Pet King


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1. Download a suspicious game
2. Catch a few magical pets as partners
3. Go through interesting daily routines and lead the pet shop to a whole new level

Pet King average rating 4.2/5 - 177 user ratings
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New ICe rated it
November 9, 2017
Status: c143
its fun to read as long as you dont pay much attention to the nonsical things the author says about cats.

... more>>

like "even cats cannot stand the smell of their own urine"... such utter nonsense and just one example of the lack of insight.


some things he wrote were nice like not overbreeding animals and discarding them afterwards but a lot of the so called information is completely wrong. as long as you dont take it as a source of truthful information about cats its a good and fun novel. interesting characters including the pets writing style and translation is nicely readable so far.

a like from me with a grain of salt due to the lack of research done by the author, including basic information, a simple internet search could have provided. so I can only give 4 stars since pets are the theme and all

edit after chapter 85

thea author might not be aware of some numerical facts and such but he is spot on whith the last part oft his chapter. the breed, health, temperament are all secondary to 'fate' when choosing a pet. I can say that with confidence since that is exactly what happend to me personally.

if a cat chooses you and does so not out of obligation, like last minute place to give birth, then that is the best that can happen to you (couldnt resist adding this bit)

edit 143: lets just say its getting better and better in story now with points largely set up. found myself grinning in anticipation for some serious badassery to come.

decided: even with the flaws at the start im changing my vote to 5 stars because this novel has me grinning and laughing to myself like lunatic at times.

need to add that I binge read the whole thing up until now so the enjoyment factor may differ if read in parts or single chapters <<less
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New This_is_a_good_burger rated it
October 31, 2017
Status: c130
This is a fun novel. The main character is likeble, no characters (so far) feel like they are gonna be discarded. Its funny and sweet, and you just have a lot of fun reading it and you learn a great deal on pet breeds.

Also to spicy it up it brings physics
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longshot3990 rated it
August 12, 2017
Status: c15
I don't know why people give this story a bad rating, of course it's not going be an epic, out of this world action, or fantasy story. It's a simple story about owning pets.

The story has been pretty good so far in that we learn more and more about the owner and his personality along with his new companion and his pet store.

The daily routines in the synopsis are as they describe it. Daily Routines. It's not boring but it's not also over the top and crazy in situations as... more>> you would see in a lot of Chinese stories. The owner of the the store is living the life of a regular person, not a superhero as the reason why most people probably don't like this story. It seems more like an interesting slice of life early on in this story. <<less
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Hibiki rated it
August 16, 2017
Status: c22
Due to his parent's last wish, MC inherited their Pet Shop end of story, well that was how 'twas supposed to be until MC downloaded an app that let him to capture animals even rare mythical ones to become a pet.

Pretty much the novel is all about the day to day life of a shop owner, his interactions with the pets and the customers. It's a good slice of life story where we can just see the Mc's daily routines no arrogant young masters, revenge filled path or so whatever.... more>> So if you guys like a simple and heart warming type kind of novel why don't you give this a try? <<less
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jcanon rated it
August 14, 2017
Status: c19
longshot's review basically sums it up, and I also have no idea why this is rated so lowly.

Is it because of the publisher? Let's hope not.

Pet King is what it describes itself as: purely a slice of life with some comedic elements, although nothing like arrogant face-slapping you typically see in other Chinese novels, which for me, is a huge plus. The humor is more of a genuine routine of a business worker a la pet shop owner, which is really refreshing. In that sense, it's not really a comedy,... more>> but the genuine interactions of the main character in his task with dealing with his store, the pets, and people! It makes you smile, and I can see the plot turning into a place where many people with varying histories converge with the main character through the medium of purchasing a pet in the future.

It's not too crazy but also entices you with the "Pokemon Go"-like app/mechanic, which is really cool, to be honest, I wish Pokemon Go was actually like this. And likewise what longshot was referring to it's not crazy OP where it's effortless, as the main character deals with the majority of the work through his own behalf.

