I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated (WN)


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I opened my eyes to find myself in another world. For some odd reason, I ended up as a sword. Before my eyes laid a plain full of magic beasts, and so, I launched my body and flew in search of a partner, a wielder (females only).

Wait. Absorbing magic stones gets me skills? Oh hell yeah! This be fun! More, more, give me more! Gimme all your magic stones! Okay, yeah no , but I am accepting anything anyone’s willing to give.

This tale is one that follows your everyday nerd, normal as could be, save for the fact that he happened to reincarnate as a sword.

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Reincarnated as a Sword
Sword Shisho
Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita
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Jack bucket
New Jack bucket rated it
May 6, 2020
Status: v3
Read the light novel, so opinions might differ

If you ask me what I thought at the beginning, I'd say this was boring as hell. Dude reincarnates as a sword, and goes around grinding a lot. We don't get any reason as to why he's a sword or why he reincarnates there, although we might find out later. It's been three volumes and not much has changed so you'll probably have to find out way later.

I dropped it because I couldn't get into it even after all the pointless grinding in... more>> the beginning. He meets a s*ave girl and saves her, and like a lot of light novels, of course this first girl he meets is going to become an important character that the MC will keep helping and make them stronger (How not to summon a Demon Lord, Skeleton Knight, Demon Lord Retry!) for no reason other than the fact they're "super nice". I don't understand why these MCs don't have any goal other than just helping out a bunch of girls. (Not that that's bad but it's 3 volumes of a sword just helping out a girl for no reason at all)

The plot doesn't change much even after three novels, MC and the girl just go around a lot, and they're very op and whatnot but the girl gets underestimated a lot just because she's op and it's kind of infuriating how often the author adds this in. It doesn't happen as much as Average Abilities, but at least the girl ranks up unlike the girls in that book.

Overall 3/5 because it's still kind of interesting to see a talking sword, but really I'd recommend you to read the Spider isekai or Overlord over this if you want an interesting skill system and better world building. <<less
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Neutralensig rated it
April 22, 2016
Status: --
This is just a partial judgement from me, Ensig, who just finished translating C13 and is sleep-deprived at 3:30 AM.

All reviews posted on this Novel (prior to April 22, 2016) other than Raphael’s (which makes a fair point) are complete bollocks. Yeah. Bollocks. Those three reviews judge the Novel based off of the first 10 Chapters (or less), even though the real action starts to kick in at about C11, C12.

Not giving it more breathing room than 10 Chapters considering its length would be the same as denying a good... more>> 80% of Novels the time to become “good” as well. Things have to be explained and foundations need to be made — and that takes time. Thus, the reason why I called their reviews bollocks.

As for my thoughts regarding the story: 4/5. It’s definitely not Excellent, but it’s not “meh” either. It’s just “good”. It’s definitely not Overlord quality, and it’s not like it smacks around Goblin Kingdom or Re:Monster, or any other Item/Monster reincarnation story either. It fits right in the middle. It won't be a story that you'll jump up and down in excitement for whenever a Chapter releases (or at least not so far), but at least to me, it's sort of like a finding a cookie sitting out on the table; it's a pleasure to find, but it's not like it'd kill you if you didn't find it.

As Raphael stated, reincarnation into a Monster/Item is becoming increasingly common, but I just like the idea of the MC being a Sword that can move itself around. It’s unique. Will it always be unique? Probably not.

But for now, it is.

I recommend giving this a read, not because I painstakingly translated it (I’m doing that for my own entertainment to curb off boredom), but rather because I think at the stage it’s currently at (C13), the story is just getting warmed up. And I can’t wait to see where the Author’ll go with that heat. <<less
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mllhild rated it
July 28, 2016
Status: c180
First, ignore the cover image of the LN, its brings totally the wrong image to the story characters.

Like what the hell is Fran wearing?! She owns and wears nothing but armor in the story.


Second, read the first 20 chapters (they are short so no problem) before commenting or deciding how the story is. Not everything has to start with a meteor shower, truck-san or a pair of boobs

no ecchi for you here, only gap moe

. Maybe 11 chapters of a sword explaining the abilities and showing the mind, weaknesses of the MC could help the world building.

I liked it enough that it became the first WN where I read the raws until the latest release and now have started to translate it together with ensign.

