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“In a land far to the east, there exists a strange store that has rejected a three Michelin star rating multiple times.

The prices are expensive. A combo set of soup and egg fried rice costs 288 RMB. Oh, I forgot it also includes a side dish of pickles. Even so, very many people line up to wait.

That place does not accept reservations. It only lets in people who are waiting in line there. Countless people make special trips to line up there. Of course, there’s nowhere to park planes or cars.

Their service is so terrible, the customers have to serve their own dishes and grab their own bowls and chopsticks, and they even have to wipe down their own tables! God, the boss is simply crazy.”

—《 Michelin Gourmet Magazine》

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Felix3D rated it
April 11, 2017
Status: c434
Let me pre-face this review by saying this : It is not a bad experience to read through this story. Being a light-hearted novel does not make it inherently bad.

This has a good concept, but fails in the traditional chinese ways. Speaking as an ABC raised in China, we chinese are... unoriginal. Uninspired. Too reliant on Templates.

There is no human depth to this story. It's the traditional face-smacking story but set with fantastical elements set in modern day. It's not new. It's a simplified, less interesting take on... more>> like the cooking sub-plots found in many other stories, like Omni-Genius (which for sure was published before this one, as this one started its publication in July of 2016. Oh yes, I checked.)

As a face-smacking, Protag-is-a-god-but-beholden-to-the-whims-of-the-system story it's not even as fun as something as vapid as I am Really A Superstar (which can be contrasted with Perfect Superstar for both failing to be a great story for failing in two different reasons, but are passable because they basically complement each other).

Look online and you can find a multitude of stories with the exact same cooking system. I suspect there is an Ur-example of this system somewhere, and judging by how this story doesn't integrate well with the system, this isn't it. This is some sort of re-telling. A re-using of the system, simplified and with a sheen of comedy to distract.

If you are reading this, why not try Gourmet in Another World? Also available on Qidian International, it has the same exact system with the same exact setup with a dog, and a shitty hole in the wall restaurant, and with Egg Fried Rice as the first dish, and also "missions" and special sauces... Set in a Xuanhuan world with other elements like a shitty otaku robo-maid. Huh... interesting no? Same system...

Read it and think about how innovative this kind of story is. There is no human depth to it, no real character development, no real plot development either. There are no setups for overarching

It fails by relying so much on the "System" that it is just a study in that. It's a system. A system for generating money for the author. Small arcs that end in face-smacking so that people pay more to get little bits of catharsis. The kind of story that only works when you update it serially on the web - because reading it all at once sucks. It just feels like nothing. No real emotion, no real development, no real plot.

It's just the soulless Gaming Grind put into the form of Fiction.

But hey, that's what some people want. That's what _I_ want sometimes.

The soap-opera of the Webnovel world. The wind-down game. The popcorn flick you don't pay much attention to. The K-drama that has no substance.

It's like a slice of life anime with no life lessons or morals. And shittier chinese characters that are inherent shitheads. (Sorry, I'm sure every Chinese person knows - person that hates the Chinese the most are other Chinese)

This novel works the best when you're craving that next chapter or two, when you're basically staring at a cake behind the glass, drooling and wondering what will happen, but limited in what you can do to get it. But like eating cake all day, it gets old, and the once-wonderful taste of cake soon becomes bland and tasteless.

There is not enough "spice" in this novel to binge-read it. I cannot say there is no "spice" that adds dimension to the events. And as a story, it is hopelessly padded out. But it's good cake. It's a good read. I'm serious. It's enjoyable reading the reactions and the new twists when they come in.

The most apt comparison I can give is to God of Cooking, another set-in-modern-day Gourmet Cooking cheat novel but written by a Korean. And it has reaction shots. It has a reliance on the System. But there is so much character depth and development. There are so many actual Characters. Not just cardboard cutouts that spew one-liners and reactions to massage the ego of the MC. Actual Characters and Struggle. Actual resolution of plot. Actual motivations deeper than "You're my dealer. I want my drugs [Food]." And that's the most accurate thing I can say. This story is part of a story. If you like only reading the vapid veneer of actual stories, if you like imagining a story in your head more than you like reading a crafted story that challenges you. If you don't like being pushed to feel things outside of your own control. This kind of story is good for you.

