Apotheosis of a Demon – A Monster Evolution Story


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A back-to-basics(?) monster evolution novel.

A new VRMMORPG, “World of Yggdrasia”, was recruiting beta testers from all over the world. Ten thousand testers began their journey of swords and sorcery in a new realm, one that was as large as Earth.

At the same time, a clandestine experiment was underway. Unbeknownst to the world at large, 100 secret alpha testers were given bodies of monsters and summoned to the same land.

The girl of white was one such tester. Despite the odds against her, she continued to evolve again and again. To rebel against the real world’s invasion, she would become a most terrible beast, the destroyer of worlds… the Bunny Girl!

“…wait, what? Me?”

Our protagonist would survive, unyielding, knowing no despair.

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Bizmatech rated it
March 21, 2019
Status: c100
The original review was posted at chapter 28

It's not an unenjoyable series, but certainly not worth the five stars that so many people seem to be giving it.

It's a video game isekai that is clearly written by someone who has no idea how video game development works, or how the playerbase of such games think.

... more>>

Alpha testing and Beta testing don't happen at the same time. It's like phase 1 and phase 2, not team 1 and team 2.

Also, how s*upid are the beta testers? You'd think they'd be wondering why the NPCs don't have respawns timers, cause you know that in any other game they would have found a way to nuke an entire city by this point.


The premise is tenuous at best, and quickly becomes nonsensical once it gets to the early twist.


The illuminati locks psychic children in a video game so they can... make a magic battery, test drone weapons, and apparently make some cash from monthly subscriptions. Seriously?


The plot itself is fairly contrived, and relies on a deus ex machina exposition dump to actually get started.

The setting is very sparse in worldbuilding, and falls apart under even the slightest scrutiny.


I have no idea where the MC is, she doesn't even care where she is, and none of it matters anyway because the entire world seems to be a monoculture.



I thought this was mediocre at first, and yet it managed to get even worse.

By the halfway mark, the author seemed to have not only doubled down on all of the flaws that I mentioned, but added in more for good measure.

At this point, I'd recommend reading the story simply so you can have an example of what a bad fiction looks like.

I really wish I could change my 3 stars as easily as I edited this review. <<less
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PersonaJXT rated it
May 10, 2019
Status: c100
Read through translated chapters and then finished the raws a while back. It's a pretty interesting story, but the writing is very sloppy overall. The author admits that this story is a lot rougher than the others in the series since it was written a lot more of the cuff, but IMO it's still entertaining enough despite its flaws. I probably wouldn't have sat through it if I didn't like Lax Demon, but I did and I imagine others that like Lax Demon would too.

So the story follows "Shedy" as... more>> she starts as a human, shortly after becoming a demon, and then eventually becoming a god. This isn't a spoiler as it's literally in the title (though the translation is very loose at times and the title was an unfortunate victim of this). A more literal translation of the title would be, "A demon becomes a god in another world [non-human evolution]". Shedy is a very broken person, abused from an young age and then basically sacrificed on the altar of science. She becomes a demon in order to both survive and to avenge herself and the other victims. Doing so throws the other world she's in into chaos, and eventually her original world as well as she quickly grows in power on her steady march towards eventual godhood.

Shedy herself is an interesting character. She doesn't care about much and her values are definitely warped, but she's mostly a kind person? As a demon she cares very little about humans and treats them more like animals. If they attack her, she'll kill them. But if they treat her well enough, she'll leave them be or even help if the mood strikes her. In fact, she treats everyone that way, including all the other different races. There are only a few that get special treatment from her, though only a few of those get very much screen time at all. So if you don't like Shedy, this story won't be for you since this is her show and everyone else is just window dressing at best.

