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After a god screws up and accidentally takes high schooler Shou’s life, he offers him reincarnation with a gift to make up for it. Shou asks to retain all his old memories for the new life. Shou is reborn as Will, a noble’s son in a world where magic use is common and involves knowledge of kanji characters. With all his memories, he’s a brilliant toddler, and when he experiments with magic, he finds that he has an amazing talent for it! What’s more, though he was smart but unloved in his old life, in his new life he has a mother and a father who both love him deeply. His future as Will is looking very bright and cool!

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Tenseishichatta Yo (Iya, Gomen)
転生しちゃったよ (いや、ごめん)
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65 Reviews

Aug 04, 2016
Status: c157
Warning for those expecting this to be harem, no it's not harem/romance, it's BL tease instead. Every romance flag is shot down splendidly by the MC. There are 2 heroines which supposed to be romantic interest for the MC, but he's dense as blackhole and even in the end there's no development on romance part. The author herself is lamenting that the MC is actually friendzoning his heroine lol, yep, romance tag is a fake tag that the author herself gave the stamp of approval that the romance with the... more>> heroine won't get anywhere. What will you get at most is not so interesting or funny or romantic SOL, and feels like obligated checklist of it. Name it: study session, visiting MC's home on vacation, culture festival, obligatory summer activities, fireworks, splitting watermelon etc. And BL tease.

So if you're looking for romance with the girls around the MC steer away from this series, but if you liked a lot of ikemen interacting with a shota in somewhat slight BL vibe you will probably like reading this. By the way, there are more than 3 ikemen in the series that's at least one of them always around the MC. Even on a christmas bonus chapter the MC prefer doing a date with his ikemen tutor lol, and the MC fawning over his tutor's "gap moe" do-S ikemen liking sweet cakes lol.

At first it seems like mushoku tensei and the other isekai tensei genre and it looks like it have potential to be a good story, but as the story progressing it's becoming bland instead. My particular problem is the author giving the MC too much power, well some OPness is fine but if it makes the story bland it's bad. And the MC's power is on the level of deus ex machina, he can do anything without any restraint, it won't be a stretch to call him a literal god in this series.

Example of his OP power

he can turn any imaginable concept into reality, he need to restrain somebody? He will use "restrain" magic. He need to find somebody? He will use "find xxx" magic. He need to move quickly? He will use "teleport/fly" magic. Something broken? He will use "repair" magic. He need to fight a legendary being that can destroy a country? He will use "dimension cutter" magic with an umbrella/stage prop. Even in the end of the series he used "time stop" magic to defeat all his enemies...


Conclusion: the moment an enemy or obstacle appears, he will use an extremely convenient magic that fit the situation to solve it instantly, in the same chapter. The author herself have admitted in her foot notes that she's not good on writing conflicts/fighting scenes, so it's probably a plot device so that the MC can just skip the conflict as fast as possible.

Heavy spoiler about relationship chart of this series:


First maid heroine Chiffone only appearing like three times in the whole series, first being her introduction and the rest are joke chapters. Second appereance during the MC's school vacation he take the elf heroine back to his mansion, she lashes out that some bug is attaching to the MC. The third and final appearance is at the end of the series, she's confronting the ikemen tutor and accuse him as gay and shotacon and that he is the most probable winner of the harem since she realizes that the MC only regards her as a maid and the elf heroine is in the BFF promise of a friendzone.

The second elf heroine Sephys is having one chapter form her point of view in her introduction phase, describing how she's having a crush at the first sight with the MC, then no progress whatsoever and near the end of the series the MC put her in the friendzone (after that she's not even mentioned at all, not even on the final chapter.)

Meanwhile we got a seme do-S black haired ikemen tutor who the author jokingly refer to him as "Princess" in her digest chapters. He's "interested" with the MC and the MC interacts with him the most. The maid heroine regards him as shotacon and gay, and she states that he have the highest chance in the MC's harem.

