Beauty of Thebes


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Eutostea, Thebe’s third princess.

At night, a man appeared through her window and whispered in a honeyed voice, “I came to be your one-night lover. After tonight, you will not remember me, nor will we meet again.”

Who was he? Apollo, the god of prophecy. As a human being, who could resist a god?

“Princess of Thebes…” The man leaned against the window frame in pitch-black darkness with only the moonlight framing his stature.

And despite what he said, Apollo came to visit her again.

“Tomorrow, everyone throughout Greece will know that you are my woman.”

How long will their secret meeting last?

Aphelius, King of Thebes, blazing with shame flew to the Temple of Greece to confirm the identity of the suspicious man who went in and out of the third princess’ room. The three princesses were united as one to confirm the appearance of the man claiming to be the self-proclaimed god, Apollo.

While Eutostea hesitated for a moment, the hot candle melted and dripped on the shoulder of a god.

“You really don’t recognize me?”

“How do I know its you?”

Apollo grabbed her chin and brought his lips close to hers.

“Behold and open your heart, Princess of Thebes. Here lies the face you longed to see.”

He growled.

Associated Names
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Tebe-ui Jeolsemiin
테베의 절세미인
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Ejsama rated it
January 6, 2020
Status: c3
There's 3 princess. They're beautiful and famous.

1st got married off to Hades (you guys know 👀)

2nd is a golden beauty

3rd is a brown haired and sensual beauty

... more>>

Sike, Theres actually 4th princess. She has an ordinary face. Our FL~ yay!!


The king/father got depressed figuring out how to protect his daughters' purity before they get married off thus made a prison like room with one window to protect them from flower thieves and Gods. Sucks for him but 2nd and 3rd princess wants the gods to come in their room.


One day, Apollo knocked on the 2nd and 3rd window but they were all asleep and came to our 4th princess. He mistook her for them and FL was crying in the inside because he came to the wrong room. They snu snued

Her sisters have snake tongues but they just make fun of each other as a joke.

Snu snu came rather quick and not very detailed but its really steamy. <<less
22 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Piichannie rated it
February 6, 2020
Status: c11
Greek mythology and romance go hand in hand. There's not much that has happened apart from establishing the background and introducing the two main leads. Of course, as you'd expect, fun times are happening ;) if you're here for that.

Seems the female lead is not as weak as you think and will most likely have an important role in changing the history of Thebes thanks to spending nights with Apollo and listening to his cryptic advice. (We are yet to find out what though). She's quite proactive when it comes... more>> to protecting her country and finding out the truth behind the one breaking her window lock and causing such a situation for her. She's smart and I'm beginning to really like her character slowly developing. I'm hoping Apollo will also develop further (and of course, fall head over heels for her!) <<less
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