Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~


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She had a dream: the world was brimming with light. Family. School. Friends. Trains. Buses. Movies. Books. In that world of light, she grew into adulthood… and at the very end, in a white room, she fell into darkness. She awoke from the dream to find that she had become a demon. In the demon world, she lived a carefree life until she encountered a powerful being.

After such a long time spent living as a demon, before she knew it, spreading in her heart was a yearning for that world of light. She plunged herself into a summoning magic circle that had appeared. Then… when she opened her eyes once again, she had become a human baby.

She was in the Holy Kingdom. She felt fearful: while she was indeed a demon, she only had the strength of a baby. Her being a demon, if discovered, would be terrible. Was she a human or a demon? Would she be able to survive from here on out?

Associated Names
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Akuma Koujo ~Yurui Akuma no Monogatari~
Demon Girl ~Tale of a Lax Demon~
Demon Noble Girl ~Tale of a Gentle Demon~
The Devil Princess
悪魔公女Ⅱ ~ゆるふわアクマ旅情~【リメイク】
悪魔公女 〜ゆるいアクマの物語〜
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App rated it
May 23, 2016
Status: v1c9
If this entire series ends on the current chapter, c9, I would rate it as the best novel on this entire site. I have never, ever seen a translated web novel with as well written descriptive sections, reasonable character misunderstandings, and most of all: whimsical brutality as this novel. The MC is one of the only characters here that I can actually want to be, not because of pure power scale, but because I understand why she does everything she does, and it all makes sense immediately.

Edit: after reading ahead,... more>> it doesn't get any worse, yay!

Also, the MC has a coherent thought process, no non sequiturs. (A rare thing in LNs) <<less
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mllhild rated it
January 14, 2016
Status: --
It is reincarnation without any game elements, quite refreshing.
Good Points:
- has a very nice chapter 1 for setting the mood.
- very good translation
- nice protagonist with which one can relate
- you get the POV from several people to complement the story
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Mavsynchroid rated it
January 6, 2018
Status: v4c1
This is another one of those Japanese novels where everything (story details, conversations, action, narration) is vague. Sometimes it's even difficult to figure out who's speaking what sentence, as there's usually no "So and so said". Anyway, for the story itself, it has an interesting premise. However, it doesn't really use it to it's fullest extent. I understand that the title itself says the MC is lax/careless/lazy, but that usually makes the story extremely dull. You realize you're just waiting for the end of each volume where something interesting actually... more>> happens. Saw that some other reviewer said that this is the best novel on this site... Would like to try a bit of whatever he's smoking..

The MC is pretty dull herself, even while you get to listen to her inner thoughts. We get it.. You're a demon who's being hailed as a holy saint/princess. Can you not repeat it every chapter like it's a surprise to you?.. Can Rick not grab your arm, drag you somewhere, and do a tsundere act every chapter? Can Noel not say something gentle/extremely embarrassing while blushing every chapter? It's just the same of the same in every chapter/volume. At the end of every volume, the MC let's loose her demon self and kills a bunch of bad people. While the first time it was pretty interesting, by the end of the third volume I just kind of shrugged.


Especially seeing as how that's when the dark beast reappeared. Felt like such a waste in how it was done. "Come back with me". "No". Battle battle battle. "I'll bring you back next time!" eh... ok?


I've actually noticed this in quite a few Japanese novels, but they don't seem to really care about detail a lot of the times. Each character will have more or less ONE personality trait that's always up front. For example, Tina, one of the MC's attendants is obsessed with the princess. Anything she does or say just HAS to be related for that. It's ridiculously flat, detail wise. The MC herself is one of those MC's that does whatever anyone else tells her to. If she doesn't want to do it, she'll say something like "no... but..." then end up doing it anyway. It's like she has no say in the story itself, and just follows along whatever the author thinks of, without thought to how a person would actually react.

I dunno, I think giving this novel a 3 is pretty generous. Besides the beginning premise of the story, it really doesn't offer anything substantial. Very plain and boring.