There are other characters... but this is one of the stories weak points. There's a king... but he's one king in a world where there are way too many of them and he's not really that important. He sort of gets an arc, but it gets time skipped left and right so it's more like glimpses of one more than an actual story. There's a guard... who gets flanderized, becomes a villain but does so little that she doesn't matter at all, and then gets killed. There's a player person who gets named, but only matters towards the beginning and in a few minor sections towards the end. There's two animals, but they're animals and don't really do too much. There's a hero guy who actually does get a decent arc, but only in small chunks so it's like the framework of an arc more than an actual arc. There's another hero who gets a silly scene and then a pretty badass heroic scene, but then nothing else. And another hero who's inexplicably evil because the plot needs that hero to be and otherwise does nothing except do s*upid things because... plot, I guess. And there's a fan of Shedy who's character never rises beyond that because that's basically all that character amounted to despite a decent amount of screen time (though to be fair Shedy cared very little about said character aside from being transportation). There are others, but they all fare worse, which should say a lot.

The pattern should be pretty clear from the above, but to put it plainly there's not enough story for any character beyond Shedy to actual have anything of real substance. There are 2-3 that have a semblance of a story with meat on it, but if you actually try to summarize it you'll find your summary won't be too far off in size from what actually happened. That's how bare bones it is. And even Shedy herself has some development hand waved by time skips, especially towards the middle chapters when she's

back in her world a second time terrorizing not-America.


It's even worse for the baddies. Because seriously, it seems like half of everyone is a complete asshat in this story. From blatant racism to psychopathic sociopaths, most of the characters seem to suffer from some form of mental problem. And I do mean mental problem because many of them are basically frothing at the mouth as they spout stereotypical villain lines to justify them getting killed by Shedy. It's kinda sad the lengths the author goes to in order to justify Shedy's kills, but then turns right around and has Shedy kill entire cities because the author remembered that she's supposed to be a demon and wants to show that. Outside of mass killings, I can count the amount of people Shedy personally killed that weren't psychopaths of one flavor or another on one hand. Maybe even one finger, depending on how technical you want to get. The baddies in this story are basically caricatures and 90% of the characters you meet (and then get killed) are baddies, so expecting anything more than that would leave you disappointed.

I especially have gripes with the last arc of the story. It's... long. And basically the same thing repeated over and over. IMO it should've been condensed down to maybe 10 chapters at most with major time skips, but for whatever reason the author chose not to and dragged it out for 20 chapters. As such, we get almost 20 chapters of

Shedy fighting off a demon god as she flies around the world destroying saplings in order to get enough power to actually beat the demon god, followed by an evolution into Dea Ex Machina, a man-made goddess to protect the world. So literal deus ex machina, lol.

It's very repetitive reading her repeat the same thing over and over. Sometimes she gets help and there are some nice moments interspersed, but it's basically the same thing on repeat. Not very interesting at all, though the climax was pretty fun.

Shedy also doesn't really get a good ending IMO though that'll depend on how you view things. She's happy and everything after she becomes a god and whatnot, but from my perspective the ending is sad.

Shedy becomes a demon/god and lives the rest of her life protecting the world tree. She has no friends beyond a monkey and a slime and possibly the souls of the other secret alpha testers who she can't really talk to anyways. She's apparently happy, but I can't help but feel sad for her since her life now consists of sleeping until a threat appears for her to squash, followed by more sleeping. Not what I'd call a happy ending.

I don't like the ending much at all and felt kinda let down by it. YMMV depending on how you feel about it.

Now it may sound like I have nothing but problems with the story... and to be honest, I do have tons of problems. But at the end of the day, how I rate a story depends the most on how much fun I had with it. And for all its flaws, this story was a lot of fun. Shedy getting her vengeance and wiping the floor with half the world is a power trip and one that almost always feels justified because of how many utter a**holes there apparently are. And that's fun. So despite all its flaws, I did end up liking the story and reading it through to the end. I'd like it better if it spent more time developing things, but since the author apparently didn't feel like thinking too much while writing it (maybe wrote it as a breather of sorts?) we have to take it as it is - a fun power trip that you can enjoy if you turn your mind off while reading. I can't recommend it as a story since it's too sloppy, but for those who like Lax Demon I'd say its worth giving a shot. [3/5] stars.