It's hard to explain outside of going into "What is literature" and "Is 'Literature' better than any other kinds of written work". But it can be summed up in words I have said before...

"Art Makes you Feel". It's meant to push you to places you haven't been, to places where you've avoided. It's meant to change how you look at things. It's meant to develop you as a person.

This is not Art. This is popcorn fic. This is Tumblr-and-facebook-post style self gratification. This is something written to boost someone's ego. This is written as a fantasy that doesn't do anything.

The most interesting part of this story is the Cooking system and trying to find out what comes next from it. But when that is not really an original thing to this story... what is left? Muted reaction shots that pale in comparison to other "Reaction Novels" (i.e. the Face Smacking ones like I'm Really a Superstar) ? Characters that are not really characters because they lack all agency?

I don't know how to describe it.

It's mechanically sound, yet artistically bankrupt. But I still Like it.

I think you will too. And right now, when it's slowly being updated every day, this is the best time to experience it. Though the chapters may be light on development, each one is a good length. To get more enjoyment, probably read every other update or every three updates so you get more plot development and are less likely to feel gypped by only having reactions when you want to see more System interaction.


To those complaining about comparisons to Gourmet of Another World or claiming this story is good because of "Filial piety" or "providing a different taste" or "different genre" - It's not even the best "Modern Times Culinary System Cheat cooking" story. The Urban Successor of God of Gluttony - read it. This story fails as a story! It is too focused on Face-smacking and not enough on character development. It outright disrespects the culinary arts. It's basically self-masturbatory gratification by the author, especially as we get into the middle 100's of chapters.

Especially as I get closer to the end, I want to take away more stars. Usually writers mature, get more depth, or get better in general as time goes on. It feels like the story ran out of ideas early on and basically just started... being bad. <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
May 5, 2017
Status: c148
This is actually good but in my opinion the attitude of the MC kinda irritates me so from my original 4 star rating I'd deduct 1 star...

This is pretty much a battle of the customer against the chef to get what they want.. although at first the attitude of the MC is ok for me but after awhile I feel the same as the customers as I want to punch the MC.. If after chapter 100 and still no improvement to MCs attitude I'd probably drop this..

... more>> [edit]

I'm now on chapter 148.. there is somewhat of an improvement on the attitude of the MC but.. I don't know how to describe it, it's just now even though I'm still reading this I'm a bit to the point of just dropping this.

The story is somehow getting more boring, the MC's life is boring, yeah he has lots of money but so what? he's not even using it, he just keep on working everyday. the time the restaurant is open is kinda annoying as it depends on his mood, though it got a little better when he got a part-timer.

The missions given by the system is BS. it's not even a mission for the MC more like a mission for the customers. Some of the old customers are rarely mentioned anymore, the newer one are mostly just there to complete his BS mission.

Though I may have a lot of complaints its just that I don't even know the direction of the story anymore. Its not good but its also not bad to the point of rage-quitting.

So really from my previous 3 star rating I'd deduct another star to make a 2 star. <<less
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Rosver rated it
March 4, 2017
Status: --
A very fun story to read. However the MC somewhat makes it a bit less interesting. The MC is just not the right kind of character to carry the premise. He has very little interest in cooking, he barely interacts with the costumers, he doesn't care much about his business and he doesn't do much anything interesting. This becomes very detrimental in chapters that focus on the MC. Those chapters are palatable at best, completely flavorless and bland at worst. He often comes off as an annoyance.

The most fun you... more>> get here comes from the costumers. They are varied, colorful and interesting characters that just brings in the fun. The chapters that centers on those various costumers is where the story the shines the most. However, even then, there is this unfortunate fly on this heavenly fried egg rice, the MC often disrupts the experience with his nasty appeal. I virtually erase his interruptions in my mind.

The concept is really good and you can see it, especially when the story focus on the costumers and their various reactions, but the MC somewhat tarnishes the overall experience. I suggest that you skip the chapters where the MC is the focus for a more wholesome experience. <<less
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rexzshadow rated it
March 7, 2018
Status: c299

It's enjoyable and relaxing read but nothing more. There no real direction and I think the main problem is the MC is always passive. Like because of all the rules set by the system the MC can't actually do anything. All the stuff has to just need to occur the way MC needed for the story to work and it gets fairly obvious after a while.

