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When he regained consciousness he was already in another world. There was no meeting with a God, no cheat skills, just a sudden reincarnation. There was no time to find his bearings either, he was in a life-or-death trouble from the start that would somehow result in being employed as a valet to a vain youngster from an aristocratic family.

He would, in time, discover an astonishing truth about this new world and vow to fight it with all his might to protect the people important to him. No matter how reckless that would be.

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Falling In Love With the Villainess
Rơi vào lưới tình với nữ phản diện
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122 Reviews

Sep 19, 2016
Status: Completed
This is the only story I ever read that have ingeniously thought up of a justification on every story flaws as a "feature" of the story. Yes, the story blatantly stated that the characters might acts erratically, plot might be illogical, there are incosistent details everywhere, but you can't criticize the author since it's a "feature" of the story, every single flaw is "deliberate" according to her. No matter how bad the flaw is, it's planned. Incredible, right? Yeah, as if. It's a big middle finger to readers who don't... more>> blindly reads without analyzing things.

Starting pretty strong but then dwelling into a frustatingly long unresolved misunderstanding trope common in generic shoujo series. To be honest the beginning parts of the story is a 5/5 material, but somehow after that it's frustating.

The MC is a literal gigholo who can easily manipulates girls but dense as brick when it comes to the heroine. Have OP battle skills but rather s*upid, he can't see glaringly obvious solution out of his problem and the author conveniently evade the subject so he/she can keep the drama going on. He can't simply consider simple act as gaining cooperation of somebody that is important, he's just busy going here and there building his connection with people with less priority but he's ignoring to inform his own master and heroine about it. It's as if you know somebody is planning to kill your lover but you don't even consider to warn her about the circumstances and instead going into bar to woo girls so those girls can tell you rumors about the perpetrator, which for some reason you can't deal with the perpretator, all the while your lover remains oblivious about the danger and often doing something dangerous because she simply doesn't know about it, but still you won't tell her about it, you're just standing there and worrying how to stop her doing dangerous acts, but you do nothing, often flapping your mouth "N- no, d-don't go there" "Why?" "Um.. nothing..." "Are you keeping a secret from me?" "Ah... no, nothing" then she goes there and you're chagrined why you can't stop her, and as expected situation goes awry, then you step up on critical moment to save the day, rinse and repeat this for couple of times. To be honest it's frustating.

And that's the second glaring annoying thing, the first and foremost annoying thing is something that if the MC simply do it, the first arc will be resolved extremely fast and simple.

the game heroine is an otherworlder for god sake, the same as the MC! And the MC is seemingly quite informed about gaming culture at that! He even have seen the game heroine's notes about the game capturing strategy. Why can't he consider confronting the game heroine and reveal that he's also an otherworlder?? That way he can get her cooperation to avoid harm for his master and heroine! The MC can strike a deal that the game heroine can freely capture her targets as she please but just don't harm the heroine, he can even offer helping her!

Or even better he can actually have a discussion with her and tell her that this world is not the world of game. It's normal if other people can't comprehend Maria's actions, but the MC is fully aware of it yet he's avoiding the source of the trouble.

Or he can just bang her like the other girls to get her favor, it's in line with his work ethic, but somehow he won't do it with her.

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Jul 12, 2016
Status: c124
Well I finished reading the whole novel, it was an enjoyable ride. The story have three arcs. The first one is what u are thinking when you read the beginning of the story. Unusual MC who serves with loyalty a guy and loves the vilainess of an otome game. The first arc ends with quite the plot twist so I'm not gonna talk about the second arc. The third arc which is the last one finishes with an "open ending".

The story was quite nice and was an enjoyable ride. It... more>> was the author first story and he wrote it quite nicely, I thought at the start it would be a cliche story but it wasn't, just the first arc alone was enjoyable as a cliche story but the following arcs only gets better. War and strategies were also quite good in the story. It's probably not the best story I read but it was a good story and better in quality than many half assed written and left without ending stories that we can find anytime on syotesu. It's worth taking the time to read it. <<less
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Jun 03, 2017
Status: c49
I am not good with words.

