God of Music


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A minus’ hand that fails every singer he put his hands on, Kang Yoon.

He meets his death after being chased by loan sharks, losing his beloved sister and his everyday life.

However, with those 10 years earned through coincidence…

In his new life, he will walk the path to the best planner.

3rd rate or 1st rate, through his hands, they will become legend!!

God of Music average rating 4.6/5 - 292 user ratings
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음악의 신
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Draeghe rated it
July 12, 2016
Status: c44
It's a 'time travel to the past' type of novel.

A guy who utterly failed as a music planner goes back in time 10 years. The introduction/premise of the story is rather simple and merely used as a quick set up to start the real story. A 'planner' is the person in charge of leading a 'singer'/'idol' to succes, by various means. It's basically a manager.

Aside from having pre-knowledge, which he uses to his advantage succesfully right from the start, the Main Character (KangYoon) also gained a useful ability to judge... more>> a persons singing in the form of a 'halo' above the singer, that is either showing grey (for bad singing) or white (for good singing).

This cheat-like ability sounds simple, but it puts him ahead into the game by a large margin. Under the spoiler tag is a further explanation of his ability, but not necessary to read.


It seems like the white/grey light will also show up during other types of performances, such as dancing. It helps KangYoon judge whether a performance is good or not. This helps during recording, dance practice etc. And it helps him show the part where it goes wrong, cause it turns grey then assisting him in noticing what to do or say.

KangYoon's ability further 'evolves' later on during the novel. He can see more types of lights and other difference makers that weren't initially shown.


The story so far is very promising. I personally always enjoy any type of 'music story'. It feels similar to other reincarnation/time lapse story's, as the MC is obviously building towards an epic standing in society. (It's a little bit similar to "I’m Really a Superstar" in that aspect)

The main difference is that the Main Character is the 'behind the scenes' man. He 'lifts up' others and slowly gets well-known due to this ability. He maintains a hardworking attitude and is not strolling through life just because he has a 'cheat' ability.

As an added aspect in the story, the MC also dotes on his sister, who's ill (she requires dialysis). The parts with his sister feel a bit like an interlude, a way to pass time, but also as a way to give the MC an added goal on what to do in life (cure his sister/improve her health).

So far I'm enjoying the read, so I'm just giving it a solid 5 for starters. The writing isn't bad and the story is easy to follow. There's no overly complicated parts anywhere. And it appears to be translated well. My rating is partly influenced due to the music link, I admit.

I want to know where the story will lead to and if it'll stay an interesting read. <<less
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nightcoredux rated it
July 18, 2016
Status: v1c11
So far this story is amazing the MC is a music genius who knows how to use his powers easily and perfectly. He gots that past failure experience which knows what not to do, and he's a good judge of character, and I think it's sweet how he treats his sister :). I can't wait for the romance to kick in. Ugh I want more !!
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icecream rated it
August 7, 2016
Status: c21
It's really interesting. The MC has the cheat of knowledge for the future. However he doesn't just easily choose to manage people who were assured success based on the future, he actually takes some risk and select to manage different people if that means they are better than the originals. So It's really refreshing to the story and adds unpredictability for the future!
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rdawv rated it
October 1, 2016
Status: c46
I'm a sucker for rebirth/time-travel/2nd chance type story, and I like this one. It's a cursory exploration about the Korean pop industry and if you're familiar with their culture and drama, you'll see bits and pieces of the typical in here: a sick sister, jealous rivals, star-struck trainees, troublesome talents, the difficult training process etc...

Each arc throws a situation that involves a problematic talent (usually rookies) at the MC and he solves it with his ability to visually see a talent's output and thus making them popular by tweaking them... more>> accordingly. The MC is almost vanilla, a blank slate with little or no outward personality and seemingly tries his best to get along with everyone. Then he moves on, leaving those new stars in his debt and in awe of his judgment.

Each chapter has the feel of a 15 minute web drama. It decent and almost slice-of-life like as there isn't a main plot as yet. Characters are developed but not really fleshed out enough for a reader to care too much about, a problem that is compounded by the author's own inconsistent naming.

It's ok, can be better. It's still something that I would read. <<less
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NaM rated it
September 20, 2016
Status: c43
A more serious "im really a superstar" type of novel. And more likeable than "coder Lee Yongho"..

