Otome Game no Heroine de Saikyou Survival


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A girl Alicia lived as an orphan in a world of sword and magic Ciel.

One day, she learned that she was an “otome game’s heroine”. Even her parents’ death was simply a part of the scenario. Alicia judged the heroine’s setting as 「nonsense」and discarded it decisively. She introduced herself as adventurer 『Aria』, gradually mastered multiple weapons and magic, and grew to become the 「Ash Crowned Princess of Slaughter」! But, by accepting a request to guard the “villainess”, before she realized it she got dragged into the stage where nobles quarreled against each other――?

「I am “I”. I’m not a game character!」

Create weapon! Train your body!

Survive the fighting against powerful enemies and smash apart the otome game!

A sublime and exhilarating other world battle fantasy with charming fighting heroine!

Associated Names
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Heroine Survival
Strongest Survival by Otome Game’s Heroine
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20 Reviews

New Krittanop
Oct 25, 2021
Status: v2c6
I like this alot. The story not just about survival but become stronger. The battle in this novel is very fun to read. MC use alot of trick to win enemy with higher stat than her stat, and this novel have good stat and skill system. There is no stat call HP only lost of real blood and flesh that can make that one die. She is merciless toward all of her enemy and have low common sense sometime.
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New Nyamu
Oct 23, 2021
Status: v2c5
I really want to put 5 stars but as of right now, there is barely anything to do with "survival" even when the MC is surviving the "survival" way (like eating bugs)

Basically this is/was/would have been like your standard cliche isekai otome game with a "just-want-to-live villainess" and the "jerkass fake heroine"

Except that the real all-loving, forgive everyone, heroine managed to avoid getting bodyjacked, took some memories, went through an existential crisis, "broke", refused to become the "heroine" as the original plot demanded and started killing her enemies without... more>> batting an eye.

Goldenman may be right in that the female characters are 'geniuses' while the male characters are a bit spoiled. But that just makes this feel right especially because this is an Otome game. The "heroine" is supposed to be the high spec person comforting their potential partner or there wouldn't have been a "game" to play in the first place. <<less
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May 07, 2021
Status: c204
Outstanding. The way the story plays around with otome game tropes is terrific, there's plenty of character development all around, and the heroine is a girl with a mind of steel and the will to overcome any hardships.

Like most of this author's other works, the protagonist's sense of ethics is pretty thin, and plenty of things are done in the name of efficiency, but conversely she also won't do anything unless there's a practical benefit. The title is quite on point — this is a story about survival, and about... more>> how living well requires a great deal of strength, skill, and resolve.

Relationship spoilers:


By the sixth or seventh volume there's quite a bit of yuri subtext between Aria and Elena, which really reaches a fever pitch in chapter 166 of the WN. There's never anything overtly romantic, but some of the scenes (e.g. Aria only bothers to learn the male part of a dance) are pretty suggestive.


Other spoilers:


The author is great at writing crazy characters, although it really takes a while for this to start becoming clear. Carla Leicester, who's the last of the otome game villainess characters to appear, is totally batsh*t insane in the best way possible. She's completely in love with Aria, and thus desires to kill Aria and be killed by her. And the fake heroine pretending to be Alicia Melrose is also wonderfully mad. It's not just that she's using the cheat knowledge of the otome game to seduce men — she'll do anything to become a successful "heroine" and happily risks her life in order to raise flags and increase affection points.

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May 13, 2021
Status: v1c20
This is just some of my personal opinions.

First of all note that the translated novel is a Light Novel. Light novels usually have info dumps & long world buildings to create a nice detailed story. This novel has done a good job at that so far atleast it's not like any Mary Sue novel that makes the MC OP for no apparent reason just because MC got modern knowledge & other stuff. The author atleast is making a world in the novel not just some picture book where you don't... more>> even need to care where or why anything is happening.

The training arc takes too long? Well before you start reading I suggest you take a good look at the tags this is tagged as "Slow Growth at Start". So you better not complain that the MC takes too long to get strong or is your understanding of Slow Growth like 2-3 chapters? Using game mechanics like skills, status, etc.. Really I SUGGEST again you read the tags before starting to read a novel. Maybe in the future someone will complain there is no romance even though it's in an otome game world, *Facepalm* read the genre first before complaining.

