God of Cooking


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30-year-old Jo Minjoon has always wanted to become a chef. He started his culinary career late in life, however, and is currently chopping onions at a restaurant. Regretting his life choices, he wishes he could go back to change it all and falls asleep. Meanwhile, someone out there is willing to give him another chance and send him back in time. How will he use the new powers he obtained from this mysterious being?

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요리의 신
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New Mahiro9 rated it
November 17, 2017
Status: c175
While others might complain about the "lack of research" from the author, this novel still got my 5 stars.

The author put just the right amount of technical stuffs and details, which will make you learn new things without being too hard and boring to read as a documentary book.

The lack of appearance of some countries' cooking might be a problem for some people, but I didn't read this novel to read about foods being mentioned on a passing, it's better for the scope to be small but well-written enough than... more>> to have too wide a scope but not given enough focus and just written for the heck of it.

The best part about this novel are the characters and the story. The story flows well and the pacing is just right. It doesn't feel rushed nor dragged on. It also doesn't have any story loops that seem common these days, meaning the chapters aren't written just to have more chapters but for a real story to progress. The character are also well-written, having their own quirks and personalities.

It also bring about a lot of emotions as you read it, you'll feel bad or sad for some characters, touched by the touching moments, laugh at the characters' antics, and feel bubbly by the cute moments.

This might be a novel about cooking, but while the cooking part about this novel is very good, what makes this novel really great is the story and characters. Really worth the time I spent reading and waiting for new translated chapters. <<less
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New stickybun rated it
November 6, 2017
Status: c87
My review is mostly for people who are on the fence about reading. TLDR at the bottom!

In a nutshell, it's refreshing and engaging without being a 'fluff' novel. I absolutely agree that this novel is an unexpected gem! I started this series quite honestly because my stash of other novels was pretty much out, thinking "Reading about tasting and cooking... Ooookay. Seems different, there's nothing to lose by reading a couple chapters." [[Hohoho, good call, Self!]]

I think the pace is solid & steady --rather than slow-- because each chapter fits... more>> into the significant whole of the story, and good at keeping a subtle but consistent suspense without relying on cliches. It's closer to reading an actual book with the consistency of the plot. None of that business where you feel cheated after reading a chapter that was all buildup, or like the 3 different reactions to some crazy OP action from the MC.

Cons are mostly minor things like the speech and mannerisms of so-called Americans being more like the Korean MC/author's social etiquette ('please treat me well, ' 'sunbae, ' 'oppa' etc). Some of this does come from the translation quality, which I'd give about 3.5 or 4. Outweighed by the pros of believable characters with realistic growth and conflict, non-repetitive writing style, and well mixed action and introspection. Overall a well-balanced body of writing.

Miscellaneous likes:

  • The game-system aspect adds to the character development, rather than detracting or steam-rolling everything else out of the way to focus on manic leveling. It doesn't feel like too much of a cheat.
  • Reading this is like having a detailed waking daydream about food!
  • Has "feel good" components, but doesn't avoid unpleasant topics; rather, it's a warm-fuzzy from resolving conflict
  • It's easy to feel like I'm actually watching a competition show like top chef or something while reading; the characters' details seem more like getting bits and pieces of real people's back story than being a made-up character.
  • Life isn't sugar coated here. I know this is kind of beating a dead horse since I've mentioned it several times already, but it's somewhat rare to find a novel that isn't too far on either side of the spectrum. This one acknowledges darker emotions/parts of life (disability, failure, social inequality, prejudice) mostly indirectly, without dwelling on them or get preachy, and it doesn't "magically" solve them either. Just a nice tacit nod of acknowledgement and inclusion in the real-life-real-people type of problems presented in this novel. (ex. snide online comments piss off the contestants and mess with their heads a bit, but it doesn't cause a total meltdown, or give them a heaven defying breakthrough..)
  • sort of but not really spoiler;
    after reincarnating or whatever you want to call it, MC still struggles with and tries to work through concerns he had before his return to his past, like reconciling his parents' hopes and his own aspirations, or challenging his own ideas of what cooking is/should be if not just skill, and so on.
TL;DR version-- (as of ch. 87) good aspects far outweigh the meh ones, definitely give this a try! Expected side effects may include: becoming a closet foodie, possible keyboard drool, home kitchen turning into a disaster zone, hopefully no visits to the ER, etc... have fun, kids.

