I Reincarnated Into a Vending Machine


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He, A self-proclaim vending machine maniac, died protecting a vending machine in a traffic-related accident.

He, who had expected to end his life at that moment woke up to a beautiful lake surrounded by gorgeous nature.

He had no idea what had happened to him. Only, that he had transformed into a vending machine.

Alone in the dungeons of another world… his story begins… when he encounters a young girl…

*Light Novel rebooted in June/July, 2023

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Jidouhanbaiki ni Umarekawatta Ore wa Meikyuu ni Samayou
Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon
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42 Reviews

Apr 21, 2016
Status: --
I was like, WTF? Vending Machine? Japanese really are weird to come up with this kind of premise...

But it was an effective strategy, I become curious and read this thing. But then I was disappointed... in a good way. Though the basic premise is ridiculous. Somehow it also interesting. Maybe, one day we'll see a Demon King got beaten by a Vending Machine... A goddamn Vending Machine!! How awesome is that?

Btw, I'm still waiting for the Transformation skill.
Yes that's right! A Transformer in another world!
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Jan 09, 2017
Status: c43
What I learned from this novel:-


1. The land of the deviants that is Japan, has plenty of weird vending machines. So much weirdness; the one that sells used panties is one of the normal ones.

2. The land of the deviants that is Japan, also has weird people like the author of this novel that writes about a beta MC that loves vending machines so much, he reincarnates as one when killed by one. Pun not intended.
3. Despite obvious limited mobility, MC do get involved in many adventures, such as helping to defeat a bandit group and also single-handedly slay a dungeon level's boss.
4. Using the fact that in the land of the deviants that is Japan, has plenty of weird vending machines, the author skillfully choreographed some crazy action sequences that actually allows the MC to succeed in those adventures mentioned above. And the author successfully done so without breaking suspension of disbelief or venturing to deus-ex-machina territory.
5. This is because this novel has plenty of slice-of-life chapters where the MC flaunt off many forms of weird vending machines that only exists in The Land of the Deviants.

All in all, this is a solid 5-star novel, which is a rarity in Japan.
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Apr 11, 2016
Status: --
I love the character so far, he’s a funny guy (vending machine)... Not that pervy like Rudeus (MT) Just your regular perv

I’ve read 5th chapter, he’s quite smart and kind to other.
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Apr 30, 2016
Status: --
The main character is a vending machine. If you ever wondered how a vending machine might have an active social life and maybe even a harem, or if you’re in the rare minority who haven’t ever wondered about that, but want something good to read, this is it. This is another of those series that is written about somebody from Japan who dies in real life and is reincarnated in another world. Like most of those novels, it is written entirely from the main characters perspective. The only difference is... more>> that instead of ending up as your typical hero, monster, or something else OP, he ends up as a Japanese vending machine. That being said, it is original, funny, and basically just plain cool. If you’re looking for a slice of life novel that is a little different, check this out. <<less
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Aug 22, 2016
Status: c31
You know, there are rarely novels that make me going as far, as leaving a mark upon them with a review. I tend to keep my thoughts to myself, but there are cases, where I feel like rising my voice.

What I love about reading novels, is that they let you to explore and experience a boundless depths of possibilities.

And above all, I love novels that are able to hook you up, to ignite a desire to know more. To reach further, to sink deeper in the world and stories they... more>> present.

And very surprisingly, this is such a case.

As a big fan of klinH and his/her Hon'yaku, I was aware, that this novel was picked up there. To be honest, at first I was somewhat annoyed. As I desire more and more of the other stuff they've got there, I've felt like this silly thing is pointlessly draining klinHs attention. Bear in mind tho, that despite I say like it like that, I am fully and well aware how those emotions are silly on their own. Like, who am I to feel like that about other persons hobby? Well, we all know it. But I bet'cha a handful of fingers (more like 2), that you do this too. It's a very humane thing.

And this peculiar novel, which I've avoided even looking at for quite a while now, was picked up by me today, out of sheer boredom. And man, it got me. Two fast for flinching.

I've been reading it whole day, even at work, during my short breaks, because I've enjoyed it to my surprise. I've enjoyed it very much. And this is the factor, that I deem as most important for novel to have. It-has-to-be-enjoyable.

It's a story about a guy, who have a strange hobby. Very weird hobby that I assume don't really exist outside of Japan. He's a vending machine freak. He loves 'em so much, that he actually died because of one of those. And... he got reincarnated in another, much more fantasybendworld. Yeah, I know. Typical.

BUT, he got reincarnated as a vending machine. A mahou vending machine-cha... kun.

He has this game-like cheat-like predisposition that all recent Asian light/web novel protags gets, but this time it's not overbearing. It's radical, comical and man it's fun.