As for MC being ruthless for little reason, where and what chapter is that? MC killed only ever for self defense and to take out future troubles,

the reincarnated sorcerer woman is trying to take over MC's body if that is a little reason, the old lady at the orphanage? She might bring HUGE trouble to the MC as she SOLD MC to a noble, I don't know what to say, as for the drunkard it is his fault for finding trouble for MC, they were in a somewhat lawless zone called the slums, if MC didn't kill him who knows what he will do probably kill the MC as he was already trying to stab the MC with the broken bottle, and as for the bandits do you even a need a reason to kill them? Unlike wuxia MC where MC "let" enemies live and make troubles again in the future this is much preferable


This is more of a rant since it's been awhile since a novel worth reading gets translated. And to get bashed saying that in this novel all girls are geniuses and male characters are spoiled whiny rich kid. Atleast say which chapter is that it's still c19-20 and there isn't even any male rich kid appearing yet or other genius girls other than the MC appearing. So far for female characters all except MC are shown to have average IQ even the villainess I'm suspecting not to have that high IQ I mean the thing she thought to escape the bad ending is to kill the MC worse choice ever,

s*upid cliche villainess thought process, "compelling force" if it really existed would this so called "compelling force" allow for the MC to get killed even before the story began

As for male characters all those who are rich have not even met with the MC yet, as of now MC only met with adventurers, bandits, drunkards, butler, blacksmith, store owners, where did you get the whiny rich spoiled male characters. It doesn't even show yet the otome game world story start so it's not yet known if the male characters really will fall for the MC, kind words? As of now I can't imagine MC saying kind words. <<less
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Apr 28, 2021
Status: c140
Finally, someone is translating this novel. It's one of the best novels that have fantasy/action/Otome game elements. The author has a few of the best novels on the site, so there is no doubt about the quality. The series is ongoing, and the author is posting on a weekly basis, so hopefully, it will be finished and not dropped. And it's translated by bakapervert so we know the translation will be as good.

I will only speak in generic, but it may be considered a spoiler for some, so be aware.... more>> First, be relieved till chapter 140 there is no reverse harem in the making. Aria is a character that you will like. Her main goal was to survive as herself, then she will find a new goal that she will try to achieve. She will grow from an orphanage then leave to survive and start her travels, so her personality will reflect that. She will not hesitate to kill to survive and will not spend chapters after that reflecting on her actions.

She will work as an assassin and her weapon of choice will reflect that.


The side characters are well made, and the capture targets are not 1-D characters; they have their personalities. The interaction between characters is well done.
There may be some flows here and there, but in general, it's a good read. <<less
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May 09, 2021
Status: c14
Convoluted premise, lots of info dump, isekai cliches and training chapters.

... more>>

A reincarnated woman spent years on the game world and then tried to take over the original heroine's body even though this woman wasn't really competent as a sorcerer but somehow could do it. Anyways the heroine kills her but not before absorbing lots of memories and 'maturing' from them (although the maturing part is mostly her killing ppl for little reason like a Wuxia Mc). The villainess is also a reincarnated person but she appeared for half a chapter so far


The story for these 14 chaps is the heroine, as a child, surviving in the forest and learning magic and skills. The authors spends full chapters blabbing about magic particles, spirits, etc., but kills the immersion from it by using game mechanics like status, skills, active skills and levels. It's really tiresome to read so many info dumps in dozen chapters only to see new skill names on the heroines status sheet which is already getting quite big.

As the magic system the world building is as cliche as you can expect, feudalism and nobles, elfs and dwarfs, adventure guild and monster hunting, ranks F to S.

It's just... meh. Was expecting a lot more from this. Even for basic survival novels it's just not good. Looks like one of those isekais where the author forgets about story or plot and just rambles forever about the magic system and world he developed.

I dropped with only 14 chaps so look up reviews with higher number, but with how the heroine is still weak after 14 chaps of training I foresee many more of those training and info dump chapters. <<less
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Apr 27, 2021
Status: v1c3
A otome game style Story unlike many other. So spoiler

... more>>

Here our MC isn't reincarnated. She is an orphan girl at the start and meet a woman who was reincarnated. There she learn that she (mc) is the Protagonist of a game. Though she doesn't understand what a game is. Meanwhile the woman reincarnated wants to steal her body because she wants to live as the Protagonist. It fail of course but our MC get some of the knowledge of the woman. After this she kills the woman who was abusing and selling the orphans


From the get to go, we understand that this story isn't about a naive goody two shoes MC who get all the males in love with her because of her cute naivety.

Our MC is (well not yet as if now) a badass girl who knows what she wants and doesn't need a man to protect her.

