The Villainous Daughter’s Butler ~I Raised Her to be Very Cute~


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Regaining the memories of his previous life, Cyril realised that he was an otome game’s character, the villainous daughter– Sophia’s butler.

At the rate things were going, Sophia would eventually have the prince stolen away from her by the heroine, fall into darkness, and be executed.

Wanting to save the villainous daughter he was so fond of, Cyril moved to eliminate all the factors that would cause her to fall into darkness, raising her up to be a talented and beautiful girl who could win the prince’s love, however…

Associated Names
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Akuyaku Reijou no Shitsuji-sama: Hametsu Flag wa Ore ga Tsubusasete Itadakimasu
Akuyaku Reijou no Shitsuji-sama ~ Ore ga Sodateta Kanojo wa Totemo Kawaii ~ (Old title)
The Villainous Daughter’s Butler I’ll Crush the Destruction Flags
Villainess Butler
悪役令嬢の執事様 破滅フラグは俺が潰させていただきます
悪役令嬢の執事様 ~俺が育てた彼女はとても可愛い~(Old title)
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57 Reviews

Oct 11, 2019
Status: v3 epilogue
I'm the translator, so what else did you expect? lol (Yes, I added the tags, I read the RAWs)

Before anything else though... yes, the protagonist is male, but this is a shoujo novel. Please keep that in mind.

This novel is a romance story about two characters. Sophia (The Villainous Daughter), and Cyril (Her Butler) .

Cyril reincarnated into a maiden game as Sophia's butler, and while one of his motivations is his self-preservation to avoid the bad ends where he's executed with her, he also truly wants to save her... more>> as well. He goes about this by polishing her charms (so she could win the prince's love in this life) and by destroying all the factors that could lead up to her execution ends, but his devotion to her unexpectedly ends up directing her love to himself instead.

Make no mistake though, this romance is a slow-burn. Cyril acknowledges her feelings for him, but he doesn't reciprocate them because he does not see Sophia as a love interest due to still having the mentality and preferences of an adult, making her only a child in his eyes. Though his perception of her does change as they grow up together, his number one priority is her happiness, and he doesn't want to involve her with all the complications that might arise from a noble like her being together with a commoner like himself.

For me personally, the main hook for this novel is the main protagonist, Cyril himself. He's the embodiment of what you'd expect from a maiden game capture target (despite not being one). He's loyal, devoted, selfless, honest, and by far the most gentlemanly character I've ever read about.

I really love this novel, and I hope you will too! (^^) / <<less
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Oct 13, 2019
Status: --
It's a new take on the Villainous Daughter story. But unlike those stories where the otherworldly persons become a parent of the Villainess, same gender, or are immediately antagonistic, here is someone who is the opposite gender falling under the same age category and on her side.

Ah...3 strikes. You can see almost immediately why his perfect plans are going to fail...
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Dec 12, 2019
Status: v1c9
It's not bad but I don't think it's good enough to be read. Since I only tried this because of the translator's other work, I might as well use I'm an Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire! As a reference. I'm aware they're of different genres but I'm mainly going to talk about the writing style.

For one, it is too slow paced for my taste. Like seriously, I don't care about how using magic makes tea taste better or whatever. It takes every single thing so seriously, things that... more>> I couldn't really care about. On the other hand, Evil Lord gets many things done in a single chapter. Every paragraph has something significant going on and it really feels like the story is going somewhere. It's not a story where it explains how the MC does one thing for 10 paragraphs and the rest of the chapter is everybody else reacting to it. It's not a very interesting story when every other character only serves to praise how talented and competent the MC is despite his age or whatever. I don't particularly hate it when stories do that, but I definitely don't like it when that's the only thing they do.

The second is about the Female Lead. Something about her just doesn't feel right. It's like the joke harem on Evil Lord except it's written unironcally. She's obviously not that crazy of a ret*rd superfan yet, but the vibes that she's getting there is not a very good feeling. She's the master of the MC but she acts like she's his pet cat or something. Defeats the whole purpose of the master-servant relationship. I don't know if this is what other people wanted when reading a novel about a butler, but this isn't what I wanted.