A very slice of life Rebirth type story. Where a MC really! REALLY is trying to redo his life, without him being stray/distracted away from his goal. While in his way, correcting not only his past life mistakes but also others, while not inflicting major bad stuffs to his enemies. In short his very humane. And just like those story characters I also look up to him and find the guy really cool.

I like... more>> how the world is like setting his life into higher difficulty every next mission but I cant help but think that if he continue how he does things. He might collapse from overworking and im already anticipating that and im not liking it..

4.5 rounded up so 5/5 <<less
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DahAnnaKushina rated it
July 25, 2016
Status: --
Hmmm... been a while since I've done a review, and all the ones I tried to do and didn't post were all whiny and immature...

Let's do an actual review of a book which is alright!

Now I sound like a childish TV show, which is mostly just repetitive indoctrination...

... more>> Well, whatever! This is... God of Music!

Now, I've purposely avoided doing reviews on the books such as "God of cooking" or "God of crime". Simply because they were just focusing on things such as... well cooking and being able to cheat.

Now this I found more unique, and here are a few things:

-The protagonist does die and get a second chance like all others, but this time it's different, as he doesn't have the gaming window, instead he has the idea of seeing different lights in either white or grey, of course the intensity of it is most definitely the concern as well, but the idea that it's more believable has gotten to me.

It's more believable because of synesthesia! The condition when senses are mixed together, in this case he can see sound. Now while this certainly won't explain the second chance part it's better than just gaining abilities at random.

-The protagonist has an issue, something which is close to him. Now, it may be odd, but consider it: When has a protagonist who has had nothing wrong with him in his life, ever been interesting? The answer is most likely no. He has a sister with a renal disease, and she constantly has to partake in dialysis to stay alive, and he's late to to work consistently because of it! It's the idea that the main protagonist has a weakness. Of course, at any point the disease may be a bit too much to handle, and add to the story if done right, but until then we have this.

-The perspective is quite a relief as it's not defelopong the strengths of the protagonist like in "I'm really a Superstar." Or "God of Cooking." He is in fact developing other characters, it's like the coach in "Ace the Diamond." He can see potential and personally knows beforehand if someone has made it big or not. I am frankly relieved that there's a perspective like this, however it may not suit everyone's taste, so give it a try and if you still don't like it... well, screw off.


Okay, so the chapters have decent lengths, and the translation quality, which I have never even considered before is good as well, and this book itself has quite the potential.

However... I'm pretty sure some form of plot armour will come in eventually, but if the book is written well, we'll see none!


Also, who else was expecting JooAh to completely rebel about KangYoon's new assignment?

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MondoX rated it
August 30, 2017
Status: c52
God of Music (GoM) is like Top Management (TM), but better. I enjoy TM, but GoM is a little bit funnier than TM, with more interesting characters. From all the Korean novels that I have read, I did not think that GoM would be my favorite, this includes a lot that are in the top rankings in this site. There are many characters that I like in the story and I hope that they succeed because of the mc's help. Also, I like how the author does not completely forget... more>> about the side characters, especially the little sister. If you enjoy slice-of-life (not my favorite genre), this story is definitely for those people. This web-novel is making me want to learn how to read Korean. <<less
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lebin rated it
September 4, 2016
Status: --
When I first read the summary, it sounded like it would be a similar story to Top Management. However, this would be similar to the comparison of King of the Battlefield and Reincarnator, in which the two have similar origins in the plot, yet branch off as the story line progresses.

Plot-wise, it is solid, with no blatant flaws. Whatever obstacles that the protagonist faces tends to be swept away, not through brute force, but rather logic and thorough preparation beforehand.

A strong point, in my opinion, would be... more>> the character development and interactions as you can see that the characters themselves tend to be dynamic rather than flat and static ones that eventually make a good story turn stale and/or repetitive.

Not to mention, exploration of the Korean entertainment industry is not that common at the moment, with only 2 other stories at the top of my head right now that fall under this genre.