EDIT: Unfortunately, most of the chapters are now on moonbunnycafe, which has to be the absolutely worst site to read on an iPad in reading mode. The page CONSTANTLY crashes and reloads before getting to the end of the chapter, making it almost non readable in that sense. Every other website with a novel on it that I've ever visited and read on didn't have this problem as long as java script is turned off. This site is the only site that crashes this way regardless of whether or not Java Script is on or off. I've messaged them about it multiple times, yet they've ignored the problem. Due to that, all novels on their site automatically drop one star in reviews, making this novel a 2 star now instead of a 3 star. <<less
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Liv rated it
March 1, 2016
Status: --
Very good.

Can get a bit slow paced, sometimes, but the story gets more and more interesting later on (reading the raws). Don’t get fooled by the fluffiness. Some chapters are quite bloody.

EDIT: apparently it's been rewritten, so do note that my opinion is based on the old version
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Aria rated it
June 8, 2016
Status: v2c16
Warning: Don't read this if you're looking for pure fluffiness

Hint: the story tag is [demons] and [R-15] (you've been warned)

If you don't mind some dark-ish tone/chapter, this story is pure awesome!

I highly recommend this!
31 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
San-Kyu rated it
May 5, 2017
Status: v4c6
Where to start... well the closest comparison to this novel I can remember is Cloudy Eyes Lilianne. You have your fluffy story about a reincarnator awakening into the body of a newborn girl. She is born into nobility and is well loved by her family and servants. She grows up healthily and becomes beautiful... abnormally so. The prologue basically sets the backstory for the MC as she is actually a demon that has unwittingly incarnated into this world by inhabiting the corpse of a newly born stillborn child. The story... more>> then goes somewhat fast, with each year of her life documented in 1-5 chapters, with troubles arising from her unique existence as well as some issues with her parentage.

A word of warning the story is a comedy overall but in a very dark, gallows humor sort of way. Remember the MC is a demon, and she inhabits a setting where she was born in what may as well been the religious capital of the world. She ultimately shows two sides of her, a very princess-ly human side and a very very very inhuman demonic side. She is nourished by emotion, whether it be happiness, love, hatred, or despair, and actively cultivates events and people to extract them - it can be rather disturbing how easily she does this. She is absolutely nothing like your typical shojo lead, and mostly acts the part very well.

The writing/editing is pretty well done with few spelling or grammar errors to note - its an easy read. I absolutely recommend reading this. <<less
28 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
GabeZhul rated it
June 9, 2017
Status: v4c11
This was a really surprising read. First of all, I found this series by random, while looking for the original title of another story I have found here. As such, my expectations were mild at best, but the story quickly managed to win me over.

As the synopsis already says, this is a story about a reincarnator from modern day Japan. However, the nameless girl quickly fades into memory as she becomes the "Golden Beast", an absurdly powerful demon in the demon realm... except she looks like an incredibly cute golden... more>> cat with tiny little bat wings and the disposition of an overly playful one.

After an indeterminate amount of time she, due to various circumstances, gets reincarnation again, but this time as a human baby born into a noble family, so she ends up as an ex-human who became human again and loves people, but with the peculiar mind-set and abnormal power of an inhuman, god-tier demon. Then comedy ensues.

Yes, most of this story is about the protagonist's misadventures, the people around her bumbling around after being charmed by her natural cuteness and beauty and just a lot of fluffy, comedic situations sweet enough to give you diabetes. And then horror ensues.

Yes, you read that right. Be warned, contrary to what you might think from reading the first dozen or so chapters, this is not a story for the faint-hearted. When sh*t hits the fan in this series, it hits hard. We are talking about "kids being torn apart by monster dogs in graphic detail" levels. Thankfully, the protagonist and company are still the 'good guys', monstrous as they are, so when she lets loose, there are little to no collateral damage, but most of the bad guys that earn her ire usually end up deader than dead, and those are the lucky ones.

Overall this was a surprisingly entertaining series, however I have to knock off one star due to the fairly boring worldbuilding and weak characterizations, the latter of which is further compounded by just how many fairly pointless secondary and tertiary characters the reader has to keep in mind. So yeah, good read, but be warned of the genre-shift at the end of each volume. <<less
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joshan rated it
July 3, 2016
Status: v2c10
Fluffiness until v1c9... why stop?!!! c10-11 is quite bloody as she goes all out! It seems all volumes start slow with fluffiness/socializing then bloody action towards the end, she gets feared/hated by some and loved by others
23 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
WoolyMarmot rated it
February 6, 2016
Status: --
A delicious story. It’s a “reincarnated person wants to hide their cheat” story, but twisted in some delightful ways. Picture a human female (that’s the “dream”) who’s become a demon―but retains her un-demon-like fondness for cuteness. Now, as a demon, she’s living in the body of a still (so far) young human girl.

