I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game


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I was reincarnated into a horrifying world. That is… the world of the otome game “I’ll Risk Everything for You”.

In that world I was reincarnated as the hidden love interest character, and decided to never involve myself with the Heroine. My head gets all screwed up whenever I’m around them.

This is a love story of the main character who reincarnated into a love interest and the young woman who served as the villain.

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Douyara Otome Game no Kouryaku Taishou ni Tensei Shita Rashii
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49 Reviews

Jun 11, 2016
Status: c12
While I do understand why people are giving some pretty bad reviews because of its linear plot, I don't think you should've expected a serious plot from this in the first place. It's just a light hearted novel that gives you diabetes because of the interactions between characters.

So here's a suggestion to those who are deciding whether or not to read this:
Don't read if you want:
- a heavy plot with extremely realistic characters.
- action
- drama
- no plot holes
- deep romance like in those romance novels that center around people falling in love and their life difficulties.

Read if you like:
- a light plot
- extremely cute interactions between characters
- a whole bunch of fluffiness
- pretty 2D characters. But who cares because you're here for diabetes, not a good plot
- op butlers!!!!
- expected yet unexpected plot twists

Have fun! You don't have to like the novel as we all have different preferences. Just don't write anything discouraging on the translators blog because they are taking time out of their lives for us to read these.

P.S I know this wasn't really a review, but I didn't know where else to write this so....

Edit: Woah! What a plot twist! The author makes a huge revelation at around chapter 20, that was sort of yet not really expected. That mini arc was a bit cringy..... however, I do feel like the characters got a little more 3D through it. Some people will like that arc, some won't, but afterwards, it returns to fluffiness (at least from what I've read)
Edit2: More plot twists! Fluffiness will probably return in the extra chapters. But those plot twists! Too many plot twists!!!!
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Jun 08, 2016
Status: v1c8

Let me begin with a question:

You've died! Oh no, feel free to imagine your death however you wish. But, you realise you're in the world of a dating simulator where you are a prince who is school! What's your first course of action?

... more>> (1) You choose to embrace your royal blood and become a king, even a golden ruler. You resolve to work hard on your studies and aim to be a king that is not an idiot

(2) Screw it! I'm going to be who I want! I want to be a soldier, it's always interested me! Heck, even a scholar, after all since princes are apparently still relevant, you must be in the past! I shall become a legendary person who seeks knowledge!

(3) Oh... I guess since I'm here I must be obligated to do it. And even if there's options such as fame and fortune, I guess I should help out that one character I really liked! I must go against the game's logic and get married to the character I love!

Well, I'd you chose 1, congratulations, you're the people I find my rivals and have no respect for, but I still consider conversationalists who are fun to talk to, after all you aimed high, you shot for the skies! You chose to forge your name into history!

2, we probably wouldn't get along well Because I would consider you my enemy, as you would be in my way and I would have to end you. Being a medieval soldier sounds fun, I've always wanted to try it and being a scholar with your semi-omniscient knowledge would be hilarious!

If you chose 3, well... you're kind of a pessimistic and naïve little idiot... like the protagonist here. Do you think everyone has common sense and not think it's just a phrase to emphasise how people are inattentive. Do you think everyone marries for love? Awww... so innocent.

Well, I'm presenting to you... Deus ex machina man and his love story!

Oh, I apologise, I mean "I've appeared to have reincarnated as a love interest in an otome game"

Let me start, and I hated this for "My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending." There's no reason why they reincarnated into the game, they just ended up there! You're in a fantasy world, and there's not even an explanation why? Or how?

Well, that's me just nagging, I still have a few others which I haven't read yet, they might be interesting!

Do you know what's so lovely about this novel? The characters have no depth and are there to fuel the linear plot.

Angelica: The supposed Villainess with a sense similar to... Heroines. She scolds a guy for leaving their fiancée, because to her it's not just. She is shy and is quite submissive towards the protagonist? Oh, she also seems perfect for the protagonist who loves everything about her? Oh, this is just a happy ending, ain't it?

Robert: True, he's a god damn ret*rd. I just think the author got lazy, I don't know if they did or if this was intended, but I personally think so. He's like the right-hand man of the Villainess, or bit*h as she's commonly referred to. Here's all that Robert has done: Abandoned his fiancée, didn't like that angel girl scolded him, told the protagonist about it and blamed her for butting into none of business, got scolded by said protagonist, then later introduced the infamous bit*h to the protagonist because she wanted to thank him.