I'm in awe. A well deserved respect for the author, for coming up with something so amazing.
A concious vending machine in a fantasy setting.

I give it round 5. It's ain't a masterpiece, it won't be made into a movie, or anime or comic. I doubt it, really. But it's a fine 5 star novel, at least for me, because despite everything, it made my day much better. Much brighter, and dragged a handful of laughs of me. Which is what I've desired. <<less
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Ai chan
Ai chan
Dec 01, 2018
Status: c15
I had it on good authority that the author was having food poisoning when he thought up this story. Not to the point of being high on crack, but delirious enough to start having random weird thoughts. And during his delirious state, the thought, "What would happen if you put those vending machines with expired food in another world's dungeon?"

And from there, he started this story.

He didn't put expired food in this story, probably fearing the backlash of vending machine food lovers. Instead, he put a single vending machine in... more>> another world who also has the ability to sell anything that the person who became the vending machine had bought in his past life. And that is the basic premise of the story. He can only become vending machines that he had bought from and also can only buy products that he had bought from vending machines in his past life.

So no 'assault rifle vending machines' or 'magic tool vending machine'. Everything he sell are mundane items we can find in our world. He also can't change the labels or appearance of the machine or the products. So he ended up selling Japanese items in a world that can't read Japanese.


Now about the adventures. Have you imagined dying from being crushed by a vending machine? No? Well he died from trying to catch a falling vending machine. Boss monsters also died from being crushed by a giant vending machine. He even killed a boss monster by poisoning it from the inside when he was swallowed.


And all this was done without him moving himself.

The story also doesn't have the repetitions and s*upidity commonly found with transmigration stories. There is a harem, but... it's hard to explain. You have two girls who are in love with a vending machine. Then there's a hero-like guy who fell in love with him, in a BL-like moment. Yeah, if you can't imagine how people can fall in love with Hatsune Miku figurines, reading this will make you understand.

All in all, 10/10 would crush giant skeletons with giant vending machine again. <<less
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Apr 23, 2018
Status: --
A vending machine. A freaking vending machine with only a set number of pre-recorded lines, and he still manages to be smoother with the ladies than most of the MCs in this genre. I love it.
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Aug 14, 2016
Status: c30
Comparable to "Reincarnated To A Sword"! This Novel feels smooth and nice. I feel I am learning many things about Vending Machines as I read on. I hope we get to the point of !Pod and electrical devices, Vending Machines.

I like the potential Romance. A Vending Machine picking up girls is pretty hilarious. I love Hyurumi, best girl definitely. I don't like the Main Heroine though. She's a muscle headed and s*upid girl. A waste of space lol

I had my doubts about this Novel since he sounded obsessed with VMs... more>> but then we understand why he is so enthuastic about it. Now I feel like a Vending Machine Otaku. The Author is really clever in the OP development. The Vending Machine gets more Hi Tech as time goes on <<less
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Sep 04, 2017
Status: c30
At first it sounded like a s*upid story, but it turned out to be an awesome and unquie story.

MC is not overpowered. He can run out of energy by not selling products and he can be destroyed by taking too much damage. He is powerless to stop any danger to himself without help. He can only repeat the preprogrammed phrases.

... more>>

He is limited to selling what he had purchased in his previous life.


The only problem is the translation speed. At the current speed of a chapter every 20.5 days it would take a 11 years to finish. <<less
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Jul 09, 2016
Status: c12
It's really cute so far and the MC's obsession in his past life helps him out a lot in the new one. Breezy and light, with likeable characters so far. I'm very interested to see the limits of his capabilities as a vending machine as the story progresses.
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Jul 06, 2016
Status: c23
This dude is putting more work into being a vending machine than I put into living.

But realistically I am unsure how far they can really take the plot. So far the relationship between the two leading MCs has been pretty great, but it is hard to imagine many more interesting adventures coming without some sort of shakeup. If it just stays in a slice of life pattern or "slowly powering up" pattern then this story, while pleasant, is not going to be as good as it could be.
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Aug 25, 2017
Status: c51
Honestly, I have a fondness for series like these. It's always great to see how the author can take the most idiotic premise and execute it well.

In any case, this is one of those cases. The protagonist isn't overly special, but he has an extreme enthusiasm for vending machines. Seeing what absurd antics he can pull is fun, whether it is trying to sell food to stay alive, fighting bosses single-handedly, or taking care of certain societal issues. Sure, he uses common sense like a lot of isekai protagonists, but... more>> he can only do that because of all of the crazy vending machines he has encountered throughout his life. The heroines (?) and side characters aren't that well developed in and of themselves, but they have fun dialogue with the protagonist and each other. The novel's gimmick of restricting the protagonist's speech to a few words, and the side characters trying to interpret what he's trying to say make simple conversations more fun than they should be. Eventually, they grow to love the vending machine, and he grows to love them. There's a real sense of community between the characters of the novel.

