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Reiji Saeki, who lives in the north eastern countryside town, lost his life in an accident during summer vacation. ……But before he knew it, a mysterious ball of light hovered in front of his eyes in a world of whiteness.

That ball of light was a magician from a parallel world, and is looking for a person qualified to inherit the magic they had created to prevent it from being lost.

Reiji, who rode on that suggestion, now lives in the parallel world Elgin, with a new body and powerful magical power.

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NoobElite rated it
September 7, 2017
Status: c106
There are a few things that piss me off.

  1. He is supposed to have like the most mana the one who summoned him has ever seen and multiple people refer to him as mana taking human form and he still feels under powered. He has the FULL memories of the like strongest flame magican who ever existed while himself also being flame magican and has mana like crazy but uses magic in a s*upid way.
  2. Spoiler
    • He became a s*upid escort of a noble girl a little older than him who as you can guess is also a battle genius and oh yea SHE IS ABOUT AS STRONG AS HIM. Yea he has super weapon super physical abilities super senses bottomless mana and he still is only as strong as a girl who is said to have lower class A abilities. (Abilities are ranked like S A B C D E F G H)
    • Said noble girl later absorbs like 70% of a ancient dragon magic stone (dragons are like always class S and ancient one is even above) while she may have been interrupted so she could not absorb 100%.
    • BUT COME f*ckING ON. Yea sure make the dumb love interest who is already on par with the idiotic brick of a MC into like a human who transcended humanity and mostly absorbed an ancient dragon magic stone. She even said like probably I can use dragon spells later on. Why not simply make her into the MC then? As apparently she is already stronger than him at this point of time despite him being like super mana paired with best body a human could even have plus the experiences and memories of the strongest magician ever.
    • I honestly do not care if he gets a similar thing later on with absorbing an even better stone the one thing I know is that despite his advantages he is still super weak and even some noble girl was on par with him before she got like super saiyan blue upgrade at around chapter 100 where the reader already wasted a large amount of time.
I never wrote a review but I just had to do this time since it was one of the stories to disappoint me the most. I really regret wasting these few hours of my life on reading the story thus far since it is an amount of time you could better use staring at a wall because it would not be such a disappointment.
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Hayate rated it
May 18, 2016
Status: c33
What I like the most about this story is that even though the MC prefers to hide his true power, he will still rekt those that try to mock him, not just keep on accepting any mockery thrown at him. At first I thought that the author is going to keep using the magician's memories as a plot armor to keep the MC well informed but it seems like that is not the case.

Anyway it's a bit of a slow paced story but still very well written nonetheless.
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Fluffums rated it
March 12, 2017
Status: c85
For the most part this novel is white bread. What keeps it from being a 3 or even 4 is it just doesn't have any jam or butter or anything at all to go with it, so it's hard to enjoy and kind of feels like a chore to read after a while.

Interactions? There are 5 characters. The Teacher (explains formally and in great detail), the Student (asks questions formally and interjects during explanations with further formal questions), the Delinquent (there just to be beaten up), the Cheerleader (there to... more>> squeal over how great someone is), and the Gryphon (guru~). Only one character is consistent throughout the series (guess which one). The speech is so stilted and formal that you don't get any real feeling of personality.

Combat? It's okay, nothing special. Reiji's too OP for the combat to have any suspense, but not OP enough to get any guilty pleasure out of him steamrolling everyone. He never lets loose the way the protagonists of Death March and Moon-led Journey do, so there's no real feeling of being OP, just bullying weaklings.

Setting? Generic. Plot? None. Harem?! Off to the side, ladies, Reiji's awkward enough as it is. I assume he would answer "Will you go out with me?" with a three-page MLA format essay on the nature of relationships. <<less
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jazz154 rated it
October 3, 2016
Status: c65
I have to agree with charioles. Don't compare it to Death March. Death March is complete sh*t with ret*rded MC and anything looks like masterpiece compared to it. (don't lie, if you are reading DM it's only for b**bs and v*ginas)

MC in this novel is Reiji Saeki (later changed his name to Rei) and he is Japanese who ended up in different world (it's always Japanese's that get transported to other worlds and it's always Americans who deal with UFO...) with knowledge of the the magician who summoned him.... more>>

But turns out that knowledge is little outdated (about 1000 years) So he goes and uses the magic array to summon magic beast and he ends up summoning griffin and magical weapon. He names griffin Set, takes magical bracelet that is called a ring and leave with Set.