The translation is mostly good. There are some things that were very loosely translated such as the title and some names, but by and large I didn't notice any major problems. I didn't directly compare the translation with the raw so I can't say that it's absolutely problem free with any certainty, but I also didn't feel the need to which is more than I can say for a lot of other translations. A very solid translation. It's also very readable... which is unfortunately also not something I can say for a lot of other translations. No major grammatical mistakes and the sentences flow well enough. If I were to give it a grade, I'd say [4.5/5 stars]. Good overall with only minor portions I'd disagree with, no major errors and certainly nothing noticeable. Highly recommended. <<less
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AZ09XO rated it
March 29, 2019
Status: c100
Seeing as this novel is written by the author of Demon Girl ~Tale of a Lax Demon~, you can expect great things from this guy. I've read the translation up to chapter 31 and went to read the raws all on the same day. It's addicting, and a real page turner. The MC is honest and endearing, and the plotline is well-executed coming from a web novel.
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LilDevilGamin rated it
February 2, 2019
Status: c23
Despite this story having less than 30 chapters as of now I'm in love with it. The progression so far is great and it's an amazing read as well as very original! As the tags show the MC is a human, playing as a non-human giving us a brand new experience. As of now we see the MC hanging low and gathering her beliefs and as a plus she's not annoying about it and doesn't cover her actions with 'righteous' justifications. The translator is great and I've seen very few... more>> mistakes as of now. The story makes sense as well. The chapter updates are picking up as well. But even if the updates were less the story wouldn't be any less enjoyable. Make sure to give it a chance and check it out. <<less
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SakuraKoi rated it
July 10, 2019
Status: Completed
What happens if humans grow more and more spoiled?

Haru no Hi answers this in their works quite precisely and this seemingly cliche "Monster Evolution Story" is one of them. Both, humans without fear and those solely guided by it are the worst imaginable monsters. Creative and cruel. Of course those who without fear suddenly experience it will evolve into the latter and try to get rid of the fear by all means necessary.

The message of Haru no Hi's works is quite simple and clear: "Don't do onto other what you... more>> don't want to have done onto you", just be a decent human being, harm no one and surprisingly enough much less harm is done to you. Be aware of the consequences of your actions and relying on something mythical, something unknown, will lead to doom.

Our Bunny Girl is the perfect protagonist for this work, from her appearance which leads to her being underestimated and hunted while her backstory may be an all too common one yet it is sure is close to real. More monsters are born through human actions than there are simply human monsters born. Rarely a society does not deserve the monsters that plague them.

Only fools or serious evil don't want to actually solve the underlying cause, with the latter often making it intentionally worse and like in that story, our world is not much different. If humans had the means, they'd exploit a different world mercilessly and eliminate anyone who stands in their way even on our side without batting an eye.

Hmm? This should be about a Monster Evolution Story? Indeed, in this story it is the humans which make our Monster evolve, threading the fine line between Saint and Villain. Necessary evil and all that~

Pretty sure I'm gonna give it a perfect score for being, well, perfect, without flaws, so I might as well now give it one when I prefer to not rate anything unless it is like this. Not recommended to anyone who suffers from depression, at least until it is finished being translated and "we" get what we deserve. <<less
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V_Korneev rated it
April 10, 2021
Status: --
TL/DR: A simplistic action-driven isekai story that eventually devolves into a repeatable, morally bankrupt mess.

The first act of this story is enjoyable. It's not exactly deep, unique or well written, but it has that simple pulp-fiction charm to it. It has fights, lots of fights, and... well, predominantly fights. It lacks most of everything else, including but not limited to characters with complex internal conflicts and sets of character traits. Also, instead of character arches, characters here have character dots. But it's OK because action.

Edgar Burroughs - the author of... more>> Tarzan and John Carter - realized a century ago, you actually don't need character development if you have enough action and can spray enough blood around. And if drawn-on action becomes boring (unending action scenes depicted only by linear prose tend to become tedious), you just throw in a naked martian princess or something. Unfortunately, unlike works of E. R. Burroughs, there's a noticeably short supply of naked martian princesses in "Apotheosis of a Demon". You'll have to enjoy just fights and blood spraying till this book ends.