Sure, they are programmed like that in the game... but Robert sounds like an average chap. If anything, I just see that Robert is just a guy who prefers another girl instead of a marriage tying him down and is an every man for themselves kind of guy.

I like him, but he's still a ret*rd.

The protagonist, or Kyle. He's a naïve little shit. He thinks everyone gets married for love, can control himself quite well and appears to think he's better than everyone else. Going into detail would make this too long, Kyle is the kind of protagonist who is said to be strong somehow, but is really just like a seven year old who learnt a cheat online.

The b*tch, or Michelle, is who I want to talk about. Why? I know nothing about her. She sucks as far as I'm told, but why or how, that's the mystery. Sure, she seduced a bunch of guys, but that's just in the eyes or mister protagonist. I have literally stopped reading because there's nothing for me to go on!

About that, the plot is too linear! It's a boy rejecting a love triangle and acting all Romeo on someone, that's the entire plot I can see. It just seems that every other character is a stock character who has no depth! Daniel for example is just a perfect butler, he has been a Deus Ex Machina for the prorat the entire time!

Oh, I should summarise....

-Main protagonist who is a strong believer in this thing called Love. And refuses to accept any form of reality which is dealing with the idea that he is really the naïve idiot. Who isn't taking advantage of his position.

-The Villainess was always the heroine apparently, as far as I'm concerned she went from not being cliche to being cliche. Not to mention she's perfect for the protagonist.

-Characters aside from the aforementioned two have no depth and are to me just lazy stock characters who are to fill a role to further a linear plot.

-The main protagonist has knowledge of how the entire future will play out, and yet he relies on Kyle's memories? They're irrelevant as far as I'm concerned, everything popping up seems to require his knowledge.

Well my first review and I wanted it to be good... but I could not ignore how bad this looked. <<less
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Oct 29, 2015
Status: --
It’s been a while since I last seen truck-san. Are you well?

This is your usual reincarnated to otome game character story. The difference is that the main character this time is a man who reincarnated into hidden character. I love male PV in josei/ shoujo, and since the other otome series with male MC is more focused on family issue rather than romance, I’m happy that this one is more focused on romance.

Edit after c28
To put it simply, the MC think of the protagonist from game and the rest of the cast as moron, but he & Angelica themself are idiot couple. ヽ (´¬`) ノ. Actually every character in the novel is. Note that while the majority of the novel were told by Kyle, several events were told in multiple perspective.
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Jun 15, 2016
Status: --
I like this novel.

The translation quality is a bit on the low side in the first few chapters, but it does get better, but hey, I'm rating the Novel here, not the translation.

Basically, you get the usual Otome Novel premise except the MC is a guy. The MC transmigrated in another world (the Otome World) as a 'Hidden Character' that can be captured by the Otome Heroine (otherwise known as B. tch). Instead, this MC refused to follow the plot and subsequently fell in love with the Otome Heroine's Love... more>> Rival.

The MC and his fiance (the Love Rival) is just too cute! Seeing as this is a Shoujo romance novel plus an Otome Novel, we have a lot of romantic comedy going around. The MC is very annoyed with the Otome Heroine because the B. tch really tries to interrupt his precious 'love' time with the Love Rival (his fiance that he really likes).

Some people here left bad reviews that just almost made me miss this story (since I often read reviews first to check novels out). But I'm glad I checked the novel out. It's like those people hadn't read OTOME Novels before since this novel has the same plot as Other Otome Novels (but yeah, it's interesting in it's own way).

Go stick with your Chinese novels if you want an MC that focuses on getting strong after being transmigrated. As I said, this is a SHOUJO OTOME NOVEL. What the hell did you expect? They even listed out another Otome Novel that they hated...

It's really interesting to see people reading a genre that they hate and raging about it.

'Akuyaku Tensei Dakedo Doushite Kou Natta' is the only Otome Novel that I know which has a serious plot that involves the MC striving to get stronger. So those who want a Serious Otome Novel, go read that one instead.

What the hell is wrong if the MC wants to marry for Love? And no, the MC said this:

"... According to my common sense, people only marry each other when they are in love. However, in this world there’s probably political marriage as well..."

That's the MC's opinion on marriage, thus stating the word 'common sense' it doesn't mean that he doesn't know political marriages, you'll find that out in the second sentence and as you read along the story. Don't be so s*upid please.

Again, go stick with your Chinese Harem Novels where the Cliche Transmigrated MC strives to get strong while bedding chicks left and right.