So about the plot,

after they leave the base (that was built by Zepairu (the one who summoned Rei) and his comrades in the middle of forest that after 1000 years got quite big, of course Zepairu and rest are long dead) the first thing they need to do is to leave the forest, find human settlement, get some food. Standard (they kill water bear and Set eats its crystal and learns new skill) So they leave forest and find human city, Rei realizes that griffin is A rank beast, everyone is scared of Set.

Some way or another Rei and Set enter the city and Rei registers with adventurers guild (of course he start at the lowest rank, since you know... no one ever start at the top. So the ranks are from top to bottom: S, A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H. At H rank you are not allowed to take missions outside the city and in order to rank up you need to prove that you can somewhat fight.) and during registration drunken D-rank party of 4 adventurers pick makes fun of him, so he pick a fight with them and uses it as opportunity to prove that he can fight. (they underestimate him because of his young appearance (he looks like 15) and the fact that he just registered. Needless to say that it's very rare in that world for strong people to not be already registered in the guild or to not be known.) So they fight one-on-one and he beats them without trouble and ranks up to G-rank. (As a note D-rank isn't anything very strong, the normal orc is D-rank monster in this world while goblin is considered to be F-rank)

The reasons why he joined the guild are magic crystals (Set and Rei's weapon can absorb them and learn skills if the beast that crystal came from had a skill), informations and money. Rei might be hiding some of his strength and skills through the story but by no means he tries to look like a weakling. (and let's be honest anyone who would just go and show off his whole strength to everyone is a complete moron. It's always pays off to have some hidden cards. Especially in the world filled with monsters and conflict.)

So Rei and Seth do some subjugation requsts, gain some skills. Then there comes emergency request, the orc village was found 2 days from the city. Adventurer Guild organizes a subjugation party with ~30 people total. Naturally Rei and Set also join. So they make some friends and Rei kills Orc King B-rank monster in one-on-one fight. Ranks up to E-rank and is informed that soon the D-rank exam will be held.

So the D-rank exam turns out to be bandit subjugation. There are 5 other people who also are taking the exam.

Rei ends up as the leader because his social skills are poor (the examiner appointed him as such) and Set isn't allowed to go with them because he is to strong for D-rank exam. (the goal of the exam is to see if they can handle killing other humans). They pass exam without much trouble (2 warriors, mage, spirit archer, thief and Rei are just an overkill for bandits.)

And after ranking up to D-rank Rei receives nominated request from the lord of the city to be part of the escort of Duke daughter who is going to go to the labyrinth (she is also B-rank adventurer)


So in short I must say that so far plot is done in good and interesting way. It's precisely what I would like to read. (I could boast here how many novels and mangas I've had read but that's not important.)

MC is likeable and rather smart, cold and merciless to the enemies (if they try to kill him then he will most likely kill them without second thought or at very least try to kill them), good and friendly towards most of the other people. While Set is adorable, loyal and dependable friend.

Also I don't think that MC is overpowered. While his magical power (mana?) is incredibly high his fighting power should be little more than A-rank but not quite S-rank. At least not yet. <<less
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charioles rated it
September 18, 2016
Status: c20
Please don't compare this with deathmarch...

The MC is very bland with no distinct personality (determined by his choice of action).

The way the story progressed early as I read so far is all more like a battle log against normal monster.

... more>> Might become a bit better later but the progress is very slow, 20 chapter in and barely any good or noticeable content. I'll drop this.

3 star instead of 2 star because MC doesn't completely hide his ability from public like in The New Gate. While also the way he hides his ability is not as fun to read as in death march. <<less
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sakirol rated it
December 6, 2016
Status: c57
Legend is really... really... monotone.