Will plan to update later :) <<less
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caolsei rated it
October 28, 2016
Status: c114
You're probably wondering why I am giving 1 to this novel. That is because this novel has an unforgivable flaw. Actually without this problem, I would also have given a 4 or 5.

I am very surprised that no one noticed this issue before because for me it was very obvious. Here it is:

What the hell happened to the food from the rest of the world!? A good example is Arabic food. Don't mind about no one cooking it, because that is still ok since no character comes from there, but... more>> not being mentioned, even once? A "cooking" novel? Food from a complete food culture, 400 millions people, more than the US? Are you kidding me?

So yes that's an unforgivable mistake. And of course that's not the only food culture which has gotten "forgotten". What about Nordic food? What about African food? And many many more.

Alright so what happened here? Well it's written in the novel itself, again and again, as if to show the deep ignorance of the author. For the author there are two types of food: Asian food and "Western" food. Western food, in the very funny concept of this joke of an author, is basically western European food + American food.

How can such a big mistake be done? Well easy, the author didn't do his homework correctly. We can even say that he didn't even open his eyes. In fact this is such a crazy mistake that it could never be done by anyone in the food industry. This only proves one point: the author doesn't know what he is talking about. His knowledge is probably 99% gotten from the Internet, and badly at that.

Conclusion: a novel about cooking? No, such a big mistake is not forgivable enough to let anyone say that this is a cooking novel. This is a great failure and the worse of all is that the author is not even aware of his lack of knowledge... In two words: sad, disapointing. <<less
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Awesome Sauce
Awesome Sauce rated it
June 21, 2016
Status: --
delicious |diˈliSHəs|
highly pleasant to the taste

This one word basically describes the entire novel. ≪— (That's your TLDR.)
Ok I'll admit, I rolled my eyes when the status window first appeared. But I quickly and willingly accepted that my initial assumptions that this novel would turn stereotypical (in the novel landscape I mean) were to be proven incorrect. Breaking it down, because our MC does this with the food he tastes.
... more>>

I appreciate how he isn't overpowered with his cheat, and it is what he eventually decides his cheat is: a tool. He has another advantage which is his knowledge from the future but it helps balance his lack of talent and progressing cooking skill. Also, he gradually realizes that because of his presence, the predetermined future he knows of is changing, and with that his attitude and cooking style also adapts to the current present.


One of my favourite aspects of the novel is that updates come fast, just a few days apart from each other. Many thanks to KobatoChanDaiSuki for their consistent speed and quality. Skillful translation, word choice, and grammar is just like cooking — you can have the same (raw) ingredients, but how you prepare and serve the chapter makes all the difference.

Some might say that it has a slow start, but I see it more as the appetizer. I tasted the first few chapters and, before I knew it, we were at the competition phase and I began to devour the chapters. The characters are poly-dimensional (yeah that’s a word now), multiracial (I was impressed, ok), have the potential to improve, and have the super rare phenomenon of me not disliking any of them (shocking) !

Overall, this novel suits my taste. It’s refreshing but has depth, incorporates “traditional” novel gaming concepts but it isn’t predominating the entirety of the story, the plot recipe is original, the author writes with detail — so much that you are immersed in eating up her words and able to almost taste each dish, and the competition makes the reader feel like they're also sharing the atmosphere that is tense enough to cut with a knife.