It's a simple story that I see as simply refreshing, a slice of life with some fantasy-like elements, but if you enjoy animals which it does give good amounts of insights on with the respective taking care of pets, yeah that information which you never knew you needed until now, it's definitely worth the try (the cover art is cute!). If you like Japanese slice-of-life day-to-day action, this is a good story for you.

The protagonist is a sensible, good person, no revenge plots needed. A good modern tale, with decent pacing, compared to the really slow starting action novels we all are familiar with, which is also a plus.

Not for everyone, but definitely give it a go if you're into these type of stories. <<less
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Silverfrost rated it
September 17, 2017
Status: c67
i dont about the other guys. but I definitely recommend this for those who wants to relax. away from those blood boiling, mind wrecking, anger inducing, ball busting, face slapping, number crunching, and uhhh... disdaining?

yeah. I currently stay away from those underestimated protagonist tags. lets all just have some relaxing time reading normal people?'s lives.

just read okay. with some snacks.
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ArgosYesu rated it
September 24, 2017
Status: c77
I liked this. Don't understand the 1 stars. More biased Qidian hatred?

Oh, I guess I should expand.

MC is a normal, lazy person who strives to take over his parent's pet shop. At first he was unwilling and only took over with respect to his parents' memories. But after getting the Pet Hunter app, his determination changes.

Overall, the app doesn't do much. It can store pets and release them, and catch rare/mythological pets. The MC usually uses the latter as he takes advantage of the super pets to improve his pet... more>> shop.

The MC does not just go out and sell rare pets to people. He sells normal pets and the story does a good job at describing pets and the way to properly care for them. This is what I like from novels. I should come out of such novels with greater information and knowledge than what I went in with.

Since I'm allergic to fluffy pets, I don't have them. But that doesn't mean I hate pets. Read this novel if you wanna learn to love pets.

Also, I imagine gold cat as a muscular cat with a crown... When I mean muscular, I mean like Arnold muscular... <<less
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Oweng rated it
October 9, 2017
Status: c100
I have noticed there to be quite a lot of one star rating for this novel and I'm assuming that they weren't sure what the novel was about and was disappointed after reading some chapters.

The summary is quite straight forward, as so far he literally does catch animals ... more>>

be it existing not in real life or mythical even

using a mobile app and keep them as companions. The male protagonist is logical and quite like-able in a way that his actions would baffle you but once he explains a reader could understand the logic behind it. He does everything carefully.

including how he would meticulously clean his pet store, pay attention to the health of his pets and even give really great suggestions for his customers in regards to buying a pet


He seeks the best for the animals that he takes care at his shop. He does seems like a money grubber but deep inside he would not willingly lower the prices even as the costumers haggle as he knows normally that costumers wouldn't care properly for pets that way. The author wrote the male protagonist to be very knowledgeable in breeds regarding pets that it can directly help the readers, especially when one is paying close attention at reading the novel. Because he would give suggestions to his customers regarding their situations eg buying a pet to give to the elderly, it would give insight to readers as well and can directly apply in real life. It would be very beneficial to the readers who have pets at home (cats and dogs are mentioned the most so far)

For a person like me who puts great interest in novels that includes having a great relationship with someone or one of those 'awww' moments I really enjoy this novel. I also cannot deny that it is satisfying for me to read since animals are included and the fact that the male protagonists treasures them more than superficial people. It's a bit too bad since I'm a binge reader so I caught up with the recent chapters.. So for me 100 chapters isn't really a lot.

I would be editing this review once I remember and after quite a lot of chapters pass. <<less
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Bib rated it
October 7, 2017
Status: c93
This is a fun read. It leaves you with sentiments and fondness for pets. The interactions of the MC and his contracted pets are funny. The various stories between the pet owners and pets that the MC come across can make one feel nostalgic especially if the reader is a pet owner. It has similarities with other modern day leveling up web novels such as Gourmet Food Supplier for the cooking and food genre and Monster Factory for the industrialization genre considering it's also under Qidian just that it's about... more>> the MC leveling up his pet shop instead. Definitely recommended for those who like adorable creatures. <<less
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