Dungeon Battle Royale ~ Since I Became a Demon King, I Will Aim for World Domination ~


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One day every human on the world suddenly receives a mail claiming to enact the World Salvation Project. Half in doubt Kurosaki Shion, a diligent university student and loner, follows the mail’s instructions, becoming one of a million Demon Kings governing his very own Domain in the new world.

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Dungeon Battle Royale ~ Maou ni Natta node Sekai Touitsu wo Mezaishimasu ~
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26 Reviews

New adrix89
May 04, 2024
Status: c200
A dungeon management novel that actually takes itself seriously for once, unlike Dungeon Defense that throws the premise out in the first volume.

Then novel is basically the equivalent of a Strategy RPG playthrough, the author is a decent player in this types of games so the protagonist acts pretty intelligently.

As a "Battle Royale" he has opponents that are actually competent and can't cheese himself out like in Lazy Dungeon Master.
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Jan 22, 2020
Status: c250
The MC is reasonable and inteligent enough but not to the point of unrealistic, he is the type that focus more on analysis and planing ahead (probably impact of being economic major undergraduate).

What I really like is that a lot of MC decisions seem good with the amount of information he had at that time then some turn out to be brilliant but some also turn out to be mistake when he got more information.

This novel also show that many conclusions that MC reach, a lot of other people also... more>> arrive at the same conclusion (unlike many novel that seem to treats what MC thinking as something unique and totally innoventive even though it's something that's really simple thus making other character looks dumb)

Other characters also have distinct personality, not just some card board (well the important one anyway lol) enough that you would remember them despite the huge amout of characters.

The setting is interesting and seem fresh enough even though the premise is kind of convolute but no more than other fantasy setting in japanese (like getting send to another world after a car crash, stabbed, etc.) <<less
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Oct 02, 2020
Status: c58
Try another novel. Unless you only want cliches.

... more>>

About MC: He is just another teenager with "I'm Tough person, you know" mentality. He is one of the author boasted "smart and manipulative" MC. In reality, he is just a mediocre and possibly a mentally affected teenager who needs experts counselling. Without plot armors, he would have died at the beginning itself.

His marvelous manipulations like - farming dungeon, 6 hrs time limit concept, giving gifts - are simply s*upid plot hole and armors.

Here is list of some Key Plot Holes, I came across in the short span:

  • It was given that those supposed demon lords already used internet to share info during probation period, why come no human found it? - No explanation.
  • If demon lords still uses internet - Why no else made any post and only MC posts it? - Left hanging.
  • What he does (giving of weapons) affected another DL, why the reverse hadn't happen - Again another Plot Armor.
  • One DL literally cried to Hero party that they should show him mercy as he is also a fellow citizen - yet this CRUCIAL info. never came out, and left in darkness - What a Plot Armor!.
  • No one noticed or doubted why 6 hrs time limit only applicable to MC dungeon - Or by what miracle the study conducted exactly in his dungeon out of a lot?! And Why not this info was cross checked with other dungeons - across the world?! - Again plot Armor!!!!!!

Chapters were filled with so much blah, blah explanation - which were literally useless. Once, I thought as google-chan entering the scene, it might get interesting.... but alas it was just another waste of useful material.

It started with an interesting premises to explore, but as novel progress it became boring and less and less meaningful.... Especially information gathering and manipulation using apps makes no sense if we apply our common sense, as other side (Humans) is the one who has more resources to collect, organize and access these information all over world, once again, note here, ALL OVER THE WORLD!. They are people and governments who governed countries in modern world not novice pumpkins who lived in Stone Age - to just come and die in his dungeon. But how plot treats them - is utterly ridiculous.

Bottom line :- MC- Worse. World Setting - Worst. Plot growth - Blah blah. Side characters - just fillers and noises.

Its a crap. DONT READ IT.


I don't think it worth the time spend. DO SKIP IT. <<less
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Jul 01, 2020
Status: c52
At least 90% of the novel are system expositions and internal monologues of the MC about said system and it's skills/attributes, where he ponders about all the implications of each option, performs a bunch of number crunching and simulate the consequences.