Then we got a legendary male white dragon summon with a very fitting and creative name "Shiro" that's pretty much useless since the MC is a god, right after his first dragon form introduction he magically transform into human form, ikemen. Then the dragon form is forgotten that he never appears at all in dragon form. He got no important role in the main story and only act as bu*t joke.

Lastly we have an adult ikemen leader of the most elite secret service group "ninja" yeah the name of the group is ninja and they wear ninja-ish uniform. Even though he is supposed to be the most elite personel in the whole kingdom, he easily got kidnapped (similar to the princess tutor's case) and the 8 year MC have to save this sorry excuse of a secret service agent. Well, it's basically BLish damsel in distress with a shota saving an ikemen instead, apparently the author likes this so she used this plot twice in her story arc.

And then we meet a knight fall in love with the MC when he used genderbending magic to transform into a loli, he chooses to defect from his job to aid the MC and leave his hometown so he can be with the MC. Then he found out that the MC is actually a shota. Then he's in dillema whether to keep liking the MC or not with the inclination of being shotacon is probably alright. Poor knight. MC turned him into shotacon...

There's a couple of MC's male friend in the school, one got a name with extremely terrible Japanese pun... They're not important though.

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Jul 21, 2016
Status: c21
Some problems:

1. Why didn't MC ask for any powers other than retaining his memory? The god even asked him "do you want anything else" and he said "no". That's pretty unbelievable and s*upid. 2. Why are magical books in another world written in kanji? It makes no sense at all. Why not have him just learn the language normally? 3. Chapters are so short you might as well just read the digests. Each chapter is about 1/5th or 1/10th the length of a standard webnovel chapter. Also nothing has happened... more>> thus far. It's been 20 chapters and MC has only just met his first tutor at the age of 3. Also why can MC use all the attributes? That wasn't explained. It's stated that a normal person should only be able to use 1 attribute and even his father was only able to use 2, so why can he use all of them? It's basically Mushoku Tensei so far - MC gets reincarnated and reborn as a baby in a rich family with a maid where his father's a knight and he has a 17-year-old Japanese student's knowledge of academic subjects and learns magic by himself from an early age. The problem with Mushoku Tensei was that the characters were too annoying and it got stuck on pointless side quests that lasted too long. We'll see if that happens with this novel but so far nothing has really happened since 10 chapters here is equivalent to 1 chapter in an ordinary webnovel. It might take over 50 chapters for something interesting to happen. <<less
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Jun 22, 2016
Status: c25
Short ver:
Like others have written, this story has potential. It is a refreshing (but not wholly unique) story, but remains true to many overused tropes of fantasy reincar stories.

As it stands, the best aspect of this story lies in the characters - their thoughts, interactions, and dialogues are fairly realistic, making them considerably relatable. However, readers shouldn't expect too much originality in MC - for all due purposes, he is your standard Japanese ippanjin.

Well, ignoring the overused reincar story tropes (which most of us are all too... more>> familiar with by now, I assume), my main interest in this story is the characters (including MC, ofc). Nothing is blatantly groundbreaking; not a must-read, but if you are interested in reading a slow-paced reincar story focused on SoL and good presentations of characters, this might be for you.

Long ver (aka, more info on MC) :
The story progresses at a relatively slow pace (and continues to do so for a while from what I've read of the raws). Even for stories that span childhood onwards, the pacing is quite relaxed, focusing more on SoL rather than fantasy elements (as we see in other stories).

MC doesn't seem to be too generic (e.g. illogical behaviour/thought process, clueless, cheat power, s*x-driven, etc.). MC's background is pretty intriguing - somewhat refreshing amidst all of our typical [ikemen] hikiNEETs or bullied, angst-filled, lonely DKs.

Furthermore, MC seems to be have been quite accomplished prior to reincar, although the whole reincar event was just a bit haphazard imo (but whatever, right? I mean, how else are we going to get our MC into a fantasy world...). Anyway, since MC seems to be fairly intelligent, his mono/dialogues aren't terrible, a.k.a. coherent, somewhat logical, relatable to some extent. So, rest easy, your brain won't go numb from reading this.