All I can say is read this before you judge, The criticism by @Cryarc is honestly misleading enough for me to not have picked this novel in the first place. Painting the Protagonist of some sort of Gigolo when in fact there's much more to him than banging girls left and right, In fact he's repulsed by these actions. He had reasons for doing so, reasons for not divulging the information to his important people. Which is greatly addressed in the novel and a fulfilling... more>> resolved conflict over time which made the MC more human in retrospective.

Short review starts here.

I am not professional reviewer but this novel is simply amazing. A diamond in the rough, It led me to believe its the common generic Otome game but there's twist in it, Of course just having a twist in it doesn't make it inherently good. Each act in this novel offers amazing development for the main characters in this novel, It influences the circumstances greatly and affects a lot of the characters in general (More so for the main ones). In hindsight.

The romance for the Main characters is slow but with satisfying payoff (No NTR). Plus this novel has Age progression, It may not be the level of Mushoku Tensei Age progression but age progression none the less.

Bah I am annoyed that I can't write are review without seeming like I'm just stroking the Novel's ego but honestly give it a try. The praise it gets is justified. <<less
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Jul 13, 2016
Status: c7
Wait; who the hell put 「Otome Game」 and 「Reincarnated Into A Game World」 tag on this series... ?
Is that a joke or spoiler?


A guy was dead in the other world and his soul (memories?) got transported into someone from slums and both personality exist sides by sides until they slowly merged into one main personality.

Pretty simple, eh?

Chapter one isn't that dark. The real sh!t started from chapter 7 (currently newest chapter translated when I wrote this review). I don't know what will happen in the future releases, but I must say I'm satisfied with the current story.

MC is loyal to a certain someone and he's trying to support him from the shadow. Extortions, political struggles, mu*ders, inheritance conflicts; the MC will resorts to any means necessary to support the one he swore his loyalty.

If you're looking for an ultimate beta MC who walks around with his harem doing s*upid things flaunting his OPness, then you're on the wrong series.
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Feb 05, 2017
Status: Completed
A good novel, a high and low with enjoyable ride. Some might complaint why MC don't do this and that but there's reason for that.

As long as the game event doesn't end, heroine (MC enemy) are protected by plot armor. MC can't kill her nor deviate too much from game scenario. It's all according to The World wish. Earlier volume of novel are about MC goes against The World wish and how The World reacts to purge MC. Later volume are after the game event ends, and MC are now free to make his move.

There's plot twist here and there but all in all it's a good read. Intelligent, handsome and reliable MC, what else do you need.
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Nov 08, 2016
Status: c21
Give this five star, I insist! This is another unique masterpiece. Dayum! All characters seemed to have important roles and leaning to a different tendencies and action, all the characters are overly unique and living, and in between relationships (character treatment wise) are overly emphasized. If I were to describe their personalities, it is overly straightforward (or just straight), but describing their roles can make a whole mess of the story. A lot of characters are the key maker and is capable of inciting developments and change within the story,... more>> not only that, conflict between personality and roles seems to make the feedback really tensed. All told in a MC perspective. Another really unique series~!!! -I especially like how the author insert his own philosophy <<less
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Aug 12, 2016
Status: c124
This is great man~

The twists are awesome and Rion is one of the best MC ever :D

Btw, keep watch on Charlotte hehe~

Also, Kuronairo said this has open ending, but it's more like ended with big possibility of sequel. The primary themes have been resolved and by the end a new theme emerged.
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May 10, 2019
Status: c35
Plainly put, this novel is bullshit.

The premise and start made me want to give this a 5/5 initially but the plot is so bad after like 5 chapters.

Problems with first 15 chapters (spoilers)

The author was h**ny af righting this. First he adds in a bunch of BL vibes then gets MC to deny it. Then he gives MC a Harem at 11 years old.... then he basically erases MC and young master's relationship and basically makes him the S&M target of the sister. Then he tries to justify MC's... more>> illogical loyalty as because they were the only ones who treated him kindly.... wtf... Neither of MC's split personalities should feel anything to the f*cking spoiled brats not to mention dedicate his life to them. At the very least I want him to remain as a close subordinate to the young master who "saved" him and not a s*x object for his f*cking sister.

Problems that made me drop (spoiler)

So at around 25-30, the siblings for no apparant decide that they want f*ck their own lives by admitting to a bunch of crimes they didn't do.... Like why????.. Then the only reason I was still reading this dies only leaving the fcking Yandere girl who no one fcking likes. Meanwhile author is trying to justify it all by saying "the world" is just going towards fate. What a convienient excuse to just hide all your plotholes.