It gets a little less worse about chap 40+, but it's still bothersome and I got myself skipping a lot of the info dump, specially because they didn't matter in the end. The rest of the story is mostly grinding/farming ppl that invade his dungeon in a boring tell don't... more>> show manner.

The MC lacks personality and is quite boring. We can't sympathise with him since he's either killing tons of 'innocent' ppl invading his dungeon, or treating his minions as expendable pawns even though they have intelligence but no free will.

I'd rather be reading Dungeon Defense, Maou-sama no Machizukuri, or a bunch of other dungeon novels at royalroad that explore this theme far better and with an actual story. <<less
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Dec 02, 2020
Status: c75
It is good and much better than many other japanese isekais. But this is a dungeon core story and it kind of is a defend the objective and manipulate the attackers kind of game. Anyway I'll drop this. Nothing wrong with this story, funny with a clever MC, but there isn't that much different, nothing there which hasn't been seen before. Though the dungeon elements still combine in a nice way not making this boring. Also the translation is going to take a while. Translation is also good btw. So... more>> read it, if you are searching for a nice story, while not the best, it still is pretty good.

Now my personal reason for quitting, I just kind of got bored. Sure it has a nice progression, the characters aren't 1-Dimensional and there aren't any real illogicalities. But considering this hasn't been fully translated and I would have to wait for a long time for this to finish. I already know, that when the translation is finished, I won't like the novel anymore, simply because it took so long. There is the good kind of waiting and there is the boring one. I waited for a few chapters to stock up, before I decided to try to read up the stockpile. But I don't want to do this a dozen times, waiting just takes the fun out of reading this for me, so i'll be a quitter. <<less
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Dec 18, 2019
Status: c20
Ok not bad.

I love the fact the MC is not a genius or anything.

The focus is on the system, has the MC as not spoke anything since chapter 2.

I can see that changes in the future.

Won't take long to read. Worth a try
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Jun 03, 2022
Status: c240
Best way I can describe this one succinctly would be: [It's like a korean gate-fantasy web novel was written as a japanese light novel with a dose of warring states japan thrown in the mix.]

It has the standard tropes of the gate-fantasy subgenre with some alterations. There are two sides fighting each other, humanity and the demon kings and a system in play that forces them to fight. At the beginning of the cataclysm Demon kings, which were originally humans were given a sovereignty of 6km patches of land and... more>> humanity was ejected from those, most of the Demon King's territories being centered on areas that were once densely populated. Which unsurprisingly really messed up logistics and made normal life impossible. To survive both sides must fight, which is the goal and design of some higher being.

The MC, Shion, is a mix of a clever, ruthless and a bit of a dunce, making this both fun and at times frustrating to read as he'll obsess over just about everything while planning but manage to totally miss the mark in execution. Most times it still turns out well but occasionally those times will feel like the author railroading, which isnt good tbh. Personality wise beyond that Shion is about as interesting as watching paint dry. His interactions with people are boring to put it plainly. The supporting cast is likelwise a bit lackluster with their personalities being easily described by simple archetypes.

What makes this story interesting enough for me to read up to current, at the time of writing this, is the ebb and flow of the multiple front conflicts. The way different strategies have to be used, due to the rules the world is forced to abide by, when attacking Demon territories or Human territories. Human territories usually involve large scale battles while, In demon territory the rules force people to restrict numbers and create elite attack teams to simultaneously attack multiple dungeons existing in one demon kings territory.

All in all its a fun read if you like level-up fantasy stuff with battles of escalating scale, but there is not much to be found here beyond that.

As a side note I'm a bit confused by the harem tag. The inner circle has a pretty even mix of gender that I think is actually leaning to more males than females. And there isn't even a sliver of romance at all in the 240 chapters i've read so far. <<less
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Oct 27, 2021
Status: c182
The name of the novel perfectly clarified the plot of the novel. The plot of the novel is also uncommon and engaging. It's quite similar to 'Tensei slime', but MC is not pacifist but kills if necessary cold-blooded. The plot revolves around overthrowing, leveling (killing), and administration.

The reason why I read this novel despite starting chapters not quite appalling is that dungeon system and world-building. The god or what MC calls the mastermind who set up the dungeon system did a good job.