Suffice to say, this story has potential. Although the only negative would be that there is not enough chapters to my liking :P <<less
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SilverBullet888 rated it
September 1, 2016
Status: c33
I love this novel. It's interesting and different from the usual battle genre. I always look forward to new chapters and how the story will develop, as well as rooting for certain characters to get through a situation, or laughing due to the antics that happen. The characters are all very life like and real, and the premise is very interesting. This is a must read.
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Francine21 rated it
October 1, 2016
Status: c44
I do love very much this novel because I find novel related to entertainment world very interessing like True Star, I'm Really a Superstar. But this one is really different because the MC is not hot-blooded like Zhang Ye or pushed by his entourage like Tang Feng, he is much more headstrong and hardworking. His will to overcome his past life drove him to be totally dedicated to his work and take a unique approach to handle his missions. So for those who will like to take a little break... more>> of wuxia and xianxia novel, I recommand it. <<less
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kirindas rated it
September 4, 2016
Status: c36
A great novel! It uses the standard going back to the past setting, but despite that the MC is incredibly hard working. He shoulders the bulk of the work to set up pop stars for success. I think he has a great character and love how meticulous his plans are.

Plus how he cuts down bossy, greedy superiors with facts and detailed reports is quite satisfying.

One of my new top favorite stories~ 5/5
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shuiko rated it
July 24, 2016
Status: c12
Lets keep this short and sweet.

Surprisingly its good, fun elements, some fluff that makes you enjoy the characters, and interesting take on how the kpop idol scene is.

However it's one of those series that needs more content to really hook people so I advise waiting.
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Trent rated it
July 13, 2016
Status: c52
It's a fun story, and is highly similar to related series. The biggest thing that prevents it from deserving five stars is that its MC, having fallen underneath a cookie cutter, lacks appeal. He's filled a checklist of MC characteristics: he's hardworking, uses knowledge of the future, has ridiculous amounts of luck, gains a special ability, and is especially protective of his sick sister. But who is he beyond that? The novel flounders with its perspective. After the first couple of chapters, readers don't know what the MC's thinking, and... more>> can only watch his motions as we're force-fed that he's a generic good guy. The other characters are shaping up to be more interesting than him.

Still, no less than four stars. Nearly everything else is good, and the pacing is phenomenal: the MC accomplishes more, in an unrushed, believable manner, than any other MC I can think of in a similar number of chapters. <<less
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LuckyGamer95 rated it
October 2, 2017
Status: c59
This is an excellent read to pass time with. If you liked Top Management then you will enjoy this novel as well. The plot and characters are well written and as a reader, one can follow along easily. The novel does have a "back to the past to change for the better" cliche, but it does not ruin the story as a whole. The protagonist is not an all powerful individual that can create miracles whenever he wants, but must work hard to achieve the goals he desires. The plot... more>> consists of an individual that obtains a second chance to become a planner who will make singers and actors successful. He does retain the knowledge from before the time -slip but he doesn't gain any abilities. I would give the translations 5 stars and the translator and editors definitely deserve an award for their work. I highly recommend this novel. Hope you like it as much as I do. <<less
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BlancFrost rated it
July 11, 2017
Status: c52
I really enjoyed reading this novel. Not just because of the MC being able to be so successful in using his ability to perfect and help the singers that he is responsible for. But for the overall good-guy image he has going on for him. All females seem to fall for him but he doesn't encourage those thoughts (or even think about pursuing from what we see so far.)

Not many complexities in this novel, it is recommended to those who want to read about a MC who pretty much... more>> has smooth sailing throughout the novel so far. <<less
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August 23, 2016
Status: c26
I won't be rating this for now, because I still think its too early to judge this one, even so its something I would recommend for the kpop references which I appreciate and believe it makes this story somewhat worth reading.

"Somewhat" - its the key word - besides that I cannot really say that the plot or even the characters are refreshing. The build-up is so-so; characters are very archetype - the main character don't add anything new to what i've read until now from other Korean novels with... more>> game-elements. It's entertaining but there's nothing that stands out and if you are looking for something with a "wow-factor" than this isn't your novel. If you love kpop like I do or you simply like this type of settings - Second-chances plus game elements and showbiz than you will like this one. <<less
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yamikage rated it
August 18, 2016
Status: c26
A do over with cheat story that is light and entertaining. The characters are interesting so it's worth to read.
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Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
I like this MC better than the MC from top management. So yes, they kinda have the same ability to know what the future will hold, but MC used it and make it better. Who cares about butterfly effects.
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