Blessing from the Goddess and Transfer to Another World! ~No Thanks, I Don’t Need a Special Ability~


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The people who stayed at school after class are summoned to another world. They were asked to defeat the demon king at the royal palace. The People, who were summoned, were to receive one blessing per person, but the protagonist and another girl did not.

The eyes from people around them become cold and the two of them were driven out by the soldiers and decided to leave the capital and travel. They were rewarded with skills and status more than what the soldiers snatched away.

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Blessing From the Goddess and Transfer to Another World! ~No Thanks, I Already Have Special Powers~
Isekai Ten'i de Megami-sama Kara Shukufuku wo! ~Ie, Temochi no Inou ga Aru no de Kekkou Desu~
異世界転移で女神様から祝福を! ~いえ、手持ちの異能があるので結構です~
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Cryarc rated it
September 4, 2016
Status: --
The MC is stirring up trouble by himself but hating it and turned edgy when people turned hostile to him because of his own act. If in Tate Yuusha the villain is genuine evil, it's satisfying seeing the villain being defeated, but in this case the author is trying to create a bunch of characters which isn't necessarily a villain, but then the MC himself is provoking those characters for petty reasons, and when those characters turned hostile to him he killed them. Like, "I somewhat don't like this person,... more>> let's provoke them." After a while, "What the f**k I hate them they're f**king evil why are they hostile to me yeah I'll kill them, I don't feel any guilt at all killing and robbing people that I have been provoking before." In the end, "Let's just mofu mofu my cutboard harem members because everyone else but my harem is evil. F**k I hate this world."

Oh and he also robs innocent people, just because he can, and he have the gal to call other people arrogant at that. The MC is switching between "ruthless vengeful [I'll pay you back twice crueller than what you've done to me!] edgy guy" into "very kind, morally upright and gentleman Japanese highschool student" depends on whether the other person is having somewhat personality or brain to have their own needs/motives or braindead harem characters who idolizes and fawning over him who have no important lines other than constantly praising the MC to make him looks cool. Heck the harem is not even interesting... One is a bullied classmate, stereotypical taciturn shy girl, she's too shy to say or do anything that most of the time she doesn't have any importance in the story until the MC demands it. The other one is a s*ave, turned into a brainwashed girl idolizing the MC that doesn't have any personality other than following the MC's orders and constantly thinking of wanting his dick. There's no dynamic relationship, it's just MC: "It's A, let's do A!" harem:"Yes, A! Master is amazing~!"

That makes me remember, the MC is somewhat similar to Chinese xianxia protagonists. In which he's portrayed as a good man by the author but he will flaunt his OP power and taunts everybody and then proceeds to kill everybody who happens he doesn't like because he provokes them in the first place. It doesn't makes sense. Though Xianxia novels somewhat have a logical reason why the MC acts that way, it's because their environment are violent and full of conflicts (mu*der/massacre are daily news) so if they're growing in that unhealthy environment it's believable that they will grow into a psychopath. Contrarily he's supposed to be from a relatively peace and less violence/conflict Japan, an ordinary male highschooler even, but he doesn't have qualms over killing people that even seasoned veteran in war probably will have traumatic guilt trip for years. No, I don't buy the author's excuse "they're brainwashed", that's just a lazy plot device to permit illogical actions. <<less
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Carmeops rated it
April 10, 2018
Status: c38

MC is a prick, he is supposed to be a good person with good values from our world, but he become deviant quite fast

basically he got summoned with lots of other people, then thrown out because he already had latent power from our world which is incompatible with the divine power of the other world and the other world's energy tries to get rid of him by making all the people with blessing turn aggressive against him

he then start buying lots of s*aves that he can trust and start his own faction, a bit like in shield hero, except the shield hero treat his s*aves like family, while this MC here treat them... as s*aves, pets, or best subordinate, ruling over them like a divine emperor, but pretending to still be a good an upright person, while he is really only concerned about the exp, skills and money they produce for him

i especially hate the way he treats the reincarnated girl and the monster girls and divine beings:

the reincarnated girl has a big trauma, she taught that she could live a happy cheat reincarnation life with the knowledge from modern Earth, but laws of natures are slightly different between the two world, resulting in her accidentally causing the death of a dozen people, after which her own family and village sold her away as s*ave, so she always push herself to please the MC as to not get abandoned and fix her mistakes so she would never hurt innocents again