Bad points first:
- the MC goes sometimes on to ramble

(well, he only talks to like 3 persons in 180 characters so of course he talks to himself)

- short chapters? At least this means it will be released more frequently
- has only the most necessary world building
- very few POV chapters (I really like this kind of chapter)

Good points
- good pace
- MC is a sword, so NO HAREM
- no MC solves everything alone,

or even cares to

- no moral pussys
- Fran
- Fran's dialogues
- Fran's grandiose speeches
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CaptainToast rated it
May 14, 2016
Status: --
I tried to get into this novel, but I really just couldn't. I'm probably leaving too early as I only got to chapter 12, but the story is boring. It might get better, but the first 6 chapters are translated horribly, and the ones that actually were translated decently are just plain boring.

The main problem I had with the story is the plot itself. A flying magical sword by its lonesome is interesting for about 30 seconds before it becomes ridiculous. Maybe my initial thoughts on how it should of... more>> gone are ruining what's actually there. A more interesting novel about a guy reincarnated into the legendary heroes sword and their journey to save the world would be pretty cool. But even if this eventually starts to be like that in the distant future, it's already ruined. What had to kill the novel for me after a bit is the sword's utterly ridiculous skill stealing ability. It reaks of bad story telling. In review, don't bother reading this. As of right now it's nothing but a huge disappointment. <<less
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Raenef rated it
April 19, 2016
Status: --
Hey, I am a sword!
A wielder?
Not needed!
As I can fly and steal abilities...

Yawn somehow not original and boring after 7 chaps no reason for an op sword or mission....
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dtim rated it
September 9, 2016
Status: c21
An extremely generic reincarnation story. Replace 'sword' with 'slime' or 'dragon' and you wouldn't be able to tell any difference. You might think that a sword as the MC and being wielded by a girl would be unique but in execution it's not any different than any other MC encountering a girl and having her join his party. There's no creativity to be found here.
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Queen Oceananas
Queen Oceananas rated it
May 5, 2016
Status: --
I am not good at reviews, so I will keep it short. I love this novel. Yes, it is not that far along, and yes, the first eleven chapters or so are kind of boring. But I have some experience in novels, and I see a lot of potential in this story. So, if you would, give it a read, like, follow, comment, whatever floats your boat. It might just give the translator some more motivation in pumping updates out faster. (The translation speed is not that slow, but I... more>> had to try, you know?) <<less
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Anatheras rated it
February 5, 2019
Status: c304
Alright, this series has been really enjoyable for me and im sad that there wont be any new chapters translated for quite some time. At least the author is getting the recognition it deserves.

First of all, I FINALLY found an isekai with no harem, moronic/thick headed/oblivious MC who is capable of enacting vengeance or at least has the will and priorities right as he fights to protect what he holds dear instead of being all "It Is WrOnG tO kIlL aNoThEr HuMaN bEiNg" while his/her allies are in risk of... more>> dying or getting hurt.

As for how isekai goes this one has an average start, the MC is weak at the beginning

but progresses fast in the span of a week

You could argue that he becomes somewhat OP if you consider the nature of his skills but it never reaches the point were stronger oponent or even oponents of the same strength become so easy to defeat that it removes the tension out of the conflict. This story has a more paternal approach as the MC doesnt seek a love interest but rather focuses on protecting and teaching which is a nice change.

It is also important to note that the MC has a way to create a body double like his old self (as in human form) but it becomes something completely relegated in the story and it never becomes the spot light. I was honestly getting tired of reading about inhuman MCs that end up getting a human form 10 chapters into the story.

Overall this story manages to keep a well balance between slice of life and action/adventure compared to other novels (im looking at you sh*t march) and is consistent in its quality. It even has a nice universe and world building to boot. <<less
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Sanatoga rated it
November 8, 2018
Status: c546
This web novel is a shounen/slice of life hybrid following the adventures of an incredibly lovable catgirl as she makes friends, beats up bad guys, and gradually explores the world. Read it if you like those genres, because a hardworking-yet-adorable catgirl adventuring in a fantasy world is precisely what you will get. And as far as far as shounen/slice-of-life hybrids go, this web novel is one of the best you'll find. ~ This web novel is NOT:

    • An edge-of-your-seat thriller where the world hangs in the balance
    • A heartbreaking tale of romance and drama where tears flow like water
    • A power-trip Isekai designed to indulge the fantasies of unhappy 13-35 year olds
    • A critical commentary on society, racism, power dynamics, or ANYTHING else
It is simply a very satisfying shounen/slice-of-life following the adventurers of a catgirl and her talking sword. Yes, her sword does happen to be a reincarnee and also serves as the narrator of the story. And yes, various villains do occasionally destroy cities and bring unfortunate nations to the brink of collapse. But they are not the focus of the story. That would be the aforementioned catgirl.