On the inside she has the soul of a human who loves cuteness and affection. On the outside there's a cute girl for whom that soul would be a perfect match. In between though, there's the demon she... more>> was reincarnated as, and that demon can't afford to be discovered, is afraid of things like holy water, and takes nourishment from... well, it's not human food, but it seems very appropriate for a demon.

She may want to live a happy, ordinary life, but as more of her circumstances are revealed, as the circle of people around her widens, it looks more and more like her life will be more eventful than that. And very tasty for us readers.

(Updated: trying yet again to capture what has so captured me about this story.) <<less
22 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Felix3D rated it
May 22, 2016
Status: Completed
This... is classical Japanese writing. The words have multiple meanings, and allusions, while the whole setup is more of a poem than prose.

Because of this, it is hard to read. You can't translate it properly, much like Dante's Inferno. The wording and the subtext will always be a bit off. While it is a good job, the translation could be improved.

But the story, and what it accomplishes still is very strong.

Do not read this if you do not like artsy stories, or if you prefer clear and concise actions. This... more>> work is very "japanese" in the sense that it revels in implied information and incomplete thoughts. You will often feel lost while reading this story. This is normal, that's how this kind of literature works.

Beyond the cute and fluffy exterior, you can call this story "horror" almost, as it takes a very interesting niche and expands on it. It's a shockingly simple premise that is elevated and explored in ways you don't expect.

The problem is that as things go on, it almost becomes repetitive. The narrative doesn't move forward much, and it feels like it retreads the same tropes in a loop after a while. <<less
21 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
scranity rated it
October 28, 2016
Status: v2c14
So you start reading this story, and you're enveloped by fluffy cuteness. The main character starts off as a low level demon, and is a golden furred kitten with wings and gains a scary panther BFF.

Then she gets s**ked into the human world and turns into a baby with unnaturally cute everything, who turns out to be a princess of a kingdom that came from a marriage done purely out of love. Things get fluffier from there.


The most recent review before this had only gotten up... more>> to v2 c9, and was made a month ago. So much has changed since then, even in just 5 chapters.

The very next chapter made a complete about turn in the direction the story seemed to be going. The little 'slip up' that happens with the

main character going full on scary vampire demon and eating the kidnappers


is nothing compared to what starts to happen at Volume 2 chapter 10.

For those willing to spoil the immediate proceedings for themselves:


From chapter 10 to chapter 14:

Yurushia's little hanger on's have turned out to be abusing their positions as her 'protectors' and have been screwing with her stuff. They've sold off her and her family's priceless possessions, been either slacking or completely abandoning their work, and have destroyed Yuru's precious gifts from her family. Yes, I mean the ones she was given early on in the series that, while are not valuable in a material sense, represent to her all her happy memories of her family and friends. They are, in essence, representative of every good thing that has ever happened to her and they were completely ruined, not due to maliciousness, but due to the other child's simple lack of any care with them.

But instead of punishing them through normal channels, she decides to handle it herself.

Long story short, she convinces them to accompany her to a supposedly harmless but extremely prestigious 'tea party' which turns out to be run by a powerful group of vampires that are using these events as an excuse to drink the blood of powerful nobles.

After revealing the vampire's plot in front of nearly the entire undead horde and the other children, enraging the former against the latter immensely, Yurushia gives them an ultimatum: Escape the vampires by yourselves, or die.

They don't get away. And then she feeds their souls to demons as to let them possess the children's bodies. Said demons then burn the last last dregs of the human souls to fix their ruined clothing.

And then Yurushia commands them to go forth and slaughter every last vampire in the castle because, and I quote, "those Vampires (tr*sh) which built a nest in my feeding grounds... "


So if you've read the above spoiler, you can see how things have changed so much. The turnaround was jarring, but suddenly all the seemingly harmless and silly throwaway comments that she made so many times earlier on in the series have turned out to have been completely serious.