If you're just looking for some kinky master s*ave novel with minimal plot, then this is for you I guess. <<less
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Oct 29, 2017
Status: c124
New Review: 9/5 stars

The translators stopped the translation because the author requested so. I took things to my own hands and boy, I love the story. Now that I finished it? I fell in love with it even more. The final arc was definitely the best I've ever seen and the epilogue... I f***ing couldn't stop my emotions from bursting. This novel is definitely the best fantasy novel in this world for me. I don't think another novel can be as good as this. Falling In Love With The Villainess... more>> is a masterpiece. I highly recommend this. No, I'll kill you if you don't read this (lol) but seriously read it. I might be exaggerating to some but I loved this. Bruh I'd marry this story if I can.

Old Review:

An MC that is against the world's plot armor, romance that is sweeter than sugar, action that will leave you mesmerized, and a story that will definitely be always in your mind.

This is a true masterpiece.

To viewers reading this review, read the story and you'll understand that this story is possibly one of the best stories out there <<less
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Feb 23, 2019
Status: v3
Dropped! First arc was so good. But then in Third arc, I didn't enjoy it at all. It just became boring for me

... more>>

many of readers may want the MC to have harem but for me it ruined the story. The author describe him as a very faithful lover, he only love the female lead. Even tho he sleep around with other women, he actually feel disgusted when he did it. But then BOOM, in Third Arc, suddenly the author think it nice for the MC to has a feeling to another girl, and that girl was... World-chan! (I forgot who she was actually, like fragment of the world I think? Yeah similar to GOD) which she was the one who made he and his masters' life miserable. Maybe she wasn't entirely at fault, but still.. it leaves a bad taste. If author decide to made a harem for him, it will be more tolerable if the girl was that noble girl who before love the crown prince. (I forgot her name) While he f*ck that world-b*tch, his wife almost kill her self because their promise. Like.. wow! At first the author defend him that he sleep around with the reason he need to get some information for his master, even tho Ariel (the FL) was jealous she understand him. But then he/she made the MC f*ck world-chan because he lust her. The one who indirectly kill his bestfriend and master. Yeah... Totally make sense!! -_-


Not only the romance that made me drop this series.


the scheme with other kingdoms also boring for me.


But yeah the romance part definitely was the main reason I dropped this series.

I recommended this story but only up to 2nd arc. And just imagine a happy ending for then. <<less
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Jun 29, 2016
Status: c1
So far it's an interesting light story. Male teen dies and wakes up in a childs body in a fantasy world. Plot twist, MC is cohabitating with the bodies original mind with each taking turns at control. With only 6 chapters, the story has only just started to develop. So far it seems promising. (Warning: There is implied past nonconsensual encounters)

Translation quality is good overall but suffers some engrish. Everything is easy to understand and sounds natural minus some small issues. TL has just recruited an editor so... more>> the engrish bits will be fixed. <<less
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Lord Cryptic
Lord Cryptic
Feb 01, 2020
Status: Completed
the story is good but it leaves bad aftertaste after every arc.

... more>>

vincent: the person who saved the MC in beginning dies in conspiracy

arnold: the crown prince who was one of the conspirators. The author makes him a good person so he escapes the revenge

charlotte: again a conspirator, she escapes because author makes her a good person and fall in love with mc

king, queen: the parents of MC abandon him because of superstition and the king is always trying to exploit mc's talent or planning to get him killed

duke windhill (worst parents ever) : they did nothing when their son was executed with false charges and daughter turned into s*ave, but hated MC who saved them

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Jan 25, 2019
Status: c94
Edit : Dropped.

I still totally recommend the first arc. 4 stars for that. It's the only thing that keep me from rating this series 1 stars

It has its moments.

... more>> I love the first arc. The second arch is boring. The third arch has its highs and lows, with a huge disappointment for its ending. And the fourth arc is... well, it's not finished yet, so I still can't give my opinion in that.

If you expect this to be a silly romcom with a bit of angst, I have to warn you. The angst is strong. But the confusion and wtf dis-iz-s*upid moment is also quite strong, especially in late arcs.