So I repeat, this is one delicious story. (4.5/5) <<less
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Basara rated it
January 18, 2017
Status: c137
I love the romance it's so fluffy. I wait everyday hoping that it gets updated. I love novels like there where there is game elements in modern day. I saw that there was a review with 1* because there was not a lot of variety with food.... He was only at chapter 114. They were basically in a cooking competition until then. Ofc people are going to cook the things that they are good at. The MC is Korean so he makes Korean dishes. Others are American so they make... more>> American dishes. How are you going to expect Arabic dishes when an Arabic character hasn't even appeared. Another gave it a 2* because of grammar issues. Personally grammar issues are not a big deal to me unless it gets Almighty Athlete bad. If it throws off your game that much fine. But remember the author is Korean he would be too used to calling people with Adjussi or stuff like that. He probably doesn't even notice. <<less
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Miss Ruby
Miss Ruby rated it
October 10, 2016
Status: c104
Honestly, I wasn't expecting much. But this novel took me for a ride. It is an amazing read. One of those few moments in life where you find a jem but you first thought it was simple mud
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Draeghe rated it
July 15, 2016
Status: c79
Reading about so many recipes really makes you hungry. Hungry at wanting to read more.

Food addicts unite! I'm almost sad I can't taste the dishes as I read.

Oh right, to say something 'review-ish'... I would like to eat more... err, read more. It's well-cooked, I mean well-done... ?? eh, well written yes. That's it.

I do think non-food addicts can also enjoy 'God of Cooking'. There's enough quality to leave your palate satisfied. I'm not going to say anything about the tags added to this story. You shouldn't judge a book... more>> by it's cover. I simply think you should give this story a taste first.

Anyways, I'm giving the novel a solid 5 simply cause I binge-read all the way to chapter 53. I only got around to reading this today and I'm writing the review right after I finished chapter 53. That's how much I wanted to express my feelings after reading the novel. Doesn't that say enough?

If I can add one more thing... it would be... Bon Appétit.

Edit: It's still appetizing at Chapter 79. <<less
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Jaded rated it
November 13, 2016
Status: c124
As the name suggests, this novel is about cooking. Have you ever watched a cooking show? This novel is about that show. But with a lot more drama and romance. And the MC isn't an ordinary chef. He's a guy who had once bent under the pressure of society and family, failed to become a decent chef because of that mistake, but has now been given a chance to go back in time to redo his life.

The MC's greatest ability is that he can see the quality of all... more>> food ingredients and dishes and how to make those dishes due to his 'cheat'. To put it simply, imagine that the MC has an invisible cooking recipe book that contains the knowledge of every recipe out there.

Of course, his ability to cook is even more important. Every cook out there knows how easy it is to mess up a dish, even though you are sure you followed all the steps listed in that cookbook.

While the novel is about cooking, the theme of a second chance is what appealed to me. Yeah, lots of Chinese novels have a similar theme. But the MC's over there aren't realistic, they never fail at their goals. This guy on the other hand is still human. He fails, he regrets, he agonises but in the end? He picks himself up and enters the battlefield known as the kitchen once again!!!

PS: I can't agree with one of the reviewers, who gave it a one star because the dishes are mainly Eastern (Korean, Chinese and Japanese) and Western (aka American and European). The novel is about a Korean chef. Who participates in in a US cooking show. Does a domestic show about cooking cover the food culture of every country? I think not. And the reviewers complaint does get resolved after the cooking show arc, which is about a 100-110 chapters. <<less
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ArgosYesu rated it
December 29, 2016
Status: c135
Yes. Exactly what I wanted. The game system is extremely plain and simple, but put to very good use in this novel. It's not even a game system.

The cooking is seamlessly integrated into the story and doesn't come off as awkward at all. Characters are memorable and fun, and the girls are a plus~~ MC is very much an adult, which suits his position in the story. His character flows just right for me.

My only hate is how I can't read ahead Q.Q
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elfinlerox rated it
April 13, 2017
Status: c141
This is a great novel. I don't think I need to say much, as the other reviews already points out how good this novel is.

I am writing this to address a previous review done by someone, pointing out the lack of ethnic variety in this novel.

First of all, while I can understand that you find this very flaw appalling, I implore you to consider the situation of the opposite party (author) rather than prioritizing your desire for the inclusion of many more culinary cultures.

