Ouroboros Record ~Circus of Oubeniel~


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[This is an everlasting love story.]

The second son of the Count family, Tullius Shernan Oubeniel, was a person who reincarnated from modern day Japan. That is, a person who has a single experience of death. With no understanding as to how he was reincarnated, he thought that perhaps, he might be reincarnated next time in the same way. Yet, his fear of death was greater than anything – above that, he could only do things such that he avoids death. Peculiar to this world were certain kinds of magic and one of them was alchemy. Choosing this class of magic, he was said to be able to attain perpetual youth and longevity. With that as his only salvation and goal, he had to reach out his hand towards the deepest secrets of alchemy and did so as though it was the only way for him to live. Even if there were sacrifices to be made for that end.

A s*ave maid admired him from his youth. A Count family. Adventurer. s*ave. Citizen. Aristocrat. Country. Humans. Other beings that were not human…… Just because of one man’s delusional obsessions, many lives were changed, warped, torn apart. Even then, Tullius’s footsteps never knew pause. Everything was so that he could reach the forever he longed for.

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ウロボロス・レコード ~円環のオーブニル~
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Sarcze rated it
February 20, 2017
Status: c3
First of All! If it isn't clear to you through the synopsis, The MC is a Japanese (Not an ounce of information regarding his past life yet) who has died, and reincarnated into a usual fantasy World of Magic and Swords. Sounds good? Like a good start of a Legend like Rudeus of Mushoku Tensei? Where the MC will become super OP gradually and gather several girls for his collection? [B] NAH [/b]

The feeling of Death overwhelmed him, scares him, traumatize him. The feeling of being in some kind of... more>> a Limbo, traumatized him so much, he doesn't want to experience it again. Even if he reincarnated again later, he absolutely do not want to. He wants to live, live forever and don't have to experience Death again.

So what does he need to do? It's a world of Magic! There are some great magic for that kinda stuff, right? Probably, Probably not. But there is indeed some tales of Achieving Immortality. But the closest being Alchemy. Yes, good old alchemy. It's like Biology, plus Magical Ingridients.

Alchemy is a bit looked down upon here. Why? Because instead of Alchemy being another branch of Magic like most novels, they are both actually as different as Martial Arts and Magic. And I'm not talking about Martial Arts being strengthening your body with Magic here.

It's basically Alchemy = Drugs, Magic = God's Miracle. Which one seems better and respectable if that said Miracle actually truly exist? Furthermore, in a World Era equivalent to our Middle-Ages, where the Church and beliefs in Gods is as strong as beliefs in the Science nowadays?

And so, Alchemy has never been explored as much as what our MC will do. Completely filled with corpses of several.. Sacrifices as the test subjects.. And also accompanied by Test Subject No. 1, whose Loyalty is not to be questioned because how MC basically restored her appearance and health. Her conditions before she met MC was basically Face and Body filled with large swellings from beatings and abuse, quickly dying, and lost spirit.

Well, that was long, and I doubt anyone actually reads that wall of texts. Plus it basically only explain the already posted synopsis. Either way, Please. Read. It. What the Translator is translating is the Web Novel, but I have no doubt the more polished version of this (Light Novel), can stand toe-to-toe with the kinds of Overlord and Dungeon Defense.

Also, my personal feelings toward the discovery of this novel and the joy when it is taken as a translation project below, for those interested.


I've been eyeing this one for a while now since I discovered it (Volume 3 isn't out yet when I found it). With the Synopsis and sample images taken from the internet of scenes from the novel, I expected a lot from this. Unfortunately, there was no translations of it yet.. Which also result in a harsh reminder kick from reality that I can't read Japanese, or Chinese, or Korean, or Google-Machinese if you get what I mean..

But now, ladies and gentleman! A GRACIOUS TRANSLATOR HAS TAKEN IT AS! Unfortunately, he/she/it/etc.. Has responsibilities for another novels too, so it seems like their attention can't be focused on this one. BUT ENOUGH OF THAT! You are here for a Review, to give you that one final push to start reading, don'tcha?

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Sherrynity rated it
April 6, 2017
Status: c5
This is a story about ambition, madness, and depravity.