Run away and never look back once you see an OTOME tag if you don't want to read an Otome Novel. It's a waste of time for everyone. <<less
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Apr 17, 2016
Status: --
This novel is really unique. Most stories of reincarnation are either about s*upid boys getting a harem or about girls who become the villainess in the stories. I am glad that there is such a good novel like this in the world. Hoping to read more of this in the future!
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Jun 06, 2016
Status: idle talk 2
I have to say, I enjoy reading this novel, especially the idle talk chapters. Basically it is from the perspective that you are trying to woo/court your fiancée (villian npc) but then you have the heroine (player) constantly interupting your date/mood to grab your attention. The heroine tries make you fall for her to build up her reverse harem, but since you have knowledge of the game world, you know her action are all fake.

The novel is well written by the author, plus the text flows nicely thanks... more>> to the translaters. <<less
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Jun 23, 2016
Status: Idle talk 3
As a man, I want to pat the shoulder of MC! I love the way he handles things, and the moments he has with Angelica is so sugar coated that it south your heart :)

You want a simple story to heal your heart after all the tragedy stories you've read? Then what are you waiting for? Look forward to the story!
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Jun 07, 2016
Status: v1c10
From beginning the author forcing readers to hate and like characters. MC keep talking about how much he hate some characters, it's only give me a reader awful and annoying feeling. This is more like a cultis bible that forcing readers which one to hate or love.
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Dec 10, 2015
Status: --
If you want diabetes, this is how you get it, the (Story) heroine is soooo cute, and having the story narrated from a male PoV is amazing! Give it a try!
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Jan 10, 2020
Status: side story 4
Interesting premise, and that is the last good thing this novel has going for it.

On the one hand the POV is unusual for the genre, on the other hand the POV is a male teenager so we've seen him a thousand times before.

Spoiler: he is full of himself. Which is common for young men his age but REALLY does his POV no favours.

... more>> He does not get more deep, or develops, or forges deep relationships with others. He loses depth a few chapters in. And they just hang around.

His moments with love interest are cute but stereotypical. If the novel was better this might be enough but everything is boring.

And the supporting POVs are either all infodumps, going over already revealed events without additing to them, or psychos. Boring uninteresting psychos. Though I am not sure the author is aware.

Paper thin worldbuilding. The setting is a school but no classes or teachers are ever introduced except

the rapist otome game character and ab*se which passes for lessons

. The prince does an enormous amount of work for the kingdom but we never find out anything because the author can't imagine it.

So what we have are flat characters just being near, plodding from plot point A to plot point B with no life to them.

And then, the final nails in the coffin: the author is a homophobe of the 'gay ppl are r*pists' kind, a prude of the 'i can't imagine consent or desire so drugs and harassment it is' kind, a person who blames preteen girls for male attention they get and writes like they enjoy when a 'bad woman' suffers. These elements are not a small part of the novel. Key plot points revolve around them.

Imagine if an author insisted that fart jokes are super extra totally hilarious and overused them. Now imagine it is highschool level homophobic boy humour and badmouthing girls they don't like.

For some reason I am expected to laugh with that?

This author has a very small heart. <<less
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Jul 29, 2018
Status: v2c1
Okay, first things first :

The MC is not dumb, don't have unfounded prejudice nor is homophobic.

The MC is a normal guy (well a reincarnator, sure, but no genius and he never said otherwise) who never felt love, yet fell at first sight for the "antagonist" (Angelica).

The story takes place in a school for noble. There a girl named Michelle enter, at the arm of a bethroted noble who forgot his fiancée. And this girl decide to go for the "reverse harem" route, breaking at the very least two engagement. There... more>> she got nicknamed bit*h by the MC and his friend. (Wow, what and unjust prejudice *facepalm*)

The MC is straight and bethroted to Angelica, yet for some reason, two guys who swing that way fell for him, yet he clearly isn't interested in them, nor in BL. There the reaction is pretty much obvious, he will try to avoid the two guys until he can't do that. So for who is this h*mophobia ?

now that the elephant in the room is adressed, let's talk about what I think :

This novel is sweet, like way too sweet, sweet enough that I got diabetes just by reading. Yup, it is as straightforward as it can get, but hey, that what was promissed, so no surprise, and yet the story is enjoyable. The romance is just adorable, and to be honest, I'm waiting for the next chapter.

Don't ask for too much, the point of the story is just putting the sweetest romance it can.