Finally, I'd like to make a shoutout to the translator crazypumpkin for doing a great job translating this series. Accuracy is spot-on, and very few grammatical/spelling errors (minor ones, at that). Her efforts make this translation a very enjoyable read. <<less
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Awesome Sauce
Awesome Sauc
Dec 21, 2016
Status: c60
Lemme just say that I really liked this in the beginning. When I read the first chapter of the manga, I thought "there must be a novel version of this, and I must find it!" Lo and behold, someone shortly after, picks it up and I was full of glee. I had high hopes for this because the writing isn't too bad at first glance (the translator did a great job, don't get me wrong) and the MC's backstory wasn't just the flat "he was a regular HS student that... more>> died" and it actually mattered to his new life. I mean, it was supposed to...

I enjoyed the carefree novel, his interactions with the people around him and his family were adorable. Full of plot potential and no nostalgic cooking nonsense too!

Now as for why I dropped it.

I could forgive how his mental age regressed although he never forgets to mention he's an adult inside, and his actions always contradicting his insistent whining. I could forgive that the humor of his narration had gotten stale after 40+ chapters. What I couldn't forgive was that nothing happened, and the author's attempt at making something up was, pardon me, pathetic.

School arc, always exciting. New faces, new fodder for plot. Yet the new characters and events didn't really offer anything new other than to increase the repertoire of the MC's strength. Friend? More like a classmate trying to act like an able older brother despite being dependent on the younger MC to tutor him. Heroine? More like a kid who got attached to you and that you're now babysitting. The deciding event was when they were attacked by a legendary creature and the MC uses a broom to kill it. Oops, didn't mean to reveal my super OPness in front of the entire school. Off to the castle he goes to explain, not acting like the 8 year old he's supposed to be in front of the freaking king. He tells his courageous story then wonders why the king looks at him in shock.

I cringed when the assassin became his animal-eared maid. I disapproved when he let the children mentally younger than him (he wouldn't want you to forget) walk over his pushover face. The backstory of his dad having his past face and his trauma wasn't really further addressed or used in anything of significance to develop the plot other than to gain the admiration of his shotacon tutor.

Rant over.


You get nothing original here folks, it's basically the usual reincarnated genius who can use all sorts of convenient magic as a baby who's strangely too motivated to be the strongest. But remember, that's what you signed up for if you choose to read this. I drop something when it becomes a chore to read, and what was initially fun ended up becoming annoying.

If you're looking for a typical, stereotypical, Japanese reincarnation story look no further and don't let this review discourage you from trying this out. As for me, I'll be looking for something else with a little more depth. (2.5/5) <<less
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Nov 24, 2016
Status: c58
Gave it 3 stars. Not a bad story, but not very good writing either. MC is actually too OP -like, death march level OP- but absolutely no one seems to react appropriately.

I mean, seriously. Defeating a legendary beast at age 8 and then summoning a dragon immediately after and no one acts or treats him differently??? Lazy writing to say the least.


And the author tries to justify the MC's complex/deepen his character by giving a pointless and inconsistent "tragic past". All it shows is that he was an idiot in his last life and is likely to be an idiot in this one. It was bearable in the beginning and I was looking forward to how things would progress but the story slows to a near stop when he goes to school. Sucks considering the only "interesting" interactions he had were with his tutor. Now I feel like we're just cycling through standard OP LN tropes. Defeat super difficult enemy as easily as turning your hand? Check. Walk around saving classmates left and right, especially when they're pretty girls? Check, Tame/summon a mythical beast just cuz you're a BAMF? Check. Dense to the point where readers suspect you have a learning disability? Check, check, and check. All we need now is for him to complain about how much he misses Japanese food and we've got every wish fulfillment wank novel rolled into one.
Long story short, author started writing without a clear goal in mind so a potentially interesting novel devolved into boring nonsense.
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Feb 12, 2017
Status: c77
Nothing wrong with the TL, but this story is bullsh*t. It started out kind of fun, but recently it's just been Will talking about how all the men around him are so beautiful and then his apparent shame at cross-dressing. The reason for his cross-dressing is seriously weak, and if he really didn't want to do it then he wouldn't do it. The author is just forcing out "shame" instead of any kind of plot advancement or any effort in making actual comedy that fits the characters and story. Such... more>> a disappointment, and a lot of time wasted reading this far. <<less
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Sep 05, 2016
Status: c35
Not very good. It's the same reincarnated but super smart toddler trope but now this time he has white hair. Takes about 5 chapters to move on from about a single scene where it just keeps repeating the same thing sometimes with a different perspective but with no new information. 35 chapters in and he's 4 but hes about op as you can get that this is just going to get more and more boring. Would not suggest to read this there's others with the same theme that are done... more>> better and more entertaining. <<less
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May 12, 2017
Status: --
This novel is nothing special. Not really bad and not really good. Everything is so "light" it doesn't really hold your attention and you likely won't see it through the end.