The MC is a reincarnated person, who's so afraid of death, he decided to find the way to overcome it through alchemy

a reincarnated boy who has no qualms about buying s*aves, disecting them, watching them slowly die in agony, messing with the brain of his s*aves to mess with their soul later.
Someone who's ​willing to do anything for the sake of his research.

MC once saved a girl from s*avery. A girl who was abused so badly she was completely broken, physically and mentally. Later, the said girl become his s*ave maid (no le*d interpretation) and accompany her master as his assistant on his research.

Her biggest wish was to have his master to do a brain surgery, and turns her into a completely obedient s*ave, willing to do anything to serve his master..... which his master really done to her later, per her request and his wish.

Of course, she was so ecstatic to prove her allegiance to his master by joyfully volunteering herself


One thing for sure you can expect from this novel; moral be damned. You won't see s*x scene or pathetic le*d sh*t like typical JP novel. Nope. What you will see is the lunacy of an ambitious man..... which is somehow charming to me.

Looks like what they said is true; "human are the most bewitching when they fell into depravity"...
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Torn Femoral Artery
Torn Femoral Artery rated it
June 24, 2018
Status: c23
... but since the invisible dragon was an invisible dragon, it was invisible (c) Duichidak, Invisible Dragon.

Most of us have been in a situation when you are so hyped up because of high ratings and promising reviews... but after reading you get only disappointment.
Here I will explain why you will experience this scenario if you read this novel, Ouroboros.

The story kicks off with a promising setting - a guy is reincarnated in another world as a child, and he wants to achieve immortality at any cost. No cheating abilities, no ideal circumstances, just a common world with magic versus his cunning. Sounds good, right?

However, except the initial idea and political setup, Ouroboros lacks in many other important aspects.

WARNING: minor spoilers ahead, as I have to go in at least some details to explain how bad this novel is.

For starters, it's said that alchemy is frowned upon because magic is more than enough for people. But shortly after that, the MC does the thing that is arduous even with magic, when he had only a meager amount of resources. After this, do you still believe that the area which is THAT useful can be regarded as something unwanted? I don't.

The manner in which the MC advances in the alchemy deserves a separate passage:
Overlord - I'm one of the mightiest beings because I'm a goddamn lich with a tomb full of top-tier monsters.
Reverend Insanity - I can accumulate strength incredibly fast because I have 500 years of experience in this world from my previous life.
Ouroboros - I can discover things in alchemy that the whole world was unaware of because f**k you, that's why.

Besides, except that he's from Japan of the 21st century, there's NO information about his background at all. Does living in Japan make you a prodigy able to do scientific breakthroughs like a piece of cake? Nope.

Talking about his subordinates, it seems like he has stumbled not on just a jackpot, but upon a bloody lake of black swans.

Still want to give it a try?
The dialogues are sometimes so bad that you will have to scroll a full screen back to read the question because the answer was given after three paragraphs of setting explanation.
The atmosphere of the moment, especially in fights, is screwed up regularly. Yeah, let's listen to a child speaking a philosophical pitch in mid-battle, which is so long that even if Eminem had read it full-speed, the whole group would've been decimated before he ends it.
Also, I didn't mention the constant disregard of the "Show don't tell" rule together with the power level problems, when it inflates so ridiculously fast and so high that you have not even a single clue what the hell will be happening on later stages as we didn't even go past the middle of the story.