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Bakanogami rated it
May 15, 2018
Status: c475
I was a Sword when I reincarnated (aka TenKen or Sword Dad) is one of those series I always find myself coming back to. Some other series might have more drama or unique twists, but it's just a good, honest romp through a generic fantasy world, having adventures and fights along the way.

If you're reading it for the first time, don't be tricked by the first arc where the MC (who is a sword, obviously) goes around killing monsters by himself by flying around through the air. The series only... more>> really gets onto the rails it'll stay on once the MC meets Fran, a wee quiet catgirl who he frees from s*avery, and who becomes his wielder.

It's the unique double-protagonist relationship that's the hallmark of this series. While the narrative is all from the perspective of the Sword MC, the "public face" that all the other characters see and interact with is Fran. So it gives a unique perspective where the MC plays backseat driver, directing and worrying about Fran as she fights and is put in danger.

Also, most importantly: Fran is cute. <<less
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Tykos rated it
February 18, 2018
Status: c179
This novel has one thing that majority of japanese web novels lack recently - originality. No harems, No s*upid and overpowered protagonist that cheats the system whenever he can. MC is more of a father figure and I am glad they chose that path instead of him simply creating a clone of himself and make him wield the sword. The female lead is also likeable and cute as well as determined. What I think this novel lacks is a rival for the female lead, a character that will make MC... more>> push forward even further as the father figure, since the girl hates losing. It would be nice if more attention is put into side characters and I hope that later on somebody who can fullfil the role of support, aside from MC, for the female lead would appear. But so far a great novel and I hope it keeps its originality <<less
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Axelord rated it
July 27, 2017
Status: c256
Four stars across the board.

It's seriously well rounded on all fronts.
Isekai, OP, all the shebang and yet it's still worth it. Majorly. Author knows his tropes and clichés actually like to play them on and off almost randomly. Some of it's taken straight, other times they are subverted so you really can't figure out exactly how stuff'll go around the next corner.

MC and MCette really do well together, although I wish (personally) that the Sword would use one of his ''fleshier'' skill more often. Cat-people are made to be... more>> pet and there's a definite lack of hand-on-head action in this (so far).


Only gripe, at this moment, would be the translation that got picked up in April of 2017. I had some minor issues beforehand but [Comet Translation] couldn't translate his way out of a German McDonald drive-tru with the correct amount of mcnuggets. Heck, he'd probably make his getaway with a slice of pizza, somehow! It's become a chore to read from Ch67 and onward. Newcomers beware, you might as well just google translate the raws yourself because that's pretty much what you're getting anyway.

I won't take any stars off because it's definitely not the fault of the author that it's become that bad but if I had to take the current translation as a whole I'd be very much tempted to dock a star, or even two. So, I'll be putting this in my [Ketchup] folder for now and wait either for [Comet Translation] to up his ball pitch or for someone else to pick up. All the better if the quasi-botched chapters are redone.

EDIT: Well, the gauntlet was run through and Comet Translation has long since stopped screwing with us. CardboardTL is doing a great job of it, props to them.


If you're looking for a good power-leveling isekai with half-n-half amounts of seriousness and lightheartedness, then this is most probably right up your alley. <<less
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lunati4ko rated it
August 22, 2016
Status: c20
As of chapter 20, all I can say is that I am disappointed. So disappointed in fact that I decided to leave my first review on this website.

Premise (4.5/5) :
... more>>

Main reason for my disappointment was this premise raising my hopes. When have we ever seen a reincarnation in an inanimate object. This was so full of opportunities for entertaining and awesome developments... Wasted opportunities


Plot (1/5) :

O boy where do I even start. First 10 chapters were like reading the activity log of an mmo character. MC defeated X. MC gains Y skill. Awesome. (Won't even start on the author giving a stat page after every chapter - Tell-tale sign of a storyteller that has no clue how to convey progress in a meaningful way, so they 'statify' it)

Then we have the pacing. The author has his priorities upside down here - He spends 10 chapters on a menial grind, then he rushes all the character development in 2 chapters. It is like he has no clue how to do meaningful character interaction so he fills the novel with fodder.


