters, the singer performs like Angel, MC gets recognition, MC forget such singer has existed and goes to next one. This formula in itself doesn't have a problem. The problem stems from only giving each of these points 1 or 2 chapters to get going.

MC is like - "Here, you need to sing higher." once and every problem a singer could ever have is fixed just like that.

I tried to hold on because I read Top management, I'm really a superstar and was interested in this genre of the entertainment industry, but it just doesn't hold a candle to those 2. Top management has amazing characterization and makes me feel, I'm actually reading about people with real problems. While I'm really a superstar give me a power fantasy of face-smacking god, while at the same time, it introduces multiple literature and music works in great detail and changing the stage from time to time (radio, tv, martial arts, etc.), thus keeping it fresh and educational (but it does have less good of character development than Top management).

I have to mention translation quality. I read the KobatoChanDaiSuki version and I'm not impressed. Don't get me wrong, it's not horrible, but it's average. Multiple places still have original Korean terms and don't even dare to tell me that you can't find English equivalent word to that phrase, because I know it is possible and it's what differs a good translator from mediocre. Also, it might be editors (or authors) fault, but I had a hard time to differ which character was speaking when multiple characters spoke to each other and the general tone of the conversation. This is probably authors fault more than editors or translators, as you can only work with what is given. This is why we have we have mood explanations in some part of conversational dialogues. "I'd like to slap you, " - He said jokingly. Context matters. <<less
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Mezhanos rated it
March 4, 2018
Status: c86
For me this story stands out for one reason, and that is how the MC uses his ability. He's not trying to hide it and be mediocore. Nor is he trying to flaunt his his ability and make enemies of everyone. He does what his superiors ask of him to the best of his ability and not more. He uses his ability to further his career but keeping in mind that, if he doesn't have the experience and intellect to make good decisions his ability is useless. To that end,... more>> he even started studying anew just so that he can broaden his horizons. In my eyes this is what draws me to this story with such an overdone premise. The only gripe I have with this story is the amount of characters introduced with similar names that confuse you if you aren't careful. But all in all it's a very nice story <<less
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DahAnnaKushina rated it
July 25, 2016
Status: --
Hmmm... been a while since I've done a review, and all the ones I tried to do and didn't post were all whiny and immature...

Let's do an actual review of a book which is alright!

Now I sound like a childish TV show, which is mostly just repetitive indoctrination...

... more>> Well, whatever! This is... God of Music!

Now, I've purposely avoided doing reviews on the books such as "God of cooking" or "God of crime". Simply because they were just focusing on things such as... well cooking and being able to cheat.

Now this I found more unique, and here are a few things:

-The protagonist does die and get a second chance like all others, but this time it's different, as he doesn't have the gaming window, instead he has the idea of seeing different lights in either white or grey, of course the intensity of it is most definitely the concern as well, but the idea that it's more believable has gotten to me.

It's more believable because of synesthesia! The condition when senses are mixed together, in this case he can see sound. Now while this certainly won't explain the second chance part it's better than just gaining abilities at random.

-The protagonist has an issue, something which is close to him. Now, it may be odd, but consider it: When has a protagonist who has had nothing wrong with him in his life, ever been interesting? The answer is most likely no. He has a sister with a renal disease, and she constantly has to partake in dialysis to stay alive, and he's late to to work consistently because of it! It's the idea that the main protagonist has a weakness. Of course, at any point the disease may be a bit too much to handle, and add to the story if done right, but until then we have this.

-The perspective is quite a relief as it's not defelopong the strengths of the protagonist like in "I'm really a Superstar." Or "God of Cooking." He is in fact developing other characters, it's like the coach in "Ace the Diamond." He can see potential and personally knows beforehand if someone has made it big or not. I am frankly relieved that there's a perspective like this, however it may not suit everyone's taste, so give it a try and if you still don't like it... well, screw off.


Okay, so the chapters have decent lengths, and the translation quality, which I have never even considered before is good as well, and this book itself has quite the potential.

However... I'm pretty sure some form of plot armour will come in eventually, but if the book is written well, we'll see none!


Also, who else was expecting JooAh to completely rebel about KangYoon's new assignment?

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xxsan rated it
July 18, 2023
Status: Dropped
I don't understand why this novel had such a good reviews. Although at the earlier chapters the story quite good, but it feels boring after 150+ chaps.

I would rated this highly if there's no romance happening and he focuses more in his music career, as well as if the story was not repetitive.

Damn, I really hated stories with harem in it.
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November 2, 2021
Status: c52
Read this because I wanted something similar to Top management, unfortunately its quite subpar in my opinion. I wanted more meat, more character and relationship building. Its just too fast paced, the characters the MC meets are forgettable as he flits from one project to another making his mark in the entertainment world. Plus all these teenage girls, that are just, closing in on him, kinda weird cuz you know since there’s a rather large age gap. For a person who works in the industry you’d think that he would... more>> put personal boundaries because of the scandals that could happen. But nooo, he’s so oblivious to their interest even tho he’s a f*ckin adult. Also wish he had more guy clients, except for that one dude.

Basically its an okay read, but I couldn’t really connect with the story. Okay to read if ur in between novels I guess <<less
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One_AutumnLeaf rated it
November 6, 2020
Status: c238
This is a really entertaining read and all of you who are hesitant to read it please read before deciding it.
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bythos rated it
August 17, 2020
Status: c221
TLDR: Enjoyable read of a reincarnated person more focused on growing his company and producing superstar than just face-slapping as well as one-upping his enemies, but comes across as a bit emotionless in his actions.

A more adult take on the novel "I am a superstar", with the MC going for the development of his own people as opposed to just trying to face-slap others to oblivion.

But due to this, the MC appeared to be robotic with limited emotions and all his action even trampling his enemies seemed to take a... more>> more logical and beneficial approach than just for the satisfaction of one-upping them.


This has changed since MC got a GF now and now is expressing his emotions and fun quirks time and again.


Would have given it a 5 star if the MC was little more driven by heart than all brain, don't know how since he actually acts like a CEO with a number of responsibilities and lives on his shoulders as such is acting in a rational and calculated way than just being head-strong and rash,

Seems like I am spoiled by other novels of this genre and am expecting this to follow the trend. <<less
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