Lot of chapters are pointless and isn't really interesting at all but if you kinda turn your brain off and skimp it the overall is not.

Now the translation, it seriously need some editing or someone to proofread it. I'm not picky on translation as my I skim pretty fast and my brain auto corrects a lot. But this has gotten to the point where I'm constantly picking out issues. Not to an unreadable degree but to the point it pulls me out of reading. Like there lot of he/she used improperly. Like a woman is talking and in the same like there would be he where it should have been she. Some of the translation is a bit funky like when he unlock soup dumpling then for next several chapter the translator use soup dumpling and steam bun as if they were the same time. There were literally sentence where soup dumpling and steam bun were used close together when it should have been all soup dumpling. Like no idea what was going on there.

Also MC is really meh, he kinda ret*rded and author try to play out like he smart when he try to trick customer to fulfill his missions but he just comes across as really ret*rded. Really have no idea what the author is trying to aim for.

Overall relaxing read but don't expect plot.


That was my previous review above if you want to know what I thought about it before. Its been a while since I last read it and while it was meh I gave it 4 stars. However going back to read it now it was so much worse than I remember. Now the biggest problem is the MC is a total dick. I mean lot of these novels the MC are total dicks but he just a d*ck coz I think the author thing is funny to bring random internet trolling to real life.

So early on he unlock soup dumplings which everyone likes. But there is limited amount and only served in the morning. So you get people line up early in the morning to eat it only to either 1) find the store didn't open coz MC being lazy f*ck that morning 2) MC decide not to serve it coz he randomly decided it. Like most ironic part is how everyone call him the compass coz he is such a sticker for rules but he be a terrible compass because he be the compass that would suddenly not feel like pointing north randomly.

The author/MC seem to enjoy the fact they hold something that others want and take joy in seeing other suffer when they withhold it from them. And this sh*t goes on throughout the novel where his customers are repeated screwed over by his whims. Most comedy comes at the expense of someone else which is honestly just terrible trend among lot of Chinese novels in general. Just this is boring and has that making it so much worse upon revisiting.

Like I recommended before if you like the idea read Gourmet in another world, stuff actually happen there and the MC has much better personality. I mean he still a f*cking wood block but at least he has some morality.
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xianxia_reader rated it
June 22, 2017
Status: c106
Verdict at c106 - Skip it. If Emperor domination is father of "word repetition" this is at least the son. Lot of reviews claim it is "slow burn" ie slow developing story with some kind of progression. My guess is they haven't read ZeTianJe etc. This is not true at all. The so-called progression is simply new items being added and exaggerated explanations about recipe items, cooking process and even more exaggerated people's reaction. Then there always description about mundane tasks - alarm ringing, getting up (late or otherwise), preparing... more>> food (or not depending on mood), lined up customers, arguing with sometimes new sometimes old customers. Rinse and repeat.

The other flaw reveals itself when the novel approaches 50+ chapters. Nearly everything has to be accompanied with a sound effect - Du du du du, people walking, zhi ya door opening, ti ti ti, alarm ringing etc. <<less
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tides rated it
February 1, 2018
Status: c229
GFS threw away the MC's personality as fast as possible. making GFS about the food only. this made GFS boring to read since the food isn't even real or possible to recreate unlike Shokugeki no Soma.

if u want to read about a person who is reduced to nothing more than a cooking robot, customers who can be called A, B or C, dishes that are real but impossible to recreate and is essentially fictitious besides the name of the dish... read this!

An example of the dishes in GFS.

Hamburger but the... more>> ingredients are pulled from a pig that was frozen in an ice block on the planet pluto and it's super fresh and has no pollutants. it also ate nothing but krytonite so it is super strong and has no fat! The bread is made out of flour that is crushed meteorite, combined with water from the ice blocks floating around in the galaxy X01-99. <<less
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Trane rated it
July 6, 2017
Status: c40
It is mostly comedy.

Taste has no reference and that is probably why it is not well described. It doesn't even make them see illusions (most cooking anime have that)

The boss (protagonist) is really cold to his customers and not complying with their orders and yet they never stop returning.