The dark foreshadowing concealed behind cutesy supposed airheadedness gets an A+ from me.

5 stars, would be stunned from sudden genre shift again. <<less
19 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
thorlong rated it
May 23, 2016
Status: v1c9
An absolutely fascinating story, following natural instincts and the ascendance of a soul. I would like to remind people what the true nature of angles and demons are really like, honestly there isn't much of a difference.
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
PandoraTiger rated it
June 12, 2019
Status: v8c18
+5 for this novel and the translation.

Good Story, the Plot itself almost like Combination of all Element that usually we seen on another novel :

- Cute Girl, Demon, Reincarnation, Transported into another World, Saint, Gore, Overpowered Protagonist, Shoujo, Otome Game (i dont remember which volume, but it was happen on Modern Day Arc), Servant-Master Relationship, Heartwarming Story with alot of Bloody Scene and "FuwaFuwa Scene", Heroes, and many more, so far, I don't see any Harem/Reverse Harem on this novel.

Tales of Lax Demon is kind of "World Traveller novel",... more>> where the MC will move from one World to another :

-First Arc : Atra World (Aristocrat/Saint) , Second Arc : Modern Day Life (Earth) , Third Arc : Tess World (Saint/Heroes from Another World)

So the reader will not bored since we'll see the different point of view on every Arc

love this novel <3 still curious why it still not Adapted into Manga? <<less
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
toki rated it
June 4, 2016
Status: v1c9
This novel is way too good, the description doesn't do it justice. The author writes like an actual adult, and the whole theme of cuteness in the story is deceiving. Basically just read it.
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Seregosa rated it
January 4, 2017
Status: v1c10
I wanted to like this, I really did. It was promising, but already at the beginning I started to doubt some things. I think it's the "shoujo" part of this that makes it so that I just can read this, even if the story seems fairly good in some ways. In my personal enjoyment, I would put one star instead of 3, but I think this would be really good if some parts was to be removed, it's just one of those novels that isn't aimed at me, so giving... more>> the lowest rating wouldn't be fair.

Now, the premise is really interesting, being born as some fluffy demon creature, getting reincarnated and all, but it is just a bit too "flowery" if you get my drift. I can't stand her thoughts of her getting "intoxicated" by smelling people/rubbing her head against them etc (feels like it's something like getting turned on). I also can't stand her attitude towards males in general, we see a lot of preferences and thoughts I really can't relate to at all, as I am a guy. I honestly get disgusted from seeing these interactions. It might feel natural for straight girls, or maybe homos*xual men, but reading about how calm uncle characters are so nice and how she wanna hook up with someone is just "offensive", or maybe closer to off-putting? It leaves a really bad feeling as a guy. I mean seriously, she seems to be interested in her father to some extent and she's even blabbering on about when she wanna get some dating life (middle school?)... yeah, really... The author mentioned that this story was about love, and I guess I agree.

Honestly, it's probably a great novel (liked the style somewhat, excluding the content) and everyone has got different tastes, but if you're like me, a straight male and all, or just doesn't want to see the protagonist get glued to guys, and is overprotective against the females in stories (like, for example, I hate "intruders" in a male protagonists love life and if it is a female protagonist, I have to get a daaaamn good reason for her to hook up with any male at all, even if it's in the end.) just don't read this, it's not worth the time. If I kept reading this I would self-destruct and wish death upon every male in the story, including her father and the fluffy panther demon beast. I just can't stand her cuddling with random males and getting high on it, shit. Should put a "Female Protagonist Straight Love Life" tag or something here, or maybe a "h**ny female lead" tag, because just because it's shoujo doesn't necessarily mean it's always unbearable for the male audience. Just the thought of the cute female lead getting into some "bed action" with some dandy old man, I shudder enough to freaking drill through the floor, it's like someone saying something like "imagine your old granny naked" and you picture those droopy "things" hanging while reaching the waist and saggy skin with wrinkles everywhere, it's enough to make me puke (I'm really sorry the nightmares I just gave you, mohahaha). Surely the majority of the female audience would view males in the stories in much the same way as I view females, if that is true I feel sorry for them because of all the good novels out there that has outrageously horrible love life between a male protagonist and his female lovers... yeah... <<less
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ssj4maiko rated it
November 11, 2021
Status: Completed
When I first read the summary, my impression is that the protagonist, being a demon, was born in a Holy Kingdom, and had to do her best not to be found out. So I wondered what's the premise. But it's not like that at all, and is a little more "normal", although it does contain some really interesting plot elements.