At the end, we have: a Mary Sue MC and his team, bad and disproportionate dialogues, situation style negligence, bad timelapse transitions, the list goes on, and on...
... and still Ouroboros gets 4.6 out of 5. I truly don't understand why it is rated higher than Reverend Insanity while having all those defects.
If you want a ruthless and rational MC in a story which doesn't have almost any of the problems above, read Reverend Insanity. Don't waste your time on Ouroboros - you will be severely disappointed.
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B2j rated it
October 29, 2017
Status: c17
Honestly, I am usually biased for antihero protagonists but I just can't for this protagonist. And it's a good thing. Some novels would pacify killing as saving the world, gaining strength, giving to those that derserved, etc etc. But this novel delivers the MC in a way that makes u think that he really is evil. There's no sugarcoating, no pacifying, he's just plain maniac and evil. Although it does try to convey that he has a determined goal, which is immortality because of his fear of death, to me,... more>> it seemed like it just further emphasized that he's a psychopath because he will achieve his goal, that is utterly unbelievable in a sense, by using any means necessary. But he's not just any maniac. He's rational but he is seen as insane because of him wantonly killing s*aves, but he only did so for his goal. When it has nothing to do with alchemy and his own safety, the highest probability would be that he won't act on it. The best thing yet, he seems to have already realized he had become messed in the head early on when he began buying s*aves. He realized it and decided to toss it away for his goal. In a way, isn't this an inspiring story about one passionate about their dream? No it isn't. One of the good points behind this novel is usage of different povs. Through these povs, u feel and see what utterly despicable things the MC did and is in no way received in a good light, albeit the only one that did are either brainwashed or a lunatic themselves. His actions trigger bad events for the people around him and so gives reasonable hatred towards the MC. The novel basically treated him as a source of evil and in no way bath him in the light of saints, even when he supposedly "saved" people. He deserves his titles, in fact, his rumors are even light. What he does to his subordinates is crueler and some even regrets being saved. He seemed even more evil and scary than characters that are cold blooded or hot blooded. Why? It's indifference. He doesn't care. Once he tossed it away, it doesn't come back.

I find his distrust towards people a little unusual but it can be partly explained by his fear of death. It is still a little out of place. Yuni/Uni is also a major cheat and has mad stockholm syndrome. The one character I favor is Due. He is human. He thinks human out of all those around MC. Drei also has a little more depth and feelings. Charl doesn't even need to be mentioned, complete lunatic. There is little character development possible aside from the MC, which is unlikely since it is only when he diverts his mind from alchemy, and his Opus series.

Good thing is, there is no harem or fluffy romance or smut.

In actuality, there's two r*pe scenes as of chapter 17. But not explicit content and only mentioned. It doesn't involve the MC though.

There's just gore and the extremes of a rational madman. Though Uni is obsessed over him but u can't really call it romance.

The involvement of politics is actually quite nice as it does give tension. The brother's enmity is also relatable. The MC is also reasonable here as he doesn't strive to achieve things that is out of his expertise, unlike some characters in other stories that gets their other world knowledge about every fudging thing. Though, I feel sad not knowing much about the mc's past life except that he seemed to have died as a teenager.

I like the "science" behind it, it's not real science, but it makes it somewhat believable, unlike some stories that gives out a cheat system with no regards to science (can't even compare them. The world building in this one is out of leagues to the likes of Death March). There are plot holes in this aspect but can be disregarded, since magic in itself is a large unexplainable plot hole.

Keep in mind, the MC is op. Op in the sense of alchemy and that he keeps his bunch of competent subordinates in the palm of his hand. Op only in the fields he is capable in. Politics, agriculture, combat, engineering, or management? Amateur. Again, he admits his mistakes and seeks "help".

I think this novel is quite the interesting approach towards reincarnation trope. No adventuring, no unique cheats, no otherworld inventions, no country building, no gods. He uses his own innovative mind, talent, and the existing magic that other people are accessed to. He develops his ability through painstaking research through a long period of time. The only things he takes seems to be science and medicine. Anyways, it's more reasonable than a god given cheat.

It certainly is not a tale of a hero for that sake. More of a bonafide villain.

The translation is superb, mistakes here and there, but understandable and if compared, can be said to be quite good quality. There's a switch of translation but both are good. It won't impact the understandability (is that a word? F that). More importantly, they fix mistakes and so I deeply commend them for that. I don't know about updates but the chapters are long, kind of like Youjo Senki, maybe shorter, but u get the gist. I sincerely appreciate them going through that hell. <<less
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Midnight Coffee
Midnight Coffee rated it
July 1, 2017
Status: c12
This novel is a beauty. Seriously.

Considering how shitty most Japanese web novels are, this novel is bringing a different air about it, and just exceptional. Really mind blowing.

I love every scene that unfolds in this novel.

... more>> The MC is not the usual weak-minded, lust driven, pushover type, the MC is just a guy who tried to fight death and somehow branded as a madman, mad alchemist, he's a hero the world needs, but not it deserves.