After the first act, more severe problems appear in the simplistic canvas of this story. Random Infodumps™ by Random Plot Devices® just brute force story progression ahead (because writing a coherent story with the natural story progression is hard?).

Random Plot Devices® tell the heroine what to do, and she does that. She never questions Random Plot Devices®, or herself, so there's no that pesky "internal conflict" going on. There's also almost no external conflict at this point because the heroine is so OP, she wipes the floor with everything that dares to oppose her. Everything still dares to oppose her, though, so floor-wiping action continues. And continues. And continues. Fights at this point are highly repetitive, predictable, lack any creativity or sense of progression, yet still, they keep coming.

The most jarring problem of the late parts of the book is its moral basis. Or its moral bankruptcy, to be exact. At some point, the story went the "unapologetic unnecessary genocide for the greater good" route and tried to morally justify it. That was when it lost me completely.


At some point, Random Plot Device® tells the heroine something akin to "Humans are bad for ecology, so in a couple of centuries we'll run out of ecology". So heroine decides to destroy human civilization (?!) as soon as possible (?!) because humans are evil (?!).

Let me form a shortlist of logical and moral shortcomings of this approach.

1. The heroine never fact-checks the claims of the Random Plot Device. There are canonically known evil entities in this world that pretend to be benevolent gods. Yet, the heroine assumes, an entity that wants her to destroy civilization is totally benevolent, totally right, unbiased, and would never lie to her.
2. The heroine has centuries to fix the problem. Still, she decides that immediate genocide is better than any other potential solution.
3. The heroine is an unstoppable OP powerhouse. She has a large group of powerful admirers who would probably listen to her. Yet, she doesn't try to inform anyone about the world's long-term problems to find a solution collectively BEFORE she starts her genocidal route.
4. The heroine knows that the problem is caused by a limited group of individuals but punishes the whole unsuspecting population. In her book, punishing everybody for crimes of a few is OK.
5. Heroine declares all humans inherently evil because humans of this world is an alien quasi-medieval civilization with moral standards that don't correspond to modern Earth morals. She judges medieval aliens by modern Earth moral standards. But of course, she does not feel obligated to follow modern Earth moral standards herself (genocide, you know, is not very socially appropriate on modern Earth).

If that's not legendary levels of hypocrisy and s*upidity overlapping each other - I don't know what is.

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Beer_Kitty rated it
April 9, 2019
Status: c38
As of now, im liking this a lot.

MC doesnt go around being naive and goes with "i shouldnt kill". If she needs to kill, then kill.

about the world building, I guess its fine due to only having 100 chapters. No need to explain the details of a place she would be passing by.

The only thing im oof about this, is the 100 chapters. Why the hell is this so short!!
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
dtfyg rated it
September 5, 2019
Status: c50
Definitely one of, if not the best VR LN I've read. The only problem I had with this novel that made me put it off for so long is the fact that the MC is a bunny girl. I don't know if its because bunny girls are like actually popular in japan or something, but when I see anything with bunny girl, it immediately flips the switch in my brain to keep scrolling.

Thankfully, despite the MC being a bunny girl, there is no sign of this being some "cute/naive" romance... more>> or a harem novel.

Some negative reviews I've seen of this are criticizing the logic and science in this novel. Those people have probably never read another science fiction book before. With this novel, you can tell the author's put more thought into the logic and rules of the world than just "I want to write a game world with magic." The way the author connects everything together is extremely rare in LN these days.

This novel also has quite a few underlying themes that really get you to think about our current world. Its really refreshing to have a novel where you can actually feel a person behind it. Its one of those novels that left you feeling like you know the author irl after you've read it.

By no means is this novel perfect. In fact, I have quite a few complaints as it is. I could do without the whole bunny girl trope, I wish the author would've added some significant characters other than the MC and there are just some parts of the plot where its a bit contradictory.

