I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated (LN)


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When I noticed it, I was in a different world.

I had become a sword… what, I don’t get it! The place I woke up was a great plain crowded with monsters. I fly in search of a partner (women only) to be equipped with. Magic stone? I get the skills I absorb? This has become fun! Hyahha, give me magic stones! Yes, that was a joke. But I’ll take a magic stone.

This is how I became a sword and went to another world, a story of an ordinary minor character otaku.

Associated Names
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Sword Dad
Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
03/04/18 Dijoninpieces v2c2 part2
02/20/18 Dijoninpieces v2c2 part1
02/01/18 Dijoninpieces v2c1 part4
01/18/18 Dijoninpieces v2c1 part3
01/16/18 Dijoninpieces v2c1 part2
01/13/18 Dijoninpieces v2c1 part1
11/03/17 Dijoninpieces v1 epilogue
10/30/17 Dijoninpieces v1c4
10/12/17 Dijoninpieces v1c4 part7
09/22/17 Dijoninpieces v1c4 part6
09/10/17 Dijoninpieces v1c4 part5
08/31/17 Dijoninpieces v1c4 part4
08/17/17 Dijoninpieces v1c4 part3
08/13/17 Dijoninpieces v1c4 part2
08/11/17 Dijoninpieces v1c4 part1
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