The Story is told in 3 "Sections":

  • Holy Kingdom (Part I - Childhood) - It's the 4 Arcs under the title 悪魔公女 〜ゆるいアクマの物語〜
  • Other Worlds (Remake) - The 4 first Arcs in 悪魔公女Ⅱ ~ゆるふわアクマ旅情~【リメイク】
  • Holy Kingdom (Part II - Back Home) - The remaining 4 Arcs in 悪魔公女Ⅱ ~ゆるふわアクマ旅情~【リメイク】
For those who understand Japanese, the sequel has the keyword Remake (リメイク), so it may look like it's the first story but rewritten. That's not the case, although... more>> "Remake" does make some sense once you read that part of the story.

About the Main Character: She is a Demon (Akuma), she seems to have memories of a previous life, she appeared in the Demon World (A realm separate from the Material, Spiritual and other realms), where time and space are completely different, there she meets the Dark Beast, a strong Demon who starts taking care of her.

Eventually she is summoned by humans, but things go wrong, and the entity disappears from where it was summoned, and our MC is reincarnated as a baby. As a Demon, she has superior potential. Skipping the details, she becomes an important figure in the Kingdom very early on

Ironically, as the Saintess, and she is very aware of the irony, and keeps pointing it out, since she does a lot of the Devil's work.


Ok, so she is a good demon and friendly with people and won't do things demons do, is that how it is? Actually, no. Due to her Demon... characteristics, there are things, like eating good tasting souls, that are basically natural to her, so although she is aware that it's bad to make a mess of things, she is quite the egotistical person, and everything she does is for her own sake. There are times when you may question "Why doesn't she finish it already?", but the reason is actually already explained: That's her tormenting/playing with her play, to boost the soul's taste

This is not a story about romance, much less Harem, however it has multiple worlds and systems to explain how things work differently in each world. It likes to parody it a lot, with random cliché reincarnated people in generic positions, but subverting their expectations, or adding Otome game terms out of nowhere, so it certainly likes to parody the genre.

There isn't much to say about the world that hasn't been said, and that won't spoil too much, because in the first place, there is the idea of realms, in which we see only the Demon and Material Worlds. There is some time/space stuff thrown here and there (Mostly in the Remake, see, that's the hint), and explanation of how worlds, spirits and demons work. Well, it's the usual Middle Age thing, although there are some caveats: No game-like system (there are implicit settings), and hardly no monsters, although there are demons.

About other worlds, there are also a few later on, like Modern Age, Middle Ages (with monsters), and a little Sci-Fi.

About the supporting characters:

In the Demon World, the MC meets first with the Dark Beast, later on, 4 other smaller Demons are introduced as "her pets", although she treats them like her children. These 4 are the main supporting characters for most of the story.

In the Human World, the main characters, besides her family, friends and maids, are the ones that later become the Paladin and Hero (If you read the spoiler above, you can already imagine what this means).

Overall, it's a very enjoyable story by a famous author. It has a good amount of world building, so you need to keep track of the mechanics, although there are some parts more lazed because they are less relevant to the story. There is also the interesting point of view of a "sly character" that is both ruthless and caring, but mostly is "Sly".

Other characters mostly are related to MC, so if you are expecting some sort of big romances, betrayals or something, nops, not here. The most you will get will be the parodied parts, like the reincarnated self-proclaimed hero that wants a harem. It's mostly made for fun, although they are still a part of the plot. <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 13, 2020
Status: v9c2
I cannot express enough how annoying and aggravating Isekai plots are, that don't have any reason for the Isekai other than 'easy jump-on point for the reader'

Akuma shoujo does NOT have this issue.

The Isekai plot line is integral to not only the protagonist but the entirety of the story itself, in fact I'd argue it is the story. It's hard to explain but after reading this far, I'm happy to say my time wasn't wasted.