This is however, imo the peak of currently translated VR/game world novels. 5/5 <<less
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Mothman rated it
August 11, 2019
Status: c74
I'm quite surprised by how good this is. Usually these stories are held back by poor worldbuilding and the presence of a VRMMO makes everything inconsequential leading to none of the story having any impact but that's clearly not the case here. The MC is likable, which already propels this to the top percentile of female main character WNs. You're not forced to suffer through a cliche cast of party members or shoujou love interests, it's just the MC and her blob. On top of that the translation is good... more>> which is good enough for me. <<less
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Yume. rated it
August 28, 2019
Status: c100
This novel is very much like Kumo desu ga, Nani ka?

If you enjoyed Kumo, then you will most likely enjoy this one as well however the MC in this one is more pitiful but generally strong willed and does what she has to in order to get the job done and survive; she is by no means the typical wimpy MC and Japanese tropes are thrown out of the window. (Even the food one.)

I will note however there is NO romance in this novel, not even among the side... more>> characters so if that is what you are looking for it's probably not for you. <<less
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Iotameru rated it
June 8, 2019
Status: Completed
The whole story is interesting, MC is constantly struggling to survive.

I won't spoil the WN ending but it became a bit emotional.

Overall, the story is good with twists and turns. I enjoyed it...
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
oire2113 rated it
November 27, 2019
Status: c100
The novel had lots of plot holes, undeveloped characters and many lucky encounters that seems very unlikely.

But who cares!

I enjoy every minute reading it. I didn't even realise all the negatives until after I had finished it.

You want a good story progression that you can leisurely read through without thinking too hard? This is your light novel.
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Pau rated it
February 26, 2019
Status: c20
This novel is really good. Thought it only have 20 chapters translated for now, but the story already intrigued me.

The plot a bit different from the most of other VR strory (playing game or transmigrasion into game)

... more>>

It's not just about playing game or some inhumane research using VR. There's deeper plot in it.

From some hints dropped by author in ch 17, the VR world Yggdrasia was actually a real world. And the game (beta and alpha test) was just research/preparation for the real invasion that planned to do after enought data gathered.


I also like other novel written by the same author of this novel (demon princess), and this novel might be better than his/her other work.

So, for now I gave it 5 stars. And I have high expectation for this novel. <<less
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SorrowSong rated it
May 22, 2019
Status: c51
This is a criminally underrated novel which is crippled by a synopsis which makes it sound like a comedy.

Spoiler alert: it isn't.

Long chapters, a wonderful protagonist (with an annoyingly vague backstory) and a realistic version of the isekai meets game genre. The translation is quite good as well.

Read this.

The bad: this is a great 100 chapter novel. It would have made for a much better 250 chapter one. It feels overly compressed at times.

The good: just about everything else.

Read this.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 10, 2020
Status: Completed
A beautiful novel, flawed as it may be it tells a consise consistant and direct story. One of my personal favorites. Many novels drone for 300+ chapters then hiatus away their fanbases. This author finished the goal at exactly 100 and completed all of the arcs.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
crazedreader rated it
March 11, 2019
Status: c23
Like other reviewers said, this novel is good. Although compared to the other novel of the same author, the world-building is a bit lacking, this novel is still much better than other novels with random plots. As long as you don't mind a bit of dark story you guys should go read this. It's worth the time, I promise. At least the protagonist is not a brainless ret*rd, and only a bit less smarter than most, plus considering the fact that she is under mental stress.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nyamu rated it
February 14, 2019
Status: c15
Oh damn this is good. 5 stars. But I sneezed and cl**ked 4 stars xD.

The secret experiment is pretty brutal but the MC is still able to 'keep her humanity'. Yet she doesn't find excuses...