The first arc is good. It's the arch (and the only arch) that befitting the LN's title. The hook that was represented in some earliest chapter is enticing. It centered around a reincarnated boy saved by a pair of "villainous" aristocratic sibling, and finally serving them as some sort of butler. Although the characters aren't really developed that well, the climax is quite moving. Yes, there are gaps in logics and some holes, but still can be overlooked. After this arc, the "villainous" sibling duo would be reduced to a mere side character.

The 2nd part is boring. The story turned into a fief-management thing, and not so realistic at that. Side characters were easily won by the MC. But please, by taking in account of their previous circumstances, they should've doubt our MC a lot. At the very least, a doubt a bit more. So disappointing -_-

In the 3rd arc, we see the MC started to move as it as centered around war and betrayal. The pace started to kicks up, and some chapters are truly good. I thought that my thirst for blood would finally be quenched, but... it fell short of my expectations.... A miss, really. And there's just A LOT OF GLARING HOLES that can't be ignored. I'd found myself to often be struck dumb while thinking the sheer s*upidity of most of the side character aside of the MC, especially from a certain

an ENEMY princess who was supposedly a WAR GENIUS with many illustrious experiences in warfare, which were EASILY captured by our MC with a flimsy, foolish tactic, and "naive" enough to trust a bizzare information from an enemy, especially by taking into account that her kingdom supposedly had NEVER encountered any demon threat

. The worst of all, the arc ended with a wtf moment of DEUS EX MACHINA. oh gawd. Readers, do brace yourself

Overall, this is quite an enjoyable read if you're searcing for drama that's not too light nor heavy. Just... don't think about it too much about it.

But really... after that ridiculous deus ex machina moment, i've lost all of the willpower to continue this story. Yes, I am that disappointed. <<less
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Oct 21, 2017
Status: c66
Reviews are not my thing....

Just know that this is good with NO HAREM, lots of character development, believable romance, intricate politics, fief governing, occasional FLUFF and BATTLE TACTICS all wrapped up in a very nice translation.

Also: Ariel is adorable. All scenes her scenes with Rion are cute.
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Sep 07, 2017
Status: c61
I just started reading it hoping for another plotless isekai story... but it turned out to be a strategy & action ones, with HEAVY PLOT.

No major problem, only complain as of ch 61 is that the MC is too dense, to the point making everyone else wanna cry, even though he could have improve because he is well aware of his "weakness".
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Sep 30, 2016
Status: c15
3/5 Mediocre. Readable but... not really fun. Hopefully things improve as the story progresses.

Story in a nutshell: MC reincarnates thinking he's in a MMO-esque world, only to realize he's actually trapped as a side character in a dating sim where another reincarnator is the protagonist.... yet too dim to figure out a decent solution.... and too busy trying to live like a MMO-esque protagonist instead because he can now do magic....

Author tries to inject some dark undertones (r*pe as a backstory/criminal empire) in preparation for stuff down the line but... more>> it really comes off as forced. (Things not as cheery in the MMO-esque reincarnation.)
Basically a crappier "An Otome Game’s Burikko Villainess Turned into a Magic Otaku."

MC's character is a mess and contradictory. Literally. Not sure whether it's intentional due to the author claiming MC's got 3 personalities (Original denizen, reincarnator invader, and a merger of the two) or because the author isn't really a great writer (MC's actions and thoughts are contradictory at times). The author isn't bad...... but isn't really good.....


For example: He has no problems using modern knowledge to build his underground empire & actually has his sensibilities kick in whenever his subordinate points things out according to "their" sensibilities (So clearly the Ryou portion is still quite lucid & influential). Yet the next moment he's absolutely flabbergasted that the protagonist reincarnator is speaking against s*avery to a noble. Wut.


For now I'll just let the translations build up & hopefully the 2nd/3rd arcs are better than the 1st. <<less
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Sep 03, 2016
Status: c60
I read ahead on the raws, and I must say the plot is fabulous. The story progresses to a clear goal with the promise of catharsis, rather than drone on boringly about meaningless matters in the grand scheme of things. The conflict is built up progressively rather than superficially introduced and quickly resolved, and what inspired me to write this review was the last line of chapter 16, where he pronounces that the die has been cast and resolves to die, for "that is what it means to go against... more>> the world." Yes, this is not your typical romcom reincarnation: there are severe, dark undertones. Now why do I give this 4 stars? Because the translation is stiff. After reading some of the raws and comparing to the translation, the latter does not flow as cleanly when it comes to speaking style, which is a big factor for this novel considering the amount of character interaction. <<less
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Sep 28, 2018
Status: c74
This story is, as another reader commented, kind of tiring to read. I can't honestly pinpoint why or when, but at a certain point I found myself forcing myself through the chapters, trying to get to the end.

