I’m a Dullahan, Looking for My Head


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A games and anime otaku, Kubinashi Munesuke dies from getting hit by a truck, his head severed from the impact. As he accepts his tragic end, he realizes he is in the forest using a full body armor.

And when he peeks into the lake, he notices.

“Haa!? Head, why I don’t have a head!?”

He doesn’t have a head.

Munesuke is born again as Dullahan, but he doesn’t have his head anywhere. Attaching a helmet he picks up as a substitute of his head, he calls himself Duke. Living as an adventurer in the capital, he tries to learn about this world and find his head.

It’s so noisy nowaday because of the friendly fire magician and the self-proclaimed saint.

“Well, you call yourself saint every day, but you can’t do purification, what a regrettable saint you are.”

“Wait a minute! If you say that much, I will show you the power of saint! This’s great, there is an evil presence here, I will prove it by erasing it without a trace.”

Associated Names
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Ore wa Dullahan. Kubi wo Sagashiteiru
Ore wa dyurahan. Kubi o sagashite iru
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Mike02 rated it
June 23, 2017
Status: c7

  • MC is 24 (as opposed to the generic teenage protagonist)
  • He has a reasonable enough thought process considering the genre and it's decently written.
  • The story has a pretty interesting setting even though the translation isn't far enough for a plot to have developed.

  • MC is not a dullahan despite the title and even claiming to be so in the story. Like the review before me said, he's a helmetless living armor since his armor is hollow. It's a technicality, but it bothers me more than it probably should.
  • Much about the world is unclear, particularly regarding MC's abilities but that might be cleaned up later in the story. It's uncomfortable how the MC manages to use his abilities (such as summoning his headless stead) because he had 'a feeling' he could.
Altogether, I... more>> think it's pretty enjoyable and I'll keep reading it unless some dumb sh*t happens. This kind of series usually loses me when the author makes up some kind of bs method for the protagonist to have an item box or some other generic cheat ability. It's worth checking out but only time will tell if it's any good. <<less
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Shmrk rated it
December 8, 2017
Status: c8
Been waiting on the TL for a long time and not updated very quickly, however interesting story but a little too interesting because you will be stuck in waiting hell with me if you start now. Put in a list and wait for more chaps but don't forget about it.
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Novirp13 rated it
August 6, 2018
Status: --
Cuz I can't wait for this novel to update, I decided to read the RAW. And I'm confused now. Cuz it was obvious the story was still ongoing (as the MC still haven't find his neck) but the tag of this LN in this site a.k.a novel update. com site (and not in the RAW site. I don't even know where the tag is located anyway lol) the LN is already completed

... granted it was volume 1 completed but that really confused me.

So... was this LN still ongoing or nah?

Btw,... more>> this LN is awesome, even if the google translation didn't tranlsated the novel that well. I can't wait for the proper translator so I'll understand the story a bit more :D <<less
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