I think you're asking for a... more>> lot, you're being a rude person. One simply can't do what you say as 'homework'. What you're asking for, takes a lot of time and money, and the person writing this novel is just human. You also implicate from your review, that knowledge 'just' gathered from the internet is not good enough. Well mister or miss, to acquire some experience you'd need to actually use money and time (amount of time and money sacrificed depends on how you do it, you can go to another country, to an arabic restaurant near you're place, etc). And in this case, why would the author then bother to write this novel if he or she is going to invest a lot of time and money only to have a smaller return of investment?

As I said, the author is human. They need to make their ends meet, not to mention most of us are leeching. I still have a lot more to say, but I feel like I must've said enough to get my point across. (I tried to be as brief as possible, soz if it's too wordy and lengthy) <<less
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oblueknighto rated it
June 7, 2016
Status: c28
Wow, this is actually an amazing cooking novel. There's actually a story and everything! The story itself started off plain but as soon as MC got to America the narrative pulled me in and I couldn't stop reading!

The game elements so far have just been part of the character's setting and isn't as big a part as I thought it would be. It's great so far and I have hopes that it'll get even better!
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tuado94 rated it
December 22, 2016
Status: c97
3 out of 5 because of the way the character interact and speak to each other, the author doesn't have/don't know anyway to differentiate the different way that the character in the story talk. What I mean by this is that westerner in the story interact with each other like they are Koreans, the character doesn't have dimension if that make any sense, sure the author establish that the characters are from different places but how do they all interact with each other I typical Korean interaction and speaking manner?... more>> A American doesn't use the term ajuma in a conversation as an insult or to talk ever... This flaw is consistent through out the story (at hap 97 atm) probably won't stop anytime soon, I was hopping that the author would improve on this matter throughout the chapters but this doesn't seems to be the case.

The storyline just seems flat... 97 chapter to cover a tv show.. come on.. move on... <<less
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Potatos rated it
June 11, 2016
Status: c30
It's sort of like a battle novel but instead of fighting it's replaced with cooking. It has an RPG element, with statuses and stuff, but it isn't typical at all. A warning to be said is that it makes really hungry
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Elawn rated it
March 6, 2017
Status: c147
Great palate cleanser if you're tired of all those blood-thirsty idiotic MC's who will more often than not think with their lower part.

It includes everything you need: cheat ability, an amazing female lead, lots of cooking, plenty of humor and heartfelt fluffy moments.

Anyways, Korea has a brand new chef, and he's gonna make some waves...
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Gluttony rated it
October 24, 2016
Status: c112
A refreshing and wonderfully written web novel -- honestly my favourite as of this moment. Starting off quite gently, the novel incorporates a trope combination of reincarnation, from 30 to 21 again, and game characteristics with a much higher degree of realism and development than any other I've seen currently. The story, up to the latest translation, is framed through a cooking show (though it's about to extend beyond that) and the subtle incorporation of game elements. Just think: all the drama of Masterchef, sprinkled with clever use of media... more>> and seriously great characterisation.

The MC uses his knowledge of he future quite sparingly, and doesn't have a ridiculously omniscient understanding of the future, until it's quite easy to even forget that he was sent back in time.

The character development is genuinely fabulous. None of the side characters, especially the female characters don't fall to the wayside with ridiculous caricatures of personalities, and I'm left with a deep appreciation, understanding and love of every single one of them.

And characterisation of the MC frankly outstanding. Maybe it's because I've been on the wrong side of the internet, but my experience with translated Asian novels so far has been pretty much towards the wuxia side. Which as I'm sure you know, seems to be characteristic of the typical revenge tragedy plot, rags to riches (if riches were random spehsul power ups) with absurdly bizarre priorities, values and emotional reactions. But for once, I've found a MC that has genuine, realistic emotions that actually touch me. Actually.

When he cried that teensy bit as he surpassed his own expectations and skill level, I felt SO proud of him. A fictional character. Fark.

I appreciate the entire cast SO much, honestly.

So if you want something that is so fabulously engaging, with three dimensional characters, realistic challenges and strife that the MC overcomes, and a fabulous touch of humour and drama all in one.... I would definitely recommend this.