the MC is absolutely aware of that, and each time he wants to shut her up, he bring up her mistakes from back them, which PTSD her into silence, he even finds it quite fun, as for the monster girls, he treat them basically like this: either you let me ens*ave you as my pet (totally not treating them as humans) or I beat you into submission

as for divine beings, basically it goes like this: "for millenium a divine beast has guarded this sacred mountain and protected our people from catastrophes" MC:"let's poke at it to harass it, if it attack us, we'll claim self defense and kill it, after that we'll try to find other legendary beings that exist from the creation of this world and repeat the process"

basically, I can't come to like the MC, he's a jerk, and impotent, he got hundreds of servants (and believers of a cult that see him as a god) positively wanting to s*x him, not even subtle about it, but nah, not interested

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keklel rated it
July 21, 2016
Status: c11
The biggest problem with this novel are the heavy game elements. First of all why can the MC see HP, MP and other "game elements" and other characters cannot? Is this a game world? How were they summoned from real life into a game world? None of this is explained at all. What's with the "minimap" and the "helper" function? Why is the minimap suddenly able to give him lie detection abilities?

Everything is just too convenient. He gets the ability to gain abilities from corpses as soon as he... more>> needs to. Even the author mentions that his abilities just appear when he needs them. Why? This is too important of a point to skip over.

I mean, Overlord doesn't explain how MC got transported either but... at least in Overlord there is some kind of explanation of why the world works the way it does (because it's based on a game or whatever). Here the world has such heavy game world elements like visible HP and MP bars, minimap and everything and there's no explanation for it. And what's with "special powers"? Why did MC and Sakura get them and his other classmates did not? I'm fine with any asspull explanation but no explanation at all was given. Furthermore, what's the difference between losing HP and losing a body part? Why can't recovering HP recover lost body parts if it can recover other types of injuries? The world is not very well thought out and doesn't make much sense. Seeing as most of the story revolves around the setting it seems like a serious oversight.

So far the story has just been slice-of-life. Kind of like tate no yuusha except not as edgy. I mean they can just leave and travel around to other places where people don't know they're expelled heroes so it's just fine. Also the hero hasn't gotten himself tangled up in other people's troubles so far and is still looking for a way back to his original world which is a plus in my opinion.

Overall aside from the ridiculous world setting, characters are ok if somewhat one dimensional and plot has good pacing and focus so far. Better than a lot of other summoned-to-other-world stories. <<less
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Fluffums rated it
January 4, 2018
Status: c36
I have no real problems with the story itself. I think there are a lot of interesting ideas there that can be enjoyed. So why did I give it two stars?

  • Bad writing. There are parts where the author just hides dialogue from the reader even though it's first-person POV and the protagonist clearly hears it. It doesn't add tension, just gets annoying. There are also side chapters (death chapters) that add nothing. There are a lot of minor details that get pointed out and then forgotten. Sometimes the author remembers the details after 10-20 chapters and finally explains why the detail didn't matter (so why did the author call attention to it in the first place? It's a mystery).
  • Super convenient plot progression. I blame the main character's cheat. It's not like he starts out OP or anything, but he keeps randomly gaining more and more convenient abilities for no real reason even though his original set would have been powerful enough by itself... So there's no tension at any point.
  • But it's not very good slice-of-life, either, because the author avoids most of the day-to-day interactions in favor of explaining how MC's new power works.
  • Lolicon author. He has the MC repeatedly state he's not a lolicon, but surrounds him with little girls who are apparently in heat. And there's way too much loli fanservice. Up to there might be fine, but the author goes out of his way to state that 8 years old is "old enough" in this world. *sigh*
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Theory rated it
March 22, 2016
Status: --
Plot is nothing new at all. The writing itself is also low quality. Unless you truly have absolutely nothing else to read, you should probably just ignore this novel.
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Orphellia rated it
September 26, 2016
Status: c1
The novel's concept is very decent especially where it is only the MC that has a game-like powers, since making every character like that in a story is kind of irritating since they rely on levels too much, it is also good that the MC's powers have limitations like preventing the MC to gain skills by himself.