Even reading to volume 7 feels like it was all meticulously planned out without feeling rushed... more>> or elongated. I can't wait to read more!

Be warned however, the translation by App can be... difficult to understand important details clearly sometimes, it's not a terrible translation but more than once I've had to go back and re-read paragraphs trying to decipher what is being said.

For example,

" In exchange for giving Yurushia giving her what she wanted, she could demand a favor. "

The sentence is improper, you need to remove one of the 'giving' but depending on which you remove the meaning and implications change drastically, removing the the first would mean Yurushia giving the other person what they wanted, Yurushia could demand a single favor. Removing the second implies the opposite, that for the other person giving Yurushia what she wanted the other person could demand a single favor.

This is important as the fact that 'favors' and 'what she wanted' (the two topics of the sentence) are left vague is integral to the plot of the arc this line is in.


I also had an issue with App interrupting the chapter part-way through to virtue signal about LGBT and trans representation when an Okama (a commonly masculine male, who dresses and acts like a woman, often mistranslated as transgender) was introduced to the plot. It became extremely clear that this affected what was being written as male/female pronouns were used interchangeably at different points, and made things confusing.

So while I'd rate the story 5/5 stars, i'd rate the translation a fat 0/5 for dragging social politics into the middle of a chapter. extremely disappointing, I very much wish that someone of Yoshi's caliber would do a thorough translation so I could come back and read it unmarred. <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
August 6, 2016
Status: v1c10
Holy mother of Azathoth— this LN... ? I recommend you to read at least until chapter 9 before you rate this series.

This series is about the tale of a certain gentle demon. I repeat; GENTLE. DEMON. No matter what, never forget those two words when you read it.

The said demon was summoned into a human body (or to be exact; a baby corpse) by a twist of fate. She lives her life with misunderstanding on the level of Tilea (Tilea's Worries) 's denseness. Basically the story is about how this... more>> demon cope with her daily life as a 'human'. <<less
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Panthena rated it
December 18, 2018
Status: --
Overall, it is a decent read, though the quality and consistency tends to drop a bit after vol 5.

If I had to sum up the experience, its like you someday decided to avoid yourself from the filth of the world, and sit down to watch a calm and beautiful lake, surrounded by a lush, vibrant forest. However, in some seldom occasions, the lake erupts in with a volcano, and the surrounding forest catches on fire. The psycho and pyromaniac you are, you kinda enjoy the pandemonium. However, in the midst... more>> of the inferno, the author calls in a rain with his godly powers to cool things a bit until calm is restored.

The surroundings are still left with the vestiges of the chaos, but its calm again. You find peace (mofumofu).

Until a meteorite falls and destruction prevails again.

The author comes to the rescue with a certain golden sword and uses some certain magic until things are fixed again.

Rinse and repeat, until you kinda forget how the hell you ended up here in the first place.

Personally, I pretty much stopped after vol 6. I think I would have appreciated if the author separated the 2 main arcs into different novels. If it was notfor the second arc, I would have given this novel a 4.5 - 5. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
2Girls1Cupcake rated it
October 28, 2018
Status: v2c7
I really don't understand the high ratings.

This is a story of a demon girl who has dreams about her previous life, the description uses a lot of flowery word, but in actuality we know very little about her dreams, it is however naturally insinuated that it's of Earth and Japan.

These are however only dreams and not actual memories, yet they still influence the MC, When she was born in the demon world and right up until possessing the body of a baby who was stillborn she was essentially a child... more>> and that is still the case after, she is however portrayed as being relatively mature at times leading me to believe she was influenced by her previous life. The end result of this however is that it just makes her character feel like it's been dumbed down.

Like your typical shoujo MC she's a total M, letting everyone walk all over her, especially her likely future love interest and newly acquired retainers. It makes her into the typical isekai male MC we all hate that just gets dragged along by everyone else and has no will of their own.

There is of course the constant worship of her beauty combined with her misunderstandings, this is probably the comedy that's allegedly in this novel, I don't see it though.

This novel just rubs me the wrong way with no enjoyment gained from reading so it can't compensate for the writing which is below average. <<less
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