Been reading nonstop for a while and noticed the hunger, but it is forgotten as I continue to read. Sigh... I really want to eat the god tier dishes. T_T
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a7davidz rated it
August 18, 2017
Status: c649
I hate to say why some say inferior verison of Gourmet Of Another World or it bad. They both diffrent concept - You can say both story different as one is Gourmet Food Supplier is modern world so it doesn't provide much martial arts, so cash more important to MC, as well as cooking,
For Gourmet Of Another World is a cultivator world, so cash doesn't give much, so MC will focus on cultivation & cooking stuff,

Gourmet Food Supplier,
MC, filial piety to deceased parents, nice, childish of being mood depends on MC, but that mades it more realistic due to fact who doesn't be childish once in a while, it just MC just mostly cold faced, mostly cold due to to fake out that he can't disobey the system of some parts, but if he does find loopholes he do it, he loves money, system cold, only protection currently is the store, & some training for MC to be stronger, system only provides benefits to upgrade MC as cook.
Gourmet of Another World,
MC, nice, carefree due to system provided him maxium protection, more nice, he not really a money grumbler, but he needs the money for system to upgrade, so you can't say GFS MC not nice, system more nice, the system provides more task that benefits MC & surrounding, there no backgroud of parents.
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SomeSuspiciousGuy rated it
June 3, 2017
Status: c89
This novel is a bit awkward for me to rate because while I enjoy a lot of parts in it, there are also parts I don't like. Still, not even 100 chapters into the novel so this review is likely going to be a premature one, but I felt the need to air out my opinion somewhere.

First and foremost, if anyone reading this review and is on the fence whether or not to read the novel, I say jump into it. It's pretty well written and a rather funny novel,... more>> with daily releases, which is never a bad thing.

Onto the novel itself, if you've read I'm Really A Superstar then you know what you're getting into, a protagonist with the help of the deus ex machina "The System" and then the plot is afoot. Without going into too much detail regarding the system in fear of turning anyone away from either of the novels, I'll just summarize it as a less talkative/personality-less version of the "kind old grandpa" trope from the xianxia/wuxia genres who gets the protagonist onto the path of the plot. Now, this is the meat of the matter of what I like and dislike about this novel because while I enjoy xianxia a lot, it can sometimes feel as if you're drowning in a sea of cookie cutter villains who looked at the protagonist funny and therefore deserves death. In this sea of despair, filled to the brim with edgy, long-haired b*tches, you can sometimes find a small island to catch your breath. To drop all pretense, sometimes what you need in your life isn't more badass main characters punching their way to godhood, but instead a novel about cooking.

I like Gourmet Food Supplier for simple reasons, it's kinda funny and the small goals the novel sets for the main character in the form of acquiring recipes feels very refreshing and a more natural progression compared to xianxia where the general idea of a goal to work towards is "Now that I have taken this crucial step, it means I'm finally ready to take this next step that is a bajillion times harder! Ooooh, tune in next time for the shocking conclusion!".

Now, the reason why I like Gourmet Food Supplier is closely related to why I also dislike it, hence the tentative score of 3/5 and I feel the need to say "Spoiler Alert" because I will be going into specifics which are not particularly important to the story, it still ruined it for me.


The reason why I've stopped reading after chapter 89 is because the s*upid food he made in it, "Melt-in-the-mouth-chicken feet" with a s*upid rule that says and I quote "Males can order two servings every day and females can only order half a serving. This dish cannot be ordered alone for females." This, to the uninitiated may just seem misogynistic but if you've read enough Chinese novels you probably get what's going on. Now, to explain to the uninitiated what that rule implies, in one word it's "qi".

To briefly explain qi in this context, it's the Chinese mumbo-jumbo idea of women having yin qi and men having yang qi which mutually complement one another and having too much of one is bad, which is why the Melt-in-the-mouth-chicken feet dish has that rule, la di da the customer finally understand that the main character isn't a misogynist and the novel goes on like nothing happened.

It's this casual intrusion of qi that makes me dislike this novel, because while I can find qi and all that comes with it endearing and exciting in xianxia novels, it just feels so forced in this novel as if it's trying to shove it in through your nose. It's also the fact that the author describes the taste of the food as cold (a trait of yin qi), and that women can't stand the cold as well as men can, instead of owning up to that he's described is the basic idea of qi. Perhaps it's an overreaction to dislike the novel for this, but I live in the far north of Norway, where despite being June it's still snow on my lawn. It's this that I don't like, it just comes across to me as misogynistic that women can't dealt with cold as well as men and that that's why the rule is supposed to make sense.

