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In a fantasy world where martial artists can split mountains and creeks with a wave of their hand and break rivers with a kick, there exists a little restaurant like this.

The restaurant isn’t large, but it is a place where countless apex existences will rush into.

There, you can taste egg-fried rice made from phoenix eggs and dragon blood rice.

There, you can drink strong wine brewed from vermillion fruit and water from the fountain of life.

There, you can taste the barbecued meat of a ninth grade supreme beast sprinkled with black pepper.

What? You want to abduct the chef? That’s not going to happen, because there’s a divine beast of unfathomable level, the Hellhound, lying at the entrance.

Oh, that chef also has a robotic assistant that killed a ninth grade supreme being with a single hand and a group of crazy women whose stomachs were conquered.

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Evanbond rated it
July 20, 2017
Status: c600

One of the foulest character designs of Chinese novels. MC doesn't have any expression even when people want to kill him repeatedly. He's always being threatened and targeted yet he is like "meh". Seriously I would've given this negative 3 stars if not for some side characters. Like any typical Chinese fantasy, author has incorporated the MC in the weakest corner of the world with the weakest power and gradually MC climbs up in terms of power and experience. We should expect that MC will also develop his mentality and mature but NO! He's still expressionless. He still carries that "meh" manner. Can you imagine reading over 600 chapters of his air of infallibility?! He has an OP dog as a guardian who is very lazy and not around of him everytime he goes out and a metal puppet which is not that strong when he needs help, yet he doesn't have any concern. It's as if life itself is boring and he's alive because someone wants him alive. I don't know how to say but I feel irritated when I read about his actions towards the enemies. I would like to write more but I am out of words to describe the poor style the author has introduced.

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wraven881 rated it
May 20, 2017
Status: c24
Oh God, such torture....

The food descriptions are absolute torture!

I don't know about the plot or anything, but the cooking process, the ingredients, the food descriptions! This novel even made me, a person who sees food as human needs and not pleasure, salivate greatly!

Oh, to be a very rich person with an awesome cultivation in this novel! (swoon)

I'll make sure to be as polite as possible and not make any trouble for Master Bu! Just let me buy and eat your food without trouble! (fiery eyes)
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Felix3D rated it
April 11, 2017
Status: c690
Literally a Xuanhuan-set version of Gourmet Food Supplier. Same system, same first dish, same basic formula. Plus some more ridiculous otaku-bait aspects like the robot "assistant" (read: basically just robo-trope-meido). Seems it seems to do more with the setting, yet has less likeable characters and definitely worse pacing than the other series, the tentative rating for this fic is 3/5, just like the other one.
Edit: Due to reading some of the RAWs, I have increased the score to 4/5

Not to say this is a bad story. It's just that at 10 chapters it feels as generic as all hell and just like those copy-paste-change-a-detail fanfics that litter the web. I'm currently starting to read the raw, but there's still nothing that sets this series apart. Edit:
Observations from the RAW: The author keeps things episodic, but actually started emulating Other World Dining Hall where each new dish is some sort of mini-arc, and are tools to explore different characters. This is by far more interesting than the plain old face-smacking, and there is actual conflict you can invest in, even if it's nothing major.

Things open up, and it gets better in many ways, but the central flaw of the "system" basically being god-mode and an omniscient Troll-GM (Game Master) becomes more of a weakness. However, I believe the story does enough things to add to the formula and make it great.

Edit 2: The only problem is that "Daddy's Otherworld Restaurant" does this whole story and does it way better with MUCH better worldbuilding and a cohesive plot. Frankly, after reading that story I'm tempted to downgrade this story's rating just because of how much better that story did things in the same situation and how much better tropes are handled over there. But I won't because that's not really based on this story's merits itself. So take this as a 3.5 review rather than a full 4 star. It's a recommendation, but don't think this is like an amazing story you have to stick with.
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nwms8 rated it
January 14, 2018
Status: c800
Imagine the worst tropes of Xanxia and Japanese Isekai novels and combine it into one. Then you will have this book. The first few hundred chapters did such a good job of being a good read that I was fooled into expecting something from this series. In many ways, this novel was entertaining and a decent read but quickly the xanxia and isekai elements go full ret*rd. Once discovered, it becomes unbearable to read because of the repetitiveness.

Lets go over the list:

1. Reincarnated/transported MC. This is fine in itself but... more>> it is kinda pointless 98% of the time.

2. Lolis and big chested girls surround MC. All peerless beauties... but lets lead to point 3 which is kinda part of Isekai series that I find annoying.

3. MC has no dick. MC sees peerless beauty, thinks wow she looks great. Back to nap time, cuz my d*ck doesn't have a reaction. You sir are gay, just admit it and stop pretending to be looking for the "one."