Also this is translated by baka Pervert and this guy never drop a project. As long as the author writes and it isn't licensed. Then the translation will continue. So no worries. <<less
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Jul 14, 2021
Status: v1 ss
Its super good, one of the rare ones where its not isekai, but theres an Otome Game, and she actually gets strong.

Super good read 10/10.

Wondering why TL doesnt translate v2 though...

Edit: No LN v2 lol

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Jun 04, 2021
Status: c180
If I had to sum up this novel it would be "Dora the adventurer meets Rambo" the most entertaining parts are the fun incongruity of her appearance with her badass actions of jumping onto fights with hundreds of people alone. The worst part of this novel is the needless amount of info dumps, there's no world-building without unnaturally stopping the story to directly explain, it takes up a considerable amount of the novel only on exposure. Every time the MC is fighting someone they will be given an in debt... more>> family tree along with all the evil deeds they have done and a characterization worthy of a Final Boss, then the MC kills them in 5 seconds, but then a cousin of them appears 10 chapters later and the author will now talk everything again using other words and they die, it's impossible not to notice as it's so ridiculous, the author describes EVERYTHING, no matter if it's a dead rat on the side of the road or the history of a potato on the market.

The side characters have interesting personalities


The 2 best ones are Clara, a morally gray person that blackens because of obsession and love, you can feel her despair and witness her fall from grace, and Carla, a Villain that wishes to destroy the country that allowed her to be so mistreated until she meets the MC and wishes to beautifully die togheter with someone that understands her.


One thing that personally bothers me about the setting is that it is a western fantasy but with eastern imperial Harems and heavy misogyny, the kings have 10 queens, and monogamy almost doesn't exist even for the common folk, if the author was going to go that route he should just have just written about Japanese history, it feels out of place with a western setting. <<less
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May 31, 2021
Status: c208
Another one that subvert the villainess genre.

Instead of MC finding optimal route to win capture target boys, this MC is hardcore leveling. Other MC in this genre invent soap, perfume, amass wealth etc using modern knowledge, meanwhile Alicia spend months and years training and fighting.

And she become strong. I remember only few MC in this genre that become strong. Erica the Abyss killer, Yumiela the lv99, Eliza Kaldia the demon, and now this novel, Aria (Alicia) the Ash Crowned Princess of Slaughter.

About her strength. It was said that general people... more>> don't have combat power, rank1 is for amateurs, rank2 is for full fledged pro, rank3 is strong person that can be captain, rank4 is elite and the truly strong, rank5 is hero level, rank6 is the the boss at lowest floor dungeon, rank7 is a true dragon, rank8 is full grown dragon that will destroy many countries before it was killed.

Most people will only reach rank2 for the rest of their lives, and the one who can reach rank3 before age 20 is truly talented. Meanwhile, Alicia:


I don't remember the details, but, she : Achieve rank1 at the age of 7. Achieve rank2 around age 8. Achieve rank3 around age 10. Achieve rank4 age 11. And then achieve rank5 age 13.

She also always fight and defeat opponent that have higher rank and stronger than her. Her latest feat is killing rank7 evil dragon while being rank5, albeit with the help of party.


Overall, I think it is a nice read. If you are familiar with author's other work, you will find that this novel is also kinda dark, not afraid of having blood and killing everywhere, and overcomplicate things in some area.

But I admire Alicia. She want to fight against 'fate' (otome game plot). She focused on becoming stronger, and even reject borrowed power.

About her nickname.


Her pink-gold hair is noticeable, so she used ash to cover her hair at the beginning. Later, she used illusion magic to make her hair ash-colored. So from early on, she got called 'ash-covered/ ash crowned'. Later on when her beauty is noticed, it become 'Ash covered princess', and later it become 殺戮の灰かぶり姫 'ash covered princess of slaughter' / satsuriku no haikaburi-hime.

The mtl sometimes translate this as cinderella of slaughter. I got confused, but apparently cinderella means 'ash covered girl', so the translation is not far. Indeed, I wondered if author want this connection to cinderella story.

Other nickname:

Moon Rose. This is used by spirits and phantom beast to call her. Apparently her pink hair is inherited from ancestor, in which her ancestor got spirit blessing of Moon Rose. The one with this blessing will be immune to common sickness, and will have pink hair as the sign of blessing.

Desert Rose. She was called this in desert town, after annihilating one branch of local mafia organization.

Dragon Slayer. Acknowledged as the person who make the most contribution in slaying evil dragon by her party, she reluctantly accept this, but it has not been made public.