The characters (1/5) :

The character development is almost zero. Sometimes it is actually making the characters flatter than they already are. An example that comes to mind is the main cool parts of the MC is him being an inanimate object and how that hinders him in his life. So what does the author do, he gives him telepathy and a way to make a body (clone) for himself

Character interaction/dialogue is even worse. The has been 0 meaningful dialogue in the first 20 chapters. The characters feel flat and emotionless. Their reactions to amazing stuff are almost laughable. Like for example MC and his wielder (12 year old girl) save a peddler from goblins. Like imagine a 12 year old obliterating

5 goblins asap. And the peddler is like 'cool, thanks'.


Overall this novel might as well have been written by a middle-school student. From the start it is very apparent that this is written for the enjoyment of the author and not for the reader. <<less
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MagneticMagnet rated it
March 14, 2018
Status: c304
The initial chapters are pretty dull to be honest, mostly floating sword meets the monster of the chapter. This gets turned over when the sword and his wielder meet each other around chapter 10 and the series becomes an average story about an adventurer doing adventurer stuff. The plot stays reasonably straightforward one quest at a time type of story with a little downtime in between. Around chapter 100 the story starts getting up to speed with a bigger overarching plot and more twists. You can see the author gaining... more>> experience with storytelling, the latest few arcs have been very enjoyable.

The characters are enjoyable and have personality. It's hard to dislike Fran, who does her best to find a way to her goal while enjoying the journey. She isn't afraid to beat up or dispose of people who deserve it either, unlike many other isekai stories without getting into full revenge edgefest. Our MC takes the role of Fran's father/guardian/teacher giving advice and helping her out. We follow the story from the point of view of the sword, but you could as well say that Fran is the real main character. The side characters are fleshed out well enough too. The bad guys generally have a reason for their actions, but in some cases it feels like there could be more.

The world doesn't stray too far from the archetype. You have the adventurer's guild and set of gods and whatever in a medieval Europe-like setting. That said, there is enough worldbuilding to get past the regurgitated minimum effort setting. So far there hasn't been any mention of notJapan either, though first signs of katana superiority might be on the horizon.

RPG-like game mechanics. They're reasonably implemented and give the story your shounen power levels and a way to gain power with a plausible explanation. The story doesn't go too heavy on remaining HP and the like but buying skills in the middle of combat feels a bit cheap way to resolve challenge. Whether you like the mechanic or not is up to you.

Swordbro is an enjoyable novel if you can look past the game mechanics and slower start. If you like catgirls and the typical JP isekai story, this is definitely worth a look. If you don't absolutely hate game mechanics in a novel, it's still worth checking out if you have the time.

Update (chapters 201-304) : Since CardboardTL dropped the WN translation due to the LN getting licensed, this was a good time to update the review for those browsing this section. Nothing did really change in the 100 chapters after my initial review; it's still the same good read it was before. Slightly predictable but with good characters and writing style. <<less
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nin rated it
August 25, 2017
Status: c79
The first 12 chapters are readable, but they are pretty cliche. It's just a typical OP protagonist in a JRPG style world story, except that the OP protagonist is a sword. Any novelty that comes from the sword aspect wears off pretty fast, and the fact that there are a trillion skills to keep track of even early on doesn't help matters much.

Once the sword meets its sword master though, the quality of the story rises dramatically. It's overall a pretty much a slice of life adventurer story, but the... more>> main protagonist bounces off the deuteragonist (loli cat girl swordwielder Fran) extremely well. They have a sweet father-daughter relationship going on, and the generic personality of the swords develops to be a bit more fatherly. In contrast, Fran is a stoic badass. The side characters aren't really developed much, but the dialogue the main two characters have with the side characters is consistently entertaining even while the novel is world building.

The flaws of the OP protagonist style story are mitigated by the fact that Fran is vulnerable without the sword and that the story is about making her stronger rather than just making the sword as OP as possible. The character Fran has a clear motivation to get stronger (fulfilling her parent's wish of a successful evolution) that the sword is convinced to help Fran in. There isn't much of a plot otherwise, but it's sufficient for holding the story together. The world building is also pretty interesting. It's not 100% original, but I like certain takes the author has on typical JRPG cliches like dungeons.

Overall, it's a pretty well executed isekai story. There are better ones, but this is still higher enough above average to warrant checking out. <<less
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louchizou rated it
February 24, 2018
Status: c184
Great, no waste of time at all reading this, ignore all those bashful comment that just read this novel for 20-50 chapter..

Trust me this novel is what you call "late bloomer", maybe this is not for the type of people who wants something extravagant from the start, but just wait, this is not your ordinary reincarnated, atleast for me it helps me develop "giving care" feelings towards something I love not just make them love us like any other Alpha Male MC.