4. Enemies appear and their first lines eventually devolve from an interesting encounter into "who is this tr*sh?" as the series continues. 700 chapters in, it is basically "tr*sh" "tr*sh" "tr*sh" as an insult by default. ugh.

5. Enemies also comment "what a tr*sh from the noob kingdom/realm. Oh and he's such a tr*sh."

6. Power ups happen for the sake of more power ups to fight more power ups. No actual bad guys are written, just random hating npc with a higher lvl is introduced endlessly who continue to spout out how their realm/kingdom is more badass and how tr*sh MC is. Please, ffs, write like you did in the first 500 chapters where there is actually some sense of world building.

7. MC wants to be lazy and sleep. Which is cool, except this is the author's excuse to not flesh out the world around the MC. I get the "detached restaurateur" attitude, but the MC isn't detached - he doesn't give a F about life or the world around him. After a while, I don't care about the world either. Lets face it, if the MC don't care, why should I?

8. The black dog being a powerhouse is s*upid beyond belief since it is so overused in the story. At first it is comedic, then it becomes face-smacking, then it becomes pointless. Black dog keeps on patting people down, but like the TSA, all it does is make people more angry the more patting happens. The dog is supposed to be awesome.. but he doesn't kill anyone meaningful. Bad guys keep bringing back their dads to wipe their ass and dog claw comes out. People are shocked. Repeat cycle.

After 500 chapters, this becomes full fledged Xanxia power level fest and super mindless. I really wanted to like this because it was very refreshing at the start but man does the author drop the ball. <<less
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sss143 rated it
July 9, 2019
Status: c650
If it is possible I will give negative rating for this novel.

I can understand author wanted to write a light novel with no extraordinary plot with "food" as mine concept. But this novel fails in every way.

  1. Author wanted to write a laid back, cool MC, but he created a sometimes arrogant and sometimes ignorant fool MC.
  2. MC and his opponents always have 3-4 level difference, where MC is always low level. But MC doesn't even cares about them (laid back). All fighting is done by puppet and DOG. MC fights only beasts, because he has tools which restrict beasts. So IDK why author created Human antagonists.
  3. MC doesn't face any challenge in cooking, because system laid everything for him or whatever he creates is always some superior dish.
  4. MC always brings calamity to the empire he reside in, because of his quest given by system, but he doesn't help the empire because he is laid back. Iff troublemaker comes to his store then puppet/dog will take care of them but not MC. So my question is why he needs cultivation?he has tools to subdue beasts and puppet/dog to fight.
  5. One more main point is MC cultivation doesn't improve because of cultivating, he improves because of selling dishes. Even if MC eats/drinks divine elixir it doesn't affect him. MC no need to put effort to sell because his dishes are already famous, everyone ready to come and eat. There is no opponent for MC in culinary skill.
  6. In this novel there is no scheme/plot/romance/tragedy/comedy/any-other things you can thing about, BECAUSE MC DOESN'T CARE ABOUT ANY OF THAT. Fighting leave it to puppet/dog.
IDK what else to say to express my dissatisfaction of this novel, because, in other novels plot are expanded because of MC interest in love/cultivation/revenge/poor background/kingdom/nobility etc., here plot is introduced because of system quest.
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solomaize rated it
June 20, 2017
Status: c60
I first read gourmet food supplier before I found this. I dropped GFS even though it updates more often because I like things about cultivation more.

Bu Fang doesn't say much and the way the foods are described is divine. The customers aren't annoying and Blacky and Whitey are cute guards/ food disposal.

It's pretty slice of life and that's fine by me. My only complaint is that I can't eat the food... T^T
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jwang rated it
April 11, 2017
Status: c507
A fun food themed romp through Xianxia tropes. The cultivation shenanigans takes a backseat to the hilarious tomfoolery that goes on as Bufang strives towards becoming the best chef in the world. While it's somewhat formulaic, every arc is amusing enough that it doesn't really matter.
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
May 13, 2017
Status: c639
Though it has the same concept as Gourmet Food Supplier this one is much better.. As the attitude of the MC is more likable than the other as of ch.33.. The concept of the system is more acceptable here than GFS as in the other one I've been wondering how s*upid the people eating there are, they are not even asking when/what/how the boss gets his ingredients.. Although in Gourmet in Another World it doesn't explain how he got the ingredients atleast the customers here actually know what they are... more>> eating..

[edit] by c639

Ok I've been reading the mtl so I've read upto c639.