The Female lead is actually a good companion when she was kicked out along with the MC. The other girls are also a very good idea especially the beastman girl that has a hero... more>> skill since most novels with a hero skill/title are mostly human

The concept of the MC's fellow classmates being brainwashed when they were summoned is actually good though cliche, but the MC's childhood friend being like that is also a good though cliche idea <<less
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MondoX rated it
April 20, 2016
Status: --
The story is slightly different than a few other summoning of heroes, because the MC is not kicked out by himself. Female lead is also kicked out by the Kingdom that summoned the students. The story still has its cliches, but I am a sucker for these types as long as they are written decently. The MC has multiple cheats, and one is like that of "To Deprive A Person, " and the female seems to have the cheat from "Konjiki no Word Master."
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OniNomad rated it
June 4, 2016
Status: --
I'll admit I didn't get far so it gets a bonus "benefit of a doubt" star. My biggest issue is with the poor writing style, it's told thru first person narration from the MC's perspective but all the important things are explained by exposition. The MC sees battles from an RPG view and discovers his cheats but doesn't narrate any of that, we find only out because he tells a girl about it. Rather than describing what should be the most interesting parts we get an "oh by the way"... more>> explanation, which would be fine (well not fine but less poorly written) if it was told from an other persons perspective or as 3rd person narrative but we are supposed to be seeing the story thru his eyes.

Edit:I felt after reviewing that it was unfair to do so without reading more than 2 chapters so I went back and read the rest. Final conclusion is the stories not bad but the writing remains mediocre, it deserves a higher score than I have it at first but it's still fairly meh overall. <<less
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HentMas rated it
May 17, 2020
Status: c3
I've been reading a lot of people complain about the MC...

Dude... really? you want another pushover story of a wet-toilet-paper MC with no personality?

I'm gonna say it right now, if you don't like PROACTIVE MCs you're gonna hate this story.

... more>> If you don't like an MC with a personality, you're gonna hate this story.

If you don't like "loli" characters, you're gonna hate this story.

Go read "In another world with my smartphone", that's probably more to your pace (not trying to be sarcastic, I genuinely believe that if you hate this story that much, that story is much more appropriate since it is the complete opposite of what both authors were trying to make).

OK, let's start this.

The technique of the author is quite good, the world building is very well done... when it isn't an exposition dump, but most of the exposition dumps can be skipped since they are their own chapter and most of the time they are the appropriately labeled.5 chapters, so if you would rather stick with a more cohesive storytelling structure, please go ahead and skip those, they aren't needed and could be considered "repetitive".

The meat and bones of this story is the interactions between the characters, everyone is quirky and interesting, even the MC, he's got a personality, is it good? is it bad? you be the judge, just be aware, he haves a strong personality by Japanese novel standards, I would aim it at the more "sadistic" side of the spectrum, but it's mostly teasing and enjoying other people squirm, he never does anything "unreasonable" (I really enjoyed people complaining about the MC in the reviews as if he's some sort of very evil Demon Lord or something hahahahaha).

There is a very appropriate set up and pay off for the things that are happening in the world, and it mostly shatters the common sense of your regular MC, which is a joy to read, mostly it's done in a "parody" kind of approach and it's supposed to be taken as a lighthearted jab at this kinds of stories "MC wants to have a HAREM? let's make everyone a loli and he is not a lolicon... or is he? naaah, he isn't.", "MC want's rice like all the other Japanese MCs of other works?, let's save the village that makes it! and then never mention it again... who likes spaghetti?"

The author is quite clearly toying with the clichés and common set ups, the one that could be considered a "regular" MC is a subordinate of our MC and haves a CLEAR REASON to do things like the common staple MC does things in this stories, everything falls logically into place, and it's fun to read.

There is no character growth at all, this would be my mayor complaint, but let's be honest, just by having the MC have a frikken clear personality this novel is automatically 100 times better than most other japanese novels.

Don't be discouraged by the people complaining about the MC, take it for what it is, a parody, a joke, something to be taken with a grain of salt, but also haves a clear story to tell and proper technique for achieving it. <<less
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odernatter rated it
November 25, 2018
Status: c27.5
Author hates adults and even teenagers. MC is building a harem of 5-14 y/o lolis and interacts only with them. Since male MC is too edgy and cool to ever been bullied, female lead takes that burden (even teachers laught at her misery). World is evil, every societal structure is corrupted and makes no sense. Only author's child-grooming peterpan-like anti-uthopia does.