I'm waiting for more chapters, more mind blowing chapter, I want to be a puppet dancing on the MC's palm. <<less
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Vesper00 rated it
September 12, 2018
Status: c17
Another case of world centered around protagonist where everyone acts in a way to show how cool and awesome protagonist is. Author actually puts effort into making it logical but it's accompanied by infodumps and flaws are conveniently ignored when needed. As per standard for those types of novels there are lots of asspulls and MC is OP as hell but instead of omnipotent magic he has omnipotent alchemy, which is as per standard for those types of novels is looked down upon but "as soon as MC touches it,... more>> it transcends all common sense".

Up-to ch17 spoilers:


When MC plays fool and a party of adventurers tasked with investigating him which have first hand experience with his super OP maid believes cheap bullsh*t while conveniently ignoring the fact that the super loyal super OP maid is his s*ave which should already be enough to consider MC not a "simple fool" as well as other stuff like his maids/butlers having high quality magic clothes better than those of nobles and his "hired adventurer guard" who was guarding "magic fridge" made of very expensive stuff having much better equipment than royal guards. What's worse they acted so s*upid without even being brainwashed.

Speaking about brainwashing - almost every chapter before that was about showing how cool MC was and how "powerful and smart" his enemies are only to meet "everyone got brainwashed and lived happily after" end. The same brainwashing (besides other bullsh*t like that it turns common people into OP soldiers) is how the MC gets his loyal followers, their views or personality doesn't matter, MC uses brainwashing and they are instantly loyal to him, there's no need to develop characters, after all it's yet another MC power fantasy.


This novel does not deserve high rating it has. <<less
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Fooljastic rated it
February 12, 2017
Status: c3

This story is very interesting and refreshing if you compare it to other stories.

The character in this story "died" before, which more or less.... made him want not to die again. This he attempts to achieve trough the ability they call "alchemy" which is pretty much scoffed at, but better than it seems.

The character himself, is the "mad scientist" type, which attempts to gain immortality trough practicing alchemy, which he does by using s*aves as experimental objects... to acquire and dispose of them he does use s*aves as well, while he especially favors the first s*ave ever bought.

Sadly he was to spooked by what happened. He cannot even trust this s*ave, that cares about him extremly, until he was able to fully mindcontrol her.

The interesting part of this story is, that instead of the selfish type of idiot that does more harm than good often (well if he does something on his own.... without bullsh*t luck happening) this character actually has goals one can understand to a certain degree and does not have the absolute extreme advantage other protagonists have... (like revolutionating the agricultural, economical and other aspects without having prior dealings with those before.... though he most likely will push the medical knowledge of the world forward by a lot after a while (be it to make money or because he died and his notes were distributed to alchemists..... a true tragedy would be if they had simply burn all his work...))

Naturally many may find such a character repulsive and would wish him the worst, but I honestly don't. I would rather have many of those hero's killed that save the world by luck (and would have done far more harm than not without the luck) than him. He is a relatable character with an actual motive that is not a shirt chasing bit*h that simply saves the world cause yeah laughs and luls but simply does his thing and most likely will do more good than harmtrough it for the entirety of his "race". (though one could discuss how bad it would be for the environment and monsters if adventurers live longer and the demand for goods of them rises and if certain necessities [if there are any] are not possible to gain again, though keeping them like "pets" may work.... though I wouldn't want that for them.... oh well I have been going on about a lot of cut up thoughts and not fully explained stuff that I could have left away... but hey whatever. I just typed that thing already so it will stay.)

That star I have taken away is actually for it moving a bit faster than I had like and him practicing something that is more powerful than many believe... just hated the cliché always did.... xD

*Thanks to the guy that put this into a spoiler, sorry if it may be hard to understand sometimes, but english is not my first language.

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Zyst rated it
June 14, 2017
Status: c11
I wish to add some wind to this novel's sails, if you are concerned about the low (11) number of chapters, don't be: Each chapter is roughly 4 times the length of a normal novel chapter.

This story is super good. As a starter— Go in with the thought that our MC is a villain. Not just as in "He's a ruthless realist", which is more like a dark hero. More as in: "He's the first evil guy some Jap MC who just got off the goddess cheat train finds, throws... more>> up while looking at the stuff he did, and then kills him".