All in all, keep your qi out of my cooking novels.


Edit: Went over to fix a few typos. <<less
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Tahsin005 rated it
July 10, 2020
Status: c315
So I was bored and picked up this novel as light comedic genre. But gradually got the feeling of too much repeativeness and dull MC. Infact I don't get it why the MC is so rude to people! The author tried to ship the rudeness as comedy and denseness of MC but actually it is hard to ship as that. MC is never polite or considerate of anyone. Neither elder people or friends. Even the people he meets for the first time, even if the other party is polite, he... more>> will be rude automatically. Fine, the MC is just following the rules by the system. But the system never told him to be rude to people. He could just be polite with his all refusals. I toally found it annoying as the attitude and character development of MC is utter rubbish. How could he even be considered graduated with his level of IQ or EQ!? And what's with author's logic: TO BE THE MASTER CHEF I ONLY NEED TO KNOW COOKING SKILLS DISREGARDING OTHER HUMAN FACTORS. I kinda get this feeling reading this book. So just dropping it. Can't take anymore of the attitude of MC. ?. And want to add one more thing. Though the tag says RACISM, didn't expect the MC to be so unresonable racist. It was annoying and irritating to the point of infinity. In a nutshell, the MC is arrogant, unresonable, s*upid, coward, has low IQ and EQ and most of all no personal skills without the cheat. He is kind of a failure of the bottom tire of the society without the SYSTEM CHEAT. ☠. <<less
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siri_que rated it
March 25, 2017
Status: c43
Brief Summary:
MC's deceased parents left him their old restaurant which he decided to rent out to other people since it has been closed for years however a day before he sign the contract for a new tenant to take over, his plans drastically changed after obtaining an amazing game-like system which would help him through his course of becoming a Master Chef.

This novel sure is exciting in a way that it seems that the MC has this mature-man-with-principles attitude when in front of his customers but deep inside is always grumbling and complaining towards the system (another money lover MC).
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Laksha rated it
February 3, 2017
Status: c17
This is maybe my first review ever. When I saw the synopsis I had to think of my uncle cooking and his restaurant and I thought of my families restaurant.

GFS is a heart-warming little novel. I had to laugh and nearly cry, because it was so fluffy and funny.

My review isn't helpfull at all? Hmm...

... The MC Yuan Zhou recieves a weird cooking system in his brain that teaches him how to cook the best egg fried rice in the whole universe and such a journy of quests or missions... more>> starts for the MC.

You will laugh, I promise!

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Alaohi rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: c1000+
I rate it 5 stars. I’m not really interested in writing a thesis of why I gave it 5 stars so I’m going to just get straight to the point. I managed to read it up to the current translated chapters. It is fit for my humor. I enjoyed the interactions between characters. I’m a dog for face-slapping and this novel didn’t disappoint me. The food sounds appetizing and made me hungry sometimes. I’ve just finished rereading this novel for the second time and decided to give a rating because... more>> I saw how everyone gave it a low rating.

I know that the reviews are other’s opinion and it’s absolutely normal to read reviews first before reading the novels, as it give the readers what to expect but personally, I suggest that you ignore everything and just give it a try. I’m not saying that their reviews aren’t important but we’re all different and we have different opinions. I liked the story and they didn’t, and you should also have your own opinion. Go try reading the novel. If you liked it then good for you, if you didn’t liked it, then that’s unfortunate.

-From a person who got swayed by other’s reviews and missed a ton of godsend stories. <<less
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AQZ rated it
April 30, 2021
Status: c1001
I like it.

The MCs personality could be called dull, but I feel that it is part of his charm. Besides, imo the main part of this is the characters surrounding the MC. All of them have their own stories and reasons for coming to his restaurant.

The pacing is a bit slow but the slice of life aspect of it is very enjoyable, especially how his skills as a chef improve throughout the novel.

My favorite part is how the author goes into the side characters: the artist, workers, teacher, boxer, etc.... more>> Some of them are minor characters and others are consistent side characters, but the way the author talks about their life and the small interactions between the MC and his customers are enjoyable.