The tendency of Japanese writers to make it as smooth of a journey as possible for the MC just ruins the story a lot of the times. Like the female lead obviously likes her butler but I guess it's okay since her father isn't saying anything about it. Saving child s*aves? No problem, just go to the syndicate boss, pretty sure he'll welcome you there. Might as well impress him with your age while you're at it BECAUSE WHY NOT. This tendency is also shown on Evil Lord. In fact, it's way more than this. Except the fact is that it's part of the joke of the entire series itself that the MC somehow gets his path smoothened out unintentionally by other forces. Seriously, one more thing that's taken as a joke somewhere else written unironcally here.

I had more comparisons to Evil Lord than I thought I would but that's basically the gist of it. This is not just a complain about this novel but the entirety of Japanese webnovels in general. I don't like how they write them and although Evil Lord was somehow an exception to this, I was proven right again by this novel. It's not a horrible novel but when you've read too much for your own good, this is not the type of story you'd enjoy. <<less
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Oct 16, 2019
Status: c3
The MC of the story is pretty much impossible to hate, he's grown up and realistic and a great shojo protagonist. He's a good guy and you can't help but to root for him. He is outstanding at what he does but the story doesn't push it into our faces just to show how awesome he is so it's not really the OP isekai trope. The FL of the story is also cute and likable.
In short what I'm saying about Cyril's character is that he is like the princely character of an otome game but he just doesn't really acknowledge it. By no means does this mean he's too dense to detect this or the feelings or the female characters though. This is not a Bakarina situation. He's humble not dense.
The story is paced well and each chapter is pretty substantial so it's satisfying to read. The translation quality is very good!
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evil lnfant
evil lnfant
Mar 03, 2021
Status: v2c1
I second one of the reviews in this site, this is just an unironic Evil Lord of a Galactic Empire.

The MC is a Gary Stu that doesn't fail in anything unless it's convenient for him or the plot. It's obvious that the world revolves around the MC and the Author does not show any effort in masking that. I honestly can't see how this can be appealing for a battle-weary reader who's had enough of perfect MCs. This is just as bad as any other Japanese beta shit-story, if not... more>> worse.

The ratings are deceiving and there's no merit reading this if you've already read 1 or more wish-fulfillment stories.
It's the same thing, except the MC has a positive moral compass, which arguably makes things less entertaining.
I honestly wouldn't mind this too much if it's a parody or gag revolving around overused tropes, but the story clearly takes itself seriously; A Gary Stu story that takes itself seriously in this day and age, lol. Give me a break.

Do yourself a favor and ignore the reviews praising this garbage. It's not worth anyone's time. <<less
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Dec 26, 2019
Status: v2 prologue
So; you know those shoujo mangas with unflappable, perfect male leads that help the heroine and how we usually follow the girl as she fumbles to gain his attention/make him fall in love? That's exactly that, but from the view of the perfect male lead.

It's a very cute story nonetheless and even if it's very cliche and shoujo-esque it doesn't stop it from being an enjoyable read. The characterization and plot are shallow but what the story sets out to do, it does fabulously well. MC is cool and super... more>> smooth while being an adult stuffed in a child's body and almost all-knowing in what to do, how to handle everything, etc. FL is viewed as the perfect lady, the epitome of classiness until she feels her Butler is going to be snatched by someone.

Overall, it's nothing extremely new but nonetheless it's enjoyable and if you have any urges for an entertaining story, I highly suggest this one. <<less
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Nov 18, 2019
Status: c15
The history is good, romance is nice, and high society etiquete and interaction is accurate. However, when you realice the age of the characters is 12, things become utterly ridiculous. Whathever a bunch of 12 old kids decide in their playing around is meaningless, the ¨faction¨wars is plain s*upid and taking it as a life or dead matter is paranoic.

If s*avery is forbidden in your country you will more likely get in trouble when you go to the mafia and pay for a ilegal s*ave you have rescued (you don´t... more>> get away calling it a gift) than just simply disregarding the other party (mafia) , even more so when that party GOT YOU EXECUTED in the game by PROVING YOUR WRONGDOINS.

The author creates and unrealistical setting (making out everyone to be some sort of genious schemer) and ends up outsmarting himself. <<less
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Oct 17, 2021
Status: c12
The beginning was great. A reincarnated butler solely focused on the happiness of whom he serves.