Anyway, later on around 11 years old,


The gear of fate can't be totally avoided. Most of the cast must go to school, so of course MC also must go to school. MC doesn't like studying. And there is magic practical lesson, but the school banned her participation from the beginning. Because her power is overkill in school level. But that make general student population who doesn't know the truth, think that she is weak.

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May 17, 2021
Status: v1c22
It has a slow start but it really draws out the story and it is really pacing it and it better than those novels that immediately get strong of the start and get the fame and money
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Jun 12, 2021
Status: v1ss
the story is quite entertaining

the concept of an otome game heroine who doesn’t have flowers I her head and isn’t the kind benevolent saint that otome game heroines always are is worth reading

i hope there’s a time skip to when she’s older by the second volume 🙂✨
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May 31, 2021
Status: v1 ss
Enjoyable read it not a bit too expositiony. A few times it changes perspective out of the blue, it's obvious pretty fast but you notice the fact there is no indicator bar a change of narrator.
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May 29, 2021
Status: v1 ss
A genuinely good series. A "heroine" who is supposee to be a happy feel-good lovely noble girl, becomes an utter antisocial psychopath. Rejecting her remaining family, her blood, and her predisposed happy future.

She isn't a "no-bullshit" strong girl, she is sociopath who kills with no hesitation or emotion. The moment she is outmatched, she runs. If corned she pounces like a wolf. She has no honor or care for anyone but herself. Nor does she trust anyone besides herself. I love the particular scene when she is given a room... more>> to herself in a mansion. Instead of embracing her warm bed she stages it as if someone is sleeping in it. Then she goes to the darkest corner, curls up, and holds a large knife b4 going to a light sleep. Prepared to pounce and kill anything that comes inside.

Honestly, I can't wait for the 2nd volume. <<less
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Alice Slaughterdoll
Alice Slaugh
May 01, 2021
Status: v1c6
This is masterpiece! It's different from typical "Heroine" MC who just walk toward path created by "Someone/Something" she walk into her own path. This still only ch.6 and still not going in "Main stage", but we can see MC growth through effort instead cheat or plot armor.
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Aug 19, 2021
Status: v1c32
I love the novel's premise, but it's execution has been rather confusing at best (up until c20, at least). From the novel's description, you'd expect the story to be about a tragic heroine who overcomes difficulties and makes her way through a tough world, similar to "I Reincarnated as a Noble Girl Villainess But Why Did It Turn Out This Way?" but hopefully without all the heartbreaking goodbyes. And I'm not saying that the heroine hasn't had a tough life - her parents died when she was 4, and the... more>> orphanage wasn't particularly great - but she was more or less spoonfed accomplishments in the months after she began her journey. I think it's supposed to be the heroine's natural plot armor, but it's a weird situation where you're supposed to feel sympathy for an independent girl living a tough life where everyone adores her and her enemies are idiots. In no particular order:

