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Jobs, hobbies, lifestyles—the world has advanced to a point where nothing can be separated from VR anymore. And now, a VR game was released using the most cutting-edge technologies; its name was “Boot Hour, Shoot Curse.” Our protagonist had no choice but to play solo during the closed beta test, but once the game officially launched, she made lots of friends (but not necessarily the player’s friends), formed a huge clan (but not a clan of players), and matured as an individual.

The title of this story was just completely random, at first.

In the middle of writing the story, the title finally became relevant.

While coming up with the story, the game’s name was also random. There was no wordplay involved. But just remember: Curiosity killed the cat~

The star of this story does whatever she wants and treats all other players simply as sources of experience points.

Associated Names
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Ougon no Keikenchi
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6 Reviews

Mar 07, 2021
Status: c57
So far a very interesting novel with a compelling female MC.

The translation is very good.

This seems to be a faction-building novel so far. MC subordinates a bunch of entities (beastkin, monsters,...) in the first few chapters.

... more>> Might be boring if not for the intelligent observations and remarks on the side. I am genuinely interested in MC and her life outside VR which, so far, has only been hinted at.

Sometimes, the perspective switches to other characters. It will be interesting to see how important those will become.

That's as much as I can say so far. Why leave a comment so early? I am afraid I might forget to...

And the translation is really very well done! If I don't leave a comment, it'd be a shame.

Good job translator! <<less
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May 16, 2021
Status: c67
Very good novel and translation, tough it's a shame that the translator's website doesn't seem to have a way to comment.

If you read until the curtent transslated chapter and still like the novel, keep reading, it only gets better.

EDIT: Suggestions for the translator (RAW Spoilers)

... more>>

Change the term "Demon" in Great Demon to Devil, and change Great Demon to Archdevil, since unlike a Demon and Demon Lord which comes from the Spirit evolution line (Elf/Dwarf evolution) Angels and Devils come from the Homunculus evolution line.

Also, when the time that [REDACTED] evolves into the human's evolution disaster, instead of calling the evolution "Evil Human" and "Good Human" I propose calling them Sin/Virtue of Humanity, because it sounds more like a race than an adjetive.

For the Vampiric disaster evolution, instead of "True Vampire" I suggest using the "Vampire Progenitor" term.

Lastly, for the Beastman disaster evolution, instead of "Spirit Beastman", use "Sacred Beastman"

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May 17, 2021
Status: c68
Great translation, good concept, well written, honestly there's nothing I can complain about here it's just all good. Thank you translator (s) for letting me be able to read this.
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Apr 23, 2021
Status: c63
Really well written thus far and I’m enjoying it immensely. The translation is also very well done!
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Apr 25, 2021
Status: c64
very good and very interesting, too bad the translator of this translation, I hope the next chapter will translate. I love this novel.

The plot is clear, the story is interesting, there are no cheats in this novel, the MC only uses the right method. There is no special ability for MC, only smart MC.
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Aug 05, 2021
Status: c87
I was mostly enjoying this story except maybe all the side character pov's (these can be rather excessive and do little to advance the plot in most cases) until chapter 87. As of this chapter I'm not even sure I want to read the next one.

Rather major spoiler below.

... more>>

The author decided that the MC was going to die in this chapter ahead of time and starts it with her ressing afterwards. This was pre planned as they had written the MC gradually starting to feel invincible.

This would have been fine except for the fact that the author has her turn into a brain dead moron when she is supposed to be an intelligent MC and has her die to a bunch of idiots who shouldn't have even known she was coming to set up a trap specifically for her. There is also the issue of them even being able to damage her as she had gone through several massive power spikes since the previous event.

It would have been less s*upid if one of the other cataclysms had randomly shown up and killed her to teach her not to get ahead of her self and that she wasn't invincible and I would have cared alot less. The author also had her forget that she can teleport to her minions without using castling which was an ability that made no sense to introduce as she had a better one already. The whole thing was just a poorly written excuse to teach the character a lesson.

All in all a really sh*t chapter and I might read the follow up chapter that supposedly goes into more detail later on but this really killed any trust I had in the author.

Rant over.

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