Now what I want to say is that for me GOAW is a nice read. Though be warned that most antagonist have the same pattern as other xianxia novels were MC offends small time antagonist then goes upward to big boss antagonist. Although the MC doesn't really kill any of the antagonist, so what? He has a lazy OP dog whether he kills or not the result will be the same as most CN novel I've read antagonist cares too much about their "Face" whether you beat him black & blue he will come for revenge, kill him his "master" will do the revenge, then kill the so called "master", the "master's" sect will try to kill MC, exterminate the sect allies of the sect will be next on the kill list, so being indifferent really doesn't make any difference.

Now what I've like about this is how the MC grows although most of the times he is indifferent atleast he knows how to clean his own mess (though not proactively if not within reach as he cares more about doing business). Though a lot maybe irritated by his somewhat indifferent attitude, remember he's just a chef, why would anyone ask a chef to interfere with politics, conspiracies, etc.?

Side characters also have their personalities but after a few time where MC needs to go to another place most side characters get sidelined,

Upto c639 the most memorable characters so far which might be the most important are Little Black, White, Yōu, & MC, any others would be forgotten, so I don't place too much importance to them, side charcters are good for what an arc or two, MC's main customer are there only until MC needs to move on to other place, others for MC taking them as his chef apprentice,


Story so far maybe be a rinse & repeat of:

Quest-> get ingredients/artifact -> make enemies with same goal -> enemies find MC for said ingredient/artifact ->enemy too powerful that MC can't defeat->Restaurant Guardian to the rescue->make recipe reward

But the way the story is told is quite good and not really too irritating (again beware its a CN novel so you will most definitely be irritated at the s*upidity of most antagonist). The author really likes s*upid antagonist so don't get your hopes much on that department, they don't even try to barter or trade with MC, they just get straight to point with "give me your treasure or die". <<less
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shadyxlr rated it
June 14, 2017
Status: c55
I love the story it is funny and interesting to see a Xianxia story go with cooking. I Can't wait to see what kinds of cooking will come out as he gets stronger. It is even funnier to see what will happen to the people who try and ruin his business.
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kirayuki rated it
May 2, 2017
Status: c24
Gourmet Another World is a poor, sad imitation of Gourmet Food Supplier. Perhaps if I hadn't read the latter, I might been predisposed to giving it another star just for its sheer originality. The MC doesn't have any redeeming quality. He's arrogant, lazy and doesn't have any distinguishing characteristics. The author tried to throw random elements probably in an attempt to make the story more interesting, but only managed to make it look more sloppy and annoying due to its poor execution. The only instance I found the novel remotely... more>> humorous is when one of the characters couldn't eat the new dish because someone kept borrowing his money. <<less
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strixflash rated it
April 11, 2017
Status: c10
The premise of this novel is similar to Gourmet Food Supplier: Protagonist owns a restaurant and is on quest to become the best chef out there.

Since it's Chinese novel we have plenty of shocking the world with good face-smacking and nice reaction scenes. It's fun to see powerful cultivators being so powerless for getting a simple meal. The hilarity of the situations makes your day :)
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
KaPi rated it
October 29, 2019
Status: Completed
I've got to say, this is one of the best novels I've read.

I'm not really into the romance genre (unless it's BL) so I like how the male protagonist is very calm, even when facing ladies that have earth shattering appearances. There are those who give into temptation and just do whatever they want, which I don't really enjoy reading.

But the thing I like the most is that he calm with whatever he's facing, be it a Chef's Challenge or just fighting troublemakers. He's calm, not in the sense that... more>> he's become arrogant, but even if he was just a little bit, he had the power to do so.

This story doesn't have a super repetitive plot and Owner Bu (Bu Fang) always comes up with new ways to entertain us!

I love how the story progresses from our MC being weak, then slowly using his OP Cooking Skills to become stronger, so there's ACTUALLY a development, unlike those what start off strong and we cannot find as much of a realistic feel in it.

Once I started reading, I couldn't stop, so it definitely deserves a 5-star rating from me!

Best Line:


Oh my God! Our goddess is eating shit!

This was the thought going through all their minds at this moment.

In the next moment, a scene which would shock everyone occurred.

After their goddess ate a mouthful of that Stinky Tofu, it seemed as though she wasn't satisfied. She took another mouthful of it.

Oh my God! Our Goddess liked to eat shit!