The problem is that Legend is a written as a slice-of-life isekai novel, but it's missing two things that make a story. You either need 1) a plotline/goal OR 2) comedy and interesting character interactions.

Legend has neither yet (ch 57).

The MC gets transmigrated into a new body, and in 50 chapters, has had no goal other than to work as an adventurer and earn his keep. He has had no challenges whatsoever. There's no real reason he needs to keep getting stronger because he just sweeps... more>> the floor with everyone as is, and there's no antagonist to fight.

Additionally, characters are flat as cardboards, and it reflects in their interactions. MC has the "cool" cookie-cutter personality where he always makes the most logical, rational decisions, has no trouble killing people, and on the spectrum of 0-10, his emotional range is basically static at 5-6. Thus, his conversations are also bland, and his interactions try to accentuate his "cool" factor way too much. On a side note, the author seems to be trying to establish a harem, and its members are also cookie-cutter to the point that it's like "Oh... it's a conversation with the receptionists... *skip*"

All in all, Legend is not poorly written. You might be entertained if this is your first isekai novel ever, and you have never read about a person living in a game-like world. But I think the majority of readers would find it boring. <<less
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kyzer rated it
March 30, 2016
Status: --
This is a very slow pace story and if my prediction is correct the author probably want to make this a veryyyyyyy long novel (like Guin Saga). I’ve already read a little bit of raw version and what you read right now are still in introduction/prologue stage with filler add on.

... more>>

The beginning of the main story only start when the MC met with the princess later on


To me I like to read a long novel with slow development like this rather than a quick pace one with lots of plot armor that the author put on just to make that story interesting. <<less
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-faded- rated it
May 19, 2017
Status: c621
Whenever I read this novel the song "It's My Life" pops in to my head. That and

"Born To Be Wild". MC rides around on a Griffin that says gururu a lot so along with his free personality he kind of seems like a biker at times.

For Otherworld novels, whether it's Chinese, Korean or Japanese, there is something like "Instant pancake mix" for them. In Japanese case it's [1 Part Ba***rd King - 2 Parts Bully Cassmates (or co. Summons) - and 7 Parts Authors Fet*sh] Mix... more>> thoroughly, fry and serve.

[Worthless NEET - Does His best in the Otherworld - Autors Fet*sh] in case it's a reincarnation novel.

When encountering any other type of Otherworld novel most readers say this: "Oh! It's just like Death March!" Not Becouse it's like it, but because it doesn't fit the mold. So just let me say... Oh! It's just like Death March!. (even though it's not)

MC is free and unbound usually goes around hunting (Because of his Cheat) and adventuring without much care. It's not that usual nobles found in Otherworld novels don't exist or don't try to involve him in their schemes but if he has to get involved it's always on his terms. Kind of refreshing.

MC and Griffin power-up by absorbing monster cores, stealing their abilities. No complaints about battle scenes. And romance is slow and bit more natural, girls don't just fall out of the sky and drop their lives to join his "collection".

And what I like the most is that the characters are easy to remember. Don't know why but I remember every single character in this novel (not my strong point) and I'm 600 chapters in. This novel is really easy to read. Don't have to check glossary every 5 min. Not that there's few of them but they have have individuality. Makes more interesting

Toread as well. Gues it comes with the slice-of-life gender.

If I had to say something it's that the incantations and skills sound terrible in English. Translation's not bad, but it's a bit too literall with the Chants and Skills. As such they are not just Chuuni, to which I'm mostly immune by now, but Illiterate-CHuuni. I think it would be best to replace Skills and Chants with something bit more poetic that still retains the spine-chilling Chuuni effect.

P.S Set is the cutest thing ever!!! 5 stars <<less
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Okabe_rintarou rated it
April 15, 2017
Status: --
A novel which had a great potential which the author ruined by ack of imagination and uselessly dragging aristocrats into it. The MC is an utter waste compared to real OP characters like Satou mostly due to the s*upid author who needlessly brings in an early romance. The growth potential of the MC is limited but his weapon and steed can grow... Also he has an inhuman amount of mana but lacks imagination compared to other op characters.
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Narutolvr rated it
November 14, 2016
Status: c71
Honestly, I just love the character design of the MC. The author hasn't made him ridiculously overpowered- we can see that there are humans on par with or better than him, so we can see him getting stronger and learning how to deal with battles, rather than just figuring out how to use the powers he already has.