The pacing is overall slow, and this story isn't for everyone mainly for that reason (and the absurd premise). For me however, it is very entertaining. If you want a weird SOL story, try this one out. <<less
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Jul 20, 2016
Status: --
The funny thing about this novel is that in japan you can basically get anything you want from a vending machine.

When the supermarket is closed and you can't buy the things you want, go to a nearby vending machine. When it's raining outside and you forgot your umbrella, go to a vending machine. Hell even when you're hungry and no Restaurant are open, no worries there is restaurant called vending machine.

Yes they basically put a vending machines inside a building With chairs and tables.........

If you think that japan is famous... more>> for there p*rnogerphy, than you're right, but when you add vending machines to the mix and a whole bunch of random stuff than you're just crazy you know?

Alrighty you can expect great thing about this story (a vending machine maniac)

.......... yea j-just read the story and you'll know what I mean........... <<less
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Apr 10, 2016
Status: --
lol, funny story.

MC is an Otaku whose hobby instead of being anime/games, was only vending machines. Vending machine maniac (how does that even work?) who gets "reborn" as a vending machine.

Currently (chapter 4) is how he's working out his new "abilities". Need more time/chapters to see if it's superb or crap though.
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Feb 06, 2018
Status: c57
This story is actually really good!

Like everyone else, at first my reaction was... "Vending machine? How is the heck is this gonna work?"

But it actually works really well, and adds an interesting side to the story, the author clearly has a lot of knowledge on many different types of vending machines.

The one thing I would describe as uninteresting are the side stories like "Chain restaurant"

Overall I would really describe it as worth a read!
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Dec 15, 2016
Status: c41
How does this novel works, I don't know, but I love it!

The story is may sounds ridiculous at first, but it's a good reincarnation novel with a heart-warming plot, in fact, I think it's one of the bests I had read about that genre!

The MC and his situations changes from funny and cute to serious and tragic at times and, when you less expect, you are cheering for him to win the situations and come back alive.

To be honest, I thought it was a waste of time and I would... more>> never read it, but, thanks to the boredom, I was able to see a good story and have a good time. I recommend for someone that can't find anything new to read about MCs going to another world. After reading
this novel, you may start liking the genre again. I know that I did. <<less
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Dec 01, 2020
Status: --
I did drop this after a really depressing chapter ... more>>

which was the zombie child chapter, where the kid came everyday for a free can of soda, which was an extremely wholesome and heartwarming chapter... until the child was slain by someone else, and the vending machine MC couldn't do anything about it.


But this novel is an entertaining and fun read that I genuinely recommend if you want an enjoyable comedy that has no drama. The MC gets points from people buying stuff, which means he has to make sure to remain popular and sell popular products, and through points he can upgrade the vending machine.

Though there are some dislikable parts

like when he became a cond*m vending machine.

but those parts can easily be forgotten/ignored.

I would recommend to read the zombie child chapter (chapter 66) to get a good taste of this novels, as it was the most rememberable chapter I've read. The chapter doesn't really contain any important spoilers, so if you're hesitating to read this, give that chapter a go. <<less
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Jun 03, 2018
Status: c63
Author makes the MC brain dead a few times so things can move forward

... more>>

(legit stops thinking for 2 hours without any reason and lets himself be taken away by bandits to move the plot forward? And even though it said he does not sleep or get sleepy he still does like 2 or so chapters later like what df)


he could have stopped the first one any time without much problem^ and I'm not sure why the 2nd was even a thing

After chapter 20 it's not as bad, but the fact that he is a vending machine and by nature a passive MC will kill this for some people (even if he wanted to do things he can't)

random stuff

this might just bug me, but the fact he can record sounds and play them when ever and he does not use this to talk more like, -,



stated the MC does not feel anything by looking at what he normally would like >->, but then he still goes on to talk about it like a h**ny 12 year old a few times I'm almost sure this does not stop tbh (maybe the other world god was sick of forced harem stories so he made him a vendo)


in short

1. This story is carried by it's side chars and the brain dead switch author-san has

2. Not a comedy (or one that will only last 3chaps same thing)

3. Is a good time waster at best with rare good chapters mixed in <<less
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Mar 18, 2017
Status: c38
This is an entertaining read. The character (machine) is simply only selling or giving out stuffs. He is not doing anything else. But his role is like "support character made important"
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Jan 02, 2017
Status: c41
If you are looking for a story to pass the time, and get a good laugh this is it. The characters are well developed and it might get interesting to see how they pan out as the story progresses.

Makes you wonder if somebody will make a smartphone reincarnation next....... oh who am I kidding, it'll happen!
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