Like infinitely.

P.S. There is romance and while I'm not a huge fan, it has been developed very very well and I'm semi rooting for them (though I root for celibacy more, lol). <<less
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tehrealone rated it
October 4, 2016
Status: c101
A unique combination of game elements in a modern world along with some mouth-watering cooking. Currently MC is in a reality TV show similar to MasterChef, Hell's Kitchen, etc.

MC doesn't heavily rely on his newfound game elements to succeed but strives to improve himself. Doesn't overly abuse his knowledge of future events like other MCs.

Characters are nicely constructed and very distinct. Lots of character development and character relationships. Writing is a bit slow paced at times but very vivid and clear.

Definitely something that hasn't been seen on this... more>> site before, so I would recommend giving it a look <<less
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Flashman rated it
September 24, 2016
Status: c94
I like it. Well written and more importantly believable. People make mistakes, they grow, they fight and they make new friends. Yes this is a cooking novel but things can get sidetracked due to DRAMA! Be warned this can and will make you hungry. You may also cry in despair cause your stuck eating cup noodles while the MC is eating great food.
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acoleman2 rated it
August 17, 2016
Status: c20
Unexpectedly this is probably in my top 3 favorite light novels at the moment. I've read probably 2/3 of the light novels on this website with over 100 chapters (largely excluding Japanese light novels because more often than not the harem/loli/useless MC trope makes me want to throw the book across the room which is a problem since the book is my computer). I don't usually give ratings unless something is really bad or really good. In this case, it is really good. Since IRAS started being translated I got... more>> more into stories like this where the theme is something uncommon like music, writing, fame, etc. For the most part, there aren't many good translated novels that I've discovered in these unusual areas. However, I am pleasantly surprised by this novel. Only negative thing to say: around chapter 9 or 10, I was annoyed with some of the stereotypes of cultural foods that the author made that show a lack of understanding and a lack of research. <<less
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DaoOfTheMachine rated it
July 29, 2016
Status: c61
One of the novels I actually read again and again. I'm captivated by the style of writing and the way things are paced. How the chapters are divided and ended provides endless amount of frustration though...... "I can't wait for the next chapter!" & "What happens next?" are the only things in my mind when I see God of Cooking. Well, besides thinking that it was an awesome read.

Highly recommended for those who enjoy second chance novels!
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Flufflebutter rated it
July 29, 2016
Status: --
Masterchef in lightnovel form. The pacing is fast, the characters aren't entirely one dimensional, and the pseudo-romantic tension just brings a smile to my face. It doesn't go overboard with food descriptions like the other worldly dining hall, but is enough to make you salivate... if a little.

The reincarnation bit and the MC's little cheat ability is quite crucial to the story too. (Never thought I'd ever type that out) It lets the author dumb down alot of the more technical cooking parts, to give us a more enjoyable story.... more>> The story would be much more complicated and take more time to set up otherwise.

Overall a fun and excellent read. 5/5 if only because I can't find much to critique about it. <<less
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Bosnyi rated it
July 20, 2016
Status: c56
This novel is like a breath of fresh air in a sea of battle/ fantasy light novels. All of the characters are really well done and have fleshed out personalities. The story doesn't center on 100% cooking all the time, the character interactions are funny and very believable. I don't understand a lot about cooking but found it very easy to understand.

Its my favorite light novel at the moment so I highly recommend it. (:

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widi4blue rated it
June 25, 2016
Status: c40
Solid gold novel with a touch of game characteristic (status window and lvl).

The MC OP ness is not exaggerated and still reasonably balanced. I mean he still have to work hard to get stronger. And the MC is a cool headed person with a good head. Not just some OP MC with straight kill mentality, the character interaction and each person characteristic also defined quite good and very interesting, with no clear antagonist.

The main attraction in this novel for me is the anticipation of the MC growth and the romance... more>> of the MC. Also finally its a great break from a xianxia and fighting novel out there.

Try it! <<less
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