This is the novel of a guy seeking immortality through alchemy, he goes about it through a very villainous fashion. He frequently does human experiments on s*aves, which are branded as property in this country and neighboring countries, most of which end in death. I am aware this sounds very edgy, but it is handled as un-edgily as you can handle it: Without any real emotions, as an actual experiment following the scientific process.

The characters, at least the main cast does have a nice range which adds some nice color to the story. I particularly enjoy the (presumably) main heroine. Her personality comes across very nicely, and she complements the main character in a very synergistic fashion.

I do feel the novel has many lacking aspects, there's some degree of plot holes; The exposition method is something done very nicely, but you can tell the author isn't terribly experienced at it. He gave the MC too many useful "Brainwashing" utilities, and then didn't have him use them in situations which would completely nullify what I imagine is going to drive the plot for the next story arc, and the list goes on.

But if you can look past that you'll find a very nice novel with a fairly refreshing approach, and some interesting story telling. I would definitely recommend giving this a go. <<less
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Night Ghost
Nighterfield rated it
June 14, 2017
Status: c11
First of all, I am a fan of grimdark, dark fantasy, dark storyline, dark MC, and twisted love. If you don't like any of those things, please DO NOT read this novel. Otherwise, you will end up dropping this masterpiece, rate this novel 1-2 stars, and start whining in review section about how evil MC and everyone in this novel are, just like DDark did.

Currently this is my favourite JP Novel, it is refreshing to see another grimdark novel (aside dungeon defense) get translated here.

let's talk about MC.

MC died, got... more>> transported to another world in a body of a young man from a wealthy family. Very Cliche, is it not ? But trust me, this novel is very different from those isekai novel where MC is a loser and get cheat-like power the moment they get transported and end up making every beauty fall for him and at the end of it MC is still a BETA loser.

Here our MC doesn't get cheat-like power that allows him to level up everytime he sleeps. The the only thing that MC get is his past memories.

and MC has a clear goal. He died once. And it traumatized him. And he tried to avoid death by reaching immortality.

once again, if you don't like dark story and dark MC, DO NOT read this novel <<less
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Sanatoga rated it
November 17, 2018
Status: c76
Update: I lost personal interest at chapter 76, when the one enemy that the protagonist acknowledged finally died. Because after that point the protagonist starts committing multiple cliche villain mistakes that transform the story from an inversion and deconstruction of the high fantasy genre to a high fantasy story told from the perspective of the villain. And I have nothing to learn from that.

Forget about other web novels on this site, this story is good enough to be compared to actually talented authors. Only certain types of people will... more>> enjoy it, though.

If you enjoy stories of valiant adventurers triumphing over evil through love and friendship, you'd best look elsewhere.

But if you have ever taken delight in watching a villain play all of their cards correctly... if you have ever thought that it might be fun to watch a twisted mastermind slowly convert everything around him into a horrifically dystopian society of glorified dolls... then this story was written for you.

... Someone give the demented genius who wrote this masterpiece a medal.

Relevant Tags: Seinen, Evil Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Brainwashing

Rating: 5 / 5 (Masterful)

  • Writing: 5 / 5 (Masterful)
  • Translation: 4.5 / 5 (Excellent)
  • Characters: 4.5 / 5 (Excellent)
  • Story: 3.5 / 5 (Good)
  • World: 3.5 / 5 (Good)

Reasons to love this story:

  • Brilliantly deranged villain protagonist.
  • Smart story.
  • Excellent use of multiple perspectives to flesh out the world and make up for the protagonist's human deficiencies.
  • Characters feel like real people. (albeit deranged, in the case of the protagonist and his allies)
  • The author has no illusions about his protagonist and clearly contrasts his brokenness with other characters who possess the various good qualities that he lacks. Rather than glorifying the villain, the story is... thought provoking. Bittersweet and sad.