More than anything, though, this MC is actually smart, or at least has some awareness of the world around him. No dumb MC that immediately jumps into a fight only to to have... more>> to deal with the aftermath; Rei properly thinks about the result of his actions before actually acting. And no harem! I'm not necessarily against them, but, as a girl, I like enjoying a strong male lead without cringing at two dimensional female characters thrown in just for T&A fanservice. So excited to see where this goes! <<less
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lonewolf93 rated it
January 25, 2017
Status: --
Criminally underrated, best portrayal of human characters, and amazing world building and... nah I'm messing with you. Literally fails in almost all aspects possible, if it is possible to fail in any area you can bet your juicy derriere that this LN will try its hardest to not disappoint you. Slow as hell, I can't believe that I would literally rather read Death March (I'M GOING TO BE SICK) than read this LN. At least that abomination (Death March) does what is meant to accomplish (although it is to... more>> slowly "unalive" (deadpool reference and everyone looooooves deadpool) otakus in a lonely life full of negativity for the glory of his highness the prince of lies), however this one can't even manage to tell a good story, it is just a bunch of events happening (yeah yeah all stories are just stuff that happens with almost no correlation but be quiet! you know what I mean). It is just so boring and slow, I felt myself age with every line. It fails in the most crucial part, and that's to entertain~~. Don't recommend anyone to read avoid it like a guy with herpes.

But really this novel is truly slow I understand wanting to flesh out your characters, but you do not destroy the story narrative and pacing in order to accomplish that. from the most recent translated chapters they have been in a dungeon without anything really exciting happening for more than 10 chapters, and we keep listening to s*upid banter from the cast. It is literally the definition of purgatory, suffering for eternity by nagging teenagers. <<less
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Lulsec rated it
January 16, 2021
Status: c274
Remove the overpowered tag.

... more>>

If not for the plot giving him best armor, best weapon, best pet, etc he'd be dead 200 times by now.


MC has the power but he doesn't know how to use it, also he's hella f*cking dumb.


He get skills from absorbing gem stones dropped from mobs. You'd expect him to grind mobs until his hands go numb, he doesn't do that. He goes into a city, becomes and adventurer and takes requests. Understandable but not for 250 chapters. He legit does nothing more than: takes a quest, proceeds to finish it, profit???, repeat but with different context. Authors finally got bored of writing the same sh*t so they decided to change it to a war arc but im already losing braincells, they even added a s*upid young master tryna steal FL LMAO IM DYING


Romance is forced


Daughter of the king (keep in mind shes A rank) happens to request an adventurer with a rank D or lower to go to a highly rated dungeon (they barely made it out alive). They gave a half as*ed explanation as to why they only wanted D or lower but whatever lets just give it the benefit of the doubt but WAIT THERES MORE. She's also the most beautiful noble and ONLY wants a man stronger than her. Shes not even that strong I don't get how nobody beat her yet MC proceeds to bear her up and she falls in love. Also 8 year gap.

There 1 confirmed love interest and 2 potential but the potential just fall in love out of nowhere.. Well its explained that one of them does it so she can live an easy life and the other treats him as a younger brother for no reason at all but its still forced. It takes 1 day for them to start to get wet whenever they see MC.


s*upid random people picking up fights with him for unknown reasons.


everyone is dumb except love interests and his friends that I can count with 2 hands

sometimes he'd just be chilling in the guild when some random pops out of nowhere and says "yo lets fight I heard you did this and that I don't believe it"


World building is garbage btw

Concluson:Read for fun since it has many plot holes and its very predictable.I sure laughed a lot at the s*upidity of this novel while reading it and I don't regret it. <<less
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Ixcez rated it
August 5, 2018
Status: c164
Gave this novel a read because of a recommendation from someone reading the manga, and to be straight up it's not a novel I would recommend to other people.