It might be because everyone but the protagonist is just so incompetent. It's a bit less so in the first arc, but in the second, he's often the only one who can solve anything, and whole chapters are devoted to what a genius he is. I find that sort of thing a little... more>> exhausting.

Secondly, there isn't much humour about the story. That doesn't always bother me, but this story in general feels like a real drudge in part because the protagonist is depicted as this person grimly trudging on with life, with not much joy in it aside from his one beloved. Speaking of whom, Ariel is one of the points that I felt the plot handled reasonably well. Maybe I just enjoy reading about faithful people.

One way or another, I can't articulate what makes Falling In Love With The Villianess a boring story to me. It checks all my boxes. But I just can't go on. <<less
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Jul 04, 2017
Status: --
God, this thing is just so damn great.

If you're looking for a LN that shamelessly trying to promote Japanese cuisine by making people addicted to it, you might as well stop now because this LN isn't taking itself as some sloppy Copy+Paste joke like all the other LNs (sans Amber Sword, and My death flag)

I'll begin with what people keep misunderstanding the most; The Characters.

Now, the MC is named Ryou/Rion/Flay. The reason for why he has three names is because of previous incarnation and the body he now inhabits... more>> which belongs to Flay.

However, due to Ryou's personality, he has accepted his death and does not wish to push his body's original persona out, tries to coax him to take control.

Flay appreciates this and comes to rely on Ryou as Ryou seems much more knowledgeable (being from another world.)

However, the situation in which the both of them are thrusted is quite complicated for Flay, resulting in both personalities not really wanting to assume direct control of the body.

Thus, Rion is born, making the body solely his while still having fragments of both Ryou and Flay's personality.

However, the situation he finds himself in is still quite difficult. Resulting in him being "broken" in some way, believing himself merely as a "tool" for the betterment of his masters' life style.

Now I don't mean he's a push over or whatever. He genuinely tries to make the lives of his masters' easier, because... Well... They're the only ones that don't look down on his "condition".

So, some people would describe Rion as dense. In fact, one of the characters even describe him as so, but this is understandable, considering his personality and, seeing as the main love interest is one of his masters', makes him believe he's not worthy of her. Heck, she's destined to marry the crown prince, making her future prospect be the Queen of a country. That's a serious step-by-step to marrying some bloke that came from the slums, is dichromatic, and has a serious case of multiple personality disorder.

So Rion, being ever loyal, will do anything, and I mean anything, for his masters'. Even contemplating on assassinating the storys' protagonist.

Next up, is Ariel! The Main love interest and seriously the best female character I've seen by far!

Now Ariel is destined to be the main villanesse. Heck, when she was first introduced, you could easily picture her to be some spoiled brat that only gets her way.

However, with the MC being her valet, her personality changes for the better.

While she's still quite willful, wanting to get her way, her way isn't wrong.

She prides herself in being a noble. Not that she believes herself to be "better" than commoners. Simply that she should BE Noble and honourable, as thats the situation she was born and she'd gladly take up the responsibility. Even so much as giving up her love (Rion) so that she could be a good fiance to the Crown Prince. Luckily, this plot doesn't go too far, and she's thoroughly enamoured by Rion now, she'd openly defy the prince if he ever so much as disrespects Rion.

Then there's the plot! Holy shit, this thing HAS NO BRAKES!

Each damn chapter has some progress going on. And the author just keeps dropping plot bombs casually before explaining it and it just makes you want to read more! God the writing is insane! It's just a shame it's so short! <<less
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Sep 07, 2020
Status: Completed
This story is a mess. The worst kind of mess. Honestly I couldn't see the direction the story was trying to take neither did I understand mc's reason for doing anything basically. I feel like people have rated this too highly just because of villainess in the title but meh, who am I to say that. Anyways, save yourself the headache by forgoing this one. There are plenty of gems out there and this is not one of them.
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