Even if reader is 12 y/o they would deserve something more substantial and ambitious. So if you don't have deep hatred for society and you are not closeted pe*ophiliac you... more>> should stay away from this novel. <<less
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Kaito9838 rated it
July 25, 2021
Status: c63
Read the tags before reading reviews. You see the tag [Cheats] ? And they will say MC is too Op and no hard work. They don't know the meaning of "cheats" at all and they are writing unreasonable sentences just because they don't like the novel. Although it is not perfect, the story is good and entertainable if you don't take it seriously. Cuz you should know what story will come when it has Harem, Ecchi genre. The reason why I take one star is that the author could have... more>> make it better by writing the status in number. So that we can know how strong MC become after a battle.

Note- Don't read the review below me. <<less
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Kali Yeager
Kali Yeager rated it
June 3, 2017
Status: v6c100
Really good I like the Protaganist he is not the standart japanese hero who is a Flower-head he has A strong Personality and has many Comrades who are nearly all s*aves only Sakura not and he doesn't fear to kill people even if they were his former Friends/Classmates
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bodesagaz rated it
January 15, 2017
Status: c25
I think it passes as a read just for kill time, because although the history is very bland and meaningless it doesn't pisses you with obscene nonsense like most of other novels do. It's boring as the MC is overpowered and that is it, he isn't a ret*rded that keeps putting his head in every event he passes by and doesn't even have any goal to achieve. There isn't monstrous information dumps about game mechanincs or continent's history that has absolutely none weight in the plot. Just boring and bland,... more>> that's all.

The game element is a special power of the MC so ONLY THE MC haves that, its not a game world lol. The history itself is rather insipid, neither good or bad, the particular trait is that both the MC and the girl who is abandoned to die with him have OP abilities, and the worst trait so far is that up until now (chapter 25) there is a massive add of characters without a proper development of them.

The MC is not very smart, doesn't have a thoughtless courage and is neither a s*upid and useless coward. He doesn't make any cunning plans but he avoids meaningless risks and doesn't have the illusion that he can just leave alone everyone who wants to kill him and everything will be just fine. He stays away from the stage but if even so someone tries to harm him, he would kill and clean the evidences to not get persecuted again. Also, he isn't a pushover that anyone can drag around and won't help someone that tried to manipulate him just because he can so you probably won't go mad because of a irrational or naive behavior.

The novel is quite shallow and everything is just reasonable, so you probably won't neither love or hate it. If you harbor some special feeling towards this novel, be it liking or disliking, you should go read some good books.
In case you are bored and want something to kill your time then read it, is not a remarkable read so even if you are a addict you won't mind much stop in the middle if you need to do so.

Then, evaluating the history as one that its just to kill time in view I give it a 4 stars. If it had less characters (since their names and traits take up space in the HD) better developed then it would be a 5. This is very far away for being a history to be enjoyed like BEM, EER, Overlord, Praise the Orc or Dungeon Defense. Of course, in my patterns.

Edit: After chapter 25, at some point that I don't remember anymore, the massive characters add problem goes crazy and you don't now how many people he has by his side, and also the crazy behaviour of one girl that could be taken as a consequence of her traumas or wharever is shared by most of his group, thus everyone besides him has the same personality. The fact that he is boring and whimsical doesn't compensates either.

Anyway, the history just gets worse, not better. That's what I think you should know before reading. Bye. <<less
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kaikalaila rated it
August 19, 2016
Status: --
It's a decent read.... though it betrays my expectations.

At first, I was interested with the title and the event of 2 instead of 1 being kicked out. BUT then, MC became super experience with everything as if it happened before to him. Its probably because of how he sees everything as a game system but still....

Next is the title, "~No Thanks, I Don’t Need a Special Ability~". This made me think MC and girl will actually work hard to live..... Guess what, they are actually blessed, just a late bloomer... more>> with MC having obvious OP power to steal Special Ability with a Special Ability constantly and girl is not that OP due to not having the MC's game systems. <<less
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Maleandar rated it
April 3, 2016
Status: --
I have really high hopes for this one. Double betrayal story, both the male and female MC are betrayed by the people who summoned them. Now on the road, learning about the new world they are in, they are making new discoveries as they move along. The Male MC is ruthless and cunning, while the female MC is timid and shy, but slowly coming out of her shell with the guidance of the Male MC. His unique abilities make this story smart and fun to read. MUST read so far... more>> imo. So far only 7 chapters in, but really high expectations from this one. <<less
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charioles rated it
March 14, 2016
Status: --
Mediocre RPG style otherworld novel. Thick game system element. Cliche hero and heroine. Everything too simple and unnatural. Boring.
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Xane rated it
July 11, 2019
Status: c12
Well I got through the MTL portion only to be greeted by tr*sh. I don't normally write reviews since I'm terrible at getting my thoughts across and never pleased with anything I write, but I just can't gloss over this one. The story is pretty meh, maybe even good if you like an absolutely OP MC who has the right tool for any situation, a map that tells him the locations of any enemy, ally, or loot available, and has the mental flexibility of a schizophrenic with a band of... more>> harem followers that treat his word as gospel. The line between MC's good side and bad side is near invisible and sloped towards bad side, any flex you get to the bad side is ruin and maintaining being on the good side is an uphill struggle that requires complete devotion.