To start of there is pretty much just flat characters, a shallow world and no plot line or direction in the novel after reading 164 chapters.

Setting: The setting is what I would call non-believable or straight out "made up as the author goes".

... more>>

To start of the story begins with the MC dying and being summoned by the soul of another world greatest fire mage of all time, fearing that the new magic system that called "beast art magic" he created with a group of other mages would be lost because of the lack of inheritors. He used up all his magic power and his own life and then spent over a thousand years in as a spirit to look for someone who can be an inheritor. In come the Japanese MC, since the magic art needs a ton of mana the MC who has even more mana then the greatest mage of all time was summoned.

Now up to here it's "fine" I guess but as the MC asks why didn't you transfer your own soul into this created body instead of growing old and looking for inheritors. This is brushed of by saying his soul wasn't compatible and his soul was already old and weary. This part just get's me confused since the body created turns out to be a super human body with, super strength, toughness and eternal youth. So they could give a body eternal youth but the group still died of old age.... okey fine I can live with that even though it makes no sense. But then the spirit goes and fuses with the MC's soul to give him all his knowledge about the world, stuff and magic, no problem with compatibility when fusing with the body now... Then the whole setting is for the MC to become a mage and carry on the beast art magic which he does to some degree, but more on that later.


Characters: The characters are pretty flat as in they are not developed or they are very generic the worst part is that characters are introduced left and right. I would say that in just the first 100 chapters we are introduced to about 30+ side characters the problem here is that the MC is a "solo" adventurer with his beast companion and basically joins other parties all the time. On average every 10-30 chapters he will be with another group of people so there is never any time to develop characters since they are introduced in a few chapters, joins the MC for a few chapters and then leaves. After which they are either met briefly for a few sentences or just mentioned overall there is no depth. Not to mention the MC himself which should be the focus here pretty much just turns into a homicidal maniac from the first day of arriving in this new world. Which is again fine I guess to some degree but there is no personality to the MC and it simply feels like the author is trying to outlive some fantasy to mu*der anyone who disagrees or picks a fight with the MC. A bit further on this in spoilers.


The MC starts out within the first few chapters in the story with killing beasts and eventually even people without a second thought and slices them up in half and cutting their arms and legs of, which should make their guts and blood spill or fly everywhere. This just happens like it's nothing special but later on in the story the author actually makes it so that while fighting against a former companion who betrays him and tries to mu*der his friends.

He survives because the MC get's stunned while trying to kill him because of acid the MC had thrown on his face made his face melt and become distorted. Which would be fine if it happened a 100 chapters earlier but after constantly propping the MC up as a killing machine who slices people into pieces like nothing and for no more reason that they rub him the wrong way, while at the same time using fire magic to melt/burn people and monster into undescribable things. While fighting an enemy he first misses his target by slicing his arm of instead of splitting him in two like he was going to, and then stands there staring at the person as if being stunned while the other clutches onto his face until he get's help and escapes. T

his to me is one of the weakest "oh the villain got away" moments that I've read this year. In just a few chapters after this the MC even mentions how he thought about slicing of the ears, nose, lips etc and doing a bunch of torturing to a guy who arrogantly told him to give him all his stuff and his beast companion for parts, who the MC then directly tries to mu*der, but eventually let's go off only to have that same guy ban the MC from all the weapon shops which again instantly makes the MC go into a mu*der rampage. Sure while arrogant nobles are bad at this point what exactly did the guy do to deserve being killed? Nothing except for demanding stuff which the MC refused the MC directly went on to try and kill the guy even though the other side didn't do anything except for verbally demanding for stuff.


Plot line: Non-existent basically all the MC is asked to do is to make the magic beast art live on, except for that there is just hints from time to time of another evil empire threatening the kingdom the MC appeared in. Which only makes me think okey so what? It's not as if the MC would even care about the politics of a country he had just appeared in. I mean it's never explained on the policy of either of the countries except the other side is trying to take this country over and uses alchemy so their the bad guys! Sure turning people into chimeras are bad, but it's flat out stated that both sides are doing it just that the other side is much better at it and further along in the technology so they must be the bad guys!