Quick edit just because I'm now bethroted to Elodie Aoustin, author of "Le Grimoire double monde" and got her opinion on the topic (and this is in answer to the bad reviews) : (yes we are french and yes I translated at the best of my skills, so sorry if there is still issue in the wording)

First things first, the job of the author is to depict characters from a certain point of vue. So in a sense EVERY author forces you to like or dislike characters, they are just more or less straightforward. So it is nonsensical to say that it's bad because the feeling is "forced", it would be better to say "it's bad because the feeling is badly depicted" (there a girl which steals fiancé, how would you call her ? (With or without love in the marriage, because they are noble)).

Second thing, that is not because you feel like someone is narcissistic that he is. There you see a Prince that work his ass off to have intel and make sense out of it (remember that the Daeva that is his butler don't have to tell him everything, in fact he don't tell anything if he isn't asked). He isn't that smart, but he is above the norm. And he isn't even boasting about it (IMO).

Lastly, every genre has his codes and the critics must take them into account. The main issue here isn't the fact that it's straightforward, no the issue is that there is some potential that isn't used, and even then if the author don't want to talk about it because that is not the point of the story, why crying about it ? Yeah we don't know why they reincarnated inside this world which is like that game, so what ? I mean, you know why we are living in our world ? Nope, we live and that stops here. That is not what was important there, no the important part was the love story between the protag and his better half, and especialy what sh*t will hit the fan when he goes against fate. <<less
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Jul 05, 2016
Status: c23
Oh my! This story! Cute overload. Can't help my self to giggling. Soft, light and you don't have to wrinkled your brows because of clash of idea or idealism of the author and you.

Just let it flow and you will be alright lol (*^-^*)
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Jul 04, 2016
Status: c21
I really liked this at the start, It felt like a fresh take on overused tropes and genres. Then came the h*mophobia and it got real hard to stomach. I mean, I know that Japan have some rather dated views on LGBT and so on but this was a step further. I give it 2 stars for being somewhat new but other than that its an out for me.
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Jun 05, 2016
Status: c6
This is not a great literary work with deep characters and meaning but it does what it wants to really well! Definitely a must if you like diabetes inducing romance stories and I hope the translator will keep it up!
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Jul 02, 2021
Status: c22
I'm a firm believer of cliche doesn't mean it's bad. It started off good with MC being confident, scheming and all, 20 chapters in what happened to all his confidence dude. He became an average Jap MC and you maybe wondering what he's afraid of let me answer your question. A gay teacher, yes you heard me right the crown prince of a country is afraid of a damn teacher. I liked the MC in the beginning being protective of his fiancée and all but he became a pu*sy out... more>> of nowhere and oh God his ramblings. I can't bear listening to them.

Other problems being the story is kinda boring if you can read it go for it, there isn't much in depth information about the characters they're 2D, though I expected it I can't really make sense of our MC's goals.

Also this feels like a shoujo wn in disguise <<less
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Sep 12, 2019
Status: v1c45
Very sugary romance but very poor conflicts.

The conflicts boil down to "MC knows trouble is coming, can solve it with a snap of his fingers but doesn't. Good thing our crew comes in just in the nick of time to save the day!"

In this spoiler box I talk about one of the conflicts and why it pisses me off to no end.

That Brad situation really pissed me off. There's no f*cking way the school wouldn't do something about it immediately. The guy is raping people in his free time, even if those people didn't press charges he would still be arrested immediately.

The fact that the MC doesn't use his authority to fire whoever was responsible (or in this case irresponsible) for not doing anything, pisses me off to no end. MC should also have a deep grudge against his father for also not doing anything when the safety of his fiancee was on the line.

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Aug 21, 2016
Status: Completed
I was reluctant in reading this cause it has no illustration and with some very weak reviews. But totally happy to read (๑ˇεˇ๑) •*¨*•.¸¸♪ No regrets~ I always like romance with a male lead _ (:3 」∠) _

I’ll miss my dose of Kyle and Angelica best otp ♡ (灬˘╰╯˘) 乂 (˘╰╯˘灬) ♡

If you are tired about harem and dense MC, I recommended this to read but there is no action here.

... more>> It much different to typical VN games genre novels and unique. Many seems to dislike it but I LOVE IT!!!!!

Totally enjoyed this "much love, too sweet, so diabetes" (ノ◕ヮ◕) ノ*:・゚✧

I recommended to prepare insulin♡... <<less
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May 11, 2017
Status: side story 7
I don't know what's wrong with some of the reviewers here. I get the feeling they haven't actually read the series, or that they're getting upset at nonsensical things. like getting upset about how the MC thinks of another character and thinking that they're telling you what to think... and then you, a reviewer tries to tell the readers what they should feel. Or getting upset about the stories "being reincarnated into a game" premises. If you don't like the premises, why the hell did you even read it?! It's... more>> like they read a completely different story. What's this about the MC being lazy? wtf are you talking about? He's a hard working guy.

Contrary to what some of these people are saying, the series is actually quite intriguing and is so sugary sweet that you might get diabetes.


MC died, gets reincarnated as a otome game target character.

When he played the game, he thought of the main female protag (the character you played as when it was a game) was a b*tch... which she is if you actually think about. The MC loves his fiancees character (from in-game) and decides to avoid being "captured" by the games MC. By the way, the fiancee character was demonized in the games original story because it was convenient. (which is apparently a common trope in these sort of games) The story is about how the MC works hard at capturing his love interesting and becoming a hard working prince to rule the country. <<less
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Jan 08, 2017
Status: side story 7
My review will contain bits and pieces of spoilers. If you want to dive into this with a fresh mind or dislike spoilers, I recommend that you skip or skim through this.

This is one of the novels where I wish a 10-star system exist. It's not completely tr*sh, but it doesn't quite reach mediocre either. I'd say that it's somewhere a 3/10. The translations have some grammatical error and the sentence structure may seem a bit off (as is common in many other translations), but it's generally easy to understand... more>> and gets better in the future chapters.

I did initially have high hopes for this since it's a male being reincarnated for once in the middle of the game setting, but there's little world-building or information of the country's working. Of course, the protagonist also easily adapts without any mentions of his former life whatsoever (which is another common fault in many reincarnation novels.) His position as a Prince (and therefore involvement in politics, scandals, and relationship troubles) was rarely explored and only used as a plot device to up his ever influential power.

My problem, however, lies in the characters. I'm not the only one who thinks this if you look at the other reviews. The main character has a strong prejudice against the Heroine. You would think that he'd know better to judge especially if the villainess was in actuality a gentle lover, but the author forces the readers to hate on every other love interest and the Heroine. Just because. Especially the Heroine, nicknamed "b*tch", because she's the opponent of the ever perfect Angelica. Then there were the lackluster, one dimensional side characters. I'd say that I'd even prefer to read about their story instead where their faults would make for some interesting character developments. This wasn't all bad, though, and Kyle and Angelica's romantic interactions were very sweet. It was a shoujo-like romance, and I have nothing against that. I would've actually loved Kyle's teasing character and Angelica's mother-like disposition if only 1) they weren't portrayed as perfection that could do nothing wrong, and 2) Kyle's prejudice and h*mophobia against the others wasn't seen in a good light.

Basically this was a very interesting concept with a disappointing execution. I'd say you should skip it. However, if you like fluffy, sweet, baka-couple leads, a linear plot, and a rose-colored romance, this might not let you down as much as it did me. <<less
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Mar 22, 2020
Status: v2c1
It's been a while since I last read this but I still want to leave my impression on what I do remember for better or worse.

I initially found it to be an interesting read and definitely a fun take of instead of a girl being isekai'd into the role of the villain/ess or mob character, our protagonist is a guy stuck in an otome game as the main love interest. Hijincks ensue.


While the plot is interesting enough I absolutely adored the main love interest (the original villainess in the game) who was just a misunderstood girl trying to do what's right, with everything else in this web novel its kinda... meh?
Anyone that isnt part of the main character's posse are written to be complete garbage human beings with no redeeming qualities and are only there to show how much better the main characters are.
The original heroine that's supposed to act as the placeholder for the players and root for? A two faced bit*h manipulating her way up into high society.
The other love interests that should be likable enough for us as the players to chase after? Scummy a**holes that are only interested in the heroine and completely ignore all etiquette in a society they grew up and should know more than our modern protagonist.
Not to mention the blatant h*mophobia that shows up later in the chapters with the two only notable lgbt representation revealed to be either a deviant teacher that likes to take advantage of his students or a psychotic yandere that gets shipped off to be mol*sted by some creepy nobleman obsessed with his mother. (Also the butlers turning out to be demons?? Comes out of left field and will give you whiplash for how poorly established it was.)

All in all, entertaining if this is the first time you read anything in the otome isekai genre but if you're looking for more than shallow characters and a plot that's all over the place than give this one a pass.
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