Reasons to hate this story:

  • Emotion, when present, is almost entirely implied in this story. The protagonist's narration is, at least on the surface, extremely clinical. (the things that the author chooses to write, and the things that he omits, betray that a lot more than that is going on, though)
  • The protagonist is an intelligent villain who completely ignores typical villain tropes. Naturally, this means that he takes great care to ensure that others don't realize just how dangerous he actually is. Unfortunately, this also means that he never experiences challenges appropriate to his current "power level", which hurts the story.
  • While there is technically romance, it is as muted and twisted as the rest of the protagonist's personality.
  • The protagonist regularly and consistently does things that would turn your stomach without batting an eye.
  • ... For pity's sake, this is the story of a soulless b*stard who makes the characters from Overlord look like kindergartners. It should be pretty obvious why this might not be your cup of tea.
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ninthlite rated it
January 7, 2019
Status: c25
For once we get a villain main character who doesn't look for puppies to kick (more or less). Which is a big plus for me. The plot is interesting, the main character has an unique personality, and the supporting cast are not a bundle of cliches. Which already sets it above almost every single novel on this website.

The only downside is the lack of love this series has received (which I think is due to the low amount of chapters translated so far), its also a shame that the light... more>> novel is discounted so I don't really know if the story will maintain its quality. I honestly think this story is too extreme for the conservative japanese.

Update: Reducing stars from 5 -> 3 as the story gets edgy for edgyness' sake <<less
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Yeahlesh rated it
June 17, 2018
Status: c23
The story of an inhumane, torturing experimentalist, Type of MC that is hard to find these days. He is a devil in the form of an human, he is the greatest Alchemist there is to see, he is the most fortunate psychopathic killer in the eye of an normal human he is a monster but in the eye of his follower he is a God.

I just cannot stop enjoying myself with this wicked of a story. To all those geeks out there who love inhumane activities this is the right... more>> place you have come for. Once you open this seal you cannot turn back. Necromancer, gore, stoic protagonist, distrustful protagonist, drugs, and an OP protagonist (In intelligence). Every element are there of Darkness. Im not gonna rate it less than 5 <<less
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malkirion rated it
March 28, 2021
Status: c47
As with most novels on this site, you got a few sensitive folk claiming the novel is a piece of crap. It's not, but you can't be sensitive. The story is extremely dark and the MC is firmly in the evil alignment.

Basic storyline is that the MC died and was traumatized by the experience of death upon being reincarnated. His entire goal is never experience that again and to become immortal. No magic has found out how to do this, so he turns to Alchemy. This type of magic is... more>> looked down on in this world as scientific understanding is limited in this world (novel is Sword and Magic type setting). MC sees the potential of combining the science from his old world in combination with alchemy to try to become immortal.

The MC is odd in that he doesn't set out to do evil, but his experiments violate so many moral boundaries that the other characters in the novel despise and seek out his death. If you like evil MCs who have no immortality and are ok with reading a novel with human experimentation, mind control, and general disregard for morals, this is for you.

If any of this seems like too much, go read something else. Above all else, don't go into a novel after reading tags saying "brainwashing, ruthless protagonist, twisted personality, human experimentation, gore, evil protagonist, and depictions of cruelty" and then complain that the MC was too evil for you. <<less
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VannVann rated it
July 23, 2018
Status: c23
I'll say it right now. The MC is a scum of the world. A villain among villains. Get ready to feel disgusted. Everything which normal people shun, this guy will do it. From human experiments and mind control to experiments on babies and souls. Feeling awful yet? You should be. The story fallows a man who would be the final boss in every other novel. The one you would be cheering to die the whole time and when he dies you would start running around from pure joy. But this... more>> guy is not gonna die. Nope. He's gonna become immortal and you will watch it. If you are like me, and you are already thinking of how to destroy the world, you might even start cheering for this bastard. Be ready to be disturbed. There is not a single thing that redeems this alchemist.

The MC has one goal which is ultimate immortality. Not prolonged vitality, not turning into a Vampire either. He wants to be truly undying. If you stab him he will live. If you burn him he will live. If you drown him he will live. If you dismember him he will live. You get the point by now. He is a reincarnated individual who felt the pain and despair of death personally. Armed with only our society's take on the world he progresses as an Alchemist. This profession is shunned by others for many swindlers use it to trick people. There are only few true Alchemists. As a child he had done numerous experiments on animals and had already gained some knowledge. With only him knowing that it's not just magic he progressed. Everything he achieved was his own hard work. To put it simply, if a caveman was given stone he will most likely use it as a weapon. If you give a stone to a modern person then they will know that it can be used to start a fire. Wil they succeed? Nope. They will fail countless times and through trial and error learn. This is how our MC gained his current skills. By knowing it's possible and trying.