But to get back on topic so far the plot line has been, appear in world -> get forced to do a subjugation quest -> do a rank up quest -> forced to do an escort quest. Basically while the MC is the macho killing type as most general Japanese MC's he's basically only told what to do through out most of the story so far at the same time as the story has no real point instead of MC growing stronger and being a tough guy.

To end this review of I would simply like to state out that to be frank the MC is probably an idiot or even more likely the author just thought it was cooler to write it this way. Basically the MC is summoned because of his immense mana pool which is supposedly the biggest one in the entire world (which is over and over mentioned with people freaking out or going into a panic when they notice his magic powers, all the mages so far pretty much faints at seeing him.) at the same time he has the fire attribute and is given the magical knowledge of the greatest fire mage of all time! So what does the MC do? He becomes a magic "warrior" with emphasis on the warrior part. After summoning his beast he also summons a scythe that works similar to the summoned beast that it can absorb abilities from monsters magic crystals. It is also extremely tough, sharp and heavy though in MC's hands it weighs nothing on top of that it enhances all the spells the MC casts.

So now most people would think, well since he has the greatest mana pool of all time and knows all the spells of the greatest fire mage ever he'd be a fire mage right? Well in fact the MC basically for most part only goes around slicing stuff up with the scythe. Basically I would liken the MC to a person being given a machine gun that can shoot both bullets and rockets. He is also has complete knowledge on how to use and handle it but instead he chooses to go around bashing peoples head in with it because it's hard and weighs a lot.... What's even worse is that at the start the MC mentions how hard a scythe is as a weapon and it will be super hard to learn how to use it properly, then directly after mentioning this he somehow becomes an expert in using it instantly and it's never mentioned again.

When the MC actually does use magic it's almost always the abilities from the magic scythe and very rarely does he actually use fire magic, most often it is used outside of battle. To be frank I have no idea why it is so, maybe the author simply decided that the MC became to strong or just doesn't like magic that much and decided melee combat is the bomb after creating what should be in theory the strongest battle mage in that world.

Other things to nitpick on is the simply fact that the romance so far is extremely forced, first a busty catkin is introduced who the author likes to include quite frequently to emphasize on her chest that from day one tries to get hooked up with the MC but is blatantly ignored except for the "fan service" I suppose. Then in comes the real love interest that is a busty blond battle junkie who will only marry someone stronger, so she pretty much has an "orgasm" when she blocks the MC's attack because it was so strong her hand went numb. Honestly I would rate this story as a generic isekai harem novel that has no depth and frankly just rubbed me the wrong way with it's build up and the way the novel is both written and where it is going. The worst part is that the MC is not likable and I would frankly say that he is what I would call an unrelatable fantasy fulfillment MC. <<less
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Avil rated it
July 21, 2017
Status: c107
A soulless Isekai novel, it feels like the author took every trope out there and mixed them haphazardly to create the most mediocre story possible. Most authors take a bit of here and there to construct their works but we as readers are able to feel the love of the creator, this novel lacks exactly that.
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Corsad rated it
October 24, 2016
Status: c68
Rather good Novel. First, the MC will still help people when he could, but he also restrains himself from doing it if it interfered with the greater scheme. His interaction with other people is also good, although his action of showing off his treasures probably is going to bite him one day. Another thing that I love about him is that, even though he gets into a fight with other adventurers often, he will stop if the other person wants to stop and doesn't hold a grudge. One sad thing... more>> is that despite being a magic warrior, he isn't using much magic and just swinging his scythe around.

As for the romance, I kinda like how it works right now. There are few female characters being introduced now and then, but none has made a move on him and it's just casual chatting so far, created a feeling of companionship. The MC also doesn't care about romance currently so a harem probably won't happen or at least not in the near future.

Finally, like many have said before, the story is slow pacing. However, that helps me immersed and be part of that world easier. Besides, the story is progressing and each chapter is entertaining and comfort.