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
wies rated it
June 25, 2018
Status: c226
It was fresh at the start, interesting with transmigration having an actual impact.. Then all goes down... The MC repeats the same action/expression/thoughts... The food description is repeated everytime, and it's the exact copy of the first time it was given--word to word copy, the Dog does the same action.. Word to word copy every other chapter.. Everytime.. Ugh... Too much of the same.. Gave 3 for now
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Shratath rated it
July 8, 2017
Status: c72
Shokugeki no Soma with a game-like system, a cute robot, a badass ? And a MC with calm and cold personality (he only cares for cooking and money lol). And all of this in a xanxia world. The novel it's a bit slow paced but chapters are long and detailed usually in cooking process or when they descripe how others react when taste his food. MC for now can cultivate but is still weak in attack power (after all he is a cook). And yes there is comedy, mostly when... more>> he reacts with customers and his prices (to damn high!) Well I really enjoy this novel 4.7 / 5 and sry for my English <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
shadowtrap2010 rated it
April 16, 2017
Status: c18
Gourmet Food Supplier but in a cultivation world and a OP servant and dog!

Literally a Xuanhuan-set version of Gourmet Food Supplier. Same system, same first dish, same basic formula. Plus some more ridiculous otaku-bait aspects like the robot "assistant" (read: basically just robo-trope-meido).

Seems it seems to do more with the setting, yet has less likeable characters and definitely worse pacing than the other series, the tentative rating for this fic is 3/5, just like the other one.

Not to say this is a bad story. It's just that at 10 chapters... more>> it feels as generic as all hell and just like those copy-paste-change-a-detail fanfics that litter the web. I'm currently starting to read the raw, but there's still nothing that sets this series apart.


it probably because it the same author! and he just want to put his character in another dimension to see how it work?

PS: it actually very good other than the system similarity the rest quite different. if other said that it the same it like they said the black cat is the same with the white cat, even though they are cat they definitely not the same since they have their own personality and experience as well as different interaction. (weren't readers different and not the same) <<less
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Seregosa rated it
February 22, 2018
Status: c177
It's a great novel, way superior to gourmet food supplier. I love it, and it feels fresh. I just kept on reading as if spellbound and my stomach kept on rumbling. It's both funny and captivating. The system feels kind of alive, which is really interesting (like being pissed off about insults and thus issuing "missions" to make the MC get back at them and prove his skills), and all the characters are amusing to read about. Blacky the lord dog who's lazy but super OP, whitey the puppet/robot who... more>> likes to strip troublemakers and throw them out and all the other quirky characters come together to make a great whole. He also goes out of his store to do stuff now and then so it's not like some other novels where the MC just stays inside all the time, something is always happening to keep things varied and interesting. It doesn't get old fast unlike most other cooking novels.

You might want to read this novel while eating or after having eaten... Or you can read it to work up an appetite. I've lost count of the times my stomach has rumbled.

Too bad that the translator is slower than a sedated sloth. A promise of "2 chapters a week"... I mean, sh*t. Most novels on qidian have a release rate of 7-14 chapters a week, and this is the type of novel that'd normally have at least around 10 chapters a week because the chapters aren't that long. Hell, this translator doesn't even really hold true to the promise of 2 chapters a week. The last two months, around 5-6 chapters are missing at least, and just this month alone we're missing 3 chapters. Seriously, this f**king translator should be kicked from qidian and they should let some competent dude work on it instead. Not saying the quality of the translation is bad, it's just way too slow.

Unlike other places where we can't complain since it's all done for free by fans, qidian should hold some freaking standard and pace.


The translator just went nuts and decreased the pace even more, now promising 1 chapter each week of a novel whose chapters aren't even long. I mean, sh*t. At this pace, it will take dozens of years for this novel to be fully translated, and we can't even expect more than 52 chapters a year. Currently 1306+ chapters have been released in china. Qidian needs to get rid of worthless translators like this one. It might as well not be translated at all since waiting a week for every short chapter would make this uninteresting to read and even if you wait a year for 52 chapters (or around 90-100 at the previous pace) is far too little since you can read that amount in a single day of devoted reading. Who'd want to follow a novel that is never going to get fully released with this translator? Not even the slower of the normal fan translators are this slow by far. So disappointed, I love this novel, but the translator is a hopeless case.

This novel is worth reading, but whether or not it's worth it to wait for more chapters is something I have mixed feelings about. Unless qidian kicks out that translator and gets a new one, I don't think I can keep following a novel where you get 1 (or 2 when he's "fast") SHORT chapter each week. So sad that such a gem is being held down by a translator like this. It would probably be far more popular if it had a decent release pace.