Let me give you an example of how he got to here.

Goal: Mind Control.

  • Test 1: Failure, people dying
  • Test 2: Failure, people dying
  • Test 3: Failure, people dying
  • Test 4: Failure, people dying
  • Test 5: Failure, people dying
  • Test 6: Failure, people dying
  • Test 7: Failure, people dying
  • Test 8: Failure, people dying
  • Test 9: Minor Success, people are too limited and doll like.

This culminated in his current medical skills. Another thing to know is that MC has little political and guvermental skills. He mainly relies on his advanced puppets to the job, but he does have some smarts. He references our worlds history and passes it on to his able servants who then make great use of it. MC himself has the knowledge like billions of people on Earth but nothing further. Vast but shallow knowledge which can only be deepened by constant trying and passing it onto able people.

MC is the world's greates Alchemist, a Devil, Monster, scum, madman. He had made a colourful cast of followers and their daily interactions actually... look pleasant. But then you remember the cruel truth of what had happened to them and the world suddenly seems bleak. The pretty maids with seemingly introverted personality are nothing but dolls, Drai is a different person than who she was, Vamipre Lord who is kinda annoying is actually beyond saving and Uni who should be MC's childhood friend has been experimented on since young.

So, fellow readers. If you want to read a story of a true Devil, a true Madman, a Divil of a Mad Scientist this story is it. Bring along strong guts and try not to whine about morals cuz this story isn't about that. Don't say that MC is tr*sh and give it a 1 star rating. That's the point! This novel is all about the Madness of the MC and you can't rate the novel poorly mearly because you don't like the concept. If it was a story about an evil MC who turned out to be a goody two shues then you indeed have the right to rate it poorly. Why? Cuz it failed at its very own concept.

Now go and witness ultimate Madness! Or walk away and be done with it. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
QIIxGriimZzQ rated it
July 3, 2018
Status: c14
I take this novel for good ratings and for "evil" MC. I thought I was prepared for tags in this novel but, well I wasn't or this novel isn't just for me. Don't get me wrong im not against mind control but I think author don't grasp this really good.

... more>>

First, our MC is calm and racional without emotions (yea I think he is robot, bcs "CALM" MC is calm when sh1t happens but this guy can't feel anything! Anger? Hate? Greed? Fear? Nope just pure instinct to reach immorality. He talks about how he don't want to die but you don't feel like he is afraid). How im supposed get happy when robot just experiment with s*aves to get more inhuman (he isn't immortal yet, but thats our plot. I don't know how you call immortal without emotions, but I think its called ROBOT).

Second, I thought I find some good point where I catch it and it will be at least fun. Nope, all in this novel feel so empty. MC trained his puppet so good and himself so she can destroy any adventurers and he can make better equipment then have royal guards (yea.. in this world alchemy is so "BAD" job)

Third, if this MC is so rational why he act like carefree dumb and always win. His father feared him almost hate him so why he didn't try stop that robot? He almost destroyed his name! He was count! He should be obsessed with his name and property! He should lock him up or something! But he just looked on how he stained his name reputation and then died.

Finn... Why our MC didn't just "fix" king? He should be rational, so why he just don't manipulated with king when he needs funds OR just some merchant?

His puppets are better then any guards in this time and even his alchemy is better then magic so why that s*upid build tag? Where he just put all work to puppets...

9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ReadsWebNovels rated it
November 9, 2017
Status: c17
This novel follows a flawed villain as he realistically and logically pursues immortality after being traumatized by dying and being reincarnated. No plot convenience, artificial tension, or plot armor. Also, the novel doesn't try to present the mc's actions as anything but selfish. Most of the enjoyment comes from the reactions of others and a lot of chapters jump between perspectives.

However, the plot is a flat line. No tension, peaks, or excitement.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
herpderp357 rated it
January 21, 2017
Status: c74
Only 3 chapters translated at this time but off to a great start.