Overall, I like this MC and the storyline. At least he acts like a normal human, unlike most MCs nowadays. <<less
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September 21, 2016
Status: c4
I won't rate this as I gave up after 4 chapters. Not sure what I'm missing, but this is tedious as hell to read. It has all the makings of a newbie writer.

Lack of tension, lack of goal at the start, boring writing, and pointless descriptions of every little thing that happens. This makes it drag on without a purpose. I had to force myself to get through chapter 4, and a browse through chapter 5 suggested it was more of the same.

Maybe it gets better later on, but who... more>> knows how long that will take. <<less
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Warnock rated it
July 17, 2016
Status: c43
Maybe I have read some many novels that I didn't feel the appeal from this novel, sure if this is one of your first novels this is a great title, but for the heavy readers it might be boring... the only new elements is the pet/weapon can raise/gain skill by eating the magic cores and as it might be the main aim at the moment, the MC deviates much from that (at ch43 the pet has only eaten 2 cores and the weapon 1) all the other chapters is the... more>> MC fooling around, certainly if I wasn't tired of reading the same development over and over again this might a supreme story for me.. but I have seen this development too many times already.


For example MC arrives to the world, get out of the forest (its always a f*cking forest xD) finds a town, gets to known the currency, then adventurer guild, then inn, goes to guild for subjugation quest, then library to get knowledge, more subjugation, random event appears, etc etc.. oh and don't forget the bad guys underestimating our MC along the way.. so ya, the novel its great but ive read so many stories like that already

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razgallo rated it
March 17, 2016
Status: --
The pace of the story is slow and basically reads like a monologue, every single lines for the griffon is added which is fine at first but it gets irritating fast the character really reads like it is talking to a wall just replace the griffon's text with an ellipsis or better yet remove it and it doesn't make the story any more lacking as it already is.

I understood this is a slice of life but really is there no other things to do for him? Keep the interesting parts... more>> and scrap the boring ones. Fights are also stale since the character is just too strong, a shame as the author could have done better at making these things interesting except we get a griffon whose role is... unnecessary in the early parts of the story.

This kind of problem plagues a lot of stories, when creating a very powerful character as a main focal point they can't just make it interesting enough. Is it interesting to read a character reading in a library? It really is just a blatant info dump. Is it interesting to read paragraphs of a character fighting an enemy he could defeat in just one? It is also a subtle info dump about magic besides stretching it out does not make it anymore tense.

I do not recommend this. It is slow and 20 chapters in we haven't really come to know the character that well. <<less
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thgilkcalb rated it
September 18, 2016
Status: --
Extremely slow pace (which they interpret "slice of life"), kinda like chinese novel (slow one at that) even slower than s*ave Harem...

By the way, I've read more than 200 chinese novel and this novel resemble them a lot (in a bad way!) Ex: in the end of arc 1, while MC have full power above all (S+ or SS) and current power around A or more he said this sh*t "I’m strong, is it? That’s right. Although it’s not much, I take pride that I have the strength to... more>> subdue a C rank monster." Seriously, I finished arc 1 and still can't find ANY good point in MC at all.

Frankly, he's just a degrade, the weak among OP MC, He does NOT hide his power because he's a wise man, he just hide the fact that he's strong so he could nonchalantly pick on the weak and take PRIDE in it ! While the Magic Beast Art Masters can easily erase a country overnight, he -MC- who have much more magic power go around "boot licking"... At least, he should be one "bound by no rule"... he is spineless in another way ! (just my view, maybe because I hate politics)

Till now I rate it "barely 2 stars", reason why I put up a "3 stars" because "it's long" - 1094 chapters And "it's resemble chinese novel", many chinese novel feel like sh*t at the beginning but get better later, that's why I put up a "3 stars" to hope for a better future.... <<less
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FaerNC rated it
January 23, 2018
Status: --
This story is, how do I say it, BORING.

The story drags on and on with characters that have no personality, no connection with the reader. It's exceptionally well written, but with no substance, almost like reading a dictionary, extremely monotone and sleep-inducing.
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