The one thing I didn't like about it: the nationalism.


The part where someone from another country came to try the food, and he charged them an insane fee bc the 'prices are the same regardless of the currency', even though the conversion rate makes it unfair. But I suppose for a cn novel some nationalism is to be expected, and it was only a small part.


Yea, besides that part, I liked it. <<less
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mechafanboy rated it
August 30, 2017
Status: c158
I think this guy sells less food and more drugs. Naturally his "users" are all hooked onto his food :P

The title pretty much tells you exactly what you get from the getgo so don't expect anything exceptional, most of the fun of the novel comes from the interaction between the mc's character (cool and aloof) with his customers or him getting trolled by the system.

I'd love to expand more but honestly, that's all that needs to be said. Fun concept, pretty decent writing. Nothing that seems to be overly exceptional... more>> as of yet. Good read if you're looking for something lighthearted and fun. <<less
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strixflash rated it
March 18, 2017
Status: --
One of the best novel out there but please do notice that it's about food and not action so it's unfair to rate it low due to its genre. The hardest thing about a food novel is to convey the smell and taste of food to readers. The author is successful in that respect. The reactions scenes are really well done (it could rival True Martial World in that aspect). Do give it chance. You won't regret it.
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Iris Lazuli rated it
February 2, 2017
Status: c16
Edit: Story: Yuan Zhou is on the verge of bankruptcy but on the day that he's gonna sell the shop he inherited from his deceased parents, a miracle occurred, as a interdimensional cooking system from a parallel world had chosen him to become it's owner.

Now let's witness as Yuan Zhou made his journey to become the number on the cooking industry. Oh wait let's just watch his day to day life in his restaurant and his interactions with the customers

Tbh the synopsis has just made me lose interest on reading... more>> this novel when I first saw it on NU page. But after I gained the motivation to read this it just simply amazing, I got hooked up immediately (Synopsis didn't give any justice to the novel). It's a light read for me, and there's no chapters that making me feel off or anything. And the system is just making me feel that it's a live entity 'cause it's certainly trolling the MC which is quite funny for me. Oh and for the comedy elements hmmmm still not much momentum for me to give an accurate comment 'bout it. <<less
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rdawv rated it
February 2, 2017
Status: c15
Initial impressions, as of c15.

Decent start, if a little aimless. The new, poor owner of a run-down restaurant inexplicably was blessed with a cheat experience system that has arbitrary limitations. Much of the chapters are short and really don't tell the direction of the story. Basically they serve to show the unfavourable first impressions of his customers and their surprised reactions once they have actually tried his fried rice.

Although not spectacular yet (Omni Genius is similar and much more wider in scope), it does make me wonder how the story... more>> would progress after reading the description. <<less
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TheAvidReader rated it
November 28, 2019
Status: --
It was good to some point but I got bored eventually. Dropped this novel after Chapter 400 something because there was no character development. The MC is a boring character. I wish he engaged with customers more. That would be a better read. Definitely a slice of life novel.
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ljin75651 rated it
April 23, 2018
Status: c332
The storyline is pretty slow, and it definitely takes its time introducing different foods, characters, backgrounds, etc. In some ways, it feels like a slice-of-life similar to 'Strange Life of a Cat'. There might be some random stories appearing that might not feel as interesting, but reading about the different relationships between the MC and other characters, as well as the problems they face seems very unique.

It's also interesting to realize that I'm not even interested in the descriptions of the food, but rather the reactions from the customers tasting... more>> new dishes. It's easy to see, even just early on, that the food is cooked to a level of perfection that is just impossible, so I don't even really get excited when the author mentions that for the egg fried rice, each rice piece is covered with egg. It's just so much more interesting to read about how enjoyable eating is, to the ones eating these dishes. You might get some customers who have to be convinced first, especially with the expensive prices, but they're always satisfied at the end. And I end up feeling a similar level of satisfaction as I'm rooting on the MC.

Also, the 'cooking system' elements don't become an overpowering element to the story, and becomes more of an existence like an encyclopedia that explains more clearly about ingredients and their superiority over common ingredients that other restaurants would use.

Overall, a good read. But it can be frustrating at times, since the chapters feel relatively short, so it's better to wait until more chapters are out at a time. <<less
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