No information given about the protagonist's previous life in Japan, but dying really spooked him and he ends up as a straight up Dr. Mengele style amoral character in his new life. He attempts to obtain immortality through alchemy with the mentality of 's*aves don't have rights so nothing wrong with using them as test subjects until they die horribly from one of my experiments'. Some of the story is told through side characters giving testimonies to a... more>> detective about their experience with the protagonist.

The raw is dead, stopped at 88 chapters and no updates since 2016. RIP <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
August 11, 2018
Status: c65
I give it 3 star for being a decent novel about a anti-hero. The story is very interesting and I can see author really put a lot effort into the world development. The MC personality in my opinion is not boring, but the rest of the setting really need a lot of work. I just don't get why author always need to drag the chapters with pov that keep repeating itself. Too much unnecessary info dump and very boring thoughts that have zero meaning. The so called nobles society is... more>> also a joke. The way they behave is almost ret*rded and their thinking is so narrow minded that I wonder how the country even function. Author try too hard with the nobles playing childish schemes that drag on forever. I mean who cares about every single detail about how a noble should act and behave in view of others. Those with power can act and live however they want instead acting like ret*rds. Some problems could have just been resolved with a simple solution or if they just have a normal conversation instead the author try to prolong the story with dumb excuses.
What I don't get is why the MC brother hatred toward his brother. Sure the MC has killed hundreds of s*aves and have them cremated, but which nobles hasn't killed some peasant or s*aves before? At least he is not raping and slaughtering innocents (get caught in the act I mean). Nor did he ever hurt, spoken ill or plotted against his family. Why would his father and brother even get so scared that the former died from it while the other hated him so much that he wanted him dead? This is just s*upid. He get a title like 's*ave slaughterer', which is not even impressive in my opinion.A noble with pe*verted hobbies against his s*aves could easily be more famous than him. A general in a army could easily kill thousand of men without blinking a eye or s*avers and mercenary would be even more cruel in some cases. Author just try too hard creating the so called family feud for no reason. The MC wasn't even threatening to his brother because he was sent away in a remote country with nothing and MC gladly stay there and wanted to peacefully do his own thing.
Somehow the author manage to drag this so called brothers feud all the way from the beginning to chapter 62. MC could easily wipe out a whole village with powerful guardians, take over several noble houses, destroyed A rank adventurers, possess a group a servants that could wipe out nations, but he can't get rid of a single weak human that is his brother. Such bullshit. All he had to do was sent 1 assassin to the capital, kill his brother and everything would be resolved. If there are bad rumors then let it be. There is no proof, so who give a damn. What bother me the most is he always leave behind enemies that could greatly give him troubles. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 8, 2020
Status: c43
Disgusting, yet somehow too compelling to stop reading.

In comparison to some other novels I've read in a similar vein, it loses out in a realism sense - the main character's victories are handed to him too easily, and he's a bit too... empty to be believable enough for some of the deeply f*cked-up stuff he does to really hit home, but by and large the story still manages to convey an atmosphere of dark psychodrama quite well.

If there was anything that I didn't like about the story it was the... more>> vague note of apologia that seemed to hover over everything. Again and again, the story says on one hand 'look how deeply insane and evil this main character is', but on the other it says 'hey, this guy has a perfectly submissive hot maid who's flawless at everything, and an hot elf babe, and a bunch of really cool loyal servants, and all of his successful experiments are treated really well, so is he really that bad compared to all of the other terrible people like his brother and the marquis, etc, etc?' There's a weird text vs subtext vibe that the story has going on, and while it could be deliberate I can't tell if that's for sure or more some dark wish-fulfillment to keep readers interested. In any case, it certainly rubs me the wrong way.

All things considered, I still think the story is worth reading, but I can't help but shake the impression that the target audience is more along the lines of "people who think Rising of the Shield Hero is a good series and there's absolutely nothing wrong with Raphtalia as a love interest." <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 8, 2017
Status: c10
Enchanting. This is the way stories should expand on an overused trope, and build characters with realistic uniqueness. The plight and rise of various characters are fascinating. The story has a direction, and so-far, a visible undertone of increasing tension from within the party and from outside opposition. All-in-all, I can't see this going badly.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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