... more>>

Their job is saving the world



Chaos and laws are two sides of a coin is given in great detail. There is also neutral but they are not important.


Chaos simply put are demon kings of social outcasts or people with peculiar word view some ex. 'Why doesn't the world end'. Laws are normal people's.


The dungeon system is explained in quite detail, which causes quite a headache to recall every detail.

MC is quite realistic and Calculative, he plans everything with great details which I enjoyed a lot. At the start, the MC character doesn't build up so it's normal to see him as typical Japanese Isekai MC but wait for a few chapters and you will know MC is quite perceptive. MC is not overly powered, I mean he is powered but not overly, his servants are more powerful than him, mc's attraction is in scheming and implementation and that's also the novel's main significance.

The bleak point of the novel will side characters or main mc's servants

They appear quite a one-dimensional ex. Fanatic, muscle brain, gentle old man, gyaru, Megane, pe*vert, chunibyo, etc etc.


Well, it's no problem if you ignore it and focus solely on MC without complaining.

I am only at 182. There is quite a lot to the novel which is Mysterious. For example genuine intention of the mastermind, where is MC is going after conquering dungeons I mean will he go to another world? Will he take vengeance because of his difficult life?
That's from me! <<less
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Jun 28, 2021
Status: c10
Starts of really slow with to much explanation about thing that are irrelevant and give us to much information about stuff that doesn't even matter. Also there is a lot of continuity errors.
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Dec 12, 2020
Status: c126
It's really good, probably one of the best dungeon defender novels out there.

BUT it's definitely not for everyone, if you dislike it you'll hate it. The text is wordy and there is a lot of discussion about mid-maxing and theory crafting.

The upside of this is you're constantly going "oh what could I do here" and planning out your own moves. Different minions and attack patterns, lots of in depth about powers and abilities.

Not for everyone but if your into it, it can't be beat.
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Oct 06, 2020
Status: c96
Good read, worth searching.

While it has nothing extraordinary about it, there's nothing unnecessarily displeasing either.

Most of other stories has this common issue, they purposely make MC very advantageous only to suffer brain damage at the most convenient time for the author, so that probably, conserve writing material but both f*cking up the story's pace and reasoning. This story however, doesn't have uselessly advantageous MC and approach such issue in a straightforward manner.

It approach it just by blatantly wrote lots of parts from a single chapters/title within battle chapters, which I... more>> still hate for the sheer number of it *can reach over 20*. Fortunately, the author knows what to give to the readers, that is to give them some sort of result or conclusion thus keeping me within the story despite the lots of parts.

Remember when some stories had a bunch of fighting chapters and it ends with nobody died or the baddies just s*upidly flee? then asked, why am I reading this the whole time? This story, well... rest assure, it doesn't do that, just this one time MC failed to slaughter but 2 of the entire invader, but don't let that discourage you... go ahead and read, it's not bad. <<less
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Jun 13, 2023
Status: c287
A dungeon management story
That actually sticks to dungeon management
And doesn't devolve into slice of life, romance, comedy, etc.

Waiting for updates aside, when binge reading, the story doesn't feel dragged out, the time skips are well
placed to prevent too much repetitiveness, and the author does a good job of slowly introducing new concepts or problems as the MC grows his domain.


One of the better reads I've had in a long while.

And the idea of splitting the world, so that humanity has to choose between fighting for the old-world governments, or giving in to the new-world demon kings, is an interesting one.
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Jun 17, 2021
Status: c144
story - 4.5

MC personality -5

Side characters -5

... more>> At first u thought it would be an annoying ln but I was wrong it was completely out of my expectation.

The MC is really good, cunning and ruthless to his enemies maybe a little bit of a coward.

The story goes as world slavation project started and humans were selected as law, neutral and chaos. MC is in chaos. They are given land to maintain and if they lose they die. MC using his brain turned his domain into farm for lvls and then immediately shows his true strength after using humans for gaining lvls. Then he makes humans and demon lords his companions and start his grand plan of conquering all of kanazawa and japan.