And then there's the harem members. The first meek girl was alright, pretty believable person struggling to adapt to getting thrust into the new world and abandoned only to latch onto the first thing that has a hint of safety. She starts to toughen up only to backtrack and rely on MC to carry her and act more like a cheerleader/yes-man while continuously mentioning she doesn't want to be a burden. If the story continued as these two getting closer and adventuring/escaping the country together then it may have actually been an enjoyable story. But then...

There's the second character who he starts lusting for immediately.

She's a dragonewt that can take the form of either a dragon and a human. She's 5 years old. This itself wouldn't be so bad if she was just a mascot character for fluffy head pat moments (which do happen), but she appears naked in her human form and he can't take his eyes off her. With the body of a 5 year old girl. I suspect the only reason it hasn't been brought up again is because the next harem members had to be gathered.


3rd and 4th are acquired as a pair, the all too common "modern-day Japanese boy immediately buys some s*aves" scenario.

One is a reincarnator from Japan who died when she was 16 years old. She's currently 8 years old. Author made a note of stating that her mental age would be 24 so that only spells good things. Second is a (sealed) Hero of the Catgirl variety who has the inclination of thinking of the MC as a god (though he does seem intent on correcting that view, I'm not reading further to find out). She is 12 years old.


I won't be reading any further because that was enough, then I saw a thread on NUF talking about a 5th harem member.

Looked her up in the character list for Volume 2 and would you guess what her age is? 10 years old.


So in conclusion, if you like an MC that gets the perfect get-out-of-jail card for every hindrance that appears, is very easy to provoke, and gathers a handful of children to lust over then boy is this the story for you. <<less
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Sumire rated it
January 8, 2017
Status: c25
Decent until now, and then it gone super bad, mostly because the amount of girls in his harem and the lack of focus on each of them. Everything else is fine for the most part but personality of the characters still need improvement thou.
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sifr rated it
March 11, 2016
Status: --
A quite entertaining read. Reviews below have said what needs to be said. Just wanna add that the MC is unnaturally calm, kinda reminds me of that passive skill from overlord. And with that 2 skills he's basically a powerhouse and yet he has more, makes you wonder what kind of thing he'll become.
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montblanc512 rated it
July 15, 2018
Status: --
I don't usually rate this low. I tend to like even generic Isekai, and make no mistake, this series hit's all the usual generic tropes. Corrupt summoners, cute monster mascot that turns into a loli, female MC being a demure damsel no matter how powerful she becomes. And honestly, it's boring, but all that is fine.

My problem with this series comes from the terrible deus ex machina nonsense. Every time the author introduces an element that could be problematic, the MC immediately levels up and earns a power that solves... more>> it. It's ridiculously boring because those problems are the only thing that would have made the series interesting. He's leveled up twice in the first 7 chapters. Spoilers:


Level Up 1. MC's special power is that he can steal stats and abilities. The limitation on it is that he has to be within 6 ft to do so, it's not instant, and he can't steal from corpses. Okay, it's still OP but it's cool that the author put in some reasonable limitations that could add some tension to it's use. Nope, the very first time he accidentally kills an enemy before he can steal it's power, he levels up and now his ability can be used on corpses. Limitations completely destroyed. Range and time and tactical need to keep the opponent alive, gone immediately.

Level Up 2. MC kills a bunch of bandits and gets to their treasure room. He tames a dragon (whom of course is actually a loli), but it turns out she can't speak yet. Ding! MC unlocks two new abilities! You can now speak telepathically with your tamed monsters and s*aves. In the same level MC learns generic trope number 1, and unlocks infinite storage... while he conveniently happens to be in the bandits treasure room!


It's just dumb... It seems the author has decided that the answer to all problems is just to have the MC level up. It's the laziest writing I've ever seen. <<less
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