Go read it, not waste time at all
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Kelkel rated it
January 27, 2018
Status: c167
Fran is cute.

The story is about a cute catgirl (Fran) trying to atain evolution accompanied by a sentient sword, but what really it is about is Frans adventures around places.

The story is pretty laid back so whether or not you will enjoy it depends entierly on if you like Fran or not.

... more>> However, it is impossible to not like Fran, because she is so cute.

The two central characters are a typical recarnated guy in a non-typical body (of a sword) being more or less OP and a (very) cute deadpan catgirl called Fran.

The two of them travels aroun places and meet new people and occationally fight for one reason or another.

Another thing I like about this story is that the two maincharacters (so far) and stays in a caretaker-child relationship. Far too many other isekai WNs romances the characters, so that is kind of refreshing. <<less
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Hamsta rated it
September 30, 2016
Status: c53

Mediocre. Read if you have free time.

Basically a dimwitted otaku meets truck-san (car-san here), reincarnates as an OP sword, lives his new life like a derp learning mmorpgs, & wielded by adorable s*ave neko-girl.

... more>>

Surprisingly being trapped alone in a magic-free zone for 3 months actually made him less retarded.


The characters are..... plain. You have the OP moronic MC, the hyper competent sidekick w/ tragic backstory, freaky strong dragon err..."spirit" chick. Along with the archetypal support crew (kind-hearted merchant bro, wise ol' dwarf blacksmith, kindhearted receptionist-san, intimidating but softhearted guild-bro, smart glasses elf, etc), & a host generic villains to keep the action flowing (no primary antagonist as of c53 other than possibly the divine swords that are all "mysterious" and associated with massacres).

Truly a sad waste of a unique premise. (They honestly should've never given the MC telekinetic powers right off the bat. Or at least kept it severely limited instead of having him almost immediately solve all limits of his 3 minute flight/mana consumption) Currently he's just a generic OP reincarnation novel protagonist that has to hide his true form.


Seriously, a better way of setting up the first ~15 chapters: MC reincarnates as a sword --> Gets wielded by a goblin who he really dislikes but has no other choice (because he's literally a sword) but can't do anything about since he's getting exp/skills/stones --> Goblin becomes the strongest in his den & ventures out due to overconfidence (or tricked by MC into going out) --> Goblin gets too cocky and killed by another stronger creature (cannon turtle or whatever) --> Gets knocked away by the blast & accidentally kills a floater creature granting the floating skill --> MC starts life as a slowly floating spell casting intelligent sword --> start of the rest of the story.

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scribbledoutname rated it
September 16, 2016
Status: c48
Really enjoying this :D

I'm not sure what people mean by the first 11/12-ish chapters being boring, because I enjoyed them (I like watching characters exploring on their own and acquiring skills/getting stronger). The chapters are quite short too, so it's not some long, tedious read. It would only be boring if none of it was building towards anything... but fortunately it is: from chapter 12ish (can't remember the exact chapter), Fran shows up and the story gets a direction. The character interactions are enjoyable and the slowly growing cast is... more>> fun to watch. Plot developments also happen frequently enough to keep the story enjoyable, and both Fran and Sword Bro's personalities create some enjoyable chemistry.

Five stars up to chapter 48 :) For the rest I'll have to wait and see. <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
May 22, 2016
Status: c31
This is a very good story. I think the Synopsis needs to change since it makes him sounds too lecherous. The Main Character is very caring and he feels like a Father. Its really funny and heartwarming. Seeing the MC grow stronger is very entertaining. Despite being a Sword he still acts very Human. He still takes the Main Role!

The second Main Character is a Kuundere Cat Girl Loli! Its definitely worth reading! Her goal is as the weakest beast race is to evolve. I hope he can evolve to... more>> a Human too though sounds impossible. There are flaws here and there but that's only normal as a WN right? Some things don't make sense and could definitely be better so I rate this 4 stars! Still definitely one of the best WNs I've read. You can't stop reading <<less
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flannan rated it
January 14, 2019
Status: c304
One of my favorite novels. It's getting licensed, so I don't expect any updates for the next few years, and it's time to write a review.

What really makes this story stand apart is that there are two protagonists - a sword and his cute catgirl wielder. This really helps alleviate the "protagonist does everything" syndrome that plagues many similar novels. The author also manages to avoid repetitiveness - the adventures our MCs have are varied in nature and the way they're resolved. Overall, I feel like I could probably enjoy... more>> it for another 200 chapters or more. <<less
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