On the plus side though... This novel is actually one of those that is readable in its machine-translated format, kinda like library of heaven's path. Since there's nothing serious going on and it's fairly simple, you don't have to care about missing a lot of details, hell, it doesn't really matter if you miss anything. I've read up to chapter 403 right now, going to keep on going and see if I'll tire later. Of course, you don't get the same enjoyment out of it as you would a properly translated novel and you miss a lot of stuff, but you can still get some laughs and enjoy the general outline of his adventure. As long as you don't get migraine from the horrible grammar, lacking words, wrong words and other sh*t. If you have nothing else to read or doesn't feel like searching for a new novel right now, you can give it a try. It's rare to find a novel that doesn't become completely worthless when reading the machine translated version. <<less
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Asphyxia778 rated it
October 1, 2021
Status: c400
Starts great but goes downhill quickly.

I really like cooking novels and this seemed to have a lot of potential but it quickly devolved into a typical face slapping type of cn.

Also MC being in a fantasy world literally changes nothing as he is really put of touch with the world. Kinda.

Also I hate how innocent by standers get implicated by MC's actions.

Overall the first 100 or so chapters are fine.
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Klbrgg rated it
April 29, 2021
Status: --
The one thing I hate the most about this is every time he change location many innocent individuals dies like he's a plague of some kind. And the repetition of going to change location and show off cooking skills + face slap everybody. Why not just stay in one place and make that place some kind of a holy land of cooking or something. He didn't even know that one of his shop got closed wtf.
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Slashs rated it
October 26, 2017
Status: c139
This is a novel that focus on food rather than fighting. The MC's goal is to become the God of Cooking and an all powerful system is helping him do it. The twist compared to many other similar systems is that this one seems to have a personality (even though it tries to hide it or just doesn't show it too much) and seems somehow... personally invested in the MC's progress by cheering him on or acting vengefully against people that scorned the MC and so on.

The author does a... more>> good job, most of the time, at keeping us interested in this story with a non fighting MC. The MC does gain in cultivation but will not fight... at least for now as I have a feeling it might start to change (unfortunately).

The author has a nice trick to compensate for the lack of fighting on the MC's side. he adds a lot of intrigue around the MC, political, personal and others.

The strong point of the novel is the description of the food. It actually is mouth watering. I made the mistake on starting the novel on an empty stomack and after a few chapters my stomach was rumbling.

The story is interesting as well and it is nice to see the MC progressing toward his goal.

There are however many points that annoy me.

For most of the begining (100 chaps +/-) the MC is a hamster in a cage. Meaning he is inside his store, does not go out, listen to the rules decided by the system, recipes, tools and ingredients given to him. For exemple he has very rare fishs in an aquarium, if he takes one, the system will instantaneously replace it... That's right he is not doing anything except cooking how he is told to, he, to me, seems like a puppet. Fortunately this starts to change later on.

The MC is also an ass most of the time and will reply in an overly rude fashion to people for no apparent reason only to have the author say right after that "He was not rude". No he was. Just like saying "no offense" after saying something is useless if what you are saying is actually offensive. It seems everything he says is in order to antagonize everyone... Why ? This doesn't make you look cool to me...

His restaurant is also only geared towards the aristocracy and very VERY rich people. The new receipes are only increasing in price, as it seems "higher price = better taste" and there is not a single dish that can be afforded by regular people (not one!), unless they want to pay a few hundreds years of their salary for the cheapest dish on the menu (seriously). The reason behind that is that as the MC's cultivation increase, he can get rarer ingredients and so the price goes up. Extremely rare ingredients are spoon fed to the MC with the extra rare receipes so his dishes are extra good. It's not about doing incredible dishes with normal ingredients, compared to all other restaurants.

Is this what the God of Cooking is? Making extremely tasty dish thanks to the ingredients others can't get their hands on, rather than making the best meals for everyone? Is that all the author sees in a cook? It's much more of a show of skill to make incredibly good dishes with affordable ingredient than making just as good dishes with ingredients that are worth thousands of gold or crystals (in that world crystals are a currency for cultivators)

Many of the things the MC do do not seem to me to be compatible with a real chef. He has many s*upid rules (like only being allowed to buy a dish once per day) but it seems the rules that define proper etiquette and attitude for a chef were all thrown out.

A real great chef would not "poison" his meal with extremely spicy sauce to teach a lesson to a client that annoyed him. He would not eat in front of his clients. He would not serve a dish he has never tasted first. He would NOT use his cooking knife as a weapon.

Well I am from a country where cuisine has a high importance (France) so this might bother me more than most people.

Anything other than that it's a sort of a okay read. I give it 4 starts, but frankly it would be 3.5 if I could give half stars. <<less
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AnonymousNameForEveryone rated it
April 11, 2017
Status: c10
So far there are only 10 chapters so it's kind of hard to tell where it will go, but it has good potential to be a good novel. What I like about the novel is that it has a good amount of comedy, reactions are funny and future side characters have already been developed. What I don't like is that currently, the MC is staying in his restaurant and not exploring the outside world.
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