Highly recommended for thoses who are looking for a goood and long ln. <<less
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May 25, 2021
Status: c139
Great dungeon novel. You brain only needs to be halfway off to enjoy! There are plot holes and armor, but I bet a lot of people wouldn't even notice/it's forgivable. If you're used to these kinds of novels and are looking for something that's not completely smooth brain, this one's pretty good. Evolution is hype, and no harem/fan service either.
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Jun 28, 2020
Status: c279
Alongside lazy dungeon master, this imho is the best dungeon master LN.

The MC is bound by the same rules, same system as the other demon king and thus start in the same starting line as his adversaries. He's not OP at all which I really like. Other than the basic, most of the world system and rules is unknown to everyone. It's like, the character are playing a new game with no tutorial and minimal explanation, let alone faqs (though the author sometimes explain the hidden mechanic of the... more>> world to the reader through end of chapter notes)

The interesting point about this LN is perhaps the setting which enable the reader to guess the endgame of the story. Spoiler just in case

The story takes place in our current world. It's not an isekai. Shion, the MC, is a former Japanese university student who is chosen to be one of the milion demon king. Yes, the demon kings include foreigner from all around the world though until ch 54, he is just on the verge of conquering the city he lived in. From here we know that afterwards the story will progress on national scale and cross into international stage. I wonder what the demon king from north korea going to be...


The pacing and quality of the story is decent, but the length of a chapter is a bit short. If you thought that the novel has progressed so far because of its 270+ chapter then you will be dissapointed.

This is a spoiler far from the current translation

The genre is shifting further from pure dungeon management after 100+ chapter and focused more on territory expansion and recruitment of promising personel. Most of the major battle in later story consisted of Army scale battle with both sides often having similar number or Shion's in disadvantegous position. If you have played rts games like total war series in hard mode, the story will progress to something like that. Including managing his conqured territory and forging alliance with other demon kings.

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Jan 15, 2024
Status: c300
Basically it's a Dungeon management story where humanity and demon kings are playing a map painting paradox game like Europa universalis or something. Focuses on dungeon management. No harem that derails the story or romance in general. The story is by no means very compelling or deep but the setting is what makes it enjoyable. For that reason I recommend it. Subarou and the bug are definitely best characters.
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Apr 23, 2022
Status: c221-222
This is good, the storyline is also good.

MC is quite smart but not cunning, he had abilities to discern benefit and loss from decision based on logical approach. And like I said he isn't too cunning so there is a little scheme here and there but he mostly move based on benefit.

One flaw tho, I hope every character had more depth to their backround.

... more>>

I know they erased the existence of the chaos people from the world, but at least give more than just describing the character through action, like giving backround story or motive on how did the character behave that way.

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Oct 27, 2021
Status: c72
This is good and unique, it quite different from the normal dungeon master novel as the mastermind (who turned earth into death game) made some little part of human population into Demon Kings. Not only demon kings must fend off the invasion of human in order to survive, but also other demon kings as well.

But 50 chapters in, and you might find it tiring as there's only one invasion after another. There's no sweet moment for the MC and his girls.

It's just full of killing. Kill invading human, invade other... more>> demon king, kill human, invade another demon king.

Neverending invasion and killing is all this novel had.

So much bloodshed...

Nevertheless a fresh idea the novel had made me give this one 5 star.

Dropped at chapter 72. This novel made me tired. Its time for me to retire, here take my Dungeon Core... <<less
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Feb 02, 2021
Status: --
An excellent novel for me. Good thing I found it cause it is a worth reading novel. Especially if you are like me whk is tired of reading the kr novels with dungeons and modern times genres. Of course this is different from the kr novel cause it is jp novel but still I cant help comparing them.

It entertain me, so 5 stars for this novel.
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Jun 19, 2020
Status: --
Definitely top tier when it comes to any dungeon defense novels. The power system for the MC was extremely well thought out. The dungeon masters can evolve from being human into any number of mythical beasts all of which have special conditions which need to be met before one can take any specified route. I'm excited to see more of what this novel turns into.
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Jun 02, 2020
Status: c187
One of the best dungeon defense novels that I've read. The MC is not an edgelord, but he always does his analysis of what will gonna happen, planning, etc. The author gave solid enough reason for the MC to adapt quickly (which is to erase their emotions as a human and the memory of their relatives.). All in all, its a great read.
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