Rather, she doesn't need one. The worst that could happen to someone else is getting their accounts deleted and every human NPC she has met so far are definitely villains
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cpzombie rated it
September 5, 2021
Status: Completed
A pretty sweet story about a girl becoming a monster and then becoming more and more OP, while still being cute. It has the same author and a similar feel to the Demon Noble Girl novel, so if you like one you'll probably enjoy the other. It's also pretty short and easily readable in a just a day or two; definitely give it a shot.
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chihamin rated it
April 12, 2021
Status: c39
NOTE: before/after you read this review, please read V_Korneev's review (which should be just below mine) which summarizes exactly why this story isn't worth all the praise.

A bit overrated.

The premise is great and the translator has done a fantastic job but it just... fails to deliver.

... more>> I've dropped this at chapter 39 because I'm just so bored I can't go on.

Let me elaborate on why this is frankly an overrated mess of a story.

First of all, this has an incredibly high score for most of the novels on this site. The minimum for a "good" story is usually 4.2 with some exceptions. MEANING — this is supposed to be a very well written story to have a 4.5 rating despite how many ratings there are.

But considering the rating? It's really just "meh" and even though im someone who can sit through lots of boredom, I'm leaving this story at quite an early place. (Although im at the end of arc 2)

Now to get onto why its a mediocre story, heres a few points...

-The ONLY, and I mean ONLY important character is the main character. Our main character is the only character we have to stick with for what I assume stretches for the entire story since there have been no (at least completely sentient) companions as of now.

Every time a character gets introduced that you think might finally turn into a companion and a person who is kind, they either turn out to be a shady person or are forgotten almost entirely.

This is unbelievably disappointing especially when the story teases the idea of a good companion. For gods sake, I don't want a harem I just want a good friend of the main character so that MC is not the only person I have to deal with for the entire story.

(The next part is under a spoiler warning but if I were you I would still read it if you wanna save yourself the time wasted reading this story)


-There are pretty much no stakes. Our MC is a mary sue, and aside from her first battle, she almost has no issues in battles. Not only that, but even though she has a tragic past and was mentally and physically abused, she is a complete goodie character who goes out of her way to honor her dead "allies" of whom she hadn't even really interacted with before.

Their powers did help her and she wouldn't have made it without their powers, but that's just it. They never really met each-other and had no attachment. Despite this, MC still feels the need to owe them — which is fine unless you were often an emotionless kid like MC is.


-The people (background characters) in the novel. It's so annoying that every person in the world has to have some shitty view just so the MC can stand out more as a pure person. Pretty much every character in this world is a bad person unless they are :

•an elf

•a demihuman

or... oh nevermind the list ends there I guess. :')

-World building. Imma be honest with u guys, I gave up trying to understand this novel's world's laws and rules when it got super complicated. It sometime seemed like the author would stretch the laws just for the sake of convenience — which, I'm sure you could imagine, IS CONFUSING. Not only is the functions of this world hard to understand as you get further in, it seems like — for the sake of making the MC more powerful — they bended their own rules.

-Character design. Out of all the subjects i've talked about here, this is the most subjective one. Its just, so... cliche. Its a novel so appearances aren't going to really be a bother but I'm someone who pays a lot of attention to that. And, finding out after one of her evolutions that she was in a typical, raised and fluffy red dress with leggings just made me cringe. Basically just a idol dancer outfit.

again this is subjective so its just my personal tase but yea

Tl;dr this is an overrated, mediocre and boring story. If you're a person who needs multiple characters to focus on then this is not for you. <<less
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Absolute-Melody rated it
December 26, 2019
Status: c100
My largest qualm, as other reviews have already listed is the climax taking 20 chapters instead of possibly 10; the majority could be condensed and have the same impact. Others have talked about appraisal and Shedy’s limited ability options being a flaw, but the fact that she is so limited in her skills, and not in her application is a major plus for me. How many novels are there that keep a story going for 500+ chapters, with the main characters having 20+ skills; who wants to read a list... more>> of minutiae when they came for plot. At the end of her journey, Shedy only owns 4 main skills, with each skill having multiple facets for use, along with the ability to fuse into an “ultimate.” For what I consider a relatively short read, this definitely brings its message home. <<less
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