Miss Demon Maid


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Bullied and pushed off a cliff by her classmates, a girl opened her eyes together with the sound of thunderous lightning. Upon returning to the classroom, she and everyone in her class were summoned. They arrived in a world with an eerie resemblance to an online otome game that had been popular on the internet (but only the internet).

Neither had they been summoned as Heroes to defeat a Dark Lord, nor would they be Saints to save the world. They were summoned to become Partners to nobilities. As the students were rooted to the spot in abject confusion, a girl walked forward to stand in front of a villainess with a smile.

“I shall be in your service, milady.”

This is a story of a clumsy villainess and a maid who came from another world.

For her Mistress’ love, the maid’s work is never done.

Associated Names
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Akuma no meido-san.
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OrdinMan rated it
October 23, 2019
Status: --
I am always a fan of the mob character being in the spotlight from isekai's but this is a great mix between tropes mixed from isekai summoning and otome game novels, very good.
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frato rated it
October 10, 2019
Status: c2
The translation is really good.

This is just the start for now so we don't know which direction the story is going to take, but the main character and the plot looks interesting.

In general, the work of this author is really good so I'm not worrying about this novel.

(ps: How can people put 1 star for this work with only 2 chapters out ?? It's like people who dislike a content without checking it...)
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Glue rated it
December 17, 2019
Status: c18
Much in line with the author's other works, the protagonist's actions are in a nicely ambiguous grey area. I often find myself cheering for her then following up with the thought, "alright, that's kind of messed up."

The story is generally light and fluffy material without anything taken too seriously or too dark. It is good popcorn material if you can stomach the mild descriptions of gore and torture. I think the worst I've read so far is.. Sticking a hand inside a dead guy and using him like a puppet.... more>> Now I know that sounds bad.. Because it is. BUT, the author clearly defines the bad guys, so there's little ambiguity as to why they had it coming.

The author is consistent and knows how to keep a story from outstaying it's welcome. It should be another fun ride. <<less
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