The MC is very very dense and will misinterpret every notable interactions for the sake of "comedy" to the point it becomes s*upid and annoying.

"She is so mad at me her ears are red"... No she is obviously blushing.

"He gives a speech as a 3 year old, he knows he is doing it earlier than it is done for people... more>> in his situation and he'll still think people are disappointed when they wow him"... No their wowing... Is actually them wowing. And so on.

The author also overuse chapters with a change of POV.

While usually an interesting mechanic in other novels, there is a bit too many of those here. They are often corny or they don't add much more than a normal chapter could have, or even a single added paragraph to the original chapter.

Everything is light and easy going.

There is no tension in the events, everything is resolved neatly and quickly by the over powered MC. The chapters being short (between half to a third compared to the average chapter size in the average novels) the action progress way too fast, which also explains the lack of tension.

The irony is that while things progress way too fast in a single chapter (since they are so short) the story actually progresses slowly. The reason is that the author will often come back to that chapter and re-hash things in one or multiple POV.

A good example would be :

MC is attacked -> important plot point resolved in one or two short chapters

Next chapter is attacker's POV - > one full chapter

Next chapter is MC's friend POV -> one full chapter

And a little later we come back to this part in another POV chapter by someone close to the MC, like the father.

The author chooses to rush things for the sake of extra POV chapters while it should be the opposite. The actual action should have been twice as long to add tension and actual development rather than "bad guys encounter MC -> MC gets rid of them ine one paragraph".

There are sweet moments with his family, particularly the mother, but they are few.

It's a little nothing-special-annoying-at-time read. Which is a disappointment since it started kind of good.

I give it a 3 porcupines out of five. I would give it 2.5 out of five but that would be cruel to the porcupine. <<less
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Jan 21, 2018
Status: c150
Recommended: Nah.

It's quite boring.

I suppose I should expand on that. It starts out somewhat promising, and there are a couple of fun action scenes.... and then it devolves into maddeningly mediocre slice of life.

... more>> There is an okay overarching plot, but the author starts padding it with school life antics and resolves all plot threads with incredible banality. The climax occurred all of a sudden out of nowhere, but all conflict was effortlessly resolved to make way for more slice of life.

Edit: Changing to 1 star, the ending is really grating my nerves. <<less
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Aug 18, 2016
Status: c29
Can be summarized by: "Meanwhile in a parallel world dictated by female author-"

Definitely aim toward female demographic. No yaoi, but way too many subtle fujoshi material. Good read for guys while nosebleed for girls.
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May 29, 2018
Status: c157
Honestly, after finishing this novel I don't think i'd recommend it, it started off interesting enough, but it also felt like the plot went nowhere. Not a lot of character development and the end few chapters were practically nonsense, what I would expect if the novel was cancelled and they rushed to have an ending.
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Jun 13, 2016
Status: c3
A great read! I like how the story progresses so far. But it's short and I want more! Hihi please keep up the good work and thank you translator-sama :)
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Oct 02, 2017
Status: c133
Starts out good, it is interesting when it started. Then after the school arc it started going downhill, stretched too much, some events feels kinda forced, and after 70-80 chapters it became so boring I couldn't even keep reading it without yawning.
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Mar 15, 2017
Status: c50
To put it bluntly, the author seems inexperienced. Also, if you are going to give this novel a try, start from the chapters, not the D chapters. (They are something like a rough draft, waste of time reading them.)