The problems arise when you read some more into the story and it becomes obvious that the world revolves around the him. The heroine of the otome game has fallen in love with him, which while I'm sure sounds like great material for conflict, the problem arises from how the main character of this story (butler; not hero of the game) contradicts himself. For example

... more>>

One chapter he refuses to dance with Alicia (otome game heroine) because it would displease his master. But not two more chapter's in he decides to escort her to a party.


Also there is a major lack of payoff for now, where no one is bad and everyone is just misunderstood. This does not make for great story telling (though let it be said, I'm not an expert).

P.S. Did I mention that the MC is a gary stu. He is the best at everything at and anything, no problem too big for him. <<less
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Oct 13, 2019
Status: v2 epilogue
-As of October 13, 2019

Wew I just finished reading up to the current release on the raws and I must say I like these villainess reincarnation as a mob character and trying to help the villaness reform or save her from ruin. What's more refreshing is the heroine isn't depicted as scheming and evil as most villainess reincartion story goes but rather a friend or love rival in a positive light.

As the synopsis states, you can say this is a shoujo WN having male-demographic content and as of the raws... more>> I have read it was on the MC (Cyril's perspective) and I'm speculating throughout it would change to others.

Major spoiler read at your own sake


Major Spoiler

As we jave known, Cyril is raiaing the perfect Ojou-sama that would charm any person and would be willing to do anything for the cute villainess' happiness but turned he was raising a somewhat yandere for him, neither in his knowledge that this villainous Ojou-sama has a plan of her own. If MC is a schemer, so as the young lady as she was educated by MC and neither the MC has any idea that what he taught the FL would backfire on him which is funny.


On the side note I'm kind of fond of Alicia, the Otome game's protagonist, she's isn't depicted aa scheming or a wicked reincarnated person but rather a justifyable charcter, she is somewhat innocent but is a strong willed girl, I find her lovely and somewhat rooting for her.

As the general, mid part of between Volume 1 and 2 was kind of mediocre for me but when another twist and revelation was added kinda perked me up again.

It's a nice read in my opinion, for this time not much of character depictions except the main casts, excluding targeta of affection in the game, but the main cast aka Sofia, Alicia, Cyril and the prince, I like all their characters.

I am looking forward for more character developments adn their growth, MFL and otome heroine especially. Shuraba all the way!

P.S. Cyril gets spooked out whenever Villainess or heroine goes kinda yandere mode. <<less
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Feb 16, 2020
Status: v2 prologue
Things I like from this novel are:

    1. MC's not dense. He know what effect his action might cause and also realizes the other party wary of him or think of him as love interest.
    1. It does feel like harem, but bcs MC's understand where he stands it feels alright and reasonable.
    1. Both MC and FL seems like having different goals but it still intertwine. I like it how the author describe how they're gonna achieve different goals but they still work together.
    1. there're lot of novel with this trope, but this one is refreshing because it's from male pov (and seems legit), he's loyal to his master, the plot is really interesting.
I also realizes that MC's physical appearance hasn't described fully. Only in the epilogue of the 1st epilogue he's described by the Queen--vaguely. But I already charmed by his personality and if he were on otome game, I definitely choose his route.
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Apr 17, 2022
Status: v3c16
this one started out pretty good, using of politics basically to make events, making stand offish MC and fMC, lovely interactions, rather interesting characters, a challenging enviroment to make MC and fMC struggle to solve their problems
as a start that is...

after some time passes, it gets worse little by little without stopping. I dropped where it became unbearable
the problem that bothered me the most is that every side character is just a tool for MC and fMC to flex on and shine brighter, even if it means that will destroy whatever that character stands for and cause a major plothole, in that regard it is on the scale of "Dad Is A Hero, Mom Is A Spirit, I'm A Reincarnator" level (they use even family members and humiliate them just to show off) which makes this story is a spiral of using the characters to show off, throwing them from the story, replace them with new side characters, rinse and repeat.
for the other bad parts, Interesting events gets replaced with love drama's, as a result of these, with every new chapter; things starts to get more monotone and loses everything this story is good for.
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Feb 21, 2021
Status: v2c19
The Villainess' Butler is an anxiety-powered romance that, if anything, should be said to focus on the significance of Trust. To name its strongest standout point: the psychological loops, mysteries, & conflicts, are all pictured under what you could call a language-cypher of societal norms, etiquettes, & history that makes the "4D-Chess" that they're constantly up to feel like something that isn't utterly contrived or confoundingly pretentious - which is honestly how most of these novels end up being.