    1. Touching the reincarnator's magic stone allows the FL to gain a prodigious amount of knowledge about the world and magic, but there's no corruption by the reincarnator's personality? Only the convenient information passed through, but none of the inconvenient stuff. How wonderful for her... It feels like the author really wanted to write a reincarnator novel, but without technically using the reincarnator trope.
    2. She gets to steal an awful lot of convenient tools from the reincarnator - lots of valuable books and a fair amount of money. Couldn't the reincarnator have, you know, not brought all this valuable stuff in her unsecured bookbag when going out to assassinate someone?
    3. (Heroine correction) The FL learns skills in a few days what takes most kids 3-4 years to learn, but she has more "concentration, " i.e. she can work on things for a couple hours at a time. Woop-dee-do, another ore-tueeee protagonist (technically not, but same difference here).
    4. We're told that Level 5 skill holders are nationally-recognized masters, while Level 4 skill holders are widely respected. You'd expect these are the late-stage bosses, right? Nope, the first guy she meets by the side of road is coincidentally a Level 5 skill holder, and OMG he's willing to teach her his skills? Yay! The next guy she meets in the slums is a Level 4 skill holder, and OMG he's willing to connect her to the princess and buy her thousands of dollars of equipment with no hidden catches!?! Sign me up, please!
    5. Her first big enemy, a bandit boss, supposedly fights against her for several hours until he finally collapses due to blood loss and exhaustion. For such an intelligent and accomplished bandit boss, you would have thought he'd think of something else after the first hour, you know?
    6. Back to that Level 4 skill holder guy, he gets a request for a princess' aid from a close friend. (Normal people) I should ask my trusted acquaintances to recommend me their children of around the same age. (Level 4 guy) I should look in the slums for a few weeks for the first child with decent strength, and recommend her 100% without checking her background or motives.
    7. Another reincarnator becomes the villainess. (Other novels) Maybe I should befriend the heroine, or stay away from the story, or find some peaceful solution as a moral, peace-loving Japanese schoolgirl. (This novel) IMMA KILL HER AND ALL HER FRIENDS!!!!!
    8. The heroine has some rather weird strength fetish. She takes her first job because a man stronger than her tells her to, she hates nobles but commits to a multi-year combat maid program just because she can get close to a woman stronger than her (and her time with said maid only lasted a few weeks), and she takes her third job because another strong man told her to. I get that she's still figuring out her life plan as a pre-teen, but I'm worried that she'll easily fall for a pyramid scheme if it's a "strong" person telling her about it.
    9. (Other novels) A 2x difference in combat strength is pretty tough odds, maybe we'll make that a final boss or something. (This novel) Even mini-bosses have 3-10x the FL's combat strength, but they're all idiots or something so they waste all their magic and stamina and blunder aimlessly into any traps the FL sets up. The author's good at keeping up the suspense, but when battles are literally "FL acts --> enemy is amazed but uses flashy move that wastes their stamina and magic --> FL dodges narrowly" over and over again I'm more concerned for the intelligence of the world itself rather than impressed about the FL.
    10. Traitors are apparently a dime a dozen in these organizations? People keep running away, slacking on their duties, or actively trying to betray their bosses. If it was once or twice, I'd understand that that's just the working world, but what did this world do to its people to foster such hatred towards hard work?

And that's just the tip of the iceberg, although it was certainly refreshing to rant a bit. I hate to bash on a story with such an interesting premise, but it's a little hard to be sympathetic to a poor girl with a reincarnator's experience who's surrounded by loving, caring masters of their craft who'd love to give her mentorship, money, and equipment. I'd like to believe that I do feel empathy, but when the story is clearly an ore-tuee novel it's a little rough to be forcefully reminded by the author every few chapters that "you should be feeling sorry for this girl - do you? DO YOU?" But don't take my word for it - give it a try! <<less
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Jul 02, 2021
Status: v1c33
I've finished the first volume as of writing this.

I love the theme of rebelling against the "fate" of a s*upid otome game plot, and the MC is a lot of fun. Plenty of well-written and tense action scenes. The MC isn't a Mary Sue at all, she struggles and trains very hard to get anywhere. Even the "magic" and "skill" systems have better than average explanations for this kind of story. Even still, if you were lured here specifically by the shoujo ai tag like I was, I'd say give... more>> this a pass. I could be wrong, but I'm fairly certain it's a bamboozle and there will never be any real shoujo ai/yuri content. <<less
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Jun 29, 2021
Status: v1c33
Really liked this novel, the moral of this one is to fight against fate, its not well explained why she doesnt like her fate, there's some hints, but thats her objective and its cool to se her fighting agains it.
There's a point that I think it could be more well elaborated its character relationships, there's few, they are a little shallow and fast, even the one that she had more affinity, it was too fast, needed some slice of life moment there for the characters relationship to develop better.
I think the yuri route would be the best one for this story, based of the story development and for... more>> what she's fighting for, her fight against destiny like the other girl, light and darkness, if she ends up with a capture target would be disapointing and against the moral of this story.
But I think the best point of this novel is the protagonist, she takes action fast, is inteligent and has no dumb mercy to enemies, she's one of those dark MC's, but its not something over the top, she does what she can to survive and fight fate.
There's potential in the future of this novel and the negative point I mentioned could be worked it out in later volumes. <<less
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Jul 22, 2021
Status: c23
It's honestly a bit boring? So far there has been way too much info dumping for what story there is. Maybe it gets better? I'm giving it up after a creepy skirt flipping scene with the 7 year old main character.
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May 12, 2021
Status: --
I had high expectations but I can't ignore the obvious shortcomings :

1. The MC is too hard core : ignore the the God blessing, refuse the her status as a princess and become a lone adventure.

2. The author is a sexuset all the female character are geniuses bad ass with hard core back story with OP power but high risk, in other word absolute main characters, while the Male character are just spoiled whining rich kids who fell for every girl that say nice word.

I love the MC description :... more>> she is the most beautiful girl in the world, she is not beautiful because she is the Heroine, she is the Heroine because she is beautiful. <<less
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