The MC is an ikemen male tsundere OP MC reincarnated as a child and oblivious to his good looks. That's everything you need to know.
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Feb 09, 2017
Status: c76
Sorry, I'm done.. 76 chapters and while the beginning got me interested, I just can't continue anymore.

The main problem is the way of writing. I dont think this is a translation problem, but a problem with the original. The style is mainly first person... but not enough information is conveyed and for the sake of having a quirky MC, tropes are being used to describe situations. Because of this, the story quickly becomes a huge mess where you have trouble figuring out what exactly is happening. Not to mention that... more>> the events get written in the warped perspective of a childish mc's way of thinking.

It literally becomes a chore to find out what the writer wants to tell you. <<less
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Jun 21, 2016
Status: --
Story started off pretty well, MC has an interesting background, maybe the type of character he'll be will be different from the usual Japanese novel.

Has a lot of potential, normally I wait for chapters to build up before rating, but for first T impressions I give it a 5. We'll see how the story develops.
(Reminds me of mushoku Tensei)
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Feb 02, 2019
Status: --
Dont start it, it is not worth it! It started really good and it was funny but it just starts to go down the drain faster then magis grandson. How many chapters can there be of the MC repeatedly thinking he is ugly while he is handsome? Also what happened to character growth? How does a guy who had a trauma of wanting to be loved by his mom not care about his NEW MOM! Like really?! so yeah its full of disappointment
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Jan 31, 2019
Status: c70
There was so much potential here, I don't even care about the MC being extremely overpowered since I care more about relationships and dialogues for me to enjoy a story.

For a while, the story had that. Given how the author built the main character and his past experiences, his new mother should be an important character for him but she's quickly tossed aside to barely (if ever) be mentioned in the story. And the same happens for other characters that get introduced, they all have potential to be useful... more>> and grow with the story but they get tossed aside and are barely utilized.

The worst part though is that the closer you get to chapter 70, the worst the writing becomes. The story is told in a first person POV while sometimes going for third person or even the first person pov of some other character. And this first person POV of the main character gets worst and worst, he continuously goes on tangents just babbling on and on about useless stuff that adds nothing to the story.

You spend more time reading about how some random person is a super beautiful dude and the MC raging about it, complaining that he's such an ugly guy even though everyone always freezes in the spot by how gorgeous/handsome he is, it was fine at the start but after 70 chapters it's just tiresome. After 8 years of love and praises the MC hasn't grown a single bit from his past life and traumas. <<less
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Mar 14, 2017
Status: c81
Another cookie cutter, OP MC wish fulfillment reincarnation story.

This is the fast food of the novel world, a cheep greasy burger from the discount menu, its bad, its cheep, and it's bad for you. However, if you happen to like the base components, its acceptable.

The MC is entertaining, and the plot, shallow as it is, is also, moderately entertaining. But its the same, generic op guy who wants to keep a low profile and has no real ambition and is just generally, a decent human being. Also, like in nearly... more>> every single story where the MC tries to keep is super powers hidden, he immediately unleashes them at the first problem.

Its not bad per se, but its not good. Even in this genre, the op beta male MC wish fulfillment fantasy genre, there are better works. <<less
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Feb 17, 2017
Status: --
Another product of ruined s*upid and crooked paw author. Reading the beginning of the story, you might think that the story is not bad possible capacity. But once is not interesting world and not selfish and not what is not willing hero, destroying everything in the bud. Simply put once pumped hero, having no goals or dreams, desires to anything. (Character easily knocks villains jumping out of the cradle, no wonder.....). The world faded and does not cause sympathy, as well as the story itself. This soft and fluffy, with... more>> no sharp turns and treacherous, evil, cruel villains plot. (All plot tretisortny villains and rather pathetic). <<less
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