It can't be understated that, as a story about a fictional "Otome... more>> game" high-society, a great deal of emphasis is put on the practicality of the situation rather than the novelty of this common 'anime setting', which is a pretty big departure from most other iterations of this Isekai genre. Speaking of "Isekai": our protagonist isn't even meant to be relatable by us, the readers (as he's from a different universe that, itself, has magic) making the context of this novel less of a trope-based "cash grab" and more about its literary accomplishments. With extremely on-point vernacular (that had me grabbing a dictionary here & there) & a capacity to maintain "logic-equations trees" that didn't ever skip any rungs/steps, following the protagonist (author) as they piece together the extremely complex-yet-feasibly-believable mental gymnastics of life amongst such a high-society, is just an enormously rewarding pleasure every chapter.

Whilst most authors would relent with their webbed layers of socio-political rules & common sense - so as to keep on-top of the story's clarity, & because of 'time' - this author is fully invested in conjoining every progressive interaction with both a consistent & meaningful rationale. To be frank: it's insane that they can keep this up, let alone that they are even attempting this.

4.5/5. My only complaint, whatsoever, is that the author included a magic system that has, thus far, acted more like a convenient setting-embellishment or accessory than something intriguing. Indeed, it adds some flavour & mystery to everything, but as you find out at the very start of the story that our protagonist has studied in "otherworldly magic", it'd be nice then if we had any way of quantifying his capacity in any way other than 'Comparatively'. This isn't really that important - and, heck, may even be a null point - as just like the rest of the story, with characters as complex, evolving, & unpredictable as the cast we're spoiled with in this novel, it's progressively more & more difficult to predict where the author will take us next!

Honestly, this is such a solid piece of literature that I could confidently & proudly share this with "normy friends" just for its mainstream appeal; because, even if this book has a setting & novelty to it that's historically 'anime-esque/related', the similarities end there. Free from the shackles of anime tropes & plot-expectations/contrivances, this emotionally-complex romance is rational to its core & requires no prior reading of LNs to grasp its nuances. Well, though, if you enter this thinking that it's ~just~ a "rational romance", then - just like me - prepare to have your Expectations subverted!

Enjoy. :3 <<less
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Nov 26, 2021
Status: --
almost nice but I just can't take how the author is trying hard to make the main characters look "cool" to the point that it's already cringy.

I stopped reading after the dance test


he only get half of the perfect score because he only finished until the half of the dance... LOL

the examiner says to repeat it again but he decide not to continue. his score should be zero instead.

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May 26, 2020
Status: --
  1. If anyone has come to the comment section than before reading this please read my review once. In the start I was liking this novel very much and quite frankly I was liking ceryil and her cute yandere side too but when the scene of rescuing the two brother amd sister from being sold came and the MC replied quite frankly disappointed me to to many degrees.I will point out about the problem that scene in three point as this review has already become quite long.
  2. At first he said that the parents sold the children so that they can save themselves and their other children but this is simply illogical as this isn't saving it, s releasing themselve from burden. Now some may reject this point but my answer to them is how do they expect to save their others when they could, nt save the ones before them as it will continue as a cycle as how can he be sure that lack of financial resources won, t come again so what. Will they sell their childern again. This is justifying their action in my eyes and nothing more.
  3. Then he said that countries can, t be ruled by a saint. That, s wrong and I can prove that through history of the world. Their are kings to this day that care about their own people more than than them being dominant over others. And I am not speaking this from emotion, s but from proof.
  4. And the third point which triggered me to write this review was when he said that saving the ones in front of them is hypocrisy. At this comment of his I only felt the one speaking hypocrisy being him. As if with this understanding there won, t be the concept of kindness as if you find protecting the ones in front of you as hypocrisy then how do you expect to save others.
  5. In my eyes the MC is charming but not smart at least not with his understanding of the world. In fact I find his entire sense of thinking extremely flawed because he could have ran way saving his life from being executed with the girl but he still stayed showing his kindness but then when it comes to the kids he treats them not the same way. In my eyes that is pure hypocrisy.
  6. At last I found this fun to read but the male lead, s inconsistent personality has led to me stopping with reading this. Now many may ask why I was so serious about this but the topic was and my philosophical sense couldn't endure that.I recommend this highly if you can ignore the political part here there many other flaws but I won, t point them out. At last I bid farewell to my fellow novel readers.
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Dec 08, 2019
Status: epilogue v1
Reminded me a lot of Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite which I also think is amazing lol

A couple of things I like:
1. The main character understood that his actions have affected the original plot of the game, which earns him mad respects since in a bunch of novels the MCs are super dense and can't understand why the plot is straying from the original.

2. The villainess is smart, cunning, and strong :00 she's able to solve problems without having to always rely on the MC.

Honestly, the only part that I find kinda off is the fact that a bunch of the 12 year olds are way above their years, but the author also includes some that are simply innocent children which balances things out.

Anyways, check it out!
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Apr 10, 2021
Status: v1 epilogue
Libert the commoner son is supposed to be smart but like he's really ignorant in the way of the nobles.

While the 2nd prince is just simply annoying

Reading this when they are 12~ year old kids is just not my cup of tea. Had a good idea and beginning but execution wasn't good imo. He clearly knows her feelings but trope of status blocker, and other reasons to not do anything beyond being a butler
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Sep 27, 2020
Status: v2c6
Wow, this was really unexpected. This series had a somewhat rocky start (like in the first 2 chapters), but it quickly turned into one of my favorites. I'm a big sucker for the isekai villainess otome game genre, and honestly, I was just looking for some junk food to read. Reincarnating as the butler of the villainess? It just seems like the logical conclusion of an overdone genre.

Yet... It's really good. I really wasn't expecting it. The main character is pretty likeable, and what really sold me on it was... more>> the intense dedication both Sophia and Cyril have for each other. I really bought their intense loyalty. The biggest fear I had was that the main character would be a typical JP harem protagonist but he's really not, he's only dedicated to Sophia.

A lot of the series consists of like internal politics / faction warfare stuff, which I actually really enjoyed. Sometimes that kind of stuff isn't executed well, but in this series, I thought it was really good. The double speak and internal machinations of all the factions of maintaining positions between sides was really interesting and I really enjoyed it. It has a lot more depth than some other otome LNs where basically the only goal is to collect capture targets.

I really wish there was some more to read, this is the most I've enjoyed a new series in a while. <<less
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Nov 03, 2019
Status: --
I've long been bored with the Japanese style of writing, but this reminds of the other isekai novel with the heterochromic eyed butler and the "villainous" noble lady. It's very different from the usual tr*shy stuff; I quite like the protagonist's devotion and sincerity (which was the reason why I dropped the other novel because it was spoiled to be a harem). I also like that although the protagonist obviously has an edge because of reincarnation, everything he has and everything he continues to gain is a result of his... more>> hard work. The only thing that followed him from the previous life was magic, so nothing like pulling plot out of thin air so far.

As long as the quality of the novel doesn't drop and it doesn't become a harem, this will stay a high rated novel for me. Give it a go, if you're into the genre, it's pretty decent. <<less
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Dec 29, 2020
Status: v2c7
It is quite clever and very funny. Some may say the premise is contrived, but thats another way of saying the setting allows the rest of the novel to appear natural.

So far I am enjoying it more than a lot of similar stories. There is a touch of mystery as well, which is nice.

I'm not certain it should be 5, its ~4.5, its not perfect, but its very good.

One of the main strengths of the novel is that it manages to flesh out all the characters. My main gripe is

... more>>

Is the fact that the second prince was left with a poor tutor/educator, and so was being taken advantage of by a faction that he wasn't aligned with. This seems like it was just to allow the main characters to shine. Basically the situation seems contrived, and for the King and Queen to allow it get to that stage makes no sense.

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Nov 13, 2019
Status: --
Love this so much. MC is both logical and caring and their relationship